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Tarot Card Comparison: The Thoth Tarot-Key 15- The Devil & The Witches Tarot- Key 15-The Shadow Side
Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth Tarot-Key 14- Art & The Witches Tarot-Key 14- Temperance.
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 13- Death & The Witches Tarot- key 13- Death
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Tarot Card Comparison: The Thoth Tarot-Key 15- The Devil & The Witches Tarot- Key 15-The Shadow Side
Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth Tarot-Key 14- Art & The Witches Tarot-Key 14- Temperance.
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 13- Death & The Witches Tarot- key 13- Death
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 12- The Hanged Man & The Witches Tarot-Key 12- The Hanged Man
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 11-Lust & The Witches Tarot- Key 8-Strength


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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparison: The Thoth Tarot-Key 15- The Devil & The Witches Tarot- Key 15-The Shadow Side

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-Key 15- The Devil & The Witches Tarot- Key15-The Shadow Side:

On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, The Devil-Key 15, is the Tree of Life Path of Ayin, and it connects the 6th Sephiroth of the  Solar Logos, Tiphareth with the Sephiroth- Hod, that is the sphere of Mercury and the intellect. The Path of Ayin, is the Twenty-sixth Path and is formative. In the terms of Self structure, it is the bridge between The Personality and individuality.

As I have stated so often before, the Solar Logos, is the Original Personality of the Divine Child of God, i.e. the Son/Sun. Note: this is not a sexual description of a species, rather it is an Energetic one, For the Son of God is a  Sun that sends "solar flares" (Divine Energy and Data) outward as individual expressions of It's own Self ( Personality); from Self into selves that circumnavigate , through the experiences of self-awareness back to Self, i.e. from Tiphareth to Malkuth and back up the Tree to Tiphareth again.

The Hebrew letter Ayin means -Eye and is a simple letter that also means -Mirth. This double meaning  may invite confusion; However, rest assured, that this Path of Ayin is one of the most difficult for western people to understand, for interpretation flies in the face of Christian cultural definitions that have been applied to the Devil. 

In Barbra G. Walker's Book [ THE WOMAN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MYTHS AND SECRETS] which has been honored by the London Times Educational supplement as 1986 "Book of the Year", the provenance of the word devil is noted as Persian. She states." The Words "devil" and "divinity" grew from the same root, Indo-European devi (Goddess) or deva (God), which became daeva (devil) in Persian. Old English divell (devil) can be traced to the Roman derivative divus, divi: gods. Thus it seems that, from the beginning, gods and devils were often confused with one another."   She goes on to explain such enlightening scholarship that I highly recommenced this book to anyone who seeks an honest education.

There is another fact here that may hide from reason, and that is the combination of the words Devi (Goddess)and Lingam ( Male phallus), is Divya Linga ( Sanskrit word for Divine- lingam)  and has also been interpreted by propagandists of Christian past, as the word Devil,:which actually bespeaks of the "Son of God" as the Solar Phallus. Hence, the Christian Devil is always shown with a phallic tail.  Much to study here as most of our "knowledge" is propaganda based misconstructions!

To the Qabalist, the Devil in not viewed as an evil entity (lived spelled backward), having its own god-like existence, as it represents a special mystery (Arcana) that must be experienced and understood before we can hope to directly know the Higher Self. Within our Physical bodies. The Devil is the intelligence that is Master of Manifest form, which we meet on the Path of Ayin, and must face and conquer. The Path of Ayin, takes the traveler into an understanding that we are entering  a transition between the intellect of consciousness (individual conscious) and true spiritual conscious. In other words, our Brain, is our Devil.

Three Paths lead directly into Tiphareth: THE DEVIL {key 15), ART (key 14 called Temperance in Golden Dawn Deck), and DEATH (key 13). Now each of these paths  represents a special trial for the initiate; However, each student is not required to travel all three Paths. One way to experience Path Travel is  the Devotional Path of the Middle Pillar, where one need only experience the Path of Samekh (meaning- Prop) or the Art Card-key 14 (Temperance in other decks), leading from Yesod (Foundation ) to Tiphareth (Beauty). This is more of a gentle path of the Mystics  and demands less mental and emotional will from the Student. The Magi's way of following each and every Path, means the acquisition of control over Forces which each Path symbolizes: every Path confers a unique power
( "magical abilities"). A Magus is an active Force of Creation, rather than a Passive one. The difference here, is that the Traveler of the Middle Path does learn to balance and understand within the Self, the forces of  the twenty-two Paths, but understanding these conceptual states of conscious energy does not necessarily develop the ability to manipulate them, which is an art necessary in the development of  a "discerning Personality"; the Spiritual purpose for the human body!.
Now I know, that some students of the Occult (hidden mysteries) enter into the studies seeking a type of "Raw Power", hoping to control others and circumstances to avoid pain and "doing unto others before they can do unto them". Such misinformed students soon learn that if such Power is acquired and then misused there is a devastating price to pay. So there is no question that for the timid, the Middle Path is much safer than facing and conquering the temptations of the Magical Path.

THE DEVIL represents Raw Power (Mars), it is the Force that brings about the transmutation of THE TOWER (key 16) and is in the sign of Capricorn (also shown as the Goat or Goat like image  on the Waite and Crowley card), which is where Mars is exalted.  Capricorn, is a weighty, even blind sign of Earth and symbolizes the highest and lowest states of individual  personality. Yet it is considered a sign of initiation, or release from matter formed limitations. These material limitations are suggested by the astrological rulership of Capricorn by Saturn, the Planet of Binah, The Great Mother that governs the limitations of form, including Time, as does Saturn.These limitations are of both the enclosure of matter or of time, the artificial system by which we meter and enclose all activities. Thus, THE DEVIL also represents the average person's misconception of "reality"; a perceptive belief  that the material eye sight and/or-sensual condition is "Real". The Qabalist knows the physical-material world as the "1%" world, and realizes that the other invisible  "99%"  (often called "the other side of the Mirror") is the unseen Real. This misconception of reality is symbolized on the head of the Ryder-Waite DEVIL, by the upside down pentagram on the entities head. The upside down pentagram indicates delusion as our ideas of spirituality and reality are upside down as it is positioned over the "Third Eye" of Inner Sight.

The misconception of reality is symbolized in two ways on the Thoth Deck- THE DEVIL  card, the smirking mouth and the Goat represents the humorous figure of the childhood nemesis the "Bogey Man"; this "Bogey Man" is more of a demonic character on the Witches Tarot- Key 15-The Shadow Side. Both the Witches Tarot and Thoth Tarot cards emphasizes the knowledge that our belief in the illusion of matter (Matter is only .4% visible as our bodies are 99.6% space!) is actually laughable while implying that laughter is a humorous approach to our lives and is a tool which will help our consciousness to transcend the illusion of "seeing it to believe it". Mirth is the first great corrective and helps us not to take our perceptions of the material world seriously, which only means "fearfully". Therefore, The Devil cautions us not to believe everything we think. 
It pays to noted that the Survival Mind of the animal,is our Devilish tempter that tricks us into believing we are as Moons who are at the mercy of Forces rather than the Magus (The Sun) who manipulates these forces.The Wisdom of Witches, tells one to not believe in the Christian Devil. That the darkness within is merely our fear based thinking initiated by the survival mind of the biological brain.
These delusions of mental weakness, are shown on the Witches Tarot, as our couple are cringing in fear trying to hide in a dark and dreary forest , from some nightmare apparition. Hence, the Shadow Side of our mind is our fear of fate, forces, and other states of enslaved thinking, brought on by our fear of pain, death etc.. Also, limited physical sight, rather than insight, is the bogey-men creator that keeps us from exercising our free Will-Power. This is the Trick of sensuality, it makes us believe only in reaction as reality rather than the Action, that makes the Real of things.  Spirit is action, the body is reaction. Our Action must control our reaction, if we are to exercise our Divine Freedom of Choice.When reacting to others, we are choosing to be ruled by them and spend our lives trying to appease them while we are in a constant state of fear.

The Path of Ayin, means Eye, a representation of the true "I" and/or our Soul/Psyche. Hence, if we believe in only what our physical eyes show us, we lose our inner "I" sight, shown as the All Seeing Eye, that is on the Forehead of the Thoth Tarot- Goat, which symbolizes the astrological sign of Capricorn. The panicked figures on the Witches Tarot card are  indicating their servitude to fear based thought,  shown, however unwittingly, as a comical Bogey man.

The Qabalist knows that there is nothing in the Universe that is not of One Mind. The Devil, as we are taught, is merely a postulation of those who wish to rule the ignorant who fear their body senses.  Intellectually the "Devil " Tarot indicates a state of mind that is a source of forms and appearance of relative existence and is the necessary intellectual means of reaching the Christ-Buddha consciousness that is Tiphareth, the 6th Sephiroth-Beauty- on the Tree of Life.  That is why this necessary state of mind, is also called the "Lord of the Gates of Matter and the Child of the forces of Time" (see the Emerald Tablet). The Devil then is both Tempter and Redeemer. He is also described as the "Prince of the Powers of Air", indicating that this state of energy conscious is mediating in the flow of Astral currents; Air being understood here as being the whole of Yetzirah, the Astral Plane which controls the ebb and flow of Matter.

Therefore the inner Path of Ayin, confers the ability to bring the upside down pentagram indicating "matter's rule over spirit"  right side up, indicating Spirit's rule over matter; which is another way of saying, the ability to reverse the currents of astral light. This process begins with the intellect of Hod (Splendor) and leads into the intuition of Tiphareth (Beauty). Thus, Dr.Paul Foster Case in his text -The Thirty Two Paths to Wisdom, calls the Devil the Renewing Intelligence. The Qabalist understands that only through the forces of the Devil and our right understanding of them, can we come directly to the Higher Consciousness of the Son/Sun of The Divine Creative.

It behooves us to remember that the word Manifestation actually means to create illusion, and while manifestation is the necessary means to create the illusion of earthly form for the Soul/psyche, it is the "dissolution" of these forms that is absolutely essential to the Path of Return. To the Qabalist, "dissolution" means analysis which is precisely what we apply when we intellectually separate the component forces and forms of the Universe and ourselves into 22 paths on the Tree of Life.  By first conceptualizing these component parts and then reintegrating them through our understanding of their operation, can we Return to our Divinity.

The Astral light (Akashic fluid, Odic force, etc.) is manipulated for whatever purpose, through an understanding of the Devil which is a "Great Magical Agent" (Eliphas Levi) for the processes of alchemical manipulation, as to dissolve, to consolidate, to quicken, and to moderate. This is dissolution, re-integration, activity and grounding which can be described as Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

The Thoth Tarot Card is more Arcanely complex than the Witches Tarot Card. This is because, as Crowley states, that Key 15  represents, "creative energy in its most material form", and as "Pan Pangenetor, the All-Begetter" . Crowley's goat is Pan standing on the highest mountain-top on earth, against a,"background of the exquisitely tenuous, complex, and fantastic forms of madness." Between the legs of the Thoth Goat, is the wand of the Chief Adept and all in front of a Phallus and two testicles, implying the Universal "All-Begetter". On the Thoth Devil card, the tip of the male organ is outside of the card, implying it is in the "Greater Heavens", while the testes contain the bound up forms of manifestation. The mysteries behind this card require books of research, so I hope this gets you started towards your discoveries.


  • Materialism.
  • Material Force.
  • Sometimes obsession. (especially if thrown with the Lovers card)
  • upside down thinking, where the illusion of fear rules your thought and one thinks that "everything bad happens to me".
  • Not seeing the forest through the trees.
  • Living in your own illusion of suffering and being obsessed with pain or fear thereof. Such as a hypochondriac. 
  • Needing mirth  in your understanding, as you are too serious. Time to laugh at your assumptions.
  • Needing more action and less reaction in your life.

Thank you for your interest and comments. May you live long and prosper.

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Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth Tarot-Key 14- Art & The Witches Tarot-Key 14- Temperance.

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-Key 14- Art and The Witches Tarot-Key 14-Temperance:
In many other Tarot Decks, key 14 is called Temperance, which implies the heating and cooling of forged steel to make a keen, flexible blade or the slow cooling down process of tempering glass. And in a way, this process is the Thoth Deck-Key 14- Art Card's  24th Path of Samekh (meaning -Prop), as it is attributed to the restriction and control over the forces of existence.

Master Theron, however, in hisbook 777,  made this comment on the letter Samekh: It is "The Womb preserving Life.  Self-control and Self-sacrifice govern the Wheel."
Leading from Yesod ( foundation) to Tiphareth (beauty), the Path of Samekh  is as from Moon (Self-reflection) to Sun (Solar Psyche-Source), from Personality to the Higher Self. 

On the Witches Tarot- Temperance card, this Solar source is shown around the head of the Greek Goddess Iris (The Holy Guardian Angel in Traditional Tarot decks), as a circle of golden solar light, the sign of the Sun and the Higher Mind of the Solar Logos. The Upper Supernal Triangle is shown on the Chest of the Angel surrounded in the "Cube of the Universe or Space", implying the Universal balance and creativity. In the language of flowers, the yellow Iris bespeaks a message of an eloquent nature. The Water of the Unconsciousness is the pool in which the foot of the Angel is bathed, with the other foot on the bank of consciousness.
She is pouring "liguid light" from one cup to another, mixing and tempering it so that a perfect mix can be created.
 As the clouds part, the rainbow in the sky, represents hope, magic and miracles. 

On this very difficult Qabalistic Path of Samekh, the very enormity of the Great Work ( As above, so below) will be experienced. On this inner path, the initiate may experience going through a long dark tunnel, believing ( not knowing) there is Light at the end of it.  This Path of Samekh, The Art card, is one of the 3 cards that have been called the Path of "the dark night of the Soul", verifying that this is a Path of trial, tempering and temptation.

 The Path of Samekh, The Art Tarot Card, is the Intelligence of Probation, as Dr. Paul Foster Case-founder of B.O.T.A.- labels it in his text, THIRTY-TWO PATHS OF WISDOM. In various Gnostic texts, it is also called, "Daughter of the Reconcilers, the Bringer Forth of Life." All of these phrases lead us right to the very idea behind this card; The Great Mother Binah-Understanding. Thus, the central figure of the Witches Tarot is the  Greek Goddess Iris and the Androgynous figure on the Thoth -Crowley-Harris- Art card.

Also, for you astrology buffs, the ruling sign of the Path of Samekh, is Sagittarius, the Archer, who is also Diana the Huntress, goddess of the Moon. All of which repeats the principle that with the exception of the FOOL (0),  all the figures of the Tarot are The Fool as Mother Binah (Understanding) and Father Chokma (Wisdom) in different states of Force and Form which is why Crowley's figure is the androgynous combination of the Chokmah-Binah paradigm.
Another helpful reference book, VOICE OF ISIS- by Hariette and Homer Curtis describes the Universal Mother ("The Womb with a View") as the "power of bringing forth in humanity the Divine Child or the Christ." This bearing of the Child is the Soul, reborn and achieved by conquering the Path of Samekh or The Art. We are not only to be Moons, reflections of a soul personality, but also the Solar Personality, that is the Divine Child/Psyche.

Now don't misunderstand, the Art card demonstrates how the experience of rebirth is brought about, which is to say, through the exchange and equilibrium of opposites which can only be symbolically described, but  does not demonstrate the birth itself. Thus, the symbolism here is not to demonstrate a "deep Mystery", rather this symbolism demonstrates  how limited and inadequate is our language to describe the process. That is why the Qabalistic Tarot Reader, is not one who thinks that by memorizing descriptions and numbers of the cards they are a Tarot Reader. Rather, it is by skrying, and subjectively "walking the Paths", turning subjective into objective sensation ,i.e. the process of actual experience begins to Understand the Tarot.

The Art Card, which is more symbolic than the Witches Tarot- Temperance card; However, it is not nearly so symbolic as some believe. The Art Card symbolizes the Alchemical Art where  Fire becomes Water and Water becomes Fire (...."When the male is no longer male and the female, female." : Gnostic Gospel of Thomas). This process is describing an actual event/process that happens in the initiates material body, i.e. an actual physical transformation. Thus, we have illustrated in the Thoth Deck card a Androgynous figure, combining the Water (consciousness) with Lightning (Fiery Spirit) creating in the Golden Cistern (the Human body) what is known as the Living Water and/or consciousness vivified by merging with Fiery Spirit.  By bringing Spirit into the body, Spirit's fiery nature not only tempers the consciousness, one also tempers the Spirit with consciousness, thus forming "something more than the sum of its parts"; a union of Master and Masterpiece!
This alchemical process is often describe by Qabalists as a personal application of the Yod (fire) and Heh (water) uniting in the body to produce Vau (Air) within the individual crucible of form which is Heh-final and Earth. This is described as a "Spiritual Orgasm" or "The Ecstasy" which is a process demanding inner manipulation of sexual forces (He-She) and is shown as an golden energy (in the shape of a stylized arrow) firing  upward and across the shoulders of the Divine figure in the Art Card or as the Golden Halo on the Goddess Iris. 

Even the often flesh-o-phobic Christian iconography, has accepted this Spiritual Orgasm. For instance, the ecstasy of the 16th century mystic, Saint Theresa which was described as having an angel thrust a flaming arrow into her heart .
The symbolical of the piecing arrow that brings ecstatic enlightenment is  actually an archetypal, and mufti-cultural accepted description of a real process of physiological transformation! What happens is a rhythmic, pleasuring motion of  inner energy, and ebb and flow that is confined (shown as the figure eight associate with the Magus) in very specific perimeters (oval or womb shaped) but which is taken in either direction at will. The Magus, knows that by changing the vibration of inner energy, one raises or lowers the level of consciousness, moving from Chakra to Chakra or Path to Path. Simply stated: the Kundalini (sexual energy) acting upon consciousness produces astral images, the pictures that form our minds.

At first, many students find the symbolism of the Major Arcana  complicated; However, the principle of the Path of Samekh or Art or Temperance, is to produce a consciously controlled vision that is limited by will.  The purpose of Hermetic Qabalistic, and Gnostic symbols is to furnish descriptions that most anyone can relate to. They are not remote or really complicated, if you focus on one at a time. In fact most of the symbolic language of the Mysteries, has been superseded by the language of Carl Jung and other psychologists. To Carl Jung, this ability to consciously control Visions, would be called "lucid dreaming", which is known to help the individual correct personality disorders.

Robert Wang goes on to explain, in his text book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT," It should be added that the Metals described in Alchemical literature are the same as the Seven Chakras of the Hindus, the Seven Planets and the Serphiroth of the Microprosopus [lower seven on the Tree of Life.]. These words have been used as codes over the centuries, meaning seven distinct levels of objective consciousness. Thus when one speaks of a Planet ruling a sign of the Zodiac, what is meant in the relationship of a Sign to a given center of energy both in the Greater Universe and in the Human body." (the brackets are my own explanation).

The Art of awakening these Paths in the Human Body, is the Qabalistic initiates goal. "To Know Thyself" is to know the "As above and so below" nature of our Whole Self.
 As stated:The Art-Temperance Card, is the sign of Sagittarius , which is ruled by the planet Jupiter. meaning the Sephiroth- Chokmah (Wisdom). Here, we should remember that "Lower Chokmah" is Chessed, the architect of all manifestation, working with the "will to form"and/or "potential to form" of Binah (Understanding).
As explained before, Art- Temperance Key 14- The Path of Samekh, is an actual physical process, and a arcana for centuries of  Gnostic, Mystics, Tantrics, Alchemists, and Qabalists. And is a willed process of directing the communion or interchange of opposite energies, as shown, somewhat inadequately, as opposite cups in the Temperance Tarot Card and more alchemical in the Thoth Art card as the Male and Female hermaphrodite, along with the lightning and water combination above the Golden Cistern. On the Thoth Art Card, the Cistern is also adorned with the Raven and Skull symbol of annihilation or death, as hermetic marriage is a type of annihilation, as 2 are melded together as One. This is easily seen in the union of colors, as Red combined with Blue, annihilates both, to become Purple.

The beginning of the process of communion is begun by the Higher Self-; a process which is instituted  in the Sephiroth Chesed, the most refined, point of  Microprosopus (microcosm), to which the Higher Self is central. Chesed is the enacting force (phallus) of the Great Mother Binah's process of  "will to form"(womb). Until the initiate accomplices this process of the Path of Samekh, the Higher Self (Shown as an androgynous figure on the Thoth card) cannot be known to the personality. Thus, the Art of "Spiritual Alchemy" describes this Card and the whole process as a preparation of the Personality, and its physical vehicle, to deal with the Solar/Spiritual Forces (influx of Light) which would devastate a "normal" system. This is an ongoing process of measuring and testing , instigated by the Higher Self, to see how much the physical body can bear. When properly tempered, and the body can handle the stress of such energy, the arrow is released.(Kundalini rises). Once contacted on the Path of Samekh, the Higher Self will regulate the flow, so the individual isn't harmed, A great jolt of energy, will tell the individual to "back off', and relax.  Because this is a Passion so overwhelming, it is often described as Divine Anger, which is apt if we realize that anger is for self-motivation; to get off of one's butt and do something. It could be said that Divine Anger is the motivation for Sagittarius to launch his arrow.
Around the Androgynous figure are the latin words, "Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem", when translated into English, means:" Visit the interior parts of the earth; by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone". The "Philosophers Stone", being the ultimate achievement of alchemy.

All in all, the Art Card key 14, is the consummation of the Divine Marriage, depicted on the Lovers card Key 6, here the Orgasm of Spirit has been reached.  There is a perfect interchange of forces, as the Red Lion has become white, and the White lion has become Red.The Art card shows Water being poured on Fire, and Fire is merged with Water, all within the purified physical vehicle, shown as the Golden Cauldron, i.e. the Master's body. Get and read the Text Book, The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang and the Book of Thoth by Aliester Crowley for further explanation of this coded process.

When the Art or Temperance card is thrown during a reading, the querent is experiencing or will soon experience:
  • a combination of forces effecting realization and action.
  • A blending of all circumstances in order to achieve balance.
  • Trials and tribulations that lead to the "middle path", arriving at a profound realization.

Thank you for your interest and comments. May you live long and prosper.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 13- Death & The Witches Tarot- key 13- Death

The Tarot of Eli
The Thoth Tarot- Key 13- Death and the Witches Tarot- key 13- Death:

Death-key 13, is known as the Path of Nun on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Nun, a Hebrew letter, means Fish (illustrated on the Thoth card) and is also the Hebrew simple letter for Movement, as represented as the running skeleton on the Thoth Card and the Riding Skeleton Knight on the Witches Tarot.
The 24th Path of Nun runs from Netzach (Victory) to Tiphareth (Beauty) on the Tree of Life, and is one of the three aforementioned paths that leads from the Personality to the Higher Self. The initiate may experience the Higher Self on any one of these Three Paths, Art (The Path of Samekh), The Devil (The Path of Ayin), and Death, the Path of Nun; but the lessons of all three must be mastered. The figures of the Art card, the Devil card and the Death card are all different aspects of the same thing; The Higher Self, which is a collective of many "selves".
On the Path of Nun, one is literally launching the consciousness into the Dark Unconscious of  Quantum-Universal Origins. This takes courage and determination, for the consciousness appears to be extinguished in the Universal Unconscious. I liken the consciousness to an Artificial Intelligence, and the Unconscious as the Real Intelligence This artifice aids me in trusting the dissolution of my consciousness, as a transition towards re-birthing, where it is purified of illusion and deception of being material. In fact, the word meaning of the Path of Nun, Fish, reveals the whole arcane doctrine of the Qabalah, as it is the symbol for the "first matter" and/or "thought", that moves within the Infinite Ocean of  Unconscious. Interestingly, since Nun is a verb, it means to "sprout or grow", implying the Skeleton is a perpetual seed.

The perspicacious student will note that the Tree of Life has a Path for Death, that of Nun, but seems not to have a Path for Birth: However, The Devil, Path of Ayin, "enchains" our Personality in Matter as it leaves the Higher Self on its ever more condensed journey down the Tree of Life. Therefore, the Devil is seen as a card of Birth. Plus, there is the fact that both Death and Birth are essentially the same transition. As one is born in visible light and/or "outer World", their "I" sight dies to the invisible or "inner world", just as the personality transitions from the outer world back into the inner world at physical death. Hence, the One energy Transforms itself by the process of  destruction of energy phases. From one phase to another is evolution.

The Personality constructed consciousness and/or self-consciousness, is indeed seemingly extinguished in the limitless Universal Unconscious causing a period of "forgetful sleep" before the Personality exits the Higher Self again and produces another operative artifice known as self-consciousness that isused to operate another material form. The exception to this recycling process, is when the consciousness accompanies the Personality back to the Higher Self, without needing physical death to do so. This is done when the consciousness has become discriminatory and/or discerning, and knows the tricks of Matter, i.e. the illusions of senses, that  the Personality experiences on the physical plane (The Devil card). These illusions or delusions come from the perspective of separateness and survival thinking and the other boundaries of the  physical form. Thus, the fear of Death, must be conquered by the consciousness "that won't experience the death sleep". That is to say, the mercurial  consciousness that knowing transfers from body to body, by becoming a "Mercury", messenger of the physical world to the Soul and visa verse.

The Great Work, is Life itself, as a Wholeness where the avatar- "alive" are no-longer perceiving themselves as a divisionism of separates  all trying to prove themselves to a Creator that by the very process of creation, had already Approve them into being!

Those who are seeking approval, a survival mechanism of the social animal, are what I call "fish in the Ocean,looking for water." and/ or "Wanna-Be's" who forgot that they already Are.
The Beauty of Tiphareth, the Psyche or Higher Self, is that once you return to this aspect of Personality, you return to your body knowing you, as a Personality, are completely accepted and therefore, not fear rejection in the least ( a mask wore over fear of death). In other words, you "Know Thyself".

The Tarot Card- Death-key 13, is called the many texts of the Mysteries, "The Child of the Great Transformers" and also the "Lord of the Gates of  Death"; Implying that  Nun is not the Great Transformers themselves, he is their Child. Thus, Nun is not Death itself, rather Nun is the keeper of the Gateway into Transformation. Roughly, this states that the "first matter", thought, is the Gate keeper of Transformation, which is not too difficult to "wrap your head around", if you understand that how you "perceive yourself"  transforms your reality. Therefore, this card is more about a "spiritual transformation", rather than an actual physical death.

After Traveling one of the Three Paths of the "Dark Night of the Soul", where your consciousness is torn down, as decided by the Feminine aspect of the  Higher Self, and relieved of all that is not worthy of you. You are then sent back down the Tree into your Malkuth-body transformation as an Active Soul rather than a reactive persona. This personal death of perspectives changes our "I" sight,  from man-made reality to the Real perspectives of the Great Work; To become an aware-sensual-Soul, rather than a socially made personality. This transition is only possible by returning to the Higher Self....Your brain can't do the job as it is an artificial sense of self who is programed by its reaction to environment and peers!
To reiterate, Nun. is the Hebrew word that means Fish , which is the symbol for the First Matter. There is also an alchemical symbol of this Path as putrefaction, which is the decaying black mass in the crucible that eventually transforms into purity and is considered a trans-formative process of turning death into new life.
The Thoth Tarot-Key 13- card symbolizes this trans -formative process as a scythe, a harvesting tool that is also a symbol for Time. Time is under the control of Saturn-Binah, the giver and destroyer of Life. This process is Illustrated in this card as the sweeping scythe, harvesting souls, and the trans formative bubbles of new life in its wake, all of which, support this analogy of life giving and life destroying.

The skeleton is the frame work that holds the organs and can be seen as a seed of the body as the minerals that are attributed to bone construction are the "seeds" of organic forms.
The astrological sign attributed to Death-key13, is Scorpio, a trans formative sign of three symbolic images, the Scorpion, the Serpent and the Eagle. Thus, we have the transformation of a  dangerous earth-crawling creature, to a serpent which symbolizes the Astral Light, weaving its way upward to become an Eagle (behind and above the Thoth Deck figures head) that sours above all heads. All of which are represented in the Thoth Tarot Card as movement. Movement being seen as change/transformation, which is the skeletal pattern of the Universe. For it is only by constant change can entropy be overcome.

The term "Dark night of the Soul" refers to the darkness of unknowing, where the psyche is striped of  the desire nature of the personality. This leaves a dreadful emptiness,  almost a complete disinterest in everything. Personally, upon experiencing these Three Paths of the Dark Night; The Devil, Art and Death, I was left only a thought of despair repeating over and over again, abolishing any other desire or thought. It was, " I can't be YOU, You must be me."     The Higher Self responded to that by sending my " skeletal awareness" directly to the Dark Sea (Abysmal Womb) of the Great Mother Binah, who then broke down and reassembled the Personality into that of the Divine Child, and I awoke as the "Will to Be" and/or the Desire of the Great Mother of Form.

This inner journey is a very hard journey to explain and it requires one not to be concerned with living or dying. Hence, one does not fight, or try to swim out of this ocean of darkness. Rather, One becomes a mechanical motion, pushing ahead and/or descending with great faith, as Life's processes have no value, one still mechanically crawls towards the Higher Self by sinking into the dark depths. Moving forward in a total darkness, inch by inch, the Soul (Psyche) begins the process of "putrefaction", believing, but not always so sure, that there will be light that will eventually appear and lead the way. It was a Red dot of light that appeared to me out of indescribable darkness.The Great Red Binah, known as the purifying Force of resurrection, and/or "the Scarlett Woman", bathed me and with caresses, peeled the "dead" identities from my Psyche, an act of Divine Love (indescribable  pain and ecstasy)  and sent me back down the Tree into Tiphareth and the Fiery Light of the Higher Self.  Once a Divine Child always a Divine Child....somehow we've forgotten that, and thus. disinherited ourselves/ our personality, from the Macrocosm.

The term "Dark Night of the Soul" was first coined by St. John of the Cross where he said."...although this happy night brings darkness to the spirit, it does so only to give it light in everything; and that, although it humbles it and makes it miserable, it does so only to exalt it and to raise it up; although it impoverishes it and empties it of all natural affection and attachment, it does so only that it may enable it to stretch forward, divinely, and thus to have fruition and experience all things, both above and below...".  Hence, upon conquering the Path of Nun, the Soul is reconstructed as the Personal Simulation of the Higher Self, and the emptied brain is filled with the Primary Imagination...The will to form and the Understanding of the Great "Womb with a view".

Mars rules Scorpio. Scorpio rules the sex organs.  Thus, this Death Card, represents a Sexual energy, a reproductive energy which is consciously directed in a physical exercises such as  that of Tantra, or that of  Crowley's Middle Pillar, an activity best represented by Crowley's Death Card. The initiate is now following the "Path of the Flaming Sword" (see Robert Wang's-THE QABALISTIC TAROT) , which is both destructive and constructive and not for the weak of character or for those who fear death, as shown by trying to dominate or control others or how they think about one.

The Witches Tarot-Key 13-  Death Card, as did Crowley in the Thoth Card, departed from the tradition set by the Golden Dawn or the older Marseilles cards. Here the warrior quality of the Death card is expressed as a Skeletal- fiery-Knight riding a pale horse. The golden fire of the mind, refers to the Solar Psyche. The red sky before and behind the two towers (first seen on the Moon card) refers to resurrection which is the conquest of death. The flying banner, depicts a white rose of ten petals, five inner and five outer. Being based on five, the white rose refers to Geburah's Martian force and the natural cycles of life.  However, the totality of the petals, refers to the entire Universe under Kether, as Kether is presented as the White color (perfect balance of all colors). This also relates to the 0-Fool and Uranus, to which the White Rose is related. The banner is also embellished with the Roman number of 13, relating it to the number of Full Moon cycles. The horses halter is emblazoned with skull and cross bones, a symbol of death.

The child that is holding a bouquet of daisies, bound in ribbons of white, red and black, up toward the Death Knight, symbolizes hope and innocence, as he is unafraid and hopeful for the future. The ribbons are in the 3 colors of the Goddess-maid, mother and crone, while the daisies, in the language of flowers, mean innocence.

The Tarot-Key 13-Death ,when thrown during a reading, suggests:

  • Time, Age and transformation.
  • Rarely does it symbolize physical death and only if borne out by the accompanying cards.
  • For the Querent, this is the Principle of letting go, and moving on.
  • A rebirth out of Old conditions. 
  • A type of transitional metamorphosis which destroys the something old to build the something new.
  •  A Realization of Life Power as it is released from past confines and revitalized by change and regeneration.

Thank you for your interest and comments. May you live long and prosper!

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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 12- The Hanged Man & The Witches Tarot-Key 12- The Hanged Man

The Tarot of Eli:
The Thoth Tarot- Key 12- The Hanged Man & The Witches Tarot-Key12- The Hanged Man.

 Key 12 in the Thoth and traditional Tarot, is named the Hanged Man. 
However, in  traditional tarot, the Hanged man was often dressed as a jester, whose colorful clothing represent the four elements, yellow for air, Red for fire, blue for Water and green for earth. In Medieval society, the jester was the inversion of the king image, and considered the sacrificial victim or "the kings whipping boy". 

In the Witches Tarot-Key 12-The bound foot the Hanged man is hanging from implies self-sacrifice , a giving up of something for something of greater value, and not pious martyrdom. There really is no loss here. What is being sacrificed is narrow vision, survival thinking, misconceptions brought on by the illusions of the physical world. Since the physical world is a world of Reflected Light, it is as a mirror and thinking that what you are seeing is the "true image" is a reversal, and/or upside down thinking. All Images consist of 99.6% space, so what you are seeing is really very little of what is really there. In the Real World of Spirit-Consciousness, the "I's" have it; not the eyes have it. We see only what we think we are, perspectives provide our individual reality and what we think the world is a transference of self-consciousness. Because of the survival mind of earth animal, we often fear the unknown, which is all backward, upside down seeing for one who must experience to evolve. Thus, the Hanged Man is the unconventional thinking man who realizes his own potential for mental and spiritual evolution, while seeing the Oneness in all things.
This epiphany, is shown as a halo around the headof the unconcerned face of the Hanged Man, shows this to be a  fearless time of contemplation. It is time to let go of thoughts and things that hurt you in order to gain this new wisdom.

This tree seems to be the old Norse tradition of Odin hanging from the Life Tree, Yggdrasil; A sacrifice of freedom, in order to gain the knowledge of the runes.

The Raven is a totem to Odin and represents initiation, prophecy, and the arcane.
The Raven in the Witches Tarot-Key 12- has a golden pentagram in his bill, while looking down at the Hanged man, with what seems a questioning look of "what are you doing here"? This shows that the Raven is a magical, clever and intelligent bird, who also loves shinning things and will often fill their nest with shiny bobbles.
The Traditional elemental colors of red for fire, blue for water, green for earth, and yellow for air, make up the coloration of the Hanged Man's jester like outfit.

THE THOTH DECK HANGED MAN- ATU (Key)12, is much more stylized but expressing the same concepts. The Hebrew letter Mem (bottom left) is attributed to this card representing the element Water, as the Spirit of Water in the economy of initiation; such as a baptism which is also a type of death; "Out with the old in with the new".  

This card represented the  supreme form of adeptship, during the Aeon of Osiris, which we excited in the early 20th century. The Hanged man represents the Drowned Man, as a soul/Psyche is drowned in the Astral Fluids to become a human. Thus, you see his foot loosely bound to the Crux Ansata using the Serpent, representing the destroyer/creator force, as the binding rope. The Crux Ansata or Ankh, represents the Rosy Cross, or even the letter Daleth that is shown in some cards as a tree branch, suggesting the Empress-Venus, Love; all of which are attributed to the Great Mother. The Ankh is a androgen symbol of Womb, phallus and mankind and also the Egyptian symbol for infinity.

This is the card of the Dying God myth which we know in all religions; the One that is sacrificed so the many can live expanded lives.  This "dying god" is The One Energy Transforming into the "many beings" or even the DNA of animal sacrificing its survival mind to the Higher Conscious state of Spirit. Thus, you can see the idea of  redemption through martyrdom is absolutely disqualified as a viable phenomena in spiritual development, since the Hanged Man is actually giving up less to gain more.

Some call this the card of redemption.  Redemption implies dept of which only falsehood can apply, since we don't owe our Creator anything but to be our original Soul-selves which is to be the Divine Self Image and not the "upside down" man-made man. The Hanged Man implies that we must sacrifice our concepts of divisionism, and separateness from the Divine Creative, Spirit or God to reclaim our inheritance. As inheritance isn't earned, or a product of sacrificing ones soul, but just requires one to Know Thy Name,i.e,"Above all things, Know thyself'!

The green of Venus dominates this card, but it is seen slowly growing darker in shade, denser as it were; as we descend the card and at the very bottom, the Serpentine force of new life begins to stir. Here our "most beloved", the personality or ego, is sacrificed to the Greater Self, so that we can become "as above so below", which is really no sacrifice at all and the world redemption is in the final analysis the wrong idea. As souls, we sacrifice lack of sensuality and discrimination, to become sensual and discriminatory creators. Now this is a "sacrifice" of lack for more and something I can absolutely get behind!  I would recommend getting the Book of Thoth by Master Theron (A,Crowley) to further study this powerful yet subtle card.

It Implies:
  • Transformation, the breaking of old patterns.
  • Encountering a situation you may not like having to deal with but accepting the reversal.
  • Losing yourself to find yourself.
  • Hanging around, suspended in mid-air awaiting your next move.
  • Accepting the initiation of the death and resurrection process by losing yourself through a sense of ecstasy and surrender to Love.
  • Inability to free yourself from social pressure in order to listen to your inner self.
  • Self-sacrifice and submission of self to higher ideals.
  • The Law of Reversal: doing the opposite of what is ordinarily accepted socially, to achieve victory,brings victory.
  • Salvation being attained by passive surrender rather than by assertiveness and forceful resistance
  • Conquering material temptation.
 ill-definition of this card implies"
  • Materialism
  • Unwilling to make a sacrifice.
  • Selfishness
  • Concerned only with material matters thus displaying spiritual emptiness.
  • Failure to find one's true meaning in life.
Thank you for your interest and comments. May you live long and prosper.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 11-Lust & The Witches Tarot- Key 8-Strength

The Tarot of Eli:

The Thoth Tarot- Key 11- Lust & The Witches Tarot-Key 8-Strength:

In most other tradition Tarot Decks, key 8 is called STRENGTH, and the Witches Tarot is no different; However, in Aleister Crowley's estimation, the word Strength doesn't do this deception of intelligence justice, an opinion I share. This may at first confuse the reader,  so I repeat:
The  LUST/Strength Card is Key,11 of the Thoth Tarot and Key 8, Strength, in The Witches Tarot. Key 8 in the Thoth Tarot is the Adjustment Card which is placed with the Key 11-Justice of traditional tarot. Hence, I'll choose to place Key 11-Lust with Key 8, Strength Card, as does Robert Wang in his book, THE QABALISTIC TAROT.

The Lust Card-Key 11, is the Path of Teth, the 19th Path on the Tree of Life. The Hebrew letter, Teth, means snake, which is often refereed to as Serpent Force. The zodiacal sign assigned to this card is Sun Powered  sign of Leo; Leo is symbolized as a Lion, while Teth, is a Snake, the combination of these two, is the Lion-Serpent, the idea of which fostered the Dragon images of the ancients.The interchangeability of the Lion and the Serpent symbols represents an important key in understanding the great embedded profundities of this card.
The Serpent is missing in the Witches Tarot-Key 8, as the Lion represents the Animal Nature that is under the control of the Will of the "Higher Self", seen as a kind of "Garden Witch" woman figure. Also the  Lion, is a symbol of the Sun-Leo, and when colored red, is the Alchemical symbol of Sulfur (solar power) combined with Mercury-Will (the Magus) which is the Philosophical Mercury underlying the formula of  Creation.
 The Symbol of infinity (the sign of the Magician) is above the head of the Witches figure, reinforcing the Magus/Magician connection, and symbolizes the directing willpower of the 12th PATH; called the Philosophic Mercury.
The Path of Teth, connects Chesed (Mercy) and Geburah (Severity) and channels a great outpouring of Energy from the Masculine Chesed, to the Feminine Geburah. This Great Outpouring, is the Path on which Fire becomes Light, which is used in manifestation.

What is to be noted on the Witches Tarot Strength card, is that the woman, seems to control the happy and contented Lion by her demeanor and touch alone.
The Oak leaves crowning her head, in the language of plants, imply calm strength.
The White and red gown, are colors attributed to the Goddess.
Around her neck are 8 rubies; 8 being the card key number. Rubies, as a stone, imply one's mind is enhanced by a positive and courageous state of mind.
Draped over the Woman and Lion, is a garland of red roses that is linking them together, representing harmony and beauty. With this link, one may wonder who has the most strength here; the woman or the Lion; her for her quiet strength, power and situational enjoyment or the Lion, for being strong enough to control his wild impulses, allowing him to enjoy the pleasurable experience.

 On the Tree of Life, The Supernal  Triangle is composed of Kether (Crown), Chokma (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding), and is composed of what Paul Foster Case stated in his BOOK OF TOKENS, as the "Radiant darkness of the Limitless light." The Supernal Triangle is above the Abyss, while the Path of Teth crosses just below it (the yellow path between Chesed and Geburah). Thus the Path of Teth, Lust, is the first Path of Microprosopus (Microcosm or Lesser Countenance.) and the Primary Path of the Higher Self, linking great opposites below the Abyss.

As symbols interchange, such as the Lion and Serpent, one understands that the realities these symbols represent, can  also be interchanged.  In truth, the  1st law of Thermodynamics,"One Energy that can not be created nor destroyed, only transformed", is the One Spirit of Qabalah, and can take any form it wills and in great diversity; as the Universe has shown.   Wisdom, is represented by the snake holding its tail in its mouth (also an 8 symbol laying on its side and called the Lemniscate). Many of us of the western cultures, know that the Serpent was also considered the Tempter, in the garden of den myth. However, since it is Fiery, the Serpent is vital Life Force, and/or the Redeemer. But then the Sun itself is both Tempter, that uses the seductive warmth of the solar caress to tempt one to stay too long sunbathing and in the worst case senerio, of burning the tempted-sun bather to near death on the beach and Redeemer, by providing Vital Life Force.

Transformation can be confusing but it should be known that without the flow of vital life force between opposites, there would be no "Limited Light", or Solar power, that all manifestation is constructed of. Thus, we have the Greater Countenance, the Macrosopus (Macrocosm), of Limitless Light, that can only be known as Darkness or Dark Fire (Dark Energy), designing Two (Male- Female) Self concepts from O; The "I Will BE" of Kether, twisting it into 8, so that limits could be produced by the interchange of Forces and Form. The Dark Light is the invisible/unseen subjective infinity of the One,(Macrosopus) and the Limited light of manifestation is the Objective, and knowable finite side of the One (Microsopus). The whole of which is often called by Gnostics as "The Mirror"---one side infinitely dark, the Abyss, and the other side reflective of the image of all who look into it. That could also be called the Unconscious and the consciousness.
To put this simply, The Lust of the One, by becoming 2 (8) who are always joined in impassioned flow or mutual attraction, (electric and magnetic), is the stuff of Vital Life Force. I think you can now see why Vital Life force, is also called "sex energy".

The Lion symbol, in both the Witches Tarot and Thoth Tarot cards, in the context of the Qabalah, has to do with Lustful Strength and is not a representation of intellect, as it refers to the greatest strength of all, the Light of the Sun, the ruler of Leo, as the "Divine Frenzy" of Creation.  The Solar Power represented in the Lust or Strength Card, can open the Higher levels of Consciousness beyond the Sun (Tiphareth) itself.

The graphic representation of the Ancient god Mithra, whose body was that of a man and whose head was that of a lion, depicts this concept anthropomorphically.

The Brute force (symbolized by the Lion) of Kundalini (Serpent Force--Vital Life Force) can be used destructively or constructively, and on the very Path of Teth, flows  the Vital Life force from Chesed (Mercy) to Geburah (Severity) which forges the Sword of Geburah, indicating the possibility of the initiate being overwhelmed by the power which one evokes. We are reminded ( Re-Minded) here, that as the Sun is a vital life force to manifestation, the Dark Sun, is vital to the flow of Higher Thought, but knowing your limits, will keep you from becoming Sun burned in the flesh, and the severity of a Mind Burn ( Emotional trauma) in the consciousness. Lust, in a Godly sense, can "burn out your lights"! So the initiate must become adept at Self Knowledge, so that they don't damage their "I sight" when joining intelligence with Higher Intellectual Forces.
Putting aside metaphor, too much Sun/Vital Force can be dangerous, so that is why the Tantrics, and Gnostics, go through long, diligent meditations, exercises of intellect, and philological devices so that this flow of Vital Life Force is unblocked, unrestricted, (not feared) and can flow through and out into another, forming a Vital Spiral of energy flow, that Re-Vitalizes Life all around them. So all of you who wish to experience the Rapture of Kundalini, note that the Rapture can become a Raptor to those whose "House is not built on a strong foundation". of Love. Love is what holds your molecules together, even under the rapid increase in atomic vibration that your body under goes when the "Kundalini rises". In the Universe,The Lust of God, is the Orgasm caused by union of opposites, that never stops flowing.
 As I stated, I agree with Aleister Crowley's expansion of the STRENGTH card, into the LUST card because the Passion-The Vital Force of Universal Construction, "the motion within the movement" of everything, is the Passionate expression of the I into Am- As 2, who then Join to become One Passion that creates All, i.e.. the Active and Passive force of Kundalini, and/or  of Lion-Serpent. It can also be called "Serpent theory" instead of the Quantum Physics "String Theory", where every particle  has a serpentine string of active and passive energy with in it and becomes two particles (positive/active and negative/passive) as it enters this limited light universe.  In other words, there is within all, vibratory strings of  Vital Fiery Force.  Thus, Lust, where active and passive forces come together, seems a more appropriate understanding of the underlying "motion" of Life.
The Kundalini, or Fiery Lion Serpent is the Vital aspect of Life Force, which in manifestation, is duality of passivity and activity. Kundalini is known as the Sacred Fire, when in its active phase, purposely un-directed by individual Will.

The UNIVERSE key 21, is the completion of the LUST CARD, and you'll see the Woman figure riding the Lion Serpent on the Lust card, or petting the Lion in the Strength card, dancing with the Serpent Force in the Universe card. Both  illustrations are arcane veils, concealing of principles, though at different ends of manifestation. LUST is the beginning of  the Microcosm and THE UNIVERSE is the completion of it. Both of these cards are of "that which is Womb", at the Highest Level, the womb-man who has tamed the Lion-Serpent and the womb-man who dances in space surrounded by the Cherubim of the  four elements are both expressions of that which is  the EMPRESS key 3 and/or Binah, the 3rd Sephiroth.

Again, this is a very powerful path and those of sensitive psyche, will be profoundly affected. One must appreciate the fact, that this Path of Teth, Lust/Strength, is a statement of methodology; whereby, the Will controls the Vital Life Energy with intent. We must also remember, that the word Power, means "the ability to do work" and our body, if  Loved as a master Craftsman loves and adores one's favorite- tools, gives us Will -Power in this dimension of  crystallized energy. A power to weave our very own Vital Life Force into masterpieces! This requires a focused willful intelligence, and not some mad hatter personality, that can't even control its own thought.  Therefore, Skry this card only after you are capable of holding a one- thought or image focus during an entire meditation!  Any Psyche that Touches the Lust OF The Great Father/Mother, will be profoundly charged, changed, and expanded beyond comfortable perspectives, all of which can be dangerous to our delicate egos. In other words, one must be diligently trained in channeling higher and higher vibratory levels of Vital Life Force, with loving mind, before they "Ride the Lion-Serpent". That is why A.Crowley calls the Traditional Strength card Lust. For even the "little lust" of the manifested (Microcosm) seems to be  beyond the cultural survival mind's  or small-ego's control, as every politicians "secret life"  will show. It is hard to imagine, what the Macrocosmic Lust would do to such a psyche made weak by "fear of rejection"... but then again, we have examples in Adolf Hitler, Stalin, etc.

Lust/Strength represents a very important initiatory formula dealing with Serpent Power. This Spiraling Power of Spiritual Microwaves, is the Force that opens, or stimulates all the Chakras (energy centers) in the Human body. The Principles embedded in the Lust or Strength Card, tell us how to use this power.  This is a "Divine Frenzy" which when stated Alchemically,"the heat of the furnace  makes the Stone" or if religious,"inflame thyself with Prayer". The Heat applied, is the great passion or "adorable Fire" within the confines of  Tantric exercises, or the exercise of the Middle Pillar (Aleister Crowley's book,777), all of which I recommend the interested party research.

Crowley's imagery may shock some, as he presents the Whore of Babylon, taming the Lion-Serpent but then he understood that the epitome of virginity (sign of Virgo), was the Sacred Virgins of the Temples, before Christianity, made them "evil women" or Saints, of which both perspectives were confusingly applied. The Christian word 'Whore" is a bastardization of the Greek word , Hetacrate, meaning female companion. Something more for the diligent student to investigate!

When the Lust or Strength card is thrown during a reading, it means the querent:
  • is relying on spiritual powers to manage the situation at hand and is receiving the strength to over come. 
  • Following ones own inner light, doing what their "heart of heart". inner -self, says is right.
  • There can be an experiencing of a "gut level" driving force, instinctual.and compelling for protection or survival.
  •  Also, possessing the courage of one's convictions.
  • The strength of Passion, in the Higher Nature, which are power, courage, energy, action and magnanimity.
  • One is experiencing the Law of Self-Domination, self-rule and self control.
Thank you for your interest and comments. May you live long and prosper.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 10- Fortune & The Witches Tarot- Key 10- The Wheel of the Year.

The Tarot of Eli:

The Thoth Tarot-Key 10- FORTUNE & The Witches Tarot-Key 10- THE WHEEL OF THE YEAR:

In the Hermetic Qabalah, Key 10- cards are called the Path of Caph or Kaph (meaning: Fist)  and runs from Chesed (Mercy) to Netzach (Victory) on the Tree of Life. This path is on the side of the Tree of Life called The Pillar of Mercy, and connects the Personality to the Higher Self (all Serphiroth above Tiphareth are in the Higher Self).

The Path of Kaph, has a mediating function as the planet Jupiter is assigned to this Path. Jupiter, is also said to govern the flow of blood, thus reinforcing the mediating function of Kaph.

The Hebrew letter Kaph or Caph, is a "double letter", meaning that it is a union of opposites; riches and poverty, which are the natural fluctuations of Jupiter's forces on this path. Since this Path is one of the "Gateways to the Soul", the riches and poverty here are of the Psyche itself.

The single meaning of Caph (Kaph) is fist, and refers to a completion of an activity, such as, the closing of a circle or grasping comprehension.

This is a cycle, albeit a closed one, the Wheel of Fortune is considered a flow of Karma, which is a state of "you get what you put out". The Wheel is an important symbol of the Mysteries, besides that of a Native American prayer wheel or the Witches Wheel of the Year,as shown on the Witches Tarot- key 10, it is also the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Therefore, this is not a roulette wheel of chance and accidents, for in Qaballah, it is known that we are solely responsible for our own destinies which the words "freedom of choice" imply. The Wheel of Fortune supplies us with what we earn, which can be pleasant or unpleasant, as the words freedom of choice imply; for Free Doom, the Anglo Saxon root of the English Freedom, states, "I choose my own death".

The interchange of opposites is what makes the wheel Spin, in this case, we have, the Feminine-Geburah- Severity, and the masculine Chesed- Mercy, interchanging their forces and form. This interchange of opposites, is shown by the Ten Spokes on the Thoth Tarot key 10-card, symbolizing the Ten Sephiroth on the Tree of Life which is a continuity of Force and Form, in equilibrium.

In his work, The Thirty TwoPaths of Wisdom, Dr. Paul Foster Case calls the Path of Caph or Kaph, the Intelligence of Conciliation  which would best be seen as a gyroscope, two wheels interlocking within each other, spinning in opposite directions, for this card represents the mediation of activity between rotating and/or moving opposites. The sense being that there is a cyclic and rhythmic  motion of activity, as well as, cause and effect.

What is interesting here, is that on the Thoth Tarot Card, the Sphinx is seen as the stabilizing element in the midst of change and is positioned on top of the Wheel.

The ancient Egyptians used the Sphinx image as  the Pharaoh, usually vanquishing his enemies, with lion like power. Later on the Greeks, modified the Sphinx by illustrating it as a women on a  male lion's body. Thus, the Sphinx came to represent the union of  mankind, with the raw power of the animal kingdom, and a balance of male (electric) and female (magnetic) in the same form and therefore, the Soul/Psyche of the individual. Again the union of opposites, is the birth place of all Power.

The Qabalistic concept of the Sphinx is that it is the Synthesis of all Elemental Forces, much like the Pentagram symbol of Man, where the Spirit is the Fifth element above and  added to the four elements of the animal kingdom. In fact, among the documents of the Enochian Mysteries of the Golden Dawn, the Sphinx has four forms, that of a Bull, Eagle, Man and Lion. These four faces are also describe by Ezekiel in the Biblical interpretation of his vision.  The Wheel of Fortune, or Fortune, is the glyph of perpetual motion where the flying Eagle balances the Man; the roaring Lion counterpoises the laborious Bull.

Great fortune in astrology is attributed to the Planet Jupiter and the Thoth Deck Card of Fortune is Jupiter's card. Interestingly, the Hebrew letter correspondence is Kaph, the palm is part of the fist and the hand is how fortune is read by palmists. The planet Jupiter, is not just considered good fortune, rather he is also the incalculable factor of luck. Therefore, the Tarot- Key 10-, is often referred to as "The karmic wheel of Life".

Representing the Universe in its constant state of change, the Thoth card of Fortune shows a background of distorted stars, as would be seen from a spinning platform. Some are light, some are dark, all are united in balance, issuing lightnings that blaze through the firmament in blue and violate plumes. Suspended in the midst of this churning, swirling mass, is a ten spoked wheel (representing the 10 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life) and the sphere of Malkuth (Kingdom), indicating governance of physical affairs.

The images of  the Three Forms of Energy that govern the movement of phenomena, are the Sworded Sphinx, Hermanubis, and Typhon.  Representing the four Kerubs, the Sphinx is a composite of, the bull, the lion, the eagle and the man which also correspond to the four magic virtues of, To Know, To Will, To Dare and To Keep Silent. The four alchemical elements, summed with a fifth, called Spirit, form the pentagram.

In  Alchemy, the Sphinx represents the element sulfur and is temporarily exalted at the top of the Wheel. Held in her paws is a roman short sword. The simian element dominates in the god Hermanubis, seen here climbing up the left side of the Wheel. Even though he is a composite god, in this instance,  he represents  the alchemical Mercury.

In Egyptian Qabalah, the God Typhon, who is the crocodile headed beast on the right side of the wheel, represented in the primitive world, volcanoes and horrifying winds and also represents the alchemical element of Salt. In Mythology, Typhon angered Zeus who blasted him with lightning bolts, thus making Typhon the father of hot and poisonous winds who also begets Harpies. One would think that interpretation ends there, but in truth, lightning which destroys, also begets, leading us to understand the Unity of Supreme attainment and the delight of reconstruction from destruction. This could also be understood as the logic of Karma.
It behooves us to understand, that no matter how dense and dull a phenomena maybe, a time will come when it must stir. The end and reward for our efforts may become lucid quietude but in the Universe, that pause soon degrades into the original entropy and/or original inertia. Thus, the correction is changing the motion of comfortable atoms, so that carbon atoms of the living do not become carbon atoms of entropy, id est, diamonds.

All prosperity begins in the mind and is dependent only upon the full use of our creative imagination.
- Ruth Ross, Prospering Woman

The   Fortune or The Wheel of The Year, card is key X (Roman Numeral 10) in the Tarot Deck. This card represents the universal principle of abundance, liberation, expansion and  prosperity.

As stated: In astrological terms this is Jupiter, the planet of luck, opportunity, and abundance. Hence this symbol reminds us that Divinity is the source of all fortune and as inheritors of this unlimited substance we have to accept our positions as Sons and Daughters of the Divine Creative. This awakens ourselves to the possibilities that Psyche can turn our lives in more positive liberating and expansive directions.

Let us open our minds with welcome by saying:
I am a prosperous individual.
I Am the abundance that created me.
I enjoy manifesting internal abundance externally!
From the North, South, East and West, fortune flows to me in every way that is best.

The Witches Tarot- Key 10- The Wheel of the Year, represents the eight sabbats (eight spoked solar wheel) and the 4 seasons cycle. With the Silver pentagram of the Moon, and the Golden Solar wheel, depicts the interplay of both the "she and he" of the Divine creative. The 4 seasons are each represented in the language of plants: The Earth Element is represented as the pentacle, the winter solstice as holly, the classic Yuletide plant. In western ritual magic, holly is used for protection and good luck.
Associated with the element of air, on the lower right, we see cherry blossoms and a sword.The classic use of cherry blossoms, was to signify chivalry and nobility.
Lower left, we see green and vibrant Oak leaves and flowering Hawthorn wand. Here the season of summer, is well represented as the element of Fire. Traditionally, the mid-summer Oak represented  health, wisdom, virtue and long life.
Since the cups suit is aligned with autumn, on the upper right of this handsome card are displayed, the colorful maple leaves of autumn, along with acorns of the autumn oak and a silver cup; all linked with the element of water. Maple leaves, signified elegance,  beauty and energy. The acorns, represented prosperity and wisdom which are the characteristics associated with Jupiter.

Declaring with image, scent, and minerals, is always a form of ritual magic. To enhance fortune by weaving together the many frequencies of energy around, in and through us, I suggest one works with the Correspondences and uses the above declaration.

Correspondences (Thoth Tarot): Key 10-Fortune & key 14-Art (Temperance with other tarot-decks).

  • In the Thoth Tarot, the traditional Temperance card is called Art and represents the art of Alchemy and/or the combining of opposites to create balance.
  • The astrological sign: Art --Sagittarius
  • Astrological Planet
  • Fortune--Jupiter.
  •  The astrological form of Art: I perceive.
  • The astrological motion of Fortune: I seek.

Rune-stones: Art (Temperance)- Raido, communication, union, reunion, and journeys; means "to read, to interpret."

  • Rune-stones:  Fortune- Inguz, completion, release, and sharing; the hero.
  • Primary Colors: Blue; (secondary colors, royal blue, deep blue, bright blue, powder blue, sky blue)
  • Chakra: Throat Chakra (5th Chakra) governing expression, communication, creativity, mantras, media, inspiration,  self-expression, speech, sound, devotion, spiritual expression, faith,  religious inspiration.
  • Stones and minerals: Sapphire, sodalite, lapis lazuli, bornite (peacock copper), abalone, blue fluorites, and chalcedonies.
  • Musical notes: Art- G#.  Wheel of Fortune-A#
  • Hebrew Qaballah letters: Art- Simple letter--Anger. Wheel of Fortune-Double letter-Riches-Poverty
  • Path for Art: Samekh, The Intelligence of Probation.
  • The Path of  Fortune- Kaph, The Intelligence of Conciliation.
  • Symbol of Meaning: Art-Prop.  Wheel of Fortune- Fist
  • Plant essences: Art- Hyssop, Bergamot, Angelica
  •  Wheel of Fortune: Cedar, Nutmeg, Clove.

Magic Abilities (psychic frequency of energy) produced by skrying both cards with their assembled paraphernalia : Telepathy which is the ability to communicate across time/space without the uses of the mundane five senses. Also preque vu, the feeling of sensing something which has not yet happened, but will. The opposite of deja vu .

In the Thoth Art card, Spirit that is Female polarity of energy(magnetic) and That is Male polarity of energy (electric) are combined as Androgyny, who is our Holy Guardian Angel. According to C G. Jung, spirit appears female to males and male to females. Here we have Spirit as the Alchemist, the Homeopath, pouring the liquid of life from the silver urn into the golden urn, never losing a drop of life in the transformation from life to death, i.e. the transition of soul to its spirit.

Fortune is shown as the Karmic wheel of life. Fortune comes from the Latin fortuna, meaning, chance, fate, luck and destiny. The word Wheel comes from the Greek kyklos, meaning cycle and wheel.  All life is shaped of a spiral (spirit means "spiral entity") which modern scientists have now confirmed.  The Wheel of Fortune is from November 22nd to December 20th, and the Northern peoples of Europe celebrated a holiday in December called Yule, in honor of cycles, circles, and spirals of life. Yule comes from the Gaelic gule, meaning Wheel.

For now, the loom of the Wheel of the Year, awaits the skilled hand of the unseen weaver,(in Greek mythology this would be the fate named
,to complete the design and/or pattern of possibilities and potential that constitutes fate and chance. This fated chance is known in Latin as
In pagan tradition, the wheel has represented the cycles of eternal law and evolution that all creatures live by.

When the Key 10- card is thrown, the querent shall experience or is experiencing:

  • Good fortune and happiness, but within bounds.
  • Sometimes they will be or have been, experiencing a form of intoxication with success, which is due to change.
  • In the next 10 weeks or 10 months, the querent will experience the opportunity for prosperity, abundance and good fortune; a kind of fortunate breakthrough.
  • The manifestation of something anticipated.

According to the dignity of the accompanying cards, this is fate at work, where the querent must await the outcome of events set into motion and there is nothing more to do but to wait and observe how the universal energies respond.

  • There is unity in Diversity so seemingly opposite and unrelated elements are coming together creating a complete surprise in unity. This unseen summation, is what we often call "fate", because we were unable to see the outcome of our actions.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 9- The Hermit & The Witches Tarot- Key 9- The Hermit

The Tarot of Eli:

THE HERMIT-key 9, is known as the 12th Path of Yod on the Tree of Life. and connects Tiphareth ( 6th Sephiroth called: Beauty) and Chesed (4th Sephiroth called:  Mercy). In other words, the Path of Yod connects the Christ-Buddha intelligence to the Architect of Manifestation, that is Chesed (Mercy). This connection represents the self sustaining point of  primal beginnings in the Universe. It is the coming of the Light of manifestation through the Microcosm; the manifested Universe in direct contact with the Source of All.

The Path of Yod, is from the Demiurge out of darkness and is known as the Intelligence of Will. The Hebrew letter Yod, means Hand and according to the Qabalistic text Sepher Yetzirah, Yod is a simple letter that is attributed to sexual love.

The letter Yod is phallic in shape and is considered the Male-Fire which rushes out toward the Female-Water. These meanings seem curious at first, since the sign of Virgo (the Virgin) is attributed to this Path, giving us the understanding that the Hermit is to be ever-virgin, pure and totally innocent.

The very word Hermit, comes from a Greek word meaning desert, the place where extreme ascetic monks lived in walled up rooms with one window. Which seems to add to the very mystery and solitariness of the Hermit figure standing alone, in both the Witches Tarot and Thoth Tarot-key 9. In both, he is also holding His own source of light. Reminds me of the Zeus Christos as the "Light of the World".

This image of the desert is a compelling one, as it is conceptually a vast expanse of earth, seemingly as vast as the Ocean. Binah, the Great Mother is often called the Great Ocean Mother Mari, and is seen in the image of the dark, deep, endless waters of the Universal Collective Unconscious. 

The  Witches Tarot-Key 9-The Hermit, card suggests both desolation of the frozen north and lighting the dark abyss,  from his lamp. The dark and frozen scene suggests the Arctic or Antarctica, thus, we can envision the  as a conceptualization of crystallized precipitation out of the Vast Ocean of Binah....which is called "The Crystallized light" and/or organic matter, of which the body is built. 

It should be noted, that the Higher the card is on the Tree of Life, the more important it is that we let the card suggest such images as they will. So once again I heartily suggest skrying the cards as an aid for deeper understanding.

The same intelligent energy suggested by the FOOL card, also expressed the HERMIT, as  the wise old age of the Child (Daath- which means Knowledge) and the virgin beginning of a new sequence from Macrocosm to Microcosm. Here the Microcosm is seen as the purity and innocence of the Fool that is transformed by its "passing through" the dark Ocean of Binah via Chokmah. In other words, the purity of idea under "Will to Force", transformed into form by the Understanding of Binah's "Will to Form", the Mother of Consciousness. When we look at the HERMIT card, we see an Old Man, and nothing of the Child.Yet they are one and the same. This concept maybe best understood by meditating on the image of the Serpent, Oroboros,  that eats it's own tail.

THE HERMIT  also represents communication between the Higher Self of Tiphareth, and the Spiritual Self of Kether, i.e. The Rauch and the Yechidah as they are know to Qabalists.  In Qabalah, the Hermit is called the first of the three great initiatory cards, LUST,  and THE CHARIOT being the other two. However, the experiences of  all three of these initiatory Paths may be gained on the Path of the High Priestess (middle pillar), the one that goes straight up from Tiphareth to Kether, crossing the Abyss and its devastating isolation while the instate experiences Divine reconciliation through isolation.

Of the Hermit, the descriptions are many, but it must be remembered that this Key-9 Card is primarily about union, representing the first point of awareness of the 4th Sephiroth, Chessed-Mercy of the 6th Sephiroth- Tiphareth- Beauty, a union that is often explained in the most erotic of imagery as it is a copulation of the Intelligence of Architecture and the Harmony of Love; an action from which the Microcosm is born.

On the Tree of Life, Tiphareth is the Objective Solar Logos, the center of objective energy produced by the Sephiroth- Chesed (Demiurge) as a direct link of the lower self to the higher self. Since the Qabalistic Paths are subjective Hence, the Path of Yod, is the subjective link of Strength (Lust), Justice, Beauty and Mercy, represented as the Tarot Hermit.  If we are to understand the Transitional Energy, from Demiurge to Logos, our personality must Travel the Path of the Hermit, rising above Tiphareth, shown as the Lantern on both Witches Tarot and Thoth Tarot, toward Chesed, shown as the Staff on both cards, in order to subjectively view the Logos center! In the language of  both Hebrew and Greek Metaphysics, Logos means 'Word", depicting vibration Power. The Greek scholar, Heraclitus , described the Logos as a "spermatic; a Divine Fire which stimulated and maintained order".

To reiterate
, The Path of Yod (Hand) which is THE HERMIT card, is the Path of Spiritual Fire into the Microcosm (Microprosopus) .  The Yod is the All Father, Chokma and the PATH OF YOD, is the manifestation before the Abyss which is related to the Logos (Word), that is objectified as Tiphareth on the Tree of Life. To some the Word, is confusing:However, the Word is that vibratory Shout of force, called Eheieh or "I Will Be", which continually stimulates manifestation and this description leads to the Hermit often being called "the First Earth". 
This stimulation of all atoms also energizes the principles of form (Binah) which it has produced. Thus, Kether, the Crown, the origin of Fiery Spirit, is seen as the One that from itself produced Two and/or 0 that becomes 8, one twisted into 2, which refers to the Electric (Male) and Magnetic (Female) and the represents the Quantum Physics String Theory, where one "string"  or 8 which is usually shown as laying on its side enters this universe, producing a negative and positive particle. There is a lot to wrap your brain around here, but that is mostly true of all the symbolism of the Major Arcana.

Often, the Hermit is related to the Christ figure, but he is better related to the Hebrew pathfinder Moses,who led his people across the Egyptian desert. In fact, an early Gnostic sect, The Simonion Gnostics, that had taken its name from Simon Magus, first described in the Acts of the Apostles, that the Logos was objectified as Moses. These second century Gnostics taught that the Book of Exodus was an allegory of the soul being led by the Logos (Word of God) through the desert of human life into the spiritual promised land.

Many of us of the Western culture, know the story of Moses as a Thaumaturge (Arch-magician) as shown in the art of the Witches Tarot. Moses was a Thaumaturge whose staff was a wand of enormous power that could strike water from rock and turn into a serpent upon his bidding. The "Magi's wand", turning into a serpent force, is an allegory that refers to the use of Kundalini (Yod) force by the Adept Magician.This serpentine force is a Sacred Fire that is the essence of the Logos transmitted by the phallic wand. To a Tantric, this wand would be called the Divya Linga., Divine Lingam. Other references to Moses and the Sacred Fire, is told as God interacting with Moses through a burning bush. Making Moses an intermediary or tool of the Supreme Father. Thus, Moses is the Hand of God, which emphasizes the meaning of Yod as hand. In Fact, the hand of the Hermit in the Golden Dawn card (not shown), is open, as opposed to the closed fist  meaning of the Wheel of Fortune (see past blog), and means ultimate  Power while also depicting innocence, as an open hand can give or take with out the impediments of thoughts or moral restrictions.

The Thoth -Hermit card, shows the lone figure cloaked in the Red of Binah,, the Blood of the Goddess,  showing that he is rooted in the Great Mother, while also showing the motion and activity that is essential to the Yod which is the Intercourse of Chokma and Binah. He flows to She who then conceptualizes energy into form and/or Wisdom (Chokma) is objectified by Understanding (Binah).

The concept of the Cosmos encircled by the Fiery Spirit  (Yod), is shown in the Thoth Tarot by the Orphic egg, wrapped in a serpentine image of the spiral energy. 

 The Thoth Tarot card also illustrates Cerberus, the Greek three headed dog who guards the gates of Hell, who is tamed by the Hermit and is a willing companion. One head of Cerberus, faces backwards, looking into the past, while the other two heads, look at the present and future.  There is an interesting connection here to the Goddess Hell-Aine, and Her Three Yoni (wombs- Maid-Mother and Crone)), but I'll leave further explanation up to the investigative student of magic, as I don't wish to offend the the flesh-o-phobes of our dogmatic culture.

The image of the spermatozoon, on the Thoth Tarot Hermit Card, represents the Yod energies in the world, while the staff which transmits sexual force (Kundalini) is totally hidden. Which is not the case of the Japanese ink scroll depiction  of the hermit, Bodhidharma (470-543 CE.) , the first patriarch of Chinese and Japaneses Buddhism who himself was as a Moses. The Spiritual Fire  and wand, of a Magus is depicted in this illustration as an erect phallus,before the flesh-o-phobia of Division-ism became popular. The truth is that The Divine Creative is Sex, and to divide the Sexual Self from the body by dysfunctional definition, is to divide the Spirit from the Body. Spirit is the Vital Sexual Force of Life!
  I wonder, has it ever occurred to common man, that if you divide the spirit (Will) from the sacred- body, that it only leads to enslavement? (Illustration from the Book: THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EROTIC WISDOM by Rufus C. Camphausen.)
As Crowley states in his BOOK OF THOTH, "In this Trump is shown the entire mystery of Life in its most secret workings. Yod=Phallus= Spermatozoon=Hand=Logos=Virgin.

Finding out why the Divine Couple of the Universe worked for over 14.7 billion years to build living form, in the Malkuth World of Physical Mater, as a Divine Image called Hu (Chinese for God ) Man (Hindu word-Manas: meaning mind) i.e. YOU; will help you emotionally and mentally establish Spirit body Union and the axiom "Above all things know thyself" ,as a Spirit who is only Whole, on all 10 planes of the multi-verse. A lot of Divine work went into the making of You----and a lot of man-made history has been devoted to the Pavlovian process of demeaning yourself image so that you could be ruled by those who can't rule themselves and need a faux authority to feel secure. Something to ponder, as your self value flounders around in debt-slavery, trying to make "ends meet".

When the Hermit card is thrown during a reading, it implies that:

  • Knowledge is needed, meditation and prayer are to be used to hear the inner self.
  • A deep desire to follow that which is meaningful  and/or heartfelt to you. 
  •  Time to gather enough data and information in order to sort things out.
  • Introspection which may require you to withdraw from others or the usual environment in order to gain the perspectives needed.
  •  A stage in life where Wisdom is sought. This is a great card for skrying, as it is of the Inner Wisdom that we so much need to KNOW OURSELVES!
Thank you for your interest and comments. May you live long and
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 8- Adjustment & the Witches Tarot- Key 11- Justice

The Tarot of Eli:

The Thoth Tarot-Key 8: ADJUSTMENT & The Witches Tarot-Key 11- JUSTICE:

In many Tarot Decks, the common way to present this State of Energy Conscious is as the Judgment Card but I personally think that Crowley hit the nail on the head with the Title of : Adjustment.  Because in our world of patriarchal rule, Justice is merely revenge and a show of state power to destroy the life of dissenters, which then keeps the populace in line. Plus, Nature is not, morally or ethically, just. As Jesus is quoted as saying, "...rain falls on the just and unjust alike."[ Romans, 8:18]

Crowley also changed the key number of the traditional Tarot, from key 11 to key 8, as that fit his gematria better as it made more sense for both cards. He changed Key 11 to the Lust card, which is the traditional Strength card, key 8. Again for purposes of gematria. In gematria, 11 = 1+1=2, and 2 is the numerical value of the Hebrew Letter Beth, meaning house or temple. The number 8 refers to the Hebrew Letter Heth, meaning fence or enclouser. Both similar, but still there is a large difference. The House, of our Spirit, is the human body and therefore, the establishment of Lust. While, the Fence or Enclosure is a judgment or adjustment made to one's life. Hence, the key 8 card is often called a karmic card. 

The Supreme Spirit Identity, in this case, The Conscious State of  "Will to Form", and/or Geburah doesn't deal in revenge; She deals in the enforcement of freedom of choice, making sure the choices mentally made become the effectual manifestation.  She Trusts you, as the Psyche, to know that if you think a thought, and supply life-force to it (often called emotion) that you know what you are doing. This is often why we know this aspect of the Divine Feminine as Severity, for you get what you "think you are" and she judges not if it is a thought of folly or wellness. That is your discernment.  Freedom to choose our own thoughts, makes us a Psychosomatic creative, that is, our Psyche (Soul) runs and describes our Soma (Physical body) ! The repercussions of cause, thought and its effect, manifest as and in your body, and the law of attraction produces "like attracts like" which many call luck, good or bad.

If you followed the Gnostic Qabalah axiom of "Above all things, know thyself!" you wouldn't have any difficulty with "freedom of Choice": However, due to belief in the divisions of the Patriarchal thought process, the union of your will and self-identity has been corrupted by the axiom of the Patriarch's axiom of, "Divide and Conquer"; here our souls are divided from our bodies, by worshiping a religion or state created by those few who wish to rule the many. These creations of man, are the false prophets and false idols, most theologies and governments warn us against! Besides being obvious hypocrisy, this is very clever, for by warning us of blasphemy, we are focused elsewhere and can't see that they are the very ones we must not follow or worship! So now most people have forgotten their Divine-Power of Limitation and Wholeness, becoming powerless and scattered, lost in the forest of  Ruler-identity-propaganda used to design "slaves of the state".

The Adjustment/Justice card is the Path of Lamed, the light green path between Geburah (Severity) and Tiphareth (Beauty) on the Tree of Life. Adjustment represents the  Faithful Intelligence of the Great Mother, who has faith in you as Her Divine Children, who may wander off and forget themselves, but with the proper "goading" (Lamed means--ox goad.) they will find themselves again.

Adjustment is the Ruler of Balance (operates from Binah- through Geburah, both aspects of The Great Mother) and maintains the outpouring of energy so that the "innocent child" (The Fool card which has been called the "Holy Ghost") will operate within the confines of a natural pattern: The Pattern of , I AM ME. Not what others identify Me as----but as I Am identifies Me as. You see that is Free -doom, the Anglo Saxon word that the English freedom  is derived from.  To the Anglo Saxon, Free-doom, was a declaration against slavery. For "Free-doom" means, "I choose my own death" and therefore is the meaning of freedom. You can see why Free-doom is severe.  However, Freedom of choice is "my choice", and  if I choose to react to the identity enforced on me by  the rules of "others" (the enemy of freedom) then I am doomed to the dysfunction of that thinking. If I Know Myself as I was identified to be by the Divine Collective, the "Me" of the Great I AM, which is also the product of the paradigm, of "I think--therefore, I am", then I am  functioning in the Natural State of our Divine inheritance, as I Am not using my "father's name in vane".

With the knowledge of the natural flow of Adjustment we know that balance will be made so that energy will always flow to the "living" Spirit body (human) through the balance of Spirit-Mind,Body union. If that union is interrupted by incongruous thought patterns of fear such as "I lack" or the lowest denominator of any thought, the body, is doomed to unbalance (disease) mentally, emotionally and physically; for "I AM", the Creator of "Me", is now "I AM Lack". Because of the Soul's freedom to identify "self" any way it wants, which means that even if the Psyche is an ignorant servant of another "master", thoughts given emotion (will to force) are what that identity will produce in form. The Will is Spirit and therefore, our foundation of Psyche. Hence, for Will to operate Life in an expansive and liberated way, it must be willed Love of Spirit- Mind-Body to keep the balanced between the Soul's identity, and form's operational self-conscious and/or personal identity.
I bet many of us didn't even know that "to seek love", is to deny you are it. Hence, you are stating a statement of "I am now unloved", a statement of "I lack" and this places you in "impoverished love". Therefore, a state of low self identity now preforms as "me". But don't worry, for this serves the ruler's and the greedy very well as that "lack" thinking, builds the consumer who is in the "pursuit of happiness"; a pursuit of unequaled proportions, for the love sought, is always "just over the next hill", or "just the next expensive thing" and the stress this constant seeking builds in the self-conscious will doom the self to futility and disease (dis-ease). But then that's okay, because the medical profession and the drug companies need the sick and lame to flourish!

Sarcasm aside: Self- Love is the balanced flow of Creation, throughout the Tree of Life, because it is the pattern of The Supreme Spirit Identity recreating it's Self-Images in order to expand and liberate Self-Awareness as "The intimacy of being Alive".

Because of this Faithful Love of Her Children, those of us who contact the Anima (Divine Feminine) by mentally journeying on the Path of Lamed, may decide to bring ourselves in to balance, but if we do not, it will be done for us as an act of "Tough love"! Much like driving a vehicle that has an automated correction system on board, if the driver won't adjust the steering wheel to stay on the road, the Natural Automated system will!

Being constructed of the Psycho-dynamic principle of  Spirit-Soul/mind and body, all must be  united in a balance of communion, an Understanding of Impeccable Being that is continual mental trip up and down the Tree of Life. As above so below, is not a far off metaphysical concept; for it is the conception of YOU as if the Qabalistic Tree of Life is a birth canal of the sensual-Psyche! So being Faithful Intelligence, The Divine Mother of You will always make the adjustments necessary to get Psyche, and body on the right track, whether you like it or not! Once one  understands this Universal Law of Freedom of Choice,  where one must live the choices made, one will always "Treat others as one wishes to be treated". For the process of experience teaches us that to think ill is to be ill and by thinking ill of those who think ill of us, just transmits the disease into a plague of illness where no one is well.

Again, there are no enemies, only another way to be us. Let each other a very good motion! You cannot escape your thoughts for they are "how your Life Forms the Alive" so let's make our thoughts the best they can be, we'll then find our lives to be balanced and smooth flowing no matter how many rocks are out there!

As the Tao states, " If it isn't here---It isn't there. If it is there, it is here. For what is here is there and what is there is here." Remember, our thought project ourselves on the Mirror of Life, and to create Monsters outside of us (There) creates Monsters inside of us (Here) and the Great Mother of Life...will supply the necessary surgery to remove them, so that her children can expand and liberate themselves from self-condemnation. Knowing thyself---helps us avoid the discomfort of this surgical-severity.

THE PATH OF LAMED: Adjustment-key 8 (Justice-Key 11 in many other traditional Tarot Decks ):
  • Primary Path Color: Emerald Green
  • Related Sound: F#
  • Astrological sign: Libra (Cardinal Air)
  • Word Meaning: of Lamed is Ox Goad
  • Hebrew Letter-Simple Letter: Work
Esoteric Title: The Daughter of the Lords of Truth; The Ruler of Balance.

Paul Foster Case wrote in the: Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom: The Twenty-second Path is the Faithful Intelligence, and is so called because by it  spiritual virtues are increased, and all dwellers on earth are nearly under its shadow.

Between  Tiphareth (6-Beauty) and Geburah (5-Severity) lies the Emerald Green Path of Lamed. Lamed-The Ox Goad- is the spear like prod which keeps the ox moving down the path which points to the letter's special relationship with Aleph (0x) on the Path of The Fool. Although complex, their relationship can be stated: Adjustment (Justice on some cards) maintains the balance of the Tree of Life, so that the outpouring energy of The Fool (often called the Holy Ghost)  will operate within the confines of a natural pattern. Adjustment is the administrator of the laws of Binah (Mother of Form), written by The Heirophant.  Key-8, the number of Beth, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is therefore, the "Ruler of Balance". For eight, is the shape a 0 takes when it becomes "2". When 0 became the Divine Creative, it made itself "He and She", by just twisting upon itself as 8. Now we have the paradox of " 2 who are One".

Adjustment-is the Intelligence Faithful to that symbolized by The Fool; the alignment of forces of the Twenty Second Path is an amalgam of  all the Paths and is described as being within the essential life force symbolized by The Fool.

Lamed can be a Severe Path, as it is continual activity "in the above and the below" and will do whatever is necessary to bring the physical, mental- Soul/Psyche into equilibrium. Sometimes a "cutting away" process represented by the Sword, which is not always pleasant.  The Sword of Geburah, that is shown in the center of the personages on both the Thoth and Witches Tarot cards, represents the part of our Psyche that cuts away all that which is unnecessary for impeccable function.  Often, this surgical adjustment is less dramatic and much like driving a car, for Adjustment/Justice, is constantly correcting direction through slight adjustments of the steering wheel, while traveling down the road of life (the "steering wheel" for driving an ox is an ox goad). This car analogy continues, when one understands that the Sephira (God Forms) are aspects of the soul itself who is the driver of the body-vehicle and not the external agencies that self-conscious likes to blame for its own folly. Thus, this "driving" process is  to be considered psychologically as a condition of self-assessment, where one must align their identity with the Soul that makes them breathe and think. 

In this Card-key 11-Justice , as on many traditional tarot cards, the soul gets weighed on the scales in the left hand of Geburah and then she makes necessary adjustments wielding the sword in the right hand. However, In the Thoth Tarot, She balances the Scales on Her head, symbolizing a psychological balancing, of both the Alpha and Omega (Beginning and the end).

By placing the Sephiroth on the body that is facing the Tree, it can be seen that Geburah (Severity) is on the left and Chesed (Mercy) is on the right. This placement is the proper way to view the "Adam Khadmon" as "facing inward" rather than some artistic formats that place Him, the Supreme Spiritual Identity, facing outward on the tree. For only in "inward" traveling of our Psyche, can we realize the Tree of Life and it's many paths to wholeness.
Also in palmistry, if one's right hand is considered the primary hand, the left hand is seen as one's  "receiving" feminine hand, while the right is considered their "giving hand" or masculine expressive hand.

Often this card is said to represent Karma-an often misunderstood Sanskrit word, used in fear. Instead of meaning that a soul is reaping what is sown from past lives; Karma means to myself and Paul Foster Case,  an action of continual adjustment. It is related to education; Lamed-The Ox goad, means to teach, and though many of us lament the maintenance  of balance, this balancing is definitely a learning process. Slowly and sometimes, painfully, we learn how to analyze and re-balance ourselves as necessary for different situations.

In the Hermetic Qaballah, it is understood that the principles of the  Path of Adjustment  maintain Tiphareth-Beauty; beauty being a harmony.  On the Thoth Deck Card the Principle of Balance is depicted as the Egyptian figure of Maat, The  Egyptian Daughter of Ra; The Queen of Heaven. The Egyptian texts suggest that that it is through Maat the the Sun subsists, for Ra is said to "rest upon Maat," and to "live by Maat"---in other words, She maintains Tiphareth (The Sun/ Son of Goddess/God). This is the Path that regulates Divine Life Force (Sex force). Aleister Crowley called Maat a Harlequin, " the partner and fulfillment of THE FOOL." On the Thoth Tarot, She stands in the Vsesica Piscis (the diamond shape). Behind her is the throne of spheres and pyramids, in groups of four which means "Law and limitation", which sums up the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

The Goddess, is also known as Venus, and The Planet Venus, is the only planet whose symbol encompasses every single Sephira on the Tree of Life. This implies that Love is the ultimate power of  the Universe and is the Law. As Maat, she wears ostrich feathers, with the serpent Uraeus, (Lord of Life and Death) on her forehead, She also holds the Sword of the Magus (male phallic symbol in this context) which suggests a sexual union, and the "completion" of the female (Crowley). Hence, the letter 8, is but a "twisted fool" and/or O.

According to Crowley, this  Lovely Lady a standing on her toes, is the feminine compliment to the Fool. The Letters Aleph (The Fool) and Lamed (Adjustment) constitute the secret key of the Book of Law, that is the basis for a  Hermetic Qabalistic system so deep and sublime in meaning, that I recommend investing some time and money in obtaining Crowley's- The Book of Law!.  Because she is the partner of the Fool she is shown as dancing on her toes, with a hint of Harlequin.
In 777, Crowley described the "completion of the feminine" as "The Woman Justified by equilibrium, and Self sacrifice is the Gate."  Her Scale , weighs the Alpha and Omega (The All)  and as Crowley pointed out," She is the ultimate illusion which is manifestation; she is the dance, many-colored, man-wiled, of Life itself. Constantly whirling, all are possibilities are enjoyed, under the phantom show of Space and Time: all things are real, the soul is surface, precisely because they are instantly compensated by this Adjustment. All things harmony and beauty; all things are truth; because they cancel out."    Crowley understood, that the Soul, is the Mirror that our image is reflected in and it is by the Adjustment of perspectives, that our healing comes from. This may be why when the medical journals state, "83% of all healing, is by  placebo".  Life is the "I AM" that is Psychosomatic-ally alive, as  "Me".

As mentioned before the Woman Goddess is also Harlequin; she is the Woman Satisfied, she is fulfillment of the Fool. She is also the ultimate illusion, which is manifestation. She is the many willed and many colored dance of Life itself as the "alive", in which there will always be a balance kept by equal and opposite reaction, life and death. The Thoth Deck Card may illustrate Maat, but it also means Karma, the Hindu Goddess.

As stated, Adjustment, is at work continuously in the above, The Greater Universe, and the below, our individual soul/personality. In other decks this is Key 8 Justice; However it is numbered, this powerful, natural equilibrating function occurs in our bodies, as they balance nutrition continuously to maintain proper operation as power tools for Spirit. And  Adjustment is also an equilibrating function that occurs in our  sane-personalities, making sure there are no constant extremes of behavior that keep us from operating effectively in our environments. In the Personality Adjustment is done by natural force and reason.

To go forward, the Soul is measured when it "stands"in the Divine Light of the Solar Logos shown as the golden All Seeing Eye  that is Tiphareth, the 6th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, often called the "Christ Light". Only in this Light (bright and warm intelligence) does the dual- edged Sword of Geburah, do its work; pruning away the perspectives which are not worthy of Her Divine Child. The Alpha and Omega letters in the balances, signify that it is the Sword of Geburah and/or Goddess of Justice.  Pythagoras taught that the iusticia and aequitas (justice and equity) are "innate attributes of the feminine nature principle".[Rose,116]

The sitting figure of Justice on the Witches Tarot, is presented in the figure of the Greek Goddess, Themis, sitting in her temple and gazing forward. The Sword in her right hand implies balance must be preserved. Emotional stability and encouraged wisdom, are portrayed in the emerald stones of her crown and broach. The Inner workings of the Universe and its mysteries are covered by a purple curtain. In the language of flowers, the black-eyed Susans, that are shown growing in the Grecian Urns beside her, gently symbolize justice.
The red color of Geburah, along with the Green of Venus, is also suggested in the garments of the Justice figure. 

 To reiterate: The Thoth Tarot presents Maat, daughter of Ra. Since Ra was known to the ancient Egyptians, as the "Source of all Light", the Qabalists know Ra as the Fool or the Path of Aleph, who is the Source of All Light . This makes it possible to say, that Aleph rests upon the Path of  Lamed, making Lamed  the regulator of the Path of  the Divine Life Force. That is also why I teach that "The Solar Husband is invoked by the Great Womb'". This may startle some men who objectify women as an object of sexual desire for dominance and control, for it is well known to both Tantrics and practicing Qabalists that the Life Force, and/or "Sex Energy" is invoked by the Great Female, to regulate and establish  balanced expansion and liberation (Tantra) of her Life- Forms.  The Form of Him came from the Womb of Her, i.e. "Ra is said to live by Maat." In other words, The Lord of Lightning servers the Great Magnetic-Ocean Mother.  To put this simply, The Great One (Kether) became Two, by the process of adjusting/balancing Knowledge (Chokma) and  Understanding (Binah), thereby, realizing He/She as "One who is Two" and thereby established the equilibrium that produces and maintains all things. We know this as the symbol of infinity and/or the Mobius loop. 0=2  when it is an 8.

The downward pointing Phallus and testes headdress on the female figure of this card attests to this understanding of Kether, as Ra who lives by Maat.  This is the Judex and the Testes of Final Judgment, symbolic of the secret course of judgment whereby all current experience is absorbed, transmuted, and ultimately passed on, by virtue of the operation of the  sword, to further manifestation. Those who Skry this card will not be unhappy that they did so, even if Geburah/Justice wields her sword in quick bright strokes, the discomfort  of emotional burdens, the burdens of "serious" perspectives, just fall away and the skryer feels all "Warm and bright". Because she balances the First act and the Last act, she is to understood as assessing the virtue of every act and demanding exact and precise satisfaction. She is the very image of "Love is the law, love under will". Every form of energy must be applied with impeccable integrity, to the full satisfaction of its destiny. That is why I counsel my emotional reactive "Me" with, "Get over yourself and get on with You, impeccability is what we do!",  whenever it forgets the Soul's demand for impeccability in loving thought and action, for these are the action's that drive life forward, ever expanding and ever liberating itself from past error.

There are a large compliment of Planets involved in the Adjustment/Justice card.
  1. First is Venus, which rules Libra.
  2. Mars is related because of the purging forces of Geburah.
  3. The Sun, as stated above, is involved not only  because the Path of Lamed runs from the Sun to Mars, but also because  Adjustment (Justice) must take place in the clear bright light of Truth.
  4. Saturn is exalted in Libra and finally:
  5.  Jupiter which is the planet of Chesed (Mercy). By acknowledging that Libra is ruled by Venus, is also to acknowledge that behind Adjustment stands the Empress, the primary path of Venus, which is the perfect equilibrium between the forces of Chokma (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding). It is interesting to note that the planet Venus refers to all of the Sephiroth and encompasses  every single Sephira on the Tree of Life. The implications being that Love is the Ultimate Power of the Universe: Love is the Law of Attraction.

When the Thoth or Witches Tarot card is thrown during a reading, the querent is experiencing or will experience:
  • The making of a final decision.
  • Judgment and sentencing by a determination of an issue without appeal on this plane.
  • The querent is experiencing "What you put out, you get back".
  • The Law of action- reaction, where the natural forces of nature reach a balance within the individual, setting things right.
  • The balancing of opposites.
  • Karma. 
  • It is eternal justice and balance.
  • Strength and Force are being applied to create a balance, but this is arrested as in the act of Judgment.
  • Depending on the combination of other cards, this could also mean the more mundane reality of  legal proceedings, a court of law,  a trial at law etc.
  • The Adjustment card promotes the "Butterfly effect", as all equilibrium must and will be obtained.  Any disturbance will be balanced by an equal and opposite reaction.
  • What you put out, you will get back.
  • Think well, think love, and all will be well in thought and deed. Love is the Law of Attraction.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 7-The Chariot & The Witches Tarot- Key 7- The Chariot.

The Tarot of Eli:

The Thoth Tarot- The Chariot-key 7 & The Witches Tarot-key 7-The Chariot: are both representative of the Qabalistic Path of Cheth-meaning fence or enclosure, on the Tree of Life,  between Binah, (understanding) the 3rd Sephiroth on the Tree of Life and Geburah (severity) the 5th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. It is the vehicle that encompasses the Soul on its journey into manifestation, shown on the Thoth Tarot Card, by the four Sphinx with different animal faces, each an element having four sub-elements (cubed).

The Chariot itself is Kether as Geburah, the 5th Sephiroth called Severity. Hence, the Chariot is the Throne of the Soul, that protects the Soul through its journey through dimensions of universal manifestation. The Chariot itself is thus unmoving and stable while the Red Wheels of Geburah power it through the Universal manifestation. Presented here, the Soul is a golden-solar-warrior, who is protected from the Abyss by the Limitless Light of Kether, a vibration form of energy that the Soul rests on.

The Thoth Chariot is ruled by the sign of Cancer, a Water sign (the crab on his helmet) and it is the Pure Water (Pure Consciousness) of the High Priestess that is the Fence or Enclosure and/or Womb , shown as blue oval rings around the chariot, that protects the Soul in its journey from the Higher to the Lower planes of manifestation. The Soul/Psyche is the Self of our selves, it is our individual emanation of the Supreme Spirit Identity from Kether. The Soul being the "Solar Warrior" as shown by the Golden Starred Armor, is lead by the Moon. Keeping the Tradition  of the  ancient Egyptians, who believed that our Sun followed the Moon across the sky.

In the Thoth Tarot- Key 7-The Chariot, the Cancer Crab stands on the Knights Helm, referring to the zodiacal sign of Cancer, into which the Sun moves  at the summer solstice. Cancer is the cardinal sign of Water, shown as blue above and below the charioteer. Hence, Cancer not only represents the first onrush of the Tarot element water, but it also represents the Path Cheth (meaning fence or enclosure) that leads from the Great Mother Binah (understanding) to Geburah (Severity), on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Therefore the Chariot represents the Veil of Water ( which is blood)  in which the energy of the Supernal (The Trinity) descends on the energy of mankind as Prana and  inspires the "spirit within".  This card supports the old axiom," ...The Know is in the Flow" and helps us realize the value of Prana Yama (Yoga breath) breathing and the flow of the Life-Fire within and/or Kundalini.

The wheels of Geburah (an energy intelligence of Binah the Great Mother) drive the Chariot into Form. Knowing that Binah is the Mother of Form, and is the Feminine Magnetic (womb) force of the Universe, we can see that the Chariot is the combination (the Marriage of Kether-Chokmah- Binah that is the Supernal Triangle of the Above) of Electromagnetic force and the Spiritual Psyche form that is Soul. So with this in mind we may conclude that the flowing forceful nature of The Fiery Creative Father and the Receptive nature of the Watery-Magnetic Mother of all Form, protects our Soul from dispersion back into the Limitless light (Dark Energy Creative) which is Darkness, a non-identity to us.

She/Binah, is the Vessel, Womb, Grail (that is in the hands of the Thoth Golden Knight on the Chariot) both blood red-Blood of Mother-Grail and water blue Womb of the High Priestess-Grail, both comprising the engine that moves our now stable soul-self through the Universe, allowing us a Psychic-conquest on all planes of energy!  Such a engine of Psyche, makes each of us the inheriting Child of The Divine Creative!

The Thoth card symbolizes the vision of Ezekiel, wherein the prophet described  the appearance of "four living creatures" and that each had four faces, A man, a lion, an ox, and that of an eagle which are the symbols for the elemental forces of the manifested universe.

What many of us should now understand is that the Very Severity of Binah, the Great Mother Defends us from dissolution into "Nothingness" as we are her most important "Psyches of Form"; we are both Masters of Form and Creators and as far as She is concerned we are her "Most Beautiful Children"  and have been given her Property---The Qabalistic  4 Worlds of Manifestation, as Trusted Keepers!

We are Souls, a collective of identities of the I AM, developed over space-time manifestation, who create and operate Self-Image in the Name of Abracadabra (Abrahacabra) that is seen woven into the canopy above the Thoth Golden Knight. Crowley states that Abrahacabra/Abracadabra is-The Vibratory word of the Aeon, The Great Work. The Holy Grail, is the "vessel of all Form" which the Psyche drinks, (the Wine/blood of Imagination) giving form to our thoughts......which become the Self-Awareness of I AM ME. I have understood that the I AM, denotes existence, but is uncertain of what exists. This is logical, since the I AM, is of the Quantum Mind, whose only rule is known to theoretical physics as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Creation, all of it, is because of this Uncertainty. Infinite, can not be measured and therefore, is unseen, even to itself. I AM, knows it exists, but hasn't a clue of what it is. Hence, the Creation of Self Images, so that I AM, The Greater Self, can be aware of itself.

Now I know all this can be confusing, as there are so many ways to describe these cards that have gathered so many symbols over time as they are very old images of invisible forces that are fascinating but almost incomprehensible to our reasoning brain. That is why we must practice raising the Serpent Force within to awaken the normally unused parts of our brain. The Kundalini can be seen as the "original Word of God" / The Logos, a mini "big bang" and must flow over and through our brain as the Lust of the Great Fiery Creative and  the encompassing Waters of the High Priestess, before we manifest the comprehension of the Greater Self.  Don't fret the brains resulting heat, Understanding will come to the diligent, for no matter the seeming obfuscation of meanings attributed to them. The Tarot Keys represent truly universal archetypes, Forces and Forms that remain immutable despite the limitations of the worded attempts to describe them. You, each and everyone, are Force/Psyche and Forms of Light comprised of all of the 78 images in the Tarot Deck. The Tarot is YOU, not the man-made you, the indoctrinated one who is a reaction to your ruler- defined environment but the Powerful You that is the action that changes environment. You came To Expand and Liberate the survival mind of earth from its animal existence into the Higher Existence of the Immortal Soul/ The golden warrior of Creation.

In the Psyche sits the Chariot-resting, while Powered by the Great Mothers Work and sitting quietly on the thrown of Kether, totally protected by the Magnetic Field of the Grail, awaiting the time when the Brain can hear ABRACADABRA (Abrahadabra)--the cypher of the Great Work. With the "Ears to Hear", that are developed by "Knowing thyself", we can then manifest the Soul as the personality who operates a Physical Power tool--in Mothers Great Garden, rather than a animal looking for its soul; something it will never find, since the finite are definitions from the infinite and are unable to define the infinite in their time- limited thoughts.

The Chariot tarot card represents the Solar Warrior Soul who defines being---but is not defined by being.   Instead of the "four creatures" that pull the Chariot of the Thoth Tarot, The Witches Tarot, uses the traditional black and white horses of Tarot, which are the colors of 
 life and death. This combination of White and Black, is also seen in the twin pillars of the High Priestess cards of traditional tarot. The Witches Tarot Chariot, is done in the style of the Greek sun god Helios.
The Crescent Moon in the sky, of early dawn, and the Charioteer, with sword drawn,  charging across the Morning sky.  Usually, it is a golden chariot, but here the artist, choose to adorn the charioteer with a golden sash. The Moon also implies the Charioteers link with the High Priestess.

The  movement of the Chariot conceals a mystery (arcana) of great significance. As stated, The Chariot is reminiscent of the Greek Chariot of the Sun, Helios, as the original four horses of the Sun pulled the Chariot of the Sun across the sky. This is significant as a representation, since the Chariot moves between the Light, centered in Tiphareth (Beauty) and the Supreme  Darkness of the Limitless Light at the hidden side of Kether (Crown), as depicted in the White and Dark horses that pull the Witches Tarot's Chariot. Yet, there is even a more complex meaning suggested here, as the Sun is guided by the Moon! And in Egyptian mythology, Greek Mythology and the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the sun is subordinate to the moon.  Since the Chariot is of the  sign of Cancer, that is ruled by the Moon (and in which Jupiter is exalted), the Charioteer follows this philosophy of subordination to the Great Mother nicely. The cardinal Path of the Moon, leads from Tiphareth (Beauty-Solar Logos) to  Kether (Crown) is the Path of the High Priestess.  Water  ( Pure Consciousness) takes precedence here and is represented by the Moon.

Correspondences used in magic: 7-The Chariot & 2-The High Priestess.
The Chariot's astrological sign is Cancer and the astrological planet of the High Priestess is the Moon, the ruler of Cancer.. Remember, the Tarot is about polarities; Will to Form (female- magnetic) and Will to Force (male-electric). In this association, the Chariot is the form of -I feel. The astrological Motion of the Moon (High Priestess) is- I seek myself through what I feel.
It also helps us to remember that all the Major Arcana cards have a receptive form (female) and fiery motion (male) and are thus androgyny. In correspondence, the form of one card will often correspond with the motion of another.
There is also an association with Rune-stones (another popular divination). For the Chariot, the Rune correspondence is Ehwaz, the rune of movement, gradual progress, dwelling places, and horses.

“The mind will trust the body, the body will trust the mind.”

Ehwaz – “eh-was” – Literally: “Horse” – Esoteric: Trust

Rune of harmonious teamwork and trust. Rune of pairs of entities working together for a common goal.

The Rune for the High Priestess is Othila , the rune of retreat, separation, inheritance, and the home.
“We inherit ourselves.”

Othala – “Oh-thall-ah” – Literally: “Homeland” or “Ancestral Lot” – Esoteric: Inheritance, estate, noble
Rune of ancestral spiritual power, divine inheritance and earthly estate.

Primary colors are, Orange-Yellow; with secondary colors of gold,white and silver. The corresponding Chakra is the Spleen Chakra (second chakra)which governs emotion, movement, pleasure, polarities, nurture and nurturing, socialization, sexuality, choices, pride, fear of rejection,  and provides our life energy and vitality. The corresponding stones/minerals are gold, silver, platinum. Also amber, pyrite, golden beryl (topaz), citrine, all orange-yellow chalcedony, clear quartz crystal, diamond, moonstone, pearl spinel, white coral, opal, zircon, and gray or white fluorites and chalcedony.

Musical notes: Chariot-D# and the High Priestess is -G#

The Qaballah Hebrew letters are: Chariot- Cheth- it is described as a simple letter-Speech while the High Priestess-Gimel, in the Qabalistic text-Sepher Yetzirah it is described as a -Double letter- meaning War-Peace.

The Tree of Life Paths are: Chariot- Cheth, the House of Influence. For the High Priestess the path is: Gimel, the Uniting Intelligence. Mean of the letter Gimel is camel and the meaning for Cheth is -Fence or Enclosure.

The plant essences: The Chariot-Coriander, carrot, labdanum, Roman Camomile and for the High Priestess-Camphor, lemon, and jasmine. 
The psychic energy (magic abilities) generated by this correspondence is; Clairsentience (clear feeling) which is the ability to feel others emotions. Since this can be perceived both consciously or sub-consciously, often the clairsentient can become moody and confused without knowing why. By applying all the above correspondences (one stone or mineral) with the Mandala that is the Tarot Cards, meditation/ skying can be greatly charged to enhance "magic abilities".

To continue:The Tarot-Key- 7: THE CHARIOT

Motion or change and identity or rest are the first and second secrets of Nature: Motion and Rest. The whole code of her laws may be written on the thumbnail.

The Chariot represents the Universal Principles of change/movement combination of stillness-activity: of movement and repose.

Every individual is touched by  multi-dimensional change in their areas of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, as symbolized by the four pillars, the four wheels,and the four animals. These four elemental aspects of ourselves combine to create who we are, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The spinning disc in the hands of the Thoth charioteer, also symbolizes the wheel of fortune/The Goddess Fortuna (The blue water womb of birth/nurture Mother and the red-fire womb of Sex/ Death/reincarnation Mother) and means that we as Psyche, have free-choice and can choose fortunate, positive, and abundant changes for ourselves. 

The ten crystals on the golden armor of the Thoth Charioteer, represent the ten powerful positive choices of the Ten Sephiroth on the Qabalists' Tree of Life. The crown, which is "the crowning achievement", wisdom, understanding, mercy, severity, beauty, splendor, victory, foundation and kingdom. These ten states of conscious energy are multidimensional movements and repose that are known as "Our Greater Self". The Tarot Card is also the Qabalistic 18th path.

In the THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM, Paul Foster Case statedThe Eighteenth Path is called the House of Influence (by greatness of whose abundance the influx of good things upon created beings is increased) and from the midst of the investigation the arcana and hidden senses are drawn forth, which dwell in its shade and which cling to it, form the cause of all causes.

 Again: Between Geburah (Severity) and  Binah (Understanding)  the Great Mother on the Tree of Life, runs the Path of Cheth. This is the highest and most profound Path on the Pillar of Severity and introduces the Personality to the Supreme Spiritual Self, that wraps our Soul in the Golden Armor of Protection so that the Psyche can be carried through the unmanifested Universe, and/or Dark Matter and Dark Energy. The Chariot is the enclosure that holds the Soul in a state of peace, as moves through all planes. In his BOOK OF TOKENS, Paul Foster Cases stated this about the Chariot: 
  I am the hedge of protection
                                       Enclosing the field of existence
                                        In this field thou dwellest,.
                                  And I am thy defense,
                                         Against the darkness which is without.
                                        Yet is this hedge of safety
                                          Alas a wall of limitation,
                                           And the darkness against which it defendeth thee
                                              Is the radiant Darkness of the Limitless Light.,
                                               Too brilliant for thine eyes.

The Darkness that Mr. Case refers to is that of the Limitless Light of Kether, the very pinnacle of the Supreme Spiritual Self. Pictured in the Chariot, the experience of the Spiritual Self, is known in Alchemy as  the "Exhalation", where the Alchemist becomes the Philosopher's Stone.

The Thoth Deck Chariot, shows the influences of  both the Hindu Tattvas
and the biblical text of Ezekiel with its "living creatures" being represented as 4 Sphinxes pulling the Chariot. These Four Kerubim (angelic beings) represent not only the four Tarot Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, but also each has four sub-elements, as do the Tattvas, and are represented as the four faces of the creatures.

Geburah, is often symbolized with a Pentagram, or five pointed star, that has the Four Elements crowned by the Spirit (Space in the 5th Tattva). Thus, making 5 the number of Geburah on the Tree of Life.  Geburah is a Red Force, and is symbolized on the Thoth card as Red Wheels, meaning that the force of Geburah (Severity) is the  motive force of the Chariot.
Geburah is complimented by Chesed (Mercy) on the Tree of Life, and this compliment is seen in the constant usage of the number 4, Chesed's number. We have Four Sphinx, and four columns  (Four Universal Elements) holding up the starry canopy or heavens  of Binah (The Great Mother- Empress Card key 3).  Theses four elemental columns are shown as wooden columns on the Night Sun Tarot Card: However, wooden or red they are called the " four columns of the Tree of Life in a Solid Sphere", adding a little more of the arcane to this card.  I suggest the curious student gets the book, THE QABALISTIC TAROT  by Robert Wang, as it is a fine text for understanding the Arcana of the Qabalistic Tarot.

Above the Golden Armored figure on the Thoth Card, is a crab, symbolizing the sign of Cancer. Woven into the canopy is the  word "ABRACADABRA", which Robert Wang thinks is an apparent pun on "ABRAHADABRA", a word that Crowley called,"one of the most important key numbers of the Liber Al...the word of the Aeon....the cypher of the Great Work which when using Qabalistic Gemtria (numerology), (Book 777 of Crowley) adds up to 418 which equals 4+1+8=13; the Key 13 Death card. The link with the Death card is shown in the Night Sun Chariot card as a white/life and dark/death horse.

Crowley understood that something martial is going on in the Psyche of the Seeker themselves. Much like the Krishna & Arjuna epic in the Hindu Bhagavad Gita, or the Babylonian Epic of Creation,  where the pursuit of enlivenment is symbolized by warring factions.

On this highest Path of Severity, the Soul Warrior of Geburah has reached a pinnacle, as shown by the Tens stars on his golden chest that represent Assiah or Matter. Seated in meditation, with the Holy Grail in his hands: the Cup (Womb) that we look directly into. 

The Chariot, is a Qabalistic Higher Path card, and requires much sckrying, meditation, and arcane study, so this author recommends that you devote more time to this card than a brief blog. At least, get the books I have recommended in this blog and read them liberally! What is also noted here, is that the Male-Female relationship, is represented backwards here in our reflected world. The Male -"Will to Force" of the Universe is Subservient to the Female-"Will to Form" in order for electric Force to become electro-magnetic Form; Idea is subservient to Understanding, for Life to progress.

There is a more metaphysical meaning in the design of the Ten Stars of Assiah that sit upon the Thoth Charioteer's chest. For they are also an inheritance of the "celestial dew" of the Mother. The Great Mother, is the builder of the Psyche.
Cancer maybe known as the House of the Moon but Jupiter is also exalted in Cancer. This concept is illustrated on the Thoth Tarot Card, as the color of  Amethyst that rings the Grail. The Shape of the Grail represents the Full Moon  and the Great Sea of Binah. Spiritual life is inferred by the radiant blood -red in the center of the Grail: light in the darkness of the Womb.

Again, studying the individual symbols, both arcane and mundane,  will lead to a greater understanding of the whole. The Charioteer looks the masculine part he is, but this card is of the Goddess as Binah and Geburah which are both receptive (female) and expressive (male). One will find that in the Gnostic Qabalah, both sexes are inseparable, where there is She, there is He and visa versa. The Chariot represents the mystical Merkabah , the Chariot that carries the Throne of God  in the visions of Ezekiel. The Throne is stable and unmoving, while the Chariot  descends on the revolving "fiery" wheels of Geburah.
Arcana means secret and/or mystery and the Major Arcana (Key Cards) are deeply embedded in mysterious secrets buried in the imagery of time long past while being totally relevant today, requiring much study.  As Plato said, " To know thyself, is to know God" describes the mystery of the Qabalah.

When the Chariot card is thrown during a Tarot divination, the querent is or will be  soon experiencing:
  • Health, success, triumph, and victory. All of which shall be a combination of stillness and activity.
  • There is a principle of self mastery through change and movement towards a goal.
  • In other words, winning one's own way.
  • Self confidence that propels one to victory. 
  • In the next 7 weeks or 7 months, the querent will be making changes in their job, or home or travel,.

When this card is thrown during a reading, the querent is reminded:
  • To devote themselves to the combination of activity and quietude so that they may have the drive to attain goals.
  • It is a time of clearing out the past, moving beyond and beginning with new energy while taking responsibility for one's present condition.
  • There is a need for victory here, by combining the images or content of the unconscious with the consciousness for the purpose of achievement.
  • The Chariot also signifies that the querent has begun controlling a situation by the force of their personality....a focus of Will.
  • The goal will need fighting for, but you have been granted the energy to win it!

If the accompanying cards are ill defined, then none of the fore mentioned qualities will be stable and all will be short lived.

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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 6-The Lovers & The Witches Tarot- key 6-The Lovers

The Tarot of Eli:

The Thoth Tarot-key 6 : THE LOVERS & The Witches Tarot- Key 6- THE LOVERS:

To the Gnostic or Hermetic Qabalist, The Lovers is a card that can hardly be understood by imagery, let alone words, so the combination of both the imagery of the Unconscious and words of the self-consciousness, are recommended.

On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, The Lovers is The Path of Zain-meaning sword or armor and is the dual- cutting-edged Sword of Perspective that connects The Mother of Form-the 3rd Sephiroth- Binah-Understanding, with the central point of manifestation, the 6th Sephiroth Tiphareth-Beauty. 

In the long past, the Lovers was just drawn as one individual and called The Lover. This obviously didn't suggest enough for more recent Tarot Readers and it has been redesigned to show the Two who are One. Since Gemini/The Twins is the astrological meaning of this card this duality should be depicted. The Lovers card represents the dualities of a single individual and is not appropriate as a symbol of human sexual love. In fact traditionally, it represents the "two brothers"  who are the Kaberoi [The Twin Serpents of the Caduceus] and where known as the twin sons of the Primal Serpent Ptah.

Over time the Primal Serpent Force of the Universe has gained many names/titles from Skanda-Murugan, Ptah-Sokar-Osiris to Thoth-Hermes, Neptune-Vulcan, The Green man, Dionysus, Enki and so many more, but the understanding was still the same; it was the Primal Serpentine Force of microwave fiery- electric energy that began this Universe in a "Big Bang" scenario. Since we are attempting to describe a pure energy that both ejaculates (a serpentine flow) and gives birth (a receptive vessel), the male and female forms are used to show these aspects of "The One Primal Serpent Force". This serpentine energy is both a She in Hindu as Kundalini, in Greek as Sophia (Wisdom), as well as the above mentioned male descriptions.

Through out the Thoth card you will see serpent images, even the Spear of Dionysus or Thrysus known as the weapon with which he used to induce "the madness of Gnosis" (Knowledge). This "spear" represented the human spine and the third eye linked to one flowing Kundalini power.  Thoth-Hermes was also known as the "Father of Alchemy" and many alchemical symbols exist in both the Thoth and Witches Tarot cards imagery.

Before I entangle your self-conscious with deep alchemical explanations, it may be easier to understand that The Lovers, represents the dual aspect of the One energy as Divine creativity surged across the Abyss into manifestation, formed of  the  stable dualities of He-electric and She-magnetic. The Great Work is the marriage of these dualities of manifestation. A ritual of returning to the Primal state, or Serpent force of the Twins-She and He of the Divine Creative.

The path of Zain, of the Hermetic Qabalah, is called the Disposing Intelligence, which has often been considered an aspect of the Garden of Eden mythology, where human kind was made to leave it because of a Serpent's temptation and must learn how to return to it.  Yet the serpent was the "good guy", before Christian revisionism, for He gave mankind the knowledge necessary for language and it was necessary to leave the "Place of Repose" for the Active World. Here the knowledge of the double helix of the DNA, becomes a story about a genetic modification that has become active, i.e. The "boot up" of the Inherited God Mind.  The Word Hu -Mandarin word for "god" and Man - from Manas- the Hindu word for Mind, means we are the inheritors of Divine Imagination, the Creative mind.  The Hebrew word -ha-regesh- from which the English translation means-is arrived,  and is called the Disposing Intelligence, by Dr. Paul Foster Case, in his text "The 32 paths to Wisdom". This Disposing Intelligence consists of , the Sun+ the Moon+ Fire (Spirit) =Disposing Intelligence.

In the Lover's Tarot card we have the Sun and the Moon uniting under Mercury (the planet ruling Gemini). On the Thoth and Witches Tarot cards, the man is  representing the sun and the woman is representing the moon and the Divine Fire above the Abyss is the Kerub (cupid) which comes from the word Kaberoi, on the Thoth Card, and a sultry angel on the Witches Tarot.  So when the Electric Force of the man and the Magnetic force of the woman are intertwine, a process that is rightly perceived, rightly discriminated, and when their operation is kept in proper order, the personality of the man engaged in this practice becomes a unobstructed channel for the outpouring of the Cosmic Life Force (Seen in the Thoth Card's art as the Orphic egg wrapped with a serpent). All this may be mind boggling to the uninformed who know not their own Divinity nor its electromagnetic spinning activity.  So all I can say is, Google the mythological names listed in this essay-blog and see if you can understand the stories about the Great Story, that is our universe and our Selves. I Would recommend a magnificent book called, WORLD GNOSIS-The Coming Gnostic Civilization by Mark Amaru Pinkham who has done a inordinate amount of research that would take the interested student 20 years to assemble.

Thoth Tarot-Key 6-The Lovers, was at one time called  "the Brothers" and is a significant arcana in that it implies the simultaneous creation of "equal and opposite reaction", as the biblical story of Cain and Able or the zodiacal twins of Gemini. Hence, when an action is created, its opposite is simultaneously created as well. When She was Created so was He. When Able was created so was Cain. When light was created so was the dark, as there could be no darkness before light. This card supports that application.

There is no measurable time lag in the creation of opposites, as the formulation of any idea creates its contradictory at almost the same moment. That is why wisdom is often described by me as the action, "to create, see error ,and correct that error." Wisdom is known  as 50% ERROR.. This is the concept behind the Christian Sin (Which was the name of an ancient Moon God), that  over time, has become unrecognizable as the process of Wisdom; However, if one reads the Prodigal Son biblical parable, they will understand that the "Prodigal" who went forth and created error, was celebrated for correcting it, by the simple act of returning to his Father.
 To know that the contradictory of any proposition is implicit in itself, is to know how Universal equilibrium is kept. Again, we have  analysis followed by synthesis. To make this card even more confusing, remember that once error is corrected, we've made another creation.....with simultaneous error.

The Thoth Tarot Lovers Card, is a glyph of duality. Here, the Moorish King has a golden crown, while the white European Queen has a silver crown. This duality is further displayed by the Red Lion and the White Eagle; Lions and Eagles being alchemical symbols of  the Male and Female Principles in Nature, appearing in equal and various stages of manifestation throughout creation. For instance, the Sun and Moon, Fire and Water (Electric and Magnetic), Air and Earth. They are the acid and alkali of chemistry, which are also metals and non-metals. Going even wider in this concept, they are Hydrogen and Oxygen which in this concept, the Hooded figure represents , the seed of all life as the Protean element of carbon. Astrophysicist know Red Suns as the producers of the carbon atom, so the symbols of this card are quite extensive. In tarot, the hooded figure is known as the Hermit.

The Thoth King bears his sacred Lance, while the Queen bears the Holy Grail---the Phallus and Womb symbols of this card are a constant reminder of  Creation's formula of equal and opposites being combined in order to establish life. This theory is support by the Twin Children carry their weapons, whose positions are counter changed; the white child carries the cup and roses, while the dark child carries the lance and a club ( both an equivalent symbol). At the bottom of the card is the primitive Pantomorphic form of the Hermetic Marriage; the winged Orphic egg. The colors of the egg, gray, symbolize the cooperation of the Supernal ( upper triangle of Kether, Chokma, Binah)  in the Creation of Life.
The symbolism of the two children, has been noted by Crowley as Cain and Able, which may seem out of place in a card called THE LOVERS;  However, the process of The Hermetic Marriage is both reciprocal and repeated over and over again as it is defined by the infinity sign of  Mercury-Magus, as the Sun and the Moon unite under Mercury. First one "Brother" dies, being absorbed into the other than there is a return to a  balance of opposites  after which the second "Brother" is killed and absorbed into the first. The Swords forming an arch over the threesome, is reminiscing of a Royal Wedding, where the married couple must walk through and arch of Swords, at the end of there nuptial ceremony. It also represents the English translation of the Hebrew letter Zain.

The Thoth Card also depicts a  Purple serpent that represents Mercury in the scale of the Queen and represent God's influence in Nature; the crimson tinged wings of the Orphic egg represent the King which is on the scale of Binah the Great Mother. Therefore, the Thoth Deck key 6 -The Lovers is then the complete symbolic rendition of the equilibrium of the Great Work. However, we must never forget that what form life takes is  after all, possibility, for the form life takes is dependent upon the influences attendant during gestation.  This is a fact that Awake Souls (those who do not experience the sleep of death) make use of while influencing a fetus that is forming in a womb.

By putting the symbol of Cupid above the Hooded figure,  seems to confuse the issues of this card; However, deep study of the Cupid legend will help one to see that cupid is the libido symbol used to express Zero as Two (o as 8). Please feel free to enjoy your investigations while remembering that only deep meditations on this card will reveal some of the many secrets it represents.

THE LOVERS, is the Path of Zain, meaning Sword, and is also a simple letter, meaning smell. The Path of Zain is depicted on the Hermetic Qabalah's Tree of Life and runs between Sephiroth #3 Binah (understanding) and #6- Tiphareth (Beauty) and connects the Pure Conscious, from which all forms emerged (Binah) with the central point of Manifestation (Tiphareth- Pure Soul and/or Real Person).

The Term Lovers, seems simple enough, yet it is a complex and profound card, as it is not about the love of two humans, but rather the Twins or duality of the individual united in pursuit of Divine Love.  Therefore the True meaning of Key 6, is embedded in the Astrological sign Gemini, The Twins and the psychology of Dr. Carl Jung, as the perfect union of Anima (feminine-Latin for Spirit) and Animus (Masculine-Latin for Soul) 

The Dual intelligent Forces of Male-expressive and Female-receptive, (electric and magnetic, conscious and unconscious, Psyche and Animal mind, Animus and Anima), are what, Zain
The Lovers Path proposes to unite. These are equal and opposite frequencies of  Intelligence that must be united as a major step towards the Godhead on the Tree of Life. The surging of the Divine One Energy, across the Abyss into manifestation, formed stable dualities, for the Divine Creative is a O who became 2, "will to force" and "will to form", which we call male and female, respectively. 
This is nothing new to those who studied Matriarchal religions, God and Goddess were never seen separated and often they were depicted as one being with two faces. Only in the War/slave religions of Nomadic Tribes, "sword worshipers", did the Patriarch exist alone.
The Witches Tarot-key 6- the Lovers: concentrates its art on a more mundane experience of love. Here we have a romantic couple , ready to kiss, in a fertile spring garden. Her pink dress, and the 6 pink roses in her hair, imply romantic love. In the language of flowers, the daffodils and hyacinths,at the couples feet, are considered magical flowers of chivalry and new love.

The Thoth Tarot concentrates more on The Great Work, which is a mental return to the primeval state (As above so below) by the communion or "marriage" of these dualities of manifestation within the Self-Conscious of the individual. 

As Robert Wang wrote about the Path of Zain (meaning; sword or armor) in his book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT," Thus this path may be considered the aspect of the Garden of Eden, from which mankind was expelled, but to which it may earn re-entry by conscious dealing with what has been called the inner Sun and Moon. The whole key to the Great Work is  uniting of the Sun and the Moon under Mercury (the planet ruling Gemini)."

On the Tarot Card, THE LOVERS, The Sun represents the man; the male expressive, the Moon represents the Woman; the female receptive, and the Divine Fire that is above the Abyss (The Vital Force or Serpent Force), is represented as Cupid. Case has stated that, the Sun represents  self-consciousness and that the Moon is representative of the unconsciousness.

Dr.Paul Foster Case, founder of the Builders of the Adytum, considered that these are both aspects of the One Life Breath, each working half of the body. Today we mundanely know them as the Male half and the Female half of the human brain or in parapsychology as the Anima and the Animus. As Case has stated, "When the Solar and Lunar currents of the Life-Power are rightly perceived, rightly discriminated, and when their operation is kept in proper order, the personality of the man engaged in this practice becomes a free, unobstructed channel for the outpouring of the cosmic life force."   Case considered THE LOVERS card to represent one of the dualities united by the Spiritual Self, the Divine Anima (female) and the Divine Animus (Male), both aware, conscious and united in the individual as they are in the Divine Creative. Just as most Tantric, and Gnostic practitioner's do.

To the Qabalist, The Lovers, represents the union of manifested opposites under the Divine Love of the Supernal (Upper triangle of the Tree of Life) through Binah/Ishtar-The Great Mother. Thus, the Crowley Thoth Deck Card depicts the theme of union as and Alchemical "Hermetic Marriage" of the component parts of the seeker.

The Path of Zain is an active path of Psyche, for the self control and will attributed to Mercury, which directs the movement and integration of opposites and is not passive.

In fact, it is the fiery force or the Serpent Force known as the Kundalini which is masculine fiery force, united with the Feminine Watery force (flowing in waves as "serpentine:) both in equal measure and full of fiery dynamic, and inspirational qualities of intuition.

This is a red-hot marriage, complete with Honey Moon and resulting "little death" reminiscent of an individual "big bang", call the "ecstasy", where all that is not worthy of being "you" is burned away. 

 Hence, there is a  type of death here, as the process of crossing the Abyss means the death of one's own Higher Self, a willful and  total self-destruction and immersion into the Divine Self. 

THE LOVERS and THE ART card of the Tarot are considered among the most difficult to understand. The Path of the Art Card is Samekh (Prop) and requires a complete integration of the Personality in its subordination to the Ego (whole-self) in Tiphareth. The Path of THE LOVERS  is Zain (Sword or Armor) requires  a complete integration of the total self, manifest in the Microcosm, returning the soul to the aspect of the "Garden" or Macrocosm of the Universal Collective Unconscious, from which it emerged. Thus, we can say that Art is the equilibrium of the Lower Self and THE LOVERS, is the balance of the Higher Self. This makes the Art card the consummated aspect of the lovers card.

I'll leave you with a quote form the Gnostic Text, The Gospel of Didymos Judas Thomas where it is written by a Gnostic Nazarene known as Jesus, who answered his disciples with: (22) " When you make the Two One, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female;and when you fashion eyes in place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then you will enter the kingdom."

Jesus, mythical or not, obviously knew of the Principles attributed to THE LOVERS  card, but then he was purported to be a Nazarene Gnostic Master (A Zeus Christos) which is equivalent to a Qabalistic Magi. What few know is that the Word Christos is Greek and refers to the  Sun! Hence, this could be a depiction of Jesus and Mary Magdalene; A very apropos idea. Especially since the Hermit carries both the Lock and Key of a Hermetic marriage.

Theoretically, return to the Godhead requires that we as a personality, incarnate repeatedly, in the twelve signs of the Zodiac, reaching perfection in each of the  types of incarnation.

THE LOVERS card also relates to the Hermetic Marriage, or "Chemical Wedding", as written in the 17th century in a text called,:The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenceutz which is one of the key documents of Hermetic-Qabalism. I've found this alchemical text very readable, much like a fairy tale, and yet one of the most profound piece of esoteric or Gnostic symbolism ever written. The fact that the word Sword or Armor (Zain) is the word meaning of this path and that blood is spilled on this path, are all reconciled  and/or reinforced in this text. This understanding requires some meditation on the Alchemical text.

  • There is the Tantric Philosophy here also (the meaning of Tantra is "to expand and liberate"), only through physical union with a female can either a man or god, achieve true reality and the power to deal with it; A Spiritual/sexual union, is required for shamans, priests, and holy men with the female is required before they gain full possession of their powers. This is also a process for Priestesses, who must be able to invoke the "Divine Phallus" through the Male before they can gain their Powers inherited from the Divine Hermetic Marriage, to manipulate time/space.

When THE LOVERS is thrown during a reading, it is stating:
  • A principle of  Art and Craft of Relationship.
  • What is also suggested is the  magical image of the power of surrender in which one form is given up in order to attain another.
  • Being involve in a process of cooperation.---combining energies for a common goal.
  • Yin Yang attraction of polarities, or universal forces for one another.
  • The power of sexual surrender to the Goddess within.
  • This card can also mean a love affair with some sort of trial or choice involved... be it marriage or profane love.
  • Time to make a choice of "one or the other", seen as two paths. The outcome of this choice is seen as vitally important.
  • Passive and some cases, mediumistic  inspiration.
  • Motive power, and action, arising from inspiration and impulse.
  • Becoming cooperative as two or more people or forces come together, combining  energy for a common goal.
  • Urge to unite and a choice of love.
  • Joining is easy to see the Principle of  the Art and Craft of relationship here.
If ill defined by the accompanying cards:
  • Indecision, confusion and uncertainty become the principles of this card.
  •  The querent is failing to see the sum of the Union of Opposites and is trying to separate them as "good and bad" . This causes only inaction.
  • The agony of separation rather than the bliss of union.
  • Wanting the best of both worlds, causing instability in all those concerned.
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