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Eli @ LS Merchantile -    Thoth Deck Tarot readings , Aura and chakra Readings
    Online Tarot Class
    Learn the Deeper Occult Mysteries of the Thoth Tarot, and Qabalah in a 2hr class, once a week for a recommended 6wks.; longer if wished. Pay only for one class at a time, and you may stop taking classes anytime.
    Price: $30.00
    Family Thoth Tarot 2hr Class- 1 discount price for 3 people
    Why pay $90.00 per class, for 3 family members, when you can pay only one discount price? Same online video, class with one on one instruction, but with your family. Become a Thoth Tarot Family!
    Price: $50.00
              The Tarot of Eli- Everything Qaballah & Tarot;

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    Manifest your Power! and become more Magick  and less Tragic!
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    New Classes
      for the Single student, Offered on line Via Video and microphone with Eli Serabeth, for 2hrs, one day a week or bi-weekly, for as many days as the student wishes.  6 Classes are recommended for at least a minor understanding of the Thoth Tarot.

    thoth-tree-wheel a tarot medicine wheel of the Hermetic Qabalah
    Qabalistic Tarot Classes include:
    • Learn to read the Thoth Deck Tarot and the States of Energy Consciousness (Sephiroth) on the Tree of Life.
    • Learn basic Astrology
    • Learn the Hebrew letters and their numbers in Gematria, of the Tarot Paths on the Tree of Life.
    • Learn to read the Celtic Cross Tarot Layout.
    • Learn to read the 15 Card Golden Dawn Tarot Card Layout.
    • Learn to travel the Paths of initiation  of the Qabalistic Tree of Life & Tarot.
    • Learn the art of skrying.
    • Learn exclusive Tarot Card Divination created by Grace Le Fay of the Wild Dryad!
    • Work with the Elohim Malichem (Kings of Elementals)
    • Learn to read and layout the 18 card half-moon spread.
    • Learn the 3 card daily layout.
    • Full instruction on the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and Court Cards.
    • Learn the "As above, so Below' philosophy of the Qabalah; expanding your conscious awareness and so much more.
    1. You will need to purchase a Thoth Tarot Deck and A class text book{ QABALISTIC TAROT [a text book of mystical philosophy]by Robert Wang: You must prepay $30.00 to reserve your class space and scheduled time.
    2. *Note: Tarot Deck and text book are both available online at the Amazon book store, for very reasonable prices, used or new.
    3. Skype Call: 1-253-470-4795 for appointment or use email!
      Do you have a computer with speakers and microphone; a free Google or Firefox account (just log on to the internet to get one) or a Google E-mail account or a Firefox browser? If you do I  can give you a Thoth Deck Tarot reading on line, or teach you personally in your own class,  through Google Hangout, Firefox Hello ! Just leave your email address on email info@eli-lsmerchantile.com and I'll contact you on line with a appointment time of your choice for a Thoth Deck Tarot reading.
       Not always present to answer the phone so Give us a email notice for live readings or seeking a personal class!
    4. Tarot cards are a proven method of Divination and since we are all connected with the Electromagnetic Divine Self, the readings are just as good in person in Sumner WA. or on-line, through the microwave spectrum anywhere in the world.
      Clairvoyance  ( clear-viewing) requires personal viewing on the electromagnetic spectrum which a on-line video camera provides!
      I use the Qabalistic Thoth deck and am a practicing Qabalist and teacher of Tarot. My experience as a 40+yr reader of this old and proven method of divination provides powerful divination and inner communication with the "Inner Self".  With the web cam focused on the cards and a set of speakers and a microphone, you can see, and hear the reading live as well as, speak to me in real time while receiving a deeply personal and spiritual tarot card reading or instruction ! Readings may last up to an hour or more so give yourself plenty of time! The Tarot Card Instruction, will last 2hrs, per scheduled day.
    5.  Psychic Fair Live Reading Local-Events

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