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The Tarot of Eli.
FullSizeRender of Eli, the Qabalisitic Tarot MasterYou can now choose Tarot Card readings ;3-card Yes-No-Maybe spread: The Celtic Cross spread (10 cards); The 15 card Golden Dawn Spread (Two possible outcomes) and the Half Moon Spread, which needs no question, 18 cards good for six weeks.
 Just ask or tell Eli which one you Wish as your Thoth Tarot  of choice.

SOME  COMMENTS FROM BLOG READERS and CUSTOMERS: (we have over 540 positive comments-scroll through the blogs to see the rest!)

...You spent several hours speaking with me, well over the 2 hours you allocate for your services. The reading was remarkable. You are extremely gifted. I still can't believe you saw my 'deaths'!! Amazing. You're an incredibly interesting, intelligent, witty and compassionate guy and I am glad that our paths briefly crossed in this lifetime. I hope the final 30 years of your life bring you much happiness and success.

A kindred soul -


Catherine on 11/10/2013 9:54 PM
Hi! Firstly, thank you so much for your blog, Ive been using it for reference constantly since I discovered it. Your understanding of the Thoth deck is so multifaceted and incredibly helpful :D I have a question for you if you have time: In a three card spread with clarifying cards, I pulled the 8 of swords as my final outcome with Peace modifying it. For context, it was a general read about what I need to know for my path. What do you reckon? I know you said to pay careful attention to surrounding cards, and I have a difficult time seeing the relationships between cards (I still consider myself a novice at tarot). Even if you don't answer, thank you so much! I can think of several cards for which I have a fundamentally better understanding of because of your blog. Live long and prosper! \\ //

reinsurance companies on 11/1/2013 3:30 AM
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iPhone scherm vervangen on 1/20/2014 2:51 AM
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Roy on 7/1/2013 5:53 AM
Thanks Eli! I'm grateful to have found your blog and to have a glimpse into your wisdom and knowledge. I'm browsing your blog posts and feel like I've come across a hidden treasure! Your insight is much appreciated!!!

Mariano & Alexander
on Thursday, March 06, 2014 12:33 PM

Thank You so MUCH !! this information is so esoteric and wise. We Love U !!!

chakra-body1 as seen by aura reader(View  my blogs for more comments Just click blog tag and scroll down to comments tag at end of each blog!)

Not only do I explain on my daily blogs, the Thoth Tarot of the Hermetic Qabalah, but I review and compare the Thoth Tarot with other Tarot decks. For there are many out there in "Tarot Land", and some are better performers than others. This is a free service, so don't miss it. You'll not regret a few moments of reading, the both entertains and informs...
All tarot decks, that I review many be purchased on Amazon.com., unless they go out of print. However, even used decks are sold there.

  • Welcome to Eli @ LS Merchantile, where our goal is to help guide our clients through their wisdom-journey of a Powerful life.
  Also experience the best in Aura, Chakra and Tarot readings, which open your eye's to your Greater Self. Hand drawn, colored and complete with written explanation of your eight light bodies.  Eli, is a True Auric Seer which is one who actually "sees" the aura rather than just intuits it.
These aura and chakra readings must be done live in person, either by coming to your own home or in local area psychic fairs, or  resource centers, that will be listed on this site under the tag, Eli-fairs.

Thoth Tarot layout Thoth Deck Tarot are done at fairs, or readings both in person or online with Skype video.

"Eli is  a more than entertainment , he's a Master Qabalist, a powerful Magus, a certified Doctor of Divinity,  Auric Seer and Psychic Medium".

  • "He is scholar of divination, trained to  divine and translate Higher Conscious messages to you, in a supportive community of spiritual growth, that expands and liberates your Powerful Presence on this Earth".

We opened our Web site, eli-lsmerchantile.com,  in 2010 in Sumner. Since then, we have grown to a much sought after internet Video Tarot Card Reading business with a very popular  World Wide-running blog on Tarot.

Tarot Magus, Seer, Psychic Aura/chakra and Thoth Deck Tarot
instructor of Qabalah,  gives me  living    
Dynamo Magician of the Hermetic Tarot
 experience and knowledge  of Tarot and Auric reading unsurpassed in the world of the mysteries. I have  had, in the last 40yrs, the privilege to divine for a  large number  of  satisfied people.

  • View the comments in my blog by clicking the blog tag on the left!! Or read comments from my clients who have received tarot readings, on my "comments on tarot readings" tag.

Our Aura Reader and Psychic and Magick instructor, Eli, is always available for instruction and advice.

  • He has been with Eli @ LS Merchantile since 2010, and has been advising clients on how to Stand before their struggles and hardships- and arise victorious from the smoke of deception, and obfuscation. Will-To- Be-Power, is entirely up to the Infinite in you and Eli knows how to invoke it!

We look forward to seeing you. Come to our next local area psychic fair  listed on Eli-Fairs page.
chakra-chart (2) showing the Aura and its entry points as seen by a Psychic Aura ReaderThanks for visiting!

  • We  hope you can find everything you need for a powerful life and ,and personal power-insight in  Hermetic Qabalisitc instruction , Tarot card divination and Aura reading;
  •  Tarot and/or Aura reading parties in Sumner and the Seattle Tacoma area in Washington, not only have proven to be a great hit, they are informative with fully illustrated Aura-energy field and Tarot Divination-supplied . Click on Tarot and Aura reading page!
  • We have a variety of On-line Tarot card readings and prices to suit your needs (see Tarot Reading & Aura reading page) Eli @ LS Merchantile in Sumner WA, is focused on providing high-quality Psychic Aura & Chakra and Tarot readings, We specialize in the knowledge from the Greater Self.
  • Thoth deck Tarot card readings(around the Nation and The World via Skype----/Skype account. Name- lance.speed)  and spirit guide consultation along with customer satisfaction.
  • World class psychic in the local area of Sumner and the Seattle Tacoma- Puget Sound area! Eli is a noted medium for his energy work psychic aura readings and Qabalistic Metaphysical knowledge. of Thoth Deck Tarot Cards as well as, his loving spirit..
  • Classes in the INNER DRAGON; awakening and arising powerful psychic abilities, along with group Tantric Energy gathering prana-yama (yoga breathing) instruction.
  • Classes on Qaballah and Tarot Reading.
  • Inner Dragon Meditation and manifestation Night--includes printed work book, so reserve your place and work book! Dragon Meditation Night can be done at private homes where Eli will coach any size group into a night of Inner Personal Power. It feels good and is great fun as chakras open to higher states of energy conscious! ( see Events Tag)

  •  :  Did you know that our physical body is less than 1% of our reality? Eli can see and  reveal the vast conscious energy and knowledge of our invisible 99% plus Power-spirit- conscious- self (We are 99.6% subtle energy and only .4% physical energy!) and unlock the blocks that keep us from achieving happiness, love, joy, health and wealth that Only understanding our wholeness can give us! Full colored readings of the 8-subtle Aura-bodies  and 10 manor chakras-- drawn-by hand, in person

.*View our blog for on going information about the Tarot, and the teachings of the Qaballah.
Eli was born an Auric Seer and has been a aura reader, tarot reader, occultist, Tantric and Qabalistic meta-physic and often exceed your spiritual and metaphysical expectations in Sumner WA, and the greater Seattle Tacoma area! We also have On-line live Web-cam tarot readings with Skype across the nation! "Above all things know thyself!" Is the axiom for a powerful life! Or visit us on your mobile http://m.eli-slmerchantile.com.Be sure to view our Products pages!
With a variety of psychic abilities to choose from and a satisfaction- money- back guarantee,we're sure you'll be happy working with Eli. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. See Events page for on-line tarot readings!
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our psychic/ Tarot/ Aura website and blog. There's much more to come!
We have gift certificates! A great holiday gift!  $60.00,$50.00 & $40.00 certificates for online Thoth Deck Tarot card readings, via Skype! Purchase one, and we'll send it as a gift to your designated recipient, either by mail or email. Just click the Tarot Card and Aura reading page (on the left) for more details!  Eli's personal phone# 253-324-6037 or Company Skype  phone # Lance.Speed- 1-253-470-4795  Note: Those who get Video Readings, can buy any gift card for sale price of 20% off of the retail price!  (This will make the price of a $40.00 gift card $32.00, a  $50.00 gift card , only $40.00 etc.). Just click on the first sentence!
Eli-@ LS Merchantile is a Guiding Hand in Your spiritual Journey towards a powerful presence.

Live-Tarot card readings can answer these questions!
*Should I change my career?
*Should I pursue this relationship?
* How can I relieve my health issues?
*why do I seem to sabotage myself?
 *When will I get a job?
* How can I become a better lover?
*Why am I always having money problems?
* Does my dead relation forgive me?
*Will I ever stop being depressed?
* Can I ever find my soul mate?
* How do I get out of writers block?

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