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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot- 10 of Wands: Oppression & The Jungian Tarot- 10 of Wands: Control over others.
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot: 9 of Wands- Strength& The Jungian Tarot-9 of Wands: Anger
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot -8 of Wands-Swiftness & The Jungian Tarot of Psychology-8 of Wands-Intellectual Activity.
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-7 of Wands- Valour & The Jungian Tarot- 7 of Wands-Passion
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-6 of Wands-Victory & The Jungian Tarot-6 of Wands-Strong Leadership

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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot- 10 of Wands: Oppression & The Jungian Tarot- 10 of Wands: Control over others.
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot: 9 of Wands- Strength& The Jungian Tarot-9 of Wands: Anger
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot -8 of Wands-Swiftness & The Jungian Tarot of Psychology-8 of Wands-Intellectual Activity.
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-7 of Wands- Valour & The Jungian Tarot- 7 of Wands-Passion
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-6 of Wands-Victory & The Jungian Tarot-6 of Wands-Strong Leadership


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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot- 10 of Wands: Oppression & The Jungian Tarot- 10 of Wands: Control over others.

The Tarot of EliThe number Ten in the Tarot of Hermetic Qabalah, refers to Malkuth, the lowest Sephira on the Tree of Life and because of its almost crystalline vibration, is dependent on, but cut off from, the other levels of the Tree.This vibration is slower than the rest so that it seems veiled from the other levels as our perspective of self is the lowest possible vibration sight of "I".
Because of this seeming detachment, the Will to Force  is in its lowest-slowest possible vibration and seems to have "dumbed down" the Higher Spiritual influences. We already know that this sense of sluggishness can be sped up by "upping" our vibration through meditation and prana-yama breathing as well as kundalini work. With diligence, we can break through this caul-like barrier of "sluggish light" and  open our minds to higher levels of energy-consciousness.

The Tens  of Thoth Tarot are where the formative-elastic world ends and the absolute solidification of form is established and are attributed to Malkuth (Kingdom). This is as solid as it gets. 
The Ten of Wands is called Oppression. It is the absolute "end of a thing".   The Ten of Wands is in Malkuth--the physical world and is about the "end of energy". The tens are a warning about energy being oppressed, that going any further is to take a wrong step. To much oppressed energy blows the vessel. The Ten of Wands- OPPRESSION  of the Thoth Deck depicts the Dorjes (Tibetan symbols of "Thunder bolts") with the heads of the Khadroma (Tibetan Demon-Angels) on one end and the spear point of destruction on the other. The Khadroma, are considered to be in charge of Death and dying, as well as life and living, as both support each other. The Ten of Wands tells us that by using force and only force there is only ruin. The zodiacal sign associated with this card is Saturn in Sagittarius, which is a weighing down of the fiery ethereal side of Sagittarius. This is Sagittarius ill defined. The fiery Force of Father has done its work; has done its work to well and motion ends; another " Big Bang" is expected.

As implied in the Thoth Ten of Wands-Oppression, the Will-to-Force is now blind and in its most violent state without any modifying influences. The background flames depicted in the card have run wild and represent the Alchemical element of fire in its most destructive aspect. 

The influence of Saturn in Sagittarius is also shown in this card. Sagittarius represents the qualities of spirituality, swiftness, light, and being both elusive, and luminous. On the other hand, Saturn is material, slow, heavy, obstinate, and obscure. This combination causes great antipathy.

The Thoth Deck Eight of Wands, as created by Lady Freda Harris shows the great power of fire with its red/orange background, but eight of the wands have lost all symbolism of nobility. Their ends seem more like claws representing raw predation without the  intelligence and authority that is shown in past Wand cards. 

The two central wands which are shown as a pair of Khadro-Ma headed lead colored Djores (Tibetan symbols for "thunderbolts") that  are lengthened into bars, oppressing the Power. If we know anything about steam, you can get more power from it by adding more heat and pressure. This requires an oppressive container that is strong enough to hold it; such as a pressure cooker or boiler. However, too much heat and the container violently explodes! Thus is the caution of the Ten of Wands. This Fiery energy is also known as the "serpent force" or "sex energy" therefore this card is also about the warning of Perverted Sex energy- and/or Passion, for like fire, if held too long with chains of self absorbed pity, one's personality explodes into violent behavior. In fact, the whole symbolism of this card suggests oppression and repression. It is a stupid and obstinate cruelty from which there is no escape. Here we have the symbolism of Passion going Mad under oppression.

Therefore the 10 of Wands card is cautioning us that if we don't allow our passions to create in a balance flow of Self-Love and gratitude, we'll end violently. It is both a trap and a dysfunction to put our passions into creating oppressive self identity, self rejection, self- loathing, etc , for it ends badly; in the extremes we have seen the results as people go on shooting sprees, to show the "others" and make them pay, for one's inner pain. What many of us forget or don't know, is that the concept of "other", is merely a self-reflection, created by the Universal Collective Unconscious so it can "see itself". This ignorance, plus the unfocused fiery passion of "Will to Force" make a volatile and deadly emotional cocktail.

The 10 of Wands represents a survival mind that has not understood anything beyond its dull purpose; its "lust of result", and will devour itself in the conflagrations it has evoked. In more objective words, the pressure cooker explodes. What is forgotten here, is that Will to Force is the Movement of Life, and our will to force is now perverted into instinctual survival mode Life. This powerful movement of Will to Force is easily seen by viewing a mushroom, that has penetrated 4 inches of asphalt; making what is soft and mushy, into an unstoppable penetrative force! 

It behooves us to know ourselves as "The Kingdom of Spirit" for we are not of this animal evolution; we are from the Collective Unconscious of Fire/Stars, and as an old Stellar evolution commonly called Spirit, Our Will-To-Be is far too powerful to be given to the control of the  animal survival mind, for it's foundation is Fear, while Spirit's foundation is Will to force and Will to form. To subject a powerful-Fiery Will to force, to cruel thought-forms of rejection, fear, and self hate (all of which is transferred by the survival mind as "others") will consume and destroy the form who contains them; often taking "others" with them.

The Jungian Tarot of Robert Wang: 10 of Wands, control over others; represents the psychological concept of management over a large group of people or a large organization. This is not a generalized leadership, as in the 6, but rather functioning only in the context of a given organization. This successful management, can also mean isolation, and loneliness which often accompany the pinnacle of authority. There is a caveat with the 10: Being that the authority over others is often strong, self-assured and well-reasoned does not mean that when a plan turns out to be badly organized that one isn't prone to defensiveness and irritability.  

When the Ten of Wands is thrown;

  •  Cruelty and malice towards others is implied. 
  • Oppression of sex-energy due to fear of rejection causing impotency, which leads to self devaluation is also a danger here.  
  • There is over-bearing strength, revenge and injustice. 
  • Cruel, overbearing energy applied only to selfish and material ends.  
  • Because of great selfishness at the beginning, there is failure in a matter, and the opposition's too strong to be controlled.  
  • If ill dignified, there are all manners of, ill will, lying, levity as a distraction, malice, slander, envy, obstinacy, swiftness in evil.

When well-dignified by the accompanying cards, there is also:

  •  Generosity, self-sacrifice, and disinterestedness implied.

We also must remember that sometimes we must hold back our passions, in order to develop a proper plan for constructive purposes. This too is an oppression, but it is controlled and will be released to swift LOVING construction and life expansion. Such as Tantric , Qabalistic, and Gnostic training teaches us to do. Not always are Volcanoes destructive, many islands owe their lives to them! 

  • The lesson here is to control ones Passions with Intelligent Love, knowing when and where to express them in order to expand and liberate the personality from past supposed limitations. Limited thinking is a form of oppressive behavior!

Due to the fact that in the U.S.A., we are celebrating a holiday called Thanksgiving( 11-26-15). I thought I would state:

The Hermetic Qabalist knows that everything created----is meant to be. There never was a "wrong" creation since everything is motion and form; How we respond to the creation around us is the motion of our life-form. Therefore, errant motion, is  simply going "in directions against your-self ". So here, is a picture of "The Truth about the Self" -Treatise on the Trestle-board-document written by the Hermetic Qabalist Paul Foster Case. 

I like to chant this upon awaking and when I bed down. This is a affirming of  the ten states of energy conscious (Sephiroth on the Tree of Life) that we are composed of. We are Spiral Energy Beings and Beings are immortals where as entities, such as bodies made of time space are not.  So Daily I Give Thanks for my immortal-Self and affirm my love of my mortal self. Just being the best you you can be today is truly giving thanks for the feast of energy that has BECOME US! Today I Thank the Divine Creative that we are us and I enjoy the sensual life that my Wonder-Body has given me.  Be Well and may you all live long and prosper...Remember that The Divine Creative feels life through you which can only mean that ENJOYMENT BUILT YOU TO ENJOY ITSELF! 

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot: 9 of Wands- Strength& The Jungian Tarot-9 of Wands: Anger

The Tarot of EliThe Qabalistic Thoth Deck 9 of Wands-Strength, is about the Spiritual Strength that comes form the Union and Balance of Male-Electric (Sun) and Female Magnetic (Moon)----a strength that we all have, if we are not being a "man-made male" or a "man-made female" but rather the Divine Androgyny we really are.

The Nine of Wands, refers to Yesod (Foundation) and brings the energy back into balance. This can be seen by the illustration of the central wand with the Sun on one end and the Moon on the other.

The number 9 always represents the fullest development of the Force in its relationship with the Forces above it. From a practical and material standpoint, the Nine may be considered as the best that can be obtained from the type involved.
In the Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-The four Nines are attributed to Yesod (Foundation) and after the double incursion into misfortune the energy current has returned to the middle pillar. Balance is restored and energy has crystallized to form the foundation of all things. Yesod is in direct line with Tiphareth (Beauty-the Christ/Sun Sephiroth) so it has a direct  line of succession and manifests the full force of the element. Zoroaster said," The number nine is sacred, and attains the summit of perfection".

The Nine of Wands is called STRENGTH  and is ruled by the Moon and Yesod, therefore, it is Strength in Change.

With the Sun above (Tiphareth) Moon below (Magnetic womb of Form) forming a balanced flow from God (will-to-force) to Goddess (will-to-form), all is created. Of all important doctrines, this is the easiest to understand, change is stability. Stability is guaranteed by change and if everything stopped changing---even for a second, everything would cease to exist. Energy can only keep in motion, by transforming continuously. The 9 of Wands therefore represents the intense energy of particles, atoms, electrons, protons  and molecules. Hence, change guarantees the order of Nature.

To those of astrological bent, the Moon is known as the weakest magnetic planet and Sagittarius as the sign most elusive. So in this case, the 9 of Wands strength is in mobility, which is the greatest defense for keeping destruction at bay. Even in a simple game of foot ball, motion is the best defense. Therefore, the motion of an arrow launched is also a good defense.

The Nine of Wands of the Hermetic Qabalah, is also governed by the Moon in Sagittarius which produces a double influence of the Moon. Thus the aphorism "Change is Stability" is given form in this card. The Sagittarius Arrow shaped wands sport a crescent shaped arrow head and crescent shaped fletching to show this double influence. The flames are ten-fold, which implies the As above is so below, which would be to me, better illustrated as twin serpents intertwined around the central shaft, showing the dynamics of electric and magnetic force intermixing.

The Thoth 9 of Wands, of the Hermetic Qabalah, is Yesod in Aziluth; it is The Lord of Great Strength. It's Planet is the Moon and the sign is Sagittarius. 
Angels of the Decan are: Yirthiel, and Sahiah.

Therefore the Thoth 9 of Wands-Strength, is the influence of Yesod in the World of pure spirit. The Lunar powers do acquire great strength in Sagittarius, but being the Moon, there are two sides to this "coin". Meaning, that successes are usually acquired by strife, apprehension and moments of insecurity.[illustration of Four Worlds, from the book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT, by Robert Wang]

The good health and strength implied in this card are certain, but it harbors doubt about the later course they may take. Again, it is best to know the aphorism: "Change is Stability", when viewing this card.

When we, as Magi, (and all of us are magick) master both the Male Force and the Female force within, to a point where they become active lovers, it is called a "Oneness", but a oneness formed by a cooperation of dual wills; will to force and will to form. This dual union of wills, reveals all the 4 Worlds in a communion of the Sun (Father-Will to Force) and the Moon (Mother-Will to Form) that never ceases. The Tenfold flames of the card, imply that the Energy of the Solar Logos, is directed down ward into the "reflection of being". 
The Jungian Tarot-9 of Wands-Anger, uses the archetypes and psychology of Carl Jung, rather than images of the Hermetic Qabalah. Hence this card symbolizes emotional energy of great strength. Implying this card represents rash impulse, anger and volatility, that usually dissipates quickly. Here, the nine of wands shows a fiery and very dangerous instability, which may even be the beginning of mental illness. Hence, child like tantrums and egocentric changeability of the worst sort are represented by this Jungian card. Including, but not limited to, generalized hostile intent toward family, friends, environment and co-workers.
The important lesson here, is that even in the most controlled appearing person, there exists within them unconscious, primal feelings, that may erupt into the conscious level without any warning. Therefore those who know and appreciate this and do not deny such inner feelings, are best equipped to function in a society of "civilized masks". 
However, anger is not necessarily a negative, the anger within is also a motivating force, that makes the personality, get up off of it's "ass" and do something about changing it's life motion such as a change of career, ending of an abusive relationship or change of environment.

When the 9 of Wands Tarot card is thrown during a reading, it implies: 
  • Internal strength, recovery from illness, potency and spiritual force.
  • Yet, it is Moon in Yesod, so one may have to defend their ideas, but because of Sagittarius, will not lack the strength to do so.
  • The 9 of Wands also implies that energy is brought back into balance, thus health restored.
  • Creatively, this card implies a peek experience in ability were one sees clearly and accurately, leading to solid creations that will have the strength to endure over time. 
  • Here the Energy of the Spirit is rapid , interchanging both electric and magnetic energy, taking whatever action is necessary to restore balance and thus enable the Creative Mind (Moon is ruler of the Sub-conscious).
  •  Great strength, and power. 
  • Health and/or recovery from sickness. 
  • All within or as an 8 week or 8 month period. 
  • There is tremendous and steady force that cannot be shaken. 
  • Also implied, is Scientific application of Herculean strength. 
  • Great success comes after strife and energy applied which also could mean victory preceded by apprehension and fear. 
  • Good health and recovery, sometimes accompanied by doubt. Often, questioning and curious, Generous.
  • Since Force (male) is shown as Sun and Form (female) is shown as the Moon, this card also implies a capability to be able to combine ideas with enough will to manifest them in the physical world. This means great success after a certain amount of will-power is exercised. 
  • The Nine of Wands, shows that the Spirit is backing up the Personality in order to create a Positive Change.

If ill dignified by the accompanying cards: 

  • One is fond of external appearances, intractable, obstinate.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you and yours live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot -8 of Wands-Swiftness & The Jungian Tarot of Psychology-8 of Wands-Intellectual Activity.

The Tarot of EliThe Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-8 of Wands-Swiftness, is attributed to Sagittarius (thus the arrow heads on the electric bolts of energy) and is ruled by Mercury--the swift messenger.  Because of this energetic union we now have the Fiery Energy bringing down the Tree of Life, the original Will of Chokma (Wisdom). As if this wasn't enough, this card also refers to Hod (8th Sephira)-Splendor, in the suit of Fire whence it refers to the dynamic phenomena of speech, visible light, and electricity.

The illustration of electric rays vibrating, implies the masculine vibration that constitutes Matter, in this electromagnetic universe. The rainbow above implies the division of pure light into the color spectrum, each ray a frequency of "living light" which is a microwave vibration that stimulates Material into life motion. This rainbow also illustrates the interplay and correlation that constructs "all things". You may have heard this from psychic readers that you have a primary color as a "Life Ray" or your Primary Ray of vibration. Colors, in this case, are themselves the manifestation of Force rather than a reflection of light.

The Thoth 8 of Wands card represents a manifestation of energy in a state of high velocity. The flames have become electric rays and have created an intelligible geometrical form (Matter). The 8 of Wands symbolizes the One energy that is moving the Universal expansion at an incredible speed.
As you can tell from past blogs, this series of Thoth Deck card descriptions is generalized to the number of the Cards, with brief explanations of their foundation- content. I have gone through detailed explanations of each and every card in past blogs, and will continue to do so in the future.

The Four Eights are attributed to Hod (eighth Sepiroth--Splendor) on the Tree of Life. Since Hod is in the same plane as the Sevens (Netzach-victory) the same weaknesses and/or defects that are in the sevens will apply. Yet, in a sense, the alleviation of the Sevens weakness is also being applied in the Eights. One might say that the mischief has been done  and their is an action against it---much like white blood cells attacking a intruder in the blood stream; not a total cure but a beginning in that direction.

The Eight of Wands is called SWIFTNESS, because of its lightning like velocity also being attributed to Mercury and Sagittarius implies it is Swift indeed! This is the ethereal (invisible) aspect of pure fire where all gross-material aspects are removed. Fire is no longer conjoined with ideas of combustion and incineration. Therefore, in the 8 of Wands, fire is represented as energy in its most exalted state and suggest electrical current and/or pure light in its material sense. Sagittarius represents light as the rainbow and that is shown on the card, as well as electrical current being shown as lightning bolts, throughout the "as above so below" design of the cubed diamond.

The Thoth, 8 of Wands: Swiftness therefore is
the card of high velocity energy.

The 8 of Wands card shows that light has been turned into the electrical rays that sustain and constitute matter with in the magnetic vessel. The 8 of Wands, represents the energy has been called Prana and/or spiritual energy.

Since the Astrological symbol is Mercury in Sagittarius; Mercury is the planet that represents communication and Sagittarius is the astrological sign associated with swiftness and directness. 

  1. The square represents blocks or obstacles both internal or external that are in the way of direct and swift communication. 
  2. The diamond is the transitional electrical form that happens when the Unconscious communicates swiftly and directly to the consciousness. By taking swift and direct action we can transform any obstacle into a jewel of communication; turning a negative into a positive by positive action. 
Where as, the opposite of this card is covert communication and procrastination, that form the blocks to direct and positive communication.
Mercury is not well placed in Sagittarius as its Forces are mitigated and quickly expended in the sign of the Archer. That is why the Thoth Deck 8 of Wands, shows the Forces of Wands in the electric arrow shape; as arrows shot from a bow, the force is quickly spent.
  • When thrown, the divinatory meaning of this card is: swiftness or rapidity. It is a spiritual velocity ( called so because it's effects are witnessed although the force itself is unseen.)  This is a vibrating power flowing from the Primal Universal Force and often called the "decent of power".
Therefore this card's art represents a type of vibratory "energy" microwave ( there is only One Energy but many vibrations/frequencies) we feel when involved in Pranic (Prana is the name for the Primal Universal Life Force in Yoga) breathing exercises. This swift force will rapidly fade so it must be sent to the acceleration of ideas as part of a combined prana-yama (breathing exercise) and meditation (mental focusing exercise) in order to reap swift and lasting benefits in manifestation.

The 8 of Wands, is also about  activities and energy speeding up, rapid growth and development of ideas; fast thinking and communication not unlike being swept off of you feet or "falling" in love. Falling be a misrepresentation of cultural language as love is not a falling at all but rather a rapid expanding and often overwhelming flow of life force that changes individual perspective. Being rapid, there is also a caveat of caution here, for rapid motion can also create rapid error. It's best to know before you go! However that being said, there is a certain amount of joy in discovery, as many a spontaneous personality will tell you and the journey itself can be a lot of fun. So it could benefit you to just leave behind expectations and assumptions and like they said in the 60's ," Go with the flow!" 

The Jungian Tarot-8 of Wands: Intellectual Activity, concentrates on the aggressive qualities of the fire suit as it pertains to applied intellect. Implied here, are the rapid rush of ideas, usually expressed in literary qualities of books, articles, public speaking and criticism. Although rapid, there is a high quality to the writing as it may be of great originality and pure genius; coming from the "above consciousness to the below personality". However, again a caveat, as unorganized rapid ideas will dissipate, like sparks leaving a roaring fire. Thoughts of inspiration, must be "brought down" to earth, and therefore organized and consciously thought out, or thoughts spoken may become rash and thoughtless speech as consequences are ill considered.

Therefore, the 8 of Wands, in Jungian Tarot implies the mental state  and/or dilemma of many writers who must translate the rapid spiraling of unconscious materials into the linear perceptions of the conscious mind. The low numerical percentage of great poets, novelists and philosophers, points glaringly at the difficulty of such an undertaking.

For the querent, this card means:
  • That in the next 8 day's, 8wks or 8 months (rapidity is relevant) your going to experience a rapid acceleration of  activity in your undertakings. 
  • This card marks the end of a period of delay. 
  • Exciting times are ahead!
  •  Some people who insist on comfortable, laid back motion, may find this to be a kind of curse; like the much paraphrased Chinese curse of ," may you lead an exciting life! 
  • However, this card tends to mean rapid progress toward a felicitous goal and the arrows of love---you know, the ones that Cupid shoots into your heart. 
  • It is reminder to facilitate action and direct communication within the next 8 weeks or 8 months in order to eliminate procrastination and covert communication. 
  • The eight banded rainbow, symbolizes completeness in communication and action should be achieved in the next 8 weeks or 8 months and that this can only be achieved without prevarication.  
  • As things come up, the querent is advised to take swift action and directly communicate to important people in their life.This maybe especially relevant to Sagittarius in their lives (November 21 to December 21).  
    • Swiftness, a hasty communication such as letters, or messages.  
    • It can also imply too much force applied too suddenly, like a powerful surge of Kundalini (Primeval Serpent Force) moving up the spine before the person is ready for it. As many of us know this can cause a major disaster to the persona.
    • This is a card of the, very rapid rush, but often too quickly passed and a brief orgasm. We are looking at the image of violent energy that is not lasting.
    •  Rapidity, courage, boldness, confidence, freedom and even warfare. 
    • This person likes the violent expression of energy such as sports. 
    • Yet this card can also mean love of open air (no restrictions), gardens, meadows. 
    • We may characterize this person as generous, subtle, eloquent, yet somewhat untrustworthy...most often because the are into rapid change as well. 
    •  rapacious, insolent, oppressive. Theft and robbery. Whatever the interpretation, this card says, "This is as fast as it gets".

Understanding the "what and where" of this card is where the well developed intuition of the card reader comes into play, as well as, a deep understanding of the influence of the surrounding cards in the layout.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-7 of Wands- Valour & The Jungian Tarot- 7 of Wands-Passion

The Tarot of EliThe Qabalistic Thoth Tarot; The Four Sevens:
Many of us know that there is only one energy, that we can't create nor destroy this energy, but we can transform and transmit it by our bodies and our imagination. In fact, everything that is, is a transformation of the One energy...including you! The Sevens are no exception to this law of change, they are a state of energy- conscious that is a transformation that unbalances the previously stable sixes.

The seventh Sephira is Netzach ( victory), which is a position low on the Tree of Life, and off of the middle pillar, thus all Sevens are very unstable.
 It is a risky business descending, using frantic energy, into this domain of illusion, as illusion made frantic becomes mental illness. Netzach being attributed to Venus, and Earth, knocks Venus off her heavenly perch which to Venus is a great catastrophe. Therefore, the four Sevens, bring no comfort and are a depredation of the element they represent, exposing their greatest weakness.

The Seven of Wands-Valor:
There is a desperate struggle here, as energy feels itself in its last gasp. This card brings out the defective element in the idea of Mars, who is the god of War. Everything is in chaos and it is up to the valor of the individual to "carry the day". 

As stated, the 7 of Wands-Valour, represents Netzach (Victory) in the suit of Fire. However, the number 7 itself is a weak earthly-magnetic -feminine number as regards to the lower levels of the Tree of Life.
 This Male Fire is also attributed to Mars in Leo, so the Sun is still in full strength, but by being focused on the 7th Sephiroth, it is overpowering and causes an unbalance that can be seen as wavering fire on the wands of this card.

The idea implied by this Card is of a battle being thrown into disorder (flames going in all unsystematic  directions), where the army is losing and only by the exercise of individual Valour can victory be achieved.This is depicted by the Six Wands of the Three Adepts relegated to the background, diminished and becoming common placed while the seventh wand, a large crude club, is in front.  This illustration implies that the first weapon at hand is a unsatisfactory weapon in ordered combat and only the valor of the club wielder can carry the day.

The Jungian Tarot-7 of Wands-Passion, implies and overwhelming force that burns out quickly. This surge of force can cause a temporary imbalance of feelings, which may determine action until reason or caution takes over. Since the fire element is also attributed to sexual passion on a universal scale, there could be powerful sexual attraction overtones here, even to the point of a spontaneous or hasty marriage. Since the energy of this card is exciting, love,and money, may come as rapidly as a tidal wave and just as soon be wasted.  Through one's own excess, loss of love, money and friends, can be the card's message if ill defined.
Again, the small cards of Jungian Tarot, fail to get the meaning of the tarot card across in their artistic expression. Hence, one must have the book of Tarot Psychology by Robert Wang at hand, or have memorized the Thoth Tarot Cards, to clarify meanings. Nevertheless, Passion and Valour go hand in hand, as they require a powerful burst of energy to go forward. 
When the 7 of Wands is thrown during a reading, it implies:
  • That for the past 7 weeks or 7 months, or in the future 7 weeks or 7 months ( depending on accompanying cards), the Querent will be experiencing opposition. 
  • Possible victory, depending on the  energy and courage exercised; valor, obstacles, difficulties, yet with the courage to meet them. 
  • Quarreling, ignorance, pretense, wrangling, and threatening behavior, influence over a subordinate and victory in small, petty and/or unimportant things. Again the dignity of the card, whether well or ill, is always decided by the surrounding cards. 
  • In any case, in-order to overcome difficulties, the Seven of Wands implies passionate effort must be supplied no matter what outcome is feared.  The Statement by Charles Lotterhand," The outer aspects of everything seems negative but I still have my expectation of a result that would normally be an impossibility", would sum up nicely the valorous personalities outlook.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you and yours live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-6 of Wands-Victory & The Jungian Tarot-6 of Wands-Strong Leadership

The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-6 of Wands: Victory

* Astrologically-Jupiter in Leo.
To a Qabalist, this card represents Tiphareth (Beauty) in Atziluth [the Pure Spirit World] and brings success and warm relationships after struggle.
The sixes are a breath of fresh air as our spirit has brought us out of the chaos of the fives which represent strife. Tiphareth is Beauty, and Beauty is synchronicity, a willed weaving of frequency that brings balance from strife.  This card also suggests a certain amount of drama before victory is achieved.

The Thoth Deck depicts the crossed Golden Dawn wands of the three Adepts, showing a balanced weaving of the complete energy of Fire. This is a joy-filled card emblematic of personal creative power.

The Six of Wands symbolizes, victory, self-confidence, balance, leadership and glory----all gained after a struggle with one's own subconscious-demons (fear based imagination). Most of us know that failure in itself, stops no one; it is only fear of failure that stops us from creating. Man wouldn't be flying from country to country, even into space, if the pioneers of flight had listened to the fear mongers, who stated that heavier than air vehicles would never fly...."not in a million years" as one noted scientist stated. Therefore, to achieve Victory over the "error of survival thinking" we must be the Six of Wands, which is being secure with our identity and possessing a sense of purpose and/or direction. ABOVE ALL THINGS, KNOW THYSELF, truly means that we must know we are gods of the "little g" variety [selves of the Divine Self] of our own destiny.  Hence to serve fear in a foundation capacity, is to have no destiny at all!  So Above all things, know thyself ; know not that ye are gods? Is the whole description of the Real You. Your name is I AM....anything after that is "your destiny", i.e. "Me".  Yes "me" is your destiny, for as we perceive ourselves, we perceive life!

Victory over the self defeating indoctrinated thoughts that are "brain software", is a Spiritual Victory over individual entropy. Those who fear inferiority must act superior and that means they must get others to accept inferiority, by force or deception.

Therefore the Spiritual Identity of You, cannot be defined by any person, state, religion, nor psychology. It is not man-made, as all word definition is! Our indoctrinated thoughts are the Trickster/Devil within, and they must not be accepted as truth. Knowledge is not thought, it is the deed of creation. That is why the most intuitive people (sensitives or psychics) release thought and allow the knowledge that constructed them to flow through into expression.

There for the Victory of the Six of Wands, is when we know that I AM a deed of being and not a definition belonging to anyone or other environment outside of our own head. To those who know themselves, knowing that they are the Force (spirit)that Operates Their Form is not a process of thought but a process of self-trust.

"I Am the Spirit that owns and operates this body as an expression of creativity called Me!" The Word Me, is destiny, and that means probability where all things are possible, and not the pressure of peers! Victory over your definitions may be hard to grasp...but once you do there is no question of your inherited Divinity!

 Represented by this 6th card is Tiphareth, the Sixth Sephira-Beauty, that is of the Suit of Fire. Tiphareth is the "Sun/Son of God" center on the Tree of Life; it is our original Soul Personality. We are all microwave frequencies of Solar Spiral energy, better known to some as Spirit.  The Six of Wands represents  energy in a completely balanced expression. The zodiacal reference is also to Jupiter and Leo, and as Crowley has stated in his Book of Thoth,"which seems to imply  a benediction on the harmony and beauty of this arrangement".

The Three Wands of the Adepts are now an ordered arrangement and the flames are now lamps instead of shooting out in all directions like they do in the 5 of Wands. The lamps are nine in number referring to Yesod and the Moon, showing the stabilization of the Male-electric Energy and its reception and reflection by the Magnetic Feminine aspect of Energy. There is no circle enveloping the wands as the 6 of Wands is self supporting as is the Sun.
The thing to remember with Victory, is that a battle first must be fought in order for there to be a victory. It can be internal battles of spirit and mind, of emotions and soul or outward battles of industry and labor overcoming strife. But a battle must be before victory. When all our Mind, Body and  Emotions are balanced for one goal---we will achieve victory.

The Jungian Tarot -6 of Wands: Strong Leadership, shows the obligatory flaming wands and the Sephirotic orb. Nothing really depicts strength of strong leadership in the art. However, the wands rising above the clouds could depict leadership skills arising from difficulties. Therefore, we have a person who handles difficult situations with skill, if not egocentric ability. This could be a somewhat reckless individual that loves a challenge, as the card represents spontaneity and strength.
Loving a good fight, this individual finds the stiffer the competition the better. 
Being a six, this card shows a loyal and thoughtful person towards their subordinates, who show concern for their opinions and returns their affection.
Of course, their are those who are also negative bosses and poor administrator's who lie to their subordinates, showing great insensitivity and are only concerned with the job at hand; However, such a meaning requires very negative cards surrounding the Six of Wands.

During a reading, when this card is thrown:

  •  For a period of six weeks or six months, there has or will be victory after strife. 
  • Gain and success through energy and industry.
  •  Pleasure gained by labor, carefulness, sociability, avoidance of strife with victory therein.

If ill dignified by the accompanying cards, the 6 of Wands can also mean insolence, pride of riches and success.

Thank you for your interest,comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth 5 of Wands-Strife & The Jungian Tarot-5 of Wands-Assertiveness

The Tarot of EliThoth Tarot of the Hermetic Qabalah: The Five of Wands: STRIFE and the rest of the fives, are of a conscious energy state of Severity (Geburah). The Five of an element, such as the Five of Wands-Fire, are the idea of motion coming to the aid of the material of that element. The Fours represent Perfect stability is  a state of stasis, and energy in stasis, is the end of motion. This would be the end of the Moving Universe,i.e. the end of the alive. Thus, the  severity of the fives is needed to "kick start" the engine of Life before it succumbs to the demands of entropy.
Again the message, that change is the only constant, rings loudly in the Fives.
 Hence, in the statically stabilized system, a storm arises and stresses the system into an unbalance, thus, a new motion is begun. Knowing this, we know the Fives are not "evil" but rather just the opposite. For it would be evil (live spelled backwards) to insist on not moving.
The Tarot of Eli

For many of us westerners, the Buddhist doctrine of  Sorrow implicitly states that inertia and insensitive mental states must characterize peace. Thus "Life is Suffering", is not a negative, but a positive motion towards change that is both empathetic and concerned with individual progress. When we stay inert because we hurt, we are losing motion as lack of understanding won't let us move, and to be alive---is to move.  "Alive", is an animation with the ability to be observant, and thus able to change direction when  needed; a kind of AI. Every experience, every phenomena is Sacred to Knowledge.  So every Phenomenon is a Sacrament. Pleasure and Pain are both honored guests, in the Divine Temple of Human Being. Not because we are obsessed with them, but because they are the Hierophants that teach us . Pain teaches us error, and pleasure teaches us accomplishment, each to be enjoyed in the moment, and then changed into a new motion.  Be that as it may, a disturbance is disturbing, and the Five of Wands is Strife...our peace is being assaulted.
Therefore to the Four Elements of Hermetic Qabalah, the fives bring serious problems of unbalance. The Five of Wands-Strife, brings quarrel and strife in the Vital energy: The Five of Cups,  brings disappointment to relationships; The Five of Swords, brings defeat to health and mind; The 5 of Disks, brings strangulation to income and business.
All seemingly very gloomy; However, the other cards in the divination will show how long the difficulty as well as,  how serious the fives are to be taken. Really, these nasty old 5's just announce that a difficulty exists and often the solution to the problem at hand is in the rest of the Tarot reading.

This Lord of Strife astrologically is Saturn in Leo, which is the influence of Geburah in the World of  Pure Spirit; Atziluth of the Four Worlds.
Here the powerful heavy effects of Saturn, united with a Fire sign like Leo, brings quarreling and Strife in energy.

The Angels of the Decan are Vahaviah and Yelayel, necessary knowledge for those who wish to call on them.

Wands are a continual outpouring of force, with Saturn influence, this flow of force is agitated and disturbed, not unlike water flow is disturbed by rocks, causing rapids. Or more likely, as volcanic magma is disturbed by the tons of rock its pushing through.  Thus in the Five of Wands, there is contest unresolved.

Crowley's Thoth Deck Card, shows the nature of the energy rather than its disturbed nature as displayed by the Golden Dawn or Ryder-Waite Tarot Decks. In the Thoth Five of Wands, are shown the Lotus wand of the Golden Dawn Adeptus Minor of Tiphareth, the Phoenix Wand of the Adeptus  and the Major of Geburah, all crossing  the central wand of the Major Adept.  The fact that the Major Adept Wand is central is because it's position implies this severity is directed by Geburah rather than happenstance. The Phoenix wand implies resurrection from the purgation of Fire, while the Lotus Wand is of the Mother.
Many people find Geburah a difficult Intelligence to understand because She is a volcanic as Pele ( Hawaiian Volcano Goddess), all irrational disturbance, yet  these disasters are derived from the benign and gentle influence of the Feminine  that is Great Mother Binah. To me, this just shows Spirit's "tough love" for its incarnations. Spirit knows you are the most creative Image yet, and have the internal strength necessary to  handle anything this Universe can throw at you. Yet, because we often believe the definitions of those who rule definition (our indoctrinates), we see ourselves as a weakness, trying to become strong.  All because we are taught to believe that mortality/vulnerability is a weakness, rather than the only way to experience the courageousness of our Souls, as they seek discrimination. Immortals don't have need of courage; they don't die. Immortals also can not see an end or beginning of themselves; they don't have one. So to learn discriminating thought, and be able to observe how it works as a pattern in life, they need to operate through a mortal-living being. Also, immortals, also don't have sensuality. Sensuality requires a "beginning and an end", to exist.  The very fact that Soul of you is seeking sensuality by building an incarnate persona, requires severity just to make it so and a fearlessness to make it happen! All is "friction", "action/reaction" in the mortal realms. For example, a certain amount of friction (strife) is required to form energy into creations. Without the severity of friction, form could not become form nor could it move! Just so, with out the friction of severity in ones life, accomplishment, progress and evolution would not happen! We Souls knowingly build an incarnation, knowing it can be a "crap shoot" and certain severity/strife will be applied! Heck, sometimes the Soul-body hook-up doesn't work, so we may even have a Crib death!

Just remember, those who wish to rule you and enslave your imagination to their vision, malign, persecute, besmirch, belittle, and demean the human body, enlisting well paid assassins of your self image and/or identity, such as psychologists, sociologists,theologians, psychiatrists, self proclaimed spiritualists,judges,police ... a list that goes on and on, to keep you into "I Robot" mode of the enslaved.  As my dad used to say to me, "You value is only known by your enemies"! This can only mean that by loving your human form, and enjoying its special phenomena of sensuality, you are hated by your rulers as an abolitionist and a free spirit which may cause a certain severity in your life! However,the body is sacred to the Spirit and those who fear it are not spiritual!

The Jungian Tarot-Assertiveness, is a card of action, of combativeness, assertiveness and of originality. It is a card of process without fear of outcome.  Therefore the 5 of Wands-Assertiveness, may mean a showing of great personal courage; risking one's life to save another, or putting ones reputation of the line for something they totally believe in. In positive terms, this is a card of candor, clarity and emphatically expressed opinions.
At worst, thoughtlessness and aggressive attack.  There is a fine line between intelligent assertive management and management that is arbitrary and tyrannical, as anyone who has experienced a demanding superior will tell you.

When the Five of Wands , is thrown during a divination, it implies: 
  • That the querent is involve in a spiritual conflict. This frustrating conflict can ensue for 5 weeks or 5 months because of this confusion of ideas.  The solution of which depends on the diligence of the querent. 
  • Here, the querent is adjusting the identity, struggling with self-doubt while striving to move forward.
  •  There maybe a struggle or strenuous warfare- like competition for riches and success, a kind of battle in life.  
  • The querent might also feel like they are in a impasse, powerless in a time of trial and difficulty.
  • Receiving unusual strife from a boss.
Thank you for your interest, comments, and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.  

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot- 4 of Wands: Completion & The Jungian Tarot- 4 of Wands: Success

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot of the Hermetic Qabalah: THE 4 of WANDS-Completion.
The dominant symbols of Aries, the Ram and Venus, the Dove, make it is easy to see that this card is attributed to the planet Venus in the Sign of Aries.  Venus in Aries, indicates that one's work can't be accomplished without tact and gentleness.

The Four of Wands-Completion, is attributed to Chesed in the Suit of Fire. Chesed (Wisdom) is the Lord of all manifested active power because the will of the Two (Kether-Chokmah) has been transmitted through the Three  (Binah:Supernal Triangle) and has now become a solid system in the Four (The Ethical or Creative Triangle/Briah, composed of Geburah, Chesed and Tiphareth;The Four Fives, the Four Fours and the Four Sixes-respectively).

In the Hermetic Qabalah of Thoth Tarot:The Four Fours are attributed to Chesed-Mercy- on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  There is also a connection between the Threes and the Fours that is extremely complex. However, by just remembering the important characteristic that the Fours are "below the Abyss", meaning they are responsible for solidification and materialization of the element they represent. Thus the Fours explain that things have become manifest and expressed as the Rule of Law.

When considering the Four of Wands-Completion-it is enough to remember, as Crowley states, " The manifestation promised by Binah (Great Mother) has now taken place." This number is very solid and is the dominating influence on all the following cards, because it is the "light- as-we-know it- emitter".

Chesed-is represented as Jupiter-Ammon and is known as the Father for he is the First Male Force below the Abyss; but do not acquaint this with  a "lower status", as he is the highest idea which can be understood in an intellectual way.  This is why the Sephira-Chesed, is attributed to Jupiter, who is the Demiurge or "lesser-god"  (The Three Demiurges, are The All Father, The Ruler, and the Son....all after the Abyss). 

The masculine nature of Fire, allows the Four of Wands to be clear cut "as the Fiery nature of light" and/ or a manifested light emitting Fire, as is the Sun. 

The Will of the Two of Wands, Dominion, has been transmitted through the Three of Wands-Virtue and has become a solid system, such as Order, Law, and Government.

In the zodiac the Four of Wands refers to Venus in Aries, which indicates that one can't establish one's work without tact and gentleness.
In the Thoth Four of Wands, the wands are all touching the circle representing a completion and limitation of the original work. Within the wheel, we see 8 flames (4 doubled) which indicates a balance has been maintained by the Original Will without any need to go beyond this limited scope. Limitation is required to make form. However, once energy is held at an abeyance Divine Severity, that is Geburah instigates change and  entropy begins to take over, so completion will degrade into disorder as the second law of thermodynamics states.
The Ram headed wands are sacred to Chesed, while the Dove is sacred to Venus. The Circle shows the completion of  and limitation of the original work.The flames show the balance of the energy applied.

The Jungian Tarot: 4 of Wands: Success, represents the Aries force of personal ability and driving force. A card of earnest endeavor and just rewards. Despite the mundane art work, this card implies that a plan has been carefully laid out and created by great enthusiasm, strength and inspiration; water back ground showing consciousness. However, once the mind is made up there is no changing of direction which can cause stress, physically, mentally and emotionally, in the long 
run; fulfilling the second law of thermodynamics.
The colored sphere of the Sephiroth-Chesed is shown as the orb in the sky over 4 flaming wands. 

When thrown the 4 of Wands card implies :
  • Settlement, arrangements completed, perfected work. 
  • Since much energy went into establishing such work it also symbolizes a completion of a work within 3 weeks or 3 months, built up with trouble and labor. 
  • It is also implies rest after labor. 
  • There is also a degree of subtlety, cleverness, and mirth in this card as the Aries Ram is involved. 
  • Venus insures beauty, and success in completion.
  • Conclusions drawn from previous knowledge attribute to a healthy reasoning faculty.
If ill dignified:
  • Sometimes insincere, not ready, unreliability, unsteady, through over anxiety.  
  • Can also mean hurried action.
 It behooves the reader of Tarot, to understand that this is a lot of power formed into work that will go no further---it is done.

Basically this card states that." Through struggle and diligent hard labor, goals have been new goals must be made. "
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-3 of Wands-Virtue & The Jungian Tarot-Fantasy

The Tarot of EliThe Qabalistic Thoth Hermetic Tarot:THREE OF WANDS: VIRTUE.
This card is a Christmas Card, for it is about the Union of Chokma (Masculine Energy Conscious-King) and Binah (Feminine Energy Conscious-Queen) and the resulting birth of the Prince which is Tiphareth (Beauty) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Astrologically, the entrance of the Sun (circle with a center dot) into Aries ( the V sign at the bottom) heralds the Spring. 
This is the harmonious union of I (Chokma), Am (Binah) and Me (the Personality). It is Spiritual Integrity, as the three aspects of Spirit are conjoined.

The Tarot of EliVirtue, is always being true to yourself ; this Truth being the union of spirit, body and mind conjoined in agreement.  Some people would call this listening to your heart and acting with heart felt determination. What ever you call it, without self-trust, Virtue is not possible and our self-dishonesty will make us victims of our own deceit which in turn makes progress impossible. Therefore the 3 of Wands card reminds us to clarify and redefine out Identity to the Original Form of I AM Me and no longer accept identity from those around us and/or our environment. We are not Man-Made, we are Spirit---a spiral energy conscious that spins through time-space building self-images from the first material of thought. All of us are the Princes and Princesses of The Divine King and Queen of this Universe, i.e. Children of God/the Divine Creative, and we inherit the Universe.

The 3 of Wands card represents great strength in individual expression which when ill defined, can also mean egocentricity which may manifest as pride and conceit. Pride and conceit are easily avoided by treating others as you want to be treated, although achieving that without Virtue is not done. The 3 of Wands card also symbolizes the Fire of Will, and increasing energy known as the inner fire and/or inner light; the spiritual power that is inherent in our bodies.

Often we have heard the name of God and/or the Divine Creative defined as I AM. We have forgotten what that the birth of self-image is called "ME", the Child of I Am, who through union of Identity (I) and existence (AM) becomes more than the sum of its parts=ME! Yet many of our religions, no matter how convoluted, say that we are made in God's image which should also give us a clue! 

Therefore this card is about the creation of the Inner Fire that builds the Life of the Outer Self out of the Big Three of Creation: Will (I), Passion (AM) and Intent (ME)! All of us have inherited this Inner Fire that defines Beauty in this physical world...and we are that Definition!  
The Birth of Christ, or the Buddha consciousness that is the "Son/Sun" of the Divine Creative, was our first conscious birth, represented on the Qabalistic Tree of Life as the 6th Sephira-Tiphareth/Beauty.  We should love that inner fire that lights the dark manger of our outer bodies but many of us seek for it "outside" of ourselves; hence we knowingly or unknowingly reject our wholly birthright. By being true to yourself, you can not only "see" the "inner Bright and Warm Higher Conscious", the "Sun of the Divine Creative, but also feel it. However to be true to you, Virtue must be defined in your actions.

I AM ME and by being the best Me I can be...I see the best you!

Each of us is another way to be Me and therefore know that Me is all about possibilities and is not written in non-flowing's written in the flow of Solar Logos Light! We are the Children of Stars who came to enlighten ourselves and the children of Planets by making them in our own image, i.e. giving them our identity. So Adopt your Body with loving acceptance---as you would the Christ Child because it is the outer child of the Inner Light! Virtue built the body, so it could Be itself! Virtue states," I Am the Will and the Way, and I own the Day"! 

Remember, we can't have days, unless we have forms made of time-space. My body, makes my day! To Love my body is to have a day of love.... to not love being, is to not be and that sadly states that we only have yesterdays. To avoid being "wanna-bees" (those who don't live in the now) we must remember our true Virtuous name---I AM and we must love the experience that name gives us ---"ME"! All other names, are masks of entertainment.

The Qabalistic Thoth 3 of Wands-Virtue:
In the Suit of Fire, the Three of Wands is Springtime, thus the flowering lotus wands are shown. The Sun is exalted in Aries and the number 3 is Binah (Understanding) on the Tree of Life which means that the Sun has rekindled the Great Mother.
In the Three of Wands, Primal Energy is established, as the Will (Spirit) has been transferred to the Great Mother, who prepares, conceives, and gives birth to the Will as manifestation.
Since the Sun is at its zenith in Aries, there is a caution of overdoing it ...too much Sun can kill.

There is an underlying admonishment suggested in this card, one must seek patience and perseverance or succumb to over weaning ambition. With this much force focused on the personality, Virtue is indeed a... virtue.

In the case of the Thoth Three of Wands, Virtue is "always being true to one's Self" which means don't violate yourself for any reason. Since I know that everyone I see is another way to be me, I understand that by thinking ill of or mistreating others in anyway, I violate my own bodies balance, as it must enact my emotional-energetic- thought. Emotional thought, is ambitious thought and with this much fiery motion (e-motion) thoughts seek ambitiously to bloom! Thoughts must be well guarded before they are let out of the "pen" of the brain; be not afraid to examine the seed before you cast it!

The Sun is full-out and Shinning in the Three of Wands, a great emotional period of powerful energy is upon the querent, who must be Virtuous at all times., "or be slain by the Arrows of Apollo".  
This is also full on sexual energy, and can be quite a rush towards creation! But again, be Virtuous/true to yourself, or "all hell will break loose". Now don't get me wrong, this is not about Chasity, this is about the type of energetic manifestation of the Solar Phallus, that Tantric practitioners seek to experience, as it enlivens the dormant seeds of self, just as spring does to the dormant seeds of winter. But this can become uncontrollable to the untrained personality, so take great care with great energy.These DNA "seeds", are all strung together, and there are "seeds" of DNA that one doesn't want to awaken prematurely.

The Jungian Tarot, 3 of Wands-Fantasy:
Focuses on the subjective side of this card. Here there really is an objective side unless one experiences this energy flow of the inner sun/son, consciously.
Therefore, the Jungian 3 of wands, means mystery and fantasy. Here flow feelings "without object"; a powerful yet subtle flow of energy as if it was a undertowing current not seen on the surface of a disarmingly placid river.
The Three of wands of the Jungian Tarot is therefore a card of the occult (hidden), of the Arcane, and of religion.  It suggests deeply hidden but controlling currents that exist in the Collective Unconscious. It is a card of collective energy, rather than individual energy: I AM ME.
Here, our individuality is absorbed into something greater, a Collective which is a positive growth experience is done consciously. Rather than passive -reactive imagination, this is a card that depicts Active Imagination.
When thrown during a divination, the Three of Wands, the Fiery Spirit is focusing on the Querent and great things can be done: 

  • Here is the Hermetic process of "watching the watcher".

  • There is realization of hope, completion of labor,  and success in the struggle. 
  • There is also an Establishment of force, strength,  and even Pride with wealth, power, maybe a little conceit....which can become greatly conceited in a flash!
  • There is a gift of great Energetic Will here, but be cautious, for if one is lacking in focused conscious control while driving a 70 horse-powered car, there is often room for recovery; However, if the car is of 400 horse-power, and the driver lacks focus, you will be lucky to live through the accident. This card, the Three of Wands, is of at least 1000 horse-power, the "driver" must focus all their skill here.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-2 of Wands-Dominion & The Jungian Tarot- 2 of Wands-Invention

The Tarot of EliThe Qabalistic Thoth Two of Wands [Dominion] of the Hermetic Qabalah represents  Chokma in the suit of Fire. This is pure will; will in its most exalted form. Crowley called this card "...will unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every-way perfect". [Al. I.44].
The Martial power of Mars in its own sign as Aries, is shown as the back ground to this card, explains the unopposed power of this card. The crossed Djores (Tibetan Thunderbolts) represent a celestial power; Energy balanced to initiate a current of Force. Since initiation of Force is often at first destructive to the object it is focused on, this card is at first destructive to comfort zones and is often viewed with fear and repulsion to the assault. This later changes when the greater plan is understood  and the individual mind willingly co-operates with the "Secret Lover".

The Heads of the Djores, are Tibetan Khadro-Ma which are considered Angels or Demons, depending if you are frightened of the Initiating Force or joyously accepting the necessary destructive (masculine) /constructive (Feminine) nature of this Current of Force.  Studying the Tibetan concept of the Khadro-Ma gives even greater insight into this Cards Force; However, the Tibetans are very secretive about the Khadro and will only state adamantly that they are the "highest state of Feminine" in the Universe and compose about 10,000 Myriads in number. When called Khadro-Ma, they are acting as Kali Ma in the Hindu theology.
The Khadro are also stated to be the "Holy guardian" angel for Practicing Tibetan Tantric Monks.

The symbol of the the two Dorjes (Tibetan symbols of the Thunder bolt) although supporting the heads of the divine feminine, show balanced male forces: Kether and Chokmah. The electric force that is a masculine active flow of energy towards achievement of goals. In this balanced but dynamic state, where the  expressed will of personality and the soul are in union, there is no lust for result;  but joy in the "dance" of creation. Hence this card shows committed active power; a "do or die" kind of flow that will not be denied. This Spiritual Sovereignty is where the body is balanced and recognized as "another" spirit form, thereby becoming tireless in the flow of electric force. 

Again, The heads adorning this Dorjes, are of the Khadro (ma) [Tibetan Angels who are the highest form of female] show that this is a polarizing force, balanced by the magnetic receptive force of female. A definite form is enlivened by this union and pure will makes this new ideal manifest. Remember, there is no separation between Chokmah and Binah.

 Therefore the Two of Wands is a card representing combined Spiral flows of energy, therefore it represents a very powerful force of "twin flames" ; as in all power, it can be ill defined. Electric male energy given a thought form to animate, such as fortune, health,and magnificence can also be given forms of illness, poverty and mortification. All of which it will enliven. So it is best to understand the "law of Attraction" and know that what you put willful emotion to---will be your life motion. To focus you energy (Emotion is Energy-in-Motion) on lack, misery, hate, and distrust will only get you more lack, misery, hate and distrust and in its extreme will result in violence towards others!

Great will takes great focus to change the direction of energy in motion, so deep focused meditations on "What you are grateful for" when done diligently, will succeed in changing the charge of powerful attraction towards forming a more positive creation. 

This card also represents Sex-force in its purest form: before the sexes were connived. It is the intercourse of Spirit will in the "honeymoon suite" of the Unconscious which focuses the body personal conscious will, towards achievement.  The Will that is Spirit, "The Secret Lover", is the Force here and the body is the Form the force is taking here. Polarity, is achieved by the flowing union of force and form so once again I state that highly charged emotional thoughts must be focused on what you want and not on what you don't want, making  this  a positive re- birthing experience. This is also a card of self confidence and affirming a positive approval of yourself. All of which is necessary to accomplish your goals.

The Jungian Tarot-2 of Wands-Invention, concentrates on creative inventiveness expressed boldly and often rashly.Here is the birth of pure genius.
The specific actions of this inventive genius, is to do things their own way, refusing to be channeled by anyone or any corporation. Therefore, the Gray Sephiroth, Chokmah, is seen as 
the Wisdom of Invention, that personified means one is totally immersed in one's work; such an individual is often irritating to others.
Interestingly, such inventors mimic Chokmah, who has no support from others, as there is no "other" at this time in creation.For the individual, there are no others in their invention either.

  • When thrown in a reading, the Two of Wands is: considered  to be influence over another, Dominion, boldness, courage, fierceness, shamelessness, revenge, resolution, generous, proud, sensitive, ambitious.
  • Restless, ruthless, turbulent, and many other descriptions of a Willful  Current of Force being applied to a situation.
  • This card tends to be sagacious yet can be unforgiving and obstinate according to dignity. If this card is thrown with the cards of sorrow, defeat, debauch etc... it is time to change your perspectives!
  • The Two of Wands is Focused Will and Fiery Motion, in a balance that will destroy the issue focused on to rebuild a new form.
  • Very powerful card of Motion and change by a destructive means, which is often seen in the world of Atoms and molecules forged by the massive forces of the Stars. When this card shows up in a reading the Will of Spirit is involved.
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