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Eli @ LS Merchantile -    Thoth Deck Tarot readings , Aura and chakra Readings

Gratitude is the gate way to wealth.

The Human Auric Field and ChakrasPsychic Fairs


Location:       Meeker Mansion
312 Spring    Street, Puyallup, WA             98372       
 hours: 10am to 4pm---
Date: Saturday=  July 8 , 2017

At all fairs:
 Aura and Chakra, hand illustrated, hand written Readings by Eli and Thoth Deck Tarot Card Readings by a Master Qabalist- Eli Serabeth.

Aura & Chakra readings $35.00
Tarot Readings: $40.00
Note: these are walk in readings but reservations can be requested.
- for more information.or email Eli [info@eli-lsmerchantile.com] You can also visit us on your mobile phone! <http://m.eli-lsmerchantile.com>
 Private readings can also be given at your home, the map location or live on line Tarot. call for more information. 
Private  Tarot or Aura readings are available in your own home ! Have a Tarot Party, very different, entertaining and fun! Host pays nothing for reading.

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