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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 17: THE STAR & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 17: THE STAR
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 16: THE TOWER & The B.O.T.A. Tarot key 16: THE TOWER
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot Key 15: THE DEVIL & The B.O.T.A. Tarot Key 15: THE DEVIL
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 14: ART & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 14: Temperance
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 13:DEATH & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 13: DEATH

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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 17: THE STAR & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 17: THE STAR
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 16: THE TOWER & The B.O.T.A. Tarot key 16: THE TOWER
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot Key 15: THE DEVIL & The B.O.T.A. Tarot Key 15: THE DEVIL
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 14: ART & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 14: Temperance
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 13:DEATH & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 13: DEATH


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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 17: THE STAR & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 17: THE STAR

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-Key 17:THE STAR.
This key represents the Universal Principle of  Self-Esteem and Confidence.

In many religions the Star is a guiding light, the Star of Bethlehem and the Star of David are good examples. In Astrology the Star is Aquarius, the water- bearer. This card represents Self-Trust; as in "follow your own inner star".

On the bottom of the Thoth Card, the multiple crystals intimates that with self trust we see things more clearly. The two  seven pointed stars (one in left hand corner and one in the golden cup) spinning their way towards earth represent the radiating confidence of the Spiritual light that actualizes ideas through our very natures. Reminding us that we are a psychic opening in time/space through which the Absolute can manifest self identity. Self Confidence gives us the freedom to be spontaneous in our self-expression. 

When we have the courage to be ourselves, like running water, we are dynamic and life changing. If you have seen the human aura, you would know that each of us is an individual star of dynamic and passive creative energy intelligence peering and imagining ourselves into the realms of planets!
As in all things, powerful content needs strong containers, and as Chalices of Spirit the human body is as strong as the energetic identity it contains! Self-trust, allows us to flow from above and flow out to the below (earth) as a dynamic divine creative force.

In the Thoth Deck, Key 17 THE STAR is the path of Tzaddi, and connects #9 Yesod (attributed to Air) to # 7-Netzach (attributed to Fire) . The idea for a perfectly balanced Personality is to create an equilibrium between the mysterious elements that represent aspects of the Personality. Fire, represents the Creative Father (Conscious); Water, the Creative Mother (Imagination/unconscious); Air (self-conscious mind) the Child of the Father and Mother; Earth, the Material of manifestation.

The Hebrew letter Tzaddi means fishhookand the Path is the Path of Meditation; meditation is the fishhook on this path that properly attaches us to The Divine Collective Unconscious, using our divine gift of imagination. I-magi-nation is than being the proper approach to this Divine Intelligent Energy that is the "Fiery Father".

As we can see on the Star Card, there are two streams of  Divine Energy:
  1. one from the Golden Cup (Solar womb) and;
  2. one from the Silver Cup (Moon womb).
The Divine Energy flows through the Divine Mother to us by the integration of Chokma- Will to Force- (intuition/feelings) and Binah-Will to Form(intellect/consciousness).

Many of us forget that the Imagination is a
"Womb-with-a view"---and is the Consciousness of the Divine Mother of all Forms. This forgetfulness, is because we have been taught by our Patriarchal society that imagination is a "world-wind" creator of fantasy and to be considered beneath our rational-worded-linear thought. We have somehow forgotten the meaning of Image-maker-conscious (imagination). "It's Just your imagination," is a common  "put down" theme and uses denial to ignore the fact that:
It's "just" The Divine Creative's Imagination that created all that you can see, hear, feel , smell and touch including YOU!  Other than a self-reflection, what else do you think a Self-Image is?

 Water is a symbol for the ebb and flow of consciousness , and Binah, is the Vast Sea of the Un-Conscious (meaning "not of consciousness"), which by meditation, we cast our consciousness into and thereby find a understanding of the process of life and death.

In the Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom, by Paul Foster Case, The Path of Tzaddi  is described as the Path of the Natural Intelligence. To the Student of the Gnosis, this suggests that the primal forces of nature attributed to Netzach (Victory), the Elohim, are synonymous with nature itself. You'll need to study the  Hebrew word Elohim to understand this in greater detail, but they are called the Gods of Netzach....which means ruling forces. Which is whom we are, as physics has proven; by our observation alone, we change the observed! Therefor, we rule these forces, that are laws for those created by these "rules".

To aid further understanding, the Number 17 reduces to 8, which is the Lust Card-Key 8 in the Thoth Deck,which represents the conscious control of the Kundalini, that is both solar and sexual force. I call the Lust Card the image of "Riding the Dragon", therefore implying that one is in conscious union with all elements and the kundalini/serpent force and thereby be a personality consciousness of the Divine Frenzy, as your life expression. In other-words, the Impersonal Power of I AM becoming a conscious manifestation of Me...a personal expression of Power.

This trinity of I AM ME, is all part of the Greater Mysteries of Tiphareth, the Solar Logos which is the central Star of our Existence (our Solar Core). Only by controlling the Sexual energy in ourselves---the Kundalini [Lion-Serpent] can we travel the path to Tiphareth. However, this fact has been perverted by believing that Sexual energy, must be oppressed (made celebrate) to approach our Christos----but the Star card suggests otherwise.

We must combine, through communion of He (intellect) and She (intuition) the flowing serpentine force with willful union of intuition, feelings, and intellect in order to flow to our Solar Core.

This Union, is the mystery of Tantric, Gnostic and Qabalistic practices and what some may call "Sex-Magic"----or "Sex-Magi". Which is really the Divine's technological break through of Sex where 1 becomes 2 and joins to become 1! (Such as, color becomes red, then blue, then joins to become one color called purple). 1 is always one, but 2 and 1 is Three. Three is a plane, from which Self can reflect!

Our ignorance of the Sexual Communion is not only showing us how the great Mother is disabused by fear based Patriarchal rule, but that all sexual perversion diverts us from the Path of Tzaddi, and we are unable to control the lust filled passions of the Divine Frenzy within us, and therefore become mental, emotional and physical deviates of a  mental-chaos of separation.

Great enlightenment comes to the student who studies this Path and as many before, we realize that by not understanding the Divine Frenzy within----we become murders, rapist, and violence becomes our sexual activity.
The Process of approaching the Solar Center, is a yoga (yoga means--communion), involving the enervation of centers of energy (Chakras--means "spinning wheels") which open up our Energy Centers through the process of meditation and sexual communion.

As Paul Foster Case stated, about the Path of Tzaddi, "Through it is consummated and perfected the Nature of  every existing thing beneath the Sun".

When meditation is successful, we find that we don't meditate, but rather we are meditated into image! We may understand better if we think of Tiphareth, The Sun-Soul-Solar Logos, as a kind of fisherman, who by angling with the Fishhook of meditation, pulls our personality up into the Solar Self.  From that Higher Perspective our personality can see that the self-image of form is meditated into existence.

The formation of the individual consciousness, from the Divine collective unconscious, begins from the point of Netzach, which is the highest level of "personality" while Tiphareth is the highest level to be reached by intellect.The object is to hold a "Holy Mass" where the Personality and the Divine Intellect are joined in Communion, within the honeymoon suite that is the human body.

The B.O.T.A.-Key 17: THE STAR, also is attributed to the letter Tzaddi (bottom right of card), meaning fish hook, which is also a reference to angling through meditation.  What is symbolized by the fishhook, is angling as a means of investigating the invisible depths of the inner consciousness symbolized as water; angling being a metaphor for "fishing for knowledge" and/or meditation.

The symbol for Life Power on the Builders of the Adytum Star card (Tiphareth on the Tree of Life) is the Great Golden central star.
The seven smaller stars refer to the seven major Chakric centers (or interior stars) of life power in the human body. They can also allude to the seven planets of astrology.

The brain and nervous system are represented as a Tree with a Ibis in the branches; the Ibis sacred to Hermes (Hermetic Qabalah).
Isis, or Nature, is represented as the kneeling woman. Her left leg supports her weight and is resting upon the earth (physical plane) and her right foot rest upon the waves on the surface of the pool. Hence, indicating balance attained by control of vibration (microwaves).

We have five streams of water breaking off of the main flow of water from her right hand vase, representing the five senses of the physical body.
According to Dr. Paul Foster Case, Revelation is the stage of unfoldment attributed to Key 17.

When the Star card is thrown during a divination:
  •   An expanded and liberated personality change is in the works.
  •  Hope, faith and expected spiritual help combine.
  •  We have or are developing within the next 17 weeks or months, the courage to increase and maintain our own self-esteem.
  • In so doing, our presence alone will assist others in developing their own.
  • This is spiritual regeneration, and hope in a vision of the future.
  • Follow your inner star!
  • If ill defined: a dreaminess, and reality disconnect can be in the works, and one should be cautioned about being to ethereal and forgetting the physical which is an important Chalice in our Christ hood. Obviously, like most Major Arcana (Trump) much meditation upon this card is recommended. 
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 16: THE TOWER & The B.O.T.A. Tarot key 16: THE TOWER

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Key 16- The Tower:
The universal principle of renovation and restoration.

This card is often misunderstood and seen as a doom and gloom -Armageddon end of an Aeon symbol. It's  actually more about your own man-made personality, which is static and has crystallized thought to the point where you repeat the same thoughts and expect different results. There is insanity in such a process.
The Tower is a hallmark image of the Tower of Babel brought down by God the Destroyer (Shiva in Hindu). In less archaic language, the personality de-constructed and reconstructed by enlighten thought.

  1. The fire breathing dragon at the base, is the Spiritual and/or Life force that transforms life constantly in order to keep evolving the living. It symbolizes the Roman god of destruction-Dis.
  2. The four figures falling out of the tower symbolize the crystallized thought of the "wanna-be", i.e. yesterdays'  thought formed people who seek only comfort and fear change. These are thoughts that hold us back from our impeccable performance in life motion. Evolutionary Life is all about performance rather than conformance. Essential Self is progressive thought; not enslaved thought.
  3. The open eye at the top represents the Eye of Horus, the Egyptian god of perception; the perceptive state of awakening and seeing the deeper/inner authentic self that is not human defined but is God made.
  4. Awakening people are required to come into alignment with the Greater Self, which is symbolized by the Oriental fire breathing dragon. We are Dragons! ( the union of Angel, animal and daemon---i.e. "those who are not bound by laws but expand and liberate laws from states of stasis by transubstantiation").
  5.  The haloed serpent, reminds us that by shedding old ways of thinking we become expanded and liberated. Expanded consciousness requires expanded definitions of self.
  6. The dove represents the inner peace that we have when we become the authentic god-made being which comes from shedding the outer definition of man-made being.

The Hebrew letter Peh-means Mouth, which links this Thoth Deck tarot card to the Tower of Babble of Biblical lore. It defines the difference between the Word of God and the languages of mankind. The Word of God is the Logos, or a foundation vibration of energy that is the Root of all Creation. Unless spoken with the Power of Mars (willful force), mankind's words are merely definitions of what has already been created and but shadows of Truth.

The Planet associated with the Tower Card is Mars, a driving force that connects the center of Reasoning (Hod) with the center of intuitive- desire nature (Netzach). Peh, is the balancing path of the Personality that equalizes reason and desire. Peh is also a double letter meaning that it has two possible directions of passage; the mouth is an orifice that takes in nourishment to the system as well as expresses words out of the system.  Through breath and even a more powerful breathing- Pranic Breathing, (yoga breath), the higher energies of Spirit can enter the human system and by the power of chanting (vibration control) these subtle energies can aid in creation. Thus the term of the Mars speak of the Magician was developed to imply the power of willful intonation.

The Tower itself represents the literal world of human language that blocks expansive thinking and which must be toppled in order to evolve the personality. This Spiritual growth in understanding and perspective is not always fun, in fact it can be devastatingly unpleasant. The more we are walled in by the "brick and mortar" of our thoughts, the more force is needed to topple our errant understandings of Self; often "Serpent Force" and/or Kundalini, in a fiery blast will do so. This is not to be sought, for it is better to disassemble the personality "one brick" at a time that one huge destructive moment; a moment that few personalities return from.
With a great blast of lightning (Fiery Will of Spirit) our personal self conceptions (survival based definitions) are brought down, so that we can see the True Ego (Whole Self) who manifests us. We wouldn't be able to "Know Ourselves" when our identities are walled up in a Tower of Language. So this card is a deliverance but in a necessarily harsh way as our own personal "I" [our Towers of identity] are limited by man made institutions, and false concepts which we believe to be reality.

The Higher Self, is the original "I", as shown in this card as the "All seeing Eye", is the Real Ego, who will step in and bring down our world of self deception of our reality-egos, whether in the destruction of man made institutions (War) or man-made definitions. Hence, The Tower is a card of Transformation, brought about by destroying the old to build the new.

It is interesting to note that the Planet Mars maybe the symbol for the Roman God of War and destruction, but it is also the god who rules over the fertility of crops. Yes it is a Phallic symbol and that line of reasoning requires a greater investigation in our feelings about sexuality. Crowley described the "Blasted Tower as a phallus shooting forth the "lightning seeds" of a new era. Male and Female forces are implied here.  Crowley also stated that the deflating of the tower is also symbolic of a male phallus going flaccid after it has "shot its seed".

The Thoth Deck Tower card is full of occult surprises, the Serpent and Dove images, according to Crowley, represent "..the will to live and the will to die" and are also "the Masculine and Feminine impulses".

The geometric forms above the Tower, symbolize the straight lines used in man-made construction, while nature is not constructed of straight lines. This implies that seeking perfection[straight lines] leads to nothing, and as Crowley states," all manifestations, however glorious, however delightful, are stains." which I have called ,"The color of reality". The Tower Card is then the wiping clean of our inner mental pallet of self, that we use to paint our outer reality.

In this card, the all seeing Cosmic Eye observes and directs the disruptive process of the Towers destruction while the Flaming Mouth of the Roman god of the dead, Dis, belches flames a the base of the Tower. If pursued, the student will find deeper and deeper meanings to this Tower Card, going all the way back to the Kings of Edom who are the two figures falling from the Tower and who represent the dual modes of lower personal consciousness [self-conscious and sub-conscious].

Initiates in to the Mysteries of the Hermetic Qaballah, may spend up to a year meditating on this card and it can be a very "hard year' indeed! It is a kind of self immolation, in order to consume the lower personality and rise up on the smoke of its destruction phoenix like into Higher Self realization. This may deter the weak of heart but this Path is necessary to develop the Hard Desire that is a driving force behind our Divine inheritance of perfecting the Self.

As in most Thoth Tarot cards of the Major Arcana, The Tower Card-key 16, has many layers of meaning, so let's go over it again.
We have:
  1. War.
  2.  The Changing of the Aeon.
  3. Personality annihilation, reconstruction of the person via Soul "I" sight and even the deeper occult meanings of:
  4. Universal deconstruction as the dream of God  is abolished by the Awakened God.

The many symbols on this card represent all of these meanings. We have the All Seeing eye of the Awake Shiva, the Haloed Serpent Force, the Lion-Serpent Abraxas, the Dove of Peace that is the Holy Spirit (also the Venus influence) and the crystalline humanoid shapes of the falling figures, who because of their indoctrination have become indistinct geometrical expressions that are unrecognizable as individuals.

The Lion-Serpent Abraxas (or Xnoubis) and the Dove of Peace, represent two forms of Desire" The Will to live and the Will to die.,

There is yet another layer in meaning here, as the former is the feminine and the latter is the masculine impulses. Some may see these two as in contradiction, but in all actuality, "the will to live" and the "Will to die" are the inseparable "Wife and Husband" of all creation. Life and death are a single manifestation, Life/Death, of all energy forms. It behooves us to remember, that no matter how great the creation, it is going to "proceed from order to disorder". Entropy happens to energy, when it is made to manifest as form. Form is a Ruled and Controlled environment that causes a Static motion within parameters. Whereas, eternal motion, requires the statics parameters and/or oppression of energy, to degrade back into motive energy as a Universal dynamic. Energy transformation requires transformation of transformations, in order to constantly transform. Hence the term,"life eats itself to stay alive".

The Tower, may seem all doom and gloom, but in reality, our Soul is merely bringing us out of slavery to the definitions of self depredation (the Child of Man) and back into the Original Identity of our Creation, The Child of the Divine Creative. This may cause some "internal turmoil", but it won't be long-lived; it's just a Tower Moment.
The B.O.T.A.Tarot-Key 16: THE TOWER, represents the same Hermetic Doctrine that the Thoth Card does.

This cards art represents the flash of awareness (an ah-ha moment), a clear vision,  which reveals to the search their true nature of SELF, which has been previously hidden by the bondage of self-consciousness.
Here, Spiritual Comprehension  is emanating from the Sun of Pure Being, as a lightning strike blasting apart the towering ignorance and error of the "man made man".

The Crown, blown from the top of the the Tower is indicative of Will Power, but in this case it is a faux will power of the personality; a reality that has no existence in the Real.
Right knowledge begins with an inner comprehension which reveals to one the True Nature of Will ( I AM). What causes all human suffering and limitation on this "Ruler described Planet", is the false idea of separation,(Divide and conquer). This is a delusion destroyed by the Greater Self. For we all are "another way to be Life" and/or " all that I see is another way to be me". None of us are separate from the Universal Collective Unconscious, as each of us is another way to be a fractal creation (self-reflection) of that very Divine Creative.

The two falling figures are generally two modes of personal consciousness, called the self-conscious and the subconscious.  The flash of Super-consciousness (The Divine Creative) turns all of our conceptions of personal consciousness upside down, utterly destroying these false conceptions of self.
Shown  also, are 22 Yods (flames of spirit) and represent the 22 modes of consciousness symbolized by the 22 Tarot Keys of the Major Arcana.
As you may discern, all the meanings previously explained in the Thoth Card, apply to the B.O.T.A. card.

When this card is thrown during a reading, it is representing:
  • Ambition, war, courage and fighting.
  •   In certain card combinations the Tower can represent destruction, danger, ruin and fall.
  • However, it is mostly about the universal principle of reconstruction and renovation and is often seen  to mean that the Querent is a healer, restorer and renovator who aids in or is experiencing  the breaking down of the 'self absorbed individual self (often called Ego") and eliminating what is false-to fact (supported by denial), artificial and no longer of use to the progressive individual.
  •  A breakthrough in self thought that shatters the old structures of belief.
  • The deconstruction of  self-definition necessary for Enlightenment.
  • That the querent will be experiencing an ego- personal process of eliminating all that is artificial, false-to-fact, and no longer useful to them; usually in a 16 week or month process.
  • Healing, and restoration comes from this process.
  • This is much like a doctors axiom of ,"This is gonna hurt a bit, but it will feel better soon".
  • Deep psychological, emotional and physical changes are being predicted for the querent.
  • A personality change or re-configuring of personal definition is on the Horizon that is necessary for further progress.
  • It could be the destruction of illness for the rebuilding of health.
  • The destruction of an Institution (work, religion etc.) so that the querent can proceed in creating their dreams. 
  • This is a very meaningful card , and the surrounding cards must be taken into consideration when interpreting this Card!

You may also email me with any questions {] and I will email the answers back to you. May you and yours live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot Key 15: THE DEVIL & The B.O.T.A. Tarot Key 15: THE DEVIL

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Deck Key 15-The Devil: represents a concept that it is so subtle it is easily misunderstood. In fact the early Christian theologians, so misunderstood this concept that it is now considered  synonymous with the Evil Twin of a One-God or some such nonsense.

For Western culture, The Devil, is a often a fear filled vision of a fallen god who competes for your Soul; which to me is an misguide notion of self-absorbed arrogance. Some how our soul is so valuable that god's fight for it, yet most of us don't even listen to it's inner sage advice!

For those who decide that fear doesn't have a place in Divinity, the Devil is often referred to as "the Trickster", which of course, is what matter really is. The Material world of form, tricks us all into believing that we are bodies--looking to be spiritual. When in truth, we are Spirit looking to incorporate the physical and spiritual into a new sense of Self. I like to say,"We are Spiral Entities of light seeking en-flesh-en-meant."

From the: Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom (Paul Foster Case)---The Twenty-sixth Path is called the Renovating Intelligence, because the Divine Creative renews by it all the changing things which are renewed by the creation of the world.
 Before I go too far into myth, one may need to understand the Trick of the material World. For instance, only 1% of us is matter, we are 99% invisible subtle energy, yet almost 100% of our sensation comes from the physical being! This often tricks us into thinking we are our "feelings/sensations" rather than the one who creates them!

The Path of Ayin, (Key 15-The Devil), connects Tiphareth (Beauty), the center of the Sun consciousness, with Hod, the sphere of Mercury and of the Intellect. This Path is formative and is the bridge between the Personality and the Individuality.

  • Primary Path Color: Indigo
  • Musical Note: A Natural
  • Astrological Sign: Capricorn (That is why the Goat is the symbol of this card: It represents Cardinal Earth)
  • Word meaning: Eye
  • Simple Letter: Mirth
  • Esoteric Title: The Lord of the Gates of Matter; the Child of the Forces of Time.

The Devil, key 15, of the Hermetic Qabalah, represents a  special mystery which must be penetrated before one can directly know and experience the Higher Principles of the Self.  We must face this often adversarial Master of manifest form and conquer it through the process of not taking our feelings and thoughts too seriously. On this Path of Ayin, we come to understand that that we are dealing with a Path on the Tree of Life which is a transition between the normal waking conscious intellect and the true spiritual consciousness. And successful transition is difficult to express, as the spiritual  consciousness is not constructed of words! This devilish intelligence is in control when doing becomes the vocabulary and belief is delegated to the realm of 1% of the electromagnetic self, i.e. matter.

The Devil, Temperance and Death, are the three Paths leading directly into Tiphareth (Sun of God-Beauty) and these Paths are each a special trial. To travel a Path, means to acquire certain psychic abilities, which is often called "control over certain energies"; each Path confers a unique power. However, the Path of the Mystic (devotional path) is up the middle, from Malkuth, Yesod to Tiphareth,  dealing only with Temperance and is called The Middle Pillar. Temperance means to  understand and balance, within the Self, the "energies" of all twenty- two Paths, without developing the abilities to manipulate these same individual "energies". The Magus, develops the unique ability to manipulate these "subtle energies" but if intelligent, quickly learns that misuse of such power  requires that a devastating price be paid! There is no question that the Mystic-devotional Path is a much safer one than the magical Path.

The Devil symbolizes raw power, and as such is very deceptive, tricky, and is the force that brings about the transmutation of The Tower-Key 16.  This Tarot key 15- is the sign of Capricorn in which Mars is exalted; a weighty, even blind, sign of Earth that symbolizes the highest and the lowest. It is also considered a sign of initiation which is release from physical matter and where we know ourselves as masters of time and space. Saturn is the Planet of Binah (The Great Mother) and Capricorn suggests ruler-ship by Saturn, as Capricorn governs the limitations of  form. Binah is Magnetic, and rules the enclosure of time-space.

The Devil represents the average person's misconception of reality;
the belief that our material condition is "real"; when "reality" is a psychosomatic illusion and The Real is the "other side of the mirror",i.e. the Unseen Spirit/The Universal Collective Unconscious. Our belief in the illusion of matter caused by the "energies" symbolized in The Devil (bogey man),  is actually laughable and it is here more than implied that laughter and good humor about our lives is a tool which will help us "see' beyond the illusion.
Mirth is the first great corrective.

The Sacred symbol of Mankind (Pentagram)
turn upside down,means that most people's vision of the world  and its relationship with Spirit (Spiral Entity)is itself  upside down. We may realize this when we realize that we came from Nothing as I to Am and then to something that is called "Me"...not to return to Nothing but to Expand Something into greater awareness of I AM ; The infinite Transformation of Energy!  Also, the Eye represents  both our acceptance of what we see in the sensory world as real, and the greater vision which comes from the use of the inner eye. We must come to understand that to accept what our physical eyes tell us as real, is to subject our intellect to a state of bondage that knows  only 1% of what is Real. The Devil represents the Energy-conscious that is meditating in the flow of Astral currents, as the whole of Yeszirah (Astral Plane) which controls the ebb and flow of matter.

The Hebrew letter Ayin,is attributed to this card, meaning Eye. Capricorn is the Zodiac attribution and that is why we have illustrated the Goat of Capricorn and the "All Seeing Eye" on the goats forehead.

On the Tree of Life, we see that Key 13-Death and Key 15- The Devil are symmetrically placed; they lead from the "son of god" mind (that is not to be confused with the self-consciousness of the animal survival mind that we inherit with earth bodies)Tiphareth, to the spheres where worded thought, on the left, and Bliss on the right, are developed. Between them, Key 14-ART leads similarly to the sphere which formulates  existence.

Here is something arcane for you to ponder: When the physical brain's personality leaves behind the Splendor of Words (HOD), as thought, it begins to climb the Path of Ayin (Devil) towards the Christ Consciousness (Hu-man consciousness) Tiphareth; However, the devilish part of this climb is the "personality survival ego" who will constantly try to  blind your "I" (identity) sight with the splendor of praise and rationale (See- the Temptations of Christ in the desert of the Christian Bible). The "I" of our I AM, must be open to the Real 99.6% of Self and not the rhinestone splendor of reality which is only .4% of self, which is obviously relative and based on survival thinking of the reptile and mammal intelligence of the body. The Human consciousness is the God Mind for the Hu is Mandarin for God, and the word man comes from the Hindu Manas-meaning Mind; Hence a god-mind has been joined with the reptile and mammal brains of the Earth evolution.

The Human Mind is vibrating to the frequency of  Buddha or Christ consciousness, and is not normally tuned into by the mundane person who is trained only to use the animal brains to describe a reality of a "good and evil" world, as they use reaction based thought given them by the body senses. Your very own Devil is your trained  or reaction based thought, i.e. your man made logic and rationale thinking! You may notice, that when you try to meditate, or concentrate on a ritual that elevates your awareness, that your brain keeps trying to interfere with thoughts of "you must","you Need to" and/or "You better do this first". That's your bedeviling thought process interfering with your Souls Will. Now the brain knows it can't defeat the Will of Spirit, so it confuses it with the splendor of words, which are definitions supplied by "your betters"; However, "Your Betters", do not exist for we all are Children of the Divine Creative, we all have the same potential, whether we use that potential equally, is up to the individual.
Each of us has Divine Freedom of Choice to imagine ourselves as we will. To Be or not To be" is indeed our plight when we are only of "reflective sight". We came as a Divine Intelligence, to project our mastery of matter; time/space intellect, outward through the body senses, not visa versa. Hence, we are "upside down thinking when we let "sensual reaction" teach us the world of time/space;  free to be ignorant of our truth because of "Pleasure Pain" training or are free to go beyond and be liberated from indoctrinated sensual limits, if we are a Tree of Knowledge.

It isn't enough to know that you have a program of devilish brain-software running in your head all day, (an anti-I AM Virus) and thus becoming a artificial will (intelligence) based on errant self concepts of "I Ain't"; you also have to begin exercising the Spiritual Will-To-BE,which is based on the foundation of Love "under will"/I AM:  "Above All Things Know Thyself"!

When looking at this card, you are looking at the "nature god Pan" standing on the highest mountain of earth, with a twinkle in his eye and a lazy grin on his face.  What many of us forget, is the Devil in Western Christian culture has taken the place of the "Trickster God" in many other cultures, which represented the dark subconscious. At one time, in medieval Europe, the harlequin image held this position because the life lessons that seem serious at the time of reaction, often look silly in the light of reason; survival thinking is a are  a Psyche who is both the life and death of the bodies you operate for experience.
 What many of us forget, is that whimsy, is an important part of creation, for without that principle we become "self-righteous" and take every thought we think way too serious; believing in the language-masks we wear. "Don't believe every thought you think", is the Whimsy powered message here; one that the murdering rulers and hate filled neighbors would be well to remember

Also, the background directly behind the Goat,on the Thoth card,  is obviously a male sex organ penetrating the heavens (the ring of the body of Nuit), complete with testes full of "little transparent people" which is also a sublime way of showing the Tree of Life. This not only shows that the Devil, which is a bastardization of the Hindu word -Devi that means -Krishna's virgin Mother/ Shakti a  female goddesses ( Virgin Mary in Christianity), is also a fertile male force. In all these Trump cards, there is a receptive female aspect and a male expressive aspect.

The words Devi and Devil, grew from the same root, the Indo- European word Devi became Daeva (Devil) in Persian. The old English divell (devil) can be traced to the Roman word divus or divi (gods). Just as the Greek  word Daemon, (god-man) was the root for old English-demon or devils. Theological propaganda has a long history. 
The fruitful  creativity of the Devil is also shown veiled  in the  symbol of the Wand of the Chief Adept, crowned with the winged globe and twin serpents of Horus and Osiris.
Let us try and understand this card with out indoctrination screaming in our brains, for this card shows a subtle truth about the Devil. He/She is a creative force that appreciates all living things. He rejoices in the rugged and barren as well as the smooth and fruitful. All things equally exalt him/her. This is the Whimsical side of all creation-where no matter how harried you act, or sorrow filled you are, or filled with joy and laughter, the Divine Creative enjoys being you and since you have freedom to choose, the Divine believes you enjoy what you are doing (after all you can do anything you want), no matter how you protest the doing.Being you is more important to Creation, than you being the fantasy of your thoughts. That dear friends is the truth; no matter what you believe or don't, Creation Knows You into being-----and loves being you!

"Sometimes I cry, with a smile on my face."

This is the World of the dark subconscious, from which we've elevated the body, the animal mind of instinct; of survival whose thought base is fear. We smile in our immortal souls, because we know, the body will never live through the life we give it----so to the body, the Soul is indeed a Lived and Devil----Lived reflected in the mirror of reflected light is Devil. The body actually fears the "new conscious" of Soul/Spirit union because it Always fears the unknown! There in, is whimsy. What the body depends on for Life, is also its death. I Am The Alpha and Omega of my forms. So the Devil card, reminds us to take a deep breath---relax, and go out and play----for physical being is how Spirit enjoys itself! Let's also remember to show some humor over what bedevils us for we are allowing the bedevilment! It pays to know that the devil, is a product of our indoctrinated "divide and conquer" thinking and the body human is our "joy of Being" but it must understand that it's immortality is in transformation of organic material, so it must be recycled. Like I say to my body/brain:" From cranberries you were built and to cranberries you shall return"...mean while let's have some esoteric fun!"

Thoth Deck Correspondences:

Key 15-The Devil & Key 21- The Universe (The World card in other decks).

The word devil derives from the Greek diabolos; di meaning l"to divide", and/or two. Abolos meaning to "abolish'.

The word archetypes are: evil (live spelled backwards), lived (devil spelled backwards), deus (two), divide, diverse, die, deva (Goddess), dervish, deviate, devious, diabolic, and diablerie (black magic). Both the Devil-key 16 and the Universe Card key 21 are also associated with Saturn and Capricorn (December 21- January 20), in which falls the Winter Solstice; Christmas Day. Before December 21-24 is when the Sun is farthest from the Earth. Christmas Day is when the Sun begins to rise again from its deepest descent, i.e. The Sun (son) is born again. There are many Gods and Goddesses  born at Christmas, such as, Buddha, Tammuz, Mithra, Quetzalcoatl, Frey and Freya, Attis, Saturn, Adonis, Herne, Pryderi, Persephone, Baalim, Dionysus, Osiris, Horus, and Jesus. Christmas is also known as Candle Mass, the lighting of candles to honor the birth of the Sun's light---a custom still  honored in many Christian churches on Christmas Eve.

  • : The Devil--Capricorn (Goat)
  • : The Universe (The World)--Saturn.
  • I structure
  • I seek myself through what I use.
  • Nauthiz, the rune of constraint, necessity, and pain is the devil's rune.
  • The Universe rune, is Wunjo, the rune of joy and light, the absence of sorrow and suffering.
  • e -Violet (indigo); secondary colors- nay-blue, black.
  • - Both are associated with the fifth chakra ( Throat Chakra) which represents expression, communication, creativity, media, inspiration, mantras, sound, devotion, spiritual expression/understanding  and also religious inspiration. 
  •  Stones and Minerals: Sapphire, sodalite, lapis lazuli, tanzanite, blue-violet fluorites and chalcedonies. Hematite, smoky quartz, onyx, jet, coal, and all black stones.
  • Devil-A.
  • The Universe-A
  • Devil-Simple letter- Mirth.
  • The Universe- Double letter- Power-Servitude.
  • Devil- Path Ayin, The Renovating Intelligence.
  • The Universe- Path Tau, The Administrative Intelligence.
  • Devil- Eye.
  • The Universe-Tau Cross (equal armed cross)
  • Devil-Clary sage, Patchouli. 
  • The Universe- Vetivert, oakmoss, myrtle.

Magic abilities:
Clairaudience. This psychic attribute is known as "clear seeing" which is the ability to "see" without regard to time/space or the use of physical eyes.

The knowledgeable student of the Qaballah knows that the Devil, Key 15 is about the illusion of Division---where as "The One Energy" seems to become two-He and She. She is Magnetism and He is Electric. United, they make all life possible; separate they cannot "give birth" to life. In the Universe Card, The One energy is also shown as The Goddess and The Serpentine God (electric force) with the "All seeing Eye of Horus---The son (sun) which represents ( among other esoteric ideas), clairaudience. Needless to say, a greater in depth study of these esoteric meanings must occur before we can manifest the"Mirth filled enlightenment of Union".

The B.0.T.A. Tarot-Key 15: THE DEVIL, representsthe horrible character of esoteric dogmatism which is so ridiculous to an enlightened person. Therefore, the principle attributed to this card is also Mirth. This card is about enjoyingthe masquerade of outside appearance, for it is a delusion. 
Those who fail to use discerning thought, are depicted on this card.

The ancients believed that the Devil is God inverted. This basically refers to Spirit as opposed to matter. Ignoring the fact that they are both of "The One energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed." Therefore, matter is a transformation of Spirit! This "Oneness" of Spirit and Matter is shown by the common black and white interlaced triangles familiar to every student of occultism.

Hence, the black background of Key 15 of the B.O.T.A. Tarot, signifies ignorance. Mental inversion, is shown as the inverted pentagram (upside down thinking) on the head of the devil, thus it is about falsehood and delusion.

At the devil's navel is the zodiacal symbol of Mercury.  The physical world is normally represented as a cube, but here on this card, the devil sits on a half cube which represents an imperfect understanding of the world and/or "half assed thinking".

The male figure is the self-conscious and the female figure represents the sub-conscious, and their hoofs and horns indicate that delusion bestializes human consciousness.  The chains that hold them to the block of delusion represents Bondage which is attributed to key 15.

When the Devil card is thrown during a reading, the querent is experiencing or will experience or is receiving:

  • Material force.
  •  Material temptation,sometimes obsession.
  • If the Lovers card is thrown with the Devil card, this would indicate obsessive lust.
  • The Devil card is about Material Forces,and the tricks that the material world plays on our Invisible Souls.
  • We take this Mask of Flesh so seriously, that Survival thinking takes over our personalities to the point where we forget, to remember, that we are not a fleshy being at all!
  • We own and operate one in the name of Life! Each of us is a Life Force, that makes a physical being it is okay to laugh and play with your body-Dependent and it is okay to smile when the body becomes so self absorbed it takes circumstances way to seriously....You are the Life Force and the Death Force of your very own are Spirit who has no end or beginning ----it's okay to remind you devilish brain of that!
  • Creative energy in its most material form. Not only is Capricorn, the goat-god that is leaping on the summits of the Earth, but Capricorn is also ruled by Saturn, who makes for self-hood and perpetuity.
  • In this sign Mars is also exalted, showing its best form, the fiery material energy of creation.
  •  All the splendid things of Earth, including the Lust of idea, where any idea will do----"who cares what happens as long as my idea is covered in Splendor"!
  • This card also represents the legendary god, Pan Pangenetor, the All Begetter often called in earth-magick.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 14: ART & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 14: Temperance

The Tarot of Eli The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot- Key 14: ART.
The Art card, key 14, is a card illustrating Alchemy, in its purest form. What is problematic for most people is that they believe alchemy is an outdated or  ancient form of Chemistry. To an alchemist, chemistry is about dead things, while the Art of Alchemy is  creating'" living things"; because minerals and metals did not grow, they were consider excrement by the Fathers of Science. For the Alchemist, the problem then, was to elevate metal to vegetable, thus making metals alive. The robe of the Androgynous figure, is green as vegetation, symbolizing this alchemical allegory.
Studying the Art of Alchemy, is recommended if you are to understand the subtle meaning of the combination of opposites, and/or to get "living things" out of the dead.

The Thoth Key 14 Art card is the completion of the Lovers Key, Gemini, the divine twins.

Sagittarius is attributed to The Art card, and is the Zodiacal opposite of Gemini, and therefore in alchemical terms, "after a manner", at one with it. Sagittarius, is known as the Archer, so a primitive form of the goddess Diana "the Huntress"  and also a lunar goddess, is illustrated on the card. The connection between the Huntress and the Moon is illustrated in the shape of the bow on the figure's shoulders. You may have noted that this figure is depicted as having two heads which symbolizes the completed Hermetic Marriage of the Twins illustrated on the Lovers key 6, as the black and white figures are blended into one androgynous figure.

The Red Lion illustrated on the Lovers card, has become an enlarged White Lion and the White Eagle had become an enlarged Red Eagle. This illustrates a very advanced knowledge of Alchemy, where the Red Lion has exchanged His red blood for her white gluten (the theme of opposites counter-changing, continues as the Eagle turns red).

In alchemy, gluten is not of wheat, it is a very complicated scientific formula that takes a Chapter to explain which I have decided is too much for this blog to handle (it's long enough now) so if you are curious about alchemical gluten you are welcome to research it in any book on Alchemy. In Qabalah and Alchemy, the Gluten is called the first matter  (also Stone of the Eagle) and it is of water, but not of earth.

To further illustrate the equilibrium and counter-change of opposites, illustrated on the Lovers, key-6 the white woman has a black head depicted on the Art Card and the black King has a white head.  Again, showing opposites in communion, she wears a golden crown with a silver band, and he the silver crown with a golden fillet. Silver represents the Moon and Gold represents the Sun.

The white head on the right, is extended in action  by a white arm on the left which grasps a cup containing the white gluten. The black head on the left, is linked to the  black arm on the right, that holds a lance which becomes a torch pouring forth its fiery blood. Thus, the fire burns up the water and the water puts out the fire.  Yet again, illustrating the counter-change of opposites. This counter-changing of opposites can also be illustrated in our common lives by the marriage of opposites in husband and wife, and how after time, they both begin acting like the other. This in not unlike the alchemical distillation process, which is done by the slow process of time , as nature does it, rather than under the agitation of extreme heat, as modern chemists do it.

At the bottom of the Art card, water and fire are harmoniously mingled,  illustrating a crude concept of the Spiritual idea, which is the satisfaction of the desire of an incomplete element of one kind to satisfy its formula by assimilation of its equal and opposite.

The Art of this stage of the great work, is the mingling of opposites in a cauldron of the Sun (gold) which represents the Father of Life, and in particular, presides over distillation.
We know that the fertile earth is maintained by rain and sun. The process of rain is formed by a slow process of evaporation, which is carried on the air (which is itself a marriage of fire and water) and  engineered by the Sun. This also illustrates the formula for continued life, which is death or putrefaction which is represented on the cauldron as a Raven and Skull ( caput mortuum). In this card, the representation of the Alchemy of Life, the union of opposites, by the heat of the Fiery Passion of Spirit ( Will-To- Be) is stated over and over again. 
The crude symbol of fire and water mingled together, as shown  at the bottom of the Art card, represents the Spiritual idea of an incomplete element of one kind, reaching satisfaction by the assimilation of an equal and opposite. This  mixing of contradictory elements in a cauldron (the human body is known as the "Golden Cauldron"), as illustrated on this card and is known as a state of the Great Work. The Great Work is "As above, so Below" which is another way of saying," The Knowledge of the Above must be consciously enacted in the Below".
As seen resulting from the merging operation, is a stream of golden light arising, and becoming the two rainbows that form the cape of the Divine figure. This cape symbolizes the spiritualization of the Great Work. Let's face it, Life and the Living are the Divine' Art!  Dead things, though often worshiped by the ignorant, are not the Art of The Divine Living One....only the Alive are. To know this is to know that what is truly Sacred are the living beings, not man-made constructs!  Hence, to Worship a book, a building, a amulet, or a place and kill the living in its name, is indeed live spelled backwards! Therefore, "love thy neighbor as thyself" is indeed knowing what is sacred. But maybe I am being too harsh on the common man-made person, maybe they dislike themselves so much that they can only "dislike their neighbor as themselves! For instance, by feeling ugly inside they can see only ugly on the outside!

But let's continue;
The Art card represents the whole hidden quality of the Orphic Egg shown on the Lovers key 6; it is the same formula but in a  more advanced stage.  Here, the Original Duality (electric-male and magnetic- female- force) has been completely compensated; but after birth comes growth; after growth, puberty; after puberty, purification. This card then is a foreshadowing of the Great Work.

Around the Rainbow Solar Cape of the Divine Androgyny is an alchemical Latin glory; VISITA INTERIORA TERRAE RECTIFICANDO INVENIES OCCULTUM LAPIDEM. [ "Visit the interior parts of earth; by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone."]  The initials of this glory are, V.I.T.R.I.O.L, which is known in alchemy as the "Universal Solvent". You'll have to look this up, too much info for this blog;However, vitriol is also called the "Universal Medicine" which is sometimes a stone (Philosopher's stone) , a powder or a tincture, according to ancient writings.

It is because the Alchemists were dealing with substances on the "borderland" of matter that makes them difficult to understand. This can be found also in Physics, where Quantum physics is involved with describing the "Quanta" which is the "borderland" of matter, in modern science. The Alchemist knew/knows, that the difference between living things and dead things, is their behavior. The Vitriol, mentioned in alchemy, is a combination of Mercury, Sulfur and Salt but in a higher-living nature rather than the vulgar nature of chemistry. In fact, the word Rectificando implies the right leading of the new substance in the path of the True Will.  As a Magi, I have experienced the "right leading of a new substance" known as "a material body" by the True Will of Spirit as it has began flowing through the body as a "personal operator" does change the material of your body into something much more Solar....just ask any successful Tantric! (Something to find out for yourself!). Tantra, is the Gnosis of combining the True Female and the True Male forces to make the "above and below, one and the same"! Alchemy, Qabalah, Tantra, are all Gnosis.
 To become a powerful seer of Tarot, a practitioner must open up to the Greater Energy Conscious, that is at certain states of force and form as symbolize by the circles (Sephiroth) and the paths of experience that lead to them on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

-Key 14.

  • The Path of Samekh, leads from Yesod (Foundation) to Tiphareth ( Beauty); from the Moon to the Sun, from the Personality to the Higher Self.
  • Primary color of Path: Blue
  • Musical Note: G#
  • Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
  • Meaning of Samekh: PROP
  • Hebrew Simple letter: Anger
  • Esoteric title: The Daughter of the Reconcilers, the Bringer Forth of Life.

Paul Foster Case wrote in the book :
Thirty Two Paths Of Wisdom: "The twenty-fifth Path is the Intelligence of Probation, or is Tentative, and is so called because it is the primary temptation, by which the Creator trieth all righteous persons."

Behind the symbolically of  Key-14 Temperance, is the Great Mother- Binah, for this reason the central figure of this card is the form of female (but also showing Androgen figuring because there is no life with out the Motion of the Great Father-Chokmah). Also the Twenty-fifth Path is that of Sagittarius, the Archer who is Diana the Huntress, Greek Goddess of the Moon. Thus the principle is repeated that all of the figures of the Tarot (Except THE FOOL) are Mother-Binah (understanding) and Father Chokmah ( Wisdom) under different guises.

Binah, as Diana, governs the tides of earth, and the fluctuations of the Astral Current, the natural framework and support for the waxing and waning of the energy  currents of existence (Vitriol).  She is the PROP; the " Womb preserving Life". There is only One Energy, One Mind, and/or One Universal Collective Self, that can't be created nor destroyed, only transformed. It's transformation is done by the waxing and waning of currents/forces, all controlled by Binah (Shown as Alchemy on the Card) who is the "Will to Form".

Therefore, the manifested Universe is energy controlled and manipulated within specific bounds and restrictions of which the "mysteries" represented by the Cards and Paths of The Tarot and Tree of Life are shown as progressive knowledge, discernment and understanding achieved by the initiate.

Hariette and Horner Curtis, in their book, Voice of Isis, describe the Universal Mother as the "power of bringing forth in humanity the Divine Child (Horus) or the Christ". It is that power, in which every individual brings about the contact of the Personality with the Inner Divine Light.

When one's conscious is rising on the Path of Samekh, it (Temperance) leads to our bearing of the Child, which is ourselves reborn (the expanding and liberating of the Personality from previous limitations).

Key-14 is the beginning of an awareness of the Higher Self of Tiphareth. This card demonstrates how the experience is brought about, i.e. through a balanced exchange of opposites which can only be symbolically described as a androgynous figure. This is a difficult process in the individual student and is often the beginning of "The Dark Night of the Soul" where the Personality is brought into the Willful interchange of Fire (glandular excrement) and Water (blood) that is merging or tempering of energy polarity opposites within the body. On the Art card this tempering is symbolized by a stream of water poured forth from one vase and lightning from another. This is the Living Water and/or consciousness vivified by being merged with the Fiery Spirit. Hence, forming, a process of bringing Spirit into the body so that it tempers the consciousness, and is itself tempered by the consciousness and body, forming something that is "more than the sum of its parts".

This merging/tempering process also involves an inner manipulation of sexual polarities, as symbolized by the arrow released upward (on bottom of card) which is a Spiritual orgasm (orgasm/energy flow that never stops) . What happens is the awakening of the Inner and outer Androgyny, i.e. the Dancing God and Goddess ( Best illustrated as Shiva and Shakti of Hindu origin) whose dance of union makes all form and motion possible.

As one changes the rate of vibration of this inner energy, one raises or lowers the level of consciousness; moves from Chakra to Chakra or from Path to Path. The watery consciousness being acted upon by Fire (Kundalini Sex energy) produces the images of the astral which are the pictures that form in our minds. Therefore the principle is  one of producing a consciously-controlled vision that is limited by Will. This is the personal application of Fire (Yod) and Water (Heh) uniting in the individual to produce Air (Vau) within the body which is Earth (Heh-final).
 At first, many students find the symbolism of the Thoth Major Arcana  complicated; However, the principle of the Path of Samekh or Art, is to produce a consciously controlled vision that is limited by will. 

The purpose of Hermetic Qabalistic, and Gnostic symbols is to furnish descriptions that most anyone can relate to. They are not remote or really complicated, if you focus on one at a time. In fact most of the symbolic language of the Mysteries, has been superseded by the language of Carl Jung and other psychologists. To Carl Jung, this ability to consciously control Visions, would be called "lucid dreaming", which is known to help the individual correct personality disorders.

Robert Wang goes on to explain, in his test book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT," It should be added that the Metals described in Alchemical literature are the same as the Seven Chakras of the Hindus, the Seven Planets and the Serphiroth of the Microprosopus [lower seven on the Tree of Life.]. These words have been used as codes over the centuries, meaning seven distinct levels of objective consciousness. Thus when one speaks of a Planet ruling a sign of the Zodiac, what is meant in the relationship of a Sign to a given center of energy both in the Greater Universe and in the Human body." (the brackets are my own explanation).

The Art of awakening these Psycho-dynamic energy Paths in the Human Body, is the Qabalistic initiates goal. "To Know Thyself", is to know the "As above and so below" nature of our Whole Self.

The Art Card, is the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter, meaning the Sephiroth- Chesed (Wisdom). Here, we should remember that Chesed is the architect of all manifestation, working with the "will to form"and/or "potential to form" of Binah (Understanding).

As explained before, Art-Key 14- The Path of Samekh, is an actual physical process, and a arcana for centuries of  Gnostic, Mystics, Tantric yogis, Alchemists, and Qabalists, and is a willed process of directing the communion or interchange of opposite energies. The beginning of this process is begun by the Higher Self; a process which is instituted  in the Sephiroth Chesed, the most refined, point of  Microprosopus, to which the Higher Self is central.

Chesed the 4th Sephira-Mercy, is the enacting force (phallus) of the Great Mother Binah (the third Sephira-Understanding), process of  "will to form" (womb) expressing/birthing its Understanding into the "first matter".

Until the initiate accomplices this psycho-physical process of the Path of Samekh, the Higher Self (Shown as an androgynous figure on the card) cannot be known to the personality.

Thus the Art of "Spiritual Alchemy" describes this Card and the whole process as a preparation of the Personality, and its physical vehicle, to deal with the Solar Forces (influx of Light) which would devastate a "normal" system.

This is an ongoing process of tempering, measuring and testing, instigated by the Higher Self, to see how much the physical body can bear. When properly tempered, and the body can handle the stress of such energy, the arrow is released (Kundalini rises).

Once contacted on the Path of Samekh, the Higher Self will regulate the flow, so the individual isn't harmed; a great jolt of energy, will tell the individual to "back off', and relax.  Because this is a Passion so overwhelming, it is often described as Divine Anger, which is apt if we realize that anger is for self-motivation; to get off of one's butt and do something. It could be said that Divine Anger is the motivation for Sagittarius to launch his arrow.

All in all, the Art Card key 14, is the consummation of the Divine Marriage, depicted on the Lovers card, Key 6, here the Orgasm of Spirit has been reached.  There is a perfect interchange of forces, as the Red Lion has become white, and the White lion has become Red.The Art card shows Water being poured on Fire, and Fire is merged with Water, all within the purified physical vehicle, shown as the Golden Cauldron, i.e. the Master's body. Get and read the Text Book, The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang and the Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley for further explanation of this coded process.

Associations and/or Correspondences:
" Because every yin has its yang, every trump in the Major Arcana has a companion card.  The Tarot represents archetypes, and archetypes are perceived by us to be symmetries of like-form and motion.
Normally, we either perceive something as motion or form, and rarely do we perceive something to be both simultaneously. In the Major Arcana one card represents the archetype's form while the other card represents the archetype's motion."
------Jana Riley<Tarot Dictionary and Compendium>

Correspondences (Thoth Deck): Key 10-Wheel of Fortune & key 14-Art (Temperance on other decks). Ritual magick is enhanced by the Corresponding forces and forms represented on these cards.

  • In the Thoth Deck, Temperance is called Art and represents the art of Alchemy and/or the combining of opposites to create balance.
  • The Astrological sign: Art --Sagittarius
  • Astrological Planet: Wheel of Fortune--Jupiter.
  •  The Astrological form of Art: I perceive.
  • The astrological motion of the Wheel of Fortune: I seek,therefore I am.
  • Rune-stones: Art (Temperance)- Raido, communication, union, reunion, and journeys; means "to read, to interpret."
  • Rune-stones: Wheel of Fortune- Inguz, completion, release, and sharing; the hero.
  • Primary Colors: Blue; (secondary colors, royal blue, deep blue, bright blue, powder blue, sky blue)
  • Chakra: Throat Chakra (5th Chakra) governing expression, communication, creativity, mantras, media, inspiration,  self-expression, speech, sound, devotion, spiritual expression, faith,  religious inspiration.
  • Stones and minerals: Sapphire, sodalite, lapis lazuli, bornite (peacock copper), abalone, blue fluorites, and chalcedonies.
  • Musical notes: Art- G#.  Wheel of Fortune-A#
  • Hebrew Qaballah letters: Art- Simple letter--Anger. Wheel of Fortune-Double letter-Riches-Poverty
  • Path for Art: Samekh, The Intelligence of Probation. The Path of the Wheel of Fortune- Kaph, The Intelligence of Conciliation.
  • Symbol of Meaning: Art-Prop.  Wheel of Fortune- Fist
  • Plant essences: Art- Hyssop, Bergamot, Angelica
  •                        Wheel of Fortune: Cedar, Nutmeg, Clove.

  1. Magic Abilities (psychic frequency of energy): Telepathy which is the ability to communicate across time/space without the uses of the mundane five senses.
  2. Also preque vu, the feeling of sensing something which has not yet happened, but will. The opposite of deja vu .

In the Art card, Spirit that is Female polarity of energy(magnetic) and That is Male polarity of energy (electric) are combined as Androgyny, who is our Holy Guardian Angel. According to C G. Jung, spirit appears female to males and male to females. Here we have Spirit as the Alchemist, the Homeopath, pouring the liquid of life ("milk of the Virgin") from the silver urn into the golden urn, never losing a drop of life in the transformation from life to death, i.e. the transition of soul to its spirit.
The Wheel of Fortune is shown as the Karmic wheel of life; The Motion association to the Form of the Art card. Fortune comes from the Latin fortuna, meaning, chance, fate, luck and destiny. The word Wheel comes from the Greek kyklos, meaning cycle and wheel.  All life is shaped of a spiral (spirit means "spiral entity") which modern scientists have now confirmed.  The Wheel of Fortune is from November 22nd to December 20th, and the Northern peoples of Europe celebrated a holiday in December called Yule,in honor of cycles, circles, and spirals of life. Yule comes from the Gaelic gule, meaning Wheel. 
The Temperance Card of the B.O.T.A.  Tarot,  is attributed to the Intelligence of Probation or Trial. This refers to the testing a neophyte must go through to reach the heights of initiation. Here is a test of tempering, to determine the aspirants temper or strength.

Therefore, temperance refers to making a proper balanced mixture; and equilibrium of, for the initiate must be properly balanced in all their vehicles (Body, Mind and Soul).  By choosing the middle path of balanced opposites, the aspirant is no longer subjected to extremes. Therefore, we see that Higher Self with one foot in "The Divine Flowing conscious"/flowing stream of consciousness and one foot on dry land, and/ or the material world; firmly balanced in both "worlds".

The Rainbow, on this card, represents the differentiation of light by means of Water. The Androgynous Angel, shown here wearing the symbol of solar energy on its brow, is symbolic of the Higher Self ("Secret Lover").

Dr. Paul Foster Cases states that the Seven pointed star, worn on the Angels breast, represents the work of man because to draw the non-geometric figure  measuring requires tools.

The fire of the torch, in the shape of yods (fiery spirit), is falling on the eagle, who is the symbol for water. Water falls from the vase onto the Lion symbol for Sun/Fire.  Therefore, we have represented the union of opposite forces from opposite directions.

The twin mountain peaks represent Chokmah-Wisdom and Binah-Understanding (the Twins of Creation), while the crown above them symbolizes Primal will.

When the Art card is thrown during a reading, the querent is experiencing or will soon experience:

  • A blending of all circumstances in order to achieve balance.
  •   A combination of forces effecting realization and action.
  • Trials and tribulations that lead to the "middle path", arriving at a profound realization.
  • Realization
  • Action of combining opposites to create something new.
  • Effect.
  •  It means the combination of forces causing realization.
  • It is about material action, for wellness or illness, depending on the dignity of the accompanying cards.
  •  It is a blending of all circumstances in order to create a balance; such as the blending of issues, of  a  spiritual,emotional, mental and physical nature and thus effecting a flow of directed energy in its most powerful state.
  • The Art card implies the Principle of Synergy, Synthesis and Integration.,i.e. the "middle way". 
  • The Art Card also suggests the grounding of energy through spiritual education.
  •  Assimilating, integrating, tempering, adjusting, and redistribution.
  •  This card represents a Spiritual Force joining the Divine Androgyny, with the "fleshy" rendition of Itself.
  • When thrown, a great spiritual alchemy is in process for the querent.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 13:DEATH & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 13: DEATH

The Tarot of Eli  The Thoth Tarot-Key 13 Death,The Path of Nun of the Hermetic Qabalah:
The Astrological sign assigned to Key 13-Death is Scorpio. Movement is the primary activity of the Mars force that rules Scorpio. The Emperor-Key 4, is the Mars force during day light while Death is the Mars force in the dark of night. Nun, is one of the three paths to the Higher Self (the others are,The Devil, and Temperance) this is again the "Darkness of unknowing",i.e. "The Dark Night of the Soul".

Saint John of the Cross described this journey of Personality in Spirit (applies to all three paths to the Higher Self).." although this happy night brings darkness to the spirit, it does so only to exalt it and to raise it up; and although it impoverishes it and empties it of all natural affection and attachment, it does so only that it may enable it to stretch forward, divinely, and thus to have fruition and experience all things, both above and below...."

It helps to remember that the word spirit comes from the  Greek root word --Spiro (breath), as does spiral, and in this card we see the "serpentine" force wrapping/spiraling around the Fish (Alchemical symbol of "First Matter") weaving its way upward  to become the Eagle which soars above all heads. The scorpion, the serpent and the eagle are all symbols of Scorpio its spiral-occult motion in the Astral Matter (fish) as it soars upward  to make the transition between personality and Higher Self. This "First Matter" defies word description and could be best understood as the quanta of quantum physics, and yet even more invisible for it is "thought", "Mind Stuff", although there are even greater mysteries than that in its make up.

All that is involved relates to sexual polarities (Sexual energies to some). Scorpio rules the sexual organs as Mars rules Scorpio. It is the reproductive forces which is consciously directed in practical exercises such as that of the Middle Pillar. The Thoth Deck Key 13-Death, is the card that best indicates this activity.

The Path of Mem:

  • Path color:Green-Blue
  • Musical Note: G
  • Sign: Scorpio
  • Word Meaning: Fish
  • Simple letter: Movement
  • Esoteric Title: The Child of the Great Transformers; the Lord of the Gate of Death.

Dr. Paul Foster Case (creator of B.O.T.A.) wrote in the Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom: The Twenty-fourth Path is the ..."Imaginative Intelligence, and it is so called because it gives a likeness to all the similitudes which are created in like manner similar to its harmonious elegancies".

The mystery of The Path of Nun is also described in the Gnostic Text-The Nag Hammadi Library--(Gospel of Thomas), where Jesus was quoted as saying to his disciples when asked the question:"Shall we then, as children, enter the kingdom?"

Jesus said to them:" When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then you will enter the kingdom."

Since Gnosticism (Jesus was a Gnostic Nazarene) embraces the Qaballah and the Tree of Life....the above quote must be understood before one can successfully travel the Path of Nun to its conclusion in the Higher Self of Tiphareth. On the Tree of life illustration, the Path of Nun is the blue-green path from Netzach (7-Victory) upwards to Tiphareth (6-Beauty).

Dr. Paul Foster Case (Western Master of Qaballah) wrote: "Key 13 tells the Secret of Secrets...he who knows the secret has in his hands a power which might be used to overturn the world. Yet no person learns it until he is truly prepared, and more than anything else, this means such ethical preparation that no temptation to misuse this power could ever be sufficient to turn the knower from the Path of strictly conservative and beneficial application of the force he is able to control."

It pays to remember that Transformation is how The One energy and our Souls move throughout the Universe of "Self Awareness" ; Death, is a seed to grow yet again. 

So I repeat, Death-key 13, is known as the 24th Path of Nun on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Nun, means, Fish (illustrated on the card) and is also the Hebrew simple letter for Movement. (Thus the running skeleton).

The Path of Nun runs from Netzach (Victory) to Tiphareth (Beauty) on the Tree of Life, and is one of the three aforementioned paths that leads from the self-consciousness/ personality to the Higher Self-Conscious.

The initiate may experience the Higher Self on any one of these Three Paths, Art (The Path of Samekh), The Devil (The Path of Ayin), and Death, the Path of Nun; but the lessons of all three must be mastered.

The figures of the Art card, the Devil card and the Death card are all different aspects of the same thing; The Higher Self.

On the Path of Nun, one is literally launching the consciousness into the Dark Collective Unconscious of Universal Origins. This takes courage and determination, for the self-consciousness, no mater how big it thinks it is, appears to be extinguished in the Universal Unconscious, as does a rain drop in the vast Seas. I liken the consciousness to an Artificial Intelligence, and the Unconscious as the Real Intelligence. This artifice aids me in trusting the dissolution of my consciousness, as a transition towards re-birthing my identity, purified of illusion and deception. In fact, the word meaning of the Path of Nun, Fish, reveals the whole arcane doctrine of the Qabalah, as it is the symbol for the "first matter" that moves within the Infinite Ocean of  Unconscious-------i.e. Thought.

The perspicacious student will note that the Tree of Life has a Path for Death, that of Nun, but seems not to have a Path for Birth: However, The Devil, Path of Ayin (meaning Eye), enchains our personality in matter as it leaves the Higher Self on its journey down the Tree of Life. Thus the Devil is a card of Birth. Plus there is the fact that both Death and Birth are essentially the same transition. As one is born in visible light and/or "outer World", their "I" sight dies to the invisible or "inner world", just as the personality transitions from the outer world back into the inner world at physical death.  The One energy Transforms itself by the process of perspective changes; of energy self-identity phases. From one phase to another.

The personality, constructed self-consciousness, is indeed extinguished in the Universal Collective Unconscious causing a period of "forgetful sleep" before the personality-fractal exits the Higher Self again and produces another operative artifice known as consciousness used to operate another material form and/or creative tool. The exception to this recycling process, is when the consciousness (animus) and Unconscious (animus) are in a balanced union of daily communication/communion, then the Higher-Consciousness (result of Anima-Animus union) accompanies and thus carries the personality (accumulated individual environmental data) back to the Higher Self, without needing physical death to do so: much like the Tarot-Hermit carrying his own light in the darkness of limitless light. This is done when the consciousness has become discriminatory, and knows the tricks of Matter, i.e. the illusions of senses, that  the Personality experiences on the physical plane. These illusions or delusions come from the perspective of separateness and survival thinking of the individual physical form. Thus, the fear of Death, must be conquered by the consciousness "that won't experience the death sleep"; that is, the consciousness that knowing transfers from body to body by fearless personal union with the Awakened Soul: The Soul that owns its own body, and is the only Law of that Form! Or as Aleister Crowley Stated: "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law: the Law is love".

The Great Work, is Life itself as a Wholeness, not a divisionism of  separates, all trying to prove themselves to a Creator that by the very process of creation, had already approve them into being! Those who are seeking approval, a survival mechanism of the social animal, are what I call "fish in the Ocean, looking for water." and/ or "Wanna-Be's" who forgot that they already Are.
Life is breath. The Greek word Spiro (Breath), is the root word of Spirit and spiral. Therefore, (logic jump here) you the Spirit, are the spiral breath of the body. You are the Life and the body is alive (Self and Selves). Thus "seeking a life", is analogous to a fish in the ocean seeking water. Besides, as Life, everyone you see is another way to be life!

The Beauty of Tiphareth, the Higher Self, is that once you return to this aspect of Personality, you return to your body knowing that you, as a Personality, are completely accepted and not fearing rejection in the least ( a mask of fear of death)! In other words, you "Know Thyself".

The  Thoth Tarot Card- Death-key 13, is called the many texts of the Mysteries, "The Child of the Great Transformers" and also the "Lord of the Gates of  Death"; Implying that  Nun is not the Great Transformers themselves, he is their Child. Thus Nun is not Death itself, rather Nun is the keeper of the Gateway into Transformation. Roughly, this states that the "first matter", thought belongs to the Psyche, which is the Gate keeper of Transformation, which is not too difficult to "wrap your head around" if you understand that how you "perceive yourself" transforms your manifested reality.

After Traveling one of the Three Paths of the "Dark Night of the Soul", where your consciousness is torn down (the fractal is torn apart), relieved of all that is not worthy of you ( is not a perfect copy of your soul-fractal); as decided by the Higher Self. Once reconstructed, the new Fractal of self is then sent back down the Tree into a  Malkuth-body-transformation where the perspectives of the Personality have changed from reality to the Real perspectives of the Great Work. In other words, to be an aware-sensual-Soul, rather than a socially made personality, is only possible by returning to the Higher Self. Your brain can't do the job as it is an artificial sense of self!
The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 13: DEATH, is shown in a scene of sunrise, rather than sunset as one would assume.
This is because the Transformation of Energy, is full of inspired meaning.
Again, the Hermetic Qabalah teaches us the real meaning of death, which is not an end, but a change, a motion and a  transformation. 

Death is but a gateway into a larger life reality. Because of the freeing of self-imposed limitations, our conscious can now expand and transform into the Original Collective of the Soul and not the fitful trammels, and tribulations imposed on it by physical "survival thinking". Life depends on disintegration for the release of energy. For if form doesn't transform, it becomes too stable or crystallized (like carbon to diamond) and energy is bound in entropy rather than released to Live again.

The traditional image of death is shown on the B.O.T.A.  card with his steel scythe; steel is attributed to the planet Mars. The Crescent shape of the scythe also hints at a relationship between Key 13 and to Key 2. The T-handle is a Tau cross. 

The three severed hands, two active and one passive, represent the Works Card (3 of Disks).

The end of the Picean age is shown as a severed foot, while the rising sun depicts the beginning of the  Aquarian age.
The man's head symbolizes Chokmah-Wisdom while the Woman's head represents Binah-Understanding.
The Fool's white rose is also depicted as a rose bush, while up in the left hand corner, is the symbol of the seed and/or orphic egg.
All the meanings depict the knowledge of the Hermetic Qabalah.

1st law of thermodynamics (physics) "There is only one energy that cannot be created nor destroyed but only transformed."
2nd law of thermodynamics: "All things proceed from order to disorder".

What we should understand is that life/death are two aspects of the same state of being. Alive is life-death, as form is time-space, there are no divisions. Therefore, this card represents the Universal Principle of Letting Go and Moving On. As Crowley stated: " The Universe is Change; every Change is the effect of an Act of Love: all Acts of Love contain Pure Joy. Die Daily.Death is the apex of one curve of the snake Life: behold all opposites as necessary compliments, and rejoice."

Death is the triple Scorpio symbol in the deck.There are three symbols of Scorpio, as shown in the Thoth Qabalsitic Tarot-Key 13 which represent three stages of transformation and/ or death and rebirth stages:

  1. The scorpion represents that part of ourselves that is willing to protect , and move away from conditions which cause pain and hurt. Letting go.
  2. The snake sheds old skin in order to rebuild anew and grow. This reminds us that in order to transform old identities, we must be willing to let go of the old and move on.
  3. The Eagle or Phoenix, is about vital force, of immortality and regeneration. The bird in or nature is vital free spirit who is irrepressible and ever changing.

The skeleton:

represents the inherent body structure that allows movement and change within our self expression as well as, it is the bones of who we are and represents our ancestral lineage and our commitment to grow and evolve through birth/death cycles.

The Crown:

represents expanded consciousness; where one has conquered the survival mind of the animal. To be honest all of us know we don't survive this manifestation. We move on to expand and liberate Life while carrying our own "enlightenment" to the next destination!

When the Death card-Key 13 is thrown it means:

  • That we are eliminating what is no longer in service.
  • Giving up your sense of self to a feeling of merging with another or The Greater Self who is both life-death.
  • We are pruning and composing. 
  • The Death Card, during a reading, suggests Time, Age and transformation.
  • Rarely does it symbolize physical death and only if borne out by the accompanying cards.
  • For the Querent, this is the Principle of letting go, and moving on.
  • A rebirth out of Old conditions. 
  • A type of transitional metamorphosis which destroys the something old to build the something new.
  •  A Realization of Life Power as it is released from past confines and revitalized by change and regeneration.

Thank you for your interest, your comments  and your supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.


I have been teaching the Hermetic Qabalah and Thoth Tarot, for many years, in that process have come upon some very talented and intuitive souls, whose identities have been bruised, and battered but never conquered, by the indoctrination of the Patriarch based culture. As these Qabalists developed, through long study, and many nights of putting up with my special brand of teaching, they have shown great insight, and a special knowledge of Self, that only Qabalah and its Tarot, can supply the Keys to.  So, I asked that they share with you, some of these insights and some have come bravely forward, with scribe in hand and have sent me articles of their own insight. Presented is a Tag to their original article as well as a copy of that article presented in this blog.Therefore, I have created a blog segment called:
The Student's Corner:  and Grace Sequoia has graciously offered the public her insight! 

The Majestic and Magical Presence of “SEED”
The 4 Aces and Their Connection to the Seed of Earth:
Each of us came from seed. We are the alchemy of two polarities conjoined in a divine dance, forming an amazing awareness that expresses the bestowment of presence gifted by the Source of all Life. Within our form we carry the majestic ‘star-fire’ that propels us forward to Be. This is our Magic; we are Magi, but we are not all acting as Magi. Some of us have lifted our eyes upward and forgotten the ground from which we burst forth. And in doing so, we hold the heavens as absolute, denying the very soil that holds us and supports us. There cannot be one without the other.

In each seed – any seed – is the total knowing of the universal blueprint of the All. It holds the entire library of what is possible, and yet, by divine province the outcome is not all the same. No flower, leaf, root, hand, foot, eye or anything is an exact duplicate. The fractal of expression may appear similar but it cannot repeat in exactness. This too is by divine choice; exact replication is to be held in a closed circuit, without new breath or expression; it is death without rebirth. When we covet outside of our Self, when we claim ownership of another’s divine presence of anything around us, we cut the cord of connection and begin the begetting of withering; it is a slow corruption of form and function.
A seed carries within itself the ‘Will to Be’. It does not consider the destination, only the expression. For you and me this is the journey without concern for the destination. And before you can object by stating that goals are key to meeting deadlines, benchmarks and such, this concept of the journey exceeds the ‘mundane’ activities of your mental approach to life; for the mundane is the small “i” of “LIFE”.

Deep within each seed is the quiet roar of LIFE. It merely needs to awaken, and upon wakening, it hums and dances within its shell expanding till at the optimum time it breaks through its shell and raises its head into a world unseen till it’s ‘now’. This is our journey too. Each of us a seed awaiting that spark of fire to burst forth like a nova star hurtling us into an immense orchestration of creative activity. Once we state I AM to the universe the journey is in full motion. This brings me to current trend and Tarot – yes, this is a blog after all; the Aces and Seed technology.

In Tarot is the symbology of centuries of studies and experience. Although tied to mythologies, science and art, they hold keys to our psyche that assist us in our journey from seedling to flowering, conception and fruition (either by shared gifts or physically). Where upon our final travels we release our oars and surrender to the current of LIFE and are pulled back into the womb of our Celestial Mother, Earth. She is an open womb, ever accepting of seed and pushing life upward from the folds of deep within to nurture all willing to partake of her.

The four Aces are the seeds of total potential, artistically presented for the four suits: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Each suit corresponds to the four parts of our psyche, our personal trinity and the realm we walk: Spirit/Passion, Heart/Emotion, Mind/Thought and Form-Function/Presence. The fifth element is the unseen tether to the other side of the mirror, our Solar Elohim or SoEl, Soul. We are the little gods of the Big God. As such we are all potential on all realms, the cosmic brats of our universe. But it is our journey that truly shines the artistry of our painted canvas; this is our ‘Tree of Life Reflection’ to the gifted ‘Tree of Life’.
We are total mind, emotion, want and presence when we are born, but we have no direction at first. We grow according to our physical blue-print, but our mind, built of two hemispheres of wisdom, that over time build the bridges of understanding between into the great hall of consideration; this is what we use to express our I AM. Some build bridges more from the left – the laws of form and function, structure and within the lines and some more from the right, open and airy, abstract and outside of the box. Which are you? Our goal is to build bridges from both sides to the Great Dance Hall, where all knowing meets and coalesces into a knowing embracing all potential expression.

While the aces reflect particular suits, they cannot be separated any more than you can separate a yolk from its sack or the shell. Each is a unique part of the whole, the sum of its parts. An egg is a seed ready for the divine spark to breathe Life into it; which also brings me to Seed technology.
The recent fights against GMO activity have value. But remember that husbandry whether of plant or animal is also a type of GMO work. The difference being that through ‘conscious’ husbandry/farming the cycles are honored and we work with the Earth and not against Her. When any entity, whether on paper (corporations) or individuals lay claim and ownership to patent a creative process, we have forgotten our partnership with Earth. When we take a seed and create built-in death (sterility), we deny seed ‘knowledge’ to be expressed.

More and more of us are beginning to see the world as a sentient Being, intelligent and expressive, and hear her call to help her remain a divine mother in control of her fertility rights. No one can claim the right to control another’s life experience. Each seed, whether the Aces we use to rebirth and renew our mind, heart, body and spirit or the one we consciously plant to partake of and allow Her to renew and rebirth her forms, has sovereign rights; all of which we should honor. The only reason to hold patent or claim is for profit and bragging rights.

When we use the Tarot deck for divination, we are asking for keys that show our psyche which doors to open, which paths to walk and the map of our activities (for some of us … our ‘mischief management’). We open channels of communication as we stand before the magical mirror of Self and hold dialogue. As we do this we should also remember our agreement to be stewards for Her rights of Self presence. Together we have a place for our divine journey, to travel the Tree of Life, from Aces to Tens and back again. She is only asking for the same. When we destroy her forests we are slowly lobotomizing her archival mind, when we gouge her lands without replacement of exchange we are starving her; and how we treat our bodies is energetically reflected back to Her.

Each time you pull and Ace card to skrye or it appears in a spread, take note; this is the Divine Seed of total potential and awaits your direction, discernment and conscious action. The Holy Grael (Graäl) is the Ace of Cups, the flowing waters of her love.
The Ace of Wands the Solar Fire of her Husband the Sun which she embraces, holds to her heart and uses to push Life.

The Ace of Swords is the truth of her mind, the balance of severity and compassion for all her children that walk her belly and push outward from her womb.

The Ace of Disks (Coins/Pentacles) is the Magic (Magi Creating) card of all elements in action. The womb needs her seeds to be watered, warmed and breathing in nurturing soil to anchor presence.

The next time you plant in your garden, consider the source of that plant’s seed. It could have been anything before it burst forth into the sunshine and then became what you now see before you. What are you planting in your life? What are you eating? Do you care what seeds you plant in your Life and Garden. When was the last time you touched a plant flower and saw her womb open and vulnerable? How much have you delved into the center of a seed, whether the Self or Garden and saw the majesty and magic of its presence; the divine feminine looking back at you. These are the Aces of the first Source reflected on Earth. They are not to be taken lightly and hold great power. We must not covet the Aces to harness or cage their raw power; but rather respect them for their divine presence, and know they are what expand our journey into the Abundance and Magic of our Being Alive.
Grace Sequoia

A Note To Grace: sorry but I had to change some pictures as some wouldn't copyalso I added a couple...because I couldn't resist! Thank you Grace for such a fine and insightful contribution to this blog!

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot, Key 12 : HANGED MAN & The B.O.T.A. Tarot, key 12: HANGED MAN.

The Tarot of Eli
The Path of Mem; Key 12- The Hanged Man.

Paul Foster Case wrote in his instructional missive, Thirty-Two Paths Of Wisdom:
The Twenty-third Path is called the Stable of Intelligence, and it is so called because it has the virtue of consistency among all numerations.
* Path Color: Deep Blue
*Musical Note: G#
*Meaning: Water
*Maternal Letter: Water
*Esoteric Title: The Spirit of the Mighty Waters.
The Path of Mem (The Hanged Man) connects Hod  ( 8-Splender) and Geburah (5-Severity) on the pillar of severity (your left). This card also connects  Personality to the Higher Self, but in a much different way than those previous three that connect to Tiphareth (Beauty).

The Hanged Man, key 12 of the Thoth Tarot is probably the most misunderstood card in all the Tarot decks. Besides the fact that the image is one of tortured death, called "baffling"  that  was used to punish thieves in the Middle Ages, it looks like absolute surrender to the inevitable and all dignity is lost. 
Then there is the crucifixion  aspect, which symbolizes the dying god that is a myth in most every culture. The dying gods, Osiris, Christ, Dionysus, (Sacrifice myth) Prometheus,  etc, who where cut up and scattered all over the barren earth causing the fecund and fruitful earth that we know.

Often because of its curious imagery, this card has only been understood and publicly revealed in the past few decades.  Key 12 has a complex meaning and is related to Kether (1-Crown) as a motion. This is the Path of Water ( the letter Mem is one of the three Maternals), and in some respects represents  the Path of baptism into Maternal Water; each experienced Maternal Path is a baptism;
  1. Shin is the baptism of Fire (Judgment).
  2.  Mem is the baptism of Water (The Hanged Man).
  3.  Aleph is the baptism of Air (The Fool).
The Water baptism is the central, and pivotal experience of the entire Tree of Life as Water means Consciousness (1st Principle of Alchemy).  Even though not wet, this subtle substance of "mind stuff" is symbolized by Water because it has some of water's qualities, particularly as energy wave movement. Spirit is a Spiral Flow of Life, that causes the "breath of a body" and is a Soul when experienced in an individual "Microwave" that is self-aware. Too make a long evolution short, it is the Life that makes bodies alive.  Therefore, to get our identity straight, we must understand that I AM the Life, and the body, not a body seeking a life! 

The Intelligence of Spirit operates in every sphere (Sephiroth and Paths, i.e. "numerations") and in the same way on all.

The Astral Fluid (vitriol of the magician) is the Watery flow of electromagnetic energy that underlies every thing and moves in waves (cycles), that are stimulated by active Psyche, showing its similarity to  physical water. Think of a thought as a stone thrown into a placid pool of water, and you can then visualize the waves from the center of impact that spread outward towards the shore of the now disturbed pool.This is similar to the Psyche as a thought is "thrown" into it by the personality. The more power used to "throw" the thought, (Emotion is the thrower) the greater the waves in the Pool of Psyche. The Greater the disturbance, gets full concentration towards construction and is "made manifest".

When one is on the Twenty-Third Path, one is "drowned" in these waters and perceives himself/herself as an intrinsic and inseparable part of the One Collective Consciousness. To be Key 12- The Hanged Man, we must become lost in our- Self; the unconscious no sooner touches us than we are it-we become unconscious of ourselves  and Know Our Self!. The Hindu mystics called this the state of Samadhi, a condition where the physical processes are literally suspended ( Hung up side down) in trance, while the consciousness affects a union with the Divine.

In practicing Tarot, it is important to know that the Path of The Hanged Man is only the first entry into a sequence of states of union with the Divine Inheritance. Therefore the idea presented is that we must move our identity constantly upward on the Tree of Life, as we are hung up side down in the material world.

Only after experiencing the next higher Sephira are the qualities of the lower Sephira completely understood and can be directed by willful intent.

The Path of Mem leads directly to Geburah, the active/fiery part of the Pillar of Water below Binah ( the dynamic motion of "will to form" of the Higher Self). The Hanged Man is resting his feet on Binah (represented as the Ankh cross-which is also symbolized by the Tau Cross .

Easily summarized, the reverse figure on the Thoth card represents the suspension of personal  consciousness (called ego by some, personal ego, by others) while a greater reality imposes a complete reversal of perspective (the "other side of the mirror"...mirror being another symbolism of water). This "human spirit suspended by a single thread", seems to be a sacrificed, but this is a willing suspension, a sacrificial baptism that is also a crucifixion. Thus it is also the card representing the Dying God. This is essentially an intellectual experience.

When viewing the legs of the hanged man you see the number 4, the Four above the Three, i.e.the imaginative qualities of key-3 Empress subordinate to the rational qualities of Key 4 The Emperor; the ultimate sacrifice of desire to rational principle.

Behind The Thoth Hanged Man are the Emerald Tablets (summing up of all of nature).
"The creator and destroyer who operates all change" is represented by the coiled serpent/rope that the left foot hangs from. The lower serpent represents the effect of the Divine Work. Crowley called this, " Through his Work a Child is begotten, as shown by the Serpent stirring in the Darkness of the Abyss below him." It may behoove us to remember that serpents are the way to represent the motion of spiraling forces that enliven all things, i.e. Microwaves.

Through out our histories, the Dying God is represented in mythology. Osiris, Prometheus, Odin, Christ, and even the Greek Goddess Artemis  was known as the "Hanged One"---none of these are the final death.

The Thoth Path of Mem, THE HANGED MAN- Key 12, has a reverse figure on the card that represents the Higher Self imposing a complete reversal of perspective which is a suspension of individual consciousness. 
This is however, is a willing suspension, done by an initiate's conscious effort, a type of sacrifice or baptism, where the perspective of "I Am" is cleansed of the illusions of the material world, i.e. ME

Because of this sacrificing of one's individual perspectives to the Greater Self perspective of the Universal Collective Unconscious, the Thoth Deck HANGED MAN is shown in a suspected state of crucifixion that images the myth of the Dying God. (Dionysus. Osiris, Odin, Christ etc.).
In truth, this card is about sacrificing the Conscious self to the Universal Collective Unconscious, [a state often called Samadi in yoga]. The Ankh is a symbol of union of the Goddess (oval womb shape) and the God, cross shape. It is about the Union of the Divine Universal Unconscious (which is a state of conscious energy) and our very own personal conscious, i.e. Ego; a union that can only be accomplished by complete surrender of our consciousness to the Divine. In short, we must allow our 'little god" (personal consciousness ) to be disassembled by the Greater God (Universal Unconscious) so that we can expand and liberate ourselves from "the man made self". In other words, giving our entire self to the  conscious of the Greater Work than our own self absorbed egoistic existence.

The Hebrew letter-Mem means Water, and is used in Hermetic Qabalah to explain the "Fluid of Conscious" that flows through all planes of existence.  Often called the Astral Fluid, this state of invisible Conscious or Unconscious,  acts like the "flow of Water" (that is not wet) and as a fluid that carries data, much like electricity. Until one is absolutely absorbed in this Water, drowned even, and perceive themselves as inseparable from the One Conscious, there is no further advancement into Divine Conscious.

The symbolism of this card is why we have the ritual of Baptism, especially in the Gnostic Cultures for it symbolizes the complete surrender of self to the Universal Self which than cleanses us of the errors we have defined ourselves as, allowing the unblocked flowing of Divine Conscious to fill our bodies and operated them in the Great Work, as the Divine Identity we represent.

Crowley's figure emphasizes the Cross and Triangle, the Egyptian Ankh being the Cross, and the man is the Triangle of (I -AM- ME) three states of our own consciousness. Behind the figure are the Elemental Tablets  of Gnostic Alchemy, that sums up all Nature.

The coil serpent around his left foot, symbolizes the "creator and destroyer who operates all change" and the coiled serpentine shape at his head is the effect of the work of God. We are the Serpentine Children of Divine Self Awareness born into the Abyss and issue from it ( We are 99.6% invisible). Serpentine force is Spiral Flowing force, which is where the word Spirit is derived, We are Spiral Entity, who flow through all Dimensions of Self!...Even the invisible (dark) dimensions.

This card has layers upon layers of mystical meaning just like that represented by the Maternal Water of Consciousness. The Path of Mem is between Geburah (severity) and Hod (Splendor)...Hod being one of the Conscious states of energy on the lower Astral Triangle of the Tree of Life. The Placement itself, is full of meaning.

Some of my more observant students have asked why the Hanged Man is crucified on the Left hand Path (the blue path between Geburah and Hod) or one side of the Tree of Life as it would seem logical to have him spanning the Tree. The reasoning behind this one sided nonfiction, is because this is an intellectual experience,  as shown by the legs positioned into the upside down number 4 which is suspended above the Triangle (3) implied by the positioning of the arms. Four is the number of the Emperor Key-4 of the Thoth Deck Tarot, and represents the Rational qualities of the Mind while 3 is the number of the Empress, the imaginative qualities of the mind ( also seen in the number 12,1+2=3). Thus, positioning the rational qualities of the mind over the desire principle.
This suspension and or crucifixion  in space, is what happens when the spinning WHEEL OF FORTUNE,  the tenth key and the opposite Path of Caph ( the Path between Netzach and Chesed) is willfully arrested by the initiate.

The HANGED MAN is repose, while the WHEEL OF FORTUNE is activity both of which form a balance that is known as the activity and passivity of the ONE THING.

Thus, one of the primary qualities of the HANGED MAN is that it is a Path of  eternal probabilities and/or eternal unresolved possibilities. Therefor the HANGED MAN represents openness without end, while THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, is the exact opposite, as it encloses in eternal motion, i.e. making a limited thought pattern and/or Form. When Mem (Water-consciousness) is closed, it becomes the Ankh (a form of the Tau cross)  The Ankh therefore represents Mem reversed or "consciousness turned inward".

In Crowley's card of the HANGED MAN, the figure emphasizes the cross-triangle, and is suspended from the Ankh, being attached to this form of the Tau Cross, by a coiled serpent that symbolizes " the creator and destroyer who operates all change". There is also a lower coiled serpent that represents the effect of the Work of God: As Crowley states in his book of Thoth: : "Through his work a Child is begotten, as shown by the Serpent stirring in the Darkness of the Abyss below him." 
As I have stated before, this is the card that shows the reversal of perspective, where the individual identity, reflected in the light of consciousness (reflecting side of the Mirror of Self), becomes the Universal Identity (The Dark or non-reflective side of the Mirror of Self) that is manifested  "selves" as individual identities of the Divine Universal Collective Unconscious, the Maker of All Things.

Successful skrying of this card will reverse perspective, so that the mediator becomes the object of  one's own meditation. Which could be stated as, where the Soul is observing the body, rather than the body seeking its soul.

The HANGED MAN of the B.O.T.A. tarot, key12, primarily represents reversal. To a Qabalist, this card symbolizes the reversal of thought and/or point of view held by those who know from that held by the unenlightened mundane multitudes.
Hence, another meaning of the Hanged Man, is Suspended Mind and/or Samadhi, as it is known to the Hindu yogi. This is an exalted state of conscious that the aspirant experiences when they reach the Divine Consciousness of Pure Being.

Again, the Hebrew letter Mem
(shown an bottom right of the card) means water or seas, and refers to the occult, Root Matter, as do the crescents and the upper garment of the Hanged Man.
The gallows, is in the shape of the letter Tau (Key 21 of the Tarot) and the 12 loop branches refer to the signs of the zodiac.
The edging of the jacket, with the belt represent the cross and circle (Ankh), the positive and negative symbols of Life expression.
His white hair and halo around his head, imply he is the embodiment of the One Light.
The entire image represents a pendulum at rest; at rest, because he realizes, in this heightened mental state, that no person ever thinks or acts of himself, but simply expresses the thought, motion and action of the One Identity: the I AM.

When THE HANGED MAN -key 12, is thrown during a reading, the querent will be or is:
  • Experiencing moments of enforced sacrifice, maybe even punishment.
  •  If Ill defined: Loss that may not be voluntary and general suffering.
  • This is the Principle of  Surrender in order to break old patterns.
  •  A time when one must accept reversals.
  • Depending on the dignity of the accompanying cards, THE HANGED MAN, represents a state of mystical death in the form of a change of consciousness.
  • It usually means an involuntary and/ or enforced sacrifice.
  • It is "tough love", as the Great Mother in the form of the Sword of Geburah, cleaves away all that is consciously keeping us from our Divine Inheritance.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you and yours live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot Key 11: LUST & The B.O.T.A. Tarot Key 11: JUSTICE

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Deck Key 11-Lust, is represented in many decks, as the Strength-key-8 card;  as most decks call Key 11-Justice. Crowley believe that there is far more truth and magick in the title of Lust.

Upon viewing the Tree of Life, one can see that The Lust Card is not just the path of Strength of Geburah ( Severity) but rather the influence from Chesed (Mercy) upon Geburah. It is also interesting to note, that the Path of Lust is balance both vertically and horizontally.

Crowley judged Lust to be a more expansive term than Strength because Lust implies not only Strength but the joy of strength exercised.  To me, it is vigor and the rapture of vigor expressed in True Presence. This Rapturous Vigor represents something I call "Will to Be"; when the Soul's will to be is fully established in the physical flesh.  " Beauty and Strength, leaping laughter and delicious languor, force and fire, are of  us!" quote Crowley.
I really recommend that the truly seeking student get:  THE BOOK OF THOTH (Egyptian Tarot) by Master Theron (Crowley) where the lascivious poetry and passionate prose, start a fire in your imagination. For this card cannot be understood by rationale thought, it must be felt in your "guts" as a burning passion, to be understood.

The Zodiacal assignation of  the Lust card is Leo, symbolized as a Lion, which is the Kerub of Fire and ruled by the Sun.  This card is considered the most powerful of the 12 zodiacal cards and represents the most critical operations of both Magick and Alchemy.

The Qabalistic Hebrew letter attributed to this card is Teth, meaning-serpent. The union of the zodiac and the letter Teth, produces the image we see  illustrated on the Lust card,of the "Lion- Serpent" (latter to be called, Dragon who is a compilation of all animals) that combines the many headed lion body with a haloed Serpent tail.

The Lust card portrays the original marriage as it occurs in nature showing a divine drunkenness or ecstasy. The woman (representing the Moon) is shown a little drunk, maybe a little mad with ecstasy riding upon a lust inflamed lion. This illustration implies the creative and  primitive order of energy that is completely independent of the criticism of reason.

The Thoth Deck Lust card portrays the Will of the Aeon. The goddess is holding high The Grail filled with the blood of Saints, whose whole life has been absorbed by the Grail and  whose bloodless images are in the back ground of this card.

In order to understand the magical doctrine of the Aeons, it is necessary to refer to the most ancient fables, legends and of the Zodiac. The Aeons are subject to Zodiacal procession, for instance:
  1. The Aeon of Isis (the first Aeon) was connected to Pisces and Virgo.
  2. The last Aeon, that of Osiris, is connected to Aries and Libra.
  3. The present Aeon of Horus, is referred to Aquarius and Leo.

The central mystery of the Aeon of Osiris, was that of incarnation, and descriptions of all god-men were founded on some mythological story of some kind that essentially denied human fatherhood to the hero or god-man (Daemon -in Greek) by portraying a animal in god form as the impregnator of the immaculate conceptions. For example, the Dove of the Holy Ghost, impregnated the Virgin Mary, Romulus and Remus (twins of Rome) where begotten of the God Mars and a virgin and were suckled by a Wolf. The father of Gautama Buddha, was said to be an elephant with six tusks who appeared in his mothers dream. Zeus was said to visit his female lovers as a Serpent. Similar fables are to found in every religion based on the Dying God (the Aeon of Osiris).

 Again: The Thoth Deck LUST card, key-11, replaces the "watered down" STRENGTH, card which is Key-8, in the Golden Dawn, Connolly Tarot, Ryder-Waite, Babylonian and many other Tarot Decks. So it may be confusing when I place it in the Path of Teth, which is normally called STRENGTH-Key  8 and not with those decks Justice Key 11.

As I stated, I agree with Aleister Crowley's expansion of the STRENGTH card, into the LUST card because the Passion-The Vital Force of Universal Construction, "the motion within the movement" of everything, is the Passionate expression of the I as the two of I AM , who then Join to become One Passion that creates All, i.e. the Active and Passive Motive force of Kundalini, and/or of Lion-Serpent/Electromagnetic Energy Spectrum. This Serpentine Force, can also be called "Serpent theory" instead of the Quantum Physics "String Theory", where every particle  has a serpentine string of active and passive energy with in it. In other words, there is within all, vibratory strings of  Vital Fiery Life-Force.  Thus, Lust, where active and passive forces come together in a swirling motion, seems a more appropriate understanding of the underlying "motion" of Life.

The Kundalini, or Fiery Lion Serpent is the Vital aspect of Life Force, which in manifestation, is duality of passivity and activity in a rhythmic beat, like a heart. Kundalini is known as the Sacred Fire, when in its active phase, purposely unladen by Willed goal.

The UNIVERSE key 21, is the completion of the LUST CARD, and you'll see the Woman figure riding the Lion Serpent on the Lust card, dancing with the Serpent Force in the Universe card. Both  illustrations are veils, concealing of  principles, though at different ends of manifestation. LUST is the beginning of  the Microcosm and THE UNIVERSE is the completion of it. Both of these cards are of that which is Womb (Gaäl), at the Highest Level, the womb-man who has tamed the Lion-Serpent and the womb-man who dances in space surrounded by the Cherubim of the  four elements are both expressions of that which is the EMPRESS/Binah key 3.

Again, this is a very powerful Qabalistic path of Magick and those of sensitive psyche, will be profoundly affected. One must appreciate the fact, that this Hermetic Path of Teth (meaning Snake), Lust Card, is a statement of methodology, whereby the Original Will controls the Vital Life Energy. We must also remember, that the word Power, means "the ability to do work" and our body, if  Loved as a master Craftsman loves and adores one's favorite-tools, gives us Willed -Power in this dimension of  crystallized energy; A power to weave our very own Vital Life Force into masterpieces of physical and therefore sensual Self Identity!

This Divine Frenzy requires a focused willful intelligence, much like Gilgamesh of Sumerian/Babylonian legend (shown on Babylonian Tarot Card) and not some mad hater personality, that can't even control its own thought.

 I would recommend that one Skry the Thoth card only after one is capable of holding a one- thought or image focus during an entire meditation!  For, any Psyche that Touches the Lust OF The Great Father/Mother (Divine Creative), will be profoundly charged, changed, and expanded beyond comfortable perspectives, all of which can be dangerous to the balance of our delicate "fence sitting" persona.

In other words, one must be diligently trained in channeling higher and higher vibratory levels of Vital Life Force, where all three of themselves, Soul, Mind and Body function as one mechanism of creation, before they "Ride the Lion-Serpent". For this "Bad boy" is not just for any rodeo rider, it is the Roar of the "Big Bang", that started it all! That is why A.Crowley calls the traditional Strength card Lust. For even the "little lust" of the manifested (Microcosm) seems to be  beyond the cultural  ego's control, as every politicians "secret life"  will show. It is hard to imagine, what the Macrocosmic Lust would do to such a weak psyche, but then again, we have examples in Adolf Hitler, etc.

Lust represents a very important initiatory formula dealing with Kundalini Serpent Power. This Spiraling Power is the Force of Fiery Life that opens, or stimulates all the Chakras (energy centers) in the Human body. The Principles embedded in the Lust Card, tell us how to use this power.  This is a "Divine Frenzy" which when stated Alchemically,"The heat of the furnace  makes the Stone" or if religious,"inflame thyself with Prayer". The Heat applied, is the great passion within the confines of Tantric exercises, or the exercise of the Middle Pillar (Aleister Crowley's book,777), all of which I recommend the interested party research. As Mostaffa Jahaladine Rumi, the 12th century Sufi Master Stated in his devotional poetry, "...I Want the Burning!"

Crowley's imagery may shock some, as he presents the Whore of Babylon (Scarlet Woman), taming the Lion-Serpent but then he understood that the epitome of virginity (sign of Virgo), was the Sacred Virgins of the Temples, before Christianity, made them "evil women", whores or Saints, of which both perspectives were confusingly applied.

The Christian word "Whore" is a bastardization of the Greek word, Hetacrate (meaning female companion) or Horae, who acted as midwives to the Greek Gods and inspired earthly horae ( harlot-priestesses) to train men in the Sexual Mysteries. The temple dance, still called the Hora, was based on the Priestesses imitation of the zodiacal circling of "hours". Horology is Time keeping, because of the systems devised by the ancient Temple Priestesses of the Goddess. The Horae  were call the "fair ones, begetter of all things who in appointed order, bring on day and night, summer and winter, so as to months and years grow full." These "fair ones" had many names: The Tantric word for sacred harlot was Veshya (Mahanirvanatantra, 328),  probably derived from the Divine Creatrix's oldest names in Greece and Rome, Hestia or Vesta, "the hearth mother" who was served by Vestal Virgins who were originally harlot-priestesses. Then, "Hearth" and "Earth" both arose from the altar of the Saxon Goddess Ertha, or Heartha, the northern Hestia-Vesta. In fact, in the matriarchal age, every woman's hearth-fire was her altar.  The hearth was also the omphalos (Orphic egg), (Potter & Sargent, 201) feminine hub of the Universe, and the navel-stone of the temple, around which the sacred harlots performed their Dance of Time.
In Egypt they were the "Ladies of the Hour", in Persia houris,
in Babylon harines; among Semites they were the "whores" call hor (a hole), ancestresses of the Horites.

Ishtar ( pronounced-Easter), the Mesopotamian creatrix,  was considered the "Great Whore of Babylon",(Briffault 3, 169) who announced,  "A prostitute compassionate am I." Mary Magdalene,Priestess of the Temple of Mari in King Salomon's court (Malvern,49) stated, " Not only are we compassionate of ourselves, but we are compassionate of all the race of mankind."

These ancient harlots, were revered for their learning and often commanded high social status and were considered the embodiment of the Queen of Heaven, who in Palestine was called Qadeshet, the Great Whore; therefore the harlots were honored like queens at centers of learning in Greece and Asia Minor. Noteworthy, is the empress Theodora, wife of Justinian, who began her career as a temple harlot (Bullough, 125). St. Helena, the mother of Constantine, was a harlot before she became an empress-saint.

Yet the Whore of Babylon, the Fiery Feminine Divine Creative, is not "any man's" companion, she is the Mother of the Solar-Father God or "Vital Life Force" known as the "serpent force". This Solar Vitality, is not of Earthly being, it is our "stash" of inherited power form the "Angels that mated with the women of men". It makes an ordinary human into a Titan, and it must never be summoned by those who are not "Whole in themselves"! For as any great force of purification, it will exploit the cracks in ones psyche! This is True Star Power, and it will be the most powerful magic practiced, i.e. "Sex Magick", this I know as I have been trained in the "Fiery Arts" but only after I had been totally destroyed and resurrected by the Scarlet Woman (There is no husband until she calls him husband). Some would call this the "dark night of the Soul", but let me tell you, this is the "Burning" where total annihilation of the dragonish self happens and a Phoenix arises out of the ashes. Do Not Mess around with this Force! Please, do not follow those who wish to open up you kundalini in practices, before you are "at one with your inner self" and or Christos or Buddha within. We do not need more people admitted to the "mad house".

Therefore, the practices of Divination, such as Tarot, Runes, Numerology, and Astrology will begin the gentle process of "rising the kundalini", as one grows equally with self-knowledge. The inner self will be in charge of this growth and all will be well. Remember, the Thoth Tarot, and others of the Hermetic Qabalah, speak in symbolic image to the Divine Collective Unconscious, in such away that all is held in balance and progressive enlightenment. Trust the Spirit of you, who out of it's own "Lust to be" created you.

Since the Lust card is related to the Sun, there are Correspondences:  11-Lust & 19-TheSun. By knowing and utilizing these correspondences, one greatly enhances ritual magick.
To reiterate: The Thoth Deck, 11-Lust is the Strength or Justice Card in many other decks. Crowley (and Lady Frieda Harris) knew that the Lust of Creation, was the underlying Strength in Life Itself.
In this correspondence the astrological sign is; Strength/Lust-Leo and the astrological Planet; The Sun. I know many people fear and therefore do not understand the word Lust, but it relays the tremendous passion that gave birth to the "Big Bang" and the word Strength seems to be a bit watered down. As A.Crowley wrote about the Lust card: "Migrate Energy with Love; but let Love devour all things."

The astrological form of key 11- Lust: I will. The astrological motion of the Sun-Key19: I seek myself through what I create.

Rune stones are: Lust-Uruz, the run of strength, sacrificial animals, and physical endurance.

The Rune stone for The Sun: Sowelu, the rune of wholeness and the life forces; means "the Sun." Primary color is Yellow and secondary is mustard.

Lust and The Sun are associated with the Third Chakra (the Navel or Manipura Chakra) of the solar plexus and indicate will power, wishes, metabolism, humor, wisdom, ego, attitudes, prejudices, reactions, ideas, intellectual analysis, is the chakra of the Inner Intelligence.

The stones/minerals of this association are; Topaz, amber, citrine, tsilaisite tourmaline, yellow fluorites, yellow calcedony.

The corresponding musical notes are: Lust-E# and for The Sun-D.

The Qabalistic letters are: Lust-simple letter-Taste. The path (Tree of Life) Hebrew alphabet-Teth, The Intelligence of all the activities of the Spiritual Beings. The symbolic meaning is-snake.

For The Sun- double letter- Fertility-Barrenness. The path-Resh, The Collecting Intelligence. Symbol of meaning-Head.

The Herbal essences: Lust- Rosemary, Juniper Berry, Orange. For The Sun the herbal essences are: Cinnamon, Mandarin or Tangerine, Frankincense.

The Correspondence of Lust and The Sun produces Passive Magick which is the ability to create magick by trusting the (lust) plan of operation to God. The most potent kind of magic since the Original Lust is involved and it comes with release from personal desire for one's own ends, patience through faith (trust) and power through acceptance. In other words, releasing the goal to the expansion and liberation of Life (The Great Work) of which you are a part of.

Again, when assembling all these correspondences, mineral, essences, etc. One of each is enough; However, each has an associating "vibration" so the greater the influence is felt with the "many". For those of you who really wish to do powerful passive magic meditation, assemble the stones/minerals in a large circle, place within that circle a pillow to sit on, the Lust Card and The Sun card as focal points of meditation, Herbal essences may be outside the circle . Have a pitch pipe inside the circle with you and blow the notes associated with both cards and vocalize your trust in The Divine Creative (Thy will be done)---then focus on the union of the Cards.

I often place four cinnamon essence-lit candles in a square (four corners of the room) and circle the stones within that square and place a bowl of water with Rosemary herb/ or Juniper Berry essence with in the circle with me. The Vibrations of Energy seem to be greatly enhanced by such a construct as the flames of the candles hold the invoked energy within it, causing a circular motion within the square.

The B.O.T.A. Key 11 is called JUSTICE,  and stands for equilibrium, balance etc., all of which are represented by title and scales. Also represented is the Hindu doctrine of Karma: literal interpretation is that of Action or Work and manifests itself as the law of undeviating justice. (Such is the Kundalini, for all that isn't actively worked out in the emotions, mind and body of a person will be enacted with great undeviating power, posing great danger to a culturally indoctrinated persona).

This card also represents the truth of the "Cause and effect" world we live in, as every action has an equal and opposite reaction and/or we reap what we sow.
The two curtains suggest the duality of equal and opposite and balance just by their symmetry.

The repeat of the pillar and veil symbolism of Key 2, is shown by the Throne.
The movement of spirit in the world of form is represented as the circle and square on the front of the crown.

The sword represents discrimination/discernment which is closely allied to Justice.

Dr. Paul Foster Case states in his booklet-Highlights of Tarot that:
"Key 11 is the agency through which all of the forces represented by Keys 1 to 10 are transferred to the manifesting powers represented by the Keys 12 to 21. This cryptic statement deserves
a great deal of thought on your part. You will be well rewarded by your effort."

When the Lust or Justice card is thrown during a reading, it means:
  • The querent is relying on spiritual powers to manage the situation at hand and is receiving the strength to over come. 
  • Following ones own inner light, doing what their "heart of heart" inner-self, says is right.
  • There can be an experiencing of a "gut level" driving force, instinctual and compelling for protection or survival.
  • Also, possessing the courage of one's convictions.
  • The strength of Passion, in the Higher Nature, which are power, courage, energy, action and magnanimity.
  • One is experiencing the Law of Self-Domination, self-rule and self control.
  • Use of magical power.
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Control of the Life force
  • A great love affair with the "secret lover".
As pertaining to the Justice card:
  • Justice.
  • Balance.
  • Adjustment towards equilibrium.
  • Suspension of action pending a decision.
  • May refer to law suits, trials, marriages, treaties, etc.  

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot Key 10: THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE & The B.O.T.A. Tarot key 10: THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE

The Tarot of EliAll prosperity begins in the mind and is dependent only upon the full use of our creative imagination.
- Ruth Ross, Prospering Woman

The Thoth Tarot Wheel of Fortune card is key X (Roman Numeral 10) in the Tarot Deck. This card represents the universal principle of abundance, liberation, expansion and  prosperity.

In astrological terms the Wheel of Fortune is Jupiter, the planet of luck, opportunity, and abundance. Hence this symbol reminds us that Divine Imagination is the source of all fortune and as inheritors of mastery over this unlimited first substance (thought) we have to accept our positions as Sons and Daughters of the Divine. This awakens ourselves to the possibilities that can turn our lives in more positive liberating and expansive directions.

The Thoth WHEEL OF FORTUNE, is called the Path of Caph (meaning: Fist)  and runs from Chesed (Mercy) to Netzach (Victory) on the Tree of Life. This path is on the side of the Tree of Life called The Pillar of Mercy, and connects the Personality to the Higher Self (all Serphiroth above Tiphareth are in the Higher Self).

The Path of Caph, has a mediating function as the planet Jupiter is assigned to this Path. Jupiter, is also said to govern the flow of blood, thus reinforcing the mediating function of Caph.

The Hebrew letter Caph, is a "double letter', meaning that it is a union of opposites; riches and poverty, which are the natural fluctuations of Jupiter's forces on this path. Since this Path is one of the "Gateways to the Soul", the riches and poverty here are of the Psyche itself.

Again, The meaning of Caph (Kaph) is fist, and refers to a completion of an activity, such as, the closing of a circle or grasping comprehension. Therefore, this is a cycle, albeit a closed one such as a flow of Karma, which is a state of you get what you put out. Hence, the Wheel is an important symbol of the Mysteries, besides that of a prayer wheel, it is also the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
Therefore this is not a roulette wheel of chance and accidents, for in the Hermetic Qaballah, it is known that we are solely responsible for our own destinies which the words "freedom of choice" imply. The Wheel of Fortune supplies us with what we earn as discerning creators, for Free Doom, the Anglo Saxon root of the English Freedom, states,"I choose my own death".

The interchange of opposites is what makes the wheel Spin, in this case, we have, the Feminine-Geburah- Severity, and the masculine Chesed- Mercy, interchanging their forces and form. This interchange of opposites, is shown by the Ten Spokes on the Thoth Deck card, symbolizing the Ten Sephiroth on the Tree of Life which is a continuity of Force and Form, in equilibrium.

In his work, The Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom, Paul Foster Case calls the Path of Caph, the Intelligence of Conciliation  which would best be seen as a gyroscope, two wheels interlocking within each other, spinning in opposite directions, for this card represents the mediation of activity between rotating and/or moving opposites. The sense being that there is a cyclic and rhythmic  motion of activity, as well as, cause and effect.

What is interesting here, is that on the Thoth Deck Card, the Sphinx is seen as the stabilizing element in the midst of change and is positioned on top of the Wheel. The ancient Egyptians used the Sphinx image as the symbol representing Pharaoh, usually vanquishing his enemies, with lion like power. Later on the Greeks, modified the Sphinx by illustrating it as a women on a  male lion's body. Thus, the Sphinx came to represent the union of mankind, with the raw power of the animal kingdom, and a balance of male (electric) and female (magnetic) in the same form and therefore the Soul/Psyche of the individual. Again the union of opposites, is the birth place of all Power.

The Qabalistic concept of the Sphinx is that it is the Synthesis of all Elemental Forces, much like the Pentagram symbol of Man, where the Spirit is the Fifth element above and  added to the four elements of the animal kingdom. In fact, among the documents of the Enochian Mysteries of the Golden Dawn, the Sphinx has four forms, that of a Bull, Eagle, Man and Lion. These four faces are also describe by Ezekiel in the Biblical interpretation of his vision.  The Wheel of Fortune, is the glyph of perpetual motion where the flying Eagle balances the Man; the roaring Lion counterpoises the laborious Bull.

As stated:
the Sphinx represents the stabilizing element in the midst of change. It is  both the balancing phase of cyclic energy and the guardian to the gateway of the Mysteries, holding the secret of life and death. Thus the Sphinx is a gate guardian of the Path of Caph (fist) as it is both that through which one passes in birth or death, and that which controls the passage.
The Sphinx symbolizes the directing aspect of the Higher Self in Tiphareth (beauty) and/or The Soul of the individual and being a Gate Keeper, it is protective and keeps the Personality from absorbing more force than its system can handle.

By correctly answering the question of the Sphinx, which is an extension of the Greek Axiom," Man, know thyself", implies that one is ready to pass through the gate of inner consciousness. As in the Oedipus legend, once correctly answered, the Sphinx throws itself back into the Sea which to a Qabalist means that the Gate keeper is no longer needed and is reabsorbed into the vast Ocean of Higher Consciousness that created it. If the initiate can't answer the Sphinx's question, they are "slain" , which is the protection part of the Sphinx, as it sends back those personalities that are unready to pass consciously beyond the restrictions of time/space.

The dog faced monkey , on the left side of the wheel, is in reference to the Plutonian, Cynocephalus. Cynocephalus is the not only the companion of Thoth but also the symbol of time and eternity. Thoth, being called the Lord of Holy Words, by the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, is the inventor of writing and scribe for the Gods who records the results of the weighing of the Souls on the Path of Lamed (See past blog on the Adjustment Card). Thoth is also said to divided time into  months, seasons and years. Thus his companion is Cynocephalus, the symbol for time and eternity. In a nut shell, the Words of Thoth are the vibratory patterns that turn the Wheel of Fortune.
Being quite esoteric here, the Wheel of Fortune means that when the Higher Self, that brings the Elements under control, bestows upon the Personality which "knows itself", faithful companions that are the "words" (vibratory patterns), freeing the Personality from the General Wheel of Fortune and/or Karma that governs the "sleeping souls" who "above all things" don't know themselves.

The Thoth Deck Wheel of Fortune card, depicts the interaction between the Sphinx, Hermanubis and Typhon; Hermanubis is a dual god, combining Horus and Anubis and is written as Heru-em-Anpu, meaning  Horus as Anubis. Sword in hand, Heru-em-Anpu is often depicted in mythology as the slayer of Typhon, who is illustrated as a snake. Typhon was of Greek origin and was involved in the wars of supremacy of the Gods. But as time develops the complexity of Myths, Typhon became the dark aspect of Osiris known as Set, the combination of these symbols plays out the counter-changing influence of Light and Dark energy. In Quantum physics, Dark Energy is the Pushing Force, the "vibrations" that spins the universe and pushes it outward. This may cause one to wonder if "death" is the pushing force for Life, as poverty is the "pushing" force towards fortune and/or ignorance the pushing force towards knowledge.

Therefore, let us open our minds and greet the day with welcome by saying:
  • I am a prosperous individual.
  • I Am the abundance that created me.
  • I am enjoy manifesting internal abundance externally!
  • From the North, South, East and West, fortune flows to me in every way that is best.
  • I am all the power that ever was or will be and I am here now!

The B.O.T.A. Tarot, Key 10: THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE,
represents the principle of rotation. Here is established the idea of the First Whirling force in the vast ocean expanse of the root substance of the Universe, The Limitless Light (Dark Energy), is behind the "movement within the motion of all things".
Variations of this whirling motion (Spiral frequencies of microwaves), supplies all qualities, and changes/transformations of all things on all planes.

Attributed to this key of a pair of opposites are "Wealth and Poverty", as well as the attribution called the Rewarding Intelligence. In astrology the Planet assigned to this card is Jupiter, also called the Greater Fortune.

The four fixed signs of the zodiac are represented as the Bull, Lion, Man and Eagle and are the cherubs mention in the biblical Ezekiel and Revelations.
The Wheel itself represents the Cosmic Expression. The cosmic vibration of radiant energy (microwaves) is represented as the yellow serpent. Hermanubis is shown here as a jackal-headed humanoid and represents the evolution of consciousness from lower forms to higher.
The Real Self of mankind, having finished the evolutionary journey in this cycle of manifestation, is shown as the Sphinx, therefor, as in the Thoth Tarot, the Spinx represents the Soul.

When the WHEEL OF FORTUNE is thrown during a reading, it indicates:
  • That in the next 10 weeks or 10 months there shall be new opportunities for creating fortune in the querent's  life.
  • Life is moving and being busy here, so breakthroughs in prosperity and abundance are approaching fast.
  • Generally this is a good luck card depicting rewards and recognition for things completed.
  • Change.
  • Remember, when at the bottom of the Wheel, you have only one way to go and that is Up!
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot Key 9: THE HERMIT & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 9: THE HERMIT

The Tarot of EliTHE PATH OF YOD: Key- 9-The Hermit.
* Primary Path Color: Yellowish-Green
* Musical Note: F
*Meaning of Yod: Hand
* Astrological sign: Virgo
* Hebrew Letter: Simple Letter-Sexual Love
* Esoteric Title: The Prophet of the Eternal, The Magus of the Voice of Power.
Dr. Paul Foster Case stated in his class room text,  Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom:
"The Twentieth Path is the Intelligence of Will, and is so called because it is the means of preparation of all and each created being, and by this intelligence the existence of the Primordial Wisdom becomes known." Thus we have another manifestation of the "True" will as represented by the Magus. Therefore the Hermit and the Magus Tarot Paths correspond.

Correspondences: 9-The Hermit & 1-The Magus.
The association of these cards with Astrology is in the sign Virgo and Planet Mercury. In astrology Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo and in Tarot Mercury corresponds to both the Lovers and the Hermit. The astrological form of the Hermit is I learn and the astrological motion of the Magus (magician in some tarot decks) is I seek myself through what I serve.
The corresponding Rune-stones are: Hermit-Jera, the harvest rune-stone, beneficial outcomes, and the span of one year.  Also, the Magus-Algiz, the rune of protection, the spiritual warrior, the one whose battle is with himself.

The associated primary colors Yellow-Green. Secondary colors lime-green. This correspondence of the Hermit and the Magus is also associated with the Third Chakra (solar plexus) which governs will power, wishes, metabolism, humor, wisdom, ego, reactions, ideas, intellectual analysis, and fear of rejection. The Third Chakra is the spiral energy of the intellect.

The stones/minerals associated with this correspondence are: Peridot, moldavite, jade, jadeite, aventurine, green kunzite, green containing tourmalines of uvite, feridavite, verdelite, watermelon-yellow green fluorites and chalcedony.

Musical notes for the Hermit-F and for the Magus-E.
Letters of the Qaballah are: Hermit-Simple letter- Sexual Love (English translation) The Hermits Path is : Yod , The Intelligence of Will. The symbol of meaning is : Hand.

Qaballistic letter for the Magus; Double letter- Life-Death and the Path is: Beth, the Intelligence of Transparency. Symbolic meaning-House.

The plant essences: The Hermit- Sage, wintergreen, and caraway. The Magician-Dill, lemongrass, sorax or Benzoin.
The psychic energy involved in the correspondence of the Hermit and the Magus, is associated with meditation and the ability to surrender the conscious mind to the super-conscious (self to Greater Self) which unlocks exploration and knowledge of the whole self for the expansion and liberation of the personality from self-imposed limits of indoctrinated knowledge and cultural understanding. In other words, the key to "Holy Spirit".

To be an excellent reader of Tarot-a Tarot Seer- we must remember that the conscious mind learns only by association. From letters, to word, to idea, all of which is an association in the subconscious mind. A correspondence that has taken effort and years to the point of automatically producing associations with out any conscious effort.  Therefore, the conscious mind functions solely through associations/correspondences in everything it learns, and thinks. Sharing common associations produces success in communication which is why we have a "school system". This ability to see correspondence also aids the Tarot Seer in communicating messages from the Invisible (Divine) to the querent (asker of questions) so that clarity in communication is served. Messages from the Divine are in energetic form and must be given image to be understood by the process of association. To someone who is not a Qaballist, this all may seem "deep" which communicates too much effort to try and understand, but to the diligent seer---deep is where we reside.

Correspondences aside, The Path of Yod (The Hermit), connects Tiphareth (Sephira 6- Beauty; also known as the Christ-Buddha center) and Chesed (Sephira 4-Mercy) who is also the Architect of Manifestation. Therefore the Path of Yod is the very point of origin of our manifest Universe, it represents the self-sustained primal beginnings of manifestation. A direct contact with the Divine Source of All.

Virgo is attributed to the Twentieth Path of Yod and reminds us that the Hermit be ever-virgin, pure, and totally innocent. It represents a gateway to the bridge between Macrocosm (Macroprosopus) and Microcosm ( Microprosopus) which give it certain qualities of Daäth (the invisible Sephira/Knowledge) represented by the very isolation of the figure. To look upon this figure suggests to me, Diogenes in search of the honest man---maybe even Moses emanating his rays of light. 

This solitariness is even defined in the word Hermit, which comes from the Greek word meaning desert. It is a fact that during the third and fourth centuries, extreme asceticism and societal withdrawal where considered a means of perfection. Many ascetics lived in the desert to achieve this. 

As our understanding progresses along the Tree of Life, we see how important it is that we let the card suggest such images as they will.  Images of a desert, are a very potent ones. As a concept, the desert is an expanse of earth as indefinably vast as the ocean and as we consider Binah (Unconscious) in the image of deep, dark, endless waters, we are able to see the desert as a crystallization out of Binah's vast sea of consciousness. The Hermit is the same expression of energy conscious as the Fool; it is at once the wise old age of the Child (Horus) and the virgin beginning of a new sequence. 

The Hermit's principle is one of union. The Hermit represents the first point of awareness by the Higher Self of the Supreme Spiritual Self (Greater Self of the Buddhists)  this is explained by the most erotic of imagery (As in the Hindu Tantric Temples); However, this is not the outer sexuality of coition, for this card is the essence of isolation and singularity. This is "self-contained" and "self-sustaining" sexuality; the inner dance of polarities attributed to communion  of Chokma and Binah (The Red Cloak shows his roots with Binah), which makes all form -alive! Yod is phallic; it is the Male-Fire (electric force) which rushes out toward the Female-Water (magnetic force) .  A Yod (hand) is the All-Father in manifestation below the Abyss, which is related to the Logos (word of God) and therefore, corresponds to the Magus.

On the Tree of Life, Tiphareth (6-Beauty) is the Logos center, an objective link between God and Man (as above so below). Remembering that the Paths are subjective and therefore Arcane, the link is on the Path of the Hermit.  This is to say, that Tiphareth is the objective center that can only be understood as transitional energy subjectively on the Path of Yod. To look from above down, by rising above Tipareth toward Chesed, on the Path of the Hermit, is to see subjectively ---and experience of "spiral hind-sight".

The hand is, man's ultimate creative tool, hence, attributed to Yod and The Hermit is the very hand of God. The Orphic Egg wrapped in a serpent, represents the ancient Orphic Mysteries interpretation of the Cosmos encircled by the Fiery Spirit, i.e. Yod.

The Three Headed Dog (Cerberus) guards the gates of Hell--has been tamed by the Hermit. The spermatozoon image, represents the Yod energy in the material world, while the  completely hidden staff transmits the sexual force. Aliester Crowley stated, "In this Triumph is then the entire mystery of Life in its most secret workings. Yod=Phallus=Spermatozoon=Hand=Logos=Virgin" . The Lamp refers to Tiphareth, and makes a statement about the very nature of Light. The Yod is The Hermit, Heh is The Emperor and Vau is the Hierophant and all are functioning to the side of the Pillar of Mercy on the Tree of Life--a trinity from Chesed to Tiphareth to Chokmah, and back to Chesed. Thus we have a very valuable subject of meditation.

The finest thing in the world is knowing how to belong to oneself.
-Michel de Montaigne, Of Solitude

The Hermit card represents the Universal Principle of completion, contemplation, and introspection. The Hermit symbolizes the "wise-way- shower" who lights the way of wisdom in the experiences of life and is an invaluable inner resource for assisting us and others in our daily lives.
Another interpretation of The tree headed dog, who is the Greek Cerberus, guardian of the underworld, signifies the part of our nature that things are complete (one head looking behind) before we move our attention forward. Cerberus, represents the dark inner and unknown parts of ourselves that we should explore and incorporate before wholeness of self can be experienced.

The burgundy cloak is the Egyptian symbol of blood, that represents the inherent honesty and integrity (virtue) within all of us. It pays to remember that we inherit the great Wisdom, Integrity, and Virtue of the Divine Creative and through introspection and contemplation we can "Remember our Divinity".

 Again, astrologically, the Hermit is Virgo ( the wheat in the back ground), the sign that represents attention to details, organization, and beauty.

The egg wrapped in the serpent, is called the Orphic egg and symbolizes the ability to give birth to new spiritual and physical forms.
I hope I clearly established the fact that The Path of Yod (Hand) which is THE HERMIT card, is the Path of Spiritual Fire into the Microcosm (Microprosopus) .  The Yod is the All Father, Chokma and the PATH OF YOD, is the manifestation before the Abyss which is related to the Logos (Word), that is objectified as Tiphareth on the Tree of Life.
To some the  term Logos or Word, is confusing; However, the Word/logos represents that vibratory will/ force which continually stimulates manifestation and flows down the path of the Magus.

This stimulation also energizes the principles of form (Binah) which it has produced. Thus Kether, the Crown, the origin of Fiery Spirit, is seen as the One that from itself produced Two which refers to the Electric (Male) and Magnetic (Female) forces of the One Electromagnetic Energy. There is a lot to wrap your brain around here, but that is mostly true of all the symbolism of the Major Arcana.

Often, the Hermit, who is Grandfather of the masculine trinity of Son, Father and Grandfather, is related to the Christ figure, but he is better related to the Hebrew pathfinder Moses, who led his people across the Egyptian desert. In fact, an early Gnostic sect, The Simonion Gnostics, that had taken its name from Simon-Magus, first described in the Acts of the Apostles, that the Logos was objectified as Moses. These second century Gnostics taught that the Book of Exodus was an allegory of the soul being led by the Logos (Moses/Hermit) through the desert of human life into the spiritual promised land. Many of us of the Western culture, know the story of Moses as a Thaumaturge (Arch-magician), whose staff is a wand of enormous power that can strike water from rock and turn into a serpent upon his bidding. The "Magi's wand", turning into a serpent force, is an allegory that refers to the use of Kundalini (Yod) force by the Adept Magician.This serpentine force is a Sacred Fire that is the essence of the Logos transmitted by the phallic wand. To a Tantric, this wand would be called the Divya Linga: Divine Lingam.

Other references to Moses and the Sacred Fire, is the told as God interacting with Moses through a burning bush. Making Moses an intermediary or tool of the Supreme Father. Thus, Moses is the Hand (yod) of God, which emphasizes the meaning of Yod as hand. In Fact, the hand of the Hermit is open, as opposed to the closed fist meaning of the Wheel of Fortune (see past blog), and means ultimate Power while also depicting innocence, as an open hand can give or take with out the impediments of thoughts or moral restrictions.

The Thoth Deck Hermit card, shows the lone figure cloaked in the Red of Binah, showing that he is rooted in the Great Red Mother, thus describing the motion and activity that is essential to the Yod which is the Intercourse of Chokma and Binah and the purifying flow of menstrual blood, a universal substance of rejuvenation. The Universal-blood flows to the Universal She as semen (idea/seed), she then conceptualizes energy into form (Understanding). Here, Wisdom (Chokma) is objectified by Understanding (Binah).

 As stated, the concept of the Cosmos encircled by the Fiery Spirit  (Yod), is shown by the Orphic egg, wrapped in a serpentine image of the spiral energy, nurturing the Universe. 

Interestingly,Cerberus, the Greek three headed dog who guards the gates of Hell, is tamed by the Hermit and is a willing companion. There is also an interesting connection here to the Goddess Hell-Aine (Red Womb), and Her Three Yoni (Vagina: Maid-Mother and Crone and the fourth feminine of manifestation-the Whore: Red/ Womb/Graäl), but I'll leave further explanation up to the investigative student of magic, as I don't wish to offend the the flesh-o-phobes of our dogmatic culture, whose delicate personalities can't stand the shock of the Universal intercourse.

The image of the spermatozoon, represents the Yod energies in the world, while the staff (phallus) which transmits sexual force (Kundalini) is totally hidden, to soften Victorian sensibilities.  Which is not the case of the Japanese ink scroll depiction  of Bodhidharma (470-543 CE.), the first patriarch of Chinese and Japaneses Buddhism who himself was as a Moses. The Spiritual Fire and wand, of a Magus is depicted in this illustration, as his Phallus, erect and eager to unite with the Divine Feminine. So before the flesh-o-phobia of body fearing Division-ism places you in apoplexy, just remember that the Human body is a Beth (Hebrew for House or Temple) of Magick. For Beth is The Path of the Magus!
  I wonder, has it ever occurred to common man, that if you divide the spirit (Will) from the sacred-body, that it only leads to enslavement? (Illustration from the Book: THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EROTIC WISDOM by Rufus C. Camphausen.)

As Crowley states in his BOOK OF THOTH, "In this Trump is shown the entire mystery of Life in its most secret workings. Yod=Phallus= Spermatozoon=Hand=Logos=Virgin".
Finding out why the Divine Couple of the Universe worked for over 14 billion years to build in the "Below", in the Malkuth World of Physical Mater, a Divine Image called Hu (Chinese for God ) Man (Hindu word-Manas: meaning mind) i.e. YOU. This also means that a physical Spirit body is part of the Collective that is  Holy Spirit, will help establish Spirit body Union and the axiom "Above all things know thyself!".

A lot of Divine work went into the making of You (a trinity of I Am Me)----and a lot of man-made history has been devoted to  the Pavlovian process of "pleasure/pain training" demanding that you demeaning your body, dividing it from your spiritual identity, so that your will is replaced by "those who enforce identity". This "divide and conquer" law of rule, allows one to
be ruled by those who can't rule themselves; slaves are but profit.  Something to ponder, as your self value flounders around in debt-slavery, trying to make "ends meet" and you try to understand the mystery of the "Holy Spirit" while you are "pursuing happiness". One Clue for understanding, is that All Being, is of The One Spirit, and if you don't have a Human-Spirit Body---you aren't a whole Spirit! Another understanding, is that to pursue something, means you don't have it ! The Magus states "I AM Happiness that wills being into form".

The Hermit-Key 9 of the B.O.T.A. Tarot, represents the I AM, The One Identity of the Divine Creative; an identity that we all share.

  1. His shining lantern represents a consciousness that has achieved enlightenment.
  2. He stands on a Mountain, as a light bearer for those on the path below.
  3. He is solitary and alone, representing the central Self in each one of us, seemingly different, but in all actuality, is the One and Only I AM. One must remember that the product of our own consciousness is a "Me", a reflection of the "inner self" in the crystalline light of the "outer world".
  4. Being that the Hermit represents the One Identity, it also represents the One Will (Magus), as the Universes came into being as an act of Primal Will of the One Identity (All seeing "I").
  5. Here the Hermit is wearing a gray robe, indicating the neutralization ( or the "annihilation" as Crowley puts it) of all opposites in manifestation by each other. When equal amounts of all colors are mixed, one gets grey. When equal weights of all colors are mixed on gets Pure White, which is, as yet, impossible to achieve on this level of manifestation.
  6.  His staff corresponds to the Archetypal world and the will.
  7. The Universe behind the visible light, The Ain, The Ain Soph and the Ain Soph Aur, is a Supreme Reality that is incomprehensible to our intellects, therefore the Hermit stands in the darkness of limitless energy.
  8. The Golden six rayed light (Christos) that the Hermit carries represents the cosmic principles and laws.
  9. By studying the Qabalah and the Tree of Life of Hermetic Qabalistic Tarot, our consciousness gradually awakens to these Cosmic Principles and Laws, causing the darkness of ignorance to slowly fade and recede before the bright light of I AM, until at last, one can attain the heights to which they aspire.

When the Hermit card is thrown during a reading, it implies:
  • That knowledge is needed, meditation and prayer are to be used to hear the inner self.
  • A deep desire to follow that which is meaningful  and/or heartfelt to you. 
  • Time to gather enough data and information in order to sort things out.
  • Introspection which may require you to withdraw from others or the usual environment in order to gain the perspectives needed.
  •  A stage in life where Wisdom is sought.
  • This is a great card for skrying, as it is of the Inner Wisdom that we so much need to KNOW OURSELVES!
  • That knowledge is needed in the querent's life and having the need to listen closely to the "master within.
  • Contemplation, introspection by means of meditation is a method of achieving such a goal of inner wisdom.
 Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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