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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 5-The Hierophant & The Night Sun Tarot- Key 5- The Hierophant
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 4- The Emperor & The Night Sun Tarot-Key 4- The Emperor
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 5-The Hierophant & The Night Sun Tarot- Key 5- The Hierophant
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 4- The Emperor & The Night Sun Tarot-Key 4- The Emperor
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 3- The Empress & The Night Sun Tarot-Key 3-The Empress
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-The High Priestess -key 2 & The Night Sun Tarot-The High Priestess-key-2.
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 1- The Magus & The Night Sun Tarot-Key 1- The Magician


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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 5-The Hierophant & The Night Sun Tarot- Key 5- The Hierophant

The Tarot of EliKey-5 of the Thoth Tarot-The Hierophant & The Night Sun Tarot-Key 5-The Hierophant:

Both The Thoth Tarot and the Night Sun Tarot display a Pontiff- like personage, which in Tarot, is the universal principle of learning and teaching. This universal principle was well explained in the  publication of The-Course in Miracles:
"As you teach so will you learn." If that is true, and it is true indeed, do not forget that what you teach is teaching you."

The Tarot-Key 5: The Hierophant, refers to the Hebrew letter Vau which when translated to English means Nail. The Hebrew letter Vau, is displayed on the Thoth Tarot Card at the lower left hand bottom corner and on the upper right hand corner of the Night Sun Tarot Card. On the Thoth Tarot, nine nails appear at the top of this card, fixing the oriel behind the main figure.

The zodiacal reference to the Hierophant is Taurus, whose very nature is that of elephants, thus the corresponding figures of the pachyderm are shown behind the main Thoth Tarot figure, who is also seated on a Bull, a western representation of Taurus. The Bull of Taurus and the Papal Bull, are both behind the head of The Night Sun Tarot Pontiff.

Around The Thoth Hierophant, at the four corners of the card, are the  four Kerubs or beasts, that are the guardians to every shrine. But no matter how many symbols one sees on this card, the uniting of the Macrocosm with the Microcosm, the nails, is the main reference and principle business of this card's occult mystery.
Oriel window

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An oriel window is a form of bay window which projects from the main wall of a building but does not reach to the ground. Supported by corbels, brackets or similar, an oriel window is most commonly found projecting from an upper floor but is also sometimes used on the ground floor.

Oriel windows are seen in Arab architecture in the form of mashrabiya. In Islamic culture these windows and balconies project from the street front of houses, providing an area in which women could peer out and see the activities below while remaining invisible.

On the Thoth Tarot-Hierophant, the oriel is diaphanous; looking closely, you can see before the Manifester of the Mystery (Arcanum= mystery) a Hexagram which represents the Macrocosm. This Hexagram of the Macrocosm is also drawn in a gold line behind the Night Sun Tarot-Hierophantic image.
  • In the Thoth Card's center, looking as if part of the Hierophant's robe, is a pentagram, representing a dancing male child.
  • The Dancing Child represents the New Aeon of the child Horus that has supplanted the Aeon of the "Dying God", and/or Age of Osiris,  which has governed the world for two thousand years.
  • Before The Thoth Hierophant is a female figure, girdled with a sword, who not only represents the "Dark Isis", or Scarlet Woman (Death Goddess with her sickle).
  of the Hierarchy of the new Aeon but also that of the sign of Venus, the ruler of the sign of Taurus.

The Scarlet Woman is another name for this "Blood Goddess" and was a major interest of Crowley's magical pursuits, and a great deal of study is needed just to begin understanding this Macrocosmic phenomena. The book by Peter Gray, THE RED GODDESS, will assist the serious student in their research.
  • On the Thoth Tarot, The Scarlet Woman symbolism is further carried out by the image of a 5 petaled rose behind the phallic headdress of the Hierophant.
  • The images of the Serpent and Dove refer to Crowley's [Book of Law--chap.1, verse 57]: "there are love and love. There is the dove and there is the serpent." Again, more study is advised.
The Dark Indigo starry sky of Nuit ( the Egyptian goddess-womb of all phenomena) forms the background of the Thoth Tarot card. The left- blue hand of the Hierophant being depicted on the Night Sun Tarot, would also seem to represent the Indigo of Nuit; a subtle representation of the All Mother who is womb of everything, including the Hierophant. Since this card represents the sign of Taurus, the\Bull Kerub (Cherub) represents Earth in its strongest and most balanced form. 
The letter Vau or Vav, has the meaning of nail or hook and is the simple letter meaning, hearing. The Hebrew story that Vau represents is:
When a man or woman who commits any of man's sins, by committing treachery toward God and that person shall become guilty-they shall confess the sin that they committed he shall make restitution for his guilt in its principle amount and add unto it a fifth and give it to the one to home he is indebted.
                                      Numbers 5:6-7
This Jewish concept of atonement and confession, in which a person is dishonest regarding financial issues---as an affront to both the victim and God and where God requires the abuser to repent, confess and pay back the money he's stolen with interest before forgiveness is given, seems rather odd in this placement on the Tree of Life ( Vau leads from Chessed to Chokmah and is the uppermost Path on the Pillar of Mercy). But consider this----earthly abuses and their thoughts of another ( survival mind errors) block our perceptions so that we cannot expand and liberation our self conscious to that of our Soul/Psyche. The fact that the Golden Dawn documents describe this path as, "The Zodiac acting through Taurus upon Jupiter,"  May shed some light on this word/letter Vau. Esoterically, this is the action of Chokmah, as the spermatic potential of the manifest universe, upon the first manifestation; Chokmah as Chessed (mercy) is the Father in manifestation. The Word Mercy gives us a clue to this path's inner  access.                                                    
Hence, to "walk the Path of Vau", can only be done with a "clean slate" and this requires self-honesty and trusting the mercy of your creator which is best done by recognizing our short comings and confessing them to our Higher Self and/or "Holy Guardian Angel". This gets the blocks out of the way, opening up the "River of Mercy" so that it may flow and revive us as the  First Sensual Person of the Macrocosm, who has entered into the Microcosm (Chessed is the Yod of the Microcosm--Yod being the Intelligence of Will).  What may come as a surprise to most of us, is that We 
are Spirit/Life---who makes bodies alive! We have sought "Enfleshenment" but in order to do so we have had to "Walk down the Tree of Life", ever becoming a more condensed form of light, to arrive in the realm of Malkuth (Kingdom), the place of physical manifestation. All for Sensual Reasons! Now we must do the laborious task of "Expanding and Liberating" the "earthly consciousness" of the microcosm by remembering our Macrocosmic Conscious-Self, while still empowering a living form on Earth.

 This is a tough job, when you remember that the "animal mind" is a survival mind and therefore a "slave mind"---all based on good and bad ("what doesn't hurt and what does hurt") right and wrong ( "what will get me punished and what won't get me punished").  To walk back up through the various conscious states of our Psyche,
we must divorce ourselves, piecemeal, from the survival thinking processes that limit the perspectives (sight, hearing, speaking, touching etc.) of the physical self conscious. To expand perspectives is to "open the mind" and we need to banish and/or atone for our actions  and resulting guilt for "preying on each other" in order to avoid pain. Fear of discomfort is the "Kingdom" from which we direct our physical lives.....and emotional discomfort is understood as pain. To confront our "fear of pain", to reach atonement ( at-one-ment)  is to face our errors and  " to correct them in the Mercy of Chessed" . 

The Qabalistic Path of Vau---The Hierophant Tarot card, is the Pontifes, the "bridge-maker" who provides a connecting link between outer experience and interior illumination---i.e. enlightenment.  We combine the self-conscious of  "enfleshenment" with the Self Conscious of Enlightenment by nailing them together on this Path of Atonement/confession. Our Soul needs to shed the illusion of survival thinking, so that it can claim its Immortal Inheritance, all this while still keeping a body! Here We not only unite the "As above and so Below", symbolized by the Pentagram, which is also the symbol for the "Ascended Man"----i.e. the fleshy conscious united with the "light" conscious as a complete SELF-Conscious!  Not as easy as it sounds, and a lot of self examination is required. Hence, in order to remember ourselves as the "The Child of Divine Parents"  (The "Spermatic Word" of the Father Impregnated the Egg of the Mother Binah--and we are the "The Child of the Divine Creative-The Horus--The living Suns )  is one reason we "walk up" the Paths of the Tree of Life, one step at a time. A lot to think about here, so do your research, meditations and be diligent in "seeing your error,\and correcting that error" for only then can we become "Wisdom". We expand and liberate self-by releasing confining perspectives and we can do this to the point of regaining "Greater Self".

The Hierophant card reminds us to have  faith in ourselves; "above all things know thyself" is often forgotten in family situations and in the mundane world of survival.  The family situations are represented in the Thoth card by the images of Isis and Osiris and Horus. In ancient Egypt, Isis was the image of Intuition, and Osiris, the image of wisdom, the symbols of which can be seen as the scepter of wisdom and the staff of moon. Which is illustrated as the Hierophants scepter on the Night Sun Tarot.  The Staff of the Moon was also known as representing instinct.

The resurrected Osiris, became Horus who represented Perception and Vision, as a child born of Intuition and Wisdom and in the new Aeon- represents us. We are the children of Intuition and Wisdom who are to be the purveyors of perception and vision.  We must have faith in following our childlike abilities of innocence and curiosity (the child in the star) We are to walk the mystical path with  the practical feet of the Magus.

Therefore the Hierophant is that inner part of ourselves that knows how to express our divinity into the outer world.
In the Qabalistic Tarot  and the Tree of Life, between the Macrocosm [Macroprosopus] and the Microcosm [Microprosopus] stands the Hierophant Key 5-which is the Eternal Intelligence.

 To reiterate: The Hebrew word Vau, that is attributed to the Hierophant, means nail or hook, which is appropriate as the Eternal Intelligence fixes the process of absolute revelation; it is the foundation, the base of experience between the Supreme Spiritual Self and the Ego of Tiphareth, of which memory is considered as one aspect. Hence the nine nails shown above the Hierophant image of the Thoth Tarot. The Traditional tarot art of the Hierophant has always shown two figures in supplication to the Pontiff image, seeking the revelation of some sort of knowledge. This tradition is being reflected upon in the B.O.T.A. tarot. Rider-Waite, Golden Dawn and the Night Sun Tarot Hierophant. The Night Sun Tarot, seems to use the symbols of the Rider-Waite, Golden Dawn, and Thoth Tarot.  The Two supplicants were traditional representation of the "conscious and unconscious".

 It may be enough to know that all that we are is forever woven into the Divine Spirit (The Spirit/Psyche of The Universal Divine Collective Unconscious) by the binding Eternal Intelligence that is the Hierophant. The Hierophant links the "As above, so below", the Sun and the Moon, the Soul and the man.
The texts of the Golden Dawn Lodge of the Hermetic Qabalah, describes the Hierophant as "The Zodiac acting through Taurus upon Jupiter", thus making this card a powerfully masculine Path upon which the Chariot, which carries the soul across the abyss, travels this celestial rode that is the Path of Vau. 

As all of you who follow my blog know, I have mentioned and examined the Thoth Deck Tarot in many ways. Not because of confusion, but because of the Multidimensional nature of the  Energy Intelligence their images represent.  The Hierophant links the Great Universe with manifestation which alone requires many texts of explanation. The 78 Tarot Cards, are the illustrations of these texts  or rather the "flash cards" of Whole Self.

What surprises many students is the knowledge that the Hierophant is not just a teacher but the only inner teacher! He is the "Magus of the Eternal" (The "Inner Teacher"). The Thoth Deck Hierophant does great justice to this concept as it is so full of symbol that students will write essays for centuries.

You will notice that in the Crowley/Harris representation of this card, there is a pentagram on the Hierophant's chest that encloses a Child.
  1. The Pentagram is the symbol of the "ascended man", it represents the union  of Air, Earth, Fire, Water and the Spirit.
  2. The Child within represents the Child Horus; the enlightened human persona of the future the Psyche of the Divine Hermaphrodite.
  3. The figure of the Hierophant is that of a Titan.
  4.  And below him is the feminine figure of "The Scarlet Woman"--the Red/Dark Moon. Helps to remember that Black is really the Darkest of Reds.
  5. Around him are the corners of this card are the Elemental Kerubim who symbolize the primordial elements of Kether which pass down  to Chokmah as the Spheres of the Zodiac that is now grounded in manifestation.
  6. The three ringed Key in his hand represents the Aeon of Isis, Osiris and Horus.
There is so much meaning  here that great study is required. Leave it to say, that the Hierophant is the administrator of the duality (shown by the traditional 2 supplicant figures) which emerges with Chokmah as it is structured by Binah, and which begins as manifestation below the Abyss as Chessed and is thus related to Tiphareth (The Child Horus- The new Aeon) who is the central point of manifestation. The Hierophant is  The Great Teacher who also learns by teaching, therefore teaching  is part of the study here.

The window behind the Thoth Hierophant's head or the pillar entry way to sanctuary of the Night Sun Tarot, is the passageway for manifest spirit between Macrocosm and Microcosm. If you wish to  be enlightened by the Teaching Intelligence of the Great Universal Self----meditate on this card! 

The Path of Vau is the uppermost path on the Pillar of Mercy (Right hand Path). In the Golden Dawn texts, this path is described as, " The Zodiac acting through Taurus upon Jupiter".  Here, Chokma is Jupiter, and his action is the spermatic potential of the Manifested Universe, Chesed, the Yod of Microcosm (Microprosopus), is the Father in Manifestation, while Chokmah (the Yod of the Macrocosm/) Macroprosopus) is the Supernal Father.
Therefore, the Path of the Hierophant is a powerfully masculine one (Electric Force), to which  the Bull-Taurus is applied as the image definitively applied to this card; Being "Fixed Earth", this is a stable foundation; a stabilizing extreme. This is the absolute foundation of the process of revelation where the inherited Knowing of the Creator, where THE Great Father, is expressing It's experience through the Supreme Spiritual Self to the Personality or Ego (Whole Self) of Tiphareth (The Sun of Beauty). Thus memory is involved and the solid foundation of "Above all things, Know thyself" is established as an Universal Inheritance for the Divine Child/Son of God, which is our Soul/Psyche.


THE HIEROPHANT is related to teaching, which relates Higher ideas into Lower organisms that is often called, "As above so below". The Hierophant is a state of conscious energy that is the Only source for our understanding of the inner Spirit/Spiral energy conscious.This "Magus of the Eternal" is stated by Paul Foster Case in his text," THE THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM:, as being the," ....Pontifex, the 'bridge maker'  who provides a connecting link between outer experience and interior illumination." Thus, the Hierophant gets the discriminating experience of the Body-operating-Personality, while teaching that very same Personality it's inherited Divinity. Thus,The Hierophant can be said to "Learn by Teaching". Therefore, the Eternal Intelligence  can be called "Life" and the Reasoning behind manifestation and implies that a teacher who learns from his students, is a great teacher, i.e. Life learns from the "alive".

Crowley's main concept was the "grounding" of the Fifth- Key-, using the corner symbols of the Four Kerubiim (Guiding collective intelligence of the Four Elements) as the tentative expressions of the primordial Elements of Kether (Crown) that are passed down to Chokmah, as the Sphere of the Zodiac. Interestingly, we think of the Zodiac as 12 signs, but it is really four ternaries, where each element is broken down to three signs.  To the Qabalist, this relates  to Yod (hand) Heh (Window) and Vau (Nail).
The Administrator to the emerging duality that is Chokmah (Phallus -Womb, male-female, electric-magnetic) is the Hierophant and it given form or structure by Binah (Great Mother)  which begins as manifestation below the Abyss of Dark Energy and Dark Matter, in Chesed (Mercy) as structured Light. Thus relating to Tiphareth (Beauty-Synchronicity), the central point of manifestation and is the Sun/Son god. This relationship is shown in two ways, first as the letter Vau, which is related to "The Son" (Androgynous Child of God) , and Tetragrammaton,  the second is the number six itself is related to Tiphareth as shown by the Hexagram. Crowley also shows the combination of the 5 elements, by the Pentagram on the chest of the Hierophant as the four elements are combined under the fifth element-Spirit, thus forming the 5 pointed star. The Pentagram image, confirms the Great Work known as "As above, so Below", a process in which the symbolic Moon always  is a key part. For the Moon is both above and below the Sun on the Tree of Life, as it is both implied as  Yesod (Foundation) and is the Path of the High Priestess and is exalted in Taurus.
Let us not forget that Taurus is also ruled by Venus, referring us to the Empress, the Path of Daleth, between Chokmah and Binah. THE EMPRESS is Mother Nature, and/or the fertilized  Universal Consciousness that is the foundation of the HIEROPHANT'S teaching.
THE HIEROPHANT'S teaching is intuitive, as it is on the "feeling" side of the Tree of Life  ( Venus-Netzach side), applying intuition to concepts collected by reason and built up by memory.
Illustrated on the Thoth Tarot, the Hierophant's wand is composed of three circles which maybe considered as the three Aeons of Isis, Osiris, and Horus, interlocking their magical formula.

The fact that the Hierophant is the path of Vau, meaning nail, also relates to memory; memory binds together, as does the nail.

The Hierophant is considered to be the Triumphal or Eternal Intelligence  and is the solid base of experience between the Supreme Spiritual Self and the Soul-Ego of Tiphareth. Memory is one aspect of this ; however the Primary function of The Hierophant is to link the Macrocosm and the Microcosm and the binding nature of this consciousness is described in many ways; one is linking the Sun and the Moon, another is that The Hierophant links together the Collective Unconscious and the Conscious to the Son. Therefore The Hierophant ties together the Above and the Below.

Let us not forget the fact that it is related to teaching, not only the action of teaching but also the reaction of learning by teaching! The Hierophant is the only source for our understanding of the inner spirit, as he is the intelligent energy which binds inner spirit to the outer aspects of manifestation.
Esoterically, he is the "Magus of the Eternal". If you are acquainted with the Gnostic Christian teachings of Simon the Mage, you'll have a greater understanding of the Hierophant in each of us. Crowley uses the word "oriel" , meaning window, as the dark back ground of this card, as yet another symbol of the Hierophant's linking the Macrocosm and Microcosm, i.e. The Creator with Creation.
Yet in the Gnostic Texts, the Hierophant was also seen as the demi-urge, who could not be trusted. For he "tricks us" with geometry. Making us think that knowledge is in straight lines and stands behind the arrogance of academia. This is artful shown on the Night Sun Tarot as his two supplicants are holding up a triangle and ruler, both of the builders trade. This linear thought is not the "all of truth", for everything is spiral in this Spiral Universe of ours. This should not be news to us moderns for even Einstein is quoted as say our Universe is spiral. The Sphere or Circle, has always been associated with Moon-Mother-Goddess. So here again, the High Priestess is the Real behind the Reality that is the Hierophant. He is indeed a knowledgeable architect who builds well with his linear architectural designs, but She is Curvature, and relays a deeper dimension to knowledge than does the Hierophant.
["A circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end - and if you put several circles over each other, then you get a spiral".- Maynard James Keenan]
Read more at:
Albert Einstein, has also described the Hierophantic Path of Vau, to a "tee": 
A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
Albert Einstein

When the Hierophant card is thrown:
  • The querent is experiencing divine wisdom.
  • Manifestation and explanation.
  • Teaching mainly in occult wisdom and/or seeking guidance in that area.
  • There is also a choice implied here, of self alignment to a particular philosophy, religion or a set of beliefs to which a great deal of loyalty is felt.
  • There is a marriage occurring between the Anima (Spirit) and Animus (Soul).
Now if ill defined, this card implies:
  • Patriarchy and the resulting oppressive law of orthodoxy.
  • Some one acting as judge and jury, telling the querent how to morally be.
  • In general, conforming to the cultural indoctrination and surrendering responsibility to social codes of behavior.
  • The desire for self-teaching and learning.
  • The need to make things tangible and practical. 

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 4- The Emperor & The Night Sun Tarot-Key 4- The Emperor

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot- Emperor-Key 4 & The Night Sun Tarot-key 4-The Emperor: are both representative of the Warrior force, Mars, and the letter- Tzaddi. The Hebrew letter, Tzaddi (shown on bottom left of card), refers to the sign of Aries in the Zodiac and the ruler of Aries which is Mars. The resulting combination exalts the Sun. All of which implies that Aries and Mars  is a combination of energy in its most material form with the idea of Authority.

The Thoth Tarot Emperor is illustrated as an imperial figure bedecked with crown and imperial vestments.
  • His throne shows capitals, behind him, that are representative of Himalayan Ram heads which also represent Aries the Ram. The Aries Ram is depicted on both the Thoth and Night Sun Tarot-Emperor.
  • The blazing golden-exalted- Sun Disk, is also represented behind the Emperor of both cards; However, the Night Sun Tarot shows solar radians that are embellished with angelic names. 
  • The couchant lamb and upright flag at his feet represent his domesticated attribution on the lower planes. As is noticed in both government (the flag) and Rams, if untamed they both are  wild and courageous, lonely in lonely places, whereas when tame they both are made to lie down in green pastures becoming docile and cowardly.
  • The golden ribbon draped across the Night Sun Tarot's Solar Disc, partially displays a sentence beginning with Dominico, which is Spanish for  the Latin-Dominicus, meaning-Lord and Master.
  • Both wear imperial vestments of Red, representing Mars and Aries.
  • The Crown of Thorns on the Night Sun Tarot's spread, reminds us that the power to rule, comes with self-sacrifice and often suffering.

The Emperor also represents the alchemical chemical, Sulfur, as shown by The Thoth Tarot's Emperor's posed head and arms, forming a triangle; below his crossed legs form the cross, making a complete sigil of the alchemical sulfur. In the Gnosis of Alchemy, Sulfur is the male creative fiery energy of the Universe and corresponds to the Qabalistic Fiery- swift creative energy, the initiative of all Being. [From the]
Sulfur (“Leviathan Cross”)

A symbol for the alchemical element Sulfur, (Brimstone) which is spiritually analogous to the human soul. Alchemically, sulfur has the qualities of masculine, hot and dry. Combined with Mercury (feminine, cool and moist), the pair were considered the parents of all metals. Alchemical drawings often portray Sulfur as the sun. (In some views, sulfur and salt are the parents of Mercury) The symbol of sulfur is often used as an identifying symbol by Satanists, due to sulphur’s historical association with the devil. This glyph is often referred to incorrectly as the “pontifical cross of Satan” by Christian tract writers, due to its adoption as an emblem of Satanism by Anton LaVey in the 1960s. The emblem has no history as a symbol of Satanism outside of LaVey’s usage, and the attribution is most likely a product of anti-Catholic sentiment, as it is often compared in this context to the Catholic Pontifical Cross. A more common symbol for sulfur is a fire triangle surmounting a cross of earth:

The Bee and Fleur-de-Lys, depicted on the Thoth Emperor's robes and bottom of the Card, both support the Imperial image as ancient signs of imperial power. The quality of this power is prone to sudden, violent but impermanent activity, so this fiery power must not persist for too long or it  burns and destroys.

The Rams head scepter is a  obvious continuance of authority and Aries. The Orb with the Maltese cross  and the Aries scepter, on both Cards, imply that his authority and power are now established governance. The shield at the feet of the Thoth Tarot Emperor, represents the two headed eagle crowned with a crimson disk which  is symbolic of the Alchemist's red tincture or the nature of gold. The golden eagle, the Sun, is consort to the white eagle, the moon, and/or silver, of the Empress. The Night Sun Tarot-Emperor, has an Eagle perched on  his left arm.
In the final observation of this Thoth Emperor card, the white light descending upon his head is the 2nd Sephiroth-Chokma, Wisdom, and symbolizes Chokmah's authority of creative wisdom, the Logos, and that it is exerted upon Tiphareth (Beauty), the organized man build of the Whole Soul Collective. As stated the Alchemical Sulfur, also represents the soul.  This makes sense, if you understand that Beauty is a perfect organization of opposites; a Jungian synchronicity.
There is much about the collective of "I Am", the Divine Creative, to explain but words are not the true explanation of  "I Am" which is the English translation of the Hebrew letter Heh, that is shown on the lower left of the Thoth Emperor card and the upper right on the Night Sun Tarot Emperor.
In fact the Biblical story of Heh ( Hebrew word: Hinenni which is a composite of Heh means "Here I Am") is known as Moses and the burning bush (Exodus:3:1-4) which tells us of a great miracle of enlightenment, where Moses mentally and physically climbs to new heights and witness a miracle beyond his normal perceptions of sight. To sum up this story,  at first he can't believe his eyes, but after God spoke from the burning bush, and called Moses's name twice---Moses responded with "Here I Am'. Thus showing that he has heard and is ready to do as bid by God. The Emperor card-Key 4, is the first Conscious sense---the first enactment of Willed energy on form. it is the eye (I) sight of conscious energy. It is the Fire that is seen-Light from Darkness. It is the Window that looks out onto form. But this is not understood by worded definitions alone. Moses had to go through many actions before he could "See the Light":
(A). He had to go out into the wilderness;  seek solitariness of self contemplation leaving behind the definitions of society.
(B) He sees an angel; through  meditation processes that take us out into the unexplored areas of our consciousness(wilderness) where we find our inner "Holy Guardian Angel").
( C). He notices that a bush is burning but is not consumed; our perspectives of sight, change through greater awareness and we see the spiritual fire or as I see, the Human Aura which is a "solar Fire" around the human body that doesn't consume.
(E). And after all this, is when he hears the Voice of God but he must hear it twice to be sure its real.
This is obviously a story about the inner path journey, as depicted on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, that we all must take to be able to claim our inheritance as "Children of God:" and our purpose is then made clear. On the Path of Heh, we now have a Window, in which to see through illusion and view the Real.
In order to get a glimpse of understanding about the Emperor Card, we have to Know the Empress. I know this sounds odd, but realize for a moment that Binah (The Great Mother) is a Yod unconscious energy that crosses over to the Heh conscious energy, thought the Path of the Empress; the Empress being the balance between Chokmah and Binah.  The Empress is the growth process that comes from the union and/or the interaction of male and female as the fertilized cell. She is fruition, The Emperor, although he is a potent masculine energy, is Heh on the Paths, meaning that its function is determined by Binah. In fact, Chokmah (Wisdom); the primary quality of maleness (electric force) is a female noun in Hebrew. Often Chokmah is considered feminine in action, because we have taken the point of view that whatever gives birth is exercising a primary female quality at the moment of birth.  To make a long story short, the male is inherent in the female and the female is inherent in the male, which is a real transformation function of a given energy consciousness. 
We may understand this inherited androgyny, as the "contra sexual component" postulated by Carl Jung which states that in the unconscious the male harbors the perfect female image and the female harbors the perfect male image in her unconscious. Dr. Carl Jung, called them, the Animus (male-Soul) and Anima (female-Spirit). In truth for one energy to not be created nor destroyed, it only transforms, is both a process of male-electric dynamic motion and female formation (magnetic form). It may boggle the Mind, but there really isn't a separation of male and female. We are both conscious (male) and unconscious (female) because she produces the "form" that he must act on. Imagination, is both active idea and form, therefore it is the Divine Creative who is both She and He! I have already described the Emperor card in
detail, and  have covered the path of Heh extensively. However, to reiterate, we know that the Hebrew letter, Heh, represents a window: a window of "insight" about Union rather than the "outsight" of divisionism. And without this window of insight. we can't see God-Logos! The Emperor is "I" sight  of the "I AM", the first sense enacted on Form. 
Again, THE Qabalistic  Tarot, EMPEROR-Key 4, is the Path of Heh, Window, that runs between Tiphareth (Beauty-the Solar Logos) to Chokmah (Wisdom-Lesser Creator who rules over manifestation) and is known as the Constituting Intelligence ( Dr.Paul Foster Case).
Because of our Divine Inheritance from the Demiurge (Lesser Creator) and the Great Mother (Binah-Female aspect of the Demiurge) we are  all  a Psyche composed of the "Shades" of consciousness.
Modern psychology has called these Shades of Consciousness, the Unconscious (Universal Collective Unconscious), the Sub-conscious (the body collective unconsciousness) and the Consciousness (Self-conscious) which just about every elementary school child has heard of; However, hearing of a thing is not knowing the thing. Because of the evolution of subjective thought, from Mythology, to fundamental Religions, and now to the modern science of Psychology, and Parapsychology we are beginning to easily deal with the shades of consciousness within ourselves and are experiencing a New Age (The Age of Aquarius or Aeon of Horus) of enlightenment.

The Higher we realize ourselves on the Self Tapestry of the Tree of Life, the more the student understands that the Trump or Cards of the Major Arcana, only point the way towards understanding concepts that the human objective pattern seeking-mind cannot otherwise grasp.

By just beginning to understand the next Five Trumps/Paths, [THE EMPEROR, THE EMPRESS, THE HIGH PRIESTESS,THE MAGUS, THE FOOL], the initiate will be developing the consciousness of the Horus; what Crowley called, the 22nd century human psyche.

Because of Modern Physics, we know that there is only One Energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed (and transmitted), and the student of the Tarot knows that all the 78 cards of the Tarot deck represent Transformations of the One as Self. From the One, emergence the opposites, which are activating the formative, that is the Male (Electric) and Female (Magnetic)  communion. Thus it is accurate to state that all Male figures in Tarot are Chokmah (Jah) and Binah (YHVH Elohim) is that of all Female.

The robes they wear, represent the different planes and/or dimensions of our mufti-verse, which are actually vibratory rates that are either "will to force" (male) Kether or "will to  form" (Female) Binah, and/or their intertwining of vibration (The Divine Union of Goddess/God) that makes all things possible.
The Qabalist knows that the "Big Bang" came from what is the Source, Kether, thus the ejaculation of Energy, making the Action of Kether -male( Male is not a sex here, but an action) and therefore defining the Divine Feminine as "Formless" (virgin dark energy- magnetism) in the three formless states of Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Ur.

The One became Two, Androgynous, whenbecame Am , which is known as Chokmah and Binah, which should be stated Chokmah/Binah, just as Yin/Yang or Time/Space are known to be inseparable and established at the same moment. Thus, with some authority we can say that the I is male and the Am is female, for one is Wisdom (Chokmah) and the other is Understanding (Binah) and we can't experience one without the other! Representing this union of Empress and Emperor, on the Night Sun Tarot, is the other half of the green venus curtain that was shown on the High Priestess, Night Sun card and as stated before, they both face each other. The four belts that the Night Sun Emperor wears, are symbolic of his rule in the 4 worlds of the Qabalah.
In the Tarot, THE FOOL represents the One Energy, THE MAGUS and the HIGH PRIESTESS, are the Macrocosm into Microcosm;  first differentiation of Male and Female electromagnetic energy polarity. Pure Consciousness, known as the "root of Water" is represented by the HIGH PRIESTESS and Her consort,  THE MAGUS, is considered psychologically as the Will. Thus the term I Am, is understood as the intercourse of consciousness and will, i.e "existence" which is not yet alive, but "will to force" and "will to form". Like I've said before, I AM is your Real Psyche Birth name. One might say, that our self-definitions, and/or "I Am's", are definitely a window into our Soul.

The mating of the HIGH PRIESTESS, to the MAGUS, is described in Robert Wang's book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT as, ".....the activity of the directing Will of the One on the Great Ocean of undifferentiated consciousness [Binah] which It has Itself projected [Big Bang]  ( The bracketed words are my own).

Here we begin to think of the reflexive qualities of the Divine Creative; The Divine Feminine/Masculine creates, idea/thought, then the mind/understanding to hold that thought in a "net of magnetism" (emotions). Thus we have the concept of the Universe as a Mirror, where everything is the perception and activity of the Divine Spirit, reflecting on Itself, a process which the various and varying symbols of the Tarot are attempting to suggest.

The reason Crowley has positioned THE EMPEROR , so that the body forms a triangle and a cross. is because he is representing the alchemical symbol of Sulfur. This representation is because of the Alchemical explanation of the  Divine-Self Interaction in terms of Sulfur, Salt and Mercury. In Tarot, Mercury is THE MAGUS,  THE EMPRESS is Salt and THE EMPEROR is sulfur. This may seem as little more than obscure abstraction: However, when we consider that THE MAGUS, (Philosophic Mercury) acts upon THE HIGH PRIESTESS (Pure Consciousness) and by Union they are transformed into THE EMPEROR (Sulfur) and THE EMPRESS (Salt), we are actually considering the quite basic attributes of our own consciousness.

As stated before,THE EMPRESS is on a Path of Daleth (meaning door) which is above the Path of THE EMPEROR, simply because without her manifestation of form, he would have nothing to rule. Therefore, on the Path of Heh, the Emperor is a transformation of the MAGUS (Will). Basically, when we are classifying images according to color, subject, or other criterion, we are calling THE EMPEROR into play.  As does THE EMPEROR,we are acting upon form. Another way to see this exercise of rule, is that if the subconscious didn't send up form from its depths, as a stream of images to be classified by the differentiating exercise of reason, Will would have nothing to control or transform. Thus THE EMPEROR, albeit a potent masculine force, functions as determined by THE EMPRESS.

When the Emperor Tarot card is thrown during a reading, it implies:
  • War, strife, conquest, victory and ambition; all the martial arts. 
  • But these traits aren't always so destructive as the Emperor also implies, personal power and leadership; power from insight, possessing a global sense of issues and serving those around you.
  • The character of the Emperor is Patriarchal, which could also implies that the querent is up against an angry patriarchal structure of some kind, which includes rigidity and maybe even nastiness.
  •  A confrontation with authority or even with some  part of ones self which is feeling rigid and afraid.  Interpretations of which depend on the dignity of the accompanying cards.
For the student of Higher Magic, the septure in the Emperor's right hand also represents:
  •  The Lightning- Phallus of Shiva, giving rise to the Tarot Wand. This was originally the Trident (ternary Phallic symbol of Father, Son and Holy Ghost) born by the Western gods, Neptune, Jupiter, Hades, Poseidon, Pluto and Lucifer. Also the Trident was associated with Osiris and later on, to the Guardian of the Holy Grail.

Thank you for your interest, comments, and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 3- The Empress & The Night Sun Tarot-Key 3-The Empress

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot:The Empress--Key 3-& The Night Tarot-Key 3-The Empress...."The Gate of Heaven":

The Empress represents the Universal Womb, in which all manifestation is gestated. As I have said before in past blogs, she is the Path of Daleth (means-Door) that spans between Chokma (All Father) and Binah (All Mother) and is a Transitional state of Psychic Energy. The 2nd Sephiroth-Chokma, is a Hebrew feminine noun, and has the capacity to emanate the "Pure female" (called Virgin Goddess); However, the 3rd Sephiroth-The Empress/Path of Daleth, is the merging of the Intelligent Energy states masculine and feminine; of Chokma and Binah. She is the pregnant balance of incubation and passivity. It is this Door/Daleth that effects the transition from One into Many, thus being the Gate of Heaven.

I have always called the Empress, "The Womb with a View" as she transforms all idea into form. She represents both the Universal Mother and  Earth Mother, and almost every culture, ancient and new, has some form or name for her. She is the Mother of Gods, usually symbolized as the Moon, which is both light and dark, life and death. She often gives birth to an intermediary deity, such as Christ, Osiris, Mithras, Odin etc., usually Sun gods who rule the earth in her name. 

At this high-Supernal Triangle-stage on the Qabalistic Tarot Tree of Life, words are always metaphorical and the pictures alone unconsciously  communicate a great deal of information about the forces and forms more than any word can conceive. Thus it is recommended that these Trump Cards be used as mandalas for meditation. Both the Night Sun (more so) and the Thoth Tarot, also us sacred geometry, along with alchemical, astrological and Qabalistic symbols, which stimulate subjective thought. 

The Empress is often called the "Mother of Light" since the Dark Fiery Energy of Chokma, enters the Womb that is the High Priestess, who gestates the egg of Akasha, while The All Mother as the Empress passes through Her as a "birth-door" (Vagina), the form of light that we can see. Hence, she is often seen drawn on traditional tarot with a light face (Empress) and dark face (High Priestess). The Night Side Tarot, used as a "dark probe" tarot, shows the Akashic Egg, that was gestated in the High Priestess, as a broken egg shell the vaginal area of  her robe, representing a birth.  One often finds that the Thoth Tarot, concentrates more on Visible Light, while the Night Sun Tarot concentrates its art on the "Dark Sun": "a light emitted by an anomalous sun, nocturnal and dark." Therefore, the Empress is both light and dark and as did Juno/Janus the Roman Goddess and later God of communication ( the Latin janua means door) which is the passage of ideas, and was said to control the affairs of men. The Roman patriarchal-two faced god, Janus was originally the goddess- Juno, who bore the "Gate of Heaven"  title of the Sanctuary Screen in Christian Churches, derived from the yoni "gate" of Juno that was "veiled" by the hymen (a god) in her own Temples.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Hymen (god)       

God of weddings, reception, marriageMount Olympus Bridal torch Apollo and Clio, Calliope, Urania, or Terpsichore; Aphrodite and DionysosPriapos Hymen

Hymen (Ancient Greek: Ὑμήν), Hymenaios or Hymenaeus, in ancient Greece, was a god of marriage ceremonies, inspiring feasts and song. Related to the god's name, a hymenaios is a genre of Greek lyric poetry sung during the procession of the bride to the groom's house in which the god is addressed, in contrast to the Epithalamium, which was sung at the nuptial threshold. He was one of the winged love gods, Erotes.
He was the son of a muse, Clio or Calliope or Urania or Terpsichore.
   As the "god of Weddings" the female hymen, really needs no great explanation of human sexual traditions.
As a personification of the Gate Way to Heaven, Juno had two outwardly facing faces, one for Life and the other for Death. The Tarot Empress is also known as Mother Sun and Mother Moon (High Priestess)...they are both the same metaphoric description of the Intelligent Energy that builds Worlds out of Light through the gestating power of Knowledge and the birthing power of Understanding.

Yet, the primary goddess-form related to the Empress is Venus-Aphrodite, who in Greek Mythology arose from the Ocean, naked riding a scallop shell. When ever she stepped on land flowers grew, and thus we also know the Empress  in terms of luxurious proliferation making each facet of Nature so beautiful and compelling that we can be in danger of losing sight of the whole by the dazzle of the parts. This is about what we do with the human body----as spirit, Fiery energy,  we supply the whole of emotion (energy in motion) to our forms, but often the individual emotional parts become so hypnotic that we forget the Whole Self for the focus of the parts. We become servants to what dazzles us with beauty, and forget that we are The Beautiful Dark that Operates "The Forms veiled in Light". It behooves us to state:  "I AM the Spirit and thus, the Life of the Body".

As Aphrodite-Venus, the Tarot Empress is the Goddess of Love. In fact, the symbol of Venus encompasses the entire Tree of Life which expresses the truth that Love is the formative energy of the Tree of Life---i.e. The Universe; However, Venus maybe subjective in the Supernal Triangle, but She is also objective as a Sephira--Netzach which is a part of the  Astral Triangle of Personality. There is a very profound mystery here, as there are three planetary forces that find their objective expression in the Sephira low (meaning density) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life while their subjective expressions called paths, are found at the opposite extreme of the Supernal Triangle.[Hod-Mercury, The Magician; Yesod-Moon, The High Priestess; and Netzach-Venus, The Empress]. To me the mystery of Life and the Alive finds solution here. Remember that Life loves its any mother knows, the child is more important than anything else to her! The Empress expressed thought into forms and through the administration of the Sun- center of Tiphareth (6th Sephiroth/Beauty). God creates the universe  by
continuous  thought and/or infinite dream, and as "God's Image" and/or demiurge, human kind creates reality by constantly thinking and dreaming of it.  The study of the Empress card is indeed needed for the Self-Knowledge of the student Qabalist.

I am the love of being, that creates being so I can be intimate with creation.
It can never be overstated that these cards or keys, represent states of conscious energy that comprise our Psyche of Whole-Self, which is a collective represented by the 78 tarot cards.

In The Tarot- key 3, The Empress, is the symbol of the universal principle of love with wisdom. She is a symbol of our ability to extend love and receive love. In Jungian psychology, she is the anima, the feminine nature.

As seen on the Thoth card,the moon is a western symbol for the feminine-magnetic-nature that is receptive to the male-electric-expressive-nature, usually symbolized as the sun. The images of the Moon waxing and waning, on the Thoth Card represent the dual faces of the Empress; Life and Death. The blue lotus, that is represented on the Thoth Empress card, is the Eastern symbol for wisdom. She is the yin energy of the orient. Key 3 reminds us that love with wisdom is the capacity to nurture and support ourselves in equal proportion to how we nurture and support others. The Pelican feeding her young from the blood of her breast represents, the Mother's blood that nurtures us all. 
The Qabalistic  Tarot- The Empress-Key 3, is attributed to Daleth, the Hebrew letter that means Door, and is ruled by the vibrations of the Planet Venus.

On the face of it, the Empress is a compliment to the Emperor-Key 4, and the cards for both the Night Sun Tarot and the Thoth Tarot are designed so that the Empress and the Emperor face each other. However the Empress's attributes are more Macrocosmic and Universal as compared to his more Microcosmic and material attributes of the Emperor.
The path of Daleth (on the Hermetic Qabalah Tree of Life) unites the All-Father and All- Mother, Chokma (2-Wisdom) and Binah (3-Understanding). Despite the number sequence, this is not saying one came before the other, rather Chokma -Wisdom and Binah- Understanding are inseparable and simultaneous. For when the Kether (Crown) became I AM---so became existence which is the United combination of Feminine and Masculine.

Also showing this spontaneous union of the Divine Anima and Animus, there is the astrological  symbol of Venus, on the bottom right of the Thoth Card and upper right of the Night Sun card,which is the only planetary symbol that comprises all the Sephiroth on the Tree of  Life.  The Doctrine implied here, is that the fundamental formula for the Universal creation is Love (The Law of Attraction). 

The Magnetic Womb, and Women is difficult to summarize in one word. Therefore the Greek quote."Many-throned, many-minded, many-wiled, daughter of Zeus", points us into the direction of the mystery that is "The Womb With A View" (I-magi-nation).

The Empress, is both the Highest Spiritual and lowest of  material qualities (as above, so below) as she is the Mother of Form on all planes of existence while  she is also the Alchemical SALT which is one of the three forms of alchemical energy (Mercury and Sulfur are the other two). Salt is seen as the inactive part of Nature (Womb-egg) that must be stimulated by Sulfur (Phallus-semen) to maintain the whirling (spiral) equilibrium of the Universe. The Arms and torso of the Thoth Deck Empress illustration consequently suggests the shape of the Alchemical symbol of Salt.

The Empress Tarot card of both the Thoth and Night Sun, shows a women in crown, Hathor like on the Thoth and a crown of thorns on the Night Sun Tarot, illustrating she is both suffering and royal (and mother of the Sun/Son Christian god), both are wearing vestments of  the Imperial, seated upon a throne. On the Thoth Card, Her throne uprights suggest blue twisted flames symbolic of Her birth from Water, the Feminine Element that is Magnetic. 
The cascading green veil behind the Night Sun Empress, suggest both water ( or hymen) and Venus.

Clutched in the right hand of the Thoth Empress stands a Lotus of Isis; suggesting the Passive Power of the Feminine (the Power that Contains). The roots of the Lotus are in the Earth beneath the Water itself, but its petals are open to the Sun, suggesting the belly of the chalice, i.e. the Holy Grail. She is then the Living Form of the Holy Grail
( Graäl) sanctified by the blood of the Sun (the Sun ejaculates energy which she accepts; semen is of blood).  Perched on the Thoth Empress's Throne uprights are a sparrow and a dove, her most sacred birds. On her robe are the Royal Bees and dominoes surrounded by continuous spiraling lines. Her girdle is the Zodiac. The symbol of the Womb's Love of Form is everywhere similar on this card.
The Night Sun Empress's left hand holds the scepter and orb with cross, of Royal Empire rule and power. The flowers, are the five petaled Sacred Rose, The Rose-Mari, a symbol for the "Yoni of Mari", the early Ocean Goddess of Mesopotamia and surrounding area. Later the Rose-Mari became the Western symbol of the "Holy Graäl. This symbol not only shows her fecund nature but also states she is the All Mother Form Creator. Her ample breasts, show she is a nurturing mother.  Behind her is a veiled solar golden oval, embellish with sacred geometry and words, none of which can really be made out, due to the veiling. The floor of the Night Sun Empress is also covered in sacred geometry, more for design than deciphering.

The tapestry beneath the Thoth Empress's Throne is embroidered Fleur-de-lys and fishes (fishes being the symbol of the First Matter) and also the Secret Rose which is at the base of the Throne. This is the Rose-Mari, a sacred symbol/Grail of the ancient Goddess Mari-The Ocean Goddess, who was seen as the Womb of all Life on Earth. On this card there are no contradictions; what seems to contradict are held in equilibrium by the revolving moons shown on this card.

The heraldry of the Empress is two fold. On her right is a Pelican feeding its own young with blood from its heart. On her left, is the white Eagle of the Alchemist-The Philosophic mercury which symbolizes the "first Matter" and/or "first semen"( Meditation and study, will clarify the deeper meanings of this Heraldry). The Pelican can be identified as The Great Mother, whose "hearts blood" nurtures her  offspring as her "Daughter/Queen who becomes many". The understanding of this Hermetic symbolism is as deep as the Ocean, and that is the why and wherefore of path initiations. Love is not a human emotion for it emotes form the Ocean of The Universal Collective Unconscious, from which all Life became. To seek love, is to deny being  love; rather we are Love who Creates Itself as off-spring, i.e. "Self Reflection". 
When the Empress Tarot card turns up in a reading, the querent is:
  • Reminded that the power to give love and receive love comes from deep within us and is our natural inheritance from the Divine. 
  • Creative, and intuitional.
  • Of a seductive happiness.
  • Of an idealistic and dynamic nature.
  • Of abundant and nurturing nature. 
  • If Ill defined:
  • Shows the inexperience of an adolescent.
  • Turmoil within.
  • Presumptuousness.
  • Maliciousness.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-The High Priestess -key 2 & The Night Sun Tarot-The High Priestess-key-2.

The Tarot of EliThe Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-Key 2- The Priestess & The Qabalistic Night Sun Tarot-Key 2-The High Priestess, are referred to the Hebrew letter Gimel, which means Camel. The letter Gimel, is shown on the upper right of the Night Sun Card and on the lower left of the Thoth Tarot card.  Therefore the Path of the High Priestess represents the Camel; a Path of psychic forces that carry the Personality and safely traverses the Desert of the Abyss into the "Dark Night of the Soul". Here the High Priestess may seem very vengeful as she removes all that is not worthy of the "Truth of you". On the Path of Gimel She begins tearing apart our Soul's "personal belief systems", indoctrinations of the self-conscious; However, we haven't reached the end and have not seen the Whole Truth of Self as of yet, as this initiation is done through the auspices of the "Lower Chokmah", where Chokmah (Wisdom) expands outward; the seed of expansion carries its own limitations. 
The High Priestess, is the virginal-most pure state of unconsciousness symbolized in the Tarot, as the very source of all Water. The Source of Water and/or Consciousness, is the idea of the idea behind form. She is the Pure Anima, or Divine Imagination. Since, imagination means, "image-making", here is where Creation begins to take form.

Dr. Paul Foster Case said it this way," matter how many forms develop from it, the virgin substance is itself unchanged. Like water, which holds matter in suspension or solution, this substance remains over itself. Here is one key to the alchemical mystery of the First Matter. Here, too, one may find a clue to the inner significance of the Virgin Myths of all religions." 
The same can be said for "mother's blood".
As you may see, this is a difficult idea to grasp for in this case, Sephiroth #2-Chokma (is a Feminine noun in Hebrew--as the word wisdom is the feminine Sophia in Greek) expresses itself as The High Priestess, or Priestess and is now feminine. The act of expression is ejaculation, and obvious male symbol, the act of suspending or encompassing an idea, is to begin Understanding---which is a feminine concept, for to understand, is to "give Birth" to its form. Therefore, the Orphic egg or egg of Akasha, is shown in the Night Sun's High Priestess's left hand; the " feminine-receptive hand". The Thoth Priestess is shown with hands spread wide in a crescent shape, invoking curved feminine lines of energy, that are oval or egg shaped.

Crowley put it this way, " This first and most spiritual manifestation of the feminine takes to itself a masculine correlative, by formulating in itself any geometrical point from which to contemplate possibility." This point of contemplation is the invisible Sephiroth-Daath, Knowledge, which is at the "head" of the Path of the  High Priestess. Therefore the Priestess part of the Unconscious is our first Mother whose "womb" is Knowledge, placing that womb/moon in her Hathor Crown. Here begins Time/Space and the vibratory seeds of form.  
The Night Sun-High Priestess Tarot Card also displays a Hathor symbol as the tall staff behind her throne. Hathor, being one of the "cow" goddesses of ancient matriarch religions, was symbolized in Egypt as upright cow horns with a full moon between. The Egyptian Mother of the gods and Queen of Heaven, Hathor, was originally called Het-Hert-meaning- "the House (or Womb) Above"; later she was Hat-Hor-meaning- "the House (or Womb) of Horus". The Egyptian clergy, stated that She "brought forth in primeval time herself, never having been created." The red exposed undergarment of the Night Sun High Priestess is the Red of Menstrual and/or virginal blood and is likened to the above statement; as it displays the cross of the 4 elements.
According to the Sinai Tablets, the Hebrew workers in the mines of Sinai, about 1500 BC, worshiped Hathor, as Astarte.

Each of us is an entity which in the Physics of Thermodynamics is known as a Point in Time and we are also the Knowledge born of Understanding-Understanding being the All Mother Binah and Daath the Hebrew letter for knowledge, which is the Invisible Sephiroth on the Middle Pillar that is right on the Path of Gimel and therefore "the Womb of the All Mother". To me, the Sephiroth-Daäth represents the invisible Womb of Binah, The Qabalah's All Mother and is called the Priestess or High Priestess; invisible because it was before there was visible light and therefore hidden by the veils of light that she weaves into manifestation.  What is simply stated here, is that we are all inheritors of the First State of Conscious (The Unconscious is: The First state of conscious) and it behooves us to return to that State, with our personality software, so that we can clean out the trash thought and "Know ourselves", i.e. our True Self.

The Priestess or High Priestess, Key 2, also refers to the Moon which is the general symbol for the feminine, of the second order corresponding to the Sun as the Yoni does to the Lingam. The Moon is universal, and goes from the highest to the lowest, but in this case, The High Priestess is the first card that connects the Supernal Triad (Supernal Triangle) with the Hexad; her Path-Gimel, directly connects the Father in his highest aspect (Kether) with the Son (Tiphareth-6th Sephiroth) in his most perfect manifestation. Thus the old axiom," Through Her shall ye know Him". This is the purest and most exulted conception of the Moon which controls the tides of the unconscious.
The Thoth Tarot card The Priestess, also represents the highest form of Isis the Eternal Virgin and is shown as Artemis of the Greeks, another "cow" or Moon Goddess.

GIMEL: The Path of the  Priestess or The High Priestess-key 2:
Meaning: Camel  From the root Ger-meaning stranger.
When a stranger dwells among you in your land, do not taunt him. The stranger who dwells with you shall be like a native among you and you shall love him like yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.
                 Leviticus 19:33-34
This old testament quote (there are many in the old testament) reminds us that we are "Strangers in a strange land". We are Spirit, who often feels "enslaved'' by the world of man made economics as well as by the very bodies we animate! We, as conscious micro-wave energy, know how it feels to be out of our element (The Supernal Triangle) and should remember to look kindly on the stranger in our midst....after all, they are just another way to be you!

This Hebrew letter also reminds us that although the Jews suffered, humiliation, enslavement and oppression in Egypt,  they also had a sense of settlement there. So when the time came to journey to the "Promised Land" (Higher Self) there was resistance to motion, for the unknown is not as comfortable as the known discomfort!

The Path of Gimel, on the Tree of Life, reminds us that all the self-illusions are removed and on this Path the Supreme Mother has removed her smiling mask and reveals the cold, stern  expressionless face of immortal beauty a perfect black diamond. This is well illustrated in the Night Sun Tarot-High Priestess card, as she is all dark, with the menstrual red slash of color, reminding us that she is the Purifier. Behind her is a ribbon with the word SAPIENS, embellished on it: Sapiens is a Latin word for "wise". 
 In The Priestess, or High Priestess, all the maternal help of The Empress has vanished and we must face the crystalline reality of our own free-will....a most difficult task of the Mysteries related to the crossing of the Abyss. We must be as the camel, able to cross the most difficult of terrain that is the desert where reality is just dust, and the Real is Darkness of the Ancient Unconscious.
The 3 Paths of the Hermetic Qabalah,  Gimel, Samekh, and Tau, are aspects of the same energy conscious which together make up the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life. These 3  Paths are related to the Moon and are Paths to the "Dark Night of The Soul" where our personality is definitely a "stranger in a strange land". All this may seem terrifying and negative. But if you look at it from Qabalistic point of view, it makes positive sense: Sometimes you need to lose yourself in order to find yourself; to take the road less traveled to find the right path for you and sometimes you need the chaos of the Tower in order to free yourself from illusion so that you can travel the Path of Enlightenment, which reclaims your inheritance as a Supreme Spirit Self. Gimel (camel) is about being a Traveling Stranger....fearlessly enjoying the unknown!

The Wisdom of THE HIGH PRIESTESS or The Priestess,  is in regulation, as Her fluctuation rates establish the direction for the "First Matter" as it descends in to greater and greater density. Thus she is THE MOON, that regulates the tides of the Waters of consciousness.
The four paths rising into the Supernal Triangle, each represent a Alchemical element, each a composite of the "Garden of Eden". THE PRIESTESS, is the Uniting Spirit, the Fifth element, symbolized as the top point of the Pentagram. THE HIEROPHANT= Earth, LOVERS= Air, THE CHARIOT= Water, THE EMPEROR =Fire and THE HIGH PRIESTESS= Spiritual Mother.
{Illustration from the Book{ THE QABALISTIC TAROT by, Robert Wang]

Overall, THE HIGH PRIESTESS or The Priestess, is the vessel
(womb-mind) for all operations of the Supernal Triangle, she is the crucible-womb where the alchemical activity of Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt take place. She is also the source of the Four Rivers of Paradise, The Pison (River of Fire-The Emperor), The Gibon (River of Water-The Chariot), The Hiddikel (River of Air-Lovers) and the Phrath (River of Earth-Hierophant). Which goes a long way in describing her fluctuating nature, as rivers are often "waves of serpentine flow".

As I have mentioned before, the journey up the Paths of the Tree of Life, is about Remembering our beginning, a critical part of "Above all things, Know thyself". THE HIGH PRIESTESS, conceals within Her Vibrations, all the knowledge/memories of the Race,  as well as, those of the Cosmos.
Behind Her resides Daath (Knowledge), invisible, made visible as a book of knowledge in the Night Sun Card; However Daath is invisible as is all knowledge harbored in the Unconscious and also because of Vibratory Veils of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. These veils, are shown as Light in vibratory form, on the Thoth Deck Card. And a pattern of dissecting lines on the floor of the Night Sun High Priestess card. The Qabalist knows that it is Light that conceals the True Spirit---the one we've called "The Fiery Darkness", because Dark Energy is the True Light, as it is the substance of Supernal Potential.
To look upon the Light of the HIGH PRIESTESS, one must become Virginal in nature, for it is a dark- Light "so bright" one of mundane persona can not look upon it and will be shocked right back into there Malkuth realm of Race sponsored consciousness. If the desire conscious is conquered, the Light of the High Priestess is welcoming, and brilliantly beautiful...but without heat thus it is a cool light resembling the dazzling brightness of Ice in full Sun or Moon Light. Passing through the "light veil", one enters the Abyss of Dark Matter/Dark Energy where the only sense is the original "I" sight of the One.
Obviously, when considering light, the Qabalist must re-think the essence of light for only .4% of the Electromagnetic Spectrum of light is visible. It is apparent to the researcher that all religions that stress "the Light", are based on The Sun God of old religions and who is the 6th Sephiroth- Tiphareth on the Tree of Life-. For instance, religions based on the teachings of Christ, Buddha, Apollo, Osiris, Ahurda-Mazda, Mithra, etc. However, the Gnostic Mysteries, unlike organized religions, states that Light conceals, rather than reveals, by its very brilliance.
As does the Moon, so does The Priestess or High Priestess, go from brilliant light to absolute darkness. Thus the Mythology of the Moon and her deities, such as, Hathor, Ishtar-Inanna, Dianna-Artemis, Hecate and Hel-Aine (Later as Helena), better known to those of Celtic origin as Elaine the Moon-Goddess.

The Thoth Tarot Card Shows THE  PRIESTESS as Hecate-Selene (The Triple Goddess as described by Hesiod) which means "The Far Shooting Moon", an aspect of Artemis. Artemis is also known as the "maiden of the silver bow", suggesting the lower aspect of THE PRIESTESS,(The ART card), which is Sagittarius, the archer. That is why she is illustrated with a bow across her knees.
Artemis is the triple Goddess, represented as the Maiden, then the Orgiastic Nymph, then the Old Crone.  As some say, Maid, Mother and Crone.  
To reiterate: The Priestess or The High Priestess,  acts upon the First Matter of the MAGUS, causing it to function in the pattern of a figure eight lying on its side, the lemnistrate and/or Mobius Loop. This represent a total unified energy cycle of both opposed and duplicated vibration. This holding, enclosing, and duplicating  function is that of the first female quality on the Tree of Life. The Night Sun Tarot-The High Priestess card shows this holding quality as what looks to be a caged heart at her feet.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS or The Priestess, represents what Carl Jung called the "virgin anima", related to "virgin milk" which he called the "life giving power of the unconscious." The Word "virgin milk", is really a arcane meaning for menstrual or Mother's blood.
To the inquiring mind, I really recommend one gets the book: THE WOMAN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MYTHS AND SECRETS, by Barbara G. Walker and looks up the Moon Goddess Myths. The Priestess or High Priestess relates a concept so subjective, that much repetition of information, in differentiating perspectives is greatly recommended.

Hence, to further understanding, I shall reiterate:
She Is The Path of Gimel of the Hermetic Qabalah. She is not a literal return to the warm enclosure of the Cosmic Womb, as is THE EMPRESS. Rather, she represents the Supreme All Mother, without her smiling mask, revealing a True face of cold yet beautiful countenance; this is the activity of the Pure Mind of the Supernal Triangle. When visiting the Inner Purity of Mind, All veils are removed, all illusion is dispersed, and we must face the crystalline reality of our own absolute free will; a task not for the self-consciously weak.
Her planet is the Moon, her Path is Gimel, meaning camel, which is most appropriate, as she is the one who "carries our self-consciousness across the vast desert of the Abyss". Just as the ancient Egyptians believed the Moon carried the Sun across the sky.
 Again, on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, there are three Paths that represent the same energy, although as different but similar aspects, they are The Paths of Gimel (THE HIGH PRIESTESS), the Path of Samekh (THE ART) and the Path of  Tau (THE UNIVERSE) which together makeup the devotional middle pillar. The Indigo Middle Path color in Atziluth( the highest of the Four Worlds) is Indigo, a deep-dark- water blue that suggests the Moon, as all three Paths relate to the Moon.
The State of Intelligence that is The Path of Gimel, will carry those cleansed of desire thinking, across the longest and most important  Path on the Tree of Life; A path which radiates down from the  Supernal Triangle, composed of unimaginable potential,  to the Ethical Triangle, the "actual", also making this the path a position between God the Father in Kether, and God the Son in Tiphareth, making this a Path of the Highest Initiation.
The common description of the High Priestess is that she is the most pure essence  of consciousness, symbolized in Tarot as the very source of all Water (Consciousness); However, to the initiate, she is considered the "lower Chokmah" (Wisdom), wisdom is being expressed here as both masculine and feminine (The Goddess Sophia of the Greeks-means Wisdom) When applied to Chokmah the word Wisdom is masculine, for here it is "sent forth" and as the Seed of wisdom is ejaculated, it expands outward, applying the seed of expansion contains its own limitation. The Feminine is Formative. Therefore Wisdom is taken into the most Spiritual (Spiral) manifestation of the feminine and formulates it into herself as any geometrical point into which to contemplate any possibility, i.e. the All Seeing I of the Original consciousness.  The Word Sapiens, shown on a ribbon draped across the throne of the High Priestess, is also a Latin word for Wisdom, also showing her link with Chokmah.

Now I know this concept of the Womb of Unconsciousness is an impossibly difficult one to understand and the most descriptive of Qabalistic terms may seem nonsensical, but the Priestess/High Priestess,  is the Womb of Consciousness (The Architect that is Chessed), but she is both Male and Female, much like a Hermaphrodite ( Hermes-Aphrodite) that can impregnate itself. The Higher Chokmah is a Sun, and the Lower Chokmah is a Moon. Thus when viewing THE HIGH PRIESTESS Tarot card, you will see a slight feminine figure with arms raised, behind curved vibrations of light (Feminine) and a strong lower masculine leg section with the a bow across the knees, with a background of straight lines of light (Masculine). Yet she is a virginal force, because no "Outside" Male force fertilizes her. From Her, the source of Water/Consciousness, is the idea behind the idea of form,  I think Paul Foster Case said this best in saying that,"... no matter how many forms develop from it, the virgin substance is itself unchanged. Like Water, which holds matter in suspension or solution,  this substance remains over itself. Here is one key to the alchemical mystery of the First Matter.  Here, too, one may find a clue to the inner significance of the Virgin Myths of all Religions."The Same can also be said for "Mother's blood".
[ Remaining "over itself" may also be a clue as to why Lilith, the Biblical First Wife, wished to lay on top of the First Male Form called Adam, in Genesis and was banished from the Garden for a more complaint Eve.  A convenient revision so that the Patriarch could be placed in charge of sexuality. A fun and enlightening study for the curious.]
In his book, THE THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM, Dr. Case calls the Path of Gimel, the Uniting Intelligence, because it is the "Essence of Glory" and/or "The Grace of God", specifically the grace of the Triple Goddess, shown as the Three Graces, Muses and or Fates. No matter the terms, the fact is that your personality must be shed of all the reality and desires that our conscious has constructed before the All- She is able to "carry One across the Abyss, into Daath (Knowledge) the invisible Chakra of the Tree of Life that resides below Kether, on the Middle Path. It is that Knowledge that our conscious essence is seeded from, so that the Psyche, (soul) could become the operator of the "Image of God".   
Dark-Daath is no longer invisible to one who has entered the Garden of inherited Knowledge that resides between the Mother named Understanding and the Father named Wisdom.
Therefore, The  High Priestess/'Priestess is often called the Prima Materia, or Root Matter (First Matter) as her work can be considered the result of Self-Conscious.
Now the MAGUS,( Will-Kether), symbolizes a condition prior to "Unconscious thought"  This condition acts upon THE HIGH PRIESTESS in such a way, that the Path of Gimel  becomes the " vessel of mind" and/or  "Holy Gaäl", capable of encompassing the thought forms (knowledge) of which the Universe will eventually be composed. Being that She is the source underlying all vibratory patterns that compose form, She is shown on the Thoth Tarot Card  as a figure composed of vibratory waves of energy.
Moreover, nothing can grow in the Garden of the Empress without this wave structure that underlays energy. It is for this very reason that the Moon is assigned to this path, for it is a pattern of waxing and waning, fluctuation, dualities and tides, just as the waves of energy in a vibratory pattern. Here, the Goddess is both Force and Form, and as a Moon she controls the tides of consciousness.
Now if you wish to skry this card, remember, She is Pure Virginal Conscious and without empathy, She is as Durga the Ice Queen of the Norse and Durga the Hindu goddess of life and death. Unless you have a mentor who has been through the initiation of THE HIGH PRIESTESS,  you may find her Cold Beauty destructive to your sensibilities as she strips your personality of all that is not worthy of Pure Conscious Self.    I have met her, "face to face" and She is a scary Beauty who will assist you in self dissection....often without permission. To those who think bravery is an ego trip, don't try this ....ever! Ask a Mother what bravery is, then do your best to incorporate that idea into your heart, you may then survive the ordeal of the "Dark night of the Soul".

When The HIGH PRIESTESS or THE PRIESTESS, is thrown during a reading for the non-initiated, the Querent is:
  • Experiencing the principle of  self-trust, indicating an easily working state of harmony and inner independence.
  • A self knowing. 
  • Accessing hidden Knowledge from the unconscious. 
  • Self-sufficiency, self-trust, and intuition

To the initiated male, She represents:
  • The Spiritual Bride of the Just man (The Prince, no longer of this world).
  • When he reads the Law, she gives the Divine Meaning of that Law.
  • The Arcana is revealed, the Mystery is unfolded, an futures are seen.
To the Initiated Female:
  • She is the Papess, associated with St. Mary Magdalene, or the Great Shakti of the triple Hindu Goddess Kali, or the Greek Gnostic Sophia, the original Mother of the Holy Trinity.
  • Considered one of the Highest and Holiest of the Major Arcana.
  • Complete development of Feminine Powers (Womb rite) that go deeper in meaning than the words, intuition or insight, can convey.
  • She is the Law of inherited Wisdom.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.


Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 1- The Magus & The Night Sun Tarot-Key 1- The Magician

The Tarot of Eli
The Thoth Tarot-Key 1- THE MAGUS & The Night Sun Tarot-THE MAGICIAN:
 In Hermetic Qaballah, The Magus, The Hermit and the Hierophant, are called the 3 Magi. The Magi or Magician, as individual, "Stand for Mankind" as a full Tree of Life, that is both Force and Form of all the Planes of Conscious Energy; The Adam Khadmon.   For those who think that reading a book will qualify you as a Magus, I am sorry to say, it is a union of Kether's name of Eheieh- "I will be", with the very molecules of your body where the Above flows through the Below in a figure eight spiral which is called the lemnistrate (Greek for Ribbon). A great many trials and tribulations are required in order to awaken this "sleeping giant" that resides in your individual DNA. Oh by the way, this is the Will that started the Great Work of "As above and so below".

As shown on the Tree of Life, the Soul had to build many "Houses" (Hebrew-Beth)before it can ever achieve the manifestation of a Temple of Mercury, a condensed body that is able to flow the Above (Kether) Energy-Intelligence without vibrating beyond vision on the Below (Malkuth). Often, it takes the Soul's diligence and determination of many "life times" (persona manifestations) to accomplish this Magus/Magician as a living  persona.

The Magus or the more traditional Magician,  is referred to the letter Beth, a Hebrew letter which means House or Temple, and is attributed to the planet Mercury. Thus, the depiction of winged feet on the Thoth Magus illustration and the wing formed lemnistrate on the Night Sun-Magician.

The ideas attached to this Tarot card are often very difficult to understand and one of the most difficult for modern man is that words are not action. Therefore this card is all about the Action of Eheieh, the "I Will-Be", that began the first motion in this Universe, woven of motion; the Moving- Universe of Vibrational Weaving (The Electromagnetic Spectrum), which in itself is a Beth and/or The Great Temple of the Macrocosm! The Magus is the Son, the manifestation in act of the idea of the Father. He is the male correlative of the High Priestess.

Mercury is preeminently the bearer of the Wand (Phallus) which represents Energy Sent Forth and/or communication. The wand is shown in the left hand of the Night Sun Magician while the Thoth Magus is the wand itself.  The Creative nature of Mercury is the Sun but the path leading from Kether (Crown) to Binah (Understanding) is ruled by Mercury as well. Thus, he is the Lingam that is the Silent Word of Creation. This is not Male as in Sex, it is Male as in "expression", electricity. The ideas illustrated by the Thoth-Magus and Night Sun Magician card are complex and so multifarious that many documents, meditations, and study are usually required to grasp this cards multidimensional message. When skrying the Magus or Magician card, it suggested that one should ask,
" Where should I direct my potential?"

In the Hermetic Qabalah, Mercury/Magus/Magician is representative of action in all its forms and phases. He is the fluid basis for all transmission of activity. He is the substance of the Dynamic Universe. Modern physics has given him language as that electric charge which is the first vibratory-manifestation of the ring of Ten indefinable ideas; he is thus continual creation. He is a duality; he is both wisdom and folly; he is the law of reason or of necessity and chance. Being that the "Magus within" is unexpected, he unsettles any established idea and therefore appears tricky. The Magus is the very idea of a Sorcerer, which comes from the Latin, Solitaris, which means "to cast lots" and some have interpret it to mean "from the Source"; both are appropriate.

From the Above the Magus may appear as the second emanation of the Crown (Kether) and thus can be interpreted as the Adult expression of the Fool who is "like the children"; the Magus being the Will of the Fool. The ideas are so subtle and tenuous, that any given description and/or Hieroglyph represents a subtle insistence, however slight, upon some form of pantomorphous idea.

The symbols on both the Magus/Magician card emphasize the creative and dual character of Beth (the honey moon suit of Goddess/god).  As Crowley stated in Liber Magi vv, 7-10 : "With the Wand createth He, With the Cup preserveth He,With the Dagger destroyeth He, With the Coin redeemeth He."
On the Thoth card, these implements of the Magus/Magician are seen floating around the hovering Magus. On the Night Sun Magician card, these implements are shown, wand in left hand, coin in right hand, the cup underneath the levitating Magician, along with the Sword or Dagger. The number 777 which is on the altar cloth of the Night Sun Magician, signifies his indivisible union with the Goddess and/or Feminine Principle. 

The Whole of the Tarot itself, has been called since the time of Levi,  the Book of Thoth.
To reiterate: In the Thoth Tarot , The first Key, The traditional Tarot-Magician, is called the Magus. In most decks the Magician sports the wand of Mercury, the Caduceus, which encompasses the whole of the Sephiroth, except Kether, who forms the top sphere, on the Tree of Life. In the Thoth Tarot, the Magus is the Caduceus; However, in the Night Sun Tarot, Fabio Listrani, choose to make a caduceus staff, lying beneath the hovering Magician.  The Magician/Magus is the Qabalistic Path of Beth, on the Tree.  Beth, meaning "house", and the Magician represents the original house/dwelling place of the Supreme One Spirit Identity, which is represented by the O-Fool card. Hence, The Magus is the Fool descending towards dense manifestation.
The first matter of the Alchemists was called the Philosophic Mercury, the first in creation, the beginning of the beginning, the stuff of thought. This card also represents the opposites of life and death, because to create the beginning, an end must also be created. So without the energy of the Magician/Magus, there would be no life or death, beginning or end. The Figure eight (lemniscus; Greek for "ribbon") of the Serpent crowning the Thoth Magus's head, represents this unbroken cycle of form and energy in this universe. This lemnistrate of infinity, is shown as a ribbon like garment, decorated with the "triangle within the circle" symbol of the Alchemical- Philosopher's stone/Philosophic Mercury, draping above, wing like, and down over the shoulders of the Magician of the Night Sun Tarot.  

The Life energy of the Universe is directed by the Magus/ Magician as step 1 in the evolution of Matter. He is called the Transparent Intelligence which is both the Transmitter and the Transmitted, i.e. The Mirror of which He is both sides; the Message and the Messenger.

The Magus/Magician tells us that when the One Energy is transmitted and/or first moved, it became primal matter, which is the interaction of Kether, Chokma, Binah transmitted through Daath (invisible Sephiroth,i.e. Transparent Intelligence) who is not the Creator itself but the bearer of the Creators Will as Knowledge.

The Thoth Tarot- Magus and Night Sun Tarot-Magician both are a representative of Hermes (Greek), Mercury (Roman) and Thoth (Egyptian) who all are the same deity. This Deity was associated with words, because a messenger must clearly state the cause of the one who sent him. However, these Words are vibration/ sound and not necessarily any spoken language. Therefore, the Magician/Magus transmits the Idea of Self Creation ("I will Be") from the One from above. Hence, the Words (Vibrations of Will) of the magician/Magus are how the Intelligence of the Sephirotic will is transmitted. A word is an intelligence-laden vibration and the idea of the Magician/Magus is the first vibration through which the One Spirit begins manifestation. This vibration encloses the Spirit and the All of Creation. As shown by the two different symbols on the Robert Wang (from his book: Qabalistic Tarot) illustration, The Caduceus, encompassing the Four Worlds of Qaballah and the Sephiroth on the Planetary symbol of Mercury. The encompassing "Will of the Logos", is shown on the Night Sun Tarot, as a large circular golden disc (also reflected on the floor beneath his altar cloth), inscribed with "magic words and symbols", with large ring of Macrocosmic proportions and a smaller inner ring of Microcosmic proportions. The serpent-like woven cords coming from his mouth, represent the woven vibrations- "words"- of the Solar Logos, which is Kether/Eheieh, whose Qabalistic symbols are the Swirling image of the Swastika, The Crown, and the Point.

All created wills are but reflections of the Will that is the Magician/Magus.

A true Qabalistic Magus must allow the Primal  "I will Be" to operate through him or her, utilizing all senses. By doing so the control of the senses by the survival mind of good/and bad is overcome with the Greater Will of the One.
In the Thoth Tarot Card, the Magic Mercurial Wand of the Magician---is the Magus himself. Giving us insight into a unseen Truth. The wand has no power, it just focuses the Will-Power of the One who wields it, at a point in time! The Transmitter and the Transmitted become One Point In Time; a magic moment. As stated The Thoth Tarot-Key 1: THE MAGUS, is often called THE MAGICIAN in other decks. No matter what this first Motion is called, it is Key-One, The Path of Beth. Beth is a Hebrew letter, that is shown on both cards, meaning House or Temple and is shown on the bottom left of The Magus card and the upper right on the Night Sun Tarot Card. The Planetary symbol for mercury, is shown on the Thoth-Magus, lower right of the card, and on the Night Sun Tarot, upper left of the Magician card.

The Planet attributed to the Magus/ Magician is Mercury-"The Messenger" of the "Kether".

Dr. Paul Foster Case, in his text, THE THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM, calls the Path of Beth, the Twelfth Path that is the Intelligence of Transparency

The Path of Beth (The Magus) is between Kether (Crown) and Binah (Understanding) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, making it the transition (Phallus) path of the One undefined Energy, and the Great Organizer, Binah. Thus, the relationship that establishes the  meaning of House, that is the "dwelling place" (Womb) where Spirit resides before "falling" into manifestation.
In this case, it is appropriate to call the Magus/Magician "that which builds the House", in other words, the Magus directs and encloses the  One Spirit (Spiral energy-Vital Life Force)) which is symbolized by THE FOOL tarot card. Hence we can see that, the Will of the Supernal Triangle, is represented by the Major Tarot Cards whose activities are only separated by a degree or less. Thus, the Aspects of the Magus and the Fool are closely linked.

Scholars of the first five books of the Bible (the Pentateuch), point out that the letter Beth is the First letter, as the book of Genesis begins with "Bereshith", commonly translated as "in the beginning". Interestingly, Fabre d'Olivet translated Bereshith as meaning "At First, in principle", knowing that Beth symbolizes the "Beginning of the Beginning"; The Will of the One. Thus, it is the First Matter of the Alchemist, the Philosophic Mercury and or "First Principle". Because to create a beginning one must create an end, the Magus also represents the key polarities of creation, Life and Death. This process is indicated by the figure eight that is lying on its side (lemniscus: Greek word meaning, ribbon) and or Uroboros, the serpent that eats its own tail, as both represent the closed circle of One Energy, begun by the number One -Beth, acting on the Zero-Aleph, THE FOOL (The Lemniscus symbolizes the Act of Turning upon oneself as a Twisting or Spiraling-Thus creating Male and Female infinite circles of Force in the Circle of ONE Energy). Remember, because there is no Action in the Mind/Head), until "Will" disturbs it! Thus the Magus chant of ," I am the will . I am the way. I am the wealth, I own the Day ", is most appropriate to this card's power and effective as a skrying chant.

[For an entertaining story of the first relationship between the letters Aleph and Beth,  i would suggest one reads the  Zohar, a Qabalistic text.]

However, even though the Magus is associated with Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, it is not all active. In fact, it is both active and passive, as it is both that which Transmits and that which is Transmitted ! The Magus represents both the One Life Energy which when transmitted becomes the Prima Materia (First Matter). Here an understanding of the fact that the Magus (Mercury) is the "message bearer" of the Gods, meaning he is not Himself the Creator, only the bearer of his Will. The ejaculator, if you will. (The whole Supernal Triangle is the action of the Divine Phallus and Womb.). The Wand in The Magician's hand ( The Night Sun Tarot, Rider-Waite, Golden Dawn Tarot and Barbara Walker-Tarot) symbolizes this "phallic action", showing that the Magick is merely the Transmitted will of the Greater Being that is the Supernal Triangle or Trinity.
 As Stated: The Roman, Mercury, is the Greek Hermes and the Egyptian- Thoth, all represent the same deity, the amalgamation of their qualities having become inseparable in modern esoteric literature.
Hermes, was always associated with words, this makes sense as a messenger must simply state the cause of the one who has sent him. Then there is the Egyptian- Thoth, who reportedly created the Hieroglyphs, developing the necessary means by which a message could be transmitted and recorded. The companion of Thoth/Hermes, was shown as a dog-headed Ape (Cynocephalus), representing words themselves. and their potential for deception and misunderstanding. Thus, we have Cynocephalus, included in the Thoth Deck card, laying at the feet of the Magus.

Not only do words affect the Will, as cause and effect, but they also transmit ideas from person to person in the same way that the Magus/Magician  transmits the idea of Self-Creation of the One -Kether. The Transmitted idea, from The Magus , fertilizes the ONE Womb,(Understanding) Great Mother Binah.  Just as words fertilize Consciousness! Thus the power of Words, is about stimulating the birthing of unconscious ideas into conscious images of understanding, by the Power of Expression, but not necessarily the Truth of Creation, for that Must Be Made Manifest (THE HIGH PRIESTESS)!

Both The Thoth Tarot Magus and Night Sun-Magician are designed on the Greco-Egyptian Gnostic and shamanic tradition. When these philosophies modified each other, they advance the idea further than any other traditions.
The Egyptian Mercury was called Tahuti or Thoth and in that tradition he was Ibis headed. To the Egyptians, the Ibis was the symbol of concentration (meditation) because the bird stands  motionless on one leg. In the Crowley form of Thoth, he is seen bearing the phoenix wand that symbolizes resurrection through the generative process.

Shown in the depiction of the Thoth Magus, his left hand holds an Phoenix wand and around his left ankle is a serpent like cord of a stylize Crux Asana which not only represents a sandal strap [the means to travel through worlds] which is a distinguishing mark of the god-head, but also the Ankh (crux ansata) represents the Rosy-Cross; symbolizing the Phallus-Yoni union that is the God-head and/or The Divine Creative. The woven cord, below the levitating Magician, on the Night Sun Tarot, seems to represent this "sandal strap".

However, this Hermetic  symbology represents  a deeper mystery than most fear based and/or superstitious self-conscious thought is prepared to go. Therefore, only determined open minded scholar's will need apply their brain to such studies that will lead them to the central mysteries of the Aeon of Osiris whose great secret so diligently guarded from the profane by the "flesh-o-phobes", was thatintervention of the Male is necessary for the production of children, both of Mind and Form. In other words: The "I " ( will to force) intervened with "Am" (Will to Form) to produce the offspring of Force and Form, called a "Me" (Will to be). Since the Christian Father's, profaned their own statement, " that Man is Made in God's own Image", the well studied student of the mind knows that words, the instruments of Thoth and communication, are illusions, fantasy, mere theories and even trickery  and the symbol of this card can be studied and seen as : Manifestation implies illusion.
A Magi knows that thought is what we manipulate by will, into forms and/or the foundation of ideas that become form and since thought is a tool we the Willful Spirit, that makes our body live, are not thought!  You cannot identify yourself by words, only your actions will sound out your name! Again, above all things know thyself! Upon so doing, you'll easily see that everyone you meet is another way of being you. Another Way, is the operative term here. So let them alone! Let them be "another way"....that's why The Greater Self built and builds so many of us. Creation loves "another way", because then the journey of Self-Awareness has infinite possibilities! Each of us is "The Will and the Way": the Spirit is Will and the Body is the Way of Spirit. We are also the wealth of idea and because our bodies are magically made out of time-space formed by Understanding; we are the "Will and the Way, the wealth and We own the Day". For only bodies give us the, Endless Will, a Day. Day's are built of time space and each day gives us the illusion of Time and the resulting Power of Limitation. To study Thoth-----is to know the deepest secrets of Self!

When this card is thrown it implies the querent has:
  • Occult wisdom, skill, and is adaptive.
  • Initiative
  • Willpower
  • Choosing
  • Beginning
  • Astuteness
  • Potential
  • Persuasive
  • There is craft and cunning, indecisiveness, and hesitation as well. All depending on the dignity of the accompanying cards
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!


Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key-0-THE FOOL & The Night Sun Tarot- Key 0-THE FOOL

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot- 0 - The Fool card and The Night Sun Tarot-0-The Fool.
Fear not.
What is not real, never was and never will be.
What is real always was and cannot be destroyed.
-Bhagavad Gita
The fool is the universal principle that is associated with the state of conscious energy, that is us before and after death. In other-words, the conscious state that is Soul/Psyche/Spirit. Many of us know that we " have a spirit" but few of us know that we are Spirit and have a body and seek not spirituality but rather are Spirituality bringing  whole-conscious, Psyche- liberation and expansion to Earth anima and animus!

Rather than just being assumed as being mystical, trans-personal , transcendent, ecstatic in its nature, the Fool represents the power of wonder and ecstasy that is so apparent in the very young; before they succumb to indoctrination and form a "cultural identity". The cultural identity is not real so Qabalists call it "reality" which we all know as relative.The Real is the infinite part of ourselves; The Real Person and/or The Higher Self!
The Night Side Tarot of Fabio Listrani with the Art Tarot collection edited by Pietro Alligo, is focused on the Jungian concept of the Shadow side of our personality. The dark side of our personality is "seen" by the use of a "transversal light";  as stated by Jung, " of a transversal light that travels along a different spectrum". We may know this dark spectrum of light, as dark energy and its twin, dark matter. Here in our Dark Psyche, is it possible to bring a special illumination, using a language all its own, accessing an area or areas of the Psyche, that compliment the self-conscious.  As many of us know, behind the "scenes" of our self-conscious, operates the sub or Unconscious, "emitted by a anomalous sun, nocturnal and dark", (Binah-the Dark Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life) that if viewed love and using our True Will, facilitates the right balance of Self, so that it may fulfill its own identity. Hence, Crowley's statement,"Do what thou Wilt, is the whole of the Law; the Law is Love", rings true.

The Oriental symbol for fear is the tiger. In the Thoth card, fear is seen as attempting to gnaw on the leg of the fool who isn't giving any attention and/or power to fear. The dark dog seems to be taking the place of the Tiger on the Night Sun Tarot. On both cards, the Fool looks forward, and the tiger or dog can't even make a dent in his attention. Therefore,  The fool is the energetic essence of who we are; an unflappable immortal spiritual flow of energy consciousness that flows from the Infinite Source of the Ain and or "No-Thing". To the Fool, dark and light are merely materials to play with.
  This card symbolizes the creative expression that is needed to  give birth to new  parts of our lives (light) and to boldly take risks (dark) that are so necessary to evolutionary development! When this card falls in a reading it shows us that this is the moment to do what you fear and trust the spirit within!
The Thoth Tarot- 0-The Fool and Key 1 The Magus are inseparable:
Kether, the Source of All, is connected to Chokma, the first activity towards creation, via the 11th Path of the Fool. The Hebrew letter Aleph-meaning OX, is assigned to this Path. In the Zohar, the letter Aleph is considered representative of absolute unity. This supports the  Qabalistic interpretation of , Aleph-Ox, as the symbol of the Life-Power, and/or creative energy. As I have stated before, the Fool Card, demands multi-faceted and fluid interpretation. The Path of Aleph, is called, by Dr. Paul Foster Case, the Fiery or Scintillating Intelligence which proceeds from the Limitless Light of Kether, that is darkness to us (Dark Energy) . This Fiery Darkness is the possibility of motion or vibration and the First Perception or Will of the One that is the  potential for activity. This is the area of examination that the Night Sun Tarot represents.
Qabalists know this One as the Primal Creative Energy of the Universe that acts upon Itself to emanate the Cosmos. To a physicist this is the, "One energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed" ; just as the reflected light of our light spectrum is a transformation of the "non-reflected-light" of the Dark Energy spectrum. Therefore, before reflected light made seeing Self possible, we existed as a Dark Psyche, that could only dream of itself.  Hence, we now can both "imagine ourselves" and experience that imagined self as "reality". Indeed, we as Souls/Psyche are "so cool"!

There are many attempts to explain the "First Thought", that created Mind, such as, The Word of God, The Logos, The first vibration, etc.; However, all we can say is that from the Triple- invisible- no-thing (Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur) comes the potential for thought, thus thought appears and emanates Mind which is the vessel that contains thought...this makes the Mind the First Vessel of Magnetic form or Womb and yet, A. Crowley called the letter Aleph, a plough share in shape and thus a Phallic symbol of "Expression". Thus the Potential Androgyny is conceived of, as the potential for Sexuality, male-electric and female-magnetic which then unlocks the potential for light's creative-diversity. When considering all of this, it helps to stay fluid in your thinking, for there are no "separates" in the Supernal Triangle (Upper Triangle); there are no "forms", only a No-Thing, that is the I Am (existence), that is made out of a Trinity of Kether-Chokmah-Binah and forms the first "Plane" of existence. Also availing yourself of a diagram of the Tree of Life and its connecting paths will help in the enabling visuals.

The Magus-Key 1, is attributed to the Hebrew letter-Beth, meaning House, and connects Kether (Dark Energy) to Binah, the Great Organizer. Binah, known as the Sephiroth- Understanding, is the Potential for Womb, becoming the House or "dwelling place" for Spirit (spiral energy) descending towards the density of manifestation.  The Magus represents that which builds the house, i.e. Will.  Will or the Magus, directs and encloses the One Spirit which is represented as THE FOOL. The Actions of directing energy is Phallic and the action of enclosing energy is that of the Womb. Thus, I call the Sephira Binah---"The Womb with a View" and/or Imagination. The word Imagination if examined  as I- Magi- Nation....will not only titillate our brain, it may also shed some light on this potential of  Understanding the Will and its nation of force and form. 
 One may note, that the higher one works up the Tree of Life, the differences between the cards is much more subtle and fluid than the lover levels. This subtlety is even more pronounce in The Fool and The Magus (Magician) that are only separated by a slight degree, as is electric and magnetic force, a fact that is not seen in the anthropomorphized symbolism of the cards or of the Spirit as human male and female forms!
Suffice it to say, the letter, Beth (or Bet) represents the First in Principle, the first in creation, the beginning of the beginning, i.e. the Will-To- Be! To the Alchemist, Beth, is the Philosophic Mercury or First Matter. The Alpha, which is never without the Omega! To create beginning is to create end, thus the opposites of life and death which are the key polarities to creation ("The dancing Twins"), are attributed to the letter Beth.  Specifically, without the energies of the Magus, life and death would not exist, nor would beginning and end; all would be formless.

The infinity symbol (lemniscus), seen as a figure 8 laying on its side,  initiates and represents this cyclic process of life and death, as well as, the symbol of the Serpent that eats its own tail, Oroboros. Both represent the closed circle of energy in the Universe, the inhale and exhale of energy, begun by number one Beth, acting upon the zero, Aleph. What may also aid in the thought of Male-eclectic and Female-magnetic force being separated by a slight degree, is that infinity symbol is merely a circle twisting to  looking upon itself, an action that creates a female circle of force and male circle of force where One equals Two. The same can be said for the electromagnetic spectrum of light. Electric-Male and Female magnetic, combine to form One Electromagnetic spectrum of great diversity!

In the Zohar, the relationship of Aleph-The Fool and Beth- The Magus to creation, are discussed in a most charming matter, which is unusual for esoteric literature. I would recommend that the discerning student of the Tarot read this Qabalistic book.  The relationship between The Fool and The Magus (magician) is so subtle that our best hope of even approaching an understanding, resides in meditation on spiritual text, like the Zohar, combine with the images of the Tarot cards.

To speak directly of the Invisible, is impossible, so a circle of ideas must be formed, each giving a suggestion about the nature of the inner Truth. Each Sephiroth on the Tree of Life is each a Circle of ideas, and each Form is an understanding of these circles while each Force is a potential to Form. I may have lost you with that one, so let me say, that The Magus is a channel through which the Energy of The Fool is organized and passes downward. The Magus is both active and passive, as the Magus is both the transmitter and the transmitted, i.e. the Life Force which becomes the primal material in the act of transmission. I know this as the "I Will Be" that is Logos. The Magus being the first step in evolutionary Universal energy towards matter. Thus, in the Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom, by Paul Foster Case, the Magus is called the Transparent Intelligence,  as light passes through a window from above, so dose the Magus pass The Primal Will of Kether.

To reiterate: THE TAROT- FOOL- 0, is the initial potential for thought, transcending all reason. Hence, objectifying the Upper Regions of the Supernal Triangle is a futile endeavor. However, once we recognize the impossibility of consciously approaching the Highest Levels of the Tree of Life, i.e. The Universal Collective Unconscious, in a direct manner, we are forcibly driven into the key Principles of the Mysteries/Metaphysics and the necessity of creating "The Above, in The Below".
 We begin seeing that the Below is a mirror reflection of the Above. The Divine Spirit is all we know, we breathe it, we live within it, it is ourselves. Because we know this Divinity to be "the One Energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed", we know that everything is of this One who is Two, as symbolized by THE FOOL that is the Path of Aleph.
In this context, Aleph is attributed to Air and means Life-Breath. Just as Spirit is from the Greek root word Spiro, which means Breath. The One Spirit, the Holy Spirit, is then the Life-Breath of the Universe. This is well known in Eastern cultures, and Prana Yamas (Breath yoga meaning, "life/death") are a major if not primary part of all Spiritual development, of bringing the "above subjective into the objective below". The Word Prana, is the Life-Breath energy.

Now I have described the Magus in past blogs, as relating to "Words" (vibration), the underlying sonic of patterned manifestation. However, it is the power of breath that expels the sound. Thus THE FOOL activates THE MAGUS.

Crowley, considered Air to be a vacuum, as related to THE FOOL who is the fertile Nothingness and egg of Spirit, so too speak. The universal Egg of Spirit is known, by Gnostic and Qabalisits, to be the EGG OF AKASHA, the zero of THE FOOL which also represents this egg of spirit, and is the mathematical formula of us one male, minus one female= 0 . Therefore, the understanding is that the Egg of Akasha, is a fertilized ovum of undefined sexuality, but having the potential for Both! One who is Two. The Night Sun Tarot, shows this Egg of Akasha as hovering above the right hand of the veiled Fool and horned Fool. While in the background is shown the Oval Womb image of the Vesical Pisces, The Universal Womb. Within the Womb, and behind the Fool, is the Supernal Triangle. The arrows pointing downward, are showing the Energetic Will of the One flowing downward from the Fool.

 Therefore, THE FOOL, represents the very expression of the god name of Kether, Eheieh, which means I will be. This is the Divine Child as yet unborn, who is all potential and who is our very beginning! Therefore the Night Sun Tarot shows the Fool's face veiled, as it is only potentially an identity.
Therefore the Tiger or Dog, "fawning about" THE FOOL'S  leg, is also an archetype representing the Animal Nature (survival mind) as related to the Higher Spiritual process.

The Horns on the figure on both the Thoth and Night Sun Tarot card, represent those of Dionysus Zagreus (
in ancient Greek religion and myth, Zagreus (Greek: Ζαγρεύς) was a god, usually but not always identified with Dionysus. He was especially worshipped by followers of Orphism, whose late Orphic hymns invoke his name), the green clothing on the Thoth card, is that of the Green Man of Spring, the grapes at his feet are a tribute to Bacchus, the Greek God of Ecstasy, and the Crocodile (great creative energy) a swimming at his feet in "the Nile" (Crowley quote). Also are images referring to the Godhead, such as the dove of Venus and the vulture of Maat. Then there is the triple egg shape created by the caduceus in motion, symbolizing the Ain Soph Aur (The three states of No-thing).

The clothing on both cards is "foolish" and representative of that of traditional medival tarot.
As you may realize, the imagery is so subjective that I haven't the space to detail it all for you. If you need more detail, and you do, I would recommend reading Crowley's BOOK OF THOTH,  Robert Wang's Book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT and investigating the Mythology of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians.
the Fool is the most esoteric of all the Arcane. Every card in the Tarot Deck is an aspect of THE FOOL-0, and therefore, 78 different aspects of your Psyche.

As a psychic path, THE FOOL connects Kether -1-(Crown) with Chokmah-2- (Wisdom). To the Qabalist, Kether is known as the Source of All, and Chokmah is known as Father God or God of the Covenant.

The Path of Aleph, meaning OX, is about the "flowing of Life Force and creative power", showing the "SPIRIT'S aim to be that of Earth and/or Sensual Being. Crowley symbolizes this "Holy Spirit" ( The Spirit on every level of the Tree of Life)  as a dove in the Thoth Deck Card. Crowley also called The Letter Aleph, a phallic symbol.....but then so is the Projected Will that is THE MAGUS, and one wonders if Crowley was so besotted with the Phallus, that he was unable to see anything else; However, truth be told, by reference to Sexes and sexuality do we come to the minutest glimmering of understanding about the Universe.

To even begin understanding THE FOOL, we must entertain  a multifaceted and fluid interpretation of Force and Form. 
Paul Foster Case calls this Eleventh Path, in his book THE THIRTY-TWO PATHS OF WISDOM, the fiery or Scintillating Intelligence. which makes sense as The Path of Aleph boarders on the Limitless Light (Ain Soph), which is "not" or "naught", that is, Light without limit which is darkness to us who need a beginning and a end to see. So here we try to explain what can't be seen as The Fiery Darkness which is the possibility of vibration or motion and the First Perception of the One having potential for activity.

In the context of Masculine sexuality, the Fool is the Testes, and the Magus is the Phallus,(represented by the three flowers beneath the spread legs of Thoth Tarot- THE FOOL) as He directs active first flow from the Fool rather than potentiality doing so. However, I fear that is a rather limiting concept of the ONE-----as the Ain Soph is "No-Thing", but then, all concepts are less than the potential for conception.

We may reason that the potential for thought, comes from the Dark Energy as Dark Matter (The First Material). The appearance of Thought emanates Mind, which is the vessel for Thoughtful ideas and/or Womb of Thought Forms, i.e. The I-magi-nation, potential images transcending all reason. Thus, our reason, leaves us with more questions than answers but necessarily so because we then must build (create) the answers!

Limitlessness is a very difficult concept! To say that THE FOOL represents the initial potential for thought which transcends reason, is about the best I can do with words. However, the special reality we may touch in sleep, often gives us images that do not correlate to our mundane understanding of reality, so our dreams seem to be so much abstraction and are considered as nonsense to our waking condition. However, the Great Work (As above so below) involves the assimilation of  The Real, not a reality conceived of mundane ideas base on self-absorbed survival thinking. And the Real Concepts are from "what is Not" making "What it thinks it is" from Dreams of Potential- Self!

To think of the Universe as "God Dreaming" (Darkness Dreaming it is Light) is very difficult to grasp, and the fact that you are a "Lucid" Dreamer (Image of God), who has been given the "Power of Observation", meaning you can change the Perspective of "Things" and Self, is just about as mind boggling as it gets....and just such a glimmer of insight requires a "beyond the Mundane" understanding of Self! Thus, your Divinity is not often acknowledge by the mundane; However, your Psyche's Womb, The Divine Feminine, that is the conception of "the image of God", is the invisible Sephiroth, Daath (knowledge), which is the Path Where Goddess (Understanding)/God (Wisdom) meet face to face ( Tibetan, Yab Yum) and is known as the Path of Daleth-THE EMPRESS, your Spiritual Birth Mother/ Feminine Principle of the Divine Creative!
I'll end this" brief" dissertation on the Fool, with this: All the Paths leading upward to Kether,THE FOOL, THE MAGUS, AND THE HIGH PRIESTESS, must be approached with a certain understanding of whimsy, as we realize that by crossing the Abyss and approaching Kether (The Crown) means the total annihilation of Self as we perceive it, thus presenting us with the irony of our attempt to grasp such esoteric and refined principles from an earthly-mundane perspective. Often, when teaching the Major Arcana and knowing what I speak, cannot truly convey what I am saying, brings a smile, if not outright laughter to my face. To me, The I AM potential is ironically displayed as a limited conception--a Me. Being a "Me" must never be taken to seriously, for that concept will change daily, when one enters the Higher Self.
 In Kether is the point of  Tetragrammaton. Crowley  summed this up as: "The Union (Communion) of the Father and Mother produces Twins, the son  going forward to the daughter and the daughter returning the energy to the Father; by this cycle of change the stability and eternity of the Universe is assured." Too understand this, it may be necessary to go back through history to the Matriarchal age. It was a time where succession was not through the first born son but through the daughter. The King was not ruler by inheritance but rather by the right of conquest. In the stable societies of the time, the king was a stranger; a foreigner. He then had to kill the old king and marry the daughter. The Anglo-Saxon word husband meant ,"Keeper of her property". So the King was a care-taker.

Respect for the wandering mad-man or lunatic runs high throughout history. As it still does in India and other Asian nations. In fact a common quote in medieval times is, "This queer stranger? Let us entreat him kindly. it may be that we entertain an angel unawares." Study into Percival, Mako-the son of Set,or Sebek (crocodile god), or even Hoor-Pa-Kraat will help explain the Fool cosmogony. This traditional wandering fool, is well depicted in the Night Sun Tarot, showing road signs pointing various directions behind him, as he obliviously strides forward with veiled eyes.

On the Tree of Life, the first is Kether-0-, who represents the Pure Being, which is an aspect of pure No-thing; Force and Form hasn't been invented yet. In Kether's subjective manifestation of the Pure Being, he is not one but two; His divine name is Eheieh, which means "I Will Be" and/or I AM (I plus Am =2) but he is only One because he is zero. One leads to nowhere, which is where it came from. So the only possible beginning is in Two, Kether (crown) and Chokma (Wisdom)/Force and that manifestation must be silence, because the number 3, Binah's number (understanding-Form) has not yet been formulated. In other words, there is no Mother, Binah is the Virgin Mother, because Male is a Form of Force, and no Form has yet been invented, so When Binah is impregnated by silent Wisdom, She has not known a male! Male and Female where both invented at the same moment when the Twins were born from silent Wisdom and Understanding impregnation of the I (Identity) Am (Idea), therefore giving birth to the Me (Self consciousness).  Therefore with Kether and Chokma, there is impulse but nothing else, until Binah is formed out of Understanding. Only when impulse is interpreted, can it become Form, or the Logos is merely sound unheard until sound was contained into Form! I could go on and on confusing you into abject despondency, but I think this is enough to stimulate  a different perspective about the Universe.

The Fool -0, is not a key card, for key cards are about doors or gateways of knowledge being opened. Nothing has nowhere to go---so it 0. It is all the Power that ever was or will be. However, Crowley also called the Fool, Atu 22, giving it the Key 22 designation. Because in the end, all things return to the NO-Thing. Therefore, in most understandings of Tarot, there are 21 key cards, however, with a greater insight, one can see that there are "22" key cards.
The design of the Thoth Fool card represents many mythological explanations of this Principle:
  1.  Both The Thoth , and Night Sun Fool have the horns of Dionysus Zagreus, and on the Thoth Card between the horns is the phallus  cone of white light---indicating the influence of Kether-Crown, upon him. While the Night Sun Tarot's Fool has the Triangle of the Supernal behind him to indicate the same.
  2. The Fools background is Air, drawing from Space and his attitude is that of one bursting unexpectedly on the world. A good simile for the beginning of Time.
  3. On the Thoth Tarot, He is clad in the Green of Spring and wears the Phallic gold shoes of the Sun.
  4.  In his right hand is the Wand tipped in a pyramid of white---simulating Kether, while the Night Sun Tarot, shows the Fool's Wand tipped with a bag holding his magical devices..
  5. In the Thoth Fools left hand is the flaming pine-cone, indicating vegetable growth under the same Fiery influence of the White light. He is the Authority of Fertility. While that same fertility is shown in the Night Sun Tarot, as a green light surrounded orphic egg, hovering above his right hand.
  6. From the Thoth Fool's left shoulder, hangs a bunch of bagged grapes, representing sweetness, fertility and the basis for ecstasy (Ecstasy gave birth to the Universe); shown by the stem of the grapes forming into  rainbow hued spirals; The form of the Universe. The spiral form of the Universe is also shown in the Night Sun Tarot, as the oval lines behind the Fool, that also form the Universal Womb image.
  7. Upon this spiral whorl of the Thoth Tarot, are other attributions of the "godhead"; the vulture of Maut, the dove of Venus (Mari, or Isis) and the sacred ivy of the Devotees of the Green Man.
  8. There is also a buttery fly of many-colored air, representing souls and the winged globe with its twin-serpents, which is echoed by the twin infants embracing on the middle spiral. 
  9. Above is the benediction of three flowers in one (Kether, Chokmah, Binah).
  10. The tiger (fear) is fawning unnoticed on his leg. The Night Sun Tarot depicts a Dog in this activity.
  11.  And beneath his Thoth feet runs the Nile with lotus stems and a crouching crocodile (Sebek). While the Night Sun Tarot, has his feet lowered in an ever-darkening light. 
The whole Fool card is a glyph of the Creative Light which is Dark Energy and/or "The Fiery Darkness, that is too bright for human eyes" and/or unseen by the naked eye.

Unless there are many surrounding cards of a very spiritual nature or the position of the Fool card is thrown into  a highly spiritual position in the reading, a more mundane reading of the Fool card is often warranted. Such as, acting foolish, dementia, delirium, and/or incoherency.

When thrown during a Divination, the Fool represents;
  • Idea, thought, spirituality and that which endeavors to rise above the material world.
  • However, if the question of the querent is regarding a material event of an ordinary life, this card is not well defined. Herein, it shows folly, foolishness, stupidity, eccentricity and even mania.
  • The Fool is too ideal and unstable to be generally good in material things.
  • The Fool is more about a willingness to "Throw oneself into the Abyss of the Unknown" rather than operating in a reasonable manner.
  • The querent is in or experiencing a state of  ecstasy and/or a state of Peek experience.
  • Fearlessness.
  • Courage. 
  • And is completing all motion  by Faith, absolutely trusting THE SPIRIT.
  •  A feeling of being protected, and that everything will work out.
  • Being open to what the future brings!
If ill defined by accompanying cards, The Fool, is then the harbinger of folly, mania, extravagance and even negligence.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Princess of Swords & The Barbara Walker Tarot-Princess of Swords-Skuld

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot- Princess of Swords & The Barbara Walker Tarot-Princess of Swords: Skuld, represents the  earthly part of Air. She is the function of the volatile, thus she is shown as a Valkyrie. With Her Sword of "volatile Mind" she cleaves away the dross, so the pure essence is seen as a materialization of Idea; Much like Michelangelo who was known for his perceptive chisel, that cleaved away the dross;what was not  the image he saw in the marble.
The Princess of Swords and the Valkyrie, represent the influence of Heaven on Earth. There is a representation of the "Anger of the Gods" here, for she wears a helm reminiscent of a Medusa headdress. She stands in front of a barren altar, as if to avenge its profanation (The Human Soul is the altar; the profanation is "indoctrination of the slave-culture"), as shown by her sword stabbing downward. All around her angry storms rage in the sky.

To the Qabalist, The Princess of Swords represents Earth of Air which is the fixation of the volatile. Thus, idea is materialized by this Personification of Force and Form which is intended to be a combination of Minerva (Goddess of Wisdom) and  Diana (Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt). This combination showing that she is both beautiful, intelligent but not entirely pleasant.
There is a similarity between the Princess of Swords and the Valkyrie of Norse mythology as well. The silver altar shows only fire-less smoke, depicting the thoughts that are blown around by  Air of Yetzirah; the currents and eddies in the Astral-Air/mind.

The Norse would call The Princess of Swords Skuld who was the leader of the Valkyries. Here, the Barbara Walker Tarot uses an artistic representation of Skuld as the Princess of Swords. Skuld was a battle-maid who in myth, judged and received the souls of the dead. She was considered a sharp minded female deity of keen judgment and high spirit but stern, and powerful. Symbolically she was seen to be trouble and possible danger.
The Tarot Princess of Swords represents a Archetypal personality that is the Earthly/material part of Air/Imagination. She is the fixation of the volatile. She is the visitation of Heaven on Earth and brings about the materialization of idea.

 Again: The archetypal character of the Princessof Swords is stern and revengeful not unlike the Valkyrie of the Norse, or Minerva (goddess of wisdom)  and Artemis ( goddess of the moon) of the Greek and Romans. She is striking out with her sharp sword and represents the anger of the gods.  Her logic is destructive and she is firm and aggressive shewing clever wit, practical wisdom, and subtlety in material matters. The empty altar on the Thoth Tarot Card, symbolizes profanity of the sacred, of which she cannot abide. The heavens and the clouds seem angry. Barbara Walker does well in showing the marshal nature of Skuld, riding a black charger, with a bloody sky as back ground. Her sharp sword, is also pointed downward, showing the cleaving away of the dross of materiality, to purify the imagination.

 Therefore The Princess of swords represents a very adroit in the settlement of controversies, exercising her sharp wit. She is the mood fighter. Hence, she represents the need to  act upon ideas rather than just talk about them.
To her practical thinking requires that there be no difference between verbal commitment and external action. Her helmet crest is the serpent haired Medusa (Gorgon), which suggests that the personality of the Princess of Swords is not entirely pleasant towards those who try to dominate her.

However, she is constantly regenerating her thinking (On the Thoth card: green spring colors and the butterfly wing shape light) to she how cost effective her ideas are (coins on pedestal) but all is not selfish here, for she also considers the nourishing of others with her ideas (the mushroom shape of the pedestal) .

With this martial personality word and deed are aligned and woe to those who say one thing and do another!

The Barbara Walker Tarot-Princess of Swords: Skuld, uses the mythology of the Norse to represent her Princess of Death. Skuld is the 3rd Norn, who represents the future.


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Norse mythology, Sjódreygil and the Norns Faroese stamps 2006

The Norns spin the threads of fate at the foot of Yggdrasil, the tree of the world. Beneath them is the well Urðarbrunnr with the two swans that have engendered all the swans in the world.

The Norns (1889) by Johannes Gehrts.

The Norns (Old Norse: norn, plural: nornir) in Norse mythology are female beings who rule the destiny of gods and men. They roughly correspond to other controllers of humans' destiny, the Fates, elsewhere in European mythology.

According to Snorri Sturluson's interpretation of the Völuspá, the three most important norns, Urðr (Wyrd), Verðandi and Skuld, come out from a hall standing at the Well of Urðr (well of fate). They draw water from the well and take sand that lies around it, which they pour over Yggdrasill so that its branches will not rot. These three norns are described as powerful maiden giantesses (Jotuns) whose arrival from Jötunheimr ended the golden age of the gods. They may be the same as the maidens of Mögþrasir who are described in Vafþrúðnismál.

Beside these three, there are many other norns who arrive when a person is born in order to determine his or her future. In the pre-Christian Norse societies, norns were thought to have visited newborn children. There were both malevolent and benevolent norns: the former caused all the malevolent and tragic events in the world while the latter were kind and protective goddesses.

Skuld, was one of the "tragic events" Norns, for she was the leader of the Valkyries, meaning, "Choosers of the Dead".
To the Saxon's, these Norns were the Walcyries, to the Slavs, they were Valas, Vilas or Wilis, names representing death-priestesses who could make dying pleasant.[Woods, 156; Larousse, 293]. Like the Dakini of the Hindu or the Kha-dro-Ma of the Tibetan Tantra, the Valkyries, had the power to bestow Vilasa-"heavenly bliss", on the dying.  To the Norse, only heroic death in battle, got this blessing from the Valkyrie. Like the Houries of Islam, these psychopomps sometimes became the "celestial wives" of heroes.
The Princess of Swords Tarot card is associated with the air sign months of Aquarius (January 21 to February 21 ) , Gemini (May21-June 21) and Libra (September 21 to October 21) or those persons the querent knows who are born during those periods.
Since these are the months of gestation;
  • it is important to fight your own moods and the moods of others so that you are not distracted while attending to what it is that you want to produce in areas of finance, health and relationships.
  • This card also suggests that these air sign months can be very effective months for the querent if successful in mood fighting. When personified, the Princess of Swords usually represents a difficult child, or younger person whose inner conflicts can only be resolve by maturity and experience.
  • A willful, obstinate, child who may also be perceptive beyond her years, thus causing a emotional conflict, that is not fully understood because of the inexperience of the child. 
  • A young  clever, ruthless child that lacks empathy for other peoples feelings and may indiscreetly pry into the Querent's secrets.

If the reading is about the Querent, this card may show that:
  • The Querent's moods are clouding mental clarity.
  • Feelings of a defensive nature that may even be aggressive and hostile.
  • However, there is a flip side to this card that shows the Mature Querent as a mood-fighter who has the ability to help others with great practical wisdom and subtlety.
  • Great adroitness at the management of practical- material affairs.
  • Very good at settling controversial issues.
  • This Personality will also take risks in thought and/or communication, daring to commit beliefs and attitudes even at the cost of personal comfort.
  • This is a bold, often rash and impulsive personality.
  • All in all, this is a curious mind which investigates and explores rational possibilities. The Interested student should also look up the Mythology concerning Medusa, Athena and Perseus for greater insight into the esoteric/personality archetypal meaning of The Princess of Swords.

The Archetype personality of the Princes of Swords:
  1. Is of a stern and revengeful nature.
  2. She is firm, aggressive and wields destructive logic with great practical wisdom and subtlety in material things.
  3. Her natural cleverness and adroitness in managing controversial affairs makes her a master of settling controversies.
  4. She would be a good ambassador.
  5. People thus characterized, may seem slow mentally,crushed by every responsibility, especially when it comes to family affairs.
  6. We must remember that the Princesses represent the "Throne of Spirit", and that the Princess of Swords has the option of "blowing everything sky high", she has that potency of mind,
If ill dignified her qualities:
  • Are dispersed, she becomes incoherent, and all her gifts form into a animal cleverness, a low cunning, that is unworthy of the means.
  •  To some, such personalities appear to be "Children of Misfortune", which seems to be the most unhappy of people. However, their Soul knows what it is doing, and sharp chisels are needed to "cut away the dross" so that the real beauty can be revealed.   
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Prince of Swords & The Barbara Walker Tarot-Prince of Swords: Tyr

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth-The Prince of Swords  & The Barbara Walker Tarot-Prince of Swords-Tyr,represents the airy part of Air. As air/Mind the Prince of Swords is directed by "outside influences" such as the heat of passion and the coolness of pure coldness; hence, this card represents the same mental activity.
Therefore, this is the Archetypal personality of the intellectual, pure rational mind.

The Prince of Swords rules the zodiac from the 21st degree of Capricorn to the 20th degree of Aquarius.  The Thoth Prince of Swords is dressed in woven-full armor of definite device. His chariot is composed of geometric ideas. This chariot is drawn by unharnessed wing children "who are flights of fancy" and may go any-which way they like, as the reins are attached to passing geometric ideas. The Prince of Swords can be compared to the knowledge of Euclid expounded upon by an idiot and/or zealot, whose argument takes any twist and turn it wants to, and yet be totally "rational". Thus the chariot is easily moved but unable to go into any definite direction---except by accident. 

Here is pure intellect without direction supplied by the uncontrolled Will. Never the less, the Prince of Swords is crown by a Child's Head, for there is a secret Divinity here (Spirit is Will) that is linked up to Tiphareth (the Son of God), but usually if this personality thinks in terms of the divine, it believes it is above all others and suffers from the righteousness of an fanatic.

The Thoth Prince of Swords, represents the logical process that has reduced the Air/Mind  to many diverse geometric patterns, they reduce the power of creative mind, as they have no definite purpose. This is symbolized by the Sword in his right hand (willingness to create) and in his left hand a sickle, which destroys what he immediately creates. Being that his thoughts require no practical effort, he is purely intellectual, full of ideas that tumble over one-another in a mass of ideas unrelated to each other.  He is not simple minded as he has all the apparatus of the Mind, intensely clever, admirably rational, thought in its highest degree, but unstable of purpose as even his own ideas are approached with his indifference. He knows that any idea is as good as another and can rationally persuade an Eskimo into buying a deep-freeze even though nature has already provided! By removing the substance of an idea, he can place every idea into an ideal world of ratiocination. Therefore it always looks good on paper no matter how impractical it is to build!

Being that ratiocination is purely formal, even the very facts that promote his ideas are ignored so that his ideas become baseless and unreal.
This person is immensely powerful because of their unsettled principles which enable them to put forth any argument without regret or remorse...kind of like a insane-used-car salesmen from hell, who postulates the value of saw dust in the automatic transmission of the car he's selling. This is a personality that hasn't yet learned mental discernment. 

The Prince of Swords personality is glib to quote scripture, cunningly supporting any thesis without considering the fact that he supported an opposite thesis earlier in his bombast. Therefore, he is impossible to defeat because any position is as good as another and ready to enter into combination with the nearest element available. He really doesn't care if his or her ideas are detrimental to life, the idea is its own purpose! His/her momentary Vision is above all else! The discovery of facts, takes too long for this "Mental Charge" of mind.

These elusive and elastic personalities may seem confused, but they are of evolutionary use to the Psyche, if mastered by the Greater Will and Intellect of Spirit. A person who entertains  such a personality type, is best advised to mentally travel up the Tree of Life to the 6th Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree known as Tiphareth-Beauty which is the Divine Child in manifestation. This is usually done by skrying the Sun card which shows the "Dancing Twins"/the Anima and Animus.
The Chaotic nature of Pure Masculine- Mindmust be controlled by the Understanding Mother of All form Binah/Divine Anima, who is connected to the 6th Sephira, as Force for its own sake, rather than in the support of Form, is utter destruction of all life.

Without the Understanding of Mother Binah and her purpose for life, these personalities become faddists, fundamentalists, fanatics, devotees of drink and drugs, humanists (those who believe that mankind is the center of the universe----all else can cease to exist.) and bible thumping theologians. But even in such directions there is not stability, and they wander from cult to cult, vice to vice, supporting fanatical convictions for the sake of whim. It is easy to be deceived by such people as they manifest great potency of thought and therefore, are often errantly describe as having great depth and breadth of mind. As in all readings, the surrounding cards will show the dignity of this card.

There is however, a bright light here when Pure Mind aligned with Pure Spirit, ideas can become living image. Pure Spirit does not reside in religion...that chaos of ideas belongs to the idiots that praise a man-made god for creating life while their fanatical ideas destroy it all around them. Rather the Purity of Spirit that is the Life itself, that resides as the Great Ocean of Mother/Universal Collective Unconscious that is all around, in and through us.....AS US! So once again, "Above all things know thyself", is necessary here. As Spirit,  I Am Love of Being (Life) and all around me Love of Being is expressing itself as another way of being "Me". As Life, we belong to each other, and not to ideas that separate us from each other and the Universal Collective. Ideas, have no purpose unless applied to the unification of  Life---for that is the Great Work of the Divine Collective (The Universal Collective Unconscious> Carl Jung). Ideas make The Divine Creative in their own image, while The Divine Creative/The Great Self,-makes us into It's image! Thus it is obvious, that to know Self  is to Know thyself!

To reiterate:In the zodiac, the Prince of Swords rules from 21 degrees Capricorn to 20 degrees Aquarius.
This card represents Air of Air, Specific Air of Primal Air, (personal consciousness, linked with Primal conscious) which shows an active mind that swirls all over the place. The three fairy like beings pulling the Thoth Prince's chariot are symbols of the capricious nature of the mind which can be pulled into any direction.

The Prince of Swords has both the long sharp sword of masculine- rational that invokes and creates, while in the left hand he carries the feminine- sickle of destruction that immediately destroys what is created; this is because he lacks the feminine understanding which turns ideas into form.
Hence this is a card of the Masculine Force of Mind, yet there is significant Moon (Yesod) symbolism, the sickle sword of Isis, and phantom shapes, which brings its own illusion.

In Mythology, the Prince of Swordsrepresents Tyr, the  Norse god of battle, as depicted in the Barbara Walker Tarot and  also Mars, the Roman god of war. Both of these personifications of force, represent destruction, pestilence, daring and death. Hence, The Prince of Swords is representative of the Archetypal Tyrant- Personality who is charismatic, dominating and so impersonal that they have a great power to harm; Sharp wit but assertive to a fault. This card cautions the Querent about over -rationalization.
To reiterate: The 4-Princes of Tarot are the personified elemental forces, of those 4 elements that are brought into balance in Tiphareth.
 As one of the four, THE PRINCE OF SWORDS, is the masculine mental element of ideas that can be constructive or destructive.
The Prince of Swords is also called, in the Hermetic Qabalah, the Chariot of the Winds, Prince and emperor of the Sylphs and Sylphides.
Zodiacally, he is the last Decan of Capricorn and the first two Decans of Aquarius. 
He is Specific Air of Primal Air. The Element Air, is Mind, so this one  is like the Purely rational- mind itself, which can love thought alone, and not care what it effects.
The Golden dawn card, had two fairies pulling the chariot but in the, Thoth Tarot card of the Prince of Swords, these fairies are shown as spheres of light in front of  the Chariot, accompanied by three winged children who are pulling it. Implying that, this chariot may be pulled capriciously and/or mischievously in any direction, imitating the Mind itself. The Fey children are traditionally of the moon, and therefore, supporting the Yesodic-Moon influence of  illusion, along with the sickle of Isis.

The Thoth Tarot-Prince of Swords, represents The Creative Intuitive Thinker that is in all of us. In fact, each of us has inherited the 16 Archetype personalities of the Greater Self and are a fractal of all of them. Since we are individual fractals of archetypical persona, the ones we choose to focus on the most, are defined by our birthday, as our action on the material plane, can be a daily, monthly, yearly or lifetime choice. Each of us is a multidimensional state of conscious energy; our names are legion!

When we entertain the personality archetype known in tarot as The Prince of Swords, we have use of the personality that has newly mastered creative-intuitive thinking. We become inspired and wish not to be limited, restricted or restrained in any way. This desire to be unrestricted is shown by the two swords that the Prince of Swords  has in his hands. With the sickle and the broad sword, the  determined Prince cuts  through any thoughts, beliefs or attitudes that might reign in the movement (chariot) and/or the expression of creative-intuition thinking.

The Prince of Swords is associated with the zodiac sign of Aquarius, which is the symbol for the new age, creative, innovative, and original mind.

The inspired ideas of Aquarius are shown as the three human bodies who want to be released and expressed, each in their own direction..

The Diamond Chariot, represents  The Great Work, which is the expansion and liberation of the living from self-imposed limits by combining the Greater Self, with the individual self-conscious. It is the "as above, so below" of inspired motion. It is creative energy that wants to be actively expressed and sensed. This expressive sensation, will be in a power positive way or a negative "fantasy" way; where the individual is so full of ideas, that they reduce all ideas to unreality by removing them to an ideal world of ratiocination and formality, which as such, is out of relation to any facts.
 Fantasized Utopian concepts come from this state of  thought.
The Barbara Walker Tarot, Prince of Swords: Tyr.
Represents this war-like personality archetype as the Norse god of war. The word Tyr, meant war and was one of the ways the warrior achieved the Norse heaven of  Valhalla, via the feminine psychopomps, the Valkyrie.
As I stated previously, the Roman's had a derivative of Tyr- god of war, called Mars. The week day sacred to Mars was Tuesday, in Latin, dies Martis; in French-Mardi. The English called Tyr, the old English- Tiw. Hence the later  Tuesday was at first- Tiw's day.
Since both Tyr and Mars were once "all-father" sky-god archetypes who were eventually kicked off the heavenly throne by Odin and Jupiter, respectively, they became personifications of the syncretic Father's violent, vengeful and capricious cruel side. These dislodged war god's, went on to represent the storm, the indiscriminant- killer lightning strike, the legion-cult of  berserkers and even the pestilence that followed battle.
The Storm king that was clothed in black, Sama, was of early Aryan creation. This personification of storm and thunder, became Samana, "the leveler" , who like the figure of death, reaped all with his scythe.[Frazer, 78: Larousse, 293]
This black cloaked leveler, was worshiped in the Celtic feast of the dead called Samhain, which we know as Halloween. Hence, it is easy to see that the Tarot Prince of Swords, represents a person of domineering tendencies, that swept others along with his ideas, as a storming wind that blows hither and yon.

When this card is thrown, the querent is either experiencing:
  • New Aquarian thinking which is trying to break through, or has broken through.
  • This Warrior of the Mind, may be torn between to ideals  which seem to be equal in value, but by being brave, dashing and domineering becomes committed to one of the.
  • Without commitment, this person has no staying power and is unable to communicate or finish this ideas fruition.

  • This is the Alchemical element of air, which can be overly mental and out of touch with emotions which may be linked to the need to travel or relocate.  
  • The querent: feels the need to release creative and intuitive thought while cutting through any barrier to this release.

  • There is a tendency to think too fast so slowing down the thought process is advised if success is to be achieved.
  •  The querent is showing the tendency to be overly rational, missing the subtle emotional points that would heed success in communication.

  1. As a person, The Prince of Swords personality is purely intellectual.
  2. Overflowing with ideas that tumble over each other in a mass unrelated to practical effort.
  3. This is a brain that won't quiet itself down long enough to focus well on one thing.
  4. Intensely clever, admirably rational, with high degrees of thought, yet unstable of purpose.
  5. There is in this Prince of mind personality, an indifference to their own thought, as any idea is worth exploring, but not for too long!
  6. By reducing every thought to ratiocination, this personality has removed all substance from thoughts, making them formal and fantastical, as they no longer relate to any facts; even those upon which the thoughts are individually based. Thus, this person is completely free from settled principles and is capable of conceiving and putting out any conceivable argument with out the clutter of remorse or regret.
  7. This is a mind so glib, that it is able to forget the contrary argument it produced minutes before and go sallying forth with a new argument.
  8. These people often become faddists, cultists and devotees of drink, drugs, theologies, humanitarianism or music and religion, but without stability. A young person of a turbulent  combative nature.
  9. Not only is this person's mind enthusiastic, changeable with rapid switching of logic, they are also often argumentative.
  10.  A very active and imaginative mind that reduces all ideas to and ideal world of ratiocination  and formality, which as such,  is without relation to known facts.
    • Usually prefers "pure mind" over emotions.
    • Esoterically,  this is the Knower, ( one who knows and hears not derision)and shows mastery of synthesis and delusion. A kind of farsighted mental view and expansion into cosmic awareness without proper empathy.
    • For the Querent, this is a card of communication.
    • The Querent has decided to be deeply committed to  acting out their own philosophical ideas in a daily lifestyle.
    • Speaking out courageously but showing a tendency to be head strong and assertive. This is where the sickle destroys the attractiveness of the created logic. 

If the querent is able or has achieved the ability to focus their thought:
  • They are committed to acting out their ideals and philosophy in their own lives; not really caring about how others do it, as they put incredible energy into supporting or examining particular beliefs.
  • They often present a magnetic personality that is extravagant, careless and excessive.
  • Ruthlessly brilliant, they can have good business judgment.
  • There is a combative nature here, that is courageous, turbulent and skilled in the war of wits.

 Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Queen of Swords & The Barbara Walker Tarot-Queen of Swords: Kali

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot: Queen of Swords,& The Barbara Walker Tarot-Queen of Swords-Kali: represents Mastery of Objective Thinking and Clarity of Intellectual Thinking. The lavishly illustrated Queen Tarot card represents The Greek Goddess Athena or if Hindu, The Goddess Kali.

In the Thoth Tarot, She is sitting on a cloud, with sword and mask or head of the patriarch in hand, as she is the mask-cutter; the fair witnessing mind who removes all illusion and sees the Real that is masked by indoctrinated reality.

The Queen of Swords persona (see birth chart) has cut through her own masks, roles, and defenses in order to retain her clarity and objectivity (The crystal crown). The child's head above the crown of clarity, symbolizes her child-like innocence and curiosity.
This Queen is the counselor or consultant for others and also has the courage to seek counsel and consulting for herself when necessary.

Therefore this card represents the mastery of objective which is the deepening of a centered rational mind; the quality of mind that demands objectivity, authenticity, and abandonment of pretense. The Observer within our consciousness which is detached from roles and assists us in reconnecting with our child like truth.

The Hermetic Tarot-QUEEN OF SWORDS:

In the zodiac, the Queen of Swords rules from 21 degrees Virgo to 20 degrees Libra. This is Water-emotions of Air-Mind, which is not only power of transmission but elastic as well.
In the Thoth card we see the Queen of Swords as a kind of Golden Kali, with Her sharp sword of wit in one hand and the severed head/ or Mask of a adult male in the other. Yet the innocence of a child is shown on top of her stellar-crystal clear mind, where ideas are clear and concise. The Queen of Swords represents the Liberated Mind with clear perception of idea.
The Barbara Walker Tarot- Queen of Swords, choose to depict her queen as the Earliest Traditional form of Kali-The Destroyer Goddess of India. Here she is shown standing on her lover, Shiva, who represented the Universe, eating his entrails, while newer versions often shown her holding his dismembered head, and wearing a skull girdle. Sometimes she was depicted with 4 arms, sometimes more; however she always held the symbols of the elements, Sword, cup, earth, and fire which is shown on B.W.'s card as her hair. No matter how terrible or artistic the representation of The Divine Creative, it is the Mother of all Form, and the Destroyer of All Form. This is simply because the medium of form is time/space, and has a beginning and an end.

 Esoterically, The Queen of Swords, is another form of Mother Binah (3rd Sephiroth/Understanding) if awakened within the consciousness, assists the self-conscious when it enters the Astral realm (Yetzirah, the Formative World of Deception)  trims the self-conscious of all deception by the sharp sword of concise perception and protects our identity from the fantasy and illusion .

It is the very head of mankind, the thinking center of words, definitions, and all concepts of division-ism  made by mankind's identities of separation, that deceive us, removing us from What is Real. Rather than the Personality of the Soul with perspectives of Spirit, that is born as a "golden child", we have a personality that perceives a "reality" born of indoctrination and survival thinking of the animal. When this "man-made mind" is removed, so is the "Tower of Babel" that are words. Removing the mask of words, the True Conscious Psyche that resides on the "other side of the Mirror", transmits knowledge not made by words, nor clouded by fear,  but transmitted via intuition and imagination. Imagination, is the "Womb-with-a view", she uses Image (Mandalas/pictures/forms) as her expression of idea.

Words, no mater how artfully presented,  are controlled definition supplied to us by our "Rulers" who control definition by enforcement---and their only power is our reaction to this enforcement, which later becomes our reaction to words. Powerful Idea, is made manifest and is all Action and cares little for reaction. Therefore, on the Thoth Card we have the head of the innocent child, who is not concerned with reaction, but clear and concise in idea. Spirit is Will and therefore, Action. While the body is run by a survival mind, and therefore, reaction.

As you can see, this Queen Card, be it Thoth or Barbara Walker's, may seem a complicated card, not because of obfuscation but rather because of our inability to disconnect our identity from the trickster in  our pleasure/pain indoctrinated brain; we are bedeviled by thoughts of predation. Many of us fear the action of  confrontation, and use words as reactive survival weapons. Most of us honestly believe that words are knowledge and condemn or praise each other with definitions! However, everyone or everything had to be "Defined into Definition" by Creation, before we have ever seen it! Therefore, you already are Known into being, not a being who must be identified by those you meet. This may shock you, but the earth is not a court room, where you are judged by your "peers". Knowledge built you so it could work the material of the Universe and earth into what is a hands-on living expression of Imagination!

 Those who believe that words create reality, fail to understand that if they yell with all their force the word Grass, that man- made identity of plant fails to grow on the floor; both the floor and the realm of Plants fail to see any power in a word; the unmitigated gal!  But if one visualizes, plants the seeds, and fertilizes, all of which are actions of power and/or the ableness of imagination at work, grass will grow whether one gives it definition or not; for grass by any other name is still a green leafy plant, that existed long before words.

Power is described, in English dictionaries, as the "ability to do work", therefore it is not a belief system, based on fear, but rather an Active Dynamic of Creation. Contrary to those who think a "sacred place" is outside the body, the body that we call human, is a Power Tool of Spirit, that enables Our Psyche and the inherited Mother Conscious-Imagination, to work ideas into manifestation (Transformations of the One Energy) in all aspects of the Tree of Life, including the Realm of Malkuth/Earth. To the Soul, personalities are known by deeds/action, not by words and reaction. In the Real Identity of the Divine Creative, we have been praised into manifestation as a clear concise idea of the Divine Creative's Self Image!

The principles of the Queen of Swords brings us to an understanding of how we are deceived by thoughts while showing us how to transcend deception byKnowing Ourselves as we are Known to Her/the Divine Feminine.Truth is perceived in the manifestation of idea and not a reaction to it. The Reaction of emotional "out-burst", is fear of idea which really translates to "fear of vulnerability".

The Queen of Swords is attributed with the elasticity of this combination of Imagination and consciousness and the power of transmission that this current provides.

To reiterate: She rules the zodiac from the 21st degree of Virgo to the 20th degree of Libra. In the Thoth Deck Tarot, she is enthroned upon clouds (Watery-Air), topless and wearing a gleaming belt and sarong, symbolizing the Great Mother of Consciousness. Upon her helmet is the child head crest from which the sharp rays of light are emitted, illuminating her empire of celestial dew.[Celestial dew is the substance that radiates from the pineal gland when it is stimulated in a higher vibration by the Kundalini, that baptizes the brain, resurrecting the 2/3ds of "sleeping brain" that is not used in the mundane, human-being. This dew awakens Divya-Sidhis and/or "magic abilities"] . The Child crest symbolizes the Golden-Divine Child within us all---the Innocent One of Enlightenment before we are "dumbed down" by condensing our Inherited Energy into form and man-made indoctrination.

In her right hand, on both cards, the Queen of Swords holds a sword (the Sword of Geburah-Severity) and in her left hand the head of a bearded man, or the bowl of blood.  As stated, the bearded man represents the Mask of Patriarchal Culture that we use to define ourselves----when in Truth, We have already been Defined by the Divine as It's Child---enlightenment comes from realizing that no-further self definition is needed as we've been Defined into Being already! All other definition is just masking our Truth. So here we can see that the Queen of Swords is the clear conscious perception of Idea, the Liberator and expander of the Mind (The Tantra of Mind). The Bowl of Blood, represents the "Life blood of the Mother" and the Womb.
Hence, The Queen of Swords represents the True Will (Will-To-Form) and has the power to cleave away the unnecessary gross to build the Pure idea. To some this can be disastrous, for "the Gross" is all they believe in, knowing not their own Pure Self they see Kali-Ma as a Fanged Hag with Severed Heads (symbolizing personality death) and sometimes standing on the backs of copulating Lovers who die in her Sword thrust. Traditionally, the "little death" of  orgasm is resplendent in this image, causing even greater fear of "male-female" union amongst the literal- ignorant.  However, to the knowledgeable, the union of male-female is the sacred act of communion that builds All. [Tantric studies are recommended for those who wish to Know and expand beyond and be liberated from fear of sensuality].....the flesh-o-phobes may just shiver in the joy of the nightmare of sensuality that comes with having a form build out of Divine Sensual Passion. The Lust To Be, is knowledge of the "Big Bang"---the Great Orgasm that has activated us all. To know the Dancing/Destroying Goddess-God, is to Know Thyself!
                                                                                                      Now, I don't want to cause anyone to overly scourge their poor innocent body for the "wrong-doing" of the Survival mind when it receives impassioned thought; thought that seems out of control, only because the "man-made ego" is too weak to suppress Divine power which is to be directed by True Ego willful action! When that fear based weakness masking us is removed, we find that we are the Divine Power that has clear purpose and Great Will to Be!

The Archetypical personality of the Queen of Swords card represents, would describe a person as:
  • Lucidity of perception.
  • A keen observer (cutting edged), a subtle interpreter, an intense individualist, swift and accurate at recording ideas.
  •  Confident in action, with a gracious and just spirit. 
  • Being graceful in motion and extraordinary in balance, she will have exceptional dancing abilities.
  • A very strong willed mature Woman who clearly knows what she wants and can bring about her ideas swiftly and without nonsense.
If ill dignified She will be:
  •   Avery dangerous person, of exceptional cruelty, slyness, and deceitfulness, all wrapped-up in a superficial beauty and attractiveness.
  • This ill dignity would be because of her inability to support interference, so foresight, prudence, care in preparation of action (paying attention to details) will safeguard the individual from the negative side of this personality.

  • When personified, this Archetype Personality is usually:
  • An older woman who has loved and lost but is undaunted.
  • She is strong willed and determined with clarity of idea.
  • A woman who can bear whatever life presents.
  • She can be critical of emotional outbursts and knows that mental discipline is a necessary part of balance emotions.
  • She is a master of equanimity and negativity.
  • She knows words are necessary for communication of ideas, but not truth nor final judgment.

  • The Querent is coming into a phase of realization.
  • Realizing that reacting emotionally to worded thought is a trick that keeps us enslaved to the visions of others.
  • Rather, she/he now understands (or soon will) that active participation in our own ideas, is why we have a body in the first place!

  • Be full of Your Idea, and clear and sharp on your destination and then----Go For It! Do or die, is what life is. I would rather die doing what I enjoy than die as a slave to someone's definition.

  • The counseling or consulting aspect that is witnessed when people ask for clarification or have the desire to get to the bottom of things.
  • This is an aspect of mind that any decent Tarot Reader knows personally and for me, passionately. For I being a practicing Qabalist, and Tantric Student, I am familiar with Kali Ma, Kali Ema and Kali Uma  as a union of the three stages of the female anima (Earth Feminine consciousness) Maid, Mother and Crone. Each one of these aspects of the Divine Feminine, demands the release of pretense and self-absorbed ego.
  • Illusion must be stripped away from our eyes that are blinded by culture, indoctrination and thought organized for us by others.
  • To be psychic is to be child- like in your observation, where everyone is another way to be you but not necessarily the way you are. Observation without judgment of right and wrong rather the observation of the persons journey towards the Real Self.
  • She knows, and does not believe, as she sees belief as untried theory. In other-words, belief is pretense of knowledge and is not to be confused with faith which is Trust. Metal clarity, is a place many of us fear to go-----we fear we might not like what we see.  You will be surprise when you become mentally clear, Truth built you so it could be you. Truth is made manifest as you, it is a dynamic presence, not a belief system. Kali/Athena may seem ruthless, but she is precisely merciful  with out the pretense of "bowing to our weakness".
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Tarot Card Comparisons:The Thoth Tarot- Knight of Swords & The Barbara Walker Tarot- King of Swords:Yama

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-Knight of Swords & The Barbara Walker Tarot- King of Swords: Yama: Mastery of Passionate Thinking and Intentionality.
By now many of us know that the
Court Cards represent personality Archetypes. In her book: TAROT-Dictionary and Compendium, Jana Riley describes Archetypes as ; "The original Archetype was a thought in the Mind of God-male and female. The Supreme Mind became enamored with this thought and created life in Its image by the friction of Its Word-or by the motion of Its sound. This caused the Universe to divide into ordered strata, and because creation is within the Mind of God, everything is a model or a copy of the original pattern, which is God."

The court cards  of Tarot are pictures of 16 different personality types. Eight proven by Carl Jung, and later 8 more by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers who devised the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI) which is the most accurate tool, for now, used by counseling centers around the world. MBTI is a modern attempt at astrology's already proven personality descriptions.  Proving once again the Ancient Wisdom of the Tarot and astrology, as well as, how "backward thinking" is our misunderstanding of ourselves. The Hermetic ( Meaning-Sealed Message) Qabalah(meaning-receiving) is all about "above all things, know thyself" and therefore, goes about giving a format to the Psyche that takes us to our Original Action, before memory was needed, called the Tree of Life. This Original Action of Self, is I AM. From I AM, the Original Identity, becomes many as the "child"- Me, was formed from understanding the difference between the I and the AM. Me, is a collective of possible Identities, that if communicative with one another, form a collective image of Self, that we call Souls. Souls, who are the Self Reflections of the Universal Divine Collective Unconscious,  are the Original Conscious-Creator of your personal identity. To make a long creation short,  you are the "point in time", and or the Active World of Creation, where Self can be intimate with it's self-potentialities. In other words, the Life, creates the Alive, to experience itself.  In Qabalah's Tree of Life format, the Active World is called Malkuth-The Kingdom.  

The Thoth Tarot Knight of Swords is seen to be flying over water. In alchemy, elemental air is associated with the Mind and elemental Water is emotionality. This combination of air and water represents  passionate thinking. Three swallows represent the union of mind and heart with all action proceeding in united direction. This serves to remind us that focus, will, and intention must be aligned to achieve any goal.

The dagger in the left hand and the sword in the right hand, represent yin/yang, (feminine/masculine) forces of  One energy. Female is magnetic force and male is electric force, both must be combined to create a balanced unity called life. When separate, there becomes a certain mental vacillation, where thoughts are often destroyed before they can become form.

Four wings, are four directions, north, south, east and west; each represent four levels of conscious: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

The six pointed star at the center of the wings, symbolizes illumined clarity and spiritual guidance.  Golden armor represents powerful fluid thinking.

In the Thoth Deck, the Kings are Knights. The Knight of Swords is called "the fiery part of Air" which may confuse you, but really He represents the violent power of motion applied to air. He rules from the 21st degree of Taurus to the 20th degree of Gemini. He is a armored warrior whose helmet bares a rotating wing and is mounted on a rampaging steed. With both sword and poniard in hand, he is the very idea of Attack. He is the Spirit of the Tempest.
The Knight of Swords can be compared to the Lightning bolt of an idea absorbing the entire life in concentrated aspiration. There will be Live and Evil here.
The Will of Taurus and the Inspiration of Gemini are also applied here. The Knight of Swords represents the True Will (Spirit) exploding the mind spontaneously. What many of us forget or have been indoctrinated to forget is that True Will is not empathetic---Spirit has no need for empathy, as it never Dies and the Love of Idea is its motion. Those of us Spirit-personalities, who are fortunate enough to inherit a human body, have inherited discernment, and now should know how to empathize with the "living". Thereby, adjusting our ideas to accommodate the expansion and liberation of the living from their poverty of self imposed- definitions rather than just erase them with visions of Tempestuous velocity; of immense violence. Love of idea without empathy is a Terrible Tempest of Self-Absorbed Desire, where the Vision is more important than the living. Hence, this Card reminds us to  take time to love being, for the body human is a Vision of Divine Will-To-Be and must be our Vision Center, so that we can "feel" the violence of our own Ideas, and restructure them to care for the living rather than sacrifice the "alive" to our "fantasy of living ideas".

 The Knight's or King's of Tarot are representative of Chokmah, the 2nd Sephiroth that is known as Wisdom, rules the Knight /King of Swords. Chokmah also represents the beginning state of conscious energy that is masculine in action. Therefore, Chokmah is the "idea of male" and it's mate, Binah (3's and Queens), is the "idea of Female". Not a linear one after the other, she after he,  for when one exists, so does the other.  Now we have the concepts of Father-Mother God and/or the Divine Creative.
Chokmah being the 2nd Sephira, called---Wisdom, who is also the Will to Force behind the four twos and the four Knights, that launches ideas towards Binah, "the womb of Mind", Will to Form, who receives  and Understands, therefore, beginning formation.
The twos symbolize the objective Forces of the King, who are shown in the Thoth Tarot as Knights/Battle Kings and/or Active Knighted Kings. The four Queens unite and initialize the "will to Force" of the Knights into forms. Hence, the Knight-Kings are the Fathers of and initiators of Material Forces.


Is also known in Qaballah as Lord of Winds and Breezes. King of the Elemental Spirits of the Air; the Sylphs and Sylphides.  This is a very Strong masculine mental force whose zodiacal attributes are the last Decan of Taurus and the first two Decans of Gemini. 

Here we have Specific Fire in Primal Air that is the personification of a Force behind the World of Astral Images and ideas. This Power is violent, aggressive, and a cutting edged force that is much like a overheated wind. He is storm and violent emotion applied to an apparently manageable mind.
The symbols of this Mad Movement, is depicted in the art of the Knight of Swords, as his maddened steed is charging down from the heavens, with Tempest about, and armed with both sword and poniard, he is the very personification of the idea of attack. The Bull like power of Taurus is represented in his steed and the Twins of Gemini are shown in his armament The crest on his Helm (his personality) is a revolving wing, showing violent motion in air, much like a helicopter beats the air into submission.

Such a character, if personal, would be that of a person who is clever, skillful, active and subtle. Being that he is fierce, delicate of ego, and courageous, much like a Dragon Fly, does not keep him from being prey to his ideas which come as inspiration without consideration.Often we find, that inadequate violent action is merely futile effort at best.

However we choose to dignify this Knight, he is the "Extended Flame of mind" as Zoroaster calls it. Here the True Will To Force, as Chokmah is exploding the Mind.  The Taurian influence, makes it steadfast and the first Decanate of Gemini makes it inspirational; thus an Idea tends to absorb the entire life of the individual in the blinding light of concentrated  aspiration. Thus is shown the danger to this state of mind, for the first Decan is also known as "shortened force" and  that shortened force is symbolized by the poniard. Shortened force often comes off as defensive and stubborn behavior.

All of this changes when this card is ill dignified. If such occurs, he is incapable of decisions or purpose, and any action he takes is so weakened by his mental indecision that it is easily brushed aside by opposition.
                                              The Barbara Walker Tarot- King of Swords: Yama, the bull god, is simply a reverse of Kali's virginal-maid -life giving fertility aspect known as Maya.
Yama, is really a Shiva Lord of Death incarnation and/or the "other-side of the Mirror reflection of Life", which is Death. 

Yama is often shown as a bull-god, wearing a bull mask, dancing on a dead bull that represented his own "fleshy manifestation". Here he has the Sword of Kali Ma (The Destroyer Goddess) and the Lotus, that represents the sacred yoni of the Mother of Life Goddess. To further clarify his union without separation with the Goddess principle, he is enwrapped by a figure eight, and or the lemnistrate, a Greek word for "ribbon".  Just as in Qabalah, when the "I Will Be"  the I  became creator of "other", I AM, it became a duality, a She/He, inseparable and forever in union, which is often shown as a figure eight. For a figure eight is one line, a circle twisted upon itself. This Self "twisting", is a good explanation for the creation of the sexes.   

As the legend goes, Yama the "bull god", gave up his immortal life to become King of the Underworld, " Yama chose death, and found out the path for many, and he gives the souls of the dead a resting place." [Rees,108. ]This legend also can also be a metaphor for Chokmah, Wisdom's way of choosing death, and ruling the Underworld that is Malkuth/Earth. Yama, a Vedic god, was the receptionist of all the dead. Sometimes he was as benevolent Jupiter, other times he was a stern judge, just as Jehovah, assigning postmortem punishments. In fact, he is a prototype of Jehovah, for early Canaanites, Phoenicians and Israelites, worshipped him as Yamm, the consort to the Sea Goddess Mari. Instead of the modern Qabalistic combination of Chokmah/ Binah, the Canaanite combination became Mari-Yam/Meri-Yam. Jehovah, was also the Gnostic Demi-urge, who had a "dark blue complexion", just as does the more ancient Yama.  The comparisons go on and on, so I would advise that one get Barbara Walker's book: The Secrets of The Tarot, origins, history, and symbolism, to enhance the enjoyment of her Tarot work.

The querent is or may be experiencing:

  •  The Will to transcend.
  • An analytical period, where the power of idea and motion come into play.
  • Letting go of old beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve the motion of the individual..
  • Is a person of tough- minded common sense that is usually based on preconception and prejudice.
  • The arrogance of a powerful mind turn on itself in its own desire for control.
  • tends to judge harshly but with scrupulous fairness.
  • a lawyer, senator or doctor.
  • Mastery of creativity and confusion, as he sees new points of view, while brainstorming new thoughts that vent the mind.
  • Intellectual, and mental prowess whose only emotion is to control.

This Archetypal personality is a person:
  • Who possesses qualities of skill, activity, subtlety and cleverness combined with fierceness.
  •  He is both delicate and courageous while also being prey of his inspirational idea--- that he doesn't question.
If ill dignified:
  • The Card represents inadequate violence, which is useless and futile. The vigor in all the qualities before mentioned, is gone...merely a convulsion of breezes rather than a Tempest- a-charging!

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