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Tarot Card Comparison: The Thoth Tarot-3 of Wands: Virtue & The Night Sun Tarot- 3 of Wands.
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 2 of Wands: Dominion & The Night Sun Tarot- 2 of Wands
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Ace of Wands & The Night Sun Tarot- Ace of Wands
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Tarot Card Comparison: The Thoth Tarot-3 of Wands: Virtue & The Night Sun Tarot- 3 of Wands.
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 2 of Wands: Dominion & The Night Sun Tarot- 2 of Wands
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Ace of Wands & The Night Sun Tarot- Ace of Wands
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Princess of Wands & The Night Sun Tarot-Page of Wands
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Prince of Wands & The Night Sun Tarot-Knight of Wands


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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparison: The Thoth Tarot-3 of Wands: Virtue & The Night Sun Tarot- 3 of Wands.

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth 3 of Wands-Virtue & The Night Sun Tarot-3 of Wands: represents the Spiritual Integrity, Honesty, that is the Virtue of Spirit, Mind and body, in total agreement.

Virtue is the effective potent force necessary for  putting thoughts into action. This is the holy balance of the 3 that defines and clarifies the identity, where you see yourself more clearly.

Virtue/integrity, is the conscious state of heart, mind and physical action working in concert with each other; seen as three lotus blooms in united purpose on the Thoth Card. Where I AM ME is a dynamic ternary creative action rather than a "wanna-be" dream of powerless separation.

On the Thoth 3 of Wands,The sign of the Sun, above and Aries below, represents the astrological sign of the Sun in Aries, symbolizing radiant dynamic energy moving in new directions but from a foundation of virtue. The communion of mind, heart and physical action, is a holy mass of dynamic creativity that "does unto another, what you would have done to you"...a virtuous  motion that assists life in its ever-forward expansion.
On the Night Sun Tarot- 3 of Wands, the sign of the sun is on the upper left and Aries on the upper right. The 3 serpentine wands are formed into the upward pointing triangle of the alchemical symbol for fire. There seems to be a central smile, radiating outward, showing the joy of virtuous thinking.

The  Tarot-3 of Wands and the 3rd Sephiroth-Binah:

By now, you know that "Mother Binah"-Understanding, is an aspect of your own Energetic Unconscious, as we are all connected to the Universal Collective Unconscious (C. Jung). The prefix Un tends to make one think of something "less than" consciousness, nothing can be farther from the Truth. Here Un just designates the Un-seen, the Unknowable, the Un that is One.  Being unseen does not mean less in anyway, anymore than unseen H-bombs are less powerful than the one on your doorstep or that 99.6% of your whole Self is Unseen lessening you in anyway. For the Power of Spirit is all around you, yet you don't see it. Not because you are lacking in anyway, but because 99.6% of the electromagnetic spectrum, of which you vibrate from, is unseen by the naked eye.

Consciousness, itself, is a child of the  Divine Collective Unconscious of the Universe, and that Mother of consciousness, is Binah.  In the Great Sea of Imagination, your image floats in the amniotic fluid of "will to form"; Binah is the Great Will to Form of the Sea of Unconscious. Everything, is from the Unconsciousness, including the self-conscious we call consciousness.

The Texts of the Golden Dawn said it best:
" In Binah is a thick darkness which yet veileth the Divine Glory in which all colors are hidden, wherein mystery and depth and silence, and yet, it is the habitation of the Supernal Light. There The Supernal Triad is complete. And the Sphere of its Operation is Shabbathi, or rest, and it giveth forms and similitudes unto chaotic matter and it ruleth the sphere of action of the planet Saturn. And Jehovah Elohim is the perfection of Creation and Life of the World to Come.  And the Archangel is Tzaphqiel,  the Prince of the Spiritual Strife against Evil and the name of the Angels is Arahim, the strong and mighty Ones who are also called the Order of Thrones."
"The order of Thrones" are represented as the Four Queens of the Tarot who are united with the Four Kings. ..Their Husbands.

 Generally, the four 3's, represent  the realization of the Action (conception) of the Prince having been conceived (Son/Sun of God),  symbolized  as the central figure on both tarot cards. Action is definitely launched for good or evil, but with Virtue, it is for the expansion and liberation of Life.
Thus in the 3 of Wands, the Prince of Wands conception is shown on both Night Sun and Thoth Tarot, as central flames radiating outward form the Supernal Union of the upper Triad on the Tree of Life.
THE 3 OF WANDS-VIRTUE, is also called the Lord of Established Strength. Well noted, as the Sun is in Aries here. There is great power where the Sun illuminates Aries, the Cardinal Sign of Fire often related to Mars (Mars is the Old Roman god equivalent of Aries).

The 3 of Wands also represents Binah's influencing the World of Pure Spirit (Atziluth).

Shown on the Thoth card, the 3 crossed Wands indicate the balance of Chokmah, Binah and the birth of Tiphareth-Beauty, the Sun (son), and/or The Prince.  Growth begins and is shown on the card as the unfolding lotus blossoms (Thoth) or white rose blossoms (Night Sun) opening to the Warm and Bright Energy of Aries.  

To an astrologer, the entry of the Sun into the sign of Aries, heralds spring.
Thus both cards sport the blazing colors of the Hot Sun, depicting great strength for individual expression (central Wand on the Thoth or the central flowering vine on the Night Sun). Here also is absolute power that can corrupt absolutely, thus egocentricity, pride and conceit are lurking dangers. Yet we have Virtue here, the key to Spiritual integrity and honesty.

This Tarot card is a Christmas Card, for it is about the Union of Chokma (Masculine Energy Conscious of Will to Force-King) and Binah (Feminine Energy Conscious of Will to Form-Queen) and the resulting birth of the Prince which is Tiphareth (Beauty) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Astrologically, the entrance of the Sun (circle with a center dot) into Aries ( the V sign) traditionally heralds the Spring. The Great Mother has received the transmitted Will and conceives, prepares and by Understanding, gives birth to its manifestation.

This is the harmonious union of I (Chokma), Am (Binah) and Me (the Persona). It is Spiritual Integrity, as the three aspects of Spirit are conjoined.

Virtue, is always being true to yourself; this Truth being the union of spirit, body and mind conjoined in agreement.  Some people would call this listening to your heart and acting with heart felt determination. Without self-trust, Virtue is not possible and our self-dishonesty will make us victims of our own deceit which in turn makes progress impossible. Therefore the 3 of Wands card reminds us to clarify and redefine our Identity to the Original Form of I AM Me, "The Real Person" called The Soul, and no longer accept identity from those around us and/or our environment. We are not Man-Made, we are Spirit---a spiral energy conscious that spins through time-space building self-images from thought, for they are our only visible identity. All of us are the Princes and Princesses of The Divine King and Queen of this Universe, i.e. Children of God/the Divine Creative who inherit the Universe. But as all inheritances, one doesn't earn it, One claims it. We know how, for we are the Original I AM's identity. Just by saying "I AM...", is declaration! I AM health, wealth and well being, is a claim on our Divine Inheritance, whereas, I AM Sick, poor, and depressed, is our rejection of it.

Therefore, the 3 of Wands Tarot card represents great strength in individual expression which when ill defined, can also mean egocentricity which may manifest as pride and conceit. Pride and conceit are easily avoided by treating others as you want to be treated, although achieving that without Virtue is not done. The 3 of Wands card also symbolizes the Fire of Will, and increasing energy known as the inner fire and/or inner light; the spiritual power that is inherent in our bodies.

Often we have heard the name of God and/or the Divine Creative defined as I AM. We have forgotten what that the birth of self-image is called "ME", a collective copy of the One. Yet many of our religions say that we are made in God's image which should give us a clue! This card is about the creation of the Inner-Serpentine- Fire that builds the Life of the Outer Self out of the Big Three of Creation:Will, Passion and Intent!

All of us have inherited this Inner Fire that defines Beauty in this physical world...and we are that Definition!  The Birth of the Christos, or the Buddha consciousness that is the "Son/Sun" of the Divine Creative, was our first conscious birth (our Unconscious birth was in the invisible Sephiroth-Daath- called Knowledge), represented on the Qabalistic Tree of Life as the 6th Sephira-Tiphareth/Beauty. The Number 6 is the totality of 3+3=6, the Trinity of Father, Son, and Grandfather and the Maid, Mother and Crone, producing the "Child" who is also a Divine Androgyne.  We should love that inner fire that enlivens our outer bodies but many of us seek for it "outside" of ourselves; hence we knowingly or unknowingly reject our wholly birthright. By being true to yourself, you can not only "see" the "inner Bright and Warm Higher Conscious", the "Sun of the Divine Creative, but also feel it. However to be true to you, Virtue must be defined in your actions as "Self".

I AM ME and by being the best Me I can be...I see the best you!

Each of us is another way to be Me of the Divine trinity of I AM ME and therefore know that Me is all about possibilities and is not written in non-flowing's written in the flow of Solar Logos Light! We are the Children of Stars, Microwaves of Spirit (Spiral)-Self Conscious, who came to enlighten ourselves and the children of Planets by making them in our own image, i.e. giving them our identity by adoption. So Adopt your Body with loving acceptance---as you would the Christ Child because it is the outer child of the Inner Light! Virtue built the body, so it could Be itself! Virtue states,"I Am the Will and the Way, and I own the Day"! 
Remember, we can't have days, unless we have forms made of time-space. My body, makes my day! To Love my body is to have a day of love.... to not love being, is to not be and that sadly states that we only have the yesterdays of the dead. To avoid being "wanna-bees" (those who don't live in the now) we must remember our true Virtuous name---I AM and we must love the experience that name gives us ---"ME"! All other names, are masks of entertainment.

The Qaballist knows this virtue, as they practice doing to others what they want done to themselves, and this is "being true to thine own self". The volume of Powerful flow of the Life Force (Fire) is predetermined by the Virtue of the Manifestation. Open channels, unblocked by deception, denial, and bigotry, are the best Life Force vessels who are able to contain, a manifested Solar Logos. Often, people confuse morals with virtue, but morals can be rules imposed by others, where as virtue is the morality of Self-Love. The Virtuous know that when you treat others as you would be treated, you are practicing the only morality needed. One cannot give what one doesn't have!

When the 3 of Wands Tarot card is thrown during a divination:

  • It can symbolize Pride and Arrogance,sometimes Power and established force and/or strength.
  • Realization of hope, completion of labor, nobility, wealth and success after struggle.
  •  It is a new surge of Power that sprouts new manifested ideas and motion, all within the next 3wks or 3 months..This card also adds acceleration to the surrounding cards in a reading.

  • The querent is experiencing the conjoining of Body, Mind and Spirit.

  •  Putting thoughts into action.
  •  Keeping on with present activities for they are conceived and will soon flourish into manifestation.
  • Clarity, where you are seeing yourself honestly.
  • Established strength in enterprises where collaboration will favor the querent.
  • Radiating intention, understanding the Will of Fire and increasing energy to birth ideas.
  • This is a very active card of powerful direction, so it requires us to understand that Virtue is not chastity, no nothing so obviously prejudicial, but rather "Always being True to Thine own self". Here there is a warning not to compromise your inner integrity and passion for others.
  • Be as Spring and flower in your own inner fire! Clarify your identity and " Above all things, Know thyself!"


When the 3 of Wands card is thrown it also indicates that:

  • In the next 3weeks or 3months, it is important to operate from a place of virtue/integrity as you move forward in sunny new directions.
  • This could also mean that you should wait until your heart, mind and body are aligned and share clarity of purpose before you act in or handle your relationships with the Aries people in your life; Aries -March 21 to April 21.
  • The state of natural clarity is represented in this card by the crystalline structure in the back ground. While the flames represent the ability to await the natural unfolding of things to come.
  • Inside all of us is the "inner fire of balanced integrity", it is an inheritance of our Divinity; however, one is reminded that the smoke of denial has dimmed the flames of I Am Me, as a spiritual expression of Life-self- awareness into the slave thinking of "I Want To be me"(Wanna-be).
  • When this card is thrown, it means it is time to act as a True You and not what others think you must do.

 For more information about the Tarot or for a live personal reading or Thoth Tarot Class appointment--on line with Skype or in person, email <>.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 2 of Wands: Dominion & The Night Sun Tarot- 2 of Wands

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-2 of Wands: Dominion.
The Night Sun Tarot- 2 of Wands and the 2nd Sephiroth- Chokmah/wisdom:

From the Golden Dawn Texts:
The four Deuces symbolize the Powers of the King and Queen; first uniting and initiating the Force, but before the Prince and Princess are thoroughly brought into action. Therefore do they generally imply the initiation and fecundation of a thing.
To reiterate: the key to all systems, as well as, the Universal Pattern is the only Reality: the Key, we know as Chokmah (Wisdom) on the Tree of Life. Kether is not or no-thing, therefore it is not reality. When we cause reality, it is of our beliefs and opinions united, so I often call Chokmah the Real...for it is not of us, but is the Will of Force before us.  Our beginning is in Chokmah, the idea of I Am, and the Will to Force, all begin there. Thus we are Dreaming ourselves into willful existence.   For now, we know Chokmah to be Will To Force.
Also called the Lord of Dominion and whose zodiacal attribution is Mars in Aries. Mars being the planet of vitality, energy, and assertion: Aries is the astrological symbol of exploration and pioneering.

The Angels of the Decan are Vehooel and Deneyal.

The 2 of Wands represents Chokmah influencing the World of Pure Spirit known as Atziluth. 
Again, we are trying to explain the inexpiable which is the Supernal Triangle. This second Sephiroth is Pure will, without need of result. Which to many is impossible to realize for most of us exercise will and expect results to reach goals. What many of us don't realize, is that will is the Power behind Spirit, in fact they are inseparable. The Spirit is the Spiraling of Energy into  identity-motions that build microwave dimensions of I AM and need no result.

But before frequencies are stimulated into being via "thought waves", there was Will to Force ( Chokmah-the Divine masculine) and then Will to Form (Binah-The Divine Feminine). The Sephiroth are called Beings  that may be Force or may be form, but in fact, a Being to a Qabalist is a "immortal state of Conscious Energy" while we may all know that the living forms we are used to, have a beginning and an end, a Being is "point in time-space", and therefore it has not depth and its dimension is infinite Pi.  In Chokmah is Being. The First Being---The All Father Fiery- Electric who has no form until She the Watery- Magnetic- the third Sephira-Binah "wills him to Form".  Here in the 2 of Wands is that joining of the 2 states of  Will That is "He" and "She", Will to Force and Will to Form, both being masculine in this state as both are "expressing will". The receiver of this expression, would then be receptive-feminine, which is not a sex of a species but the Anima (Divine Feminine) and Animus (The Divine Masculine) within the Psyche of each of us.

The 2 of Wands represents, energy in an unbridled state of Force, for Mars is exalted in Aries as the fiery Mars rules the fiery sign Aries. Here Fire, i.e. Spirit, is pure Primal, and brilliant, warm and bright as both Will to Force and Will to Form. The Dorjes, Tibetan symbols for Thunderbolts, are shown crossed on this card, emphasizing the power and harmony of this card. Will to Force and Will to From are in balance here,  the forceful Dominion of Spirit has become a domain, i.e expression in material form . 

The astrological and zodiacal signs on the Night Sun-2 of Wands are also of Aries and Mars. Both aggressive and therefore aggressive dual force is applied here. There is no lust of result in this Pure Will, made of the harmony of "He" and "She" aspects of the One. The Union in itself is a joy-filled journey. Therefore  there is no "battle of the sexes" where one wishes to rule the relationship over the other.  There is the Union of Wisdom (Chokmah-I) and Understanding (Binah-Am), that gives birth to Knowledge and all creation. Here, Energy is initiating a current of Force, that Spiral of Energy from which all domain is created. This spiraling is shown as ripples in the pool of the serpent- wand stilts that the "Queen of Wands" is animating. She, being Will to Form, is taking the electric-fire of the Will to Force utilizing it to create both Form and Motion. The Lion headed robe, the upward standing triangle on the loin cloth, both are symbols of the Fire. Leo the lion is the symbol for the sun and the triangle is the alchemical symbol for fire. The card also is fiery red, in its majority of color.

When the word Harmony is mentioned, one often thinks of peace and quiet bliss, but this is the Violent Destructive Harmonious Force that initiated the "Big Bang"; totally without resistance in and of itself but destructive none the less, for it is "as fire", both consumptive and trans-formative. A Rhythmic intercourse in the Substance of Mind, which we call Spirit.   A Singularity exploded  "outward" to form the building blocks of our Universe and disturbed the peace and balance of absolute stability, so that "change can become a constant"; the One Energy can now Transform according to Self Awareness. For all Self is a duality of "force and form". Therefore, we all live within the One Mind, as many idealized dreams of Self.

Here Mars in Aries represents that Powerful Gathering of Force to deconstruction of- "I" for the purpose reconstruction as- " I Am". A gathering of Will to Force and Will to Form and or the beginning of Trans-formative Energy. Now the first law of Thermodynamics is in motion [....there is only one energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed...and transmitted].  One is now in motion, which requires I  transforming to AM, a dual identity of I and the "other"  and/or AM. The Other, is the "Secret Lover", of which all of us have within our own Psyche, for all is Mind. Therefore, in each of us is the Anima (Spirit) and Animus (Soul), who intercourse, to create "me". I AM ME is our trinity of self-awareness.
Looking at the Qabalistic Tree of Life, we know the twos to be Chokma --the Second Sephiroth of the Supernal Triangle.
This is Pure Will, independent of any given object. Will without lust of result that is Will without the "to be" that causes manifestation. This is the Powerful Will that the Magi can  channel into ritual manifestation, but only if the Magi has taken care of preparation so there is  no lust for result in their psyche, yet still requiring the Union with a Feminine counterpart.

Mars, the planet of War, is in its own sign Aries, the first of signs, and therefore represents Energy initiating a current of Force, but a "Point A to Point B", and/or Polarity is required or currents of force, can't flow. Therefore, the Thoth 2 of Wands show the Dorjes, "Currents of Electrical Force", with a Feminine-Ka Dro Ma head on one end and a phallic shaped, twin serpent wrapped-spear head on the other end, showing both male and female "sex" (serpent) force interaction.The horse heads on the Khadroma-crowns symbolize spiritual power and the serpents at the base of the arrow heads, represent the regenerative power (sex force)  and healing that comes from this power balance.

Here, Crowley promotes an  interesting illustration of the Tibetan Dorjes  (Thunderbolts) crossed, but crowned with the Angelic Tibetan Kha-dro-ma (Daughters of Kali) suggesting that these thunderbolts are more destructive than constructive. Few of us remember that destruction is the first part of the creative process but it is so. Even the Universe as The Singularity (I), destroyed itself to become many (AM), in the Big Bang. To tell the Truth, any great accumulation of energy by any form, be it psyche or physical, will destroy its lower frequency forms and if done properly, a phoenix will arise from the excess of flame as a formed harmonic of higher frequency. Such as the All Seeing "I", that created "Other" as "another way to be I", and by understanding (3rd Sephiroth-Binah) the difference between I and Am, created the "Child", "Me".

Energy, is oppressed in forms; a necessary oppression to be sure, but sill in each of us, the energy fights to join with the Totality. Invoking more of the One Energy, changes the form's Time/Space, to more expansive and energetic boundaries than before. Hence, the one who invokes is often accused of "insanity" because their reality (boundaries) has changed from the normal- form- boundaries of animal survival mind to the Imagination of the Immortal. That expansive perspective usually makes both genius and insanity seem to be one. This is usually because the mundane form is bound by a lesser perspective of self and fears the unknown and/or Greater Self. 

Often, in those who seek "enlightenment" (Thunderbolts of energy---"The flow is in the Know") find that their attempts at expanding bring fear and repulsion to the brain,  which are the primary animal tendencies responses blamed on the " small-ego" as it sees its own  smaller energy construct being stressed to the point of release and/or, self- destruction of its fear based identity as being eminent. But then with understanding of the complete plan, as Qabalah study is wont to do, the student-brain  willingly surrenders, rejoices and co-operates in the "Purifying Fire" of The Greater Ego, of which Saints are often accused of entering. Some call this "Holy Spirit".

Therefore, the 2 of Wands represents  Chokma in the suit of Fire. This is pure will; will in its most exalted form. Crowley called this card "...will unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every-way perfect". [Al. I.44].

 As Stated: The Heads of the Djores, are Tibetan Kha-dro-Ma which are considered Tibetan Angels or Demons, depending if you are frightened of the Initiating Force or joyously accepting the necessary destructive/constructive nature of this Current of Force.  Studying the Tibetan concept of the Kha-dro-Ma gives even greater insight into this Cards Force; However, the Tibetans are very secretive about the Kha-dro and their state of Ma (As in Kali Ma), will only state adamantly that they are the "highest state of Feminine" in the Universe and compose about 10,000 Myriads in number.

The Thoth Tarot- 2 Of Wands: Dominion and the Night Sun Tarot -2 of Wands, represents the state of dominion, balance, and integration. We are now well into the Minor Arcana, which consists of 40 cards which show the various ways the Major Arcana (22-keys of the Trump) are experienced in day-to-day living.  The Major Arcana, Trump or Atu, are states of Universal Consciousness, and the Minor Arcana or small cards, are how the Universal expresses itself as an individual consciousness.

The both the 2 of Wands shows two Dorjes (Tibetan symbols of Lightning/power) or Serpent Wands. The symbol of crossed Dorjes or 2 equal serpentine wands, represents, optimum balance of energy, the sense of sovereignty (lion head) and being comfortable with your domain which can be called Personal Unified sacred power.

When the 2 of Wands card is thrown, it represents you coming into your own power from your deep spiritual center that is a balance of Male electric (the rods) and female magnetic (The Khadroma-Tibetan angels- heads on the Dorjes and/or the Feminine form, standing on the Serpent wands of the Masculine force).

When the Two of Wands-Dominion, is thrown during a reading:
  • The querent is experiencing the will to move forward in a new direction, from a place of undaunted will, of full power, and balanced dominion.
  • Contemplating new ideas without lust of result.
  • What once was unfocused energy is now becoming clear and polarized.
  • Affirming a new self identity.
  • A partnership of two powers, opposite yet reflecting each other.
  • The Self confidence that only comes from affirming and approving of one's self.
  • A senses of accomplishment without any feeling of satisfaction.
  • In the next two weeks, or two months, you will have the energy, like Mars, to move in new directions: like Aries, from a place of integration, balance, harmony and spiritual power.
  • You have attained a certain amount of integral balance, harmony and dominion within, that enables you to expand and liberate your life from past imbalances.
  • Illumination.

  • When thrown in a reading, the 2 of Wands is also: considered to be influence over another.
  •  Dominion, boldness, courage, fierceness, shamelessness, revenge, resolution, generous, proud, sensitive, ambitious.
  • Restless, ruthless, turbulent, and many other descriptions of a Willful  Current of Force being applied to a situation.
  • This card tends to be sagacious yet can be unforgiving and obstinate according to dignity.
  • The Two of Wands is Focused Will and Fiery Motion, in a balance that will destroy the issue focused on to rebuild a new form.
  • Very powerful card of Motion and change by a destructive means, which is often seen in the world of Atoms and molecules forged by the massive forces of the Stars. When this card shows up in a reading the Will of Spirit is involved...something of which the body is unable to stop.
  • The querent is being overcome by boldness. courage, fierceness, and Shamelessness.
  • Generous and proud, but also a certain amount of revenge, and resolution.
  • There is a suggestion of turbulent energy, that seems to be beyond the "ego's" ability to control but it can also become sagacious, yet unforgiving and obstinate.  
  • It is because it Is.....and the persona becomes baffled by the power unleashed without a "lust for result". 
  • Centering only on the love within, is the solution to this immense Power of Will, that is all around us, but of what we have so little contact with as we have "given ourselves" to the ambition of "others".....and believe we have little, if any "Will Power".
  • This card is suggesting that the Spirit (Will) is beginning to rebel against its predisposed  boundaries...come "Hell or High Water"!
Thank you for your interest , comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Ace of Wands & The Night Sun Tarot- Ace of Wands

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot: ACE OF WANDS & The Night Sun Tarot: ACE OF WANDS.

Now we venture into understanding the minor arcana of the tarot deck. The Major Arcane, Atu or Trump, were the Keys (subjective) (previous blogs) and the Court Cards were the Archetype personalities and now the Four elements of Alchemy, the minor cards, which are objective and therefore, personal, now and "in your face".

The Minor Arcana consists of 40 cards each of the 4 suites is numbered 1-10; wands, cups, swords, and discs. These 4 suites show us the 4 ways that we perceive anything. All human awareness is filtered either through our:
(1) Intuition/spirit (wands),
(2) Emotions/consciousness (cups),
(3) Thoughts/Mind (swords),
(4) The mundane five physical senses (disks). Without a stimulus being received through one or more of these 4 perceptive mechanisms, then we remain unaware of its presence.

The Ace of Wands is the essence of the Spirit World of Creativity; the time of Spring and the space of South.The Ace of Wands represents Spiritual self-realization, awakening and is known as the symbol of the uncontainable life-force that's is with-in and all around us; electric and yet is shaped and formed by the Abysmal Womb who is magnetism.

The Thoth Torch of Life is accompanied by lightning bolts that represent the awakening to spiritual truth and authenticity to who you are; for you are the microwave- electricity that flows through brain and body. In spirit, Truth is made manifest and who you are is the simulation of the Divine Fire/Water/Earth and Air of Life! A "solar logos" and/or a Soul.

The 4 Aces and the 1st Sephiroth-Kether: THE CROWN, OF THE HERMETIC QABALAH.

Kether, is ....and that is about all that can be realized. It is the Breath of all that is not. It is the Dark Fire/Dark Energy that is unlimited and unseen yet is the Source of Energy from the Infinite un-manifest. It is the Pusher of all the Universe, a Motion within all Movement. It is the All Seeing, observer, who only observes.  All that is comes from there, all that is returns to there. Only to cycle again. Kether is "the unexplained dark energy" of the universe, and in the Ace of Swords, Kether is depicted as the Crown, the Primary symbol of Kether, The other symbols attributed to Kether are the Point, and the Swastika. Thus Kether is often displayed as a white circle with a dark point in the center.
As with all the Sephiroth, Kether must be approached intellectually just to form a intuitive concept of the Source. For instance, we say that Kether is the point and as a symbol that is true, but the Point is not Kether. Just as God built us in It's own image, is true, but the Image is not God, for God is the Universal Collective Unconscious (C. Jung), in which all image exists. So likened to the Ocean, who builds fish entirely out of Ocean, as a simulation of Ocean self-identity, yet the fish is not the Ocean; However, the Ocean can be the fish! This we find out, when we denude the Living Ocean of fish, the Ocean no longer supports Life.

 I am not on an "apple box", in the park, expounding upon the dangers of over fishing, for I am just establishing some principles with symbols; as does the Qabalistic Tarot. 
  1. The first principle symbol is the crown. We may think because of our anthropomorphic perspective that this Force of Motion lies somewhere in our head, as a spacial as yet un-awakened part of our brain; However, this is not the case. The Crown represents the Holy Guiding Spirit of "I Will BE", the crowning glory that we all aspire to, even though it is a Force our brain is subordinate to. Because of George Lucas and his marvelous creation of modern myth,  known as the Star Wars series of movies and books; The Force has been described as the personal Aspiration of all Jhedi,  an Arabic word which seems to be a word cross of Magi and Djinn. The symbols for the Holy Guiding Spirit, go far and wide.
 The ancient Egyptians called the Three Magi, the Three Stars in Orion's belt that pointed to Osiris's star Sothis (Sirius) , which "rose in the East". These belt stars were still called the Magi in the middle ages (See The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets- by Barbara G. 565) .

All fun and cultural myth aside, Kether is understood as the Crown from which all creation springs. Each of us has a "seed" of Kether in our brains, as by our observation in our mundane world, we change the action of things (Simulation Hypothesis of Quantum Physics). Observation, begins creation. Therefore we have, the second principle- the Point. The Point is complete unto itself with neither dimensions nor external definition. This could be called a "Singularity" in Astro- Physics. The Seed from which the Universe has grown.  The Big Bang, the outward expression of this Seed that has been caused by a Force called Will (Eheieh-"I Will Be"), that impregnate "Will to Form" and/or magnetism, that is shown as the Divine Feminine-Sephiroth  on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Each Sephira, is a crystallization of the latent aspects of Kether . In Physics, a point, is an entity. In engineering, a point is where 2 lines cross.

 As stated: The Qabalistic God name of Kether is "I Will Be" or Eheieh in Hebrew, is likened to the sound of breath. Because all Work begins and ends with Kether, all ritualistic, or meditative work  must begin with the invocation of the Highest; such invocations begin with breath. In yoga, these expanded breath exercises are call Prana Yama's (Life-Death). Spirit is an English word that comes from the Greek Word, Spiro, which means "breath". All that is of Spirit-Breathes.  This idea alone, causes subtle changes and activity on the Inner Planes of our Psyche. For when, the Unconscious guides and directs us toward our Higher Self, we begin to imagine the "Light above" and the "light below" are one and the same.

To the Qabalist, Consciousness guides, motivates, transforms and even translates the Energy of the Divine Unconscious but does not create that energy, nor can it destroy it. Again Imagination is the Womb, but Kether is before Imagination. The "Will to Force" that is Chokmah, the 2nd Sephiroth, is not the same as "I Will Be", for the latter one is individual and idealize, while the former is without idea; the ideas of being came latter in the conception of Time, and therefore, as another latent aspect of Kether. The Will becomes three crystallized aspects. The  I Will Be, 1st entity, becomes Will to Force-2nd entity and Will to Form, 3rd entity then united becomes, Will to be, which is the Wholly Spirit; or better yet, I AM ME!

The Number One is attributed to Kether, as 1 is the seed of all numbers, and as shown on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, by simple addition, 1+1=2 and 2+1=3, etc.. Then we have the 3 returning to the 1 as male (2) and female  (3) become one, thus, 3-2=1, which is the "Technology of Sex". All seeming very simple until we begin to meditate on simple numbers and simple geometry. The symbol 1 could be pure 1 which is indivisible, so what do we really know? Symbols such as numbers, are themselves not what they represent. Thus Kether is .......but we really don't know What it is; for it is just as "Dark Energy". We know it is here and there, pushing along the Universal expansion, but not of what it is composed of.

However, we do know that Kether is not static, for the "First Swirlings" of manifestation are also in Assiah , the Qabalistic Material World. That is why the symbol of the Swirling Swastika, which rotates around a point, is another symbol for Kether. It seemed the Nazi's had high ideas for their perversions and have taken a ancient Buddhist symbol for the "First Swirlings" that cause manifestation and as in all propaganda, changed the meaning of the symbol to suit their vision of self importance: but that doesn't change the original meaning of the symbol.

"As above, so Below", in essence states that the 10th Sephiroth of Malkuth, the visible color spectrum of the Physical  world, is equally as Holy as the Source. God and its Images, are undivided and inseparable. Therefore, our cultural concepts of separation are just basically denial of our wholeness and errant belief that separateness makes us special, yet like all the fish in the Ocean, we are all connected by the Ocean Collective. 

Thinking we are separate from the whole and some how better than others, is much like the City Person who insists that farmers are "red neck" hicks, a form of lower life than themselves; even though their whole life is dependent on the good, intelligent and diligent work of the Farmer. Such ignorant people are indeed in denial. Much like a parasite, thinking it is more important than the host; such is believing that we are separate from each other. In truth, the City man depends on the Rural man and vise verse. It is indeed time to expand our perspectives and "above all things, know thyself".
finally, we must come to understand that Kether as Source of All  is a quality unknown to us, but which we can symbolize to some extent. Thus when an Ace appears in a reading, it implies great power that is beyond our perceptions. The Essence of a Thing; the Idea of Seed.

THE THOTH ACE OF WANDS, of the Qabalistic Tarot, shows a flaming club/Wand with flaming Yods (meaning-hands) going in the directions of the individual Sephira on the  Tree of Life . The All Powerful name of God in the Qabalah is Tetragrammaton and the Yod is the first Hebrew letter, of the Hebrew spelling of that name.....(you get to look all this up in Crowley's book-777)! Thus Yod, is associated with the English word, "Father".
When you look upon the Ace of Wands, you are viewing the Fire (Father) aspect of the One Energy that is in all things, and formed into all things, as well as, in all Sephira on the Tree of Life. The Fire, also represents Spirit  which "Knows Itself through Form", and thus is loosely explained as the underlying Fire in all things, and/or Serpent force, but in no way is this a complete understanding of the Spiral Energy {Spirit} that is all around you, in you, below you and above you, and as you, but unseen by you.
The Ace of Wands is the "movement within all Motion", which is about as clear a understanding as we can get. The Qabalah, calls it, "....the primordial Energy of the Divine manifesting in and as Matter", yet it is at so early a stage that it is not definitely formulated as Willed form (Conscious Spirit). The Night Sun Tarot shows a twisted vine like Wand, with a serpent head, exemplifying the concept of "Serpent Force". The Fiery back ground, the upward pointing triangle, are all symbols of fire. Yet this is a fertile fire, as the greenery and "flowers of Mother" show.

Please note, that small cards, known as Minor Arcana are not Divine Persons as are the Atu (Major Arcana). Rather, they are sub elements and/or "blind forces" under the Demiourgos (Divine Creative Intelligence), Tetragrammaton. These "blind forces" are ruled by the Intelligence, in the Yetziratic World, who go forth from the Sechemhamphorach (Lord of the Universe). Lord being Husbandry, he is "keeper of Her Forms". As it is quoted as saying in the Gnostic Texts of the Nag Hammadi Library, "...There was no Father 'till she Named Him Father", which means this is a subjective he rather than an objective he.

Now the Element of Spirit (Fire) has its own Lords of the Atu (Magus, Emperor, Hermit etc.)  and each Atu possesses it's own private, personal and particular Universe, with all Demiourgos completed, just as EVERY MAN AND WOMAN is complete!
  Now all of you that are taught that you are built "incomplete" and must seek Goodness (God-ness and/or Demiourgos-ness) in order to "make it to heaven", are taught a lie . Most people actually believe, they are in the image of God, and/or made by God, with the God mind of Imagination (making you a Demiurge), however, this Divine All Knowing, All building, All Creating Power has somehow failed as you; It's precious and Divine image, by not completing you.... OH COME ON! You are made in a completeness of a Collective Self Awareness, a Wholeness, that must always identify Itself, by "being". Therefore, you are granted "freedom of choice" by inheritance of the image-making mind, i.e., imagination; that alone, says you are a completed mechanism for continual change!  Be thankful that because you belittle your own identity, doesn't mean God does! "ABOVE ALL THINGS, KNOW THYSELF".....YOU ARE A Demiourgos OF YOUR OWN UNIVERSE; a I AM- universe of "me", that never ends!

This last concept may take some meditation of thought, which is the "purpose" of the Tarot and the  Qabalah. You are blinded by "man-made" definitions of yourself, the Picture Language of the Tarot and the Qabalah, help you to "see again". Your incompleteness, is an illusion created by the Military Industrial Complex of Rulers, who know the art of "divide and conquer" in order to get you to deny your divinity and become man-made. The purpose of conquering your will to define yourself, so you maybe ruled, is to become divided, spirit from body, mind from energy, Soul from purpose. Weakness, requires confusion, division, separation and "above all things, to not know thyself". Strength requires Union and/or a "wholeness" and "Above all things, Know thyself". In the world made of seekers (Wanna-be's), there aren't I AM's, there are Rulers and Slaves; there are "I Ain't s", whose identity is supplied by Rules, enforced by Rulers. Therefore the mundane are those who must seek or pursue happiness, love, value, etc, all of which is supplied by "somebody else" (Saviors) , because," God/The Divine Creative had must have had a "bad day" when God created you as It's own Image! How silly! The Divine Creative wouldn't create what it doesn't want or identify as "itself"! The Whole of the Universe is but a "self awareness" of One Energy!
 Sorry people, but to seek value is to be thoughtless, God has day's only when God has Form, and human form is the most "sensual" of days! Remember, "Days" come from Time/Space and not from the Infinite and Endless! "I AM God's Day" is a far more intelligent way to understand this! I Am the Love of You, is a far greater understanding of Me.

 As Stated: Kether, the First Sephira on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, is the, Point, the Crown, the Observer, the Dark Energy, that is. It is the Unknowable Collective- God or intelligent Energy that is  many forms. Religions, are supposed to be explanations of this One and yet as many of us know, religion is not God, but the interpretation of Rule by those who enforce rule to build their "Vision" of god like authority, by the sweat and blood labor of "others". It is well known, that if you enforce and rule identity, you control the minds of the mass.

To reiterate: The 4 Aces are related to Kether, thus they are representative of the Pure Forms of Energy that are elaborated by the other cards of the Tarot Deck and/or Sephiroth on the Hermetic Qabalah's Tree of Life. The consecutive elaboration of the Numbers, are Forces being woven together to Form the Harmonic that is the World. A World that is 99.6% invisible to us. However, by combining the colors/vibrations of the invisible spectrum of electromagnetic light, we see that different objective combinations are created, making visible color and different color changes, such as blue combined with red makes purple, etc. These combinations are the necessary diversity of creation and can be called harmonies and/or the Veils of light. We know them personally, as material bodies.

To a Qabalist, the numbered Sephiroth are either Force or Form and sometimes even both depending on the Masculine expressive and Female receptive aspects of a particular Sephira. And since we are both "Force" (Will) and "Form", we are called the "Children of The Divine Creative" and can set the rules for our own form, by individual identification of forces, that we call, emotions.

Each Ace is unique and is distinct in its degree of density and in its ability to do work as a specific function in the One Energy. Thus, each Ace is the Seed of an Alchemical Element. We think we know what seeds are, but when we look at one, we don't see the Tree it represents, just as we look at one another and see not the Tree of Life, that we represent.  We just "kind of" know from past experience which we may call "hind sight", that a certain seed makes a certain tree. That is also our conceptions of Kether, we just "kind of Know" that it is infinite, but then infinite is a human concept and Kether can't be objectively known, so this "knowing" gets a bit tricky. Obviously, open mindedness is required and the courage to keep asking questions until answers emerge as "self".

Hence,The Influence of Kether is all around us, we just have to trust it knows us even if we know it or not. Obviously we exist, and we are a combination of many factors, some unknown to us, so it is easy to trust the subtle. Knowledge built us, and that knowledge is ours to understand and experiment with.

The Ace of Wands represents the Force of Spirit as the Element of Fire. It is the Radical or Root Force of the Fiery Motion that Moves all things.To those of us who need a pattern, the Four Aces are said to be placed at the North Pole of the Universe, where they revolve and govern the revolution  of the Universe. To a Qabalist the Four Aces are the connecting link between Yetzirah (Formative World) and the Material plane.

The Ace of Wands represents the outpouring of energy in the Universe. It is the root of the Powers of Fire and is the influence of Kether (Dark energy) on the level of pure Spirit. It is represented as the Hebrew letter Yod-meaning Hand, and is often depicted has the "hands of god".  Yod is related to Kether, not only is it isolated and self contained but it is also the formative graphic root for all other letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. Moreover, the Yod is Phallic, just as are hands; for they project into the world, the images of invisible mental creation. It is the Male-Fire (electric) that rushes out toward the Female-Water (Magnetic), pushing the Universe of Galaxies along. Yet each of us is a Yodic force as well, for we too wield the material hands of a "god mind",i.e., Imagination(Hu- is the Mandarin word for god and Man comes from the Hindu-manas, meaning mind. Together, Hu-Man, means god-mind).

The Thoth Deck Ace of Wands shows Ten Yods emanating from a primitive burning club. The yod represents the Primal force behind the entire Tree of Life, that is composed of 10 Sephiroth and their connecting paths of psychic energy transference. The entire Tree is a glyph of  the Power of Fire, i.e. of Spirit. The scholarly student of Qabalah will find that the letter, Shin (Maternal Fire) and Yod are often used interchangeably when referring to the Tree of Life.
. Since Crowley worked in magick, this card symbolizes the solar-phallic wand with electric-lightning spiking out in all directions. For those of us who practice the Gnosis of metaphysics, know the Solar semen as electricity and the Earth itself as Female womb/ magnetic vessel, for electricity cannot flow without polarity, which is formed by magnetism. So to say that this seed of Electricity is totally male, is not exactly correct---as all seed have both properties of male and female.

However, to fully understand a concept, we often must separate one from the other, such as separating electric from magnetic, in order to better understand both as well as, the power of their union that builds an "electromagnetic" force, creating all living form.

Hence, The Ace of Wands represents the primordial energy of the Divine, manifesting in matter at an early stage and therefore not as of yet formulated into will; Will being the Magus Card ( Key-1), which is the Spirit (fiery will). In other words, energy before it became Conscious Energy.

When the Ace of Wands card is drawn during a tarot divination:
  • It promotes the concept of seed---of beginning accumulation of Fiery energy for the purpose of willful creation such as strength, force, and vigor.
  •  It is raw natural energy that is not invoked but occurs naturally all around us.
  • This Seed of Fire is in all of us as well, as is the seed of electricity.
  •  Force and Form, is what the Tree of Life and its Sephira are all about. The seed of force, is the Ace of Wands.
  • It also helps to remember that Electricity is seen as Male and Magnetism is seen as Female. For it is the magnetic that encloses the electric to make form possible. Womb is a magnetic vessel, while phallus is an electric wand.
  • It signifies a deep burning spiritual desire for self discovery and realization.
  • Trans-formative High Energy for new beginnings
  • the first impulse and passion to begin.
  • Creative energy and initiative, to begin new business ventures, new understandings, new foundations, where creative energy is flowing with plenty of potential and ambition to succeed.
  • The burning flame of Dragon Power, A balancing and increasing in Potency of Inner Fire . The Souring of Kundalini energy, "the Dragon within".
  • The dawning of desire, passion, enthusiasm and creativity.
  • The Power of Masculine fire, with its connotations of heat, vigor, contest, aspirations, enlightenment, and avidity to consume.
  • The overwhelming power of Lust to Be that vibrates at the core of all manifestation. Pure Power to create.

Thank you for your interest,comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Princess of Wands & The Night Sun Tarot-Page of Wands

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-THE PRINCESS OF WANDS & The Night Sun Tarot-THE PAGE OF WANDS:

The Princesses/Pages and the Aces:

The Tarot Ace of Wands, is the Essence of the Fire given form by the Princess and is shown as a fiery club (flames in shape of Yods)...think of the Ace as a pollinator and the princess as the flower.  The Ace represents the essence or seed of the Alchemical Element-Fire. It is a solar-phallic outburst of flame and/or microwaves from which lightning springs forth in multiple directions. If you were looking at the Sun, it would comparable to multiple solar flares, as this is how the Sun acts as a phallus by ejecting its "seed or essence" into the dark womb of space-time.
It is the Earliest stage of Primordial matter, without will other than expression and violent.

It is important to remember that, although the small cards are sympathetic to their numbered Sephiroth, they are not identical nor are they Divine Persons; they are more like sub-elements and/or parts of "Blind Forces" whose ruling intelligence are of the Realm of Yetzirah, The Formulative World (Shemhamphorasch). The Court cards, are the archetypes of personality. Hence, the birth-date of a person, is compared to a court card in the tarot, as the "core" personality of a person. However, since the Soul has been around since "light"began, many layers of self identity have been added to the core persona, not to mention the fact that the faux identity of man-made identity also encases this core persona. That is one reason why many of us are confused as to who, what and where we are and/or what is our purpose.  Therefore, one must go "deeply within" to find this core of self and/or "The Real Person", that the Soul created. 

What maybe astounding to note, if not confusing, is that each Major Arcana (Atu) has its own Tree of Life and hierarchy, making our "Supreme Being" absolutely complicated. However, each triangular "World" is a copy of the Original Triangle that is Aziluth. So the Tree of Life is actually a Fractal of the Psyche/Soul. Obviously this requires more investigation on the students part. As a student who teaches, I am still investigation this phenomena.
THE PRINCESS or the Traditional, PAGE OF WANDS: represents the Earthly part of Fire. She is the expression of the irresistible action of a combustible substance and rules from the Heavens from one quadrant around the North Pole (She=Magnetic Force). It is interesting to note, that the Female Force gives Form to the Fiery-electric male force, which in its primeval stage, as the Ace of Wands, is unwilled, unformed and indirect.  But like the Magnetic Field of Earth, giving form to the Solar rays, not unlike the Aurora in the night sky, She justifies the direction of this male Force.

 On  The Thoth card, she is shown with flames of justice leaping from her forehead, and naked, as a sign that she is perfectly free to combine with her partner; she bears a wand crowned with the Disk of the Sun and leaping into spiral shaped surging flame.

The Lords of Fire reside in the realm of Yetzirah, towards which she is leaping, thus she can be compared to the Virgin Priestess of the Lords of Fire. Further championing this fact, is the illustration of the flame topped Altar of Spring, in the left lower corner of this card, that was attended by the Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome.

The "seed of fire", The Ace of Wands" is now given a personal Willful expression in the Princess/Page of Wands, as she is brilliant and daring. She has bridled passion, shown by grasping the Tiger by the Tail, and given it direction----where She goes--Passion goes.
Like Fire, it is her essential vigorous energy, that describes her beauty; beauty seen, as the force of her personality dazzles her beholder. Such beautiful force can also be expressed as love and anger, which is passionately charged into sudden forms of violence and implacability. Much like a lady fire-dancer, stand back and enjoy her beauty, but don't try to posses it, as its anger is terminal.
Thus we have pegged the Princess/Page of Wands as a personality/intelligence, that harnesses the Ace of Wands to Earth ( mate to the Solar phallus) and is volatile in nature.  As a Personality, She consumes all within Her Sphere. She is ambitious, aspiring and full of enthusiasm and is often accused of being irrational. Being the Earthly Part of Fire, She is likened to the Polynesian Volcano Goddess, due to her Volcanic Personality. She is the Earthly fiery womb, rather than the Earthly Watery Womb of the Princess of Cups.

If the Princess of Wands is ill dignified or thrown together with the Ace of Wands, we have
 a person omnivorous in passion of whatever kind, entirely reckless in the means of obtaining gratification, and insatiable. It is notable, that She has given Will to the primeval  violence of Male Force, "by naming Him Husband." using His fiery flow  to impregnate her every action, as does Earth, the Sun.

The name Yod Heh Vau Heh, often called the Hebrew name for God, is attributed to the Court Cards, where Yod, is attributed to Knights, Heh-to Queens, Vau is attributed to Princes and the last Heh-is attributed to Princesses, the Earthly Manifestation, as the ultimate issue of the original Energy in its Completion, i.e. crystallization. However, the Princesses also represent the counter-balancing and re-absorption of the Energy, not unlike water absorbing salt crystals. Therefore, they are also the Silence into which all things return.

The Princesses have no zodiacal attribution. Thus they are likened to "elemental" people who are recognized by their lack of all sense responsibility and whose moral qualities are very flexible; they are the Virgins of Mother Nature, who in her name, rule the elementals of earth. Thus they are sub-divided according to planetary predominance.
The Princesses/Pages also represent the Elemental Elohim, of such elemental persona Eli Levi wrote:" The love of the Magus for such creatures is insensate, and may destroy him."  Which it will, as lovers of the Scarlett Woman ( Crowley's-Babalon) have found out. She will consume you, as fire does a wyrm (old English), only for you to rise again as a phoenix out of the ashes of  Universal consumptive passion, and/or Divine Frenzy, as a form of Dragon.Be very cautious young magi, She, the Elohim of fire, is spontaneous and unforgiving! She sits on the Throne of the Ace of Wands, and is Empress of the Elementals, meaning that anger her, and your life will become pure havoc.
But if there is any of the pure Eternal Masculine- Fire in you, whether you are male or female in sex, with the Kundalini rising as a Phoenix  and your Will is unshakable in unrequited Passion's extreme heat; lusting not for result, she'll give you wings and make you blaze as a Star, with many "magic abilities", along with shared rule over the fire element! If your sanity doesn't return expanded from such energy harmony (she'll add her microwave to yours), then your will was flawed and your lust needed result, causing disharmony and future fury.

Needless to say, this Elemental Persona of Magick is not for the timid! Don't mate energy fields with Salamandines if you lust after sexual fulfillment. Stick with your species, for mating with such consumptive energy may leave you mad with insatiable burning-lust, meaning a life time of medication! Lucky for us all, calling up a Elohim of the Salamandine, is night impossible in this modern day, as we have forgotten the "old ways" and may Astral realms have faded from our psychic knowledge and hence, our influence.

 As a birthday Tarot card- archetypal personality, the Princess of Wands represents a fiery nature in a  young-passionate, woman who is also consumptive and not prone to monogamy.

The  Tarot: Princess or Page of Wands, represents the earthly part of fire and/or the fuel of fire. She represents the irresistible chemical attraction the combustible substance, the connotations of which go beyond physical matter into Spiritual potency.

To reiterate: The Princesses have no zodiac attributions, as they reign in the northern quadrants of earth, yet they represent four archetypes of human core personality, for Humans are Elohim Malachim. Hence,the Princess/Pages are more of an "elemental" personage, whose moral character---is often open and free wheeling; Lot's of Passion but not a lot of "common sense". Therefore, they of the lesser Heh, are known as the "inferior Mother" and/or the "Bride of Microprosopus" (microcosm and/or the four base elements of earth), which, contrary to traditional Tarot Pages, is why they must be shown as female. Fabio Listrani, the author of the Night Sun Tarot shows knowledge of the "Bride of Microprosopus", by making his Page, a feminine figure.

In the Tarot they are sub-divide according to planetary predominance, thus the Princess of Wands is associated with one quadrant of the sky above the North Pole.

When we examine the image of the Thoth card, we see that she has plumes of fire radiating from her brow; these symbolize justice. The Night Sun Tarot, symbolizes her authoritarian justice, by the donning of Lion Robe of Royalty. Since chemical  action can only happen when each element is free to combine with it's partner, she is shown unclothed on the Thoth card. On the Thoth She is surging leaping flame, with the Sun Wand in her left hand and the "tiger by the tail" in her right, she shows both her Solar power and fearlessness. This solar fearlessness is acknowledged in the Night Sun Tarot as she carries a great serpentine-serpent headed staff, and is walking in a fire baked waste land, as if in a volcano or very near one. She actually represents the Virgin Fire Priestess of the Lords of Fire (also the Roman Vestal Virgin keepers of the eternal flame) and is in attendance of the Roman Rams headed flaming-altar of Spring.
Just looking at either of these cards tells you that this Person is highly individual showing passionate qualities of brilliance and daring. Being too hot for the controlling male, her best mate must be one who loves heart rending passion with out possession.

To Meditate on this card is to invoke the "inner fires" of the
earth, be sure you are willing to become a Phoenix before you try. You must be strong in virtue (true to yourself) and need not a state of permanence for personal comfort; in other words, "Above all things know thyself" and be flexible, before entering the Core Fires of Spirit, for in this state, the violent motion of change is breath- taking and often fatal to the weak personality. But for those who succeed----you'll love your fiery wings!

When Thrown during a divination: The Princess or Page of Wands denotes a anima or female of:
  1.  Her beauty is created by her own vigorous energy.
  2.  Her passion is so great that one is dazzled by a chemical reaction that enforces the impression of beauty on the beholder.
  3. Being a type of "spontaneous combustion", in anger or love she is violent, sudden, and implacable.
  4. She can often be irrational, when displaying her enthusiasm, fiery ambition,and aspiring nature.
  5. Such a Princess personality, never forgets an injury and the only patience she shows, is when lying in ambush to revenge a perceived wrong.
  6. She is often self-absorbed to the extent that she is entirely reckless in achieving gratification and is notably insatiable.
  7. When referring to Tantra, she would be the proper Shakti for the Real Shiva, as she could absorb any fire he could display.  However, as is all Power known to be, she is as destructive as she is constructive, so caution and encouragement compete with each other in this one.
  8. For myself, Passion is the foundation of the Universe, and this type of person or anima is a thrill to behold and to a Prince of Wands, the proper mate of the moment, as his swiftness and vigor is to be "invoked" and Her insatiable Passion will invoke the very rocks into flame! But like all fires, one must know how to work with it to properly achieve the necessary transformations of their Great Work. I'll not go further into the Magick applications here, as this is not a treatise on eroticism, although if our eyes are not blinded by the fear of Passion, we'll see that the Universe is a hot-bed of Pure Passion to be and began as Eheieh-meaning "I Will BE"; an insight that the Princess/Page of Wands surely has.
Needless to say, if ill defined The Princess/Page of Wands persona, would be the defects of such passion.
  • She would be superficial and theatrical, shallow and false while never expecting that she is anything of the sort.
  • She becomes predominately a "spasm of mood" and she is cruel,unreliable, faithless and domineering.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you and yours, live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Prince of Wands & The Night Sun Tarot-Knight of Wands

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot card, THE PRINCE OF WANDS, and the Night Sun Tarot-Knight of Wands.

The Thoth Prince of Wands, may seem a bit off kilter in this illustration, but its not a static card---it's a dynamic "rockin' " card! The Prince of Wands is the Principle of Mastery of inspired creativity!
The Prince Of Wands, represents the Sun Warrior not only does he represent swiftness, strength, brilliance and agility, he is also the paradigm of dynamic mastery of unlimited creative expression from deep "within"; from the Universal Source.

The causally thrown reins over his wrist, symbolizes the inspired creativity that is not held back and is free to manifest and express itself.
The Solar Lion freely pulling the Chariot, symbolizes self trust in letting the creative process flow, without restriction nor restraint.
The contained fire in the chariot, is focused concentration  and attention to manifest one's creativity that comes from above (The chariot is coming down from the heavens).

The character of the Prince promotes a deep passion (open flower on chest-open heart chakra) for expressing one's own creativity.
The phoenix wand and cape expresses his commitment to expanding and liberating  himself through the creative process.

When you are "channeling" information or lost for hours  during a creative process, you are experiencing the focus of The Prince of Wands that is inherent in all of us "Solar spirits" who came to earth to use a human creative power body!
Remember, deep inside you is the great creative fire that built this universe---YOU as Spirit- ROCK!

By just looking at this Thoth Deck Card of the Hermetic Qabalah, or the Night Sun Tarot- Knight of Wands,  The Prince or Knight of Wands presents a powerful figure which definitely compliments this omnivorous personality.  The Prince of Wands represents the Airy part of Fire ( Creative Mind of Spirit) an ever expanding and volatile force. In the zodiac, he rules from the 21st degree of Cancer to the 20th degree of Leo.

When viewing this card, we see this solar warrior dressed in scale mail, on the Thoth Card or some fantastic Moorish armor, on the Night Sun Tarot, with his vigorous arms uncovered, that emphasizes his great ability for activity.  The very essence of this card exudes swiftness, passion and power. From the Thoth Prince's winged lion helm, all aflame, to his flaming lion drawn chariot, this fiery Promethean roars, "I love burning"! This love of "burning", is also apparent in the Art of the Night Sun -card, as the Knight's horse has tack of fiery red, the serpentine vine wand in the Knight's hand is belching fire, and in the fiery red back ground of the card.

On The Thoth Prince's chest is the sigil of To Mega Therion and in his left hand he bears the Phoenix wand of the 2nd Adept (in the ritual of 5 degrees=6 degrees of R.R. @ A.C.), the wand of power and energy while he controls the reins of the Lion steed (Leo and Sun) with his right. The sea of flames both radiant and salient, is his path of travel.The Princes or Knights of traditional tarot, are the Son of the Queen and King, thus they are governed by Tiphareth, the sixth Sephira known as Beauty/ The Son of God.

The Princes/Knights are wholly activated by the Queen and King, adding to their complexity as they have no motive power of their own. They are force, but a stable one, as they are being pulled along in their "womb enclouser" chariots, which symbolize the "will to form" of the Divine Creatrix.

The Figures of the Arch Fairies (Elementals) are the Lion, Eagle, Man and Bull. These are the Four Kerubim of Qabalah.  They are very ancient symbols for the elements of multi-religious belief systems. Appearing as Gods of the Assyrians, the Four Animals in the Old Testament vision of Ezekiel, and they are the four symbols of the Christian Evangelists.
From the vastness of Kether, the first Sephira, the Primordial Elements radiate into Tiphareth, becoming the united rulers of the elements that are individually expressed in Tiphareth. 

Anthropomorphically personified in Tarot, The Princes or traditional Knights, are the balance of the Four Elements in Tiphareth. Being the most refined aspects of the Solar- Personality, the Four Princes are the Elemental Kings in ourselves.
It should be no surprise then, that the Princes can be taken in any direction by Divine Will. Thus, the forces of the Prince of Wands may be applied with Justice or cruelty; the unconscious flowing motion of the Prince of Cups may be subtle and artistic; or it may be evil. The rational mental activities of the Prince of Swords, may produce ideas that are either creative or destructive and last but not least, the material qualities of the Prince of Disks, may cause growth for good or evil. The Grounding Element for the Princes lessons, are the Princesses, who rule the earth from the Northern quadrants.
When thrown during Divination, the Princes often represent the coming and going of an event or person and the Princesses often represent the approval or disapproval of a matter.
Because of his enormous strength the Prince's or Knight's passion can go any direction, even unto violence if angered. The Thoth deck card, shows the Marital Prince holding the Phoenix Wand of Geburah,(fifth Sephira/Severity) and thus wields the fiery Severity or Justice of Geburah. 

 As previously stated: Ruling from the 21st degree of Cancer to the 20th degree of Leo, he is endowed with a powerful faculty for expanding and volatilizing. His arms are free of armor and mail, as he is vigorous and active. His sexual energy is renowned. 
When thrown in a divination, the Thoth Tarot-Prince of Wands or the Night Sun Tarot- Knight of Wands implies personality traits, such as:
  •  Swiftness and Strength as this one's primary moral qualities.
  • Impulsive, often easily directed by outside influences, even trifling ones, therefore, they can be prey to indecision.
  • One's opinions are often violently expressed but being emphatic does not mean one will not hold the opinion long. 
  • Just loves vigorous statement just to feel the vigorous flow.
  • The truth being, that the querent is often slow to make up their mind. Therefore, is essentially just and sees both sides of a question.
  • Having a character noble and generous causes one to lean towards expressing extravagant hyperbole while secretly laughing at the boast and one's self for making it.
  • Being of fanatical courage linked with indefeasible endurance he chooses to fight against the odds and always wins in the very long run.
  • The Passion radiating off of this person frightens most people because of the mystery it presents.
  • This one is of Dragon, and thus strikes terror in the heart of the less inclined.
  • His generosity and deeds maybe impeccable, but the heat of his passion scares the pale soul who avoids the Sun.
  • His great pride, which is his main fault, makes him hold in contempt, meanness and pettiness and he is adept at wielding every weapon of ridicule, while still giving the shirt off of his back to the one so scorned.
  • Without lust of result, he loves work and exercise for its own sake.
  • Paradoxical is his contempt for the world at large, while holding ecstatic respect for every individual man and woman.
  •  The Mystery of such a one who is a Sun. This Sun Warrior is an aspect of the Solar Logos that puts ideas into action and will fight for their survival!
  • There is a sense of Romantic Revolution with this one.
  • Most people enjoy the querent's passionate demeanor, but woe to the person that focuses their wrath.
  •  Because of this Swift and agile personality, many of the querent's acquaintances are not committed to them as friends, for such swift mystery baffles most of them as one is all that is unexpected, startling, unpredictable, unconventional, but having a deep underlying consistency.


  1. As an Archetype Personality of the Animus, the personality of a male or female born in his tarot time frame, favors his masculine morality which is swiftness and strength, with impulsiveness acting quickly to outside influences.
  2. When reacting to trifles, he can become undecided because he views them unimportant and not flamboyant enough for a heated argument, in which he not only excels but also enjoys.
  3. His volatility demands volatile displays of opinion, even if he rarely believes "whole heartedly" in such.
  4. He just loves stating a vigorous proposition for the sake of vigor!
  5. He can argue with vehemence both sides of any question which tends to make him slow to make up his mind thoroughly on any subject.
  6. His sense of justice is well made, but he feels that justice isn't really achieved in the intellectual world, showing a noble and generous character.
  7. Since embellishment is often vigorous, he loves to "tell tall tales" and his boasting can attain great heights, while slyly laughing internally at himself and the listening audience.
  8. He just loves to entertain both himself and others, while not taking the world of man to seriously. Thus he is often endeared to elaborate pranks, and even horrendous bouts of ridicule on some inoffensive nobody, only to give the shirt of his back to the same target, if needed.
  9. He really doesn't even take himself to seriously----he just loves Vigorous passion!
  10. His pride is great and his scorn for meanness and pettiness is even greater.
  11. With fanatical endurance and massive doses of courage, he will fight the great fight against all odds and over the long haul--he will win because of his enormous capacity for work; a work which he exercises for its own sake; loving the journey more than the goal.
  12. His haughty contempt for the world at large coexists with his profound respect for every man and Woman, as a Star of individual and rare beauty.
  13. This type of Powerful, swift, vigorous and generous personality holds Terror for those who wish to hide among the herd and he will often incur enemies...who talk behind his back rather than face the Lion before them. In fact many of his "enemies" will never have met him---but hearing about him was enough terror for them.
If ill dignified, The Prince of Wands is antithesis of the above qualities, and shows great cruelty, indifference and is often sadistic  He will show tenancies for laziness, intolerance, prejudice all because these are qualities of the idle mind and saves the trouble of thought. He would also be a great boaster and a coward.

However, such a powerful spirit is usually well dignified and with a sincere heart, this one works to benefit those below. This one also really enjoys intercourse with people, and loves to hear them laugh.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth tarot- Queen of Wands & The Night Sun Tarot-Queen of Wands

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot- Queen of Wands& The Night Sun Tarot-Queen of Wands:
Represents the spiritual self-discoverer/ the knower of self.

This Queenly Archetype, is a personality that lives the axiom of the Qabala and its' tarot cards, "Above all things, know thyself".
The Queen of Wands card symbolizes the Specific Water in the World of Fire (Consciousness in Spirit).

The  Thoth card shows a symbol of Pisces as a clasp on her chest, symbolizing the fluidity and the aspiration that is required to attain self-knowledge.

In one hand she has the Thyrsuswand of the Greek God Bacchus/Dionysus, while the other rests on the head of a Leopard. The Leopard represents the extreme ferocity of Fire tamed by the Queen.
The pine cone on the wand, is a ancient symbol for Will/Authority, first seen on the Greek- Thyrsus.This Thoth wand is fashioned after the Greek Wand of Dionysus, the Thyrsus topped with a cone, hinting at the mysteries of Bacchus and the pineal gland. Those mysteries merit further study by the interested student.

Hence,She represents willful control of the Fiery Nature of Creation; passion, intensity of purpose, and charismatic sensuality.

She is very attractive to men, as the active magnetic force that receives the fiery male electric force and controls it to create all living forms.

In the zodiac, the Queen of Wands rules from 21st  degree of Pisces to the 20th degree of Aries and represents the mysteries of the Watery part of Fire (Consciousness of Passion/ Spirit). What can be simply said here, is that Fire is Spirit and the Watery part of Spirit is "spiritual intelligence" or the Conscious Spirit which is both fluid as fire and colored (colors are not reflections of the force--but the actual force itself) and is often mundanely called "Emotions".

The Night Sun Tarot, also displays this Fiery Queen, much like the Night Sun Tarot's King of Wands. Same throne of vines, that form serpent headed wands, same red hair, same lion robe of royalty and authority. Above her head, as if exiting the crown chakra, are leaping flames, also a vague heart shape of red, showing that she, just as the King, is a passionate thinker. The triangular symbol for fire is outline on the stone wall. The Crown of thorns, and the vines enclosing her feet and lower legs, represent the burdens of rule, self-sacrifice and rigid rules.

If one could see the Aura and Chakras, as I do, one would know that the 8 conscious-states of Energy (some say 7 bodies, for they forget the physical form is also a "light body"), called auric bodies, that are made of "Spiritual matter/invisible and visible light". This is "living light" and therefore a Solar-Conscious-energy and therefore,formed into Entity, which in Physics is a "point-in-time". Therefore, the Human being is a Psychosomatic collection of the Psyche's/Soul's self-simulation. An intelligent copy; a Microcosm of the Divine Creative's Collective Unconscious that those who study metaphysics name a Macrocosm. The whole combination of 8 forms of intelligent light, both visible and invisible is called the Soul...which includes the physical body (animal soul), for it to is made of light! Therefore, the human body, is also an entity/simulation of the Soul! The Queen of Wands knows this, and she is unashamed of her body, mind and spirit, in fact she revels in manifestation. Such a personality can be devastating to the "divided" who believe the body and soul are separated by a "good/bad" value system of division-ism perspective!

The Queen of Wands represents this mystery of the Maternal Solar- Mother of the Spiritual forms.
 On the Thoth Queen of wands, her head is adorned with the  winged globed-flame-rayed crown, of Ra (Egyptian Sun god) and the wings of Horus (resurrected Osiris), in her left hand is the cone topped wand of Bacchanalian mysteries; the thysus, (Sacred Sensuality) and her left hand is placed on the sitting leopard. The Black Panther is (or black cat) is usually associated with the Dark Goddess, who represents the Dark Energy/Matter of quantum physics fame; However, this is the Solar Goddess, and the leopard is used to symbolize her power in repose since it is both black spotted and lion- tawny, as the lion is representative of the Sun.

Everything about both these Tarot cards seems to shout "fire", but if you've noticed, the Thoth Tarot card depicts this fire as a controlled force, for even her fiery throne is formed in geometric shapes suggesting "controlled"or purposely directed Passions of a fiery nature.

As an Archetype personality, this would be a red or golden haired woman who is adaptable (spontaneous) , persistent in her energy but of calm authority which she knowingly uses to enhance her attractiveness. Such a woman of passion can be vane, but that is because she knows that passion is attractive in its own rite. She is often kind and generous  but will not tolerate opposition.

There is also an immense capacity for friendship and love in this person, as that is the nature of fiery passion, however, it is always done on her own initiative where she can not be talked into it or out of it.The tyrannical tendency is very present here, and that is why she is often compared to the ancient goddess Hel, who ruled the fiery underworld.

When ill defined The Queen of Wands personality can be snobbish, vane, brooding which invariably leads to the negative decisions that cause her to fiercely attack. Some might call this a "Fiery Latin" type of personality. Her Passion can be stunning whether it is a sexual relationship or a as the Leopard in her hand, she must be treated with respect, and remember that to play on Her terms, may be beyond the capacity of a less passionate mate; her wrath is "World famous". When not opposed, she can be kind and generous...but when opposed "there is no hell likened to her wrath"!

Being that She is spontaneous in nature, she can be compared to the Greek demi-goddess, Empusa. Hence,  she may enjoy young men more than the "'older, wiser Man", and find that she is unable to apply herself to "long term"
relationships. The Greek myth goes;  As a demigoddess
Empusa was the beautiful daughter of the goddess Hecate and the spirit Mormo. She feasted on blood by seducing young men as they slept (see sleep paralysis), before drinking their blood and eating their flesh. When she spotted a man sleeping on the road, she attacked him, little knowing he was Zeus, king of the gods. Zeus woke and visited his wrath on her and Empusa was killed. Empusa is pictured as wearing brazen slippers and bearing flaming hair. By folk etymology, her name was said to mean "one-footed" (from Greek *έμπούς, *empous: en-, one + pous, foot). This gave rise to the iconography of a one-legged hybrid, with a donkey's leg and a brassprosthetic leg. [ From Wikipedia-the free encyclopedia]

Therefore, this myth shows us that this Queen card represents lots of emotional/spiritual/physical power, but she definitely will need an "opposite" to help steady her, which because of her great reservoir of passion, balance will help her utilize her great capacity for lucid perception and steady prosecution of work; How this will only be under the guidance of a very creative mind who loves the heat.

With the fiery emotions of this Queen, there is a liability of fits of depression, that can lead to Tantrums and intoxication or fiery outbursts of panic stricken burst of fury. As in all powerful things, when well guided, there is great fun, joy and Bacchic- satisfaction here, but ill guided, great destruction is released. The surrounding cards in a reading will tell the able Tarot Reader what is guiding this great passionate personality and there is a whiff of Babalon (Crowley gematric-spelling) in this card by studying the "Scarlett Woman" the student may find further insight into this card. 

Since the Mundane aspect of each court card symbolizes a specific person this card would represent a mature, red/gold haired woman with blue or brown eyes who is both steady and resolute with great attractive powers.

In reiteration, Binah whose aspects manifest in the Queen's of Tarot, is the Third Sephira on the Tree of Life; she is called the Sanctifying Intelligence known as Understanding.
Seated and enthroned, the Queens represent the forces of Heh (meaning window or sight)  in the Divine Vibration of the element of each suit.  By bringing forth a material Force of each suit, like the window in a home bring in the Sun light, the Queens, develop and realize the Force of the King.  This is a steady, unshaken and enduring force that is not as rapid in motion, as are the Princes. Hence, steady and enduring.
 The Tarot Queen of Wands is Queen of the Thrones of Flame. Queen of the Salamanders, or Slamandrines. The astrological attribution is the last Decan of Pisces--the first two Decans of Aries.
Because the Queens are about Materialized Force, there are no Angels represented here, rather the Elementals are conscious force here.
 As previously stated,The Queen of Wands is  Water of Fire, which would seem rather silly to mundane understanding; However, if we understood Water to be emotional- consciousness and Fire to be Primal Spirit, than this is less confusing.  This spirit-fire is Vital Life Force, sexual, passionate, extreme and often violent in Nature, such as the Hindu Kundalini. However, it is the Solar Motion in the movement of all planetary things. 

When the Queen of Wands is thrown during a reading, she represents:

  • Adaptability
  • Persistent energy
  • Calm authority that she often uses to add to her attractiveness.
  • Kind and generous to those who don't oppose her.
  • Hates opposition.
  • Powerfully  gracious in love and friendship, all of which is on her own terms.
  •  Her passionate emotion creates a Tendency to be side tracked from goals.
  • A deep desire to understand the deeper aspects of herself.
  • Hot passion and sharp wit.
The negative characteristics of this Queen, as shown by accompanying cards:
  • Vanity and snobbery
  • A tendency to brood, thereby, making wrong decisions that promote acting in great violence.
  • Her great passion makes her easy to deceive, causing her to react stupidly, tyrannically and obstinately.
  • One may be quick to take offense, harboring revenge without good cause.

  1. This is the character of a powerful, sexually attractive mature woman. Great Sexual energy, means great creative potential, so this person is best off, if she pores her passion into the arts and/or career. Devoting her life to bringing something of value into being. Being of Primordial Fire, this person must practice focus and willful control of her Fiery nature, or all Hell will break lose!  Oh, did I mention that the figure on the Throne is that of the Goddess Hel  who rules the underworld of deep dark emotions?  And in Mythology, the underworld is where mundane souls go to be cleansed of memories of past life and cleansed for  a ritual rebirth, as in the "rising of the Phoenix" from its own ashes....of course,on Hel's initiative.

The Wand represents Will, showing that She has complete control and is able to direct this force. 
  • She is warm, attractive, passionate, and generous when well defined, Ill defined, she is the embodiment of hell, tyrannical, revengeful, and violent. 
  • As with all Great Power [Passion] it can be very beneficial or very destructive, depending on the Will of the wielder. 
  • Now that also means that She has an immense capacity for  friendship and love, but always on her own terms.
  • So this card is often the representative of Great Personal Female Power in action.
  • Warmth, passionate, honest and sincere, seeing no purpose in falsehood and she will respond harshly to deceit!
  • Highly sexual, and expressive.
  • In other words, a very dangerous woman indeed!
  • This alone can be stimulating to some men which is all well an good on her terms, but devastating to those who try to control her.
  • Fiery, delightful, passionate, and active beauty. I have always adored Her.

If this card is thrown for a man, it represents the magnetic side of his nature; the anima that is committed to trusting both internal and external experiences that lead to self-knowledge. Self Knowledge is represented by the radiant or thorn crown on her head.

When this card is thrown for a woman, it usually means that she is skillful, sexually attractive, mature woman who has routed the "fiery sexual energy" into creative self-expressive work such as art, music, dance or into a career that encompasses a lifetime dedicated to bringing something of value into being.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Knight of Wands & The Night Sun Tarot- King of Wands

The Tarot of EliTHE Qabalistic Thoth Tarot KNIGHT OF WANDS. (Kings in the Golden Dawn, Connolly, B.O.T.A., Waite Deck, Night Sun Tarot etc.) & The Night Sun Tarot-KING OF WANDS.

There has been much confusion communicated by Tarot readers, concerning the implied meanings of the Court cards; the Kings are no exception. 

In his great text book: The Qabalistic Tarot (a text book of mystical philosophy) Robert Wang wrote:

The four Kings or Figures  mounted on Steeds [Golden Dawn and Crowley versions]  represent Yod forces in the name of each suit, the Radix, Father and commencement of Maternal Forces. A Force in which all the others are implied and of which they form the development and completion. A Force swift and violent in action, but whose effect soon passes away, and therefore symbolized by a Figure on a steed riding swiftly, and clothed in complete amour.

This Hermetic Qabalah meaning may even confuse the issue more, unless the Tarot Reader understands that you cannot separate the Personality from the events that impose themselves upon it.

The Knight or King of Wands is the motive force behind the Alchemical Fire or Primal Fire (The Thoth Knight, carries the same wand as the Ace of Wands to illustrate this point) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. This is a fiery personality with great motivational ability. Now remember, trying to divide the person from the event is pure folly, so here we have a passionate personality going through a deep-core "Will to Force" event. Old perceptions are being destroyed as fuel on this fire, so that new extended and liberated perspective gives birth to spiritual insight. You may call this positive male-power, as in electrical polarity, that forms a  swift and occasionally violent personality with the capacity to accomplish long-term goals and handling extremely complex situations but is most often fierce, impetuous, impulsive and tends to act unpredictably. 

A man's life is characteristic of himself.
-Carl G. Jung
As previously implied: To many tarot readers, the court cards often are the most confusing to read. This is because some authorities interpret them as people in a persons life, others as events and still others, as both people and events. Many Qabalistis see the court cards as archetypal- personality traits as well.
There is a good reason for all of this confusion ; the reason being because people are nearly always involved in events that are like some aspect of themselves.  Since everything is one energy, there is no obvious separation between what we experience in the environment and what we are on the level of self-consciousness. It is a foolish attempt at best, when reading tarot, to try and divide the person from the event that is occurring. Such attempts at division could even be perilous. It pays to remember that events  often happen to us  because of ourselves rather then  in spite of ourselves. We are a Psyche- creation who creates pyschosomatically. Hence, what we think, and/or emotionally "feel",becomes our reality.
The Knight of Wands  and the Night Sun Tarot-King of wands represents the spiritual evolutionary in all of us. This is the Will-to-be part of ourselves that is unwilling to edit, rehearse, or hold back any part of who we are.This ferocity, is easily seen in the Art of the Night Sun Tarot. Symbols of fire abound in Fabio Listrani's art. With the symbol for the fire element as an upright triangle, the fire coming of of his "crown of thorns" and his red Mohawk hair cut, reminiscent of "wearing one's heart on one's head"; hence, he is passionate in his emotions, and holds nothing back. The Wands of Tarot are symbolized as serpent headed vines, in these expressive wand cards and the "lion of royalty", is also present as a royal garment. The Lion is a symbol used for the Sun, so here again is a fiery authority implied. The crown of thorns and the vines wrapping this king's feet, imply the inflexibility and sacrifices impose on the Law giver and/or ruler who is bound to his throne.

Upper left of the Night Sun Tarot Card, is the triangular symbol for Air, and on the upper right, the triangular symbol for fire. We all know how volatile air of fire is, we may even classify it as "hot air", of which this kingly personality has in considerable amounts.

The Thoth Tarot-rider of the unicorn horse is the symbol of vision and inspiration that has purpose and application. Positive male power that is dynamic and is in all of us, no matter the sex---that's why we are alive! You are a personal vision of your fiery Spirit!

The Thoth Tarot: KNIGHT (King) OF WANDS:
To reiterate: Chokmah is the Father God principle and is the first idea of Maleness. Binah, the Mother God, is the first idea of Femaleness. Here the Divine Creative begins the action of Sexual attraction; of the electric and magnetic actions of the Universal Creation.
This "God Sex" is often a hard one to explain to the self-absorbed who think sexuality as "pleasing moment" of conquest or some sort of shame imposed on them by their "nasty" body.

Those who have felt the deep and powerful Inner forces of Divine Sexuality are usually unable to mentally rationalize it. It is stunning and absolute attraction, like lightning striking steel. It isn't needy, or manipulative, it is as if two magnets of opposite polarity just "slam" together without resistance of any kind. It is so powerful, that there isn't any other person in the world, but the 2 who form as just knows this is the only mate.  This purely energetic attraction is beyond rational thinking and the brain is stunned by it's lack of control over the situation. Therefore, this Powerful Energy attraction is called, "The Burning", reminiscent of the Fiery Spirit.

The Kingdom of Heaven, is all around you, and it is built from the attraction of opposites. To understand this powerful attraction we really have to re-think sexuality and understand the attraction of Chokmah and Binah; of the electric and the magnetic.The Universe is created by this often overwhelming technical activity of Union.

The Thoth Knights are the Kings, in many other decks: to Crowley, a king siting on a throne did not depict the Active power of a King. Thus, he calls them Knights, which are Kings, Armored, on  mighty-chargers, undaunted by battle.  The Knights represent Yod forces in each suit. The Yod is the Radix, and/or Father and commencement of Material Forces. All other forces  are implied here, and as ideas they develop and commence in the Knight. As if volcanic, the Force of the Knight is swift, violent action, that also moves on swiftly. Thus the effects of this force soon pass away. One must remember, that Chokmah, is the "Will to Force", from which the Knight or King of Wands personality archetype is created from.

THE KNIGHT/KING OF WANDS: is the Lord of Flame and Lightning, king of the spirits of Fire, King of the Salamanders.

The last Decan of Scorpio and the first two Decans of Sagittarius are attributed to this card, The Knight of Wands is Specific Fire in Primal Fire on the Tree of Life.
Fire, in a alchemical-elemental sense, represents the active-vital Spirit Force of Movement that is in all Motion and yet it is also the tempering fire that melds together opposites for the construction of something more than either one. Spirit Fire is electric while Spirit Water is Magnetic, forming an electromagnetic Sexuality of "force and form", a technology invented by the Divine Creative.

Therefore,The Crowley card of the Knight of Wands is all about active force, a leaping black Charger mounted by a dark knight, depicting the Dark Fire of Dark Energy, that all Visible Light comes from and that visible light is depicted as the surrounding flames.

The knights crest is a horse head, implying the influence of Sagittarius, and he is in armor implying the qualities of the Spirit Fire that does battle for us all.  The same Ace of Wands, is the Wand in His hand, implying that he is the vehicle for the Fire Force.

The characteristics of this Powerful Knight-King, are qualities of  activity, such as, fierceness, impetuosity, pride, impulsiveness, swiftness in unpredictable actions.
If negative, he is evil-minded, cruel, bigoted, and brutal.  In either case, his swiftness gives him no recourse to act otherwise, so he is ill fitted to modify his actions according to circumstances.

Great personal power, is often seen as arrogance by the weak of conviction, so this person is either Loved or hated, without "gray area" acquaintances. Those who doubt themselves, will be inclined to follow and thus secretly fear or hate such a powerfully active Spiritual Being who is unconcerned with how others react to them. Also this will be a person with a Great Libido, as Spiritual Fire and Sexuality are invariably linked, this is also a contention among the weak, whose very pusillanimous character deters the union of others. Also those who serve reaction rather than action, will either avoid or try to besmirch the Active Character of this, Kingly Spirit.

To the Astrologer, the Knight of Wands rules in the zodiac from 21 degrees Scorpio to 20 degrees Sagittarius.
  • This tends to establish a personality that can sell "ice to Eskimos" because of his unrelenting charm, built out of amusement and optimism.
  •  He may also have an abundance of vision and foresight, all of which is passionately expressed.
  • There is a degree of intolerance, so when pushed this person can become violent and unrelenting.
  • Generally, The Knight of Wands is a dominant, hard to control person who is attractive but dangerous.
  •  When united with the Primal Water of Female-Magnetic polarity, this is a most attractive personality, and a deeply motivational event of empathy and healing, most like a warm tropical ocean.
  •  He is best in his performance when mated with a strong female equivalent. By himself, his very nature "becomes too hot" (as a Sun without an Ocean) and he tends to leave bodies behind him. 

  • A spiritual evolution is taking place at a deep core level. It is as if the past personality is fuel for a new phoenix- self arising from the flames
  • Experiencing the conviction of Spirit with much inner to outward movement of energy and the manifestation of leadership skills.
  • Positive male power, complete with the ability to focus on long term goals but with rapid movement that is able to handle complex situations.
  • Strong minded and able to dominate others by force of will.
  • A master of wit and charm, great sense of humor and warm and generous with a strong liking for fun.
  • Can just about persuade anyone into anything.
  • May be a highly empowered spiritual being. Which doesn't necessarily mean he has your best interest at heart. Spirit is Pure Mind, and doesn't see things in a personal way. Very Impersonal force without the conscience of the personal.
  • A mature male whose inner and outer being are in mutual agreement and balance.
  • One is releasing an old identity, like a serpent sheds its skin (the serpent suit the knight is wearing) and establishing a  achievement-orientated,creative, and expressive self!
  • This is a powerful person of a fiery nature: energetic, active, hard to control, attractive, but sometimes dangerous...which may add to his attractiveness.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Swords: Ruin & The Night Sun Tarot- 10 of Swords

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-10 of Swords: Ruin & The Night Sun Tarot- 10 of Swords.

The 10s  of Tarot are where the formative-elastic world of Yetzirah, ends and the absolute solidification of form is established in Asshiah, an active world attributed to Malkuth (Kingdom). Hence, this is as solid as thought or an issue gets. 

The Thoth 10 of Swords is called RUIN and in the world of Malkuth--Ruin is death of a thing. As a mater of fact the 10 of Swords is the physical deathcard in the deck rather than the Death Card (key 13) of the Major Arcana. Key 13 depicts a death of perspective, a personality death that is necessary for change rather than a physical or objective one.Therefore, the 10 of Swords implies that if one goes on fighting long enough---all ends in destruction. Something our bodies prove by fighting gravity all their lives until they end up back in the earth they resist.But there is a bright side to this card, as there is a bright side to death and that is, that from ruin rises new construction. Also, recovery from a psychosomatic illness is also implied, as the Ruin is done, and recovery is beginning.

The Thoth Tarot- 10  OF SWORDS is called RUIN, or Lord of Ruin as Crowley names it. Here, the Sun is in Gemini, greatly diminishing the stability of the Sun.Hence,The 10 of Swords, is rampant because it is ruled by the Sun in Gemini, this makes the mercurial nature of the Sun diffused, and scattered which disrupts the harmonious nature of energy. This makes it hard for the individual, of this Sun sign, to concentrate upon any given subject as their tendencies are vagueness and irresponsibility; such is the disaster implied by the 10 of Swords.

The Angels of the Decan, are Dambayah and Menqal.
The 10 of Swords is Malkuth in Yetzirah, the Astral World.[for more information on angels, see Crowley's books:777 and Book of Thoth]

For Material things, this is the most destructive card in the deck and most people dislike seeing it in a spread; However, those who know and use the Tarot as a instrument of Divination, understand that as in Astrology, "the stars impel, they do not compel" and that ruin doesn't end creation, so it behooves us to see beyond the disaster.

Since, by focusing our thoughts, by a process of divination, we have the capacity to improve our life-motion, we should do just that. For, ethically this precognition, is no less moral than resigning a position when one sees that is  a work related disaster on the horizon; What moral is broken, when one is told by the cards," that if you walk  in the street you will be struck by a motor vehicle", and that person now chooses to walk on the sidewalk instead? Divination helps us make focused choices. We should use the capacities we are given, as we are not Slaves of any destiny outside of  our own making; such as a mind enslaved by words-definitions enforced upon the individual. Imagination builds all thinks, and all thinks are an image. Therefore, Tarot, specializes in the images of the Unconscious, for therein resides our true knowledge.

However, this destiny control, requires us to "Above all things, know thyself", and to be an Active Personality, rather than  a personality made by environment; a reactionary presence that is controlled by peers, or cultural definitions for this often makes our destiny that of Ruin, as our performance is always "after the fact".

The 10 of Swords Ruin, also implies, "the Horse is already out of the barn", and closing the door, while cursing yourself for leaving it open, is a band-aid, not a solution. Something that our governments are slow to learn.

Therefore, it's best to focus on what you are thinking, pay attention! For your thoughts create "no others", nor their definition given by you, influences them. Rather, your thoughts or judgment of others, creates only your interaction of the I AM (will) and the body-Me!

Remember, your thoughts are the operating fulcrum of your LIfe-Motion, they create your destiny!  For a fulcrum to operate efficiently, a rigid base is a necessity. Thus, as in a "personality, which is a mechanism of the Mind, if the mechanical (personality) Fulcrum (thinking) must devote most of its energy trying to hammer out a permanent way of movement (overcome negative thought), while trying to overcome the counter motion of a "wobbling base", i.e. an uncertainty of Self-identity, the outcome for proper performance is bleak indeed. This is  yet another message of the 10 of Swords: ruinous thoughts, ruin the thinker of these thoughts.
Again, I cannot over state the necessity for "Above all things, know thyself"! Each of us must understand, that by thinking ill of ourselves or of another, we only supply our body with ill thoughts that confuse our performance and ruin our destiny!

The Divinatory meaning of the Night Sun Tarot- 10 OF SWORDS isalso, ruin, death, failure,and disaster. Since this Tarot card is in MALKUTH (Earth) it is more of a death card than Key 13-DEATH, of the Major Arcana. As stated: DEATH, key 13, is more of a situational death, a transformation, whereas, #10 of Swords, is a "personal disaster" waiting to happen. When and if this card shows up in the "house and Home" or "Beneath" you position in a Celtic Cross reading, go get a thorough physical check up from your doctor and focus on your physical and mental health; mental health because you may need a "personality tune-up" and its time to pay attention to how you perceive the world.
However, 10's are notoriously short lived, as they are an end of a cycle, and soon a new cycle begins, So a 10, can also mean, the pain you are going through now is on the mend, especially if you are recovering from a physical or mental injury, where your movement has suffered a "ruin", but by focused perspective, you are aiding your recovery. A ten is 1+ 0=1, which is the number of Kether, on the Tree of Life, thus a cycle of the Tree ends, and a new one "down the Tree" begins. 

Therefore, this death card also indicates a new hope, a new direction born out of ruin and despair. Thus, the necessary ruin is to support the start of something new. Hence, the 10 of Swords card represents a mental conclusion, long sought, with much ruinous thinking becoming a mental struggle which has rent asunder our plans and left us in an insomniacs mental paradigm.

The 10 of Swords implies that one may have reached a conclusion that things are just not going to work out in two areas of one's life.
  1. Things of the heart (lower half of the image) as shown by the pierced heart on both the Thoth and Night Sun Tarot.
  2.  And areas of finance as shown by the  scales at the top of the Thoth card.
The realization of ruin, may cause you to feel a deep fear of "things not Working out" which only insures that they don't; However, to understand ruin is just a beginning step to something new, is to leave your mind open for healing and progress.   

The Astrological sign of this Night Sun card is also the Sun in Gemini, the sun sign is on the upper left and the symbol for Gemini, is on the upper right. Individuals who have their Sun in Gemini, are very gifted at synchronizing paradoxes, polarities, and/or oppositions thus they are able to  look at all aspects of a situation, balancing the positive and negative aspects. However, this need to balance everything, can obfuscate priorities and therefore, produce a deep heart-felt fear about the issues of finance, relationships, and creative initiative.

With powerful facilities of any kind, we have the Great Creative Pendulum of the Imaginative Mind that can swing from positive motion to negative motion right at the apogee of creative endeavors. When we are powerfully imaginative, as all of us are, we must also exercise powerful discernment, concentrating our thought-forms on what we are doing rather than what we fear.  By thinking joyfully of the journey towards our goal, rather then concentrating stress to achieve it, one is avoiding the negative swing right that happens when we can see successful endeavor looming past the hills of exhausting labor and fear loosing it before we get there.

Malkuth is the earth, the sacred physical world, and the 10 of Swords, represents the unadulterated energy of mind, confined to the lowest microwave frequency-(most condensed) consciousness on earth.
 The animal survival brain, is indeed the Ruin of all Hu-man and/or "higher" thought. (Hu-is Mandarin for "god" and Man, comes from the Hindu-Manas, meaning "Mind"). Hence the survival mind fearfully interferes with Image-making, and/or Imagination, the creative god-mind. Hence, here in the 10's, the survival ego, is ruining all mental progress with ruinous thoughts of fear.

The 10 of Swords, represents reason gone mad, the logic of lunatics, or for the most part, the reasoning of philosophers who divorce their reason from reality.
To further illustrate this scattering of philosophic reason, this card is ruled by the Sun in Gemini.  Gemini's mercurial-airy quality disperses the rays of the Sun and disrupts the harmonious and stable energy, as does the atmosphere of Earth.

The position of the Sword Hilts, on the Thoth Card, are as the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. However, the central Sword, which represents the #6 Sephiroth-Tiphareth- Sun ("Heart", Soul/Christ-Buddha intelligence), is shattered by Swords 1 through 5, as well as, by swords 7-9 .  The 10th sword represents the intellect with it's moral qualities shattered as well. Thus, we know the 10 of Swords is depicting Intellectual Ruin, by baser and/or lower  thought.

The heart, which also represents the Higher Thought of the Psyche (Soul) is pierced and in ruins as well, dampening down, weakening, and corrupting the creative impulse. Often this is because of love lost and/or "heart break". The 10  of Swords, therefore, consuls the personality to purge the brain of unworthy thoughts and ideas, that corral the creative impulse so that it putrefies into malice.

As you may have gleaned from previous paragraphs, the number 10 is the culmination of the unmitigated energy of the idea. In this case its "all Mental" and shows reason run mad; as Crowley put it in his Book Of Thoth, the 10 of Swords represents: "a ramshackle riot of soulless mechanism". It represents the logic of philosophers and lunatics and for the most part, it is reason divorced from reality".

For instance, the philosopher says,"Thou shalt not kill", which is divorced from reality. Reality states that we must kill (even vegetation) to eat and a Mother and Father must sometimes kill to protect the family, for without family---there is no future! So the
statement "thous shalt not kill", should say, "Thou should not murder for the visions of ambition, ( of Politicians, Philosophers and theologians etc.) be they personal or governmental". For any man and woman worth their salt, will kill to protect their family and to eat! Even vegitation kills to survive! That is expected in this Natural Universe where "life eats itself to stay alive"! Therefore there is a fine line between philosopher and lunatic; between genus and insanity.

When the Ten of Swords is thrown, the querent is experiencing or will be experiencing:
  • In a period of 10 weeks or 10 months, Cruelty and Malice towards others.
  • A feeling of Ruin, because of a oppressive feeling of over-bearing strength applied to selfish ends.
  • Revenge, injustice, ill-will, lying etc.  
  • Maybe a death in the family.
  • A life threatening illness, either mental or physical.

However, if the accompanying cards are well dignified, the Ten of Swords implies:
  •  Generosity, self-sacrifice, and even disinterestedness on the querent's part.
  • Just the fact that the querent acknowledges this mind set, will begin the process of changing it.
  • Recovery from a life threatening illness.

For the querent, the 10 of Swords is almost a worst symbol than the 9 of Swords.
  • It is about death, ruin and failure, all because of the lower thoughts of the lizard/survival mind of fear based thought, misdirecting the tremendous power of the Psyche (Sun) which can only be directed by a Higher State of Mind, i.e. the Human Soul, that is based on Love rather than fear.
  • There is disaster, because of the undisciplined warring force unleashed by fear-based thinking which self destructs in the mayhem created by an army of unbalanced ideas.
  •  With the lower mind being over-power by the Fiery E-motion (Will to Force) of the Solar Soul, ruin of all plans and projects is common place, as well as, disdain, insolence and impertinence are common expressions.
  • There is often a misplaced display of mirth as one overthrows the happiness of others.
  • The querent will find that their brain is a repeater of things that have never worked in the past, and won't now.
  • The brain will often repeat many impoverished words, such as "swear words", but doing so cleverly, and eloquently, in order to hasten the character assignation of others.
This card alone, is ill-dignified; However, if the accompanying cards are all well dignified, this is a  1 week or 1 month card of indignity, and the personality is well aware of the need for a change in perspective.
  • The querent maybe tired of nonsense programming and is seeking away to fix it. The rest of the cards in the reading will show the querent how to get out from under the tyranny of fear based thought, and accelerate away from the lower thought processes. Here, the wisdom and intuition of the Tarot reader comes into play and aid is easily given.

  Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 9 of Swords: Cruelty & The Night Sun Tarot- 9 of Swords

The Qabalistic Thoth 9 of Swords, Cruelty & The Night Sun Tarot- 9 of Swords:
The Thoth 9 of Swords, presents a ghastly image of nine crooked, chipped swords, dripping blood. If this isn't gloomy enough, we have the celestial rule of Mars in Gemini. Mars,a primal raging hunger that has no restraint, because of the Gemini twin paradox, is a mind in war with the body.

9 is a number of completion and/or the purist state of the element. 9 is also the number of the Sephira Yesod-Foundation, on the Tree of Life. Yesod is on the middle pillar of the Tree of Life, and has rectified the imbalances of the past energy disorders of Air. This, however, does not rectify the degeneration of the energy as it continues down the Tree.

Swords, usually depict the pure intellect, that acts like air as its energy in motion continually heats up with passion and cools down with rationale. In the case of the 9 of Swords, consciousness has fallen into an unenlightened  void of rational thought, stirring heartless animal passions; passions that are of the psychopath and the fanatic. Hence this is the character of the inquisitor; it seems intellectual but is operating in a rage that is without restraint.  All this sounds just awful and terribly gloomy, yet, it is the cultural foundation of "Divide and Conquer" indoctrination technique and often the state of mind used in scientific experiments on animals. Here, empathy is not a part of the mechanism of thought, only the "vision" counts, no matter the means of getting there.

Our consumerism society is based on "fanning the flames" of that primitive raging hunger of self-absorbed survival thinking in order to produce the "fanatical shopper" whose world is always lacking self-fulfillment. It is the realm of the Neti-Neti (Sanskrit for,"Not this-Not that") consciousness, that consumes unrelentingly, hoping for and in the pursuit of happiness, at any cost; a futile seeking of happiness because happiness isn't in accumulation nor resides in glutinous bellies nor can  it be caught by pursuit, as to pursue is to "not have it". There is only one result in the constant use of such thought and that is insanity.

Thankfully, many of us have enough strength in our character to know that happiness, is not a "thing", but rather a "state of Mind" and/or an equilibrium of the Mind's trinity, Soul, Unconsciousness and Consciousness. Many  have found out that by treating other people with respect, (" unto another as you would have done to you") we have a happier presence on this earth. For to think well is to be well and to think ill, is to be ill.

Therefore, the 9 of Swords is the state of consciousness that is called "wanna-be-ism", were one is not alive/happy until they achieve some future possession or goal, but once achieved, find it to be wanting and are off in pursuit of another. This person is a corpse; a zombie, who lives only in yesterdays emotions and uncertain futures, leaving the moment of  Now vacant of their presence. This phenomena of  "walking corpse" is not a new thing that some Hollywood director dreamt- up as the latest horror thriller. Rather, you'll find this "living dead" concept in the two thousand year old Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, that is part of the Nag Hammadi Library. In paragraph 56, of the Gospel of Thomas, it is written:"Whoever has come to understand the World has found only a corpse, and whoever has found a corpse is superior to the world. " If you can understand this Gnostic statement, you can understand the 9 of Swords-Cruelty. Because the practice of "Self inflicted cruelty" is going on in most human brains right now, most of us constantly belittle ourselves, in order to appease our dogma; i.e. our inner-slaver.

This Thoth card isn't usually about experiencing cruel actions from others, (unless noted by other cards in the reading) even though that has happened in the past or present, rather it is about self-abusive thought. Negative thinking, feeling sorry for yourself and crying about life, thinking one is a loser where one's emotions are flowing with the tide of events, rather than being a dynamic action in life that changes events.  Hence, The Tarot 9 of Swords usually represents the personality/ego as being a victim of its own fears and the inner spirit is shedding tears of empathy (white tears in the back-ground) simply because the ego isn't listening to the "master within", as it is totally focused on its own nightmare (tears of blood from the swords). Therefore the personality has become a lost child whose own crying "over spilt milk" drowns out the wise directions whispered by the spirit within.
There is also a sense of anger that leads to seclusion. As you may have deduced by now, swords are generally about ways of thinking and/or mechanisms of thought. They represent the many states of mind, from the Super-conscious (The Greater Self) to the personal self absorbed conscious that we have ignorantly called the ego (ego is a term coined by Sigmund Freud to depict the "Whole Person").

The  mental seclusion of self absorbed behavior, is depicted in the Night Sun Tarot, as any personal presence is invisible, and only the swords are present. Here is represented, wounding(blood on the ground), waste (desolate landscape), and yet will power, the blazing white orb of Kether, and new reflections are also present, simulated by the white rose of rebirth.
The astrological aspect of this card is Mars in Gemini. Mars being the planet of energy, assertion and vitality while Gemini in this instance, is the sign of reworking things back and forth in a particularly self critical manner. The fiery Mars, god of war, energy can do no good in the sign of dualities.

To a Qabalist, this is Yesod (Foundation) in Yetzirah (Astral World). The Astral world itself is often deceptive, but with the Foundation energy of manifestation influenced by Mars and the dualities of Gemini unbalance it,  deceptions now become cruel realities.
The divination meaning of this Sword card is despair, illness, suffering and cruelty.

In the Thoth Tarot, the 9 of Swords is shown as eight beaten and battered rusty swords dripping poison and blood; needless to say this card shows no boon. 
Here the realm of Dreams (Astral) is influenced by mental self-cruelty, negative thinking, and mental degradation. There is a deep depression here but surcease may become apparent in the next 9 weeks or 9 months. 

Often we are hurt by the chaos of daily life, and this card is about crying about that hurt rather than doing something about it. Often I hear people say," God took my loved one away from me," or what kind of God would allow a baby to be shot and killed." etc. , or "why do I always fail" or that another "hurt them emotionally"?  For one, another didn't hurt us emotionally, they just didn't live up to our "Vision of them", and/or our expectations. What hurts us is our own "wants not be fulfilled", something we really have no right to place upon or burden another with.  There are many examples of how we practice "self-cruelty" but either way, the answers aren't easy nor pleasant for such devastating events but they have nothing to do with the Divine Creative's desire to "call back to its bosom" some soul or a type of karma. Souls are us, and the Divine Desire is all about Freedom to be us!Besides, the Divine Creative is all around us, in us and as us! Therefore, there is no where to go to be "nearer to god", then by being yourself!

The Divine Creative gave us the inheritance of Divinity as The Wholly Child of many faces (all peoples); for when Imagination is infinite, there are infinity possible self images. We, who are but imagined self-images/identities and/or simulations of the Divine Creative, i.e. Souls, have absolute command over our inherited imagination. Imagination creates reality both  for individuals and group-collectives. If we create a world where value isn't our bodies or their life (living bodies are the Purpose of Souls), but artificial ideas, titles,  money, and things, our world will be fueled by greed, ambition, theft, murder; a cruel and devastating world of poisoned survival thinking where vulnerability is denied and/or ran from, by preying on everyone else. 

 Life's truth is in the motion of the alive, and/or the manifested presence of a thought-form, not the thoughts, fears or emotions that we think and feel which are usually generated by "fear of rejection"; for those are the hot bed of the Trickster ( Devil, i.e.,lived spelled backwards) that is our self-absorbed-fear-based survival thinking. All is the Universal Divine Collective Unconscious, no divisions no separates, for that is the One Mind. Therefore, Truth is thought made manifest!  So if we allow, because of fear of vulnerability, a world of hate, of destructive slave-religions, of megalomaniac politics, of ENEMY, our own brain/body becomes that enemy to our body. 

*This is the power we wield as "Imagination's children", (Imagination is the Divine Feminine part of the One Divine Creative Unconscious), we freely become our dreams! Too believe in "good or bad", is to divide the Imagination, and divide the power to be!Qabalah, has a solution to good or bad thinking, as it states that: "If it exists, it's supposed to".

 I Am neither good nor bad, I AM ME!

Imagination is all around us, in us and as us! Imagination is the "Womb with a view". Therefore, when Dreams are driven by fears, they become nightmares and then we fear the nightmares giving them the emotional power to become our energy-in-motion reality; a reality of enemy that seems to loom all around us. Living a nightmare is self cruelty, as our Unconscious becomes the enemy of our consciousness; a grand and terrifying paradox for we are the Psyche/Soul that is the Unconscious who invents consciousness as "ourselves"! Thus a "house divided", that cruelly falls under a viscous onslaught of self rejection.

Spirit is psycho-dynamic flow of Divine Will (Eheieh-"I Will Be") who is the Mind that is "over matter" and often shown in Hermetic tradition, as a Serpentine or Spiral flow! Passion or the combination of Will to Force (Masculine) and Will to Form (Feminine), is the foundation of all creation! Therefore when your passion to be is "trying not to be", being becomes an antagonism of what you don't want. For there is no "trying" when the item is emotionally thought of. A Thought has no mass until it is powered by emotion (energy-in-motion), this gives it a "gravity" and therefore a presence.

I AM is the Universal declaration of Self and the beginning of all of us as "ME" and/or Self identity. "I Ain't", is man-made fantasy of "good and bad"; a place of denial of identity, that allows us to "not treat another self, as we wish to be treated" and places the brain at war with the body!   Denial is a  fantasy, because whatever is thought and emotionally fueled, will become. Since there is no "Ain't", nor a "I am not", for to think a thought places it in a Universe of Infinite Possibilities/The Imagination; Hence,  what you fervently declare you are not, is what your energy-in-motion becomes. Like attracts like, as the law of attraction implies which is also the Law of action-reaction. It's best to treat others as you wish to be treated. I call this the Hi-me principle, and to everyone I see I think, "Hi me", thus everyone I see is another way to be me.

Becoming what you fear, is also why the Fundamental Theologian, is often driven to enact "sins of the flesh", as sensual flesh is their hated enemy and the "sins" are their own imagined invention of "I AM ME"!

I ask you this, "How can a mind that makes the body alive, and lives as an sensual- identity of Spirit, possibly hate/fear, its very own creation and have a "good life"? 

Here's a paradox: Most religions claim we have  divinely granted freedom of choice, and yet instead of using that god given gift of Imagination freely, we are to become "enslaved thinkers of a doctrine of self rejection" then can we be the "image of god" as fundamental religions claim? Here, the paradox of Gemini comes into fruition, for the tendency of the twins to argue is often an internal argument based on fear and want.
Hence, this obfuscation of identity, is a perfect example of the cruelty of Martial energy in the paradoxical twins of Gemini. Where one thing is "thought/said" and the opposite is often done.

It is all about applied emotion (energy-in-motion), acting as form/Me. This is known to the Hermetic Qabalist as Force and Form. The Force is "Will-to-force" (emotion) and the Form is thought/idea/visions/ all which are identifying self.  When we are utilizing our Force and Form without Self-Knowledge, allowing the ambitious (leaders- media etc.) to direct our emotional identities,  we become thoughtless to the devastation we cause to our bodies, who are a psychosomatic organism.
We often build enemies, to blame for our own lack of self -knowledge, that inflicts great pain within our bodies who are only reacting to being rejected by the Life within them!  Hence, it's best to examine theologies, cultures, and any pretense of academia, which demands compliance, for that surely leaves us ignorant of how to operate the Psyche run Power Tool we call "our bodies".

There can be nothing crueler than a world built by the Power of the God's (imagination) when that power is utilized by the indoctrinated minds of slaves who hate and fear their vulnerability; a Vulnerability that gives us the great powers(ability to do work) of discernment, empathy, generosity and love! A great power because vulnerability is the cause of all our great character traits; empathy, generosity, caring, loving, union, compassion, love, devotion, discretion, integrity, courage, individuality, and so many more!
Immortals, the infinite, have none of these character traits, for they are invulnerable to "Beginning and End"/ no time and no space, no fear. Since we have been given Mastery over all Living Things (over Mortality), by our Divine Creative Parents Imagination, we need to "understand the living, who know both beginning and end"! An insane god, is no use to anyone, not even themselves.

To  understand that all is One Mind, and that this Universe is a Collective of Divine Self Identity, is to become a master of soma. For our Real Person is the Psyche, The Life, and the soma (body) is the Alive,and/or simulation of life.  We are the connection of Spirit Intellect Above (higher dimensional frequency than this conscious level of One Energy) and the Earth Intellect Below (Material frequency). Masters of "Beginning and End" and "End and Beginning".  We are the Hermetic Qabalistic Axiom of ," As above so below, so below as above." For without an active, sensual mind among the Microcosm, the Macrocosm can't "expand Self Awareness".

From the Tao: "What is there is here, what is not here, is not there."

One must manifest an error, to see it, and therefore be able to correct it! This ability to "create, see error and correct it" is called Wisdom; a wisdom that only a sensual body that acts our Psyche's thought as "alive" can give the Psyche.Therefore, Wisdom comes from freely doing what one thinks, experiencing the pleasure or the pain of it, and therefore able to correct it's operation as liberating and expanding conscious body software. The Divine Creative obviously knows this, for It, the I AM became, "ME"! But the "Me" can never be it, as to be a Me requires "time/space" and self limiting images/identity.

The Power to Create anything is an amazing gift, but the power to create yourself, is magnificent and/or magic! Freedom of Choice allows us to create our own self-identity; but be clear here, only gods can make themselves less than what they really are!
Dogs can never be less than dogs, lizards are always lizards and birds will be birds but, the Children of the Divine Creative can be anything they "Believe themselves to be"!

Fear is belief, and lives only in our animal survival brain! Knowledge is preformed as deed! Declarations make our reality! "I Am Love", builds a world of loving beings. "I Am looking for love", builds a world of denial, and self cruelty, fear of rejection and devaluation of the living, where babies are shot in the Name of God and/or our pursuit of happiness, i.e. "our vision". That name is I AM! It is OUR  surname! Realities are "Me", our invention of self -reflection and/or definition. "Me"s are made from energy-motive-definition (emotional intelligence). When mental self cruelty defines us...welcome to a living hell!

The Few Who Rule the Many, our enslaving rulers of  definition and debt, who by enforcing definition, make sure there is an internal-mental slaver virus  installed in your wetware before you even reach seven years old. Like rusty hooks of poisonous self futility, this is a hard one to remove! Peer pressure, just drives this poison deeper into self identity. The media, keeps slashing at your self value...."you need need lack them is poverty. "You are nothing without this " is at the very least implied, or blatantly rubbed in your face, daily, if not hour by hour. "Resistance is futile", blare the horns of the witless sycophants and pusillanimous invertebrates who enforce "their masters will" on others. The god's are now insane, as they sacrifice life to their very own creations!
Life is indeed a Psyche that creates the alive, and indeed, we can be our own worst enemies, just by doubting our own value in the created- world.  To see yourself as lack (lackey), is the necessary software to continue the panicked consumerism that multinational mind programmers and/or definition peddlers, want! However, before any human judgement, you were already approved into being by your Higher Self. So once again, the Qabalistic axiom reads true,"Above all things, know thyself"! 
It's simple really; you had to be approved by all that is Holy, to be made alive! You presence is your Judgment....and obviously you are good enough for Divinity!
You are an Divine answer, to a Divine question; in-fact, that is what Creation is !
Stop questioning yourself, and become answers instead! Action is the Fiery Spirit that moves you; reaction is usually run by the uncertain mortal-animal who thinks the whole universe is out to eat it!  "I Am" dares ask, "What am I"? and you are the answer to that question, "I AM ME"!
Hence,  the 9 of Swords, cruelty, is about you being your own worst enemy; divided against yourself, mentally and emotionally. Always nay-saying before you can ever start a motion. This is  a moment of doubt drawn out as a life-time of reaction. Sure we doubt our selves for we sense mortality! After all every new motion is a risk to our mortal being! But if the infinite Child of Wonder, that innocent curiosity, still  has "I's" in you, you're are going to "do it" anyway, and dying is just transformation, from one state of energy to another.  

We are always striving forward, we are being Pushed along by the Inner Spiritual Self, just like Dark Energy pushes the Universe of Matter forever outwards. Life also has a Driving/Pushing Force...and the Body is the vehicle death!

So what this Cruel 9  of Swords implies, is that "a house divide must fall", we are not a division of Life who fears the onslaught of Death. We are the Spiral-energy Soul who owns the body and therefore, the life and death of the Body!  Even our own Anglo-Saxon based language knows this to be true, for the word Freedom comes from the Anglo-Saxon- Free Doom: meaning "I Choose my own Death"!  So, get together with your-Soul-self and erase the slaver program that is in your brain, for it is based on the false assumption that Death is something other than creation. Software can be erased even when its garbage. (G.I.G.O). All software programmers know of G.I.G.O., for when software is garbage and programed in the hardware or wetware, all is operational garbage. Garbage in, Garbage out! The beauty of this is that, we are not created by brains, nor bodies. We are all Psyche, the creator of the soma, for purposes of "self-reflection". Therefore, the Qabalah, states that the world of Malkuth, is a reflection and the Soul is the mirror it is reflected upon. When the Divine Creative decides to look somewhere else, the reflection is no longer in the mirror.

The 9 of Swords implies that you must get off your suffering ass of miserable fear based perspective and rethink the programing! It's easy to fail, all you have to do is stop doing. Success, requires a stubborn optimist; your Soul is such an optimist. For even if it kills "itself" (destroys the hardware) trying to accomplish a goal, it just reincarnates and keeps at it! Hence, the Soul may make many lifetimes of form, to accomplish one purpose.  As Children of the Divine Creative, Souls, we all will pound out the bugs of our software (definitions), some sooner than others; but we all will do it eventually; that is the purpose of sensuality after all!  The human power-tool, is also a  learning tool that teaches us to discriminate and/or discern, by experiencing success and failure, as pleasure and pain!

Never fear, for our soul, will just "reabsorb" the software garbage, and revise it in a "wetware" -self-reflection performance, that we know as "alive" by rebuilding persona's.  For a persona, to experience the waking transformation for self-conscious to Soul Psyche,  which can be facilitated by remembering that the Soul never fixes what isn't broke; it is the personality's responsibly to stop blaming "others", and know that it alone is responsible for the "feelings" the body transmits. This allows the persona, which is a form of electric data, to re-think, and therefore, the body to feel better and the personality to repair "itself". Once being able to see the error and correcting that error within itself, the persona, an "artificial energy intelligence" will be declared "official" and "walk from body to body", reincarnating with full memory of the past data. Energy can't be destroyed...only transformed! Electricity is energy!

So, "get over yourself and get on with you! Impeccability is what we do''! ... is a correctional software loop, that I run in my self doubting brain. It just overrides the "pity pot" of self defeating, fear of rejection thought every time it comes on line. But installing that software loop, took determination, and plane old fashion "jack Ass " stubbornness and constant repetition of a meditation of seconds, done most minutes, until it becomes automatic. Don't you think its time, we programed our own Hard Ware! That is the real message of the Nine of Swords.

I'd recommend that the Hermit Trump, #9, be meditated on as one would a Mandala as this will invoke the Master Within who will come to our aid. What we forget, is that the Spirit within honors freedom of choice and will not interfere with the ego-conscious thought processes until asked to do so by that consciousness. Prayer is often another way of asking. So when you are in a conscious loop of fearful thinking and cannot see a way out---call upon the Inner Master, who knows what to do that is both life expanding and liberating. Both meditation and prayer break the loop long enough to be heard by Spirit.

When the 9 of Swords is thrown during a reading, the Querent will be or has been experiencing:
  • Illness, malice, cruelty, pain, despair and suffering, in a period of nine days, or nine weeks or from self cruelty thought processes since nine years old.
  • There is burden, want, oppression, as well as, subtlety and craft.
  • There is also lying  to oneself or others because of and "inferiority complex". All of this dysfunctional thought is basically from "self-belittlement", that is often so subtle that we don't even acknowledge it in ourselves. But the program is clever, as you will notice whenever you try to mentally or physically, step out of "comfort zones", you will be challenged with worry and seemingly rational explanations on why you should not take that transforming step.
  • Each of us has experienced the temptations to remain chained to the bedeviling thoughts of our subjugation- definitions of the few who wish to rule the many. 
  • The 9 of Swords, reminds us, that we are not preforming well mentally, when  we are under the rule of self-belittlement.  Again, you are obviously good enough for God, you are good enough for you! In our God-ness (Goodness), resides the constant inner ability in each of us, to become More Self in expression, rather than becoming less by seeking more stuff outside of our self.
  • The ego is focused mainly on fear of pain, an unable to move on.
  • Insomnia can be another negative result of this focus.
  • In the next 9 weeks or 9 months, you are  determined to release negative- self- degrading  thinking and go beyond the self-critic in your mind.
  • It also may indicate that you are determined to get out of the abuse-victim trap from your past and stop victimizing yourself and others with over critical thought, and learn to tolerate mistakes rather than lash out in fear of error.
  • 9s are the number of completion, and are also the number of the Trump -Hermit major arcana card. The Hermit is all about introspection, completion, self- reflection and is the "master Within" that is a major source of energy that will help us past the self-critical  belittlement  in our egoistic- fear based mental data.
  • When we are immersed in this self-critical trap, it is a good card to meditate on to pull us out of our "malicious self-morass" and set us on the path of dynamic motion where we see error and correct it rather than fear it. After all, wisdom is developed by seeing our own error and correcting it which points out to us that 50% of wisdom is error and the other half is correction.
  • Fear of error is the doom of motion! Free-doom, is the Anglo Saxon term for "I choose my own death." which means we fearlessly go about our life fulfilling our dreams rather than fearing their demise. It is also the root word for our word "freedom" which can only come from the fearless "Hermit-eternal" that is the Master within, i.e. our Spirit.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-8 of Swords: Interference & The Night Sun Tarot- 8 of Swords

The Tarot of EliTarot Card Comparisons: Thoth Tarot- 8 of Swords: Interference & The Night Sun Tarot- 8 of Swords.

The 8s of Tarot:

The Four 8s are attributed to Hod- eighth Sepiroth--Splendor, on the Tree of Life. Since Hod is in the same plane as the 7s (Netzach-victory) the same weaknesses and/or defects that are in the 7s will apply. Yet, in a sense, the alleviation of the 7's weakness is also being applied in the 8s. One might say that the mischief has been done  and there is an action against it; much like white blood cells attacking a intruder in the blood stream. Not a total cure but a beginning in that direction. This could also be compared to gluing rhinestones to blue jeans, a simple cure to this scattered "splendor" is to remove the rhinestones.

The Thoth-8 OF SWORDS-Interference, is also called  The Lord of Shortened Force.
This minor arcana tarot card is attributed to Jupiter in Gemini, and Jupiter's natural expansiveness is in determent in Gemini, as the duality of Gemini affects Jupiter's positive energy scattering half one way and half the other. Also, Hod is in Yetzirah, the Astral-Formative World, the world noted for mental deception and phantoms of fantasy.
The angels of the Decan are, Vemibael and Yehohel. 

Because of Gemini's desire to go first one way than the other, the shortened forces of Jupiter are scattered, erratic and unstable. This is indeed an unconscious interference when trying to focus one's consciousness on a goal. Yes it can be an intense and positive beginning, but it soon loses momentum in misdirection, as 90% of our operational thought is under the auspices of the unconscious and therefore, automatically done without conscious thought.

Crowley illustrates this in his 8 of Swords, as two strong and long main swords, being crossed ( as in Crossed-up) by six short swords of different designs representing scattered thoughts). The shorter swords also imply: shortened force, narrowness and restriction. There is a definite lack of persistence in intellectual matters and of contest. Jupiter's natural good fortune still attends even the weakest of efforts, yet the will is constantly thwarted by accidental interference.

Swords are the Suit of Air which is the suit of Mind, intellect, and conscious and traditionally the suit of death. As stated: The 8 of Swords, is of the 8th Sephira-Hod, which means splendor which is all about the cosmetics of pretense. This signifies a genuine lack of persistence in matters of intellect and contest. Yet the 8 of Swords is also attributed to Jupiter in Gemini, so good fortune attends even the weakest effort; However. the Will is being constantly thwarted by accidental interference from the unconscious mind's automatic reactions. Hence, the Night Sun Tarot-8 of Swords, shows a feminine persona, hands over eyes, being block by interlocking "thoughts" (Swords). The Unconscious is considered the feminine mind, the blindness of automatic programed thought is shown as hands over eyes, and one's motion is interfered with by too many opposing thoughts. The sigil for Air, is shown on the loin cloth and the back ground of the card is in the yellow color that is attributed to the element of air. As always, his background designs are of "sacred geometry".
The Center of the Thoth Card is dominated by two downward pointing long swords. They are being crossed by six small swords , implying many small thoughts interfering with the larger issues. It is interesting to note that these small swords are peculiar to countries or cults, such as the Kris, the Kukri, the Scramasax, the Dagger, the Machete and the Yataghan; implying that outside interference, such as indoctrination, theology, and mental abuse, could be the cause of difficulties.

Since, mental interference is signified here, this is a sign of an active mind, that dashes about between thoughts and is unable to complete anything of significance. Projects lie about half done, confusion is rampant about what is most important and what is not.  In Eastern philosophy this is called the Neti-Neti mind (translates to ; Not this-Not that). This card represents the over analytical, non-trusting mind where survival thinking has become the foundation of creative thought brought on by feeling vulnerable and the self-doubt incubated by fear of discomfort. Therefore the 8 of Swords card says,"Stop! Now is the time to wait, sort out priorities rather than act automatically."

Running from thought to thought not trusting your opinion of which is best or more certain of creating your survival dreams, accomplishes only creative mental interference, scattering one's ability to act. Hence, nothing can be completed. Now if the underlying cause of all this scattered thinking is in the "pursuit of happiness", one must stop and consider that mental happiness comes from a state of I AM Me----not from a state of "I Am not or I lack". It is time to stop seeking and focus on your inner self. Often, just by declaring," I Am the happiness I am seeking", stops the seeking of happiness that often interferes with our focused creative motion. I Am is everyone's first name/identity, as it is the Identity of the The Divine Creative, whose presence in us is known as Imagination. As many of us find out, Imagination knows no boundaries and any idea will suffice as an act of creative splendor. The consciousness, must be in active communication with the unconsciousness, if imagination is to be focused on discerning thought. Hence, the practice of meditation, tarot skrying etc.. In our modern world of Media controlled identity, Peer pressure, and Pavlovian indoctrination, just knowing one's self is often hard to do, let alone what is life expanding and liberating thought. Hence, half the time, we don't even know what we are declaring into manifestation as our selves! Anything we start with "I AM" is a command to the image-maker (imagination) within, to build as our outer presence. One must be very careful about what they declare and must not react to the declaration of others!

"Happiness built me so it could be me." is a realization that has personally changed my life---it's time to focus on this fact as you are a simulation of the Greater Self, i.e., god and God doesn't build what God doesn't want!

The Thoth card helps us see that it is not what we do that makes us happy----it is the communication between our inner and outer-self that is important. Again the Tarot aids us in the spiritual axiom," Above all things, know thyself." The object of "the few who wish to rule the many", is to interfer with this inner and outer self communication. So that you can be a person of man made-splendor, a superficial material based persona,  rather than the Real Persona of your Soul.

When the 8 of Swords card is thrown it points to the astrological aspect of Jupiter in Gemini; Jupiter being the planet of  growth and expansion and when linked with Gemini this union requires us to weight different possibilities. Gemini is is the sign of the "twins" and is displayed, along with the sigil for Jupiter on both the Thoth and Night Sun Tarot cards.

To reiterate: To a Hermetic Qabalist, 8 of Swords is Hod (Splendor) in Yetzirah ( Astral World). Splendor, which is seen as a "egoistic showing off", a kind of ,"look how beautiful am I" . Splendor is the state of energy conscious that decorates creation with all it's beautiful colors and plumage. But in this case, the normal brief intense and positive influence of Jupiter is driven to chaotic twists and turns by the dual directions of Gemini. This Interferes with a type of order established by Jupiter, the resulting misdirection makes nothing complete.

The divinity meaning of the 8 of Swords card is; shortened force, narrowness, restriction as in a prison.

There is a desire here to expand any duality but all indications are over-analysis, doubt
or confusion, interfering with a choice being made.  What can't be overstated is that because of the assignation of Jupiter to this card, one knows that good fortune attends even these weakened efforts, life will go on; However, the Will is thwarted by accidental interference proposed by Gemini. Crowley knew this to be so, and made sure that each sword in this card was of a different appearance, signifying "many choices with out decision".

The 8 of Swords is not all negative, for it also signifies that the desire and possibility for resolution with in the next eight weeks or 8 months, does exist. 

When thrown in a tarot divination, the 8 of Swords card signifies:
  • Too many choices causing indecision, much like a squirrel caught trying to cross a busy four-lane highway, darting back and forth trying to figure out the right direction to go. This usually ends up as "road kill", so this card reminds us to sideline ourselves from our busy thought, and take a deep breath, center, and make a patient and insightful decision.
  • Our thoughts often trick us into believing all of our decisions are life and death serious. By panicking and racing from one thought to another we are unable to see through the dust cloud of chaos.
  •  But if we take a moment and not interfere with our own decisions by mentally racing about, we'll see that very few thoughts are life and death decisions, they are more like choices and less like discomfort.
  • The fear of not making the "right" choice, is often the interference one suffers from, causing indecision.
  • The Eight of Cups reminds us to relax, in 8 weeks or 8 months all will become clear, and the dust will settle.
  • In this case, the Rapid Rabbit looses the race to the Patient Tortoise who never loses sight of the goal and is willing to take one direction to get there.
  • Over analyzing every thought to the point of inaction.
  • The 8 of Swords reminds us to stop, slow down and refocus.
  •  In the next 8 weeks or 8 months you will either get the chance to slow down and refocus your thoughts or you will come to an understanding of your own mental interference and refocus.
  • This could also mean that you must desist your uncertain and scattered thoughts about the Gemini people in your life (May 21 to June 21) by simply waiting and not taking any decisive action concerning them.
  • Let go of fear and thoughts will become focused and future decisions will become clearer.
  • Too much interference for proper decisions at this time. 

  • That in 8 weeks or 8 months, the querent has or will have experienced narrow or restricted thought that shortens their force, either in themselves or by a person important in their life.
  • There will be pettiness, a mental prison, and too much force applied to small things.
  • Over attentive in detail, at the expense of principal and more important issues.

  • The above stated qualities will produce malice, pettiness, and domineering qualities, if ill dignified by surrounding cards.
  • There is patience in detail of study, great ease in some things, counterbalanced by equal disorder in others.
  • Being influenced by Gemini (The two long swords) there is always a equal and opposite balance, such as, impulsively being fond of giving or receiving money and/or presents.
  • This person will be generous, clever, acute, selfish, and without strong feelings of affection.
  • They will also admire wisdom but will apply it to small and unworthy objects.
  • The 8 of Swords-Interference, also implies that the person has seen goals, but is approaching them, if at all, very slowly and needing to be very meticulous in doing so, because of the constant distraction of the many nagging, needling thoughts in their head.
  • The goals will be achieved in time, by patience and attention to detail, which all would be sped up by being able to focus on the import issues at hand.
  • Mental focus is recommended which can be acquired by practicing meditative yoga or the various martial arts, and/or mental meditative sciences such as Qaballah, Tantra, and Ti-Chi. Just pick one and do it!

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!
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