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The Thoth Tarot- 5 of Swords-Defeat & The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 5 of Rada- Ogoun Ferraille

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The Tarot of Eli

The 5 of Swords-Defeat occupies the position of Geburah, the 5th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life named SEVERITY.This Sephiroth is the intelligence of War like tendancies. Here, strick judgment is dealt out. The Old Testiment "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth", is how strick this judgment can be. Geburah is as an warrior for she doesn't ask, she just takes what she wants. Where Chessed is the consort called Mercy, a benevolent Jupiter, Geburah is the opposite as she is a Saturnine-Mars god of War. However, the Warrior of now, is not the warrior of yesterday where a strong physique, long endurance, and personal courage needed for face to face edged weponds wielded by strong arms and disiplined minds built by years and years of training. Today, a man or woman can push a button and kill entire cities. They can sit in an air conditioned room, sipping a beverage, and view their enemies through robotic eyes and lanch hell-fire missles into their living rooms thousands of miles away. So one would think Geburah outmoded. However, Geburah,  as any Sephirotic Intelligence, adapts and has become modern as war, more industrial, technical, and looks through computer eyes at us. Judgment is still clear and consice, just because one's clothes aren't blood stained, doesn't mean their psyche isn't and mother Geburah's sword still carries the sharp edges needed to cleave society from our original identity.   

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 5 of Rada (Swords-Air) Ogoun Ferraille, or Joe Ferraille as this loa is known in New Orleans, is just such an Ancestor Spirit as Geburah and is the typical man of iron. Ogoun Ferraille is the black smith at the forge, with the smell of sweat, a leather apron and strong arms, he pounds out his wares with heavy steel hammers. However, Ogoun Ferraille is the soldier at peace, as Ogoun La Flambeau is the soldier at war.  Hence, plow shares are forged from swords at Ogoun Ferraille's forge.

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot-5 of Rada, depicts Ogoun Ferraille, as a man of red hot iron, joined with the molten metals of his trade as the air-element of this card feeds the fires of the forge into a red hot fury. Hence, the burning of molten blood and burning flesh give rise to a shout that is more of vented steam than that of any language.

In Divination this card represents the need to face certain loss with courage. Loss, defeat, and unfavorable outcome are also present here.

One may ask, why is there a need for such a nasty- Intelligent-judgmental- corrective force that is Geburah, if we are the Golden Solar Child of the Divine Creative? Ok, this Severity is easily explained as cutting away the unworthy bits, so that you are the original you; the original child that she the Great Ternary Mother envisioned. What many fail to understand, is that all the definitions given you, by your society, belief systems and cultures are not you, because YOU HAVE TO BE KNOWN INTO EXISTENCE BY YOUR DIVINE CREATIVE SPIRITUAL MOTHER, before you can be a Soul! In other words, you have been already made to be "you" and not revised by mankind.

Yes it is true, dear ones, truth is made manifest! Hence, you never came seeking your truth, nor to find out who you are, the Soul already Knows that! By putting knowledge into form, as information automatically becomes form, the Divine Creative made you manifest! You are already Defined into being, not a being who seeks definition; for this planet and this cosmos, are not a court room; rather they are a work place! You are an image of the Greater Self who proves self-definition by making it manifest! You give definition to things, so that they may be cataloged and used as communication which stimulates diversity. Ideas of self, are what you build into things, therefore thoughts are definitions used to define the idea of I AM Me.Here, it helps to remember that Kether is Eheieh, a sound that is of exhaled breath, rather than any word of man. Eheieh, is a Hebrew word meaning "I Will Be"! From this first pressurized-hot "Shout" of the Big Bang, the spaces filled with the vented Steam/Gas particulates of this exhalation and stars were fromed and from stars your Identity was born. Hence, the Tree of Life, a blue print of the Psyche that you are, before, you have adopted a sensual body/becoming a form on Malkuth. Therefore, the homo sapiens is just another form of Spiritual Self, even though more condensed that gases of the forge of will-to-be.

Geburah, helps us remember who we really are, and not what we pretend or believe ourselves to be.

The Thoth 5 of Swords, is known as Defeat, or Lord of Defeat. Being that Venus is in Aquarius here, the normal disruption of Geburah's strength, is not the cause of disaster! This is because weakness is the cause of the 5 of Swords disaster! A weakness brought on by pacifism, and enfeebling sentiment; maybe even treachery. Notably, the treachery of "Divide and Conquer". Where the Soul's Psychic authority, is overshadowed by fear of the enforced phyiscal authority. Like colors faded and improperly mixed, one's identity becomes one of confusion, where one's frustration to know themselves, becomes a screaming in the night.  Where "I Am" becomes, "I wish to be other than myself".

The hilts of the swords form the sinister image of the inverted pentagram; where the body fears have conquered the will by the treachery of inverted sensation. Feeling fearful, is often more sensual than feeling willful, since the ever present doubt brought into belief by indoctrination, and propaganda keeps the will from collecting into a cohesive force. Notice: that none of the hilts are the same, implying many different weak thoughts assaulting the blue Rose of Wisdom, that was at once whole in the 4, is now all cut to pieces in the 5. Wisdom is scattered to the winds of emotional defeat and blood of self-torture and the poison of shame drips from the thoughts/swords.

The 5 of Swords is Geburah in Yetzirah, a severe Mars influence, is now in the Astral World of our Unconscious. Yet, Mars is the consort of Venus in mythology, and mythology is not a story telling a lie, but rather a story relating a truth, so there is also a vulnerability of capitulation here. The Blue Rose of Venus/Sophia (Wisdom), which is also the Rose of the Cross, can't take the buffeting of the Martian assault. Along with the 9 and 10 of Swords, the 5 is one of the most destructive events in the deck. Here, loss, defeat, failure where contest is decided and finished against the person. Here, the body serves fear, rather than the Will of I AM.

When the 5 of Swords or 5 of Rada card is thrown during a reading, the querent is:

• Usually caught in the fears of the past.

• They are experiencing a self-defined prison of negative, self-defeating beliefs and/or phobic.

• Here is defeat on a mental level, bringing humiliation and weakness.

• The suggestion here is to give up fighting, swallow your pride and acknowledge your limitations, and then proceed in a new direction. We are only defeated when we stop seeking another way.

• So there is no 5 week or 5 month period here, since it is the querent's own mental negativity that is involved here, and they could change perspective at any time.

  • One is experiencing "upside down" thinking.
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The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 4 of Rada-Agwe & The Thoth Tarot- 4 of Swords-Truce

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The Tarot of Eli

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 4 of Rada (Air)- Agwe',represents the elemental force of Air expressed through Water. Where the sky falls to meet the sea, is called the Horizon and on the Horizon, is where one can spot Agwe's boat. This Loa's ( Ancestor spirit) primary point of being is on the surface of the water. Yet he holds his banquet's deep below, where the water meets the earth. This loa seems to be as Davey Jone's, of "Davey Jone's locker", the old wind driven sailors ancestor spirit of the Deep sea. He is of Chessed, the 4th Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life and where his consort the 5th Sephiroth of Geburah, who is Severity, he is mercy. Severity, is where swift judgment is extracted.  Hence, with Agwe', strict judgment is not extracted. With Agwe', the personality is now in the realm of Self and is expanded beyond the parameters where swift judgment is appropriately extracted. Hence, this elactisity, of expansion and contraction is an action that  Water is noted as having and is also Agwe's characteristic.

Agwe' is the lover of Ersulie in her form as La Sirene. In the Voodoo Trinity of the Sea, Agwe', La Sirene, and Olokun (see past blogs on New Orleans Voodoo Tarot), Agwe is the most easily approached. His is the power to make a sailor's journey safe. Hence, he can promise safe passage. Therefore, one's fortunes can be entrusted to his ships hold.

The divinitory meaning of this card would be to trust that things will work out and quiet in the present of a real or implied threat.

The 4 of Swords represents Chesed in Yetzirah, influencing the astral world.Chesed the 4th Sephiroth represents the Universal Architect. Thus the 4'rs suggest perfection, realization, completion and fixing a matter to a rock solid stability.

In the 4 of Swords, this stability is a form of Truce, where equal tension, makes a stability of mental powers but here the rock solid stability is suspect.

As you may know, mental creation happens in the fluid light of the Astral World before the manifestation is solidified in the Material World. Now you may not be able to clearly see that you are not a body....You really are a Yod (hand of God) a formula of self-information in the Universal Collective Unconscious, so your Real body, is the Tree of Life....the Homo Sapiens body is the incarnation, for sensual purposes, of your HuMan "dreams" and resides with in the solar corona of the Invisible you. That Invisible you is as Jupiter, and in this card, Jupiter is in Libra. Thus the normal destructive Swords, are put to a temporary rest in the munificent, benevolent and loving nature of Jupiter.

The Rose is restored from the sorrow of the 3 and Consciousness is settled, and a rest from strife is implied by the 4 of Swords. Jupiter in Libra radiates compassion and sensitivity showing the Mercy that is Chesed.

Here Jupiter claims authority in the intellectual world. Arguing for convention, Jupiter restores mental balance after the chaos of arbitrary thought.

In the 4 of Swords card, the hilts of the Swords, are formed into the corners of the St, Andrew's Cross, suggesting the rigidity and fixation implied in the 4. The Rose of 49 petals, in which the Swords are sheathed, suggesting social harmony.

Thus there is a suggestion of compromise. As does Crowley, I find this compromise to be a less than positive factor. For it is an act of an indolent mind, that would rather be pusillanimous and compromise for social peace rather than work out the thought through the promised struggle. However, it may be to keep the peace; but peace at any cost, is rarely preferable to over coming obstacles.

When the 4 of Swords or 4 of Rada, is thrown during a reading:

• There is mental understanding of a matter, or a relationship coming to full resolution on 4 levels of mental awareness: The Rational, The Emotional of the Unconscious, The Spiritual, and the Subconscious (instictual mind) of the Physical.

• Implications of problems that should not be ignored; listen to the inner self and answers will be restored.

• A holding pattern after mastering a difficult mental situation.

• Retreat or withdrawal necessary to heal or hide, by creating a protected mental space. Here insight can be generated by seclusion.

• A moment of logic and discriminating intelligence of integrity and planning.

The negatives of this card are often; a bout of illness in order to recuperate. Hence,the intellect is relinquishing control back to the body so that a time out of from problems and solutions are achieved as the body has only one focus of getting better.


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The Thoth Tarot-3 of Swords-Sorrow & The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 3 of Rada-Cuedeh

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The Tarot of Eli

Papa Guedeh

                                                                                                                                                                                  is a fine fellow

                                                                                                                                                                                Papa Guedeh

                                                                                                                                                        With top hat, tails and one dark eye.

The 3's of Tarot belong to Binah who as the 3rd Sephiroth is called Understanding, she is also named the Sanctifying Intelligence and the Parent of Faith. Here is the implication that any religion of any sect, could not have a "church" without this underlying structure of Sanctifying Intelligence. As the 3 of Swords, she is also Sorrow and sorrow is one of the "parents of faith", hope being the other.

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 3 of Rada-Guedeh, represents the Chokmah of Qabalah. Binah and Chokmah, are the Voodoo Divine Twins, the Marassa, who joined together, birthed the invisible Sephiroth-Daath. Daath being the "false vessel" of Voodoo that is the home of the Voodoo Baron's. The grace of Bon Dieu Bon (Kether), through the Barons, winds its way down the Tree of Life to the 10th Sephiroth-Malkuth. Hence, in a real sense the Voodoo Barons own Malkuth/the World,  as the word "baron" means land holder. The Baron's as if they were the embodiement of the Qabalistic Tarot- Priestess (Path of Gimel), lead the dead and it is the bodies of the dead that we walk on in our daily trek. That is why we honor the fighting dead on Memorial day, for our Country is built on the bones of our fighting dead.

The Great Mother Binah, is home to the family of Guedeh spirits, those loa who hold safe the forgotten dead who would otherwise be forgotten and unhonored. So it is within Guedeh, the names of spirit revolve within, safe from the strong winds of oblivion. The love of the Guedeh's is expressed through sex and death.

The Verse, at the beginiing of this blog, describes the typical Baron's thus, Guedeh, attire. Worldly in dress, his glasses contain one smoked and one clear lense. Hence, he sees with one eye in the visible world and one eye in the invisible world. As the Qabalistic Binah is also Saturn, who rules Time,  so is the Geudeh of saternine character as dipicted on this card. In the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 3 of Rada (air), he is depicted as pompous and reserved with his arms folded across his chest in a gesture of self-containment. There seems to be a bit of the fool or trickster in this one,as his eyes are turned inward as if to examine the more sober aspects of his realm.  The solitary living companion of this Geudeh, seems to be a beetle, reminiscent of the scarab of ancient Egypt and/or the sun at midnight that crawls towards him.  Therefore, this card in Divination expresses, sorrow of a deep and brooding nature; the joy and gaity that attends the release of sorrow. Sorrow is Joy's shadow.

As Mary is the Church, in Catholic doctrine, so is the 3rd Sephiroth- Binah the Parent of Faith, not the faith itself, but its parental intelligence that is the foundation of organization, structure and sanctity. She is the Will to Form, and your body is the "church" of your spirit; a "church" you wouldn't have without the Creatrix-Binah.

You may ask, "What has this to do with sorrow?" To make this simple, she is the Crone in this card, and the Crone, who rules time, is the death of the “you” that you think you are.

As the concept of Virgin, we have Binah as High Priestess; as concept of Mother we have Binah as Empress and here She is as the beginning of Crone which forms in Geburah.

Let me explain: many of us think that “freedom of choice" is happiness, but we forget that in order to have "freedom of choice", we must have a beginning and an end. As Spirit, we just Are, there is no up, no down, no in and no out; we just are ; an I AM. But as a Spirit who runs a material body, we have the freedom to choose up, down, in or out and even our Fate as a "Me". This  ability to choose our own fate, is shown in the word freedom for it is from the word free-doom the Anglo-Saxon root word of freedom meaning,” I choose my own death”.  For we also get to choose our body-death by our "life choices" and/or identities. Be it ignorant or intelligent choice, it is still our psyche’s choice of Self-Awareness. Therefore, freedom of choice also brings great sorrow and great joy, love and sadness etc.. With the Creatrix-Mind of Imagination, this freedom also contains the burden of insanity, where we build a personality that becomes chaos. Again, we have bodies so that we may form the necessary "software", that becomes a discriminating and/or discerning personality that will eventualy, consciously travel the Tree of Life as a Mercury-Messenger of the Sephiroth.  Spirit doesn't discriminate-----it just is!

As Master Jahaladine Rumi, the twelfth century Sufi master and poet said about sorrow; "Sorrow prepares you for joy, it violently sweeps everything out of your house, so new joy can find a space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place."

What many of us forget, is that to be the One Energy creates a process of awareness that One is all there is and One is alone, unable to share, to express to itself as “another”, or in any way able to define existence. The “I” needs the “Am” (the Divine Twins). Therefore, a great sorrow of loneliness was realized before the WILL TO FORM (“Am”-Binah who is understanding) was thought of and thus creating EXISTENCE.

This card is a 3, the number of the major arcana--key 3- The Empress and to her the great Sorrow of the Mother is felt. For she has given birth to Beautiful Children who often think themselves into acting as Monsters. This hurts a loving mother. Also the fact that those beautiful children must end because to begin is to end. This is nothing new to each of us, because of the need to transform we know that sorrow arrives with every loving attachment in this world of matter. To receive is to lose. To begin is to end. To love is to expand and liberate the mind from the body, yet needing a body to be felt; the mind must return to sensuality in order to develop discriminating thought and information becomes form; Form has a beginning and an end. Hence, many of us know that to love is to end in loss...but we will love after loss anyway. Love is our nature and loss, is the beginning of a new gain. This understanding, doesn't lessen sorrow, it just helps us move forward with tears running down our face. Thus there is strength gained in understanding sorrow, whereas, fear of sorrow weakens us.


Is also called the Lord of Sorrow, so once again we get confused by sexual connotations. But energy is male in expression and female in reception. The Planet attributed to the 3 of Swords is Saturn in the sign of Libra. The Angels of the Decan are Hayayel and Hoquiam.

Here we have the influence of Binah in the Astral World of Yetzirah. The Power of Saturn is destructive and initiatory bringing a presence of pain and hardship as Saturn is also Chronos, “Grandfather Time”. But as we may know, hardship and suffering are often where we learn life's greatest lessons. So the Dark Sterile Mother, is not evil, she is a Sanctifying Intelligence. In the 3 of Swords, Saturn unbalances the Scales of Libra, in order that they may be rebalanced in an improved way. So the Crone is the perpetrator of "Tough Love, "and for a Mother having to use tough love to teach her beautiful and vulnerable children, brings a sorrow as well. This is implied as the Rose of 5 Petals illustrated in the Thoth Card. Her heart, if you will, is torn apart by the piercing of the 3 swords. This card suggests the Dark Sea of Binah, a Womb of chaos, where things are deconstructed to be reconstructed. Here again, is a depiction of the Universal Sorrow of the Great Mother. For to Create is to also destroy.

When the 3 of Swords or 3 of Rada- is thrown during a reading:

• The querent is experiencing thoughts of sorrow.

• Reoccurring thoughts of sorrowful past events.

• The sorrow of a triangular relationship that is out of balance.

• Disappointment and heartbreak.

• A type of recognition where one must give up one thing to gain another.

• Releasing; a gift of sorrow, allowing the querent to release and let out the pent up stress of feared emotions.

• Here difficulty precedes the power of joy.

• Also, for initiates, who travel to the abyss, this sorrow is soul deep, for it is of the Sorrow of the Creatrix, who has to destroy her precious forms to rebuild and transform identity, which will also happen to the personality that succeeds in traversing the Abyss, connecting Kether to Malkuth through the bridge of the Personality.


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The Thoth Tarot- 2 of Swords-Peace & The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 2 of Rada-Nan Nan Bouclou

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The Tarot of Eli

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 2-Rada (air)- Nan Nan Bouclou, is the Voodoo Grand Mother and the issue of Chokmah come from her. The Twins, of all creation, come from her.  Crowley's equation for creation is 0=2, making zero the cypher of origin. This cypher of origin can be seen as Nan Nan Bouclou's vesica pisces and/or the birth womb of the Voodoo Masa (twins).  This Grand Mother, who is and was before the Masa, is the ancestor spirit (Loa) of herbs and medicines. In Voodoo, medicine is a very special food; a special food that moves beyond eating to an ingestion that transcends hunger and moves towards concern. 

In Western metaphysics, Occultism, Qabalah, and Tarot, the element of Air (Rada) is assciated with intellect and the mind and one of the most beneficial uses of the mind, is the strudy of medicines and healthy powders, tinctures etc..

Nan NanBoudclou, Nan NanBouloucou, Nannanbouclou, or Nana Bukuu, show she has many names; hence, many faces. The Orignal African name of Nana Bukuu is of great importance as she was seen also as a great warrior. 

"The name of Nana is famous from Ife in Nigeria to Siade and Tchari in Ghana...She herself was a superlative Warrior, utterly fearless, who razed the mythic city of Tjeu-ade".

                                                                                                                                                                             -[Thompson, 1983, p. 68]

Albeit, her healing and medicinal practices are emphasized in this Voodoo Tarot, her original African- Warrior power serves her well in the position of Chokmah, the 2nd Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  For when she crosses the mirror or the abyss, the power of Chokmah feeds into the war like severity of Geburah.

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, shows Nan Nan as the forest itself that is surrounding the 2 men, one of whom is holding a root that looks much like mandrake. Throught western magic, mandrake is an important ingredient in magic rituals and healing. The mandrake is said to take the shape of a man or woman, and the finding of it is to gain access to great power. Here, the 2 men freely show their finding to each other. Therefore this card is about mutual benefit upon the experience of and  devotion to the Grand Mother.

The celestial attribution of the Thoth 2 of Swords, is the Moon in Libra; the Moon is change, but Nature is inherently peaceful which enhances the balancing nature of Libra.

Overall, one would think of the disruption of Chokmah (# 2 Sephira- Wisdom) in the suit of Air (Swords); air being a suit born from the conflict of Water and Fire in marriage. Air/Swords, the traditional death suit, is subject to change as no other suit, not only from the fire/water parentage but also when Earth appears the suit becomes crystallized.

In the Thoth Tarot, the 2 of Swords, shows 2 Swords of equal strength, crossed; they are combine by a 5 petal blue rose. The Blue Rose represents the Gnostic- Sophia-Wisdom, and the Qabalistic Chokma; the Great Mother of Wisdom (Female aspect of Chokma), whose harmonizing influence, plus that of Libra, compounds the latent antagonism of the Suit of Swords. The pinwheel shaped white rays, are in a geometrical pattern that emphasizes the harmonic equilibrium of the 2. Peace is about the best word to describe this harmonic. Here is aspects of intellect, conscious and unconscious of an individual or 2  self-conscious minds are united in the wisdom of Sophia.

The astrological meaning applied to the 2 of Air, is the Moon in Libra, implying; The need to bring about change in a harmonious, united and sociable way

When the 2 of Swords and the 2 of Rada- is thrown:

• The querent will be or has been, experiencing peace after a quarrel that began 2 weeks, or 2 months ago.

• Peace is restored but some tension remains.

• There are 2 actions here, sometimes selfish and sometimes unselfish action because of the contradictory characteristics in the same nature (Moon in Libra, Fire and Water).

• There is Strength gained after suffering; sacrifice and trouble, yet strength arising from the effort.

The querent may often show sorrow and sympathy for those in trouble and champion the weak and oppressed while also giving aid to them.

  • There is a mental peace, as the Unconscious and consciousness, are working as 2=0.
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The Thoth Tarot- Ace of Swords & The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- Rada-Damballah Wedo

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The Tarot of Eli

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- Rada(air) Damballah Wedo,  is the Great Serpent. The root "Da" refers to the serpents power. Air is intellect, and Damballah Wedo, stretches as a link between the voodooist and the wisdom and power of the Ancestors. It is believed that carried on his back are all the unnamed of the Ancestors whose names have been lost in the great seas of Time. Since each soul, manifests its information (lives) on its own timeline, Damballah Wedo then can stretch across timelines, allowing one to connect their timeline with that of an ancestor or ancestors.

The Great Serpent, is shown hanging in the air on a crossroads made by the branches of  The Sacred Tree ( A Voodoo Tree of Life). Peaceful in a perfect balance, and having no tendancy to move in anyone direction, awaiting a call that can help or hurt. Hence, here is great energy to do good or ill. Stationary forces are roused and ready for action.

The Unknowable Kether, the Sephiroth of the Aces, is often depicted as the Point, The Crown (a diamond crown as the diamond is the stone of Kether) and the Swastika-The Spinning Force of the Universe, all explained in past blogs; However, these symbols only direct us into a journey of understanding that has no goal. We may say the goal, is to understand the Infinite, but the word infinite, even if understood, is a human invention. Thus inadequate to explain the "No-Thing" before Time. The point that is Kether, is the Singularity that was before the Big Bang but as the words may imply some vast understanding, this explanation is empty of experience and incomprehensible. The Hebrew word for Kether is Eheieh, which means "I Will Be". The Great I, which many of us know as the All Seeing Eye (I), for I-dentity is what this whole Rodeo of the Universe is about, i.e. Self-Awareness. In this Universe, information becomes form. Hence, I, upon understanding it exists, becomes I AM... which is potentially anything.

Yet, we are also potentially anything, which makes us not as comfortably understood as one would like. It Seems that the Divine Collective Unconscious, wishes us to be as vast as our forms seem to be limited. This is seen by the Imagination's ability to expand concepts so far beyond reality, that maybe, reality is just an imagined collections of identified “comfortable limits”, One moment we are the homo sapiens dreaming of being Spiral Energy, the next we are Spiral Energy dreaming we are a homo sapiens. Much like that old Chinese tale of a man dreaming he was a butterfly, then upon awakening he wondered if he was a butterfly dreaming he is a man. Considering Kether, is much the same,

The Qabalist knows that all is Mind, and we are not talking about the human consciousness, but the Mind that the Dream of the Universe floats in; Energy dreaming it is a self.

The Thoth Ace of Swords is a "seed or essence of Mind" and/or intellect. The Root Powers of Air and symbolizes the influence of Kether in the Astral World. This may be understood as the motion in the Currents of Astral Fluid, however, that is just the metaphore for the invisible intellegence distrubing the invisible electromagnetic spectrum and not the Power itself. The Astral realms are the realms of Fleeting Forms...nothing solid. Thus the Ace of Swords is a potent card which can be extremely good or extremely evil. Evil, is live spelled backwards, and basically implies devolution rather than evolution. To move forward progressively, is Living, to Move backward, is "living in the past" which is a form of "living dead", since the past isn't now. Thus we have philosopher's saying. “Let the dead bury the dead...".

The Mind is called the Element of Air, for it is heated by Passions, as Air is heated by Sun, and thus it can become violent and life threatening. However, this is avoided if the Will of Spirit, is the controller of Passion, then the Mind becomes Life/Self- Expanding and Liberating. The Will of Spirit is "I Will Be". Hence, intent.

The Ace of Wands represents a natural force, while the Ace of Swords represents that which is invoked; a force called upon.

The currents generated by Kether on the Astral are both dynamic and erratic, having the potential to be applied at will to different situations. Thus, we have the description of a "whirling force" that gains strength through trouble. To Qabalists, this is an affirmation of Divine authority and may become the Sword of Wrath, punishment and affliction. Pure mind has no conscience, it is up to us to supply discrimination to thought. What we classify as good or evil, is just identity and will become information and manifest. The caveat is that, we are the information of the Self, made manifest. You invoke it by thought and beit by manifestation. It pays to watch how and what you think.

But let us not despair, for the Ace of Swords represents the Sword of the Magus crowned in the twenty-two diadem of light. To those of magic, the number 22 refers to Atu known as 22=2x11, the Magical manifestation of Chokmah, Wisdom, and the Logos. In Hebrew letters that are numbers is the Word of Law that blazes forth clearing the dark clouds of a Mind based on fear, or survival thinking. I would suggest getting the Book 777 by Aliester Crowley to further study this, as the words "Achath Ruach Elohim Chiim" (on the sword) are the numbers 777 and means in English translation, “One is Spirit of the Gods of the Living". The Ruach being Tiphareth, the Solar Logos. There is a lot of investigative Gematria (Qabalistic numerology) to understand here so get the book!

The Kether is God not living but willing to be, Achath Ruach Elohim Chiim, is the Spiral Energy that produces Living Creation. 777, is also the number of the Scarlet Woman. The Red Goddess, the Blood of Life. Crowley named her Babalon. Something I shall get into latter on. 


• The Querent is experiencing mental clarity and inventiveness.

• Problems being overcome with Original thinking.

• The dawning of a new intellectual process.

• Acting with logic and discrimination

• Strength in adversity. Out of evil some good will come. Something that looks bleak can surprisingly turn out to be promising.

• Doom. This is the card of Morgan the Fate. Finality, Tragedy, and ultimate fate; However, it is release, freedom from past restraint and a new lightness and/or a kind of salvation.

• The beginning of an idea or information. The arising of Inner insight.

• This card depends on the surrounding cards to show whether it is fate or rebirth.

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The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- Congo La Place & The Thoth Tarot- Prince of Swords.

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The Tarot of Eli


The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot-Congo La Place, chooses to use a Voodoo Master of Ceremonies (La Place) as its Prince of Swords. The La Place is the understudy of the houngan (Priest) and maybe preparing to lead the Temple ceremonies.  The La Place, carries a machete rather than a sword and dances with the machete quiding the movement of the banners. Banners, being the symbol and sacrement of the Temple. Dancing around the temple and its environs, the La Place waves his machete and the hounsis wave the banners in a rhythmic  procession.

In the sacred dance of the elements, the La Place holds the place of air; air being the element used to symbolize intellect. Hence the Congo La Place, is the airy part of water. Hence, his worldly power is that of steam. Steam is a very useful source of power if it is controlled. However, it is also very dangerous, when out of control. This type of personality would be an indication of the virtues of Ogoun the black smith and all the power and magic of the forge.

As seen on the card, La Place is associated with the crossroads: the place between the visible and invisible worlds. Hence, his machete is also used to clear the way for the spirits. In the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, the La Place is pouring water from one hand and splitting it in two with his machete. The reference here is that of the crossroads that splits the visible and invisible worlds. Since the invisble and visible worlds mirror each other, the pool that forms in the center of the crossroads, reflects a mirror image of the La Place.

The characteristis of this card, implies a calm exterior covering a fiery interior. Therefore, he has a secret violence, he is crafty, and subtle. Physically this card represents a young man of brown or brownish black hair, with grey or brown eyes.

The Thoth Prince of Swords, represents the mental element of ideas that can be constructive and/or destructive.

The Prince of Swords is also called the Chariot of the Winds, Prince and emperor of the Sylphs and Sylphides.

Zodiacally, he is the last Decan of Capricorn and the first two Decans of Aquarius.

He is Specific Air of Primal Air. The Element Air, is intellect, so this one is like the cool scientific mind itself, which can love thought alone, and not care what it does.

The Golden dawn card, had two fairies pulling the chariot but in the, Thoth Tarot card of the Prince of Swords, these fairies are shown as spheres of light in front of the Chariot, accompanied by three winged children who are pulling it. Implying that, this chariot may be pulled capriciously and/or mischievously in any direction, imitating the Intellect itself. Also there is significant Yesod-Moon symbolism here to suggest this is a card of the Creative Intellect.

In the right hand, the Prince is swinging the Sword of invocation and creation and in his left is a sickle which immediately destroys that which is created. With childlike innocence, the Prince of Swords wields his Sword of Geburah. The logical mental processes of the Prince has reduced the Air/Intellect into geometric symbols that represent no real plan, but are demonstrative power of undefined purpose.

The astrological sign of Aquarius assigned to this card implies, affection, kindness. And a good heart, as well as, a mind divided because of Capricorn's instinctual earthiness. The Two halves of one mind are shown as Sword and Sickle.

Once again, the Prince of Swords represents the airy part of Air which as air is directed by "outside influences" such as the heat of passion and the coolness of pure intellect who adores any thought.

This is the Archetypical personality of the intellectual, pure mind, as such. The Prince of Swords is dressed in woven-full armor of definite device. His chariot is composed of geometric ideas. This chariot is drawn by unharnessed wing children "who are flights of fancy" and may go any-which way they like, as the reins are attached to passing geometric ideas. This is like the knowledge of Euclid expounded upon by an idiot, whose argument takes any twist and turn it wants to, and yet be totally "rational". Thus the chariot is easily moved but unable to go into any definite direction---except by accident.

This is pure intellect without direction supplied by the Will to always be right, even if he never is. Never the less, the Prince of Swords is crown by a Child's Head, for there is a secret Divinity here that is linked up to Tiphareth (the Son of God), but usually, if this personality thinks in terms of the divine, one believes they are above all others and suffers from the righteousness of a fanatic.

Since the logical process of the Prince of Swords has reduced the Air to many diverse geometric patterns, they reduce the power of creative mind, as they have no definite purpose. This is symbolized by the Sword in his right hand (willingness to create) and in his left hand a sickle, which destroys what he immediately creates. Being that his thoughts require no practical effort, he is purely intellectual, full of ideas that tumble over one-another in a mass of ideas unrelated to each other. He has all the apparatus of the Mind, intensely clever, admirably rational, thought in its highest degree, but unstable of purpose as even his own ideas are approached with his indifference. He knows that any idea is as good as another and can rationally persuade an Eskimo into buying a “walk in freezer” even though nature has already provided one! By removing the substance of an idea, he can place every idea into an ideal world of ratiocination....it always looks good on paper no matter how impractical it is to build!

Being that ratiocination is purely formal, even the very facts that promote his ideas are ignored so that his ideas become baseless and unreal. This person is immensely powerful because of their unsettled principles which enable them to put forth any argument without regret or remorse...kind of like an insane-used-car salesman from hell. The Prince of Swords personality is glib to quote scripture, cunningly supporting any thesis without considering the fact that he supported an opposite thesis earlier in his bombast. He is impossible to defeat because any position is as good as another and ready to enter into combination with the nearest element available. He really doesn't care if his or her ideas are detrimental to life, the idea is its own purpose! His/her momentary Vision is above all else!

These elusive and elastic people are only of use to the Divine Collective Unconscious, if mastered by the Greater Will and Intellect of Spirit...as in the 6th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life known as Tiphareth-Beauty, which is the Divine Child in manifestation. The Chaotic nature of Pure Intellect must be controlled by the Understanding Mother of All form--- as Force for its own sake is utter destruction of all life. Without the Understanding of Spirit and its purpose for life, these personalities become faddists, fundamentalists, fanatics, devotees of drink and drugs, humanists (those who believe that mankind is the center of the universe----all else can cease to exist.) and bible thumping theologians. But even in such directions there is not stability, and they wander from cult to cult, vice to vice, supporting fanatical convictions for the sake of whim. It is easy to be deceived by such people as they manifest great potency of thought and are often describe as having great depth and breadth of mind. As in all readings, the surrounding cards will show the dignity of this card.

There is however, a bright light here when Pure Mind aligned with Pure Spirit, ideas can become living image. Pure Spirit does not reside in religion...that chaos of ideas belongs to the idiots that praise god for creating life while their fanatical ideas destroy it all around them. Rather the Purity of Spirit that is the Life itself, that resides as the Great Ocean of Mother all around, in and through us....AS US! So once again, "above all things know thyself", is necessary here. I Am Love and all around me Love is expressing itself as another way of being. We belong to each other, and not to ideas that separate us from each other. Ideas, have no purpose unless applied to the unification of Life---for that is the Great Work of Spirit. Ideas make God in their own image, while God/The Divine Creative-makes us into its image! Thus it is obvious, that to know God is to know thyself!

As a person, The Prince of Swords or Congo La Place personality is purely intellectual:

• Overflowing with ideas that tumble over each other in a mass unrelated to practical effort.

• This is a brain that won't quiet itself down long enough to focus well on one thing.

• Intensely clever, admirably rational, with high degrees of thought, yet unstable of purpose.

• There is in this Prince of mind, an indifference to their own thought, as any idea is worth exploring, but not for too long.

• By reducing every thought to ratiocination, this personality has removed all substance from thoughts, making them formal and fantastical, as they no longer relate to any facts; even those upon which the thoughts are individually based.Here, opinions are more important than facts.

• Thus, this person is completely free from settled principles and is capable of conceiving and putting out any conceivable argument without the clutter of remorse or regret.

• This is a mind so glib, that it is able to forget the contrary argument it produced minutes before and go sallying forth with a new argument.

• These people often become faddists, cultists and devotees of drink, drugs, theologies, humanitarianism or music and religion, but without stability.

For the Querent:

• The querent feels the need to release creative and intuitive thought while cutting through any barrier to this release.

• There is a tendency to think too fast so slowing down the thought process is advised if success is to be achieved.

• The querent is showing the tendency to be overly rational, missing the subtle emotional points that would heed success in communication.

If the querent is able or has achieved the ability to focus their thought, they are committed to acting out their ideals and philosophy in their own lives; not really caring about how others do it, as they put incredible energy into supporting or examining particular beliefs.

• They often present a magnetic personality that is extravagant, careless and excessive.

• Ruthlessly brilliant, they can have good business judgment.

  • There is a combative nature here that is courageous, turbulent and skilled in the war of wits.
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The Thoth Tarot-Princess of Cups & The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- Congo-Hounsis

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The Tarot of Eli

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot-Congo-Hounsis, (water priestess) is the equivalent card to the Thoth Princess of Cups. However, her cup is a earthen pot called a govi. The govi is used by the Hounsis, to house loa or the spirits of the dead. The  Congo-Hounsis, is the earthly part of water and she demonstrates the best qualities of the Voodoo Goddess of Love and Beauty , Erzule Freda. Therefore, the Hounsis is gracious, and kind. To her the world she walks in is that of beauty. It is said that flowers open and mouths close at her approach. 

This Tarot Cards, depicts a young Hounsis, has opened the mouth of the govi, allowing the astral- waters to swill and enter it bringing along a spirit that looks out of the flow at her. Perhaps a dead lover or husband, allowing her to carryon the relationship on a more spiritual plane. This would be something she might do, as she is a dreamy, and sweet romantic.  Such a persona on the earth plane would be a young woman with black or brown hair and blue or brown eyes.

The Thoth Princess of Cups, represents mastery of emotional objectivity achieved by working through manipulation, jealousy, possessiveness and seduction.

The turtle in the sea shell symbolizes the capacity to offer emotional loyalty and longevity to others by being objective and non-possessive. The Swan coming out of her head, represents emotional security and the ability to communicate her feelings, desires and concerns in realistic and meaningful ways (the dolphin emphasizes this ability).

The crystals on her gown, show a crystal clear ability to look at things as they are instead of what see wants to see. The free floating lotus blossom shows her trusting heart. She is devoid of a possessive and controlling heart. This is Elaine the Virgin Moon-goddess of Arthurian legend, who was the keeper pf the Grail in the Grail temple, where she wove the tapestries of life, death, and fate. She is the "Dispenser of Joy" but also a source of hidden knowledge, bestower of mystical insight and the gift of wisdom. The Grail or Ace of Cups, is the root of the powers of Water and is shown as a sea shell cup in the Princess card. This is Water, in its most arcane form, Life-Fluid, (Dew of the Mother) symbolically represented as Water, Blood or Wine.

The Ace of Cups is the compliment to the Ace of Wands, as is the Sun to the Moon and the Lingam to the Yoni and represents the essential form of the Holy Grail (The Womb with a view). The Princess and the Ace of an element are inseparable.

The Great Mother, Binah, the 3rd Sephiroth-Understanding, is often symbolized as the Dark Sea and in the Thoth Deck Ace of Cups, She is represented as both the Sea and the Lotus: the Lotus (two in one) being the fertile expression of the Great Mother. When looking upon the Power that the Princess of cups weilds, Ace of Cups, we see  desescending from above, a ray of light representing the Holy Ghost and beneath the Grail we have the Moon. The Waves of Life-Fluid, are shown as a web of fluid energy that what the tapestry of Creation is woven from. To many Native Nations, this would symbolize the Work of the Great Spider Woman.

Again, THE PRINCESS OF CUPS, represents the Earthly part of Water (Life-Fluid), in particular, the faculty of crystallization. The Princess of Cups, represents the Grail's power of manifestation, she is the power of water that gives substance to idea, to support life and to form the basis for chemical combination that is often called solution.

Since she is an active force on earth,  the Princess of Cups in the Thoth Deck is represented as a Dancing figure robbed in a flowing, crystal edged garment, all of which indicates her flowing and crystallizing abilities. Thus we can determine that she is an active rather than passive force from the Great Mother. This determination if continued in the imagery of the Swan taking wing. The Swan is the symbol of AUM (of oriental philosophy) that is considered to be the vibratory harmonic of Universal Creation. The Princess of Cups, also bears a covered cup from which a Tortoise is issued. Here, once again, Lady Frieda Harris represents Hindu Philosophy, as the Tortoise is symbolic of a steadily moving platform supporting the Elephant "who holds the world on its back”. In other words, represents the foundation of Life-Force for the Earth which may seem slow in evolutionary terms, but is persistent and undaunted.

The Dolphin that is disporting in a foamy- sea, symbolizes the power of creation known as the Royal Fish, which is a symbol use to identify the "first matter "of Alchemy.

The Princess of Wands, Cups, Swords and Disks, all give a Character to the Root Power they are associated to. The Princesses are called the Thrones of The Great Mother, as they represent on Earth, Mother's rule. Root powers are without will and thus not focused. The Princesses are the Intelligently Focused Energy of a Root Power and are thus aware and more personalized intelligences with conscious characteristics. These Great Daughters of the Great Mother, have their own peccadillos, and it behooves the practitioner of magick to know them. For instance, the Princess of Cups has an infinitely gracious character that is voluptuous, sweet, gentle, and kind as romance, and the perpetual dream of rapture are her very nature. Unlike the Volcanic nature of the Princess of Wands. To the shallow thinker, the Princess of Cups may seem indolent and selfish, but that fact that she goes about her work silently and effortlessly dispels such interpretations.

These Princesses are Elemental Intelligence, often called "Muses" and can be communicated with, however, their nature is in direct union with a Force beyond the practitioner’s control. Tried and true rituals of magic are recommended so that these forces can be contained before there is too much overwhelming flow. In the Case of the Princess of Cups, the practitioner’s personality could be overwhelmed by the extreme dreamy rapture of her nature and become unable to operate in the day-to-day world.

Many of us don't realize that the Archetypes of the basic 16 types of personalities, as represented in the Court Cards and seen in our world, are also characteristics of Elemental Forces. Because of the thinking of "Divide and Conquer" cultures, we have forgotten that our human bodies, are Elemental Beings! We are a Spiral Entity (Spirit) and not of the Elements as we can control them. Therefore, we are not seeking to become more Spiritual, for that would be like a fish in the Ocean, looking for water! Spirit is Spiritual and being infinite and eternal, infinite be unmeasurable and eternity is "forever now" , so more or less is a ridiculous concept. We are succeeding in becoming a united Life Force woven of the "Sun and the Moon"; united with that which it activates, i.e. The Alive Form. We are attempting the Whole Union of Master (Spirit) and Masterpiece (Form) which is often called "As above, so below".

I find the concept of New Age Enlightenment to be a misconception, as we are the intelligence of light;  we are I AM (Force of existence) who builds a Me (Manifested Awareness) and the knowledge of the Universe is already achieved and obviously active! The “Me” needs to seek nothing, it must operate only by the Will of the “I AM”, that seeks awareness through the process of Self-Thought made manifest as “Me”. This is how thought can be  examined sensually, as using sensors measures the amount of energy needed and expressed! Isn't that what "Sensors" are for... up close examination? The Body is a "Sense of Presence" as the fish is a Sense of Ocean. As a fellow I AM, I did not come to seek spirituality (I Am That), I have come to seek a sense of presence in the material world so that I can examined my Self as a manifested measurement (imagination) and examine that measurement for errors that may impeded the Great Work of As above so Below! I am a Qabalist, (Qabalah means "to receive") because that knowing of myself, aids me in the inheritence and the purpose that I AM. Therefore,  the purpose of us all is TO BE as the manifested children of Kether/Eheieh who is "I Will Be"! I find knowledge through being NOW! As a Qabalist, I have also married the Four Daughters....but of this you must find out the magic meaning, for we are all to inherit the world of the Four Elements and be the Elohim made manifest.

The Princess of Cups may represent both genders, and be a person in the querent's life who is one's own age or younger and who may be teaching one lessons about emotionally letting go and enjoy the beauty of the moment.

These Princesses of the Thoth Deck Elemental Intelligence, and can be communicated with, however, their nature is in direct union with a Force beyond the practitioner’s invention. Tried and true rituals of Magic are recommended so that these forces can be contained before there is too much overwhelming flow. In the Case of the Princess of Cups, the practitioner’s personality could be overwhelmed by the extreme dreamy rapture of her nature and become unable to operate in rat-race of the day-to-day world.

Many of us don't realize that the Archetypes of the basic 16 types of personalities, as represented in the Court Cards and seen in our world, are also Elemental Forces. Because of the thinking of "Divide and Conquer" we have forgotten that our human bodies, are Elemental Beings and we are the Elohim Nephilim that rule all elementals! All of us Souls are a Spiral Entity (Spirit) and not of the Elements, thus, we are not seeking to become more spiritual by serving elementals, as that would be like a fish in the Ocean, looking for water! Spirit is Spiritual and being infinite (without measure) and eternal (the forever NOW)---something more or something less spiritual is a ridiculous concept. Spirit is the One Energy, made of many frequencies. Hence, Energy and Mind are inseperable.

To explain further: Each of us are collectives of "like self-knowledge"/ a Soul, succeeding in becoming a united and discriminating force of life ; united with that which it activates, i.e. The Alive Form, and discriminating in our operative thought of such forms. We are attempting the Whole Union of Master (Spirit) and Masterpiece (Form) which is often called "As above, so below". As before stated, but never over stated, enlightenment is a misconception, as we are an “I AM” (Force of existence) who builds a Me (Manifested Awareness) and the knowledge of the Universe is already achieved, we need only to accept our inheritence from the 10 Sephiroth, of Self-Indentity! The “me” needs to seek nothing, it must operate only by the Will of the “I AM”, that seeks awareness through the process of Self-Thought made manifest and sensual, as this is how thought can be examined and measured! Isn't that what "Sensors" are for... up close examination and measurement? The Body is a "Sense of Presence", as the fish is a Sense of Ocean. As a fellow I AM, I did not come to seek spirituality (I Am That), I have come to seek a sense of presence so that I can examined my self-identity (imagination) for errors that may impeded the Great Work of Life. Remember, "As above so Below", means As Kether above so Kether below.  I am a Qabalist, because that knowing of myself, aids me in the purpose that I AM...the purpose of us all; TO be made manifest makes us a Greater Sense of Self! I am Spirit who finds and examines the knowledge of Self, through being! The purpose of Souls, is Life! Therefore, I AM Life, I don't seek one. I AM the Breath of Eheieh, that makes all forms live

When the Princess of Cups or Congo Hounsis, is thrown during a reading, the querent is often experiencing:

• Emotional detachment that is free of jealousy.

• Being rapturous and gentle, kind and tender.

• A personality full of romance, dreams and loving vision but also a dispenser of hidden insight and wisdom (see Elaine the Moon Goddess).

  • One is reweaving a bright  new personal conception of who they are.

If Ill defined, the Princess of Cups, suggests;

• Flightiness, shallowness, and inability to accept reality.

• The querent is often experiencing emotional detachment that is oblivious to empathy.




When the Princess of Cups or the Congo-Hounsis, card is thrown during a Divination for a woman, it states that:

• She is objective, and realistic of heart.

• Emotionally loving and realistic rather than attached and clinging.

  • She is a romantic, that sees beauty all around her.
  • She is dreamy and sweet.

When thrown for a man, the Princess of Cups represents his:

• Inner feminine nature (anima) that is committed to offering emotional longevity while being loyal in realistic non-possessive ways.

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The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot-Congo-Mambo & The Thoth Tarot- Queen of Cups

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The Tarot of Eli

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot-Congo-Mambo, is the equivalent card to the Thoth Tarot Queen of Cups, as the watery part of water. Congo Mambo, (Water-Mother), reflects and transmits images, and occult impressions.  As is the Queen of Cups, the Congo Mambo, so perfectly reflects all that is around her, she herself is almost invisible.

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot card, depicts the Congo Mambo, with water flowing hair, a blue water serpent wrapped about her waist, a blue dress and a blue watery back ground, and water flowing from her hands, all emphasizing the Watery-Water of this card. Her nature is a personality that is dreamy, poetic, and tranquil. As a persona in this physical world, she is likely to be a woman of dark, black or brown hair, with a golden hue and brown or blue eyes.

The Great Mother Intelligence is Binah, the 3rd Sphere/Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. She is the Sanctifying Intelligence and in the Queen of Cups Binah is represented as the Queen of the Thrones of the Waters; Water being the flowing Unconsciousness Image-maker of the Universe; known as Imagination. Thus, if you are into the Elemental Mysteries, The Queen of Cups is the Queen of the Undines and Nymphs. Astrologically, the Queen of Cups is in the last Decan of Gemini and the first two Decans of Cancer.

The Thoth- Queen of cups is Specific Water in the Realm of Primal Water. Here the "Will to Form" of Binah is "reflecting on consciousness", i.e. imagination. Crowley's card shows this reflective nature in an abstract way. Here The Queen is enthroned on still Water, her image is of purity and beauty and is robed in veils of pure light. The Truth of her is not seen by the observer, who can only see themselves in reflection.Just as in Imagination, the user of this "Will to Form" power of the Mind, is unable to detach themselves from this force and therefore, calls it "my imagination". When in truth, the user is imagined and therefore, has never left the Mirror Image of Self, that it produces in its still depths.

In her hand is a shell like cup with a crayfish climbing out of it, a symbol relating to the Moon and its reflective qualities. Truth being, one of the characteristics of this card is that like water (unconscious), the flow changes according to the influences around it. Shown on this card is also an Ibis in abstraction, Here, we see the influence of Thoth-Hermes, as the Ibis is a traditional Egyptian symbol of this Moon God. Thus again the Male and Female influences are proven to be never separate.

Chokmah, is often represented as Python, the First Husband, or as a snake or Serpent Force. In Mythology, the Ibis eats the eggs of the Snake, which relates to her "consuming the seeds of images" from Chokmah who is represented as the 2nd Sephiroth, Wisdom. However, the Ibis also consumes the corpses of the dead. This may seem contradictory, but the corpses of the dead are "Conscious seeds", personalities recycled so that data is consumed and recycled in the Universal Collective Unconscious. Thus we have reference to the Great Sea of Binah (Universal Unconscious) from which life flows out, and also flows back into. Here also the Moon and the cycle of tides add to the image.

The Lotus is the Eastern Rose, and is the sacred flower related to Great Mother Isis, an Egyptian form of Binah. Rather than through the touch of her hand, as the Queen of Wands is shown controlling the Leopard, the Queen of Cups uses the intermediary of the Lotus (Womb) to cause the Ibis to do its work. The Tranquil waters, on which the Lotus float, are the means of force transmission.

The key characteristics to The Queen of cups, are dreaminess, illusion and tranquility. As is Water the perfect agent and patient solvent, the Queen of Cups, is able to receive and transmit everything without affecting herself in so doing. Just as Imagination does.

When the Queen of Cups or Congo Mambo is thrown during a reading:

• The querent is showing issues surrounding motherhood.

• Suggesting emotional empowerment, as the querent is able to express feelings honestly, blamelessly and without judgment.

• Implies too much imagination about issues and not enough action taken to solve them.

• Emotional and Intuitive capabilities that show highly evolved interpersonal interactions and psychic abilities.

• Implies the querent is extremely empathetic and thus must watch out for moodiness and fluctuating feelings.

• Suggests that one inspires from within and could be a time of deep inner musings, thoughts focused within where the mind is engulfed in Imagination.

• That a mature woman of deep sexual and fertility powers, where everything in her life is related to nourishment, sexual exchange, passionate giving and receiving maybe involved in the life of the querent or is the querent.

• Motherhood, or new ideas formulating for a creative line of work.

• An ethereal person of the highest ideals imagined...sometimes unattainably high in the physical world of constant change.

• Wisdom and virtue, can denote a perfect spouse and a good mother.


If the Queen of Cups is caused to be ill dignified by the accompanying cards in a reading, then everything is refracted and distorted, as she is directly affected by surrounding influences.

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The Thoth Tarot- Knight of Cups & The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- Congo-Houngan

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The Tarot of Eli

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot-Congo-Houngan, is as the Knight of Cups, as he is also the fiery part of water.  In the Thoth Tarot- traditional Kings are called Knights, who are armored sitting astride their powerful "Spirit Force" steeds. The Knight of Cups is the fiery part of water, this may sound strange to the neophyte; however, the fiery part of water is the Power of Solution. The Voodoo Houngan, is a Voodoo Priest or "spirit chief",and one of this character would be a personality that can show intense physical or mental involvement. In New Orleans, the name Houngan is seldom used, as he is called Dr., in honor of Dr.John, and the "Root Dr." tradition.  The Drum is a good symbol for fire as it must constantly be hit (fed) to keep its power working. Whereas, water in a sacred basin, can influence for a long time, without any care. This is because water's influence can last a long time, whereas, fire is short lived and must be constantly feed. Therefore, the influence of water leads to a general passivity, and openness to influence.

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot Card-Congo Houngan, depicts a Houngan of the Congo nation (water nation) drawing water from a drum head. The Voodoo drum is an instrument that is sacred to Voodoo as its frequencies and vibrations are said to bridge the gaps between the visible and invisible worlds and is used on this card to honor the "Root Dr."

Physically, a person of this personality core, light brown to blond or brownish-black hair, blue or brown eyes. There character traits are passivity, idealistic, and given to imaginative use of poetry.  He can at first be enthusiastic, much like the rush of water from a broken dam, but soon his enthusiam fades away.


The Thoth Tarot- Knight of Cups is not unlike the fiery attack of rain or springs. He rules the Zodiac from 21st degree of Aquarius to the 20th degree of Pisces.

1. The Armor, bright wings, and the leaping white charger, all represent the most active aspects of water.Hence, the fiery aspect of water.

2. The crab represents the aggressive nature of water and its regenerative state, as crabs individually regenerate by shedding their hard outer shell.

3. The Knight of Wands totem is the Peacock (bottom right of card), as the very nature of active water is its brilliance. The Peacock is also the totem of the Peacock God Myths of which a greater amount of study is needed if you wish to understand the "Swirling Depths" of this card.

The fluorescence characteristics of the person signified by this card are surprisingly passive, as dictated by the Zodiacal attribution. With the qualities of Venus, he is a graceful dilettante (a weak Jupiter). Passively amiable and quick to respond to attraction but the stimulation fades away as he is not very enduring. Emotionally triggered by outside influence, this person has no real material depth of character. The Knight of Cups has an undeniable innocence and purity that is hardly clouded by his ill dignified sensuality, idleness, and untruthful nature. In fact, he may be so superficial that it is hard to reach any depth in him.

This card represents Dewi, the ancient lord of the Abyss, who is also known as Bran the blessed who later became the Christianized Fisher King or Rich Fisher named Bron. He represents ageless power and strength, a reliable protector of the needy with a quality of irresistible force underlying a calm surface.

There is great difficulty in rightly mating water with Fire, as the swift violent nature of fire (Knight of Wands) ill suits a character that is naturally as placid as water. It is a rare persona indeed that has mastered the balance, so most often we find the personality mismanaging his affairs and unless good fortune attends him, his career and life is littered with a trail of failure and disaster. There is a mental "civil war" here, and this can lead to depressions, and/or schizophrenia. The abuse of stimulants, alcohol, and narcotics is not uncommon with such a personality.

As always the case, the surrounding cards will help the Reader decide the positive or ill dignified nature of this card and often within the Reading is recommended the nature of correcting the unwanted behavior of this ill dignity. All in all, a very fun bubbly, bright person to be around---as long as you show attraction, to stimulate his attention. Good fun for short visits!


• The optimist.

• Issues with family and/or relationships.

• The Spirit of Water. One has attained their position of authority by listening to their conscientious, by action and looking ahead into life.

• Becoming aware that a psychic process in one’s life has come to an end.

• Releasing and old emotion by realizing it has run its course and is no longer operative in one’s life.

• The ability to love.

  • A counselor or caregiver who is creative and imaginative.

• A seductive personality that is good in the art of love.

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Tne New Orleans Voodoo Tarot-10 of Congo-Gran Bois & The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety

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  The Tarot of Eli

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot-10 of Congo (water)-Gran Bois, represents the loa (Ancestor spirit) that is the Master of the Sacred Forest, much like the Green Man of Earth. However, the domain of the Gran Bois reaches from the mountain tops to the island of the invisible beneath the depths of the deep-dark sea. It is said that the trees of this sacred forest, reach past the shinning sun, and sends out roots that tap the source of all waters. Therefore, the 10 of Congo, represents the Island of the Invisibles, Below the Water. This is the Voodoo "under world", where all the loa live; the island of the dead.

Primary attribute of this card:

All is in appointed place, and life gravitates towards the good; a final favorable outcome.

MALKUTH, Earth, is the 10th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, and is the placement of the 4 Tens.

       The 10 OF CUPS is known as SATIETY, and is attributed to Mars in Pisces. Crowley calls this card, The Lord of Perfected Success, as this is the influence of MALKUTH in the unconscious Mental World known as Briah. Satiety, is a word meaning, filled to the point of excess, though it is hard to argue that excessive happiness is a negative thing; however, it could be distracting.

What is exceptional about this card, is that the general astrological meaning of Mars in Pisces doesn't apply. Pisces is a watery sign, and Mars would signify a dispersal of energy to a point of frustration.

However, the meaning here is that fiery Mars causes the Waters of Pisces to rush furiously into Briah, bringing great success on the Material plane of Malkuth. The imagery of this card expresses the opinion that all happiness is inspired from above, i.e. comes from the Divine. One could say that Happiness, is a higher-inner state of balance where Spirit-Mind-Body is one in equilibrium.

To be sure, when Tarot is used for public Divination, it is best applied to mundane matters, whereas the meaning may be different if applied to a more spiritual plane. The Placement of the cards, in the reading will clarify this statement.

  • In ordinary matters, the divined meaning of the 10 of Cups-Satiety: Matters definitely arranged as wished, permanent and lasting success of a physical issue, as it is done and finished.

However, being a 10, this is a short duration card, as 10's are a union of 1 and 0, so from one to zero is the flow of this cards influence. So often one is only satiated for a short period of time; a cycle has ended and a new ones starts with struggle around the corner. The 10 of Cups, although in the seemingly stable form of the Tree of Life, has a conflicting element that causes a tilting of the Cups, spilling water from the Great Lotus that overhangs the whole system. This conflict is from Mars in Pisces. Mars is a noted gross, violent force, depicted in Myth as the God of War who attacks any noted perfection. Pisces, is notably peaceful, spiritual, sensitive, psychic, and receptive. Mars is brutal, fiery and dominant.

  • This combination means that the proper work of Water is done, and a substantial disturbance is due. In fact, Mars in Pisces, is considered by many astrologers to be the worst position of the 12 signs.

Yet, through all this supposed doom and gloom, when this card is thrown during a reading;

  • It means that emotional matters are definitely arranged and settled...for the moment. Pleasure proceeds, to dissipation and debauchery, as energy-in-motion follows the second law of thermodynamics. The message here is," Enjoy the moment of completion, all is done. Sit back, have a "dram", but avoid debauch, for soon you'll be called on to perform at your best."

As stated: 10 is a number that when added together [1+0 =1), you end up at the beginning. It is the "up the down staircase" number that places us on top of one flight of stairs, only to find out that we are at the bottom of another flight. There are some Tarot readers that forgot this part of the Arcana, and call the Ten of Cups, permanent success, but Qabalists know that the only permanency in this One Energy Universe, is change/transformation. Yet here dances the "Lord of Material Happiness", the 10th Sephiroth, Malkuth and all seems well...but then we know how long happiness in material things lasts in a “not this, not that” of the outside world!

Let's emphasize: To be sure, when Tarot is used for Divination, it is best applied to mundane matters, whereas the meaning may be different if applied to a more spiritual plane. The Placement of the cards, in the reading will clarify this statement.

In ordinary matters, the divined meaning is,

• Matters definitely arranged as wished, permanent and lasting emotional success on one issue; which will fade into another unsolved issue, as this will wane after great exaltation. This meaning of material success is reinforced if the 10 of Cup's lands on the position of "Beneath you" or "of House and Home", on a Celtic cross layout. In fact, that would be paramount for this card, as it is a 10 of Malkuth (Kingdom) in an Earthly existence position. However, the tilting of the cups shows us that 10s are the end of one issue, and the beginning of the unfathomable new.

  • In the realm of Love, shows that despite all the apparent external peace, an inner strength (Mars) is gathering force that provokes a new intensity.
  • Spiritually, this card represents a longing for infinity that occupies us, the merging with the Divine Creative and the search for inner truth.
  • Optimism and emotional warmth.
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