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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- key 6- The Lovers & The Legends Tarot-key 6- The Lovers
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- key 6- The Lovers & The Legends Tarot-key 6- The Lovers
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 5- The Hierophant & The Legends Tarot- Key 5- The Hierophant
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 4- The Emperor and the Legends Tarot-Key 4- The Emperor
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 3- The Empress & The Legends Tarot- Key 3-The Empress
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 2-Priestess & The Legends Tarot-Key 2- The High Priestess


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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- key 6- The Lovers & The Legends Tarot-key 6- The Lovers

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-key 6 : THE LOVERS & The Legends Tarot- Key 6- THE LOVERS:

To the Gnostic or Hermetic Qabalist, The Lovers is a card that can hardly be understood by imagery or measurement, let alone words; However, the combination of both the imagery of the Unconscious and words of the self-consciousness, are recommended as a beginning of measurement.

On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, The Lovers is The Path of Zain-meaning sword or armor and is the dual- cutting-edged Sword of Perspective that connects The Mother of Form-the 3rd Sephiroth- Binah-Understanding, with the central point of manifestation, the 6th Sephiroth Tiphareth-Beauty. 

In the long past, the Lovers was just drawn as one individual and called The Lover. This obviously didn't suggest enough for more recent Tarot Readers and it has been redesigned to show the Two who are One. Since Gemini/The Twins is the astrological meaning of this card this duality should be depicted. The Lovers card represents the dualities of a single individual and is not appropriate as a symbol of human sexual love. In fact traditionally, it represents the "two brothers"  who are the Kaberoi [The Twin Serpents of the Caduceus] and where known as the twin sons of the Primal Serpent Ptah.

Over time the Primal Serpent Force of the Universe has gained many names/titles from Skanda-Murugan, Ptah-Sokar-Osiris to Thoth-Hermes, Neptune-Vulcan, The Green man, Dionysus, Enki and so many more, but the understanding was still the same; it was the Primal Serpentine Force of microwave fiery- electric energy that began this Universe in a "Big Bang" scenario. Since we are attempting to describe a pure energy that both ejaculates (a serpentine flow) and gives birth (a receptive vessel), the male and female forms are used to show these aspects of "The One Primal Serpent Force". This serpentine energy is both a She in Hindu as Kundalini, in Greek as Sophia (Wisdom), as well as the above mentioned male descriptions.

Through out the Thoth card you will see serpent images, even the Spear of Dionysus or ThrysusWand, known as the weapon with which he used to induce "the madness of Gnosis" (Knowledge). This "spear" represented the human spine and the third eye linked to one flowing Kundalini power.  Thoth-Hermes was also known as the "Father of Alchemy" and many alchemical symbols exist in both the Thoth and Witches Tarot cards imagery.

Before I entangle your self-conscious with deep alchemical explanations, it may be easier to understand that The Lovers, represents the dual aspect of the One energy as Divine creativity surged across the Abyss into manifestation, formed of  the  stable dualities of He-electric and She-magnetic. The Great Work is the marriage of these dualities of manifestation. A ritual of returning to the Primal state, or Serpent force of the Twins-She and He of the Divine Creative.

The path of Zain, of the Hermetic Qabalah, is called the Disposing Intelligence, which has often been considered an aspect of the Garden of Eden mythology, where human kind was made to leave it because of a Serpent's temptation and must learn how to return to it.  Yet the serpent was the "good guy", before Christian revisionism, for He gave mankind the knowledge necessary for language and it was necessary to leave the "Place of Repose" for the Active World. Here the knowledge of the double helix of the DNA, becomes a story about a genetic modification that has become active, i.e. The "boot up" of the Inherited God Mind.  The Word Hu -Mandarin word for "god" and Man - from Manas- the Hindu word for Mind, means we are the inheritors of Divine Imagination, the Creative mind and/or "The Goddess" who Will to Form and The God who is Will to Force.  The Hebrew word -ha-regesh- from which the English translation means-is arrived,  and is called the Disposing Intelligence, by Dr. Paul Foster Case, in his text "The 32 paths to Wisdom". This Disposing Intelligence consists of , the Sun+ the Moon+ Fire (Spirit) =Disposing Intelligence.

In the Lover's Tarot card we have the Sun and the Moon uniting under Mercury (the planet ruling Gemini). On the  Legends Tarot card, the Dragon is  representing the masculine/Sun and the angelic woman is representing the moon.   So when the Electric Force of the man and the Magnetic force of the Angelic woman are intertwine, a process that is rightly perceived, rightly discriminated, and when their operation is kept in proper order, the personality of the man or Dragon engaged in this practice becomes a unobstructed channel for the outpouring of the Cosmic Life Force (Seen in the Thoth Card's art as the Orphic egg wrapped with a serpent). The Legends Tarot- Key 6, is a fantasy art interpretation and doesn't revel any real arcane secrets. However, the Thoth Card reveals many. The Thoth Tarot concentrates more on The Great Work, which is a mental return to the primeval state (As above so below) by the communion or "marriage" of these dualities of manifestation within the Self-Conscious of the individual.

All this may be mind boggling to the uninformed who know not their own Divinity nor its electromagnetic spinning activity.  So all I can say is, Google the mythological names listed in this essay-blog and see if you can understand the stories about the Great Story, that is our universe and our Selves. I Would recommend a magnificent book called, WORLD GNOSIS-The Coming Gnostic Civilization by Mark Amaru Pinkham who has done a inordinate amount of research that would take the interested student about 20 years to assemble on their own.

Thoth Tarot-Key 6-The Lovers, was at one time called  "the Brothers" and is a significant arcana in that it implies the simultaneous creation of "equal and opposite reaction", as the biblical story of Cain and Able or the zodiacal twins of Gemini. Hence, when an action is created, its opposite is simultaneously created as well. When She was Created so was He or when He was created so was She. When Able was created so was Cain. When light was created so was the dark, as there could be no darkness before light. This card supports that application.When the Great Spirit gave birth to "him", it became a "she". To get a glimmer of understanding, we have to remember, that the only way for Intelligence to measure itself is through image. Without Imagination, there is no "he-she". So we call this Image-making Intelligence, the Divine Creative, as it was I who then created Am-"the other"- so it could measure itself as a reflection in the mind. By understanding the difference, it became 3 as I AM Me.

There is no measurable time lag in the creation of opposites, as the formulation of any idea creates its contradictory at almost the same moment. That is why wisdom is often described by me as the action, "to create, see error ,and correct that error." Wisdom is known  as 50% ERROR.. This is the concept behind the Christian Sin (Which was the name of an ancient Moon God), that  over time, has become unrecognizable as the process of Wisdom; However, if one reads the Prodigal Son biblical parable, they will understand that the "Prodigal" who went forth and created error, was celebrated for correcting it, by the simple act of returning to his Father.
 To know that the contradictory of any proposition is implicit in itself, is to know how Universal equilibrium is kept. Again, we have  analysis followed by synthesis. To make this card even more confusing, remember that once error is corrected, we've made another creation.....with simultaneous error.

The Thoth Tarot Lovers Card, is a glyph of duality. Here, the Moorish King has a golden crown, while the white European Queen has a silver crown. This duality is further displayed by the Red Lion and the White Eagle; Lions and Eagles being alchemical symbols of  the Male and Female Principles in Nature, appearing in equal and various stages of manifestation throughout creation. For instance, the Sun and Moon, Fire and Water (Electric and Magnetic), Air and Earth. They are the acid and alkali of chemistry, which are also metals and non-metals. Going even wider in this concept, they are Hydrogen and Oxygen which in this concept, the Hooded figure represents , the seed of all life as the Protean element of carbon. Astrophysicist know Red Suns as the producers of the carbon atom, so the symbols of this card are quite extensive. In tarot, the hooded figure is known as the Hermit.

The Thoth King bears his sacred Lance, while the Queen bears the Holy Grail---the Phallus and Womb symbols of this card are a constant reminder of  Creation's formula of equal and opposites being combined in order to establish life. This theory is support by the Twin Children carry their weapons, whose positions are counter changed; the white child carries the cup and roses, while the dark child carries the lance and a club ( both an equivalent symbol). At the bottom of the card is the primitive Pantomorphic form of the Hermetic Marriage; the winged Orphic egg. The colors of the egg, gray, symbolize the cooperation of the Supernal ( upper triangle of Kether, Chokma, Binah)  in the Creation of Life.

The symbolism of the two children, has been noted by Crowley as Cain and Able, which may seem out of place in a card called THE LOVERS;  However, the process of The Hermetic Marriage is both reciprocal and repeated over and over again as it is defined by the infinity sign of  Mercury-Magus, as the Sun and the Moon unite under Mercury. First one "Brother" dies, being absorbed into the other than there is a return to a  balance of opposites  after which the second "Brother" is killed and absorbed into the first. In other-words there is a kind of annihilation of the individual in a marriage. The Swords forming an arch over the threesome, is reminiscing of a Royal Wedding, where the married couple must walk through and arch of Swords, at the end of there nuptial ceremony. It also represents the English translation of the Hebrew letter Zain.

The Thoth Card also depicts a  Purple serpent that represents Mercury in the scale of the Queen and represent the Masculine's influence in Nature; the crimson tinged wings of the Orphic egg represent the King which is on the scale of Binah the Great Mother. Therefore, the Thoth Deck key 6 -The Lovers is then the complete symbolic rendition of the equilibrium of the Great Work. However, we must never forget that what form life takes is  after all, possibility, for the form life takes is dependent upon the influences attendant during gestation.  This is a fact that Awake Souls (those who do not experience the sleep of death) make use of while influencing a fetus that is forming in a womb.

By putting the symbol of Cupid above the Hooded figure, Crowley-Harris seem to confuse the issues of this card; However, deep study of the Cupid legend will help one to see that cupid is the libido symbol used to express Zero as Two (o as 8). Please feel free to enjoy your investigations while remembering that only deep meditations on this card will reveal some of the many secrets it represents.

 As stated: THE LOVERS, is the Path of Zain, meaning Sword, and is also a simple letter, meaning smell. The Path of Zain is depicted on the Hermetic Qabalah's Tree of Life and runs between Sephiroth #3 Binah (understanding) and #6- Tiphareth (Beauty) and connects the Pure Conscious, from which all forms emerged (Binah) with the central point of Manifestation (Tiphareth- Pure Soul and/or Real Person).

The Term Lovers, seems simple enough, yet it is a complex and profound card, as it is not about the love of two humans, but rather the Twins or duality of the individual united in pursuit of Divine Love.  Therefore the True meaning of Key 6, is embedded in the Astrological sign Gemini, The Twins and the psychology of Dr. Carl Jung, as the perfect union of Anima (feminine-Latin for Spirit) and Animus (Masculine-Latin for Soul) 

The Dual intelligent Forces of Male-expressive and Female-receptive, (electric and magnetic, conscious and unconscious, Psyche and Animal mind, Animus and Anima), are what, Zain
The Lovers Path proposes to unite. These are equal and opposite frequencies of  Intelligence that must be united as a major step towards the Godhead on the Tree of Life. The surging of the Divine One Energy, across the Abyss into manifestation, formed stable dualities, for the Divine Creative is a O who became 2, "will to force" and "will to form", which we call male and female, respectively. 
This is nothing new to those who studied Matriarchal religions, God and Goddess were never seen separated and often they were depicted as one being with two faces. Only in the War/slave religions of Nomadic Tribes, "sword worshipers", did the Patriarch exist alone.

As Robert Wang wrote about the Path of Zain (meaning; sword or armor) in his book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT," Thus this path may be considered the aspect of the Garden of Eden, from which mankind was expelled, but to which it may earn re-entry by conscious dealing with what has been called the inner Sun and Moon. The whole key to the Great Work is  uniting of the Sun and the Moon under Mercury (the planet ruling Gemini)."

 To reiterate: On the Tarot Card, THE LOVERS, The Sun represents the man; the male expressive, the Moon represents the Woman; the female receptive, and the Divine Fire that is above the Abyss (The Vital Force or Serpent Force), is represented as Cupid. Case has stated that, the Sun represents  self-consciousness and that the Moon is representative of the unconsciousness.

Dr.Paul Foster Case, founder of the Builders of the Adytum, considered that these are both aspects of the One Life Breath, each working half of the body. Today we mundanely know them as the male half and the female half of the human brain or in parapsychology as the Anima and the Animus. As Case has stated, "When the Solar and Lunar currents of the Life-Power are rightly perceived, rightly discriminated, and when their operation is kept in proper order, the personality of the man engaged in this practice becomes a free, unobstructed channel for the outpouring of the cosmic life force."   Case considered THE LOVERS card to represent one of the dualities united by the Spiritual Self, the Divine Anima (female) and the Divine Animus (Male), both aware, conscious and united in the individual as they are in the Divine Creative. Just as most Tantric, and Gnostic practitioner's do.

To the Qabalist, The Lovers, represents the union of manifested opposites under the Divine Love of the Supernal (Upper triangle of the Tree of Life) through Binah/Ishtar-The Great Mother. Thus, the Crowley Thoth Deck Card depicts the theme of union as and Alchemical "Hermetic Marriage" of the component parts of the seeker.

The Path of Zain is an active path of Psyche, for the self control and will attributed to Mercury, which directs the movement and integration of opposites and is not passive.

In fact, it is the fiery force or the Serpent Force known as the Kundalini which is masculine fiery force, united with the Feminine Watery force (flowing in waves as "serpentine:) both in equal measure and full of fiery dynamic, and inspirational qualities of intuition.

This is a red-hot marriage, complete with Honey Moon and resulting "little death" reminiscent of an individual "big bang", call the "ecstasy", where all that is not worthy of being "you" is burned away. 

 Hence, there is a  type of death here, as the process of crossing the Abyss means the death of one's own Higher Self, a willful and  total self-destruction and immersion into the Divine Self. 

THE LOVERS and THE ART card of the Tarot are considered among the most difficult to understand. The Path of the Art Card is Samekh (Prop) and requires a complete integration of the Personality in its subordination to the Ego (whole-self) in Tiphareth. The Path of THE LOVERS  is Zain (Sword or Armor) requires  a complete integration of the total self, manifest in the Microcosm, returning the soul to the aspect of the "Garden" or Macrocosm of the Universal Collective Unconscious, from which it emerged. Thus, we can say that Art is the equilibrium of the Lower Self and THE LOVERS, is the balance of the Higher Self. This makes the Art card the consummated aspect of the lovers card.

I'll leave you with a quote form the Gnostic Text, The Gospel of Didymos Judas Thomas where it is written by a Gnostic Nazarene known as Jesus, who answered his disciples with: (22) " When you make the Two One, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female;and when you fashion eyes in place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then you will enter the kingdom."

Jesus, mythical or not, obviously knew of the Principles attributed to THE LOVERS  card, but then he was purported to be a Nazarene Gnostic Master (A Zeus Christos) which is equivalent to a Qabalistic Magi of Persia. What few know is that the Word Christos is Greek and refers to the  Sun! Hence, this could be a depiction of Jesus and Mary Magdalene; A very apropos idea. Especially since the Hermit (Mercury-the god of communication and/or communion) carries both the Lock and Key of a Hermetic marriage.

Theoretically, return to the Godhead requires that we as a personality, incarnate repeatedly, in the twelve signs of the Zodiac, reaching perfection in each of the  types of incarnation.

THE LOVERS card also relates to the Hermetic Marriage, or "Chemical Wedding", as written in the 17th century in a text called,:The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenceutz which is one of the key documents of Hermetic-Qabalism. I've found this alchemical text very readable, much like a fairy tale, and yet one of the most profound piece of esoteric or Gnostic symbolism ever written. The fact that the word Sword or Armor (Zain) is the word meaning of this path and that blood is spilled on this path, are all reconciled  and/or reinforced in this text. This understanding requires some meditation on the Alchemical text.

  • There is the Tantric Philosophy here also (the meaning of Tantra is "to expand and liberate"), only through physical union with a female can either a man or god, achieve true reality and the power to deal with it; A Spiritual/sexual union, is required for shamans, priests, and holy men with the female is required before they gain full possession of their powers. This is also a process for Priestesses, who must be able to invoke the "Divine Phallus" through the Male before they can gain their Powers inherited from the Divine Hermetic Marriage, to manipulate time/space.

When THE LOVERS is thrown during a reading, it is stating:
  • A principle of  Art and Craft of Relationship.
  • What is also suggested is the  magical image of the power of surrender in which one form is given up in order to attain another.
  • Being involve in a process of cooperation.---combining energies for a common goal.
  • Yin Yang attraction of polarities, or universal forces for one another.
  • The power of sexual surrender to the Goddess within.
  • This card can also mean a love affair with some sort of trial or choice involved... be it marriage or profane love.
  • Time to make a choice of "one or the other", seen as two paths. The outcome of this choice is seen as vitally important.
  • Passive and some cases, mediumistic  inspiration.
  • Motive power, and action, arising from inspiration and impulse.
  • Becoming cooperative as two or more people or forces come together, combining  energy for a common goal.
  • Urge to unite and a choice of love.
  • Joining is easy to see the Principle of  the Art and Craft of relationship here.
If ill defined by the accompanying cards:
  • Indecision, confusion and uncertainty become the principles of this card.
  •  The querent is failing to see the sum of the Union of Opposites and is trying to separate them as "good and bad" . This causes only inaction.
  • The agony of separation rather than the bliss of union.
  • Wanting the best of both worlds, causing instability in all those concerned.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 5- The Hierophant & The Legends Tarot- Key 5- The Hierophant

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot key 5- is the Hierophant.
Key 5 in the Legends Tarot is far from the traditional High Priest.
The High Priest is associated with Taurus and earth, (The Hierophant is Taurus influencing Jupiter) he is the possessor of occult (hidden) knowledge, holding the key to the Mysteries, while guarding the spiritual threshold.

The Bull and Elephant
are  illustrated in the Hierophant card of the Thoth Deck.The Bull is the sacred animal of earth, the symbol for the astrological sign of Taurus and also the Papal Bull of the Catholic Pope. The Oriel (or Transparent window) is also behind the Hierophant, held in place by nine nails, which refer to the Hebrew letter Vau which means nail and is part of the Yod Heh Vau Heh of Qabalistic doctrine.
The elephant, is also an animal of fertility, power and linked with earth and the Hindu god of fertility, Ganesha.

The Hierophant is accompanied in the  back ground with the image of an eagle, a symbol of the Sun-spirit and in Thoth Tarot, the symbol for the Cherub (kerub) of the Air.  The Hierophant has one hand  lowered, in the sign of benediction;  a type of Mudra (hand yoga) in the Hindu tradition.

The Thoth Tarot Hierophant's knowledge is also represented with arcane image. Around him are the four Kerubs or beasts, the guardians of every shrine whose Principle business, which is the center of all magical work, is the uniting of the Macrocosm and Microcosm (As above, so below). This explains the diaphanous oriel that looks out at the Macrocosm. The Macrocosm is also represent as the Hexagram that stands before the "Manifester of the Mysteries", (the Hierophant).
In the center of that Hexagram is a pentagram within which is a dancing child symbolizing the Aeon of Horus that is supplanting the Aeon of the Dying God, known as Osiris.

Before the Hierophant is, according to Crowley, the Scarlett Woman girt with sword, representing Venus as she is now in the New Aeon of Horus, militant and no longer a mere vehicle of her male counter part and stressing equal partnership. The Moon is also exalted in this sign and is represent as her and the nine nails of Vau. She is further represented as the Five Petaled Rose behind the Phallic headdress of the Hierophant. All of this relating to the fact that the Patriarch is no longer the main force of this new Aeon, as the Divine Androgyny is now the driving force, i.e. the He/She in perfect Communion and balance.

The Simonian Gnostics, called the Hierophant, Yahweh, the demiurge, who was not to be trusted, as most of us have seen. The Patriarch, is often cruel, unjust, bigoted, and closed minded and demands conformity. However, his orthodoxy  is not our rule, nor he our "ruler", for the Law is "Do as thou wilt, is the whole of the Law, and the Law is love." In less arcane words, we are the Divine Inheritors of the 3 will's: The "I Will Be" of Kether, the 1st Sephiroth; the "Will to Force" of Chokmah, the 2nd Sephiroth, and the "Will to Form" of Binah, the 3rd Sephiroth. The combination of which makes us the "Being of Will". This is known as the "Son of God", or the Adam Khadmon, who is the inheritor of the All. The Hierophant is the holder of the knowledge of the Emperor. He is of earthly knowledge (Taurus) and much can be learned from him but subservient to him you are not. Just know, that he is not your master, for you are not a slave. You are the "Divine's Self Image" who has "free will".

In his BOOK OF LAW, chapter 1, vs 57 Crowley refers to the serpent and dove symbols in the Thoth Deck card:
" There are love and love. There is the dove and there is the serpent." The Dark Blue Starry night sky of Nuit, the Great Womb from which all phenomena are born, surrounds the Hierophant.
The Hierophant's wand is a three ringed symbol of the the Three Aeons, Isis, Osiris and Horus.The scarlet upper ring is representative of Horus, the two lower rings are usually green for Isis and pale yellow for Osiris. All of which are based on the indigo of Saturn, The Lord of Time, which is appropriate, since the Hierophant is subject to a 2,000 year rhythm of motion.
Some say that the image of the Hierophant is that of a Pope. If so, this is not a Christian Pope, but the image that has come from the ruined altar of Bacchus: The Grand Master or Gypsy Prince associated with Magic, or even from the legend of the keeper of the Keys, the Roman Petra (Peter).

The Legends Tarot-5-The  Hierophant, does not imply the Patriarch, but a feminine dragon queen of some type. It seems that in the Legends Tarot, it is all about the legendary art of the fey, mixed with Arthurian, and some druid myths.
Instead of a 3 ring wand, she holds a large sword, and seems to point the way, while a young dragon is perched on her arm.  She seems to be standing as a sentinel who points the way out of adversity.

However, the Tarot Hierophant represents, conformism and orthodoxy. Which this attractive card is not very adept at conveying, unless following her direction is a form of conformity.

When the Hierophant is thrown in a divination:
  • The querent is seeking guidance by consulting with someone of knowledge and authority.
  • Indicates a need for self-teaching and learning in order to make things tangible and practical
  • The querent is aligning themselves to a particular philosophy or religion.and/or a set of beliefs that they feel a great loyalty to.
  • Is a teacher that is problem solving, piratical in applying spiritual rhythms.One who learns by teaching.
  • Dealing in some way with conventional morality and patriarchal law.
  • Associating with a wise person on matters of spiritual guidance, needing to find spiritual meaning in life.
  • Meditative awareness and philosophy that views every life experience as a learning opportunity for growth.
The Reverse meaning  of the Hierophant if ill defined by accompanying cards.
  • nonconformity
  • Rejection
  • Over-generous
  • Careless
  • Indecision and weakness.
Thank you for your interest,comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.  Also doing business as:

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 4- The Emperor and the Legends Tarot-Key 4- The Emperor

The Tarot of EliIn the Qabalistic Thoth Tarot,  the Emperor, Key 4, is shown as a strong, potent Male figure.The Sign of Aries and the color red is attributed to this card, as is shown by the Ram, and is a forceful sign that implies leadership.

The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars (the Red implies this) thereby exalting the Sun.  Hence, in the Thoth Tarot Emperor, the Sun is shown  behind his head.

The Thoth Emperor is sitting on a gold and red throne, with arm rests in the golden symbols of the Sun and he also has a two headed Eagle on his golden shield. Eagles also represent the Sun, as they are rumored to be the only bird or creature that can look directly at it.

In the Legends Tarot, The Emperor-key 4- is shown as the Green Man, who was considered Lord of the Wood by the Celts.
  The natural  language of Plants is shown in the oak leaves, implying hope, power, and eloquence and wisdom. There is a powerful radiance in his face, showing his great knowledge and bright wisdom. It was believed that he imparted wisdom of the ages, but that one must use caution.
  This eloquence, power and hope is  also shown in the Thoth Deck Emperor card as Fleur-de-lys and bees.

The Legends Tarot, also realizes that the Emperor is responsible for human life as he defines the Laws of The forest. He is illustrated in a surrounding motif of the Sun and the Crescent Moon. He was often used to symbolize fertility and Spring.

The Thoth Deck Emperor is a more imposing figure, less a friend and more a Ruler. But then again, the Green Man wasn't always believed to be friendly. The Hebrew letter attributed to this card is the letter Tzaddi which refers to the sign of Aries. The Sun in the sign of Aries is energy at its most material state combined with authority and we all know that authority is not necessarily friendly.

In the Thoth Deck Card, the Ram is resplendent and  besides symbolizing Aries, it is also a symbol of a Wild, courageous, solitary creature who is also shown domesticated as a lamb and flag at the Emperor's feet. This implies the Laws of government, civilizing and/or domesticating the ram or "wild nature". The presumed object of government.

In the Thoth Tarot, the Emperor is an important Alchemical Card, as he is the last part of the Triad represented in Key 2 (High Priestess) and Key 3 (Empress) ; Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt, in that order. He forms the symbol of Sulfur, as his arms and head form the Upright Triangle and his legs below form the Cross.  In Alchemy Sulfur represents the Fiery Male Force of the Universe. So again we have representation of Fiery, active Energy, under the rule of Law that forms all life.The quality of this power is swift and violent, for if oppressed too long, it is destructive.
His scepter is that of Aries, and the Orb and cross, represents his government has been established. 

The Shield of the Two headed Eagle surrounded in a red disc represents the Alchemical red tincture which is the nature of Gold and the Sun. The White eagle of the Empress, is the nature of Silver and the Moon. As I have said before, there is no He without a She and vise versa.
The white light descending on him implies his authority derived from Chokmah, the creative Wisdom (The Word) and that it is exerted upon the Sixth Sephiroth-Tiphareth (Beauty) often called, the organized
  • Leadership qualities, such as dominance, authority,and worldly power.
  • the control of government.
  • masculine force.
  • Courage, strength of character thru discipline.
  • Patriarch
  • A capable and learned person.
  • Emotions dominated by reason and intellect.
  • Archetype of boss, father and authority figures.
  • Overcoming of past difficulties with experience.
  • Will listen to advice but follows his own rules and judgement.
  • If ill dignified: He's bad "mo-Jo".
  •  Insensitive, Indecisive, Impotent and maybe even Sexually perverted, as he has lost all authority over his passions.
  • Weakness of character.

Positive side:
  • Emphasis on the the lightning phallus of Shiva, as shown by the base of the scepter in the Emperor's hand. This gives rise to the Tarot Wand.
  • Once a trident, this is a symbol borne by the Phallic Gods, Neptune, Jupiter, Hades, Poseidon, Pluto and Lucifer.
  •  Also associated with Lancelot, guardian of the Holy Grail (Divine Womb) and Osiris.
  • A magic man who has become the Husband of the Goddess, thus is "keeper of Her Property"....the true meaning of the Anglo-Saxon word Husband. Her Property are the Life Forms, he is the law that keeps them functioning.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 3- The Empress & The Legends Tarot- Key 3-The Empress

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot:The Empress--Key 3-& Key 3- The Empress of the Legends Tarot.

The Empress represents the Universal Womb and/or "The Gate of Heaven", in which all manifestation is gestated. As I have said before in past blogs, she is the Path of Daleth (means-Door) that spans between Chokma (All Father) and Binah (All Mother) and is a Transitional state of Psychic Energy. The 2nd Sephiroth-Chokma, is a Hebrew feminine noun, and has the capacity to emanate the "Pure female" (called Virgin Goddess); However, the 3rd Sephiroth- Binah-The Empress that is the Path of Daleth, is the merging of the Intelligent Energy states masculine and feminine; of Chokma and Binah. She is the pregnant balance of incubation and passivity. It is this Door/Daleth that effects the transition from One into Many. Hence, being the Gate of Heaven.

For the past 40 + years, I have always called the Empress, "The Womb with a View" as she transforms all idea, via Understanding, into form. She represents both the Universal Mother and Earth Mother, and almost every culture, ancient and new, has some form or name for her. She is the Mother of Gods, usually symbolized as the Moon, which is both light and dark, representing life and death. She often gives birth to an intermediary deity, such as Christ, Osiris, Mithras, Odin etc., usually Sun gods who rule the earth in her name. 

At this high-Supernal Triangle-stage on the Qabalistic Tarot Tree of Life, words are always metaphorical and the pictures alone unconsciously  communicate a great deal of information about the forces and forms more than any word can conceive. Thus, it is recommended that these Trump Cards be used as mandalas for meditation. Both the Legends Tarot and the Thoth Tarot, also us sacred geometry, along with alchemical, astrological and Qabalistic symbols, which stimulate subjective thought. 

The Empress is often called the "Mother of Light" since the Dark Fiery Energy of Chokma, enters the Womb that is the High Priestess, who gestates the egg of Akasha; The Akasha being an etheric energy field where experience is imprinted. It is within The Empress, Key 3  who is called Binah, that the egg is fertilized, by Chokmah-and hence, "hatches" the egg of Akasha which is now the "light of experience" and/or "Understanding". The "light that experiences is often called the "living Light" and/or Life Force. It is what Soul's are made of. 
 Therefore, she is often seen drawn on traditional tarot with a light face (Empress) and dark face (The All Mother Binah-Sephiroth #3-Understanding).

The Legends Tarot, shows this birth of "visible light" as light shining from the east on to her person and throne. One often finds that the Thoth Tarot, concentrates more on Visible Light, even though the Akasha is a form of light that is invisible to the human eye. For it is a part of the invisible spectrum of light, that is called, "a light emitted by an anomalous sun, nocturnal and dark." Therefore, the Empress is both light and dark and as did Juno/Janus the Roman Goddess who later had a gender change and became the god of communication known as Janus. The Latin word janua means door which is the passage of ideas, and was said to control the affairs of men. The Roman patriarchal-two faced god, Janus was originally the goddess- Juno, who bore the "Gate of Heaven"  title of the Sanctuary Screen in Christian Churches, derived from the yoni "gate" of Juno that was "veiled" by the hymen (a god) in her own Temples.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Hymen (god)       

God of weddings, reception, marriage Mount Olympus Bridal torch Apollo and Clio, Calliope, Urania, or Terpsichore; Aphrodite and Dionysos Priapos Hymen

Hymen (Ancient Greek: Ὑμήν), Hymenaios or Hymenaeus, in ancient Greece, was a god of marriage ceremonies, inspiring feasts and song. Related to the god's name, a hymenaios is a genre of Greek lyric poetry sung during the procession of the bride to the groom's house in which the god is addressed, in contrast to the Epithalamium, which was sung at the nuptial threshold. He was one of the winged love gods, Erotes.
He was the son of a muse, Clio or Calliope or Urania or Terpsichore.
   As the "god of Weddings" the female hymen, really needs no great explanation of human sexual traditions.

As a personification of the "Gate Way to Heaven", Juno had two outwardly facing faces, one for Life and the other for Death. The Tarot Empress is also known as Mother Sun and Mother Moon (High Priestess)...they are both the same metaphoric description of the Intelligent Energy that builds Worlds out of Light through the gestating power of Knowledge and the birthing power of Understanding.

Yet there is more myth to explore as the primary goddess-form related to the Empress is Venus-Aphrodite, who in Greek Mythology arose from the Ocean, naked riding a scallop shell. When ever she stepped on land flowers grew. Therefore, we also know the Empress  in terms of luxurious proliferation, making each facet of nature so beautiful and compelling that we can be in danger of losing sight of the whole by the dazzle of the parts. This is about what we do with the human body----as spirit, Fiery energy,  we supply the whole of emotion (energy in motion) to our forms, but often the individual emotional parts become so hypnotic by becoming sensual, that we forget the Whole Self for the focus of the parts. Because of the senuality of form, we Souls become servants to what dazzles us with beauty, or cowers us with fear and forget that we are The Beautiful Dark that Operates "The Forms veiled in Light". It behooves us to state:  "I AM the Spirit and the Life of the Body".

As Aphrodite-Venus, the Tarot Empress is the Goddess of Love. In fact, the symbol of Venus encompasses the entire Tree of Life which expresses the truth that Love is the formative energy of the Tree of Life---i.e. The Universe; However, Venus maybe subjective in the Supernal Triangle, but She is also objective as the 7th Sephiroth--Netzach which is a part of the  Astral Triangle of Personality. Hence, there is a very profound mystery here, as there are three planetary forces that find their objective expression in the Sephira that are low (meaning density) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life while their subjective expressions called paths, are found at the opposite extreme of the Supernal Triangle.[Hod-Mercury, The Magician; Yesod-Moon, The High Priestess; and Netzach-Venus, The Empress]. To me the mystery of Life and the Alive finds solution here. Remember that Life loves its any mother knows, the child is more important than anything else to her! The Empress expresses thought into forms as "she understands them" and through the administration of the Sun- center of Tiphareth (6th Sephiroth/Beauty), she rules them.

It can never be overstated that these cards or keys, represent states of conscious energy that comprise our Psyche of Whole-Self, which is a collective called-0- The Fool, that is represented by the 78 tarot cards.

In The Tarot- key 3, The Empress, is the symbol of the universal principle of love with wisdom. She is a symbol of our ability to extend love and receive love; Love being the Highest Form of Understanding.  In Jungian psychology, she is the anima, the feminine nature.

As seen on the Thoth card, the moon is a western symbol for the feminine-magnetic-nature that is receptive to the male-electric-expressive-nature, usually symbolized as the sun. The images of the Moon waxing and waning, on the Thoth Card represent the dual faces of the Empress; Life and Death. 

The blue lotus, that is represented on the Thoth Empress card, is the Eastern symbol for wisdom. She is the yin energy of the orient. Key 3 reminds us that love with wisdom is the capacity to nurture and support ourselves in equal proportion to how we nurture and support others. The Swan feeding her young from the blood of her breast represents, the Mother's blood that nurtures us all. 

The Qabalistic  Tarot- The Empress-Key 3, is attributed to Daleth, the Hebrew letter that means Door, and is ruled by the vibrations of the Planet Venus.

On the face of it, the Empress is a compliment to the Emperor-Key 4,  the Thoth Tarot #3 and #4, are designed so that the Empress and the Emperor face each other. However, the Empress's attributes are more Macrocosmic and Universal as compared to his more Microcosmic and material attributes of the Emperor.

The path of Daleth or Empress Tarot Card ,on the Hermetic Qabalah Tree of Life, unites the All-Father and All- Mother, Chokma (2-Wisdom) and Binah (3-Understanding). Despite the number sequence, this is not saying one came before the other, rather Chokma -Wisdom and Binah- Understanding are inseparable and simultaneous. For when the Kether (Crown) became I so then I AM was created. Identity became existence which is the United combination of Feminine and Masculine.

Also showing this spontaneous union of the Divine Anima and Animus, there is the astrological  symbol of Venus, on the bottom right of the Thoth Card. As stated,
Venus, is the only planetary symbol that comprises all the Sephiroth on the Tree of  Life.  The Doctrine implied here, is that the fundamental formula for the Universal creation is Love (The Law of Attraction). 

The Magnetic Womb, and Women is difficult to summarize in one word. Therefore the Greek quote."Many-throned, many-minded, many-wiled, daughter of Zeus", points us into the direction of the mystery that is "The Womb With A View" , who is the Understanding that created Image-making and/or Imagination.
The Legends Tarot, shows the Empress, petting her baby dragon, rather than a swan.  The symbols for the moon, surround the back ground of her throne, which is displaying dragon images as well. Her ears seem elven, so we have a Empress of Legends. Her dipiction is more that of fantasy art, than informing us on the mysteries.

In Qabalah,  The Empress, is both the Highest Spiritual and lowest of  material qualities (as above, so below) as she is the Mother of Form on all planes of existence while  she is also the Alchemical SALT which is one of the three forms of alchemical energy (Mercury and Sulfur are the other two). Salt is seen as the inactive part of Nature (Womb-egg) that must be stimulated by Sulfur (Phallus-semen) to maintain the whirling (spiral) equilibrium of the Universe. The Arms and torso of the Thoth Deck Empress illustration consequently suggests the shape of the Alchemical symbol of Salt.

The Empress Tarot card of both the Thoth and the Legends Tarot, are wearing vestments of the Imperial Green, (upper garment on Legends Tarot) while being seated upon a throne. On the Thoth Card, Her throne uprights suggest blue twisted flames symbolic of Her birth from Water, the Feminine Element that is Magnetic. 

Clutched in the right hand of the Thoth Empress stands a Lotus of Isis; suggesting the Passive Power of the Feminine (the Power that Contains). The roots of the Lotus are in the Earth beneath the Water itself, but its petals are open to the Sun, suggesting the belly of the chalice, i.e. the Holy Grail. She is then the Living Form of the Holy Grail or Graäl, that is sanctified by the blood of the Sun (the Sun ejaculates energy which she accepts; male semen is of blood).  Perched on the Thoth Empress's Throne uprights are a sparrow and a dove, her most sacred birds. On her robe are the Royal Bees and dominoes surrounded by continuous spiraling lines. Her girdle is the Zodiac. The symbol of the Womb's Love of Form is everywhere similar on this card.

The tapestry beneath the Thoth Empress's Throne is embroidered Fleur-de-lys and fishes (fishes being the symbol of the First Matter) and also the Secret Rose which is at the base of the Throne. This is the Rose-Mari, a sacred symbol/Grail of the ancient Goddess Mari-The Ocean Goddess, who was seen as the Womb of all Life on Earth. On this card there are no contradictions; what seems to contradict are held in equilibrium by the revolving moons shown on this card.

The heraldry of the Empress is two fold. On her right is a Pelican feeding its own young with blood from its heart. On her left, is the white Eagle of the Alchemist-The Philosophic mercury which symbolizes the "first Matter" and/or "first semen"( Meditation and study, will clarify the deeper meanings of this Heraldry). The Pelican can be identified as The Great Mother, whose "hearts blood" nurtures her  offspring as her "Daughter/Queen who becomes many". The understanding of this Hermetic symbolism is as deep as the Ocean of the Collective Unconscious, and that is the why and wherefore of the path initiations that occur in the Psyche of the neophyte. Love is not a human emotion for it emotes form the Ocean of The Universal Collective Unconscious, from which all Life became. To seek love, is to deny being love; rather we are Love who Creates Itself as off-spring, i.e. "Self Reflection". 

When the Empress Tarot card turns up in a reading, the querent is:
  • Reminded that the power to give love and receive love comes from deep within us and is our natural inheritance from the Divine. 
  • Creative, and expressive of intuition.
  • Of a seductive happiness.
  • Of an idealistic and dynamic nature.
  • Of abundant and nurturing nature. 
  • If Ill defined:
  • Shows the inexperience of an adolescent.
  • Turmoil within.
  • Presumptuousness.
  • Maliciousness.

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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 2-Priestess & The Legends Tarot-Key 2- The High Priestess

The Tarot of EliThe Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-Key 2- The Priestess & The Legends Tarot-Key 2-The High Priestess, in Qabalah, are referred to the Hebrew letter Gimel, which means Camel. The letter Gimel, is shown on the lower left of the Thoth Tarot card.  Therefore, the Path of the Priestess or High Priestess represents the Camel; a Path of psychic forces that carry the Personality and safely traverses the Desert of the Abyss into the "Dark Night of the Soul". Here the High Priestess may seem very vengeful as she removes all that is not worthy of the "Truth of you". On the Path of Gimel She begins tearing apart our Soul's "personal belief systems", indoctrination of the self-conscious; However, we haven't reached the end and have not seen the Whole Truth of Self as of yet, as this initiation is done through the auspices of the "Lower Chokmah", where Chokmah (Wisdom) expands outward; the seed of expansion carries its own limitations. 

The Priestess or High Priestess, is the virginal most pure state of unconsciousness symbolized in the Tarot. She is the very source of all Water and/or all consciousness. The Source of Water and/or Consciousness, is the essence of the idea behind form. She is the Pure Anima, or Divine Imagination. Since, imagination means, "image-making", here is where Creation begins to take form. Here we have the beginning of "what is feminine" and/or the Concept of Divine Creatrix.

Dr. Paul Foster Case said it this way," matter how many forms develop from it, the virgin substance is itself unchanged. Like water, which holds matter in suspension or solution, this substance remains over itself. Here is one key to the alchemical mystery of the First Matter. Here, too, one may find a clue to the inner significance of the Virgin Myths of all religions." The same can be said for "mother's blood", for all beings are created from it.

As you may see, this is a difficult idea to grasp for in this case, Sephiroth #2-Chokma (is a Feminine noun in Hebrew--as the word wisdom is the feminine Sophia in Greek) expresses itself as The High Priestess, or Priestess and is now feminine. The act of expression is ejaculation, and obvious male symbol, the act of suspending or encompassing an idea, is to begin Understanding---which is a feminine concept. For to understand, is to "give Birth" to its form. Hence, the Thoth Priestess is shown with hands spread wide in a crescent shape, invoking curved feminine lines of energy, that are oval or egg shaped.

Crowley put it this way, " This first and most spiritual manifestation of the feminine takes to itself a masculine correlative, by formulating in itself any geometrical point from which to contemplate possibility." This point of contemplation is the invisible Sephiroth-Daath, Knowledge, which is at the "head" of the Path of the Priestess. Therefore the Priestess part of the Unconscious is our first Mother whose "womb" is Knowledge, placing that womb/moon in her Hathor Crown. Here begins Time/Space and the vibratory seeds of form.  Here begins the concept of the "figure eight", as seen across her eyes as if a mask. The concept of the 8, is often called the symbol of infinity. This is true, however, it also is the Fool-0-twisted into the new concept of 2-the Creator and Creatrix by the act of "understanding itself" and/or "looking upon itself".

The Legends Tarot-High Priestess Card also displays a Moon Goddess Hathor type of symbolism, with crescents in the border and a large full Blue Moon in the background.
   Hathor, being one of the "cow" goddesses of ancient matriarch religions, was symbolized in Egypt as upright cow horns with a full moon between. The Egyptian Mother of the gods and Queen of Heaven, Hathor, was originally called Het-Hert-meaning- "the House (or Womb) Above"; later she was Hat-Hor-meaning- "the House (or Womb) of Horus". The Egyptian clergy, stated that She "brought forth in primeval time herself, never having been created."
 The Red of Menstrual and/or virginal blood, another aspect of the Creatrix is shown in her clothing, in the starry sky border of this card. Virginal, for again, mother's blood is the purifying blood and unchanged . Depending on the mythology, from her milk or blood, she created the Milky Way Galaxy.
According to the Sinai Tablets, the Hebrew workers in the mines of Sinai, about 1500 BC, worshiped Hathor, as Astarte.

Although she is shown as one of serious countenance, she is wise, just and compassionate. Standing upright on her, posed in a "summoning" or invocation, she is centered and neutral, neither does she "wax" nor "wane, as she doesn't lean towards the left or the right.  In her right hand is a summon circle of light, implying her knowledge of light. In her left hand is a large wand or scepter, indicating her wisdom and authority. Wisdom in Greek, is known as Sophia, who is also a goddess image. 
Around this wise High Priestess's neck, is a choker consisting of the colors of the 4 elements.
The blue of water, is all around her, in the hooded robe she wears and in the blue sky background.

There is a common occurrence of dragons, in the art of Legends Tarot, as seen in the clothing of this High Priestess. This is fitting, since Dragon's are of legend, and are shown as wise and powerful, which are also attributes of the High Priestess.

Each of us is an entity, which in the Physics of Thermodynamics is known as a Point in Time and we are also the Knowledge born of Understanding-Understanding being the All Mother Binah and Daath the Hebrew letter for knowledge, which is the Invisible Sephiroth on the Middle Pillar that is right on the Path of Gimel and therefore "the Womb of the All Mother". To me, the Sephiroth-Daäth represents the invisible Womb of Binah, The Qabalah's All Mother and is called the Priestess or High Priestess; invisible because it was before there was visible light and therefore, hidden by the veils of light that she weaves into manifestation.  What is simply stated here, is that we are all inheritors of the First State of Conscious (The Unconscious is: The First state of conscious) and it behooves us to return to that State, with our personality software, so that we can clean out the trash thought of enforced indoctrination and "Know ourselves", i.e. our True or Higher Self.

As previously stated: The Priestess or High Priestess, Key 2, also refers to the Moon which is the general symbol for the feminine, cycles and fluctuations and of the second order corresponding to the Sun as the Yoni does to the Lingam. The Moon in this case, is universal, and goes from the highest to the lowest; However, The High Priestess is the first card that connects the Supernal Triad (Supernal Triangle) with the Hexad (The Holy Hexagram); her Path-Gimel, directly connects the Father in his highest aspect (Kether) with the Son (Tiphareth-6th Sephiroth) in his most perfect manifestation. Thus, the old axiom," Through Her shall ye know Him". This is the purest and most exulted conception of the Moon which controls the tides of the unconscious.
The Thoth Tarot card, The Priestess, also represents the highest form of Isis the Eternal Virgin and is shown as Artemis of the Greeks, another "cow" or Moon Goddess.

GIMEL:The Path of the  Priestess or The High Priestess-key 2:
Meaning: Camel  From the root Ger-meaning stranger.
When a stranger dwells among you in your land, do not taunt him. The stranger who dwells with you shall be like a native among you and you shall love him like yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.
                 Leviticus 19:33-34
This old testament quote (there are many in the old testament) reminds us that we are "Strangers in a strange land". We are Spirit, who often feels "enslaved'' by the world of man made economics as well as by the very bodies we animate! We, as conscious micro-wave energy, know how it feels to be out of our element (The Supernal Triangle) and should remember to look kindly on the stranger in our midst....after all, they are just another way to be you! Each of us, Spirit, Mind and Body.

This Hebrew letter also reminds us that although the Jews suffered, humiliation, enslavement and oppression in Egypt,  they also had a sense of settlement there. So when the time came to journey to the "Promised Land" (Higher Self) there was resistance to motion, for the unknown is not as comfortable as the known discomfort!

The Path of Gimel, on the Tree of Life, reminds us that all the self-illusions are removed and on this Path as the Supreme Mother has removed her smiling mask and reveals the cold, stern  expressionless face of immortal beauty a perfect black diamond. This is well illustrated in the Tarot- Priestess card, as she is all energy- dark energy, with the menstrual red slash of color, reminding us that she is the Mysterious Purifier.Hence, the Legends Tarot combination of black and red in their art of the High Priestess.
In reading The Priestess, or High Priestess tarot, one must understand that all the maternal help of The Empress has yet to be established and we must face the crystalline reality of our own free-will....a most difficult task of the Mysteries related to the crossing of the Abyss. We must be as the camel, able to cross the most difficult of terrain that is the abysmal desert where reality is just dust, and the Real is Darkness of the Ancient Unconscious.

The 3 Paths of the Hermetic Qabalah,  Gimel (Priestess), Samekh ( Art or Temperance), and Tau (The Universe or the World), are aspects of the same energy conscious which together make up the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life. These 3  Paths are related to the Moon and are Paths to the "Dark Night of The Soul" where our personality is definitely a "stranger in a strange land". All this may seem terrifying and negative. But if you look at it from Qabalistic point of view, it makes positive sense: Sometimes you need to lose yourself in order to find yourself; to take the road less traveled to find the right path for you and sometimes you need the chaos of the Tower in order to free yourself from illusion  that you can't travel the Path of Enlightenment. Yet you have already done that, for it is just spiritual memory. Hence, "Know thyself", which reclaims your inheritance as a Supreme Spirit Self. Gimel (camel) is about being a Traveling Stranger....fearlessly enjoying the unknown and later finding it very familiar!

The Wisdom of THE HIGH PRIESTESS or The Priestess,  is in regulation, as Her fluctuation rates establish the direction for the "First Matter" as it descends in to greater and greater density. Thus she is THE MOON, that regulates the tides of the Waters of consciousness.

The four paths rising into the Supernal Triangle (top 3 sephirothic triad), each represent a Alchemical element, each a composite of the "Garden of Eden". THE PRIESTESS, is the Uniting Spirit, the Fifth element, symbolized as the top point of the Pentagram. THE HIEROPHANT= Earth, LOVERS= Air, THE CHARIOT= Water, THE EMPEROR =Fire . The THE HIGH PRIESTESS= Spiritual Mother and/or Womb of Knowledge.

Overall, THE HIGH PRIESTESS or The Priestess, is the vessel (womb-mind) for all operations of the Supernal Triangle; she is the crucible-womb where the alchemical activity of Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt take place. She is also the source of the Four Rivers of Paradise, The Pison (River of Fire-The Emperor), The Gibon (River of Water-The Chariot), The Hiddikel (River of Air-Lovers) and the Phrath (River of Earth-Hierophant). Which goes a long way in describing her fluctuating nature, as rivers are often "waves of serpentine flow".

As I have mentioned before, the journey up the Paths of the Tree of Life, is about remembering our beginning, a critical part of "Above all things, Know thyself". THE  PRIESTESS, conceals within Her Vibrations ( or robes), all the knowledge/memories of the Race,  as well as, those of the Cosmos.

Behind Her, on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, resides the Sephiroth- Daath (Knowledge), the invisible one that is made visible as a scroll of knowledge in the Witches Tarot Card; However Daath is invisible as is all knowledge harbored in the Unconscious and also because of Vibratory Veils of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. These veils, are shown as Light in vibratory form, on the Thoth Tarot Card; And a circular pattern of blues in the art of the Legends Tarot-High Priestess card. The Qabalist knows that it is Light that conceals the True Spirit---the one we've called "The Fiery Darkness", because Dark Energy is the True Light of the Dark Fire, as it is the substance of Supernal Potential that is the "Dark Ocean of Binah".

To look upon the Light of the HIGH PRIESTESS, one must become Virginal in nature, for it is a dark- Light "so bright" one of mundane persona can not look upon it and will be shocked right back into there Malkuth realm of race sponsored consciousness. If the desire conscious is conquered, the Light of the High Priestess is welcoming, and brilliantly beautiful...but without heat. Thus, it is a cool light resembling the dazzling brightness of Ice in full Sun or Moon Light. Passing through the "light veil", one enters the Abyss of Dark Matter/Dark Energy where the only sense is the original "I" sight of the One.

Obviously, when considering light, the Qabalist must re-think the essence of light for only .4% of the Electromagnetic Spectrum of light is visible. It is apparent to the researcher that all religions that stress "the Light", are based on The Sun God (Son of God) of old religions and who is the 6th Sephiroth- Tiphareth on the Tree of Life. For instance, religions based on the teachings of Christ, Buddha, Apollo, Osiris, Ahurda-Mazda, Mithra, etc. However, the Gnostic Mysteries, unlike organized religions, states that Light conceals, rather than reveals, by its very brilliance.

As does the Moon, so does The Priestess or High Priestess, go from brilliant light to absolute darkness. Thus, the Mythology of the Moon and her deities, such as, Hathor, Ishtar-Inanna, Dianna-Artemis, Hecate and Hel-Aine (Later as Helena), better known to those of Celtic origin as Elaine the Moon-Goddess.

The Thoth Tarot Card Shows THE  PRIESTESS as Hecate-Selene (The Triple Goddess as described by Hesiod) which means "The Far Shooting Moon", an aspect of Artemis. Artemis is also known as the "maiden of the silver bow", suggesting the lower aspect of THE PRIESTESS,(The ART card), which is Sagittarius, the archer. That is why she is illustrated with a bow across her knees.
Artemis is the triple Goddess, represented as the Maiden, then the Orgiastic Nymph, then the Old Crone.  As some say, Maid, Mother and Crone.  
To reiterate: The Priestess or The High Priestess,  acts upon the First Matter of the MAGUS, causing it to function in the pattern of a figure eight lying on its side, the lemnistrate and/or Mobius Loop. This represent a total unified energy cycle of both opposed and duplicated vibration. This holding, enclosing, and duplicating  function is that of the first female quality on the Tree of Life.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS or The Priestess, represents what Carl Jung called the "virgin anima", related to "virgin milk" which he called the "life giving power of the unconscious." The Word "virgin milk", is really a arcane meaning for menstrual or Mother's blood.
To the inquiring mind, I really recommend one gets the book: THE WOMAN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MYTHS AND SECRETS, by Barbara G. Walker and looks up the Moon Goddess Myths. The Priestess or High Priestess relates a concept so subjective, that much repetition of information, in differentiating perspectives is greatly recommended.

Hence, to further understanding, I shall reiterate:
She Is The Path of Gimel of the Hermetic Qabalah. She is not a literal return to the warm enclosure of the Cosmic Womb, as is THE EMPRESS. Rather, she represents the Supreme All Mother, without her smiling mask, revealing a True face of cold yet beautiful countenance; this is the activity of the Pure Mind of the Supernal Triangle. When visiting the Inner Purity of Mind, All veils are removed, all illusion is dispersed, and we must face the crystalline reality of our own absolute free will; a task not for the self-consciously weak.

The State of Intelligence that is The Path of Gimel, will carry those cleansed of desire thinking, across the longest and most important  Path on the Tree of Life; A path which radiates down from the  Supernal Triangle, composed of unimaginable potential,  to the Ethical Triangle, the "actual", also making this the path a position between God the Father in Kether, and God the Son in Tiphareth, making this a Path of the Highest Initiation.

The common description of the High Priestess is that she is the most pure essence  of consciousness, symbolized in Tarot as the very source of all Water (Consciousness); However, to the initiate, she is considered the "lower Chokmah" (Wisdom), wisdom is being expressed here as both masculine and feminine (The Goddess Sophia of the Greeks-means Wisdom). When applied to Chokmah the word Wisdom is masculine, for here it is "sent forth" and as the Seed of wisdom is ejaculated, it expands outward, applying the seed of expansion contains its own limitation which is that of intent. The Feminine is Formative. Therefore, Wisdom is taken into the most Spiritual (Spiral) manifestation of the feminine and formulates it into herself as any geometrical point into which to contemplate any possibility, i.e. the All Seeing I of the Original consciousness.  The Word Sapiens, of Homo Sapiens, is also a Latin word for Wisdom, also showing her link with Chokmah.

Now I know this concept of the Womb of Unconsciousness is an impossibly difficult one to understand and the most descriptive of Qabalistic terms may seem nonsensical, but the Priestess/High Priestess, is not only the Womb of Consciousness  but she is both Male and Female, much like a Hermaphrodite ( Hermes-Aphrodite) that can impregnate itself.

The Higher Chokmah is a Sun, and the Lower Chokmah is a Moon. Thus, when viewing THE PRIESTESS Tarot card, you will see a slight feminine figure with arms raised, behind curved vibrations of light (Feminine) and a strong lower masculine leg section with the a bow across the knees, with a background of straight lines of light (Masculine). Yet she is a virginal force, because no "Outside" Male force fertilizes her. From Her, the source of Water/Consciousness, is the idea behind the idea of form,  I think Dr. Paul Foster Case, creator of the B.O.T. A., said this best in saying that,"... no matter how many forms develop from it, the virgin substance is itself unchanged. Like Water, which holds matter in suspension or solution,  this substance remains over itself. Here is one key to the alchemical mystery of the First Matter.  Here, too, one may find a clue to the inner significance of the Virgin Myths of all Religions."The Same can also be said for "Mother's blood".
[ Remaining "over itself" may also be a clue as to why Lilith, the Biblical First Wife, wished to lay on top of the First Male Form called Adam, in Genesis and was banished from the Garden for a more complaint Eve.  A convenient revision so that the Patriarch could be placed in charge of sexuality. A fun and enlightening study for the curious.]

In his book, THE THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM, Dr. Case calls the Path of Gimel, the Uniting Intelligence, because it is the "Essence of Glory" and/or "The Grace of God", specifically the grace of the Triple Goddess, shown as the Three Graces, Muses and or Fates. No matter the terms, the fact is that your personality must be shed of all the reality and desires that our conscious has constructed before the All- She is able to "carry One across the Abyss, into Daath (Knowledge) the invisible Chakra of the Tree of Life, that resides below Kether, on the Middle Path. It is that Knowledge that our conscious essence is seeded from, so that the Psyche, (soul) could become the operator of the "I-mage of God".   
Dark-Daath is no longer invisible to one who has entered the Garden of inherited Knowledge that resides between the Mother named Understanding and the Father named Wisdom.
Therefore, The  High Priestess/'Priestess is often called the Prima Materia, or Root Matter (First Matter) as her work can be considered the result of Self-Conscious.

Now the MAGUS,( Will-Kether), symbolizes a condition prior to "Unconscious thought"  This condition acts upon THE HIGH PRIESTESS in such a way, that the Path of Gimel  becomes the " vessel of mind" and/or  "Holy Gaäl", capable of encompassing the thought forms (knowledge) of which the Universe will eventually be composed. Being that She is the source underlying all vibratory patterns that compose form, she is shown on the Thoth Tarot Card  as a figure composed of vibratory waves of energy.
Moreover, nothing can grow in the Garden of the Empress without this wave structure that underlays energy. It is for this very reason that the Moon is assigned to this path, for it is a pattern of waxing and waning, fluctuation, dualities and tides, just as the waves of energy in a vibratory pattern. Here, the Goddess is both Force and Form, and as a Moon she controls the tides of consciousness.

Now if you wish to skry this card, remember, She is Pure Virginal Conscious and without empathy, She is as the Ice Queen of the Norse and Durga the Hindu goddess of life and death. Unless you have a mentor who has been through the initiation of THE HIGH PRIESTESS,  you may find her Cold Beauty destructive to your sensibilities as she strips your personality of all that is not worthy of Pure Conscious Self.    I have met her, "face to face" (faceless Abyss of Intelligent Energy) and She is a scary Black Diamond-fiery Beauty who will assist you in self dissection...often without permission, for that permission was given by entering the Abyss. To those who think bravery is an ego trip, don't try this ....ever! Ask a Mother of a large family, what bravery is for they know how to give of themselves to form another. Then do your best to incorporate that idea into your heart, you may then survive the ordeal of the "Dark night of the Soul".

When The HIGH PRIESTESS or THE PRIESTESS, is thrown during a reading for the non-initiated, the Querent is:
  • Experiencing the principle of  self-trust, indicating an easily working state of harmony and inner independence.
  • A self knowing. 
  • Accessing hidden Knowledge from the unconscious. 
  • Self-sufficiency, self-trust, and intuition

To the initiated male, She represents:
  • The Spiritual Bride of the Just man (The Prince, no longer of this world).
  • When he reads the Law, she gives the Divine Meaning of that Law.
  • The Arcana is revealed, the Mystery is unfolded, an futures are seen.
To the Initiated Female:
  • She is the Papess, associated with St. Mary Magdalene, or the Great Shakti of the triple Hindu Goddess Kali, or the Greek Gnostic Sophia, the original Mother of the Holy Trinity.
  • Considered one of the Highest and Holiest of the Major Arcana.
  • Complete development of Feminine Powers (Womb rite) that go deeper in meaning than the words, intuition or insight, can convey.
  • She is the Law of inherited Wisdom.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 1-The Magus & The Legends Tarot- -Key 1- The Magician

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-Key 1- THE MAGUS & The Legends Tarot-THE MAGICIAN:
 In Hermetic Qaballah, The Magus, The Hermit and the Hierophant, are called the 3 Magi. The Magus or Magician, as an individual, "Stand for Mankind" as a full Tree of Life, that is both Force and Form of all the Planes of Conscious Energy; The Adam Khadmon and/or the Whole Higher Human.   For those who think that reading a book will qualify you as a Magus, I am sorry to say, it is a union of Kether's name of Eheieh- "I will be", with the very molecules of your body where the, " As within, so without" flows through the Inner and out being in a figure eight spiral of pure will. This figure eight flow is called the lemnistrate (Greek for Ribbon). A great many trials and tribulations are required in order to awaken this "sleeping giant" that resides in your individual DNA. Oh by the way, his is the Will that started the Great Work of Being.

As shown on the Tree of Life, the Soul had to build many "Houses" (Hebrew-Beth) before it can ever achieve the manifestation of a Temple of Mercury, a condensed and therefore a sensual body that is able to flow the Above (Kether) Energy-Intelligence without vibrating beyond vision on the Below (Malkuth). Often, it takes the Soul's diligence and determination of many "life times" (persona manifestations) to accomplish this Magus/Magician as a living  persona.

The Magus or the more traditional Magician,  is referred to the letter Beth, a Hebrew letter which means House or Temple, and is attributed to the planet Mercury. Thus, the depiction of rather exaggerated winged feet on the Thoth Magus illustration.

The ideas attached to this Tarot card are often very difficult to understand and one of the most difficult for modern man is that words are not action. Therefore, this card is all about the Action of Eheieh, the "I Will-Be", that began the first motion in this Universe, woven of motion; the Moving- Universe of Vibration Weaving (The Electromagnetic Spectrum), which in itself is a Beth and/or The Great Temple of the Macrocosm! The Magus is the Son, the manifestation in act of the idea of the Father. He is the male correlative of the High Priestess.

Mercury is preeminently the bearer of the Wand (Phallus) which represents Energy Sent Forth and/or communication. The wand is shown in the right hand of the Legends Tarot Magician while the Thoth Magus is the wand itself.  The Creative nature of Mercury is the Sun but the path leading from Kether (Crown) to Binah (Understanding) is ruled by Mercury as well. Thus, he is the Lingam that is the Silent Word of Creation. This is not Male as in Sex, it is Male as in "expression", and/or electricity. The ideas illustrated by the Thoth-Magus and the Legends Tarot- Magician card are complex and so multifarious that many documents, meditations, and study are usually required to grasp this cards multidimensional message. When skrying the Magus or Magician card, it suggested that one should ask,
" Where should I direct my potential?"

In the Hermetic Qabalah, Mercury/Magus/Magician is representative of action in all its forms and phases.
S /He is the fluid basis for all transmission of activity. The Magus is the substance of the Dynamic Universe. Modern physics has given The Magus or Magician language as that electric charge which is the first vibratory-manifestation of the ring of Ten indefinable ideas; S/he is thus, continual creation which is the paradigm of a duality; S/he is both wisdom and folly; S/he is the law of reason or of necessity and chance. Being that the "Magus within" is unexpected, as it unsettles any established idea and therefore, appears "tricky". The Magus is the very idea of a Sorcerer, which comes from the Latin, Solitaris, which means "to cast lots" and some have interpret it to mean "from the Source"; both are appropriate.

The idea of a Sorceress seems to be the purpose of the Legends Tarot-Magician. Who walks the "in-between" places that border the Light and Dark. Here she has offered her left hand to a dragon, so that it to can travel these realms of in-between, without fear; However counter-intuitive it may seem, the Dragon needs this support for the in-between places of the Astrals, can cause great disorientation among the minds of the mundane.
Hence, the Magician represents will power, self-confidence, domination, strategy, and diplomacy. 

From the Above, the Thoth Magus, is what may appear as the second emanation of the Crown (Kether) and thus, can be interpreted as the adult expression of the c Fool who is "like the children" and is more innocent and without focused intent; The Magus being the Will of the Fool's focused intent. The ideas presented in the Hermetic Qabalah, are so subtle and tenuous, that any given description and/or hieroglyph represents a subtle insistence, however slight, upon some form of pantomorphous idea.We are symbols (simulations of our souls), and symbols are how we interpret data.

The symbols on both the Magus/Magician card emphasize the creative and dual character of Beth (the honey moon suit of Goddess/god).  As Crowley stated in Liber Magi vv, 7-10 : "With the Wand createth He, With the Cup preserveth He,With the Dagger destroyeth He, With the Coin redeemeth He."
On the Thoth card, these implements of the Magus/Magician are seen floating around the hovering Magus. They are absent from the Legends Tarot Card.

On the Witches Tarot-Magician card, these implements of magic that represent the four elements, Fire -lamp, water-cup, earth-plant and air-sword are shown as Dragon (his rule over fire), with the sword like teeth and animal body of earth, along with the Ocean-water and the Sky-Air.

The Whole of the Tarot itself, has been called since the time of Levi,  the Book of Thoth, god of "words" and therefore Thoth's companion was often shown as a monkey, who represented the trickery of words.

To reiterate: In the Thoth Tarot , The first Key, The traditional Tarot-Magician, is called the Magus. In most decks the Magician sports the wand of Mercury, and/or the Caduceus, which encompasses the whole of the Sephiroth, except Kether, who forms the top sphere, on the Tree of Life. In the Thoth Tarot, the Magus is the Caduceus.  The Magician/Magus is the Qabalistic Path of Beth, on the Tree.  Beth, meaning "house", and the Magician represents the original house/dwelling place of the Supreme One Spirit Identity, which is represented by the O-Fool card. Hence, The Magus is the Fool descending towards dense manifestation.

The first matter of the Alchemists was called the Philosophic Mercury, the first in creation, the beginning of the beginning, the stuff of thought and was often symbolized as a fish. The Key 1- card also represents the opposites of life and death, because to create the beginning, an end must also be created. So without the energy of the Magician/Magus, there would be no life or death, beginning or end. The Figure eight (lemniscus; Greek for "ribbon") formed of the Serpent crowning the Thoth Magus's head,  represents this unbroken cycle of form and energy in this universe. This lemnistrate of infinity, is shown as a ribbon like energy flow, and represents the O twisted upon itself-8- so that it can become the eternal 2 expression of energy: The Masculine-electric and Feminine-magnetic, that are really one and inseparable.  

The Life energy of the Universe is directed by the Magus/ Magician as step 1 in the evolution of Matter. S/He is called the Transparent Intelligence which is both the Transmitter and the Transmitted, i.e. The Mirror of which S/He is both sides; the Message and the Messenger.

The Magus/Magician tells us that when the One Energy is transmitted and/or first moved, it became primal matter, which is the interaction of Kether, Chokma, Binah transmitted through Daath (invisible Sephiroth) who is not the Creator itself but the bearer of the Creators Will as- Knowledge.

The Thoth Tarot- Magus and Legends Tarot-Magician both are a representative of Hermes (Greek), Mercury (Roman) and Thoth (Egyptian) who all are the same deity. This Deity was associated with words, because a messenger must clearly state the cause of the one who sent him.
Being that the Roman, Mercury, or the Greek Hermes and/or the Egyptian- Thoth, all representing the same deity, the amalgamation of their qualities having become inseparable in modern esoteric literature.
 As stated, Hermes, was always associated with words, this makes sense as a messenger must simply state the cause of the one who has sent him. Then there is the Egyptian- Thoth, who reportedly created the Hieroglyphs, developing the necessary means by which a message could be transmitted and recorded. The companion of Thoth/Hermes, was shown as a dog-headed Ape (Cynocephalus), representing words themselves. and their potential for deception and misunderstanding. Thus, we have Cynocephalus, included in the Thoth Deck card, laying at the Winged feet of the Magus.

Not only do words affect the Will, as cause and effect, but they also transmit ideas from person to person in the same way that the Magus/Magician  transmits the idea of Self-Creation of the One -Kether. The Transmitted idea, from The Magus , fertilizes the ONE Womb,(Understanding) Great Mother Binah.  Just as words fertilize Consciousness! Thus, the power of Words, is about stimulating the birthing of unconscious ideas into conscious images of understanding, by the Power of Expression, but not necessarily the Truth of Creation, for that Must Be Made Manifest (THE HIGH PRIESTESS)!

However spoken, these Words are vibration/ sound and not necessarily any understandable spoken language, such as the modern "light language". Therefore, the Magician/Magus transmits the Idea of Self Creation ("I will Be") from the One from above. Hence, the Words (Vibrations of Will) of the magician/Magus are how the Intelligence of the Sephirotic will is transmitted. A word is an intelligence-laden vibration and the idea of the Magician/Magus is the first vibration through which the One Spirit begins manifestation. This vibration encloses the Spirit and the All of Creation. As shown by the two different symbols on the above, Robert Wang (from his book: Qabalistic Tarot) illustration; The Caduceus, encompassing the Four Worlds of Qaballah and the Sephiroth on the Planetary symbol of Mercury.  The swirling clouds, represent the woven vibrations- "words"- of the Solar Logos, who is Kether/Eheieh (meaning: "I Will Be"), and whose Qabalistic symbols are the Swirling image of the Swastika, The Crown, and the Point.

All individual created wills are but reflections of the Will that is the Magician/Magus.

A true Qabalistic Magus must allow the Primal  "I will Be" to operate through him or her, utilizing all senses. By doing so the control of the senses by the self conscious survival mind of good/and bad is overcome with the Greater Will of the One.

 As stated: In the Thoth Tarot Card, the Magic Mercurial Wand of the Magician---is the Magus himself. Giving us insight into a unseen Truth. The wand has no power, it just focuses the Will-Power of the One who wields it, at a point in time! The Transmitter and the Transmitted become One Point In Time; a magic moment where entity becomes solid. As stated The Thoth Tarot-Key 1: THE MAGUS, is often called THE MAGICIAN in other decks. No matter what this first Motion is called, it is Key-One, The Path of Beth. Beth is a Hebrew letter, that is shown on the bottom left of the Thoth card and means House or Temple. The Planetary symbol for mercury, is shown on the Thoth-Magus, lower right of the card.
The Planet attributed to the Magus/ Magician is Mercury-"The Messenger" of the "Kether" and/or Supreme Spiritual Self.

Dr. Paul Foster Case, in his text, THE THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM, calls the Path of Beth, the Twelfth Path that is the Intelligence of Transparency

As stated, but not overstated: The Path of Beth (The Magus) is between Kether (Crown) and Binah (Understanding) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, making it the transition (Phallus) path of the One undefined Energy, and the Great Organizer, Binah. Thus, the relationship that establishes the  meaning of House, that is the "dwelling place" (Womb) where Spirit resides before "falling" into manifestation.
In this case, it is appropriate to call the Magus/Magician "that which builds the House", in other words, the Magus directs and encloses the  One Spirit (Spiral energy-Vital Life Force)) which is symbolized by THE FOOL tarot card. Hence, we can see that, the Will of the Supernal Triangle of Kether, Chokmah and Binah, is represented by the Major Tarot Cards whose activities are only separated by a degree or less. Thus, the Aspects of the Magus and the Fool are closely linked and inseparable.

Scholars of the first five books of the Bible (the Pentateuch), point out that the letter Beth is the First letter, as the book of Genesis begins with "Bereshith", commonly translated as "in the beginning". Interestingly, Fabre d'Olivet translated Bereshith as meaning "At First, in principle", knowing that Beth symbolizes the "Beginning of the Beginning"; The Will of the One. Thus, it is the First Matter of the Alchemist, the Philosophic Mercury and or "First Principle".  The First Principle, because to create a beginning one must create an end, even on earth, foundations are built before the building. Therefore, the Magus also represents the key polarities of creation, Life and Death. This process is indicated by the figure eight that is lying on its side (lemniscus: Greek word meaning, ribbon) and or Uroboros, the serpent that eats its own tail, as both represent the closed circle of One Energy, begun by the number One -Beth, acting on the Zero-Aleph, THE FOOL (The Lemniscus symbolizes the Act of Turning upon oneself as a Twisting or Spiraling-Thus creating Male and Female infinite circles of Force in the Circle of ONE Energy). Remember, because there is no Action in the Mind, until "Will" disturbs it! Thus the Magus chant of ," I am the will . I am the way. I am the wealth, I own the Day ", is most appropriate to this card's power and effective as a skrying chant.

[For an entertaining story of the first relationship between the letters Aleph and Beth,  i would suggest one reads the  Zohar, a Qabalistic text.]

However, even though the Magus is associated with Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, it is not all active. In fact, it is both active and passive, as it is both that which Transmits and that which is Transmitted ! The Magus represents both the One Life Energy which when transmitted becomes the Prima Materia (First Matter). Here an understanding of the fact that the Magus (Mercury) is the "message bearer" of the Gods, meaning he is not Himself the Divine Creative, only the bearer of its Will. The ejaculator, if you will. (The whole Supernal Triangle is the action of the Divine Phallus and Womb.). The Wand in The Magician's/Magus's hand  symbolizes this "phallic action", showing that the Magick is merely the Transmitted will of the Greater Being that is the Supernal Triangle or Trinity of the I AM (Will to be, will to force, will to form_.

The Thoth Tarot Magus is designed on the Greco-Egyptian, Gnostic and western metaphysical traditions. When these philosophies modified each other, they advance the idea further than any other traditions.
The Egyptian Mercury was called Tahuti or Thoth and in that tradition he was Ibis headed. To the Egyptians, the Ibis was the symbol of concentration (meditation) because the bird stands  motionless on one leg. In the Crowley form of Thoth, he is seen bearing the phoenix wand that symbolizes resurrection through the generative process.

Shown in the depiction of the Thoth Magus, his left hand holds an Phoenix wand and around his left ankle is a serpent like cord of a stylize Crux Asana which not only represents a sandal strap [the means to travel through the 4 worlds] which is a distinguishing mark of the god-head, but also the Ankh (crux ansata) represents the Rosy-Cross; symbolizing the Phallus-Yoni union that is the God-head and/or The Divine Creative.

However, this Hermetic  symbology represents  a deeper mystery than most fear based and/or superstitious self-conscious thought is prepared to go. Therefore, only determined open minded scholar's will need apply their brain to such studies that will lead them to the central mysteries of the Aeon of Osiris whose great secret so diligently guarded from the profane by the "flesh-o-phobes", was that  the intervention of the Male is necessary for the production of children, both of Mind and Form. In other words: The "I " ( will to force) intervened with "Am" (Will to Form) to produce the offspring of Force and Form, called a "Me" (Will to be). Since the Christian Father's, profaned their own statement, " that Man is Made in God's own Image", the well studied student of the mind knows that words, the instruments of Thoth and communication, are illusions, fantasy, mere theories and even trickery  and the symbol of this card can be studied and seen as : Manifestation implies illusion.

A Magi/Magician knows that thought is what we manipulate by will, into forms and/or the foundation of ideas that become form and since thought is a tool to manipulate the "first matter", we the Willful Spirit, that makes our body live, are not thought! Hence, you cannot identify yourself by words, only your actions will sound out your name! Again, above all things know thyself! Upon so doing, you'll easily see that everyone you meet is another way of being you; as all are a Magic image of the Supreme Spiritual Self. Another Way, is the operative term here. So let them alone! Let them be "another way"....that's why The Greater Self built and builds so many of us "Self-reflections". Creation loves "another way" to be, because then the journey of Self-Awareness has infinite possibilities! Each of us is "The Will and the Way": the Spirit is Will and the living Body is the Way of Spirit. We are also inherit the wealth of idea and because our bodies are magically made out of time-space formed by "The Great Understanding"; we are the "Will and the Way, the wealth and We own the Day". For only bodies give us, who are the Endless Will-to-be; a Day. Day's are built of time/space and each day gives us the illusion of Self image and the resulting Power of Limitation creates Self Awareness. To study Thoth Tarot---is to know the deepest secrets of Self!

When this card is thrown it implies the querent has:
  • Occult wisdom, skill, and is adaptive.
  • Initiative
  • Willpower
  • Choosing
  • Beginning
  • Astuteness
  • Potential
  • Persuasive
  • It's time to tap into your own magic for the answers.
  • There is craft and cunning, indecisiveness, and hesitation as well. All depending on the dignity of the accompanying cards

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-0-The Fool & The Legens Tarot-O- The Fool

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-0-The Fool & The Legends Tarot-0-The Fool:

In both the Thoth Deck and the Legends Tarot , the familiar green man image is used. This is an ancient symbol of the expressive,active, male force of spring. The male force, is known as "electric" and is an aggressive growth force, while the feminine of Spring is magnetic and forms the vessel that holds the electric force so it may become living forms.

Anne Stokes, is the artist responsible for the lavish illustrations of the Legends Tarot.

She is concentrating on the art of myth and legend, thus the name of Legends Tarot. These are spectacularly beautiful cards that most find fun to read. Even her introduction card is lavishly done.One can find this Tarot Deck on 
Her interpretations, are mostly traditional, yet the images can often be more Arcane, than the descriptions let on. I will do my best to interpret those of the occult as well as the mundane meanings.

The Legends Tarot-0-The Fool:
Illustrates a fey child, who could even be a Leprechaun or a Woodland Elf.  Whoever this child is, they are gleeful, innocent and full of wonder. These are often the traits associated with the Fool tarot card.
The Oak tree, whose leaves form the collar around the wood elf's neck, and whose acorns upon which this elf sits, are usually the abode of Dryad's but here we see a young playful elf.  

In mythology of many cultures,  Elves could be beautiful, or ugly; playful or dangerous. During very ancient times, elves were considered to be Ghosts of the dead; However, that changed into a separate belief in 5th dimensional beings or spirits, who are in charge of plants, water, air and fire.  This young elf on the Legends Tarot, seems to be in-charge of glee as a young "Green Man" of druid legends.
Traditionally, the Fool, represents the Spirit, pure, free, innocent and full of wonder.

In comparison, the Qabalistic Thoth Deck Tarot, also shows the Green Man of Spring, a bit more mature, who is seen horned as a Trickster, implying the trickery of  self-deception.

Symbols of the Holy Spirit, the white dove, the new soul on its journey, the butterfly are also included in this card; however, this card is Qabalistic and tends to go deeper into the Arcane that the Tarot of the more traditional Tarot decks.

In past blogs, I have pointed out that the Fool is a Path itself, called the 11th path of Aleph; Aleph meaning Ox, which is a sacred animal symbol for earth. The Fool is called the Scintillating Intelligence, because it is the first perception of Will of the One who has the potential for activity.

The Fool is an intelligence in the realm of Dark Energy that Qabalists call the Ain (No-Thing), which is the nothingness that produces the potential for thought. Therefore the Thoth Tarot Fool, represents that potential for thought that transcends reason.

The implications for self deception take on a deeper meaning here, as we are talking about a mental state that each of us may have experienced in sleep.  Many of us have experienced the feeling that they have reached some special reality in sleep but upon awakening, we find the symbols absurd. We may even remember a few words, but they seem nonsense when we analyze  them consciously. We easily dismiss any discontent  idea that may disturb or disrupt out waking reality. This is a self deception that may have dangerous consequences.
To a Qabalist, the Fool, represents the beginning of the All as Aleph is the beginning of the Hebrew alphabet. Here is the All as O, before it became She/He as an 8.

On the Thoth illustration,The Fool is ignoring the tiger gnawing on his leg,an oriental symbol for fear, which implies that he is not paying attention to fear or caution.

The winged Orphic egg, is not only the symbol of the "seed of Spirit" but in Crowley's depiction, is also the "I" (eye) of Horus. You can read my past blog on the Fool for further Arcane meanings, but in short. The Thoth Tarot Card implies all the meanings of the Legends Tarot, but goes much deeper into the Arcane meanings of Gnosis, and Qabalistic Magic.

The Thoth Tarot Fool Card is also designed for skrying that will send the skrier on the Path of Aleph, a path of spiritual  awareness that not only transcends all "reason" but that has been explained in detail in past blogs and known as the "Mysteries of Dionysus". As you may realize both Tarot decks have similarities and both are absolutely capable of Divination. 

The pursuit of deeper secrets (Arcana) is a principle of the Thoth Tarot cards and that is often the only difference it has form other decks. The student must find their deck of choice and practice with it, if not daily, as often as possible.This allows a good Divination channel to be opened from body to Divine Collective Unconscious, which then produces a trustworthy accuracy.
Thus, when the Thoth Tarot Card is thrown during a Divination; IT IMPLIES:
  • A conscious state of no fear. Courage. The ability to give forth new ideas and pursue then from a place wonder, courage and anticipation.
  • The querent is able to complete all motion from faith.
  • Being open to what the future may bring, A feeling of protection and in it a sense that everything will work out. Trusting the Inner Spirit.
  • The Spirit in search of experience.
  • Spontaneity, the carefree irrational impulse that is know as the "irresistible surge of propelling energy"
  • Folly, mania, extravagance, delirium, frivolity and negligence, as supported by accompanying cards.
  • Suggests the unenlightened person beginning the journey towards enlightenment.

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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Princess of Swords & The Witches Tarot-Page of Swords

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-Princess of Swords & The Witches Tarot-Page of Swords:

The Pages of any deck, are replaced as the Princesses in the Thoth Tarot Deck. Thus the traditional Page of Swords is replaced by the Princess of Swords in the Thoth Tarot.

The Page of Swords seems to be a determined young person who's sword is raised in defense.  There seems to be something undecided about this character, as he holds the sword in a position of defense but is not sure if he is going to swing it in aggression or not. 
The wind is blowing aggressively and swirling about his hawk medallion, and the fluffy clouds in the sky. All indicating the moody- element of air. There is also yellow trim on his tunic, which is the color assigned to air. There are hawks also embroidered on his tunic sleeves.

In the language of animals, the hawk is a symbol of impatience and a sign that one won't stop until one's goal is reached.  

The tumultuous clouds and air seem to be paired with this young person's temperament. Because of this one's moody reactions, it is uncertain exactly what this young person will do. Will this one reign in their temper and act appropriately or not?

The Thoth Deck Tarot Ace of Swords, the power that the Princess of Swords rules,  represents the Root of  the Element of Air which is also representative of the Seed of Consciousness. When lacking the Will that is Spirit, consciousness behave like Air,  which blows which- ever- way of the common current. In nature, air lacks the concentrated will of fire to unite with water and it lacks a corresponding passion to unite with its twin, earth. Air as mind, has no self-generated impulse, and is totally dependent on the heat or cold of the moment.  But when set in motion by its Father-Fire and its Mother-Water, it magnifies their power into something horrific, such as tornadoes or hurricanes;

Or the Princess of Swords.  Wind in this state, is comparable to Consciousness, as all embracing, all penetrating, all wandering and all consuming.

The status of air, as compared to the other Elements of alchemical origin, would seem minor but in reality, air is the first element to follow Spirit. Spirit is of the element- fire, that begins with the Logos (Word of God). Air is also attributed to Mercury and most properly, the Breath of Life. Then there is the Hebrew statement,"Achath Ruach Elohim Chiim" (777) which means,"One is the Spirit of the Gods of the Living". In this case air is the the medium that carries the Spirit of "the gods of the living" which is called Prana in Sanskrit. Hence, we can see the empowerment of yoga breathing exercises. 
When thrown during a reading, the Ace of Swords is an Invoked force for good or evil. It represents the whirling force and strength through trouble. It can be the Sword of Wrath upholding Divine Authority and thus an affirmation of justice in the querent's life.

THE PRINCESS OF SWORDS, represents the earthly part of Air. She is the fixation of the Volatile. She represents the influence of Heaven on Earth and brings about the materialization of idea.

There is some suggestion of the Valkyrie, in this card , hence, she also represents Artemis and characteristics of Minerva. To some extent, she represents the anger of the gods, and wears a helm of  serpent crest, that symbolizes the serpent-haired Medusa. The heavens and clouds whirl about angrily, while she is stabbing downward with her sword. In the back ground is a profaned altar, whose fire is gone out due to lack of attention which seems to anger this Valkyrie.

Since Princesses are the "throne of Spirit", the Princess of Swords has the option of "throwing everything overboard" and/or "blowing everything sky high."

The Character of this personality Archetype, is stern,  and revengeful. Her logic is destructive, as she is both firm and aggressive. She also shows great practical wisdom in material things. Being adroit at controversy,when affairs are controversial in nature, she shows great cleverness and dexterity in the practical management of these affairs, 
When the Page or Princess of Swords is thrown during a reading:
  • It may represent a young woman or young man with brown hair and blue eyes who shows great wisdom, strength, acuteness, and is subtle in material things. 
  • She or he is graceful and has great dexterity.
If ill dignified,
  • She or he is both frivolous and cunning. Often she becomes incoherent as all her talents tend to combine forming a species of low cunning. This produces a kind of  mental slowness  and her mind becomes the prey of constant anxiety, crushed by every kind of responsibility, especially in family affairs.  
  • She is either a mood fighter or defensive to the point of rash decisions.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Prince of Swords & The Witches Tarot- Knight of Swords

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth-The Prince of Swords & The Witches Tarot-Knight of Swords:
As you may know by now, the Thoth Princes are the Knights of more traditional decks.

The Thoth Prince and the Witches Tarot- Knight of Swords, represents the airy part of Air (mental/conscious part of Mind), as air is directed by "outside influences" such as the heat of passion and the coolness of pure mental rationale, so does this card represent the same mental activity.
Therefore, this is the Archetypal personality of the intellectual, pure-rational mind.

In the zodiac, the Prince or traditional Knight of Swords, rules from 21 degrees Capricorn to 20 degrees Aquarius.
Hence, this card represents Air of Air, Specific Air of Primal Air, (personal consciousness, linked with Primal conscious) which shows an active mind that swirls all over the place.The 3 fairy like beings pulling the Thoth Prince's chariot, are symbols of the capricious nature of the mind which can be pulled into any direction.

The Witches Tarot- Shows this Knight/Prince, as charging forward in fierce passion. His charger, is a Grey Dapple Friesian horse. The yellow color of air in his cloak and the yellow tack of the horse, all represent the element air. 

Also the heraldic hawks embossed on his horses trim represent air, eagerness and the thrill of the chase. 
With a firm hold on bridle and shinning battle sword held high, this knight charges confidently into the fray. Also, his visor is up, making sure his sight is unimpeded. 

The Thoth Prince of Swords has both the long sharp sword of the rational aspect of mind that invokes and creates, while in the left hand he carries the sickle of destruction that immediately destroys what is created, adding to his capricious nature.
Since this is a card of the Mind, there is significant Moon (Yesod) symbolism here which brings its own illusion. The three fairies are "moon children", and the Yesod- Sephiroth-Foundation, which is directly connected to Tiphareth-the ruling intelligence of the Princes, is ruled by the Moon.

In Mythology, the Prince of Swords represents Tyr,the  Norse god of battle. and also Mars, the Roman god of war. Both of these personifications, represent destruction, pestilence, daring and death. The Prince or traditional Knight of Swords, is representative of the Archetypal Tyrant- Personality who is charismatic, dominating and so impersonal that they have a great power to harm. Sharp wit but assertive to a fault. This card cautions the Querent about over -rationalization.

 The Thoth Prince of Swords is dressed in woven-full armor of definite device. His chariot is composed of geometric ideas, that don't fit together. This chariot is drawn by unharnessed wing children "who are flights of fancy" and as thoughts, may go any-which way they like.  The reins are attached to passing geometric ideas. The Prince/Knight of Swords can be compared to the knowledge of Euclid expounded upon by an idiot, whose argument takes any twist and turn it wants to, and yet be totally "rational". Thus, the chariot is easily moved but unable to go into any definite direction---except by accident. 

Here is pure intellect without direction supplied by the Will/Spirit. Never the less, the Prince of Swords is crown by a Child's Head, for there is a secret Divinity here that is linked up to Tiphareth (the Son/Sun of God), but usually, if this personality thinks in terms of the divine, it believes it is above all others and often suffers from the righteousness of an fanatic.

Since the logical process of the Prince of Swords has reduced the Air/Mind  to many diverse geometric patterns, they reduce the power of creative mind, as they have no definite purpose. This is symbolized by the Sword in his right hand (willingness to create) and in his left hand a sickle, which destroys what he immediately creates. The Sickle is also the "death dealing" tool of the Dark Isis, and/or Moon Goddess, as shown on the Thoth- Hierophant major arcana.  Once again, showing the Moon's influence on this card.

Being that his thoughts require no practical effort, he is purely intellectual, full of ideas that tumble over one-another in a mass of ideas unrelated to each other.  He is not simple minded as he has all the apparatus of the Mind, intensely clever, admirably rational; thought in its highest degree, but unstable of purpose as even his own ideas are approached with his indifference. He knows that any idea is as good as another and can rationally persuade an Eskimo into buying a deep-freeze even though nature has already provided! By removing the substance of an idea, he can place every idea into an ideal world of ratiocination. Therefore, it always looks good on paper no matter how impractical it is to build!

Being that ratiocination is purely formal, even the very facts that promote his ideas are ignored so that his ideas become baseless and unreal.
This person is immensely powerful because of their unsettled principles which enable them to put forth any argument without regret or remorse, much like a insane-used-car salesmen from hell, who postulates the value of sawdust in the automatic transmission of the car he's selling.

The Prince/Knight of Swords personality is also often glib to quote scripture, cunningly supporting any thesis without considering the fact that he supported an opposite thesis earlier in his bombast.

He is impossible to defeat because any position is as good as another and ready to enter into combination with the nearest element available. He really doesn't care if his or her ideas are detrimental to life, the idea is its own purpose! His/Her momentary Vision is above all else! This momentary vision, achieved by the point of the double edged mental-sword, is shown on both Tarot Cards. 

These elusive and elastic core personalities represented by the Court cards, may seem confused, but they are of evolutionary use to the Psyche. Especially, if mastered by the Greater Will and Intellect of Spirit known as Tiphareth-Beauty.  One of this Prince of Swords, personality type, is best advised to mentally travel up the inner Tree of Life to the 6th Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree known as Tiphareth-Beauty which is the Divine Child in manifestation and/or the inner psyche. This is usually done by skrying the Sun card which shows the "Dancing Twins"/the Anima and Animus.

The Chaotic nature of Pure Mind must be controlled by the Understanding Mother of All form, Binah/Divine Anima, who is connected to the 6th Sephira. As Force, for its own sake, is utter destruction of all life, Will to Force must be united with Will to Form, for life to exist.

Without the Understanding of Spirit and It's purpose for life, these Prince of Sword personalities become faddists, fundamentalists, fanatics, devotees of drink and drugs, humanists (those who believe that mankind is the center of the universe----all else can cease to exist.) and bible thumping theologians. But even in  such directions there is no stability, and they wander from cult to cult, vice to vice, supporting fanatical convictions for the sake of whim. It is easy to be deceived by such people as they manifest great potency of thought and are often describe as having great depth and breadth of mind. As in all readings, the surrounding cards will show the dignity of this card.

There is however, a bright light here when Pure Mind aligned with Pure Spirit, ideas can become living image. Pure Spirit does not reside in religion...that chaos of ideas belongs to the idiots that praise a man-made god for creating life while their fanatical ideas destroy it all around them. Rather the Purity of Spirit that is the Life itself, that resides as the Great Ocean of Mother/Universal Collective Unconscious that is all around, in and through us and AS US! So once again, "Above all things know thyself", is necessary here. I Am Love and all around me Love is expressing itself as another way of being "Me". We belong to each other, and not to ideas that separate us from each other. Ideas, have no purpose unless applied to the unification of  Life---for that is the Great Work of Spirit. Ideas make the Divine Creative, in their own image, while The Divine Creative-makes us into It's image! Thus, it is obvious, that to know God/Good, is to Know thyself!

The Thoth Tarot-Prince of Swords, represents The Creative Intuitive Thinker that is part of all of us. In fact, each of us has inherited the 16 Archetype personalities of the Greater Self, especially if the Soul has manifested  the many personalities depicted by the Zodiac. The ones we choose to focus our action on the material plane, can be a daily, monthly, yearly or lifetime choice. Each of us is a multidimensional state of conscious energy; our names are legion!

When we entertain the personality archetype known in tarot as The Prince  or traditional Knight of Swords (see above Thoth-tarot birth chart), we have use of the personality that has newly mastered creative-intuitive thinking. We become inspired and wish not to be limited, restricted or restrained in any way. This desire to be unrestricted is shown by the two swords that the Prince of Swords  has in his hands. With the sickle and the broad sword, the  determined Prince cuts  through any thoughts, beliefs or attitudes that might reign in the movement (chariot) and/or the expression of creative-intuition thinking. This non acceptance of reigned in motion, is also shown by the Night Sun Tarot's Knight, who is charging over the precipice.

 As before stated: The Prince/Knight of Swords is associated with the zodiac sign of Aquarius, which is the symbol for the new age, creative, innovative, and original mind being bound by earth and/or the earth sign of Capricorn.

The Diamond Chariot, of the Thoth Prince, represents  The Great Work, which is the expansion and liberation of the living from self-imposed limits. It is the "as above, so below" symbol of inspired motion. It is creative energy that wants to be actively expressed and will be in a power positive way or a negative "fantasy" way,(three fairies) where the individual is so full of ideas, that they reduce all ideas to unreality by removing them to an ideal world of ratiocination and formality, which as such, is out of relation to any facts.
 Fantasized Utopian concepts come from this state of  thought.

 To reiterate: The Princes or traditional Knights, are the personified Elemental Forces, of those 4 elements that are brought into balance in Tiphareth. However, THE PRINCE OF SWORDS, represents the mental element of ideas that can be constructive or destructive.

 To expand and reiterate: The Thoth Prince of Swords is also called the Chariot of the Winds,Prince and emperor of the Sylphs and Sylphides.

In the right hand of both, the Thoth- Prince, and the Witches Tarot-Knight, is swung the Sword of invocation and creation. However, only the Thoth Prince,has in his left hand, a sickle which immediately destroys that which is created.  On both cards, with child like innocence, the Prince/Knight of Swords wields his Sword of Geburah. The logical mental processes of the Prince/Knight has reduced the Air (mind) into geometric symbols that represent no real plan, but are demonstrative power of undefined purpose. Such as charging forth, with no real enemy present.

  1. As a person, The Prince of Swords personality is purely intellectual. 
  2. Overflowing with ideas that tumble over each other in a mass unrelated to practical effort. 
  3. This is a brain that won't quiet itself down long enough to focus well on one thing. 
  4. Intensely clever, admirably rational, with high degrees of thought, yet unstable of purpose. 
  5. There is in this Prince of mind personality, an indifference to their own thought, as any idea is worth exploring, but not for too long! 
  6. By reducing every thought to ratiocination, this personality has removed all substance from thoughts, making them formal and fantastical, as they no longer relate to any facts; even those upon which the thoughts are individually based. Thus, this person is completely free from settled principles and is capable of conceiving and putting out any conceivable argument with out the clutter of remorse or regret. 
  7. This is a mind so glib, that it is able to forget the contrary argument it produced minutes before and go sallying forth with a new argument. 
  8. These people often become faddists, cultists and devotees of drink, drugs, theologies, humanitarianism or music and religion, but without stability.

When this card is thrown during a reading:

  •  The querent: feels the need to release creative and intuitive thought while cutting through any barrier to this release. 
  • There is a tendency to think too fast so slowing down the thought process is advised if success is to be achieved.
  •  The querent is showing the tendency to be overly rational, missing the subtle emotional points that would heed success in communication.

  • They are committed to acting out their ideals and philosophy in their own lives; not really caring about how others do it, as they put incredible energy into supporting or examining particular beliefs. 

  • They often present a magnetic personality that is extravagant, careless and excessive. 
  • Ruthlessly brilliant, they can have good business judgment. 
  • There is a combative nature here, that is courageous, turbulent and skilled in the war of wits.
  • New Aquarian thinking which is trying to break through, or has broken through.

  • This Warrior of the Mind, may be torn between to ideals  which seem to be equal in value, but by being brave, dashing and domineering becomes committed to one of the.
  • Without commitment, this person has no staying power and is unable to communicate or finish this ideas fruition.
  • This is the Alchemical element of air, which can be overly mental and out of touch with emotions which may be linked to the need to travel or relocate.  For more information about the Tarot cards, or for a personal reading,  live on line or in person, email

When signified as a personality archetype, this card represents:

  • A young person of a turbulent  combative nature. 
  • Not only is this person's mind enthusiastic, changeable with rapid switching of logic, they are also often argumentative.
  •  A very active and imaginative mind that reduces all ideas to and ideal world of ratiocination  and formality, which as such,  is without relation to known facts. 

  • Usually prefers "pure mind" over emotions.
  • Esoterically,  this is the "Knower", ( one who knows and hears not derision)and shows mastery of synthesis and delusion. A kind of farsighted mental view and expansion into cosmic awareness without proper empathy.
  • For the Querent, this is a card of communication. 
  • The Querent has decided to be deeply committed to  acting out their own philosophical ideas in a daily lifestyle. 
  • Speaking out courageously but showing a tendency to be head strong and assertive. This is where the sickle destroys the attractiveness of the created logic. 

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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Queen of Swords & The Witches Tarot- Queen of Swords

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot- Queen of Swords & The Witches Tarot-Queen of Swords:
The Tarot Queen of Swords represents: Mastery of Objective Thinking and Clarity of Intellectual Thinking.

Straying from the Egyptian theme, the lavishly illustrated Thoth card of Avaunt Guard Art, represents The Greek Goddess/Intelligence that is Athena or if one prefers Hindu, the Goddess Kali. With sword in one hand and head or mask in the other, the Queen of Swords shows a remarkable resemblance to Kali-Ma, the fierce sword wielding, skull bedecked, Goddess of Life and Death of Hindu origins. This is an apt presentation since traditionally swords are called "the death suit".

The Queen of Swords is sitting on a cloud, with sword and mask in hand, as she is the mask-cutter. She is the fair witnessing mind who removes all illusion and sees the Real that is masked by the more condensed personal reality and visible light.

As a personality type, the Queen has cut through her own masks, roles, and defenses in order to retain her clarity and objectivity (The crystal crown). The child's head above the crown of clarity, symbolizes her child-like innocence and curiosity. The Queen of Swords represents the Liberated Mind with clear perception of idea; Water is consciousness and Air is Mind. Therefore, this Queenly personality is usually the counselor or consultant for others and also has the courage to seek counsel and consulting for herself when necessary.

The Tarot Queen of Swords card represents the mastery of objective which is the deepening of a centered rational mind; the quality of mind that demands objectivity, authenticity, and abandonment of pretense. The Observer within our consciousness which is detached from roles and assists us in reconnecting with our child like truth.

The Witches- Queen of Swords, depicts a dark haired Queen, with the silver spiked crown of the Moon, studded with yellow topaz. Yellow topaz represents successful attainment of personal goals. Around her neck is a necklace with a blue topaz stone which invokes truth and wisdom. She is holding a double edged sword in one hand, as seems to be beckoning to someone.

The symbols of air are all around her, as song birds on her decorative throne, on a high mountain top with fluffy clouds and blue sky. There is a blue jay on her throne and one on the ground, reminding us to walk our talk with integrity, calling upon our own sense of sovereignty and to be fearless in developing our talents, just as the Queen of Swords does.
The Blue faerie that is hovering near the Queen is an air sylph who seems to be attending the Queen.

On the Witches Tarot-Queen's lap, is a bouquet of Lavender and Lilly of the valley.  In the language of flowers, Lavender represents magic protection and Lilly of the Valley represents a return to happiness.

Yellow is the official color associated with the element of air; a color that is in the yellow topaz and Lilly of the Valley flowers.
When the Witches Tarot-Queen of Swords is thrown in a reading, it is heralding a time of when one needs to pay attention to their own instincts and intuition. New ideas are blowing in, hence, it may be time to try something new.

In the zodiac, the Thoth  Queen of Swords rules from 21 degrees Virgo to 20 degrees Libra. The Queen of Swords is assigned, Water of Air, which is not only power of transmission but elastic as well. She is high in the "heavens". This is appropriate for as a "death goddess", of the death suit. Therefore, she is a pyschopomp (soul guide).

What the Thoth Queen of Swords reminds us, is that the very head of mankind, the thinking center of words, definitions, and all concepts of division-ism made by mankind's identities of separation, that deceive us, removing us from What is Real. Rather than the Real Persona of the Soul, or with the perspectives of Supreme Spiritual Self, that is born as an innocent child, we have a personality of indoctrination that perceives a cultural "reality" born of survival thinking. These "group cultural soul " thoughts of survival, fill the astral/formative world with superstitions, fear, and hate.

Since,The Astral realm -Yetzirah, is the Formative World of all forms, including deception, that is, where all emotional thoughts begin to swirl into formation, the "creations of the created" abide as products of emotional belief. Here are created the concepts such as gods, demons, devils, nightmares, and phantasms of fantasy including our false perspective of self.  This falsehood must be trimmed off of all perception by the sharp sword of concise wit, wielded by our Spirit, whose "surgery" then protects our identity from the fantasy and illusion, making our way clear. When this "man-made mind of words" is removed, so is the "Tower of Babel" that is the structure of worded  and divided self identity, and/or "self-conscious" which is not real but merely a simulation.

In order to "travel back " up the Tree of Life, we must remember that words are an individual description of a thing that is not "created by words", and often are attempted descriptions of items not created by any person. Since words are always subject to individual interpretation, as a mask, they blind us to what is real.  Removing the mask of words, the True Conscious Psyche, that resides on the "other side of the Mirror", transmits knowledge not made by words; knowledge transmitted via intuition and imagination. Imagination, is the "Womb-with-a view", she uses Image (Mandalas/pictures/tarot) as her expression of understood-idea. This Image making Mind, is known as the 3rd Sephiroth of Binah-Understanding, on the Tree of Life. She is also the ruling intellectual aspect of the Queens and the small card 3's.

As you can see, this Queen Card may seem a complicated card, not because of obfuscation but rather because of our inability to disconnect our identity from the animal- trickster in our pleasure/pain indoctrinated brain and see the images around us and as us, for what they are. We honestly believe that words are knowledge and condemn or praise each other with definitions and/or titles! However, everyone or everything had to be "Defined into Definite Manifestation" before we could have ever seen it! Therefore, you already are Known into being, not a being who must be identified by those you meet.

This may shock you, but the earth is not a court room, where you are judged by your "peers". Divine Creative Knowledge built you so it could work the material of earth into what is a "living" image of the Divine Creative, i.e. you! This gives intimacy to creation, as the Creative can now "taste, touch, smell, hear, and see itself" in a personal way. This is what makes , happiness, and joy possible. For one cannot enjoy anything unless there is a "thing/Measurement", to see, tough, smell, or hear. Therefore, through the trinity of I AM ME, the Divine Creative, of the Supernal Triangle-Trinity, can now "play with the Children" of its own creation! Remember we all are a trinity of intelligence, called "I"-Spirit, "Am"- Mind and "Me"-Instinctual body. Hence, we are all complete and must go about being our-self rather than someone's invention.

 Those who believe that words create pleasure or pain, fail to understand that if they yell with all their force the word Grass, that identity of plant fails to grow on the floor; the floor and the real realm of Plants fails to see any power in a word; for what we feel, is merely our own internal reaction to what we think the word means!  But if one visualizes a lawn and, plants the seeds, and fertilizes them, all of which are actions of power and/or the ableness of work that the body gives our Mind and Spirit, grass will grow whether one gives it definition or not; For grass by any other name is still a green leafy creation, that existed long before words...and was never created by mankind; Neither is your Real Persona, for it is the Soul and/or Psyche of the Divine Creative. So a God/Goddess by any other name, is still you.

Power is described as the "ability to do work", there is no "dis" in ability anymore than there is "dis-power". Therefore, Power is not a belief system but rather an Active Dynamic of Creation. For us, who are Souls, we have constructed a ternary-mechanism for Work, the ability to create in Light, our own self images and/or "concepts of self".  Contrary to those who think a "sacred place" is outside the body, the body that we call human, is a Power Tool of Spirit and Psyche, that enables Our Energy Conscious/imagination to work ideas into manifestation (Transformations of the One Energy) in the Realm of Malkuth/Earth. To the Soul/Psyche, personalities are "artificial intelligence" who proves identity by deeds/action, not by words. In the Real, we have been praised into manifestation as a clear concise idea of the Divine Creative's ternary Self Image!

The principles of the Queen of Swords brings us to an understanding of how we are deceived by fear based thoughts while showing us how to transcend deception by Knowing Ourselves as we are Known to Her, who is the form-creating Divine Feminine.Hence, Truth is in the manifestation of idea and not a reaction to it. The Reaction of an emotional "out-burst" to a word, is fear of being wrong, which really translates to "fear of  rejection or vulnerability".

To reiterate: Qabbalistically, the Queen of Swords represents the Watery part of Air. Air being the representing element of Mind and Water that also represents the element of "emotion" which are the "currents" that move  within the whole Mind (Unconscious/conscious).
The Queen of Swords is attributed with the elasticity of this combination and the power of transmission that this Watery Air provides.

 Again, She rules the zodiac from the 21st degree of Virgo, which is about paying attention to the details, to the 20th degree of Libra, the balancing agent. In the Thoth  Tarot, she is enthroned upon clouds (Watery-Air), topless and wearing a gleaming belt and sarong, symbolizing the Great Mother of Consciousness. Upon her helmet is the child head crest from which the sharp rays of light are emitted, illuminating her empire of celestial dew.[Celestial dew is the substance that radiates from the pineal gland when it is stimulated in a higher vibration by the Kundalini, that baptizes the brain, resurrecting the 2/3ds of "sleeping brain" that is not used in the mundane, human-being. This dew or hormone, awakens Divya-Sidhis and/or "magic abilities"] . The Child crest symbolizes the Divine Child within us all---the Innocent One of Enlightenment before we are "dumbed down" by indoctrination.

In her right hand, the Queen of Swords holds a sword (the Sword of Geburah-Severity) and in her left hand the head of a bearded man. That bearded man is the Mask of Patriarchal Culture that we use to define ourselves. When in Truth, We have already been Defined by the Divine as It's Children made of Light. Hence, Enlightenment comes from realizing that no-further self definition is needed as we've been Defined into Being already! I AM  Spirit-Mind and Body! All other definition is just masking our Truth. So here we can see that the Queen of Swords is the clear conscious perception of Idea, the Liberator and expand-er of the Mind. For the goal of the Supreme Spiritual Self, the One Mind, is to form into a "body". This has been accomplished, as the whole Tree of Life, is condensed into the Kingdom of Malkuth that is ruled by the Virgin-Mala. Hence the earth sign of Virgo, is assigned to the Queen of Swords. 

The Queen of Swords represents the True Will (Will-To-Form) and has the power to cleave away the unnecessary gross to build the Pure-Understood idea. To some this can be disastrous, for the gross is all they believe in, knowing not their own Pure Self, they see Kali-Ma as a Fanged Hag with Severed Heads (symbolizing personality death). She is also often depicted standing on the backs of copulating Lovers or Shiva, who die in her Sword thrust. The "little death" of  orgasm is resplendent in this image, causing even greater fear of "male-female" union among the ignorant.  However, to the knowledgeable, the union of male-female is the sacred act of communion that builds the Divine Creative who builds All. [Tantric studies are recommended for those who wish to Know].  The Lust To Be, begins with the first shout of the Logos- Eheieh-"I Will BE"! In this shout is knowledge of the "Big Bang"---the Great Orgasm that has activated us all. To know the Dancing Goddess-God, Anima (Spirit)-Animus (Soul), is to Know Thyself! For you, the Me, gives the I AM, the ability to do work by connecting sensuality and discernment to the One Collective Mind of I AM.
 When that fear based illusion of weakness, masking us, is removed, we find that we are the Divine Power that has clear purpose and Great Will to Be!

The Archetypal personality of the Queen of Swords card represents 

  • Lucidity of perception.
  • A keen observer (cutting edged), a subtle interpreter, an intense individualist, swift and accurate at recording ideas.
  •  Confident in action, with a gracious and just spirit. 
  • Being graceful in motion and extraordinary in balance, she will have exceptional dancing abilities.
  • A very strong willed mature Woman who clearly knows what she wants and can bring about her ideas swiftly and without nonsense.
  • When personified, this Archetype Personality is usually:
  • An older woman who has loved and lost but is undaunted.
  • She is strong willed and determined with clarity of idea.
  • A woman who can bear whatever life presents.
  • She can be critical of emotional outbursts and knows that mental discipline is a necessary part of balance emotions.
  • She is a master of equanimity and negativity.
  • She knows words are necessary for communication of ideas, but not truth nor final judgment.
  • The Querent is coming into a phase of realization.
  • Realizing that reacting emotionally to worded thought is a trick that keeps us enslaved to the visions of others.
  • Rather, she/he now understands (or soon will) that active participation in our own ideas, is why we have a body in the first place!
  • Be full of Your Idea, and clear and sharp on your destination and then----Go For It! Do or die, is what life is. I would rather die doing what I enjoy than die as a slave to someone's definition.
  • The Queen of Swords is also the counseling or consulting aspect that is witnessed when people ask for clarification or have the desire to get to the bottom of things.
  • This is an aspect of mind that any decent Tarot Reader knows personally and for me, passionately. For I being a practicing Qabalist, and Tantric, I know Kali Ma,Kali Ema and Kali Uma  as a union of the three stages of the female anima (Earth Feminine consciousness) Maid, Mother and Crone. Each one of these aspects of the Divine Feminine, demands the release of pretense and self-absorbed ego.
  • Illusion must be stripped away from our eyes that are blinded by culture, indoctrination and thought organized for us by others.
  • To be psychic is to be child- like in your observation, where everyone is another way to be you but not necessarily the way you are. Observation without judgment of right and wrong.
  • She knows, and does not believe, as she sees belief as untried theory. In other-words, belief is pretense of knowledge and is not to be confused with faith which is Trust. Metal clarity, is a place many of us fear to go-----we fear we might not like what we see.  You will be surprise when you become mentally clear, Truth built you so it could be you. Truth is made manifest as you, it is a dynamic presence, not a belief system. The concept of Kali/Athena may seem ruthless, but this state of mind is precisely merciful  with out the pretense of "bowing to our weakness".
    If ill dignified She will be:
  •   Avery dangerous person, of exceptional cruelty, slyness, and deceitfulness, all wrapped-up in a superficial beauty and attractiveness.
  • This ill dignity would be because of her inability to support interference, so foresight, prudence, care in preparation of action (paying attention to details) will safeguard the individual from the negative side of this personality.
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