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Unicursal Oroboros Hexagram ball point pen.
Open eyes with this impressive metal and plastic, easy writing ball point pen. Custom printed in Eli's own personal Unicrusal oroboros Hexagram that is used for protection, this pen promises many years of enjoyable writing. The black/blue ink cartridges are of a common variety and easy to find.
Price: $6.95
The Hexaculum pen of Eli

Unicursal - Oroboros Mouse pad
For the discriminating Tarot practitioner, student of Qabalah or Tarot, this new 1/4" thick Mouse pad is both sturdy and attractive. Displaying Eli's own sigil Unicursal-Oroboros Hexagram this mouse pad promises good service both exoterically and esoterically. The image is of The Greater Self, is united with the Lesser Self.
Price: $9.95
canvas logo The Unicursal Hexagram and Oruburos.

Unicursal-Oroboros Hexagram tote bag
This convenient canvas tote bag, imprinted with Eli's Unicursal-Oroboros logo on one side and a custom Qabalistic Hexagram on the other, is 14" x 14" x 3", just perfect for carrying books, tablets and a few groceries!
Price: $10.99
small tote back of the Tarot of Eli

Large Canvas tote bag
Same logos that is on the smaller tote-Eli's Unicursal-Orobos Hexagram, and the Qabalistic Serpent Hexagram on the back, but only bigger! This large Tote is perfect for shopping or carrying all your school items. This one will get looks! Promote your magic with this roomy 19" x 15" x 6" sturdy canvas tote!
Price: $14.95
lp.aspx.jfif delux tote bag

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