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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Princess of Cups & The SpellCaster's Tarot- Page of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 10 of Cups-Satiety & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 10 of Cups
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 7 of Cups-Debauch & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 7 of Cups

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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Princess of Cups & The SpellCaster's Tarot- Page of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 10 of Cups-Satiety & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 10 of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-9 of Cups-Happiness & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 9 of cups
The Tarot of Eli: The Thoth Tarot-8 of Cups-Indolence & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 8 of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 7 of Cups-Debauch & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 7 of Cups


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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Princess of Cups & The SpellCaster's Tarot- Page of Cups

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-Princess of Cups & The SpellCaster'sTarot- Page of Cups:
Represents mastery of emotional objectivity achieved by working through manipulation, jealousy, possessiveness and seduction.

When viewing the Thoth Princess of cups, which is traditionally a Page of Cups in the middle ages art tarot, we see:

  1. The turtle in the sea shell, symbolizing the capacity to offer emotional loyalty and longevity to others by being objective and non-possessive. 
  2. The Swan coming out of her head, represents emotional security and the ability to communicate her feelings, desires and concerns in realistic and meaningful ways ( the dolphin emphasizes this ability).
  3. The crystals on her gown, show a crystal clear ability to look at things as they are instead of what see wants to see.
  4. The free floating lotus blossom shows her trusting heart. She is devoid of a possessive and controlling heart.

This is Elaine the Virgin Moon-goddess of Arthurian legend, who was the keeper pf the Graäl (Grail) in the Graäl temple, where she wove the tapestries of life, death, and fate. Elaine was reported to be  the "Dispenser of Joy" but also a source of hidden knowledge, bestower of mystical insight and the gift of wisdom. Although the  SpellCaster's card the Page of Cups, didn't use the traditional androgynous figure, but actually depicted Elaine, the Moon Goddess, as a Moon the Moon god, Sin, for whom Mt. Sinai was named after. Here he is possessively holding his Grail-chalice as he is drinking the last dregs of his cup. The Moon is the Goddess image here, and he is  being almost haloed by the full Moon. The intimate couple on the ground, imply romance, inebriation, and playfulness.

The Page of cups is traditionally representative of a intuition, creative, artistic and playful or lighthearted person. More of a satyr like personality, which the SpellCaster's card seems to be implying.  Also, this card can represent a romantic interest, a kind of "puppy" love. 2 Fish leaping in the background lake, are a reinforcement of a romantic playfulness.

The Thoth Tarot-Princess of Cups: represent the earthly part of Water; especially the faculty of Water that promotes crystallization. She represents the power of water to give substance to idea, to support life, to form the basis for chemical combinations. This is also the power of Woman and is part of the Magic-Womb-rite that Mothers preform. Both the SpellCaster's Tarot and the Thoth Tarot cards, present water in color, and depiction.
In the Thoth Tarot, Elaine is represented as a dancing figure, robed in a flowing garment at whose end crystals are forming. She is crested with a Swan with open wings.  In oriental philosophy the Swan represents
AUM---which is the symbol of the entire process of creation which in western philosophy is best describe by the word Magic

If you can think inwardly you will then understand that the Magus doesn't use magic----it
"marries"Him! Magic becomes his consort. He is the instrument of his "Muse".

The sea-shell Cup the young Elaine holds has a Tortoise climbing out of it
Here, once again, Lady Frieda Harris represents Hindu Philosophy in her art. The Tortoise is symbolic of a steadily moving platform supporting the 4 Elephants (elements) "who hold  the world on its back" . In other words, represents the foundation of Life-Force for the Earth which may seem slow in evolutionary terms, but is persistent and undaunted.
The Dolphin, that is disporting in a foamy- sea, symbolizes the power of creation know as the Royal Fish, which is also known as the first matter.

The archetypal personality that the Princess or Page of Cups represents (consult birth chart):

  • Is personally, infinitely gracious, voluptuous, gentle, kind, and tender. 
  • Her life is Romance, a perpetual dream of Rapture.
  • Superficially, she seems selfish, and indolent, but this is not so. She just goes about her work happily, silently and effortlessly with no need to consult others but always willing to assist.
  • As a helpmate, she is unsurpassed for she is very dependent on others but at the same time very helpful to them.
  • This concept of dependency may seem counter-intuitive to Powerful expression; However, it is in Union that Her power flows and in this sense, the art of dependency becomes crystal clear.

To find an ill definition of this card is rather difficult, because her strong points can be considered weak points in the perspective of division-ism, but her strong points  are in the perspective of Union and alone she is often envious. To some, being a romantic can seem a negative character others, empowered artistic expression. All in all She is enjoyable, as a beautiful blue-green-yellow butter fly, flitting from flower to flower and may be just as innocent. I for one, would never try to contain her nor pin her down for display. I'd rather be Pan to Her Romance and play the flute music supporting Her dance on the night of the full moon.

The Thoth Princess of Cups or  Page of Cups and The Ace of Cups: The power that the Princess of Cups rules, is known as the Ace of Cups.
The Ace of Cups represents the root of the powers of Water. This is Water, in its most arcane form, Life-Fluid , (Dew of the Mother/Moon light) symbolically represented as Water, Blood or Wine.
The Ace of Cups is the compliment to the Ace of Wands, as is the Sun to the Moon and the Lingam to the Yoni and represents the essential form of the Holy Grail/Graäl ("The Womb with a view").
The Qabalistic-Great Mother, Binah, is often symbolized as the Dark Sea and in the Thoth Tarot Ace of Cups, She is both the Sea and the Lotus: the Lotus ( two in one) being the Fertile expression of the Great Mother.
Descending from above, on the Thoth Tarot, a ray of milky light representing the "Holy Ghost" or the "Life giving Milk of Mother" and beneath the Grail/cup we have the Moon. The Waves of Life-Fluid, are shown as a web of fluid energy from which the tapestry of Creation is woven from. To many Native Nations, this would symbolize the Work of the Great Spider Woman.

THE PRINCESS OF CUPS, represents the Earthly part of Water (Life-Fluid), in particular, the faculty of crystallization, therefore, the crystallization of the Life fluid or Ace of Cups. Hence, The Princess/Page of Cups, represents the Grail's power of manifestation, She is the power of water that gives substance to idea, to support life and to form the basis for  chemical combination, that is often called- solution.

As stated: The Princess of Cups in the Thoth Tarot represents a dancing figure robbed in a flowing, crystal edged garment, all of which indicates her flowing and crystallizing abilities. Thus, we can determine that she is an active rather than passive force from the Great Mother.  This determination if continued in the imagery of the Swan taking wing.; The Swan is the symbol of AUM (of oriental philosophy) that is the vibratory harmonic of  Universal Creation. 

The Princess of Wands, Cups, Swords and Disks, all give a Character to the Root Power they are associated to. The Princesses are called the Thrones of The Great Mother, as they represent on Earth, Mother's rule. Root powers are without will and thus not focused. The Princesses are the Intelligently Focused Energy of a Root Power and are thus aware and more personalized intelligence with conscious characteristics. These Great Daughters of the Great Mother, have their own peccadilloes, and it behooves the practitioner of magic to know them. For instance, the Princess of Cups has an infinitely gracious character that is voluptuous, sweet, gentle, kind, Romantic, and the perpetual  dream  of rapture, are her very nature. Unlike the Volcanic nature of the Princess of Wands. To the shallow thinker, the Princess of Cups may seem indolent and selfish, but that fact that she goes about her work silently and effortlessly dispels such interpretations. Like a mountain stream, she loves to dance and sing, being effervescent in her personality. This playfulness is a positive, for taking the illusions of life to seriously, makes a morose personality.

These Princesses are Elemental Intelligence of Nature and can be communicated with, however, their nature is in direct union with a planetary Force beyond the practitioners control.  Tried and true rituals of magic  are recommended so that these forces can be contained in a manner necessary for communication.

In the Case of the Princess/Page of Cups as a core personality, the self-conscious  could be overwhelmed by the extreme dreamy rapture of  her archetypal nature and become unable to operate successfully in the day-to-day world.
Many of us don't realize that the Archetypes of the basic 16 types of personalities, as represented in the Court Cards and seen in our world, are Elemental Forces. This is because of the thinking of "Divide and Conquer" which enslaves our minds,  we have forgotten that our human bodies, are Elemental Beings! The Whole "We" are a Spiral Entity (Spirit) and not of the Elements, but transformers of them. Hence, we are not seeking to become more Spiritual, for that would be like a fish in the Ocean  looking for water! Rather, we are seeking to become more "crystallized" and/or "condensed", rather than just rays of electromagnetic microwaves from the One Energy, we wish to become intimate with creation, while also learning discernment. 

Spirit is "Spiritual", and/or Spiral energy, such as a microwave of the electromagnetic spectrum. Spirit, being infinite and eternal, therefore, the idea of "more or less",  becomes a ridiculous concept. As "children of the Divine Creative" (Microwaves of intelligence from the Galactic Core) we have succeeded in becoming a united Life Force; united with that which it activates, i.e. The Alive Form.  We are more than attempting the Whole Union of Master (Spirit) and Masterpiece (Form )which is often called "As above, so Below", we are the Above connecting to the Below! Enlightenment is a misconception, we are I AM (Force of existence)who builds a Me (Manifested Awareness) and the knowledge of the Universe is already achieved, obviously "truth is made manifest"!

Therefore, in the Trinity of objective self, I AM ME, the  Me needs to seek nothing, it must operate only by the Will of the I AM, that seeks awareness through the process of condensing the First Material-thought into "lower and lower" frequencies until it becomes self-conscious thought that can be made manifest;  as this is how creation can be examined sensually! Isn't that what "Sensors" are for... up close examination? Hence, The Body is a "Sense of Presence", as the fish is a Sense of Ocean. Oh, by the way, the human body's gives us as spirit, much more than 5 senses...according to the Tantra Yogis, it supplies 33 senses, that can only be realized when the Real Person (Soul) operates the brain, rather than the automatic loops of indoctrinated data.

As a fellow I AM, I  know that I did not come to seek spirituality (I Am That), I have come to seek a sense of discernment so that I can examined my creativity (imagination) for errors that may impeded the Great Work by collapsing the universe (Hindus say it has collapsed 4 times); this discernment enhances the "As above so Below"! I am a Qabalist, because that knowing of myself, aids me in the purpose that I AM, the purpose of us all; TO BE ME! I, who is Psyche/Spirit/ Divine Creative,  defined knowledge through being! As a Qabalist, I have also Married the Four Daughters, who rule the elements from the 4 quadrants of the North, thereby, reinstating my "Princely" status of reincarnation.  

When the Princess of Cups is thrown during a reading, the querent is often experiencing:

  • Emotional detachment that is free of jealousy.
  • Being rapturous and gentle, kind and tender.
  • A personality full of romance, dreams and loving vision but also a dispenser of hidden insight and wisdom (see Elaine the Moon Goddess).
  • May seem to be an exhibitionist, but that is merely her innocence and joy of being showing itself.

If ill defined, the Princess of Cups, suggests flightiness, shallowness, and inability to accept reality.
When this card is thrown for a woman or shows up in her tarot birth chart  as significator of her core personality: it states that she is objective, and intuitive, gentle and kind.

  •  Emotionally loving and realistic rather than attached and clinging.
  • Can be impulsive and often takes initiative.
  • When thrown for a man, the Princess/Page of Cups represents:
  •  Their inner feminine nature (anima) that is committed to offering emotional longevity while being loyal in realistic non-possessive ways.  Therefore this personality card may represent both genders.
  • The princess/page also maybe a person in one's life who is one's own age or younger and who may be teaching one lessons about emotionally letting go.
  • This is a water sign card that is associated with Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio and may represent the people born within these time frames who is known to the Querent.

 Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations.  May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 10 of Cups-Satiety & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 10 of Cups

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety and the
SpellCaster's Tarot- 10 of Cups:

The 10's are as objectively far as you can go with the alchemical element of water/emotion.  The 10- Sephirotic spheres of the Tree of Life are complete here; the as above and so below are connected. Here water receives the influence of the 10, which is also Malacha (Malkuth) the Virgin; However, there is a conflicting element in the 10 of Cups and this is shown by their tilting.  They are unstable as they spill the Water from the Great Lotus into one another. What this tilting and spilling implied is that the work of water is complete and disturbance is due. This disturbance comes from the influence of Mars in Pisces. Mars is the violent and disruptive force which inevitably attacks every supposed perfection. Since Pisces is both peaceful and spiritualistic, Mars displays the greatest possible contrast with Pisces.

This Martian contrast, is shown by the connecting paths of the Tree of Life on the Thoth Card; the skeleton of it, are in the Red of Mars. Basically, what this card is implying is that in-order to keep water/emotion pure and living, once it's work is complete, it must keep moving; lakes, which are a form of satiated water must have a run off river to stay pure.Therefore, the Ten of Cups-Satiety implies saturation is complete and it is soon to flow past the point of saturation. Again if happiness is based on unchanging satiety, you'll not stay happy; However, if you know," surprise to be the greatest gift of all", [Jahaladine Rumi] then happiness is not influenced by change and you are happy being you in any moment of time. Repose is over, time to get moving again!It would be very unhealthy to try and keep the satisfaction from past results. Hence, it is time to express new emotion.

To reiterate: The Thoth Ten of Cups, Satiety, although in the seemingly stable form of the Tree of Life, has a martian- conflicting element that causes a tilting of the Cups, spilling water from the Great Lotus (One Spirit/Greater Self) that overhangs the whole system.

The SpellCaster'sTarot-10 OF CUPS-
  Here we have a oddity.
Normally you would think that Mars combined with a water sign would signify a dispersal of energy with maybe some frustration. But in this case, the fire of Mars causes a kind of steamy evaporation of the Watery sign of Pisces to expand into the world of Briah, (the unconscious Mental World) bringing great success in the Material World where dreams have enough "Steam" to materialize.This SpellCaster's Card is more like the Thoth 9 of Cups-Happiness. 
The Sun sigil of circle with a central dot, are on shown on both sides of a rainbow, supporting 8 cups, while a cheery gang of companions salute the rainbow, as they stand tall on the shores of a pond. The robes of the companions, have a symbol of the moon in one of her cycles on the back; the Moon being a symbol for water, the element of the card.

Success, happiness, and joyful companionship are the implications of this card.
 From 10 there is only the motion of- from 1 to 0 and 0 back to 1, so this is not a long lived proposition as one comes to a joyous end and a new one begins.

The Tarot 10 of Cups, illustrates that happiness is "inspired from above" and in ordinary divination means that: matters definitely arranged and settled as wished, permanent and lasting success of one issue.

 Crowley calls the 10 of Cups, The Lord of Perfected Success, as this is the influence of MALKUTH in the unconscious Mental/Creative World known as Briah.

Satiety, is word meaning, filled to the point of excess, though it is hard to argue that excessive happiness is a negative thing; However, it could be distracting. To reinstate, what is exceptional  about this card, is that the general astrological meaning of Mars in Pisces doesn't apply. Pisces is a watery/emotional sign, therefore, Mars would signify a dispersal of energy to a point of frustration.
However, the Qabalistic meaning here is that fiery Mars causes the Waters of Pisces to rush furiously into Briah, bringing great success on the Material plane of Malkuth. The imagery of this card expresses the opinion that all happiness is inspired from above, i.e. comes from the Divine Self. One could say that Happiness, is a higher-inner state of energy consciousness, a harmony of cords, rather than discord.

There is a sign discord  from Mars in Pisces. Mars is a noted gross, violent force, depicted in Myth as the God of War who attacks any noted imperfection. Pisces, is notably peaceful, spiritual, sensitive, psychic, and receptive. Mars is brutal, fiery and dominant.This combination means that the proper work of Water/emotion is done, and a substantial disturbance is due. In fact, Mars in Pisces, is considered by many astrologers to be the worst position of the 12 signs.

To be sure, when medieval Tarot art, stylized or otherwise, such as the B.OT.A. Tarot, or SpellCaster's Tarot is used for divination, it is best applied to mundane matters, where as the meaning may be different if applied to a more subjective and/or "spiritual" plane, which is shown in Qabalistic Tarot of Thoth . 

Qabalistic Tarot or Tarot of the Hermetic Qabalah, knows that there is only One Spirit (One Energy), and that all Planes of Spirit are Spiritual Planes. After all, I AM Spirit and I operate a "living being" and I AM Here, so to me this is a "Spiritual" plane, albeit a more sensual and/or concentrated one. 

As is stated in the oriental philosophy of the Tao: " If it is There, it is Here and if it is Here, it is There, and if it is not Here, it isn't There, and if it isn't There, it isn't Here."  *1.) All koan aside: The Presence of Spirit is "Spiral Energy", as both the Word Spirit and Spiral are from the Greek root word Spiro- which means breath or to breathe. Hence, the Breath in the body proves the Spirituality of the body as a plane of Greater Self. Therefore, in all cards, there is a greater Understanding than just the physical one, which is obviously shown  by there connecting paths to the whole tree. Often, the placement of the cards, in a structured reading will clarify this statement.

Yet, through all this supposed  martian astrological doom and gloom, when this card is thrown during a reading, it means that emotional matters are definitely arranged and settled...for the moment.   Pleasure proceeds, to dissipation and debauchery, as energy-in-motion follows the second law of thermodynamics [..All things proceed from order to disorder].  The message here is ," Enjoy the moment of completion, all is done; sit back, have a "dram", but avoid debauch, as soon you'll be called on to preform at your best', as the gematria of 1+0=1, which means an event/issue needing Willful intent will soon apply.

 Therefore, Ten is a number that when added together [1+0 =1), you end up at the beginning. It is the "up the down staircase" number that places us on top of one flight of stairs, only to find out that we are at the bottom of another flight.
In Tarot, it is  common to call the 10 of Cups, permanent success, but Qabalists know it is only on one issue and  that the only permanency in this One Energy Universe, is change/transformation in a multiplication of issues. Yet here dances the "Lord of Material Happiness", the tenth Sephiroth, Malkuth  and all seems well...but then we all know how long happiness in material things lasts!

ko·an [ˈkōän]NOUN
  1. a paradoxical anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment.
ORIGIN Japanese, literally ‘matter for public thought,’ from Chinese gōngàn ‘official business.’

RELATED FORMS-koan(noun)koans(plural noun)
Translate koan to No translation found.
Powered by Oxford Dictionaries · © Oxford University Press · Translation by Bing Translator

  • When the 10 of Cups card is thrown during a divination: it indicates that in the next 10 weeks or 10 months you will experience a sense of deep vitality and energy radiating outward accompanied by feelings of contentment and satiety flowing through all aspects of your life.
  •  A heart felt contentment.
  • This could also represent a deeply satisfying relationship with the Pisces people in your life; those born during the time of February 21 to March 21. 
  • Enjoy the moment of success, and celebrate it with others and fear not moving on into other new areas of creation when done.
  • Remember, that Permanent and lasting success is a warning that here your life experience can be held as a comfortable end, a kind of death, or you can enjoy the moment of success and then try something new, transforming the energy into another momentary motion.
  •  A even deeper esoteric meaning is that, It's okay to party, but let not the party be your goal.
  • Rather, use the expressive power of your celebration to laughingly move on into other unexplored areas of energy transformation.
  •  A way to remind yourself of this is just remove the  zero from the end of the number 10 which will give you 1. That would be the Ace of Cups,  which represents the dawning of new ideas and enters the realm of reasoning consciousness where choices are made. 
  • In this realm of creation, strength comes from adversity and necessitates purposeful  "new ideas" to continue a happy and successful life..
  • In ten weeks or ten months, matters will be or have been, definitely arranged and settled as wished.
  • There is permanent and lasting success implied here and happiness because of inspiration from "Above".
  • This is a less sensual happiness than the Nine of Cups but some would say a deeper happiness.
  • There is pleasure but dissipation is soon to be.
  • Quietness and peace making are also implied.
  • Kindness and generosity.
If ill dignified by the accompanying cards:
  • Wantonness, waste, and excess are implied.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-9 of Cups-Happiness & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 9 of cups

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-9 of Cups- Happiness & The SpellCaster's Tarot-9 of Cups:

In the Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-The four 9's are attributed to the Ninth-Sephiroth,Yesod (Foundation) and after the double incursion into misfortune the energy current has returned to the middle pillar. Balance is restored and energy has crystallized to form the foundation of all things. Yesod is in direct line with Tiphareth (Beauty-the Christ/Sun Sephiroth) so it has a direct line of succession and manifests the full force of the element. Zoroaster/Zarathushtra said,"The number nine is sacred, and attains the summit of perfection".

For those who don't know whom Zoroaster was:

Zoroaster, also known as Zarathushtra
[From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

Zarathushtra Spitama or Ashu Zarathushtra, was the founder of
Zoroastrianism. He was a native speaker of Old Avestan and lived in the eastern part of the Iranian Plateau, but his birthplace is uncertain. Zoroastrianism was the official religion of Persia (Modern
Iran) and its distant subdivisions from 600 BCE to 650 CE. Zoroaster is traditionally dated from 628 to 551 BCE, and he is dated by scholars as a contemporary or near-contemporary of Cyrus the Great.
The religion named after him is not attested to historically until the 5th century BCE, where it appears in Greek sources. He is credited with the authorship of the Yasna Haptanghaiti as well as the Gathas, hymns which are at the liturgical core of Zoroastrian thinking. Most of his life is known through the Zoroastrian texts.

The Thoth 9 of Cups is called-HAPPINESS and is ruled by Jupiter, a planetary vibration that is known as good fortune.  The Word-Happiness implies luck; However, Jupiter is in Pisces as the 3 of Cups, a watery sign, which is based more on a certain element of illusion. Like the illusion of Romantic Love, it is more like a "dream within a dream". Hence, being ruled by Jupiter does bring good fortune here, but it is based more on satiety stating that the fullest satisfaction begins the next putrefaction as change brings stability to motion.

Absolute rest is an illusion as even the "resting rocks" are filled with spinning atoms. For instance, the #2 would seem appropriate in simulating absolute rest, as it is a balance between dual polarities. As male/female, there is no relationship without Love, an e-motion. Therefore, before any motion is to begin the Divine Creative must become a Trinity; The I Am of existence-duality must become an active Me. To do this, a relationship must be established between the duality. Hence, Understanding (the 3rd Sephiroth on the Tree of Life) becomes the force of relationship, (it is the foundation of Love) that establishes the 3rd point of a triangle. Now, motion happens in Energy (E-Motion).  Since, the Supernal Triangle, the "first relationship" between the Divine Feminine (Will to Form) and the Divine Masculine (Will to Force), produces a third party, "will to be", all the rest of the Trinities of the Tree of Life, are copies and/or Simulations of the Original 3 (3 trinities = 9 beings).

Both the Thoth and SpellCaster's Tarot card represent contentment and satisfaction. Therefore, the 9 of cups is a card of great blessing, emotional fulfillment and overflowing happiness as the will and imagination fuse into flowing creativity.

However, there is a an ill dignity to this card of "keeping one's distance", of one who is too controlling in a romantic relationship and loves to place all their "ducks" in row. This seems to be the imagery of the SpellCaster's Tarot card.
Here mounting success and vain existence, is being stressed. The Great Moon in the sky, represents Yesod, the 9th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. It seems the perfection of the number 9 is being used to express perfect satisfaction at distancing oneself from emotions.

The Thoth card states that happiness is being experienced internally (three vertical cups symbolize body, mind and spirit) and externally (three horizontal cups represent body, mind and spirit externally).  Here, the electro (Male) magnetic (female) universe is in perfect expression and reception.

Open lotus blossoms are the symbol of open spiritual awareness, internal happiness and the crystal cups (Thoth card) represent the body of crystallized light, whose happiness is overflowing.

As stated:The astrological  symbol of this card is Jupiter in Pisces . Jupiter is the planetary symbol of luck, opportunity, and growth. Pisces is the astrological sign of fluidity and fullness.
This is total happiness that flows through Spirit, Mind and Body.

However, in a universe where "Change guarantees stability, Stability guarantees change." Hence, this is not permanent happiness, so my advise is to fearlessly enjoy fully the moment of great happiness and know that it is but a flowing moment that is to be experienced in the now.  Happiness is a momentary stability caused by a inner and outer harmony; However, that will change. But it doesn't mean drastic emotional swings, rather a movement towards other creative endeavors and the various feelings new uncharted ground brings; which is a positive!  Especially so, since we know we can experience deep emotional contentment and happiness by our ability to complete new endeavors. When change and stability reach a balance both internally and externally, we experience a deep contentment and happiness.
Again: The Tarot 9  of Cups, represents Yesod (Foundation) in the Suit of Water.
This is the Astral Plane Foundation of astral fluids, often called "liquid light", which when given a thought, form boundaries that  crystallize light into material forms on the Earth plane. This places the suit of Water back onto the Middle Pillar rather than the Left pillar of Hod and the right pillar of Netzach. Balance is now restored to the Emotions in the form of Harmony rather than previous discord. 

Nine is also the number of the Moon who rules Water and thus strengthens the idea of Water/emotion/consciousness. Energy-in-Motion (emotion) flows as water therefore, cups is called the suit of  Water which governs emotions and self-consciousness.

Since, the planetary ruler of this card is Jupiter in the house of Pisces, the 9 of Cups is a definite benediction, for Jupiter is the Planet of Chesed (Mercy) which represents the suit of Water in its highest material manifestation. Pisces brings out the placid qualities of water, so happiness is a balanced weaving of Planetary, emotional, and mental forces in actuality rather than potential. Yesod/Moon also rules over the forces of the sex organs, and therefore, this card can be about happiness, or unhappiness in a sexual relationship. All depending on the dignity of the surrounding cards.

The Thoth Nine of Cups has nine cups arranged in a square, each overflowing with healthy moving water. This is the most complete and beneficent aspect of the Force of Water as True Wisdom self-fulfilled in Perfect Happiness.  What can't be over stated, in the Thoth Tarot of the Hermetic Qabalah, number 9, is the Sephira Yesod [foundation] on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The 9  of Cups, is Yesod in the Suit of water, and 9, being also the number of the Moon, strengthens Water. Thus, the stability is restored to Water. After its wobbly exclusions to Hod (left hand path) to Netzach (right hand path), the suit of Water has now returned to the balance of the Middle Pillar.

As you can see upon viewing of the Thoth card, there are 9 cups arranged into a square which is face of a cube, a 6 sided figure, allowing the overflowing and filling of one another (3 into 3, into 3). Here we have the most benevolent aspect of the force of Water....a pleasing state of stable and sparkling emotion, also called the "Buddha or Christ Consciousness". Upon viewing the SpellCaster's Tarot, we have the 9 Cups arranged in the same square.

When this card is thrown during a reading:
  • The querent is or will be experiencing, complete success, pleasure and happiness for the next 9 weeks, or 9 months.
  • Complete and perfect realization of pleasure and happiness as wishes are fulfilled.
  • There can be some vanity and conceit here, but it is good- natured.
  • This card suggest the querent is high minded and not easily satisfied with small , gossipy, limited ideas.
  • Such a person may be maligned because of their self-assumption but the querent, being of a good generous, sometimes foolish, nature, ...the  malingers tend to look overly critical.
  • The number 9 is also the number of completion. Happiness, is a sensationalizing of success and is a hard one to find any negative connotations for. This is a pleasant card to have in your reading.
  • In the periods of 9 weeks or 9 Months, complete success.
  • Pleasure and happiness where wishes are fulfilled.
  • This is unabashed happiness, where complete and perfect realization of pleasure and happiness is being experienced. 
  • The nine of cups also suggests high-mindedness, not easily satisfied with small and limited ideas.
  • A good, generous, but maybe foolish nature.
If ill defined by the accompanying cards:
  • Self- praise, vanity, conceit, much self promotion, yet still kind and lovable.
  • This card is so balanced that it is hard to find any ill definition for it. A person of this generous nature is apt to be maligned through too much self -assumption; However this is not unusual in our over critical society where those of a genuine happy nature are often accused of being naive.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

The Tarot of Eli: The Thoth Tarot-8 of Cups-Indolence & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 8 of Cups

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth 8 of Cups: Indolence & The SpellCaster's Tarot-8 of Cups:

The word indolence, means entropy, laziness and sloth. The Thoth Tarot 8 of Cups represents indolence in every symbol it is composed of.  The number 8 is associated with Hod (splendor) on the Tree of Life and shows the influence of Mercury which would seem all well and good until we realize that the planet Saturn is in the house of Pisces. Pisces is calm but stagnant water/Emotion; and the heavy lead influence of Saturn poisons it completely.  Thus the symbolism of dead water is everywhere on this card. Water, being represented as emotions in the cups, shows dead- stagnant emotional issues.

In the Thoth Card card of stagnation, water appears as pools rather than a florescence ocean, as in the 7 of cups, and the Lotus droop from lack of rain (lacking new fresh emotional perspectives).  The shallow, broken cups imply living in the old worn out emotions of the past. With only two central cups "emoting"  and unable to fill the two lower cups, the 8 of Cups systematically implies unfulfilled emotional function. The whole image of the card, with leaden-Saturn sky, extensive pools of dead water and a sickened yellow horizon, lends to the message of this card. That by living in past misery, we are merely dead to life today.

The bright side is: that all this isn't permanent and that once we acknowledge that we are being miserable because it may be a type of martyr's complex--that makes us feel special in a negative way, or a "survivor's complex", we can begin the process of emotional recovery. One finds out that being able to let things end, is a skill that must be practiced like any other.

The SpellCaster's Tarot-8 of Cups:
 Shows a monkish type person contemplating a used and unclean altar. Upon the altar is a symbol of the 8 pointed star with a sun symbol in the center. The Moon is in cycle in the twilight sky. The Moon represents emotion, introspection and illusion, while the sun represents rationale and self consciousness. 
Hence, one seems to be contemplating a change after emotional drudgery and a seeks to fulfill a desire for solitude. Can also mean walking away from a romantic relationship.

I often find myself saying to that moody emotional child within who fears abandonment, and/or rejection, "Get over yourself and get on with you, impeccability is what we do";  "What we do", because there are 3 States of Conscious running this individual show we call "Life". The Original "I" that began our Soul, the "Am" that began our Force (emotion), and the "Me" who is our Form. Three of us, a ternary being, who talks or sends images to itself all the time. Yes, we 3 communicate to each other, and when the Me feels down and out in its survival- mind- world of simulated seriousness, the infinitely greater worlds of I AM can come to our rescue. It's not only "okay to be Me", it is okay to be 3 in balanced union, all focused on the goal of expanding and liberating the Alive from their own short- sighted-self-absorbed realities. By listening to the silence behind the screaming emotion of the frightened child, we can hear our Guardian Angel or Soul (our own individual God/Spirit identity--I AM.)  say to us,"It's okay, I haven't abandoned you, you're still breathing." 

In the Tarot 8 of Cups-Indolence, there is only the end of the 7 of Cups-Debauch. The gluttony of the 7 has succumbed to the putrefaction of the 8. Too much emotion, held in, stagnates and poisons the vessel.

Hod is the 8th Sephiroth, and means Splendor. The 8 of Cups, being in the Suit of Water and with the influence of Mercury (splendor), we would expect a "shimmering, dancing Water"; However, we have to understand the influence of Saturn in Pisces which rules this card.  Pisces, is normally calm water but adding  Saturn completely deadens it as if lead or sewage was added to the pool.
There is no sea, only pools, as shown on the Thoth Card or the spilled cup on the altar of the SpellCaster's tarot.
 The fluorescence of putrefaction ( as shown in the Thoth 7 of cups), is long gone into complete, slimy, stagnation. To drink this water is to die today and have a faux life of only "yesterdays"... a simulation of being.

To reiterate: The completion of the stagnation is shown on the Thoth Tarot Card as drooping lotus bosoms, that lack both Sun and rain ( rain would be applying "new emotions") and the soil has become poison to them (a sickly foundation), growing only two  sickly-blooms. The cups (vessels  that the emotions fill) are old and broken. The 3 row arrangement of the cups (3 states of Manifested Mind), shows only the slow filling from  two central cups, that spill into the lower cups (lowest emotions). The back ground of the card shows only "the bad lands" of a poisoned landscape.

This seeming over stressing of Indolent behavior should get the point across, that whom ever this card is about, is wallowing in self pity, making the conscious mind (Self-Conscious vessel) a poisoned morass of negative perspectives. Hence, emotionally, one is over extended, and cares very little about anything.  Hopefully this card is not surrounded by negative cards, or suicide is a possibility!

Therefore the Thoth card makes us aware of suffering for the sense of self-importance, or over extending our emotions, by trying to "help" everyone else's suffering, forgetting that people also have a right to their own "disease"...Wisdom comes from correcting one's own mistakes, which validates the reason for Oriental concept of karma.  One can only help those who help themselves, those who don't, leave them be. There is also over reaction to events, which can happen when we have a emotional shock, such as a loved one dying, and we are unconsciously quilt ridden with the inner thoughts of " I should have done or acted different". Soon enough "survivors quilt"  drags us down into a morass of suffering, that becomes more important than our health. The martyrdom of such thinking, allows only emotional decay and everything or everyone, just adds to the misery of the self-absorbed. 

The correction to this swamp of self-misery, is as the Buddha was quoted as saying to a beggar woman who lost her child to an ox-cart accident at a certain cross-roads, where she sat in misery, never leaving the place of suffering for 3 yrs; He said, as he picked her up off of the street," I greatly suggest that you go forth and find someone who has not lost a loved one". In other words he just gave her a purpose for movement and therefore, living.

To such a self-absorbed one, my great teacher, Yo Chen (323 BCE), also taught me a lesson in strength,  and "tough love", when he looked down on a blubbering-suffering 12 year old and said," If you wish to speak to me, you must stand for I'll not kneel to your weakness".  Just standing above my misery, assuaged my self-conscious. So when this card is thrown, it suggests to the querent it is time to stand up, and look above the swamp of your own emotional psychosomatic quagmire, and support yourself in-motion rather than seek support of your psychosomatic pain or fleeing your inner fears, by trying to be "there" for everyone else, ignoring your own needs. If you dare to understand, emotional pain is simulated pain, and has nothing to do with what is real.

The Sephiroth-Hod- and the #8 small cards:

[From the Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang: page 104]

"The beams of Geburah and Tiphareth meet in Hod and thence arises in Hod a brilliant pure and flashing orange tawny.  And the Sphere of its Operation is that of Kochab, the stellar lightbestowing elegance, swiftness, scientific knowledge and art, and constancy of speech, and it ruleth the sphere of the action of the planet Mercury.   And Elohim Tzabaoth is also a God of Hosts and Armiesof Mercy and Agreement, of Praise and Honor, ruling the Universe in Wisdom and Harmony.  And its Archangel is Michael, the Prince of Splendor and of Wisdom, and the Name of its order of Angels is Beni Elohim, or Sons of the  God, who are also called the Order of Archangels."  [Illustration from the Qabalistic Tarot, by Robert Wang]

Basically, #8 - Hod is the concrete mind and is the sphere of Mercury. Thus, to Hod are attributed all that is intellectual and systematized, such as the magical arts, literature, science and commerce.  

To a Qabalist, Hod is the Sphere of Conscious intellect, that one speaks and writes from.Words are most obviously, Splendor, as they are an art of "description", rather than the thing described.

The color orange, that is used to depict the Hodic Vibration, is also the Color of Mental ambition, passion mixed with intellect, sexual energy.This sexual energy, is always linked with Splendor, for is not the Display of a Pea Cock, one of splendor? He is only displaying his splendor to attract a mate but his display also makes him vulnerable to predation. 

When considering Hod, we must also consider the 7th Sephiroth Netzach-Victory, for at the base of the Pillar of Form/Severity, beneath Binah, Hod (splendor) resides.  And at the base of the Pillar of Force/Mercy, beneath Chokma, resides Netzach (Victory); both linked together by the Path of the Tower Card, key 16.

The Same balance of Force and Form that is seen in the Supernal Triangle (Kether-Chokmah-Binah), is seen between these 2 Sephiroth.  But there is a difference, as this lower pattern of Force and Form is expressible in conceptualized forms and understood by our reasoning minds, whereas, the Supernal is so subjective that there is no  objective rationale. There are no objects to examine in the Supernal. For Chokma, the 2nd Sephiroth, is the "idea of outpouring Force" and Binah, the 3rd Sephiroth, is "the idea of Form that restricts force", terms most subjective and displaying no object.

With the union of Hod and Netzach, we are now dealing with concepts that can immediately be understood in terms of individual Personality construction and architecture; in other words, objectively.

In the human personality the Fire of Netzach is animal intuition and the Water of Hod is the concrete personal and rational mind.

The Book of Thoth, is another name for the Tarot and is referred to Hod-the Splendor of Words, whose invention is attributed to the Egyptian Thoth/Hermes. 

To reiterate: Thoth is an Egyptian Ibis headed god, who is Hermes in Greek and Mercury in Roman mythology. Each of these are presented in cultural mythology as messengers, a patron of teaching and learning and/or the teacher of the Mysteries.  Since all language is the messenger of knowledge and a carrier of messages, words relate to Hod. Words of Power, are a Magus tool, and the well practice instrument of any practitioner of the Mysteries. The "movement with in the Motion" of words, is subjective, but that doesn't affect its power to transform the listening object!

Names and Vesicle  relate to Hod, but without the fiery passion of Netzach, they are dull and empty. The effect of "feelings" (reaction) in a word are obvious, either by saying "I love you" or "I hate You", with focused passion, effects our inner world. Also, to say these same phrases with monotones of logic, makes them ineffectual, and dead. 

The Inner Word is a World of Vibration that only the intense energy of Netzach can reach. So power speakers, know to bring the dynamic energy of Netzach to the environment through "living' words.  Many fail at ritual, because they chant by wrote and not by the dynamics of Vital Force (Sexual/Lust energy). As Robert Wang states,"Those who approach the esoteric studies with great vitality and enthusiasm but lack the discipline of Hod are wasting their time. And those who fail to bring the intuition of Netzach to bear on the many words written about the inner sciences will quickly decide that the "Hermetic Mysteries" are pedantic and lifeless." 

The Qaballah, names many attributes of the One Energy/Self, each of which requires a different learning experience (Paths) and a need to "pronounce" the Divine name.  Thus, the names of the system are of Hod, but  the beginning of the system of  properly used words is in Netzach whose vibration of Venus frequency, encompasses the whole Tree of Life.

There is a reason why the Hermaphrodite, is the magical image of Hod.That reason comes from the fact that form requires force in restriction; force is symbolize as Phallic, and form is symbolized as Ovum, or Womb. Thus, in Hod are the dynamic qualities of the force of Netzach, which are limited in order that they can be dealt with through our normal process of thought. We know these limits as the form of both language and visual image. Both are comprehensible symbols agreed upon by societies for the transmission of messages. Sure, language and images are both artificial and have no intrinsic qualities of their own, they are merely carriers of idea, neutral in themselves but the "feelings" of Netzach, our inner-passion and/or emotion, makes them seem alive.

The symbol for Hod is not only Names and vesicles, but also the Apron, which also refers to the Moon, as does Thoth himself in one aspect.  Being a traditional Masonic symbol, the Apron symbolizes the builder who is the craftsman of the Mysteries, and when worn, covers the sexual organs attributed to Yesod. Those who understand Yesod, see the extent to which the manipulation of "sexual energy" is the foundation of all practical work.
When in returning our consciousness to the One Self, from its material condition, Hod becomes the primary point of conceptual transfer.  Here, in Hod, the Masters contact their chosen disciples, clothing themselves in  forms comprehensible to the human mind; presenting to the student the formal tools of the Hermetic path. The Sephiroth Netzach is the presentation point of the Orphic Path, and the Middle Pillar is the Devotional Path.

Now the initiate knows that by projecting oneself into any Sephiroth, by meditative means, immerses the student in the Qualities of that Energy Consciousness. However,  we use the forces of Hod, by approaching things intellectual or by just studying the Mysteries. All The Sephiroth, on the Tree of Life, are integral parts of Our Whole Self, in a constant state of dynamic activity. The Principle of Practical Qaballah is that we turn our conscious observation toward a particular aspect of ourselves, and thereby gain access to the corresponding part of the Universal Mind.

What is of note, the "god" Mercury is also known as the god of deceit and trickery and words are  also vessels of these vices. With the image of Thoth, there is often a Monkey shown, who represents this trickery of words. This suggest the aspect of "adaptability" required for esoteric work which is conferred by the Hod intelligence. Now the student knows that the whole Astral realm seeks to deceive but this deception is because of our perceptual vulnerability when viewing astral images. Our human minds are particularly susceptible to perceptual folly, in the alternatively bright and murky Sephiroth of Yesod.  And it is in Hod that we begin to understand the mechanisms of our perceptions, as perceptions make reality a simulation of our "feelings" and/or reactions to others, environment, words etc.

The eights are of Hod. Therefore the eights generally show solitary success in the matter for the time being, but not leading to much result-- apart from the thing itself. This is easily seen in the art of the SpellCaster'sTarot-8 of Cups. For one may have balance and therefore, neutralized their emotions, but as seen by the 7 stacked cups, one  is locked into non-motion to keep the balance. Therefore, no new emotions, and therefore, no new day, as all is held captive to "yesterday" and the reality of today is just so much "dirty dishes".

When the 8 of Cups card is thrown during a reading:
  • The querent (or the one they queried about) will be or is experiencing, a depressive state of emotions. 
  • Success is abandoned,as there is a decline of interest in anything. 
  • Any positive things are thrown aside as soon as gained; not lasting even in the mater at hand.  
  • Misery and repining without a viable cause.
  •  A continual seeking after riches, without the emotional energy to gain them. 
  • Now if there are a lot of positive cards accompanying this negative one, there will be temporary success, but without further result.
  • That for eight weeks or eight months the querent has been or will be experiencing moods of depression and abandoning success. 
  • There is a declining interest in anything.  
  • Temporary success, but without further result. In other words, things thrown aside as soon as gained. 
  • Misery and pining without present cause. 
  • Seeking after riches, and/or journeying from place to place. According to the dignity of the accompanying cards, even  emotional instability.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 7 of Cups-Debauch & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 7 of Cups

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot- 7 of Cups-Debauch & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 7 of Cups:

 Represents emotional over extension where depression is causing us to over-indulge in certain habits to avoid pain. This card indicates that imagination is running away with itself and we have a problem with facing reality.There is suggested here that there is a tendency for us to emotionally wallow in negative emotions of the past rather than changing our moods to live in the now of reality. Overindulgence  in food, drink, drugs,smoking ,gambling,  sexual antics, even shopping ...all from a tendency to feel sorry for ourselves. In other words, the 7 of cups represents a self destructive way of coping with depression, or uncomfortable issues that one doesn't want to face by indulging in distracting patterns of excessive behavior. Here, fantasy is preferred over daily life.

The astrological symbol of the 7 of Cups Tarot card is Venus in Scorpio; Venus represents love and beauty while Scorpio represents transformation and deep-emotional exploration. This suggests that a choice has to be made with much care and consideration during a time of run-away imagination and innumerable thoughts. This confusion is only enhanced by the abundant creativity, artistic talent and energy of the querent, which is well illustrated on the Tarot-7 of Cups.

In the Qabalistic Tarot, Netzach, is  the 7th Sephira; that Venus-green Sephiroth on the lower illustrated Tree of Life, Netzach/Victory is the ruling intelligence of all the Tarot 7's.

Green is the color attributed to Venus, and indicates, love, feelings and instinct, the Group Mind, Nature, and the Arts, all of which radiate from this Sephiroth. The Symbols for Netzach are The Girdle, The Rose. and the Lamp.

Traditionally the Girdle is also an attribute of Venus and to learn the secret of the knot in her Girdle means to direct the Venus forces of nature,i.e. tie them up or release them at will.
The Rose is attributed to Venus and often associated with Love, as the most perfect flower.
The Lamp is the bearer of Fire relating Netzach to Geburah and the powerful warring forces of Mars. The lamp is also known on another level, as the ever-burning light of the Temple of Lower Self.

Netzach is the first Sephiroth of the Astral triangle or The Formative World, Yetzirah, and is the first energy intelligence to make up the personality of the individual.
You may remember that I stated that the Personality is made up of the Four Alchemical Elements, each of which are represented by the lower Sephira, in the familiar sequence of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, Netzach-#7 is Fire, Hod-#8 is Water, Yesod-#9 is Air and Malkuth-#10 is Earth. Which in mundane language means, our personalities are composed of Spirit, Imagination/emotion, Mind and physical matter-in that order. Therefore, our personalities are a psychosomatic simulation of Self. 

Netzach is the lower form of the fiery Yod of Chokmah that is reflected from Geburah through Tiphareth. This is the formula for Yod Heh Vau Heh(Hand-Window/Sight-Nail/Hook-Window/sight), The Arcane name of the Divine Creative. Malkuth being the final Heh, because of the "fall" which is really a condensing or "down sizing" of Self from Macrocosm to Microcosm. In other words, the Heh, a Hebrew simple letter meaning -sight, starts out as the "I" sight of the All Seeing One-Kether, and becomes, throught the process of light condensation, the individual "I" sight of a personality on Malkuth. The symbol of the eye, is a sigil for Identity, and/or "I" sight.

In Netzach, normal waking consciousness of the student, must deal with the Astral Triangle and its many fantasies and the component parts (perspectives)of the Personality that were or were not original. After all, we are not of the Personality, for it is of the Spiritual-Psyche Nature,and/or Soul, who is the Real Person, experimenting with Self-Awareness throught the establishment and operation of a "personality" program! The Soul, is always at peace, meditating on you as it's self. Personalities are therefore, artificial intelligence created by very advanced software programs that are created to operate and experimental identity, with  Sensual Hardware (or brain Wetware), and are supplanted in the brain to manipulate the physical body properly. Therefore, the Soul or Real Person is not of the physical world, but that of the Solar Self (Solar Logos or Christ/Buddha consciousness) we call Tiphareth-the 6th Sephiroth.

However, the personalities original "software", has been perverted by man-made cultural indoctrination. Since sensation is often new to the Real Person, and the fact that it is needed to aid in discernment. However,  there are no programs in one's personality to block "pleasure pain training", which is often called "brain washing". Therefore, the original "wet ware", is invaded by the "fear of pain" virus of our Pavlovian guided experiment called "society", and/or "peer pressure". This fear of pain virus is cleverly engineered, by religious and ruler sponsored social experiments over centuries, to attach itself to the normal animal mind's fear of rejection; expanding that fear far beyond a child's fear of parental rejection to that of anyone who has the "color" of authority. Therefore, most people's emotional self identity is kept as that of a 9 year old or lower. This emotional lack of growth, really messes up personal- self authority,  as well as, adult-relationships and leaves us in the swamp of past emotions. 

Therefore, your personality was made for you out of the illusions, delusions, and ambitions of "Authority", leaving one with confusion and mental interference as to who or whom is the author of their fanciful identity. In other words, one hasn't a clue who is operating the body and fear the "devil" or some "evil" must be influencing them or their "life", as the virus is automatically done by the unconscious because of constant repetition. Therefore, our identity is out of the realm of conscious reason and in the realm of astral fantasy. One just automatically becomes a slave to their environment and the fantasy world of words. Remember, the definition of a Ruler, is "one who enforces identity"! Hence, the swamp like quality of the Thoth 7 of Cups, states that one is in a state of perverted emotion, caused by excessively reacting to imagined environments because of fear of confrontation and/or pain, rather than acting in them.

Yet again the axiom of Qaballah: "Above all things, Know thyself!" rings true! Or better yet, "Above all things, is the Real Self"!

The most important part of Qabalistic initiation is to observe the layers of lies, that your personality is constructed from, removing layer after layer of false you, until the Real Person shines through the illusion. These layers of Authority sponsored lies is call "Garbage in". This "garbage in" makes the man-made persona and the "Garbage out" is the dysfunctional action of "seeking yourself" in the eyes of your peers, or of an outside authority. You are already Soul- approved----you exist, and your Software for operating the Wetware of your brain, was already created by a  Higher Self Identity and/or Real Person who is the "Golden Child" of the Divine Creative.

Often, Mystery schools use a set of Tattva exercises as a type of "controlled day dream" (guided meditations), intended to bring the student into direct contact with the subtle elemental realms immediately underlying the material sphere of sensation. When teaching the Qabalah, I bring those elemental realms into sensual manifestation for my students, all of which is necessary to prepare the student for more advance techniques of skrying with Tarot Cards.The Student learns that the 78 Tarot Cards, are 78 fragments of Self, that they must rejoin into a fractal, to become "Holy" and/or Whole Self.

It should be understood, that the astral realm beginning with Netzach, is a fluid, non-solid electromagnetic psycho-somatic realm where everything begins in illusion,dream or fantasy. It is the place, where our Formative consciousness can experiment with image, such as children role-playing, in order to comprehend in a later stage of growth, the actual manifestation of being an adult. If done with mirth and self control, this is a boon to any creative endeavor on Earth; if taken as rote, all hell will break loose on earth,as any belief, which is mostly fantasy, for belief needs only fear to become fact. Nothing is well dignified, when fear become a serious truth!

The Astral nor its denizens of personal illusions is not a Master of your personality! Nor is anything that you contact in it, your ruler, for most of the Astral denizens are lost personalities, or superstition built demons and/or "psychic engines" built by the Priestesses and Priests of ancient ritualized religions!

The Simulation Hypothesis of quantum physics, already has proven mathematically, through physical observation, that all we see is a simulation. All electrons, in the dark, act as a wave, all of the electromagnetic spectrum is wave lengths, there are act as particles, when a light is turned on or when we "observe them". This is because our observation is of the level of Photonic Mind and/or Quantum Soul. Hence, we "en-lighten" what we observe.
This is also true when concerning identity, what you believe you are, you must enact physically.

Therefore the Astral plane of "liquid light", is Your malleable psychic -thought-substance to create with, not to be created by!  Most " Medium-Channels" just channel astral persona's, and live in an illusion of devotional thought, not allowing them to see the delusions that hold their identity in subservience. When one "knows themselves" they find out that they are Self-Images of the Divine Creative, and therefore, subservient to no one or anything. As Souls, we are of the Uncertainty Principle side of the Universe, called the Quantum. Thereby, giving us "freedom of identity choice", which is at best uncertain and at worst chaos.  We can be whatever we declare ourselves to be by the "Word of God"...I AM!

Let me explain what few wish you to know: A god is a dominate Collective Consciousness on its Plane of Dominion. Every one of the Ten Sephiroth, is a god or highest intelligence in its sphere of influence. Each of us are composed of the United cooperation and/or a Collective of these energy intelligentsia we call "gods" (microcosmic Demi-urges), which contribute to the make up the One Divine Creative-Macrocosm. You also are a Divine Creative, in the Microcosm, for you have power over all Light and can imagine it into any form of "self identity". You are a god of your own identity and therefore, over your own Life.

Each of us have even manifested the "earth demi-god" form, master of matter (photons/electrons), who uses imagination to create idea into form. Each of us have also composed a body of the Animal "god", Top Mammal Predator, ruler of its domain, and the 6th Sephirothic Christos and call it the Human body (Human means, "God Mind")! So, You as The Real Person, are a Great Collective Grouping of Ten demi-gods, who should be working as One Group Soul- fractal, of your individual Tree of Life, called in Qabalah,  the Adam Khadmon...A One Conscious Collective/Holy Spirit/ Higher Self.  The fact that you are not now master of your masterpiece, is because you've been mentally separated from the reality of your divinity! This was done by the manipulation of "your" imagination,(auto-suggestion) by "The few who wish to rule the many", i.e., Rulers, who are those who control definition! They have received this control by deception, for instance, getting you to believe that you have imagination, rather than you are Imagination (I-Magi-nation)! These enforcers of identity, have defined your body as a perversion of spirit that must be fled from to gain Wholeness (Holiness).  Yet, you are a Spirit, a "Spiral Energy Entity" of the Quantum, from the top of the Tree of Life, who has become visible and most condensed on the bottom of the Tree of Life.  Hence, needing to ascend from the body, is a concept that divorces one from the most condensed and therefore sensual aspect of Spiritual Forms! Thus, separating one's Soul/psyche from willfully operating one's own creation (imagination means "to image make") and therefore making one "incomplete" in their own "I's". One is only "Wholly" Spirit, when they have mastered all 10 planes of Intelligence------Malkuth is "planetary intelligence", that must be mastered by the "Solar intelligence" of the Christ-self identity. If one believes they must flee this realm to ascend unto heaven, rather than bring "heaven" (Tiphareth-Beauty) to earth as themselves; they are not "holy" for they are rejecting a manifestation of evolutionary self-awareness and therefore, incomplete! "As above, so below", doesn't mean to devalue the below, but rather to enhance it and/or expand and liberate the below from self imposed limits, by being the Real Person manifested on earth.

We all must return consciously to the Astral, by meditation, skrying and lucid dreaming, thereby using willed image to clean up our indoctrinated-identity software on earth!

When we are dealing with Netzach, we are dealing with understanding a particularly difficult State of energy conscious . Netzach is where both the Macrocosm and Microcosm meet. Hence, we are dealing with the understanding of the entire race patterns of human kind, and patterns of individual persona. As if that isn't enough, we must understand that this dichotomy is in itself an illusion!

To reiterate: NETZACH is the 7th Sephiroth, ruler of the sevens, is where feelings, and instincts begin. Netzach is undifferentiated and the Sephiroth of Group Mind. It is connected to it's opposite, the eighth Sephiroth- HOD-whose attributes are of the intellect, individualization, and beginnings of the individual mind.
When observing this balance we can see that Netzach is the Sephira to which the forces of Nature are attributed.

The Angels of this Sephira are called Elohim, often called the gods, because they are for the personality in incarnation and for the human race. Also, Netzach is the Sphere of Venus-Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Thus Netzach -Victory, implies that the Victory is in Love of Being. Remember, Hu-man means God Mind, which declares us Elohim Malachim and/or Gods of the Elements!

The spark (fire is Spirit) of the individual cultural mind begins in the Group Soul-Fire that is Netzach, and becomes part of a group of identities that are self-comprehending/ or self aware, while also comprehending the Whole. Therefore, it is not all surprising that the arts, music, painting, poetry and all other things of creative imagination, are attributed to the Netzach/Hod union.

The 7 of Cups-, also known as the: Lord of Illusory Success, because here the Moon is in Aquarius. Therefore, here is Netzach in Yetzirah, influencing the Astral World.

In the 7 of Cups, is assigned Venus in the zodiacal sign of Scorpio, creating a very intense and emotional presence that is often involved in deceit. There is also a tendency to wallow in emotions, and/or self-deception to the point of dissipation, as is depicted on the
SpellCaster's Tarot 7 of Cups. Here, the 7 Sacred Planets of Astrology are shown above the silver Moon Cups. The magic Window of Yesod, is in the Sky. Beyond the window is the fantasy of the Astral and the dark subconscious. The pure water of the cups has dissipated and become as moon light, as if mist.

Thus,  Crowley and Melanie Marquis (author of the SpellCaster's tarot), imply a great warning in this card, as the lotuses are slimy, and ugly, on the Thoth Card, and the water of consciousness is all misty as of moon light on the SpellCaster's card. Here is implied, a perversion of the sacrament of the cup in the Six; a perversion usually brought about by over-inflating the ego or staying locked in past emotions. The consciousness is polluted and the card implies, error, illusion and illusionary success, by denying the failure of past emotions to do the job.

The 7 of Cups-  seems such a large step into the negative after the Six of Cups-Pleasure; The 6 and 7 are both astrologically Scorpio, but instead of Scorpio being exalted in the Sun as in the 6, in the 7 of Cups, Scorpio is governed by Venus and Venus is ill dignified in the sign. Venus is the planet of Copper, She is all "external splendor and internal corruption", such superficiality in a martial and watery sign as Scorpio destroys any altruistic tenancies, turning the amiability of Venus into a grosser sensuality.

Many of us fail to see that our individual body and consciousness, is a holy sacrament of communion, rather we debase ourselves with a grosser sensuality, with thoughts of lack, or superiority (bad and good), when neither exist, as body or consciousness. Sensuality is for the expansion and liberation of the Mind for it helps us discern what "imagined thought" should be made "real" !

We are One, who is Many. The Many are the Sacred Sacraments of the One. In other words, our incarnate consciousness is a formal sacred act or rite of Spirit and our Soul-Psyche, is made of many personalities, each new personality a composite of the past. It is the rite of Spirit and the Universal collective unconscious, to become Sensually Self Aware through the sacrament of creation! I AM ME! Is a declaration of an Elohim Yod, who is self aware.....and now can discriminate self thoughts from group thoughts.

Thoughts, are the "First Matter", also symbolized as fish. Since we are the unconscious ocean of imagination, combined with the awareness of "First Matter" manipulation, i.e. conscious ideas of identity and/or self-image, makes us Supreme in our creations! We are not only Imagination, the Feminine unconscious ocean of mind and builder of Form, but we are also Energy in motion-The Masculine conscious movement that animates form. This goes against social conditioning which states emotions are a woman's domain. Energy-in-Motion is vibration, frequency, etc. It is attributed to the Divine Masculine. Form is Imagination's domain, which is the Divine Feminine. Therefore, we are all an androgynous copy of the United Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. In other words, we are what the Self has become by Uniting the Unconscious/imagination/ feminine and the Conscious-ratiocination/masculine as one emotive functionary!  

A person  who is all tied up in self absorbed pain-creation is a swamp of past emotion and/or "past self".  To believe "we are not...", really just states that we are creating ourselves as a "Lack" or a hole in time, an "I Ain't" rather than an "I AM".  We are perverted by denying our own immortal sacredness with the 2 dimensional thinking of the good/bad survival mind of the animal, who fears its mortality.  By untying the "not" of thoughts that have been installed by social pleasure/pain training, we become masters of Existence---the I AM ME, rather than the polluted thoughts of a "I Wanna-Be Me and or not me" and then can teach the body to know mortality and understand the immortal that flows through it as energy.

Therefore the 7 of Cups, as depicted on the SpellCaster's Tarot, mundanely represents a dreamy state of mind where reality is dreams, watery visions, fantasy or imagination and is not connected to anything in Real Life. Therefore, there is a self conscious that is determined to make something from dreams but has difficulty in deciding among the abundant choices.The sacred triple triangles of the Supernal ternary of Kether, Chokmah and Binah, or the Ternary Goddess of Maid, Mother and Crone, as a window into the dark, depicts the balanced union of the Divine feminine and Masculine, implying a cooperation between the unconscious and consciousness. The pool with turtle, is representative of the element of water. The Turtle represents, along with the Tortoise, The ancient Husband of the Deep.

Now the influence of Venus, with it's internal corruption combined with stagnant emotions of the past, is an act of violence in water signs, and eventually becomes intense physical passion which unless gratified, will become hatred. However, even when such intense physical passion is reciprocated, it will be stormy to the extreme. It may also end in tragedies and treacheries.
Such extreme violence of feelings, may also end in poor health, since no matter the physical strength of the person, the emotional strength of desires are even stronger and may eventually lead to dangerous excess and emotional breakdown. Therefore, Debauchery is an appropriate title for the 7 of Cups, for water and emotions can only be purified if they are moving, so something will happen to "stir up" past emotions.

The number 7 refers to Netzach (Victory) and is the number of the Goddess (Water). Venus is the Goddess of Love, redoubling the influence of the number 7. In the Egyptian Thoth Tarot, 7 is a number called Seshat or Sephet, the Egyptian female counterpart of Thoth. She was known as the mistress of measure, and was said to always attended the foundation ceremonies of temples. Her emblem was a seven-petaled flower and was found on the earliest inscriptions. Thus, the correspondence/harmony between 7 and measure was known in the onset of ancient Egypt. However, in the Thoth 7 of Cups, we have an excess of measure, shown as a slimy overflow or in the SpellCaster's Tarot as a misty flow.

On the Thoth Tarot Card, to carry forth this idea of excess, the poisoned lotuses have become tiger lilies and the cups are iridescent, (dissolving in the Force), and are arranged into two descending triangles, interlaced with the larger lower cup-showing a greater lower influence on the emotions, as it floats in a slime covered morass of putrefaction. This card is almost a "evil reverse" image of the Six in the reflective world of matter; Zealotry, fanaticism are such evils.

The 7 of Cups, is a  wholesome reminder of the fatal ease with which a Sacrament, such as the "Flesh", may be profaned and prostituted simply by losing ones balance with Kether (Higher Mind), and straying ever so slightly from the middle pillar (Balance of Masculine and Feminine), thereby making the holiest mysteries of Nature become the obscene and shameful secrets of a guilt ridden consciousness.

When the Seven of Cups-Debauch is thrown:
  • The querent is being caution about the apparent Victory of Denial.
  • There is a suggestion of deceit, promises unfulfilled, illusion, and error.
  • Slight success may be experienced, a minor victory so to speak, but not enough energy to retain it.
  • The querent maybe experiencing drunkenness, wrath, vanity. lust and promiscuity or even violence against women; a violence which is not limited to the male sex.
  • This card bespeaks of selfish dissipation.
  • Deception in love and friendship.
  • Let it be said, this is a card of passions run afoul because of too much fantasy and denial.

To the querent:
  •  This card is a warning that the sacrament of pleasure is being perverted by the survival mind and has made pleasure a egocentric need/delusion rather than a spiritual awareness. 
  • Time to Know Thyself as a Spiritual Entity who owns a physical body and is in command of the senses rather than wallowing in them as a emotionally stagnant identity.
  • This is a warning that must be heard and understood if we are ever to expand and liberate our bodies mental-emotional function from animal emotional reality and to install the Real of Spirit as conscious energy-in-Motion.
  • 7 weeks or 7 months, you are willing to move through indulgent or addictive patterns.
  • This is shown by the number 7, which represents the Key 7-Charioteer, that is the principle of change and movement and also the Goddess Seshat,  who represents measure.
  • In this case the number 7  indicates an inner spiritual/emotional support to assist you in your movement through depression and debauch patterns.
  • This card is about-emotion in fact, and it shows emotion being expressed in negative ways, rather than facing our feelings and solving them in positive non victim ways.
  • The 7 of cups, suggest a willingness to change and move on but some confusion on how to go about it without undue pain.
  • You may also be experiencing negative emotions from the past; 7 years ago or when you were 7, during some relationship crisis or family crisis.
  • This card suggests that you may want to move on and that you are no longer willing to carry the emotional burdens of the past family debauch or indulgent patterns of the past.
  • This also indicates that you may no longer tolerate the debauch patterns of others in your life or the indulgent dynamics of the Scorpio people in your life (October 21 to November 21).
  • Emotional over extension.
  •  A state of depression where one tries to ease the pain by overindulgence.
  • The imagination running away with itself and the resulting patterns are depleting the persons energy.
  • This is the place of Dreams, so it could be the ability to conjure up visions, fantasies, but the vision is watery, making it difficult to see reality. 
  • There is a implication of true talent and insight, but tending towards fantasy, illusion and unrealistic attitudes. The surrounding cards will support this latter  interpretation.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-6 of Cups-Pleasure & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 6 of Cups

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-6 of Cups-Pleasure & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 6 of Cups:

The number 6, is Tiphareth on the Tree of Life, and the number of the Sun/Son (also all of the tarot Princes) which is known as the "Christ or Buddha" consciousness. As the number for the Sun (Son), which is in the Sign of Scorpio on this card, places the whole influence of the Sun in the suit of Water. This Sun, is not the Sol that is in our sky, but rather the Central Photon Sun in the Galaxy core. Here, resides the source of our Collective Microwave of intelligence we call our "soul". Therefore, each of us are "suns" of the Divine Creative that is the Milky Way Galaxy. When Quantum particles come together, they make an intelligence, how, nobody knows for certain. That is another reason the Quantum Universe is known as the Uncertainty Principle, and also why we have the freedom to choose our identity by thought processes. You see, we are all uncertain of our "Truth", as it isn't something made outside of us. Our truth lies in the Quantum within. We call this "Spirit".

Therefore this cups card represents the basis for fertility of all life. In the Thoth Deck 6 of Cups, we have the Lotus stems in a type of sensual dance, gushing water from their Golden blossoms into Sun-gold cups; However, the cups are not yet overflowing, as 9 is the number of completion.
As most of us know, pleasure is relative to the individual perspective, but in this case pleasure is seen as of the Highest Sense; often called "the Rapture". In the 6 of Cups, Pleasure, implies, well-being, and harmony of natural forces without effort or strain. There is only ease and satisfaction, yet foreign to the card's definition, is the gratification of animal desires.
However to some, there may seem to be some contradiction to the gratification of animal desires, because this card is the emphatic fulfillment of the Sexual Will, as shown by Scorpio, the Sun and the Water sign. However, the Sexual Will-is the Law of Attraction, where the Sun (Fiery creative Conscious) is in communion with the Watery- Unconscious. The image of which could be a Very fertile and Warm Tropical Sea.

The idea of Pleasure (purification) as a Sacrament may seem an outlandish idea to the mundane who have been taught that pleasure is tantamount to sin; However, the 6 of Cups-Pleasure is one of the master- keys to the Qabalistic Gate of Initiation. To know and understand this is to experience the ecstasy of the Christ-conscious that is Tiphareth,#6 Sephira on the Tree of Life.Here lies an image of the Bacchanalian mysteries.

The SpellCaster's Tarot, 6 of Cups, shows an image of a Divine Feminine, and Divine Masculine as an old and young couple, enjoying a  pleasant sunny day in the park.
However, the boy is using a shovel embossed with the Star of David, and/or the symbol of the "As above, so below", triangles, laying over one another. This is the Western Occult symbol of the Tibetan Yab Yum, meaning God and Goddess face to face. A highly erotic meaning. The Cups are all filled with water, and even the one with the Yellow Rose; which is another symbol for the Goddess.
Again, this card implies pleasure.

In an inadequate attempt to explain this Pleasure, I call it the "orgasm that never stops" is a harmonic generated by the complete balancing of imagination, the womb of idea and the masculine conscious creative self; of  the "As above, so below". This Pleasure is of Cosmic proportions, such as the uninhibited union of "Soul Mates" or Tantric Unions of Divine Beings, or that of the "Secret Lover" within, that is often shown as the "Dancing God and Goddess". This dance implies moving in rhythm together, where force and form are married as one Movement of emotion and action.  Normally, the higher states of this card are not experienced by the "normal" and/or "mundane" people of society, who fear the sensuality of the body; a fear generated by "fear of Pain".  So to many, I am speaking a language they refuse to hear.

The Sixes of Tarot, 6 of wands, 6 of cups, 6 of swords, 6 of disks, are all attributed to the 6th Sephiroth on the Qabalah's Tree of Life- Tiphareth (Beauty), which  is arguably, at least for humans, the most important Sephira of all 10 Sephiroth.
Beauty (Tiphareth) is a synchronization of the entire Tree of Life, focused in the Center of the whole System of Force and Form intelligence, often shown as the Hexagram. 

Tiphareth, is the only Sephiroth below the Abyss that communicates directly with Kether (Crown) while being fed directly from the Union of Chokmah (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding) and also from the Union of Chesed (Mercy) and Geburah (Severity).  Thus, being a balanced Center of both the above and below, it astrologically represents the Sun; in the system of Tetragrammaton, it represents the Son. Making, Tiphareth, the Sephira that represents consciousness in its ..most harmonized Force and balanced Form; a dance of Will to Force and Will to Form that creates the "Divine Child", the Buddha or Christ Consciousness. You may say, the Son is an interpretation of the Father in terms of the Mind. Knowing this, the educated reader knows that the Sixes represent the practical best of their respective elements.

As stated: The zodiacal sign governing the 6 of Cups is Scorpio; Scorpio, a water sign, tends to be  exalted in the Sun and this kind of Pleasure is completely harmonized. Fire is balanced in Water here, as He is balanced in She.  Scorpio is also the sign associated with the "glands of the Pelvis'', so pleasure in the Six of Cups, is rooted in its "most convenience soil", making this a most fertile card.
 Both Crowley and I deem this to be one of the best cards in the pack. Of course, my bias may be apparent here, as I have Scorpio natal and rising in my own Astrological Chart. Never the less, this is one moment of harmonized pleasure that is most satisfying. I have personal experience in that regard. Thank you Dakini.

To the Hermetic Qabalist this Tarot card is Tiphareth ( Beauty) in Briah (the mental world) Briah is considered a "watery world" of the Unconscious, which means it's intelligence acts as water with currents, eddies and flow. Hence, Tiphareth in the Watery World of Briah, means the beginning of pleasure, as the Sun instigates the molecular dance that creates. 
Scorpio is a sign of hidden qualities, it is magnetic (female) and discriminatory [many Scorpio's can become harshly judgmental] and the scorpion may sting where the Will directs. The Sun activates Scorpio as it does the Oceans on earth, eddies,and currents swirl and dance because of the Focused Force of the Sun and Pleasure/Creation  commences. The Goddess ( Binah-Will to Form) and The God (Chokma-Will to Force) Dance in Pleasurable Union. At least, that is the Esoteric explanation. On earth, the Sun warms the sea, where she rises out of her bed, to join him in the sky commencing a dance together in the sky as "weather".

In our daily reality, this card is considered one of the best cards in the pack and it stands for well-being, harmony of natural forces, without effort or strain, just ease and satisfaction. This is not vulgar pleasure, brought on by artificial stimulants, such as alcohol or drugs, but the deep inner pleasure understood in the highest sense of Being. I have reached this state many times in my Tantra Yoga work, and I call it the inner orgasm that never stops. It is the Joyful Communion of Creation Itself, where the personality meets the "Secret Lover" within! That "secret lover" is also often called the "Holy Guardian Angel", who really is the Soul/Psyche, that built the Real Personality, that mankind has corrupted.  That nagging "hole in your heart", dug by indoctrinated self-rejection, is filled here, and never again is there "emptiness within".

Some people believe that pleasure is a fleeting thing, "It won't last", says the fearful of discomfort, implying why bother. But this is the "Inner Pleasure" that Drives Creation in this Universe. It is the underlying foundation of ALL! It does indeed last, here comes the caveat, but only when one's mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states of conscious energy are in harmony.
Therefore, this is  a Pleasure that is likened to the Rapture of St. Theresa, which she achieved by pure devotional union to the Son of the Divine Creative (the Qabalistic 6th Sephirothic Intelligence of Beauty-Tiphareth) and/or The Christ. She experienced a "kunalini rising" and/or Sun rising-orgasm, with the "Secret Lover" within.

Since the mundane are devoted mostly to their indoctrination and "slave jobs", this pleasure is perverted by "pleasure-pain training" and can be like stormy atmosphere of Earth, where the Sun heats the Ocean into soggy clouds (when our emotions become overcast by survival thinking) and we feel less joy and more worry until our fears rain from our "I's" (our identities).

We then rain, (cry over our troubles) expressing turbulent emotion, which temporarily releases the unconscious waters and then the Sun may temporarily come out again; a cycle that repeats in the fear based self-conscious.  As we all know, the Sun/Reason never left us, but we left it by forgetting to be the Spirit who owes its own sense of pleasure to the human body. All of us are "born of Sun" and are made of Light. We seek not light, for that would be like a fish, swimming in the Ocean, looking for Water. As Intelligent light, "Suns of God", there is no pleasure without a sensual body, for even "mental pleasure" (satisfaction) can't be felt without the senses supplied by the body!  However, change must happen if Life is to continue, and often we must change perspectives to keep the inner sun on the horizon.  Knowing that inner Sun/Son of Pleasure is always with us whether we see it or not, helps us to remember that we are the Creative Joy who came to be human and Human is a Spiritual experiment in Pleasure and/or intimacy with creation! For I AM ME, is pleasure, where I AM is merely existence! Therefore, as Living Light, we don't merely exist, we are simulating an avatar as "alive"!

 I along with Crowley, believe this to be one of the, if not the, best cup card in the deck when it comes to a deep personal life changing experience. This is the psychosomatic Ecstasy of the Dancing God and Goddess (Shiva and Shakti in Eastern theology) within.  I could be called bias here, for my Astrological sign is Scorpio natal, and Scorpio rising with a Cancer moon. According to astrology, this makes me a very deeply psychic, spiritual and emotional person who loves pleasure; this may explain why my inner self is a bight pleasure to my Watery/emotional World.

Within, as in the picture painted by Titan, Bacchus revels in my halls of hearth and heart. I live this card, in a daily Glow of Bright Pleasure, undisturbed by catastrophe, all because my brain became the "honeymoon suite" of the Anima-Animus. Thus I have no need to seek pleasure, for as a Qabalist, I am it! Hence, pleasure is  state of daily being, even when in outer pain. In other words, Pleasure is the Fulfillment of the Divine Creative's "Will to Be". I find that I rise as the Sun, and warm my consciousness, in the glow of Self-Knowledge. Since, I have become a "honeymoon suite" of the Divine Creative, I have a nonstop inner dance with the "Secret Lover". Therefore, my deepest Pleasure, is the ecstasy of the Anima (Feminine-Spirit) and Animus (masculine-Soul), in Yab Yum (Tibetan for :face to face). The harmony represented by this card, is an actual song that vibrates within the very rhythm of the heart.

The Thoth 6 of cups implies PLEASURE, on a deeply spiritual -emotional way, rather than a more mundane pleasure as shown on the SpellCaster's card. Here, Lady Freda Harris depicted a pleasure that is healing ( gold reflecting copper cups), revitalizing ( orange blossoms) renewing and regenerating ( the coiled serpents in the cups). This is the underlining pleasure that is the foundation of creation itself--an Ecstasy that never stops as it vibrates the waves of pleasure that builds all things, as well as, the pineal gland in the brain. This vibration floods the body with a core of pleasure and excites magic abilities.

" Where there is Ecstasy, there is Creation. Where there is no Ecstasy, there is no Creation"                                   
 As stated:Tiphareth, the 6th Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, is the Son/Sun of God (Beauty) and the number 6 also represents the Sun, the Central Photon star of our Galactic system. Contrary to the Patriarchal Christian doctrine, "The Son of God", is in reference to an "expressive/excited Creative State of Energetic Psyche" and not a sex. Therefore, there is Golden Beauty in arising in the Unconsciousness, that influences the beautiful reason of the self-conscious. Thus the whole image of the Thoth Card is that of  the influence of Sun on Water; the Sun is in the sign of Scorpio which is the basis of fertility in life. Since, She and He are a simultaneous Creative Self expression, the SpellCaster's card subtly shows this in the art of the card.

 Again, and not to be overstated: In this Qabalistic  Thoth Tarot card, the depiction of dancing lotus stems, with blossoms gushing forth water into each golden cup, without overflowing implies well-being, harmony of natural forces without strain or effort; the gushing Sun- Semen/Gluten (White light) that fills the magnetic vessel of Earth. It is ease and satisfaction in harmony. Pleasure, in this sense, is not gratification of natural or artificial desires. Rather, it is Pleasure in the highest sense of the Divine Creative and thereby it does emphatically represent the fulfillment of the Sexual Will of the Divine Creative (Will-to-Be) as shown by the ruling Sephiroth, sign, planet and element.

If the student of Tarot vigorously studies the 6 of Cups-Pleasure, by investigation of the Sephira-Tiphareth, the Sign of Scorpio, The Sun, and the Pythagorean Element of Water (as an Alchemical element), they will find that this card is the actually the highest sensual/spiritual card in the Suit of Cups. For it is the Pleasure of Union, that is the God (Fire/creative conscious) and Goddess (Water-emotive Unconscious) in Communion, that builds this entire Universe of Force and Form. In other words, the Big Bang is an orgasm of Energy that spreads forever outward in a joyous flow like a warm living water.  Now I know that most people will not seek to understand this Passionate flow of creation, but if you do, you'll be greatly rewarded with a Sun of  Rapture glowing in your Navel Chakra and warming the Heart Chakra, as if in a summer sunrise.

From the Sepher Yetzirah and the text of the Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom of Dr. Paul Foster Case:
In Kether is the Radix of a Golden Glory and thence is there a pure, primitive and sparkling, gleaming golden yellow which is reflected into Tiphareth. This is the first reflected Triad complete. And the sphere of its operation is that of Shemesh, the Solar Light, and bestoweth Life, Light and Brilliancy in metallic matter, and it rideth the sphere of action and of the Sun. And YHVH .
Eloah va-Daath is a God of Knowledge and Wisdom, ruling over the Light of the Universe; and its Archangel is Raphael, the Prince of Brightness, Beauty and Life. And the Name of the Order of Angels is Melechim, that is Kings or Angelic Kings, who are also called the Order of
Virtues, Angels and Rulers.

 Therefore, as stated, the 6 of cups is also called the:
Lord of Pleasure.  The Angels of the Decan are Nelokhiel and Yeyayel.
The influence of the Solar Logos-Tiphareth, in the Mental World known to Qabalist as Briah.
Already we know that Tiphareth in Atziluth (Beauty in Pure Spirit) means Victory after effort, shown as the 6 of Wands. Now we see the 6 of Cups as Tiphareth in the Watery World, (Mental/Creative World) as the beginnings of Pleasure.

Of course, Scorpio may sting where the Will directs, however, when the Will resides in Beauty-Tiphareth, Love is the Willful view of Life; the I Am Will rather than I have will.  Therefore, the scorpion's sting is reserved for those who would demean life with vial actions of desecration. (Such as J. Christ throwing the money changers out of the Temple).

So as the Sun activates the Forces of Scorpio (Sun sign on left-upper and Scorpio sign on right-upper corner), gain or pleasure commences. Implied, without need of assurance, is that pleasure and gain will build, as shown by the, flow of bright water from above and the partially filled cup of the Night Sun Card. The Solar glow has permeated the darkness of fearful unconscious emotions, and is stimulating growth in the background.

When the 6 of Cups- is thrown during a reading, the querent is experiencing:
  • Emotional pleasure, in a period of 6 weeks or 6 months of giving to and receiving  pleasure form others.
  • A period of innocence and taking great pleasure in one's childlike qualities.
  • They maybe experiencing an orgasmic rush of feelings, a wave of ecstasy that even sad feelings being actively expressed, feel good in release. 
  • The querent may also be experiencing sweet memories  of the past, as past efforts bring present rewards.
  • In the period of six weeks or six months, the beginning of a wish, happiness, success, enjoyment.
  • Commencement of gain in a steady increase of pleasure, But a commencement only.
  • Sexual pleasure is also depicted here as in a higher state of harmonious union of the Dual Creative. Such as a Tantric would experience.
  • Amiable and  patient emotions will also be experienced.
  • This pleasure could be experienced with the Scorpio people in your life (October 21 to November 21) or you could be experiencing a  time of deep emotional pleasure that is  spiritually and emotionally powerful and energizing.
  • This is not pleasure from a great glass of wine, or a wonderful meal, this is an overall pleasure that bonds both the Pleasure of the Spirit with the sensual pleasure of the body.
  • Something the successful  Tantra practitioners  understand; the pleasure of Spiritual Being created the Sensual Pleasure of the five senses---creating ten senses of magical being. When all 10 flow in balance there is Ecstasy! Why else would a immortal Spirit create a body of time/space that can radiate pleasure---if being physical doesn't please you?
  • The deep understanding of Spirit----Shows us that physical being is not a curse but a magical gift that makes us intimate with creation and the joy of being.
  • Creation Loves being into manifestation---this card indicates that such deep pleasurable love is felt.
  • Joy, deep pleasure of memories, of happiness like that of very young children who are the Happiness that Came to be in communion with all of creation.
  • Inside all of us is the Original Joy of Being and such is this card.
  • It is not about goals, achievements, or getting what one wants,its about the United Orgasmic Flow of Self Awareness that has created the All.
  • Experiencing the Spirit's Joyful Love that drives Force and Form into united expression.
  •  The Inner Son/Child of the Divine Creative united with its Parents. 
  • When one feels the Sun Rise over the Ocean of Self-----one will know such joy! Great Card!
  • If ill dignified
  • Affront, defective knowledge (perverted sexual knowledge) contention and strife arising from unwarranted self- assertion and vanity.
  • Sometimes thankless and  presumptuous.This  usually happens when the card is surrounded in Swords of a negative vein. 

Thank you for your interest, comments and donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 5 of cups-Disappointment & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 5 of cups.

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth 5 of Cups-Disappointment -compared to-The SpellCaster's Tarot-5 of Cups:

Being a number 5, this card is ruled by Geburah-the 5th Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. She represents a fiery-red Sephirotic intelligence of Severity, who is now in a Water Suit of Cups. There is a natural antipathy in fire and water, as fiery heat causes a natural disturbance in water, especially when it is at ease. What is even more disturbing is the fact that this card is also attributed to Mars in Scorpio. Scorpio is in its worst aspect in Mars. On this lowest plane of Geburah, Scorpio is a lowly scorpion, whose stinger is poised to strike , which  in this case, represents the putrefying or dark aspect of water. 

However, the powerful masculine-expressive aspect of Mars, slows down the putrefaction so that it is internal and not external, frustrating the anticipated pleasure that is emotionally sought. But it still looks good, so we think there is something wrong with ourselves, rather than the goal.

The symbol of all this disturbance, on the Thoth Tarot Card-5 of Cups-Disappointment-is the lotus blooms being dried out by a hot wind, over a dead sea and the pentagram inverted, showing material trump over spirit. Mars is too hot for this card's natural watery peace and balance.  What was thought to bring pleasure, does not, and the self-conscious is disturbed.
Hence, the card represents emotional disappointment caused by a loss of that which is loved (symbolized by the once full cups that are now empty).

Since astrologically this is Mars in Scorpio on the pillar of Severity, the action of the 5 of cups produces an extremely emotional effect. The Water sign Scorpio is totally disconsolate with the fiery nature of Mars causing a deep-inner loss of pleasure. In other words, the placid and blissful nature of pleasure is disturbed by the super abundant energy of Mars, the god of War.

To a Qabalalist, the 5 of cups is  the influence of Geburah (Severity) in Briah (Mental/Creative world) where severe energy is needed to establish a growth movement that the placid nature of pleasure has interfered with. Life being about force becoming simulated as form, and the fact that if energy-in-motion stays in form to long, it becomes stagnant (stasis), severe measures are often needed to get energy moving again.

  1. The 5 of Cups card is about loss of love due to expectations and like all Tarot cards, is subjective to the intuition of a open reader. There are some cases where this card can even mean the loss of a loved one through the process of death. But this depends on the surrounding cards supporting this observation.
  2. This card may say,"sorrow", but it also shows acceptance which begins the process of recovery (the Growing Leaves of the Lotus above the Thoth cups). Hence, this may be a card of loss, but it is also about inheritance, patrimony, transmission, but not corresponding to expectations. 

The SpellCaster's Tarot-5 of Cups, depicts a dark, death like figure, holding 2 empty cups, while casting a spell over the 4 overturned, cups, with wine slowly leaking away.  With water falls and stream, symbolizing this card's element of water, the cups seem to be filled with blood representing a state of Geburah's water that is the "blood womb" of the Goddess of Severity. The red pentagram on the back of Samhaine's robe, also symbolizes the Mars force of Geburah.
Hence, this card is also about loves lost, disappointment over assumed expectations, past hurt causing one to turn from new possibilities. The darkness of this card depicts the emotion of disappointment and the slowly upward-creeping darkness of depression.

The truth be told, most of our emotional loss is from assumptions and expectations not being met by others. That is why relationships are best enjoyed on a daily basis rather than founded on a future expectation.

As stated: The 5s, are of a conscious energy state of Severity (Geburah). The 5 of an element, such as the 5 of Wands-Fire, or 5 of Cups-Water, are the idea of motion coming to the aid of the material of that element. The 4s represent perfected stability, which is  a state of stasis, and energy in stasis, is the end of motion.  Energy not in motion, would be the end of the Moving Universe, i.e. the end of the alive. Thus, the  severity of the 5s is needed to "kick start" the engine of Life before it succumbs to the demands of entropy.
Again the message, that change is the only constant, rings loudly in the Fives.
Hence, in the statically stabilized emotional comfort system, a storm arises and stresses the system into an unbalance; Thus, a new motion is begun. Knowing this, we know the 5s are not "evil" but rather just the opposite. For it would be evil (live spelled backwards) to insist on not moving forward. However, the inverted pentagram on the Thoth card, imply upside down thinking.

For many of us westerners, the Buddhist doctrine of  Sorrow implicitly states that inertia and insensitive mental states must characterize peace. Thus the oriental statement "Life is Suffering", is not a negative, but a positive motion towards change that is both empathetic and concerned with individual progress. When we stay inert because we fear hurt, we are losing motion because lack of understanding won't let us move, and to be alive---is to move.  As a Soul being Life, "Alive", is a gift of animated intimacy, with the ability to be sensually observant, and thus, able to change mental/emotional direction when needed. To the Soul who is a trinity of Logic-Spiritual-Appetitive, every experience, every phenomena is Sacred to the Knowledge of I AM. Therefore, it can be said that every Phenomenon is a Sacrament.  In a Soul's perspective, pleasure and pain are both honored guests, in the Divine Temple of Human Being. Not because we are obsessed with them, but because they are the Hierophants that teach us and thus, earn us discernment. Pain teaches us error, and pleasure teaches us accomplishment, each to be enjoyed in the moment, and then changed into a new motion.  Be that as it may, a disturbance is disturbing, just as the having Geburah arising out of the Abysmal Womb of Dark energy and caressing our Soul's suffering, is disturbing. However, this stimulates the Spiritual part of the Soul, who is the defender (chariot card) and it's anger is that of the war god Mar's. This anger, moves us forward, prodding us with its "flaming sword", motivating us in new directions. 

One of the greatest disappointments, in our "new age" of metaphysics, is to seek "enlightenment", and therefore denying we are already the enlightened Soul, a collective of Photon-light from the Galactic core, who knows that by being able to become intimate with its own emotive energy, it can discern and become a great and powerfully accurate creator; for, everything is made of Light, both visible and invisible! Therefore, the human being, made of a harmony of many vibrations of light, is a blessing to own, operate and emote.  Besides, we are not seeking "the light", for, according to the Qabalah, we are built of all 4 Worlds of it! Intelligence, is a phenomena of Light ! Just stand up and yell, "I AM The Light"! And get on with your self-simulation!

We are what "The Light" has become after 4 billion years, alive, emotive, sensual, interactive, living individual microwaves of intelligence that are formed into Self-Images of the One Great Self by the collective Intelligence of the Divine Creative. From the Chaos of the Quantum side of the universe, we have become "ordered Self Image" in the ordered atomic universe. Hence, being alive is a union of Spirit (Spiral light waves) and Soul (Collective self identities of atomic intelligence) and the harmonics of woven "rainbows" of light . Yet, when what we thought "what would be" created by our mind and energy-in-motion, isn't created according to the simulated geometry, we feel the touch of chaos, something many of us wish to avoid, since we call that dark place the Womb of the Abyss and/or the "other sides of the mirror". This lack of control over what we thought we could control, causes disappointment and often fear of worth and we feel the fetid breath of death and/or disorder on our backs. Truth be told, death would just let you stay static, it is the Great Love of the Severe All Mother, that severely prods one out of their rut so that they can continually exist in this Alive-Simulation of Self.
As users/sculptors of fire and/or light, we know fire delights in  superabundant flow of energy, while water, as does pleasure, delights in its peaceful and stable nature. However, this stability is just a simulation. According to the Simulation Theory of Quantum Physics, all light/energy is a wave (fire), only upon observance can it be formed into particles (Air, Water and Earth). Therefore, as sculptors of form, light into particles, any disturbance to this placidity that we have enforced by "e-motional thought" can only be regarded as misfortune and thus, disappointment. It helps to know that all of the manifested universe is but a simulation, and that we can only keep it formed, by changing the simulation: for all things proceed from order to disorder. Since "we" are all connected to the Universal Collective Unconscious (the Dark Womb) and give order to the I AM (existence) by becoming Me (will to be), through the process of the Soul's self-observation proceeding to the survival mind of the body, we tend fear disorder. That is why each of us is the implicit expression of the Tarot- Emperor-Intelligence (4 is the number of form)of our own simulation of Self; simulations that are but "moments in time" and/or collectives of particles called "points in time" made out of waves of the One Energy. Therefore, each of us is a Chesed/Architect of our own simulation and making our own "rules" of operation! However, these self-made operative rules will not be allowed to violate the rules of the Emperor's atomic universe, who now becomes the Hierophant, and enforces order on the body, which can antagonize the mind. However, we have the freedom of choice that comes from the Uncertainty Principle of the Quantum side of the Mind, and can find ways of "stretching the laws of physical matter" without destroying the universal order. 

The Mother of the Light Universe is the Dark Energy of the Quantum-Abysmal Womb, and by being the process of connection, as child to Mother,  our soul also give this Severe Intelligence a Sense of Presence... and she likes it! So, as Geburah, she'll be severe if it is necessary to get you "off of your suffering butt" and get you moving in the proper direction of performance! We are here to "expand and liberate" the material self, form self-imposed limits, dictated by fear. Yet, we must not go so far beyond order, that the atomic forces are violated, which would cause universal destruction. Hence, we must "temper" our work, so that it goes farther than the Father, but not enough to destroy Mother's work.

Being that we are the creators and/or designers of moments, and call them -Life Motions, it only makes good sense to give each moment of a relationship a joyous presence without expecting a goal to be fulfilled. A day in the life, being a day in the love of living, is a gracious movement of Self and expands motion without destroying it.

We are Psyche- Life Simulations, who "make alive"; alive is but a movement of moments and the future is always trans-formative. Therefore, for a full expression of "being alive"; Love with all your heart/soul. For love built us without conditions, we call this "freedom of choice", so give that to all others now!  As Intelligent energy-in-motion (serpent forces), we will often find that loving relationships are also moments of movement and that loss is a constant mechanism of change.  That being said, this card is not as negative as it sounds for it does promise a return to pleasure in a future moment--5 weeks or 5 months, where love will be expressed freely again. To love being yourself and enjoying moments as expressions of that love, will greatly reduce the influence of severity in your life!

The Thoth 5 cups are shown forming  an inverted pentagram which symbolizes matter's triumph over spirit; crystallization over motion. Not a totally devastating card, but disappointing none the less, as the Spiritual side of us will come to anger, and move us forward. This severity also points out to us that dependency on words, other persons, places, or events to make us happy, breeds disappointment. "Will to be", i.e., Happiness built us to be Us and we don't need to seek it any more than a fish swimming in the ocean needs to seek water.

When the Five of Cups is thrown during a reading it usually means;
  • Disappointment in love, a marriage separation or divorce, unkindness from friends (whether deserved or not is shown by the accompanying cards}.
  • Death or end of pleasures.
  • Sorrow and loss in those things in which pleasure is expected.
  • Sadness, deceit, treachery, ill-will, charity and kindness ill-requited.
  • In other words, all kinds of troubles from unexpected and unsuspected sources.
Not a happy card---but cheer up!
  • It suggests to you that changes have to be made in choices of  self-precepts or of friends and lovers.
  • So grieve, then get on with new perspectives as emotions are only fresh and clean when moving forward.
  •  Never be afraid to apologize if you are in the wrong will help you move forward as well.
  •  To hold to past expectations, is to putrefy your emotional self, who then is mired in past fantasy which can only be supported by denial.
  • You are worth love and kindness and if your relationships are not supportive, support yourself and move on! 
  • Spirit is action and matter is crystallization, so the idea is to keep expanding your emotional awareness so that you don't solidify into a mire of putrefaction.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 4 of Cups-Luxury & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 4 of Cups

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot 4 of Cups-Luxury & The SpellCaster's Tarot-4 of Cups:

 Refers to the 4th Sephira Chesed in the suit of Water. 

Here the Pure Water of the Supernal Triangle (the upper 3) has passed through the Abyss to Chesed (Mercy) and although ordered, balanced, or stabilized, it has lost the purity of its conception. You might say, that instead of pure energy in motion, it is now an emotional idea held in conceptional confinement. Understanding the importance of idea, may be helped by knowing that the word, idea, comes from the Greek-Eide-which means "the goddess within" and/or Imagination.

Being that the Moon is in the goddesses own house, the zodiacal sign of Cancer, one would think it was well placed. However,  Cancer is so placed that this implies a certain weakness, an abandonment to desire, causing one to overly fantasize. Which reminds me of the statement made by the infamous boxing champ Mike Tyson:"Everybody has a plan until they get hit".

On the Thoth Tarot card, the calm Sea of the 3 of cups is still present in the 4, but slightly ruffled, implying a disturbance is building, making the 4 Cups standing on it less stable. The Spirit of the Lotus, the Dryad, has gathered strength, growing multiple stems, supporting one Lotus Blossom, spewing forth water. The Four stems, are the number of manifestation of the Dryad, it is also secretly preparing catastrophe by emphasizing individuality.

The SpellCaster's Tarot- 4 of Cups, depicts an individual, with a cancer sigil of the crab on his head-ware, meditating between a magic square. One, is seen as contemplating opportunities, or being thoughtful, and contemplative. The possibility of ignoring anything else is high. Hence, one is somewhat swamped by a luxury of possibilities and is unsure of which to take.

By understanding that the number 4 is an "awkward" number; alone among the natural numbers, as it is impossible to construct a "Magic Square" of four cells. Four being a "dead stop" number, a different idea of Order is necessary to carry on the series as the only motion now is towards decline. Thus, for now everything is seemingly luxurious in stability, but the Changing of the Moon, its waxing and waning, is such that this won't last, i.e., the "hit" Mike Tyson spoke of is on its way.

In the Hermetic Qabalah and Tarot, the 4s represent solidification and manifestation and are attributed to Chesed (mercy)-The Architect . The 4s are "below the Abyss" and express the Rule of Law (Laws of Physics etc.) which is represented by the Major Arcana Key 4- The Emperor.
It is done, and now it belongs to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, which is enforced by the Emperor/Chesed. This law states:  "All things proceed from order to disorder", this is often called the "law of entropy", showing the imbalance of the 4's, for as all energy forms must transform; entropy is the next step after solidification.
Hence, the 4 is a very solid number as it has dominating influence on all the cards, for it is the " Manifested Form of the thing", a type of oppression that will come undone.

Therefore, the 4 of Cups-Luxury, acts "watery", and thus less concise as there is a natural weakness in water (to take on the impurities of its environment) that threatens its purity; it is not quite strong enough to control itself properly and is therefore controlled by  environmental circumstances. This makes Luxury a little unstable as the process of internal satisfaction has made it impure. The Luxury implied here is thus known to be fleeting as it slowly transforms into the 5.

Since the element-water represents emotion (Energy in Motion) and since energy is kept pure by constantly moving, the damning effort of the number 4, will fail. Change is the formula for motion.  (Change=Stability). 4 is the number of restriction, as in "Four walls" etc, and as a cage, it shows a certain amount of stability, until the energy gets tired of confinement.  We all know the weakness of putrefaction in stable water; it must keep moving to stay pure or become a stagnant swamp. We also know that whatever keeps out the "bogey man", becomes a prison and locks one in. So it behooves one to be very flexible in their enjoyment of luxury and accept changes with gratitude rather than with trepidation.

  Therefore, the 4 of cups, being the Moon in Cancer, as shown on both cards,  is the influence of Chessed (Mercy) in the unconscious mental realm. There is a certain self-satisfaction with this card as an emotional luxury that is often felt as pleasure flowing from an unconscious source.
The outpouring of emotional luxury from above, is not overflowing in the lower cups, symbolizing that this pleasure will soon end but for now, the feeling of you having everything you need in your life is luxuriant and you are not now open for suggestions. One is more or less, "resting on their laurels", as a cycle ends.

Chokma (Wisdom), the second Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, is really the energy of Chesed, Mercy, but as Chesed is below the Abyss, this makes Mercy unbalanced.
However, there is Promise here; a promise of  mercy, healing, empathy, trans-personal love, forgiveness and taking away of soul burdens.
We may feel a soon fleeing-easy compassion and are forgiving of those who trespass against us. There is a luxuriant feeling that we all belong to each other: a larger sense of emotional-family than is normal. This is a hard one to hold in this realm of fear and where divisionism implies-strangers and/or profitable and not profitable. For it is the pusillanimous invertebrates and witless sycophants, that make money their life; who value money as life, and see not the luxury of Life itself even though it is all around them and as them, in its luxuriant displays of creation and wealth.

When the 4 of Cups card is thrown during a reading, it represents:
  • Slight discomfort and anxieties over receiving pleasure.
  • Blended pleasure and success approaching their end.
  • Yet this is a stationary period of happiness that may not continue as it is too passive of a symbol to represent perfectly complete happiness. Nor does it suggest love and marriage as powerfully as the Three of Cups-Love.
  • Some drawbacks to pleasure are implied, such as contention with acquisition and sometimes injustice.
  • It is a gentle passive card like warm water, Feels good for the moment, but that moment soon cools.
  • This card cautions us not to "sit long on our laurels" ; take a brief respite from your impassioned labors but be ready to gear up the power soon  to keep luxury in the future.
  • Is blended pleasure and success, receiving pleasure but with some slight discomfort and anxieties. This is because this pleasure radiates from our unconscious mental realm and our consciousness is still feeling its normal uncertainty, as it is still bound in survival thinking.
  • A moment of emotional stagnation, discontent with ones environment, and weariness will manifest before the true Pleasure of the Six of Cups, where both the unconscious and conscious flow in pleasurable communion becomes apparent. 
  • There is a certain inner warmth experienced here, so enjoy the moment and relax in the luxury of the emotional pleasure.
  • The querent will be or is experiencing pleasure, but with some slight discomfort and anxieties. 
  • They are experiencing a blending of pleasure and success but approaching their end. 
  • The querent is experiencing a stationary period in happiness which may or may not continue as long as desired. 
  • It is too passive a symbol to represent complete happiness and some drawbacks to pleasure are implied. 
  • There is both acquisition and contention in this card. It is not wrong to enjoy the luxury of your labors, but labor will soon have to begin again or you will lose it. 
  • This card warns us not to get lost in desire-enjoy the moment and release it without losing yourself.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 3 of Cups-Abundance & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 3 of Cups

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth-3 OF CUPS: Abundance and The SpellCaster's Tarot- 3 of Cups:

Traditionally, the 3 of Cups Tarot card represents emotional abundance, joy, celebration, and sharing the wonder of life. This is a sharing experience and can  represent the flowing of love and positive feeling toward three significant people in your life. Also Sharing pleasure together,  having fun with others. All of which is depicted on the SpellCaster's Tarot - 3 of Cups card.

The pomegranate cups that are presented on the Thoth card represent the fruit of Persephone to whom, along with Demeter, the goddess's Mother, the card is attributed. The abundance of Spring and the flowing emotional love of the Great Nurturing Mother, as the 3rd Sephiroth, Binah-Understanding, rules this card.

The only real significant symbols of the goddess presented in the SpellCaster'sTarot card are the  2 females, the cups, and the water. Also, the fish swimming around in pound, imply the vesica pisces, who is the mother of the first principle.

In the Thoth Deck, The 3 of Cups represents Binah (All Mother) in the suit of Water and is the the card of Demeter or Persephone. Binah is symbolized by the calm dark Sea, from which arises a  multi-bloomed single Lotus (many states of the One Goddess) that fills the Cups to overflowing. Being the Spiritual basis of fertility, this card is the fulfillment of the Will of Love in abounding joy.
Since the Pomegranate Cups of the Three of Cups, represents the fruit Persephone ate in the realms of Pluto (Hades), thereby allowing him to hold her in the lower world even after the most powerful influence was brought to bear, coming to the surface of the earth once a year, bringing Spring only because of  Hades's deal with mother Artemis. There is a subtle message here, that the good things in life should be enjoyed, but with a level of distrust in its permanency.
This sounds familiar to all of us who have experienced the Joyful pleasure of Love, for it rises and recedes, from the Inner Self who is in the inner dark of Pluto/Hades where we also store our "inner demons".  Imagination, is our Divine Creative Mind, who is the Great Sea in which collective emotions school as fish, and the currents of moon-tides (moods) carry the paradox of equal and opposite, ever uniting and transforming, creating something we've never consciously thought of.

The Emotional  fractal of Abundance, may sound frightening to someone whose emotion basis for operation is fear. But to those of us who Know the Will and the Word, E-motion, is Energy- in- movement, and/or "will to force" . Such abundance, applied with Loving Will, is the most fertile way to create.

Because this Cup card is a Nurturing 3, it can represent the conclusion of a happy matter; even a healing of wounds. There is a sense that it is important to enjoy the moment of rejoicing for there is hard work ahead. The 3 of Cups represents a "grace period", and in fact, the Waite deck shows three dancers [the Graces] to explain this theme.While the SpellCaster's Tarot shows 3 celebrating, and intoxicated people, jumping into a pond together.  Hence, on both cards  is presented an abundance of water, the element of cups. 

Therefore the 3 of Cups, is an all around pleasant, positive card that quickly flows into another state (the Fours) and is to be enjoyed and celebrated now rather than in the future. This is always true with "overflowing" emotion that fills the three vessels of your Psyche (Spirit, unconscious, consciousness). Just "go with the flow" as is often said, is not about following the crowd, but rather about releasing that inner creative emotion ( which flows as water) called Creative Passion and let it start "painting" new images for you.  It is a time of celebration.

The Three of Cups reminds us that as Spirit, we are E-Motion, the first  flowing Passion of Kether, than of Chokmah (Father God) and Binah (Mother God) in communion. It all began with "I Will Be", Eheieh- Kether, and became "Will to Force"-Chokma and "Will to Form"-Binah and this threesome of Create Passion gave birth to "I AM ME", i.e. manifested Self.

Now you may have noticed that when you are passionately focused on what you are doing, that you experience a flow of timelessness, and often find that many hours went by so quickly that it felt like minutes to you. That is the flow of Abundance and it is momentary; However, moments can be created every movement of inner expression flowing outwardly; your creative skills towards meaningful work. Meaningful work is relative to the individual, and is notice by that individual as the abundant flow of timeless bliss.

Abundance is experienced by being true to yourself, and not seeking approval from some imagined authority. You, by your own inner definitions, are the author of your-self---the only real authority over you. Thus, is the uncertain "burden" freedom of choice. Your Divine Parents, The Divine Creative, thinks you are good enough to be the expressed and manifested Passion of Divinity without rulership. Hence, in this flow of Divine Frenzy; of passion is the knowledge of you. The thoughtless focus, where time seems to stand still, is the place of our creative inheritance; our bliss. Those who love being themselves in whatever they do, experience the positive flow of abundance daily. Meaningful emotion, feels good and is pleasing, as Energy-in-Motion is exactly Spirit's nature. Great rewards for doing meaningful work, that is relative to the individual, leads to even greater rewards of abundance!  Love is a boundless energy flow, not a thing that happens to us, but rather a flow that is the core of Us! We may have met the enemy and it is us but we have also met the Lover and it is also Us! I am the love of you----is not just a nice thought. It is your spirit expressing you!

The Three of Cups zodiacal reference is  the influence of Mercury in Cancer.  Mercury, is the Will or Word of the All Father, and here it is descending on the most receptive of Signs---Cancer.
 Therefore, astrologically, this card is the planet Mercury in the zodiacal sign of Cancer:
  • Mercury, on top of card, is the symbol of communication.
  • Cancer, is the ability to communicate the emotional feelings one has especially the nurturing, loving, and light feelings one has as represented by the golden lotus blossoms spraying the "pollen of golden light".
  • Pomegranate cups, represent the rich emotions one has received from others.
  • The golden lotus represents the "solar plexus" chakra of an enlightened being, so this is emotion from deep within; the master within each of us.

     To reinstate: In the Thoth Tarot, the 3 of Cups: Abundance;
    represents Persephone and/or Demeter. This is the Qabalistic 3rd Sephira- Binah, Great Mother Ocean, united in her suit of Water.  This is shown by the Pomegranate Cups Overflowing from the Lotus (Wombs) blooms that sprout from the single Lotus of Binah on her Great calm Sea. Here resides the Trinity of Will to Love, Maid, Mother and Crone. The Will and the Word of the 2 of Cups, is now the abounding joy of Love that only the sensual experience of Union can produce. In a hidden sense, this is the Spiritual  basis of fertility.

    The lesson represented by the 3 of Cups, seems to be that the good things in life, while being enjoyed, should also be easily released. There is a catch to fulfilling Joy, and it is the shadow- opposite of fulfilling joy; empty sorrow. This our Souls must remember:  When enjoying the Sensual Domain or "Mirror World of self- reflection"; when psychosomatic operating a human body, which is a simulation of Self, operation comes with action/reaction, beginning and end, dark and light, hot and cold, alpha and omega etc.. Sometimes we forget and then emotionally create for ourselves  a depressive mental state because we are unable to "hold on to " joy and have only memories of yesterday's joy, while facing today's challenge. Just remember, that Joy makes you laugh, dance, expressing emotion in great gouts of abundance and seems to fog all reason, which is good, but it is also mercifully temporary, as creation needs focus to continue evolving "self-awareness". Besides, the joy we feel is because we forgot to fear the moment, as does our daily self-conscious. This fearless approach to life, is that of the Universal Collective Unconscious, and therefore, a moment of union with our Spirit. However,  Life depends on us going back into the lower/objective world of  action/labor, so that we can arise, fertile with the next Spring of fruitful- identities. However, we can do labor without stress for it can be done joyfully as well; just remember why you are doing it (for some it just for the money so they can enjoy other moments in life). When we En-Joy being ourselves, no matter the environment, a core of joyful flame tends to warm the winters chill.

    Subtly, the 3 of cups card of the
    SpellCaster's Tarot also reminds us that the good things in life are not to be trusted as stationary, rather they are temporary items, such as flying off a cliff.   Here we have the implied cycles that make joy temporary. The Spring of Maid, the Summer of Mother, and the Winter of Crone.

    Therefore this card represents emotional or intuitive clarification; clarity about what your feelings and intuition are saying to your self-consciousness.

    When the 3 of Cups is thrown during a divination,

    • The deep emotional , abundant feelings that we have for  three important people in our lives;
    • Or it can represent that the next 3 weeks or 3 months should be a good time to communicate your deep feelings and utilize you nurturing communication abilities to motivate, empower, and comfort others.
    • Remembering the Cancer people in your life (June 21 to July 21) with loving abundance and/or to communicate your deep feelings.
    • This card is about love, abundance, healing and the expansion and liberation of self that those feelings generate.
    • Being ternary, this card states that all three states of self identity are involved in communicating these abundant feelings; sub-conscious, consciousness, and self-conscious (ego to some).
    • A 3 week, or 3 month period of  plenty, hospitality, drinking, eating, pleasure, dancing and merriment.
    • New clothes are also a possibility, as in a new wardrobe.
    • One may have a surfacing of Love, Joy, gladness, kindness, and bounty. 
    • Also passive success seen as good luck and fortune.
    • This card seems to be the Bacchanalian life of the cornucopia..... have a ball, but don't try and to hold on to it, just let the twinkle of Joy in your "I" guide you into a new day of sensual experiences... Let the Spring be spring, the Summer be summer etc. 
    • Plenty, hospitality,eating, drinking,pleasure, dancing, new clothes and merriment.
    • Abundance, plenty, success, sensuality, passive success,good luck and fortune. 
    Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

    Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-2 of Cups-Love & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 2 of Cups

    The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-2 of Cups-Love & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 2 of Cups:

    In the Hermetic Qabalah, the 2, of any Tarot card suit, represents the Word and the Will. Therefore, the Thoth 2 of Cups is the first manifestation in the Suit of Water which is called Love, as the Word or Logos is the 1st Sephiroth, and the "I  Will Be" of the Logos has become "Will to Force" (Chokmah) and "Will to Form" (Binah). This may seem confusing since we seem to have 3 individuals here rather than 2. However, with Love there is a mutual annihilation of the individuals by the process of Union.

    The "first Movement" of energy, is called Kether or Logos, and it is not an individual of anything and is called the "Word", this would be Eheieh in Hebrew, and mean's "I Will Be". Hence, more of a shout rather than a "being". Kether is "I Will Be", therefore, it isn't anything yet, but a siring of existence. However, Chokmah, the 2nd Sephiroth is  "Will to Force" , the Masculine aspect of energy and a form of thought called Wisdom. While  the 3rd simultaneous Sephiroth of this Supernal trinity, is called Binah, "Will to Form", known as Understanding, the Feminine aspect of energy. When the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine Unite, there is no male or female present, only the Divine Hermaphrodite exists, who creates all-The Divine Creative. Hence, three are still One.

    Therefore, In the Qabalistic Thoth Tarot, the Two's represent the "first manifestation". On the Qabalistic Tree of Life , Kether is shown to be the 1st Sephiroth of 10 Sephira, and many have thought that this is the first manifestation of conscious energy. Yet Kether is the "limitless light", a movement of Dark Energy, and has no visible end or beginning, which allows no viewing. Therefore Kether is known as the "Dark Sun" or Logos, it is the first "sound" or vibration, without ears to hear...anywhere! Hence, as it can't be seen, nor heard and is the first movement in Dark Energy it is the least understood concept of the Tree of Life sigil.

    Therefore the First manifestation falls to the Twos, which represent Chokma (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding) as the First Lovers. We find this true in our own mind, as Wisdom loves Understanding and vise versa. Therefore, both the SpellCaster's Tarot, and the Thoth Tarot, depict 2 beings, either the royal dolphins or humanoids, for there really isn't a manifestation of sexes yet, even though a Union is shown on the Tree of Kether- Chokmah and Binah, as one Triangle; This is a Union of Willed Forces and Willed Identities (forms) that has become what we call the One Mind and/or the Divine Creative.  The SpellCaster's Tarot depiction of 2 men drinking from love cups may make this tarot Card  seem more confusing; However, both Chokmah and Binah are at first, receptive-feminine and then expressive-masculine. The Hebrew "word" Chokmah represents the feminine Greek goddess Sophia which means "Wisdom". While Binah, the Divine Feminine, called "understanding" also represents Time, which is Cronus, the commonly known figure of "Grandfather Time". They are called "Lovers" because they can't be separated. If you can find away to separate Wisdom and Understanding, I would like to examine your head, for it is only from Understanding that Wisdom comes!

    The Four Alchemical Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, may have begun in the concept of "I Will Be"-(Eheieh), which is Kether, but only upon reaching the Deuces are they in appearance as "beginnings" of "Will to Force" and "Will to Form".
    Therefore the 2s represent the Elements uncontaminated by influence, hence they appear in their original harmonious condition. The 2s may be considered the A-sexual "fetuses" of the Seed-Aces, but this concept doesn't seem to make understanding these "Higher States" of Conscious energy any easier. All the 2s suggest that when the Negative sees itself as a Positive, and then unites through the "Law of Attraction" with that Positive, we get a "Self Image" and/or a simulation from Understanding- which also means "by mutual agreement". This may help you with the Mythological concepts of the Ancient's Goddess who in Virgin birth, has a son (male is considered Positive Electron/electricity and female is considered Negative Electron/magnetism) and then mates with that son to produce the Universe. If you get this all tangled up with your indoctrinated-emotional concepts of sexuality-----you'll never understand the The Energy Conscious concepts of the 2s. However, I love to tease the brain, so here is another concept of the 2s, "From Herself, she created Him, and then mated with Him so she could become Herself".

    The 2 of Cups represents Venus in Cancer.  Cancer is known as the most receptive of Signs, as it it the House of the Moon, and in that sign Jupiter is exalted. There is a superficial friendship among these three planets ( in astrology, the Moon is seen as a planet).
    In the Thoth Deck Two of Cups, the paired Dolphins (the important "First Matter" symbol of the "Royal Art" of alchemy) are intertwined, with the flowing of Love/Nurture/Mother's Milk, coming from the Great Lotus of the Goddess, into the twin Lotus below and overflowing into the Cups resting on a calm Venus-Green Sea. This is a purity of Love, called "unconditional", that the survival mind in the reptile brain is unable to conceive of or often understand. This type of Love, creates an absolute annihilation of the individual in the Overflowing Power of Unity.  Therefore, love is communication on all states of conscious energy and as shown by the pink lotus blossoms, it is "as above so below", stating that this love flows from the Divine itself. Hence, this love is equal and special, as shown by the two overflowing cups. Love like this is without self-banishment or self-diminishing, rather it expands both parties and they feel equal to each other while being special to each other.  A state many of us wish for  but we often only experience love of a unequal nature or a equal love with out feeling special such as a professional relationship.
    As mentioned: The Dolphins are Alchemical symbols of solution and can be studied by looking into alchemical reference material. The Alchemical Dolphin Symbol is a little too lengthy of a diversion from Tarot, and out of context with the Qabalistic Gnosis, so I won't go into detail. However, John Dee, royal Alchemist in Queen Elizabeth's Court could be an interesting reference point. Also the Royal Dolphin, pertains to the Sun God Apollo who among other Sun god's became the Christian Son of God.

    The green sea represents the image of creative love. The yellow reflection symbolizes  inspirational love while the blue sky states that love is clear and focused. The astrological aspect of this card is Venus in Cancer, as depicted, by sigil, at the top of the card.
  • The Ancients knew Venus to be the planet of love, beauty and creative power: In Hermetic Qabalah, Venus is a complete symbol of the Qabalistic Tree. 
  • Astrologically Cancer represents, nurturing, comforting, supporting, and healing.For those of us who aren't astrologers, it is the element of water that represents consciousness, Love is the force that recovers unity from individuality by the process of mutual annihilation.  In other words, Love changes both individuals and combines them in a new form, like a universal solvent and is therefore considered a metaphysical solvent, such as water is a physical one.

    In the 2's of Tarot,The Will and the Word, united become Form.  The Word being Logos, the source of all Vibration and The Will being the first existence of Spirit; the "I AM", the Fertilizer of all idea into the Understanding of Form/Me. This, I AM ME is the Psyche of the Supernal Triangle, the trinity at the top of the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

    This language may sound deliberately obtuse, but this is an invisible Force, that human words cannot give form. So we must unite words in such away that they allude to the mystery, rather than literate identification. If you ever have experienced a self-annihilating love where the ego becomes lost in the Overflowing Sensation of Being One from the Union of'll understand that you just can't "wrap" your brain around it. The common statement being." I am at a loss for words..." In the endocrines of Love, there seems to be some kind of heated fluid that is drowning all reason. Then, my friend, you have experience what the 2 of Cups alludes to! However, being a purity, from a cyclic united dimension of conscious and unconscious (Sun and Moon) energy, after time, as the tides of the Sea, it will pick up detritus from our culturally "shipwrecked" brain, and slowly progress to a 4 of Cups, as the suit develops. Therefore, the Second Law of  Thermodynamics comes into play, and "...All things proceed from order to disorder" and entropy slowly degrades the Mystery, with words of fear-based reason and the pink clouds of "the dream" fade away. Just like unconscious "astral trips" slowly fade from our brain, so will love with conditions.

    The 2 of Cups, is also called the Lord of Love under Will, which is its true meaning where Will is Spirit and not some egoistic possession of the brain's minor will.
     The  2 of Cups shows the harmony of the Universal Female and the Universal Male, although no sexes are shown on the Thoth Card, 2 males are shown on the SpellCaster's tarot, radiating an intensity of joy and  ecstasy that washes away any and all concern; Where "Will to Be" , a combination of "I Will Be", "Will to Force", which is e-motion and "Will to Form", which is Understanding, becomes "I AM ME"! It is this Universal Love, that connects us all together as One, while the massive flow of this connectivity to All, flows through the Union of 2. Such esoteric power, may explain why it seems so overpowering to individual reason and why we, Photon Souls, aren't concerned with the cultural sexing of a species, as an excuse for love. Love, knows no conditions.
    The SpellCaster's Card, illustrates a fecund landscape, with a stream flowing through it, emphasizing the water element.

    The number 2 refers to Will, so The 2 of Cups is also known as the Lord of Love under Will, and shows the harmonic technology of  Female and Male in the largest sense of the words.

    When the 2 of Cups Tarot card is thrown, it means that:

    • In the next two weeks or two months, one will experience the capacity to achieve emotional balance and emotional fulfillment.
    • One will be able to give and receive love in equal proportion.
    • It would be a good time to extend love to the Cancer people in your life. (June 21-July 21). Love to or from family members is also important at this time.
    • This love is not only about two people, it also can be about 2 gifts, 2 talents, 2 resources that you have and that two loves in your life, whatever they may be, are equally balanced and fulfilling in the next two weeks or months. 
    • Harmony, Love, marriage, pleasure, Warm Friendship, mirth, and subtlety.
    • It is about human love on a large scale.
    • It also is a 2 week or 2-month card, representing the accumulation of the above emotions in that time period.
    • Soul mates have found each other or will within 2 months.

    If ill dignified, it can represent:

    • Folly, waste, dissipation and silly action and is far more superficial than when well dignified. In the Thoth Deck Tarot, ill dignity and well dignity, are decided by the surrounding cards and there is no significance supplied to up-side-down cards. This being because this is seen by many Qabalists as an act  of disordered deck handling and not an "act of God".
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