Sephiroth and the Court Cards of Thoth Deck Tarot
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Sephiroth and the Court Cards of Thoth Deck Tarot

The many dimensions of the One Energy Conscious ( Supreme Spirit Conscious) is represented in the Tarot-- which can be confusing for the new student. Besides the fact that the Minor cards carry two interchangeable sets of symbolism, Planets in the signs of the Zodiac and aspects of each Sephiroth in the Four Worlds[for info on the 4 worlds view past blog]: the Minor cards and each Decan are also assigned a pair of Angels---one ruling the day (visible light) and the other ruling the night (invisible light), these Angels are personifications of  different Angles of your invisible Spiral Energy Multidimensional Intelligence. The duality of light and dark is apparent here, neither being a value statement but rather active and passive forces and/or light energy and dark energy forces. The cards are rooted in the world of angels (Angles), Yetzirah while the World of Mind is ruled by Archangels (Arch-Angles) of Briah and the World of Spirit is ruled by the Gods (Divine Creative) of Atziluth.  All of which we are inheritors of in multidimensional flow of Unconscious (dark mind) and consciousness (light mind)!  This is not an attempt at obfuscation for the purpose of belief. For instance,we know there is only One Energy, that can't be created nor destroyed-----so the Gods of Atziluth are Selves of the Greater Self, as we have selves of our Self (angry self, happy self, child self, adult self etc.)  By ignoring the multiplicity of dimensional energy and conscious dynamics, it is easy to see how confusion is developed here. To help in unraveling this seeming chaos, it behooves us to understand that the Cards are Astral Images of "as above so below", symbolically illustrating the world of matter below and the worlds of Mind and Spirit above.

For example; it is said that the Two of Wands represents the effect in Yetzirah (Formative World) of the power of Chokmah who is in Atziluth (Spirit World) while the Knight of Wands, personifies the action of Fire (Spirit) in Yetzirah through which higher principles pass down into our lives from the Above. Yetzirah shows us that we have a world of images reflected from above to the below which explains why Tarot is exemplary as a device for divination.
This necessary complex shuffling of words composed of definitions, sub-definitions, super-definitions, pluperfect and platitudinous definitions is because of the 10 dimensions of Energy Consciousness for after the 4th dimension of time/space, all singular words do not apply. The ability to explain the invisible requires much manipulation of word and image concepts and the student must learn a new perspective if not language, to just grasp the remotest knowledge of the concept. Words used in previously unknown ways conjoined with images, such as Tarot and Qaballah, are the only possible way of opening the conscious mind to the unseen! Just as Quantum physics tries to verbally  explain the invisible quanta, Tarot and Qaballah try to explain the 99.6% of you that is invisible and how it manipulates the visible!

The above illustration shows the attribution of the Minor cards and the Court cards to the Zodiac. Signs of the Houses of the Zodiac are shown on the innermost circle, Second ring are the small cards of the Tarot. Third ring depicts the days of the year attributed to the Decans. Knights, Queens, and Princes are shown on the fourth ring of the Zodiac. The Princesses are on the Fifth ring and are technically three dimensions above the Knights (Kings), Queens, and Princes. The outer ring is the Aces and are, when this schematic is considered  a three dimensional sphere, at the North Pole of the Earth above the Princesses. 
Since it is understood that two angels  (different angles of evolutionary energy) are  applied to each numbered card of the Minor Arcana, as administrators of its specific forces, it is perfectly acceptable to skry with these cards while invoking the protection and guidance  of the God-name and Archangel of the related Sephira and of these angels. There is no wrong in getting the attention of your "Greater Self"!  This adds dimension of invocation and of Sound  that enhances the skrying, as one would experience in a Yoga- Yantra and Mandala application. Let's stop here, as your mind may require a rest. The names of the Angels is in Aleister Crowley's definitive book titled: 777 and other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley from Weiser Books.

The Court cards represent the Personality of the Elemental Powers of the Divine Creative in the Four Worlds. Court cards are not integral to the numbered Sephiroth, but are extensions to their qualities. Let us just say, that they are the Archetypes of Personality and generally represent real people in divination.
Court cards can also represent the personality of a situation, usually brought about by individual decision, on our part or the actions of others. Thus they can represent a certain individual who is enacting a certain event in the Querent's life.

Court cards are usually representative of Human choices, while Trump or Major Arcana cards are the choices of the "Gods" (Higher Selves)  which bring into effect the blind forces of the Tarot that are numbered 1 through 10. The small or minor cards are blind  forces of emotional-consciousness,(cups) Mind or mental (Swords), Spiritual forces (Wands) and physical forms (Disks), thus subject to the individuals will, making them extremely important to the personality.  Do not ignore the importance of understanding the numbered Sephiroth! For they are the States of Energy Conscious that we must willfully control and designate as action or repose! Our lives as happiness, creative skills, love, and all the dynamic motions of impeccable living, depend on our understanding of the multidimensional forces at our command!   We must manipulate rather than be manipulated by our environments. Invariably, one finds out that manipulation comes with creation and can be both active -manipulation and inactive,-manipulation, according to will.  Thus "do what thou wilt is the whole of the law"."And the law is love. Will under love," as Alexander Crowley would say.  Therefore the minor arcana, show us the states of energy conscious that we must willfully control under the law of love. As you can see, to be a Thoth Deck Tarot Reader, requires a determination to understand, removing the veils of worded thought and entering the Mind of the Divine Creative, The Supreme Spiritual Identity. This is the domain of the Qabalalistic Magus.
To Know Thyself, is to unite under love, all the Sephiroth as One Flowing personal Conscious state of Being. Not so easy---but it is something that most of us do unknowingly from moment to moment. Contrary to some teachings, the Universal Mind is not closed to us, we have closed our minds to it by believing we are not  Will-powered divine inheritors. Spirit is Will- to-be,  without willfully being you... you aren't being.

In Israel Regardie's  Book, THE GOLDEN DAWN, the reader will find the complex system of attribution of the Tarot to the Tree of Life in a Solid Sphere.
To take a simplified diagram, such as the Tree of Life, and understand that each Sephiroth has a complete Tree of Life of It's own----is often too much to grasp. This is an infinite universe and the complexity of symbol can go into great depths trying to explain the unexplainable. Everything that Is, is Divine Self Expression, and you are an Expression of the Supreme Spirit Identity (Buddhism's Greater Self). Now since Spirit and Spiral are from the same Greek root word Spiro, spirit is often called a Spiral Entity and this may be seen by stacking the Ten Sephiroth on top of one another, forming a spiral shape of interconnected circles (like a spring that is in your ball point pen) that represent multiple dimensions of self-awareness. The Personality of this Spiral Flow, is the active dynamic force that moves it; an Archetype Personality. This Personality dynamic is seen as the Court Cards. Because of this spiraling paradigm of Spirit each spiral is a circle of time/space individual to itself.  Thus you may have heard the axiom that the Know is in the Flow, i.e. The Whole Motion of I AM ME. To know yourself as a individual frequency-dynamic -self-aware-energy-conscious force  and form field that began at the core of the galaxy, will free you from the definitions imposed on you by others; in other words, you,ll not react to or believe the definitions given you as "truth" by society or peers. Your presence will become the manipulation of your will over the human form. To do this active motivation of sensual-form impeccably, requires  a personal, "Above all things, know thyself" and a inner courage to face the "slings and arrows" of those who wish to manipulate you.

Above all things know thyself, now becomes a destination for our own human developed personality, which if expanded and liberated from the "Survival mind" can carry on as worth while expansive soft ware that can be transferred to another device of hardware; a process of transformation called in the mundane world as reincarnation.  When your personality joins with the Archetype Personality that powers your dynamic Self Awareness, you do not forget the many lives you have developed as a conscious energy awareness that is more prosaically  known as the soul! When YOU are a Soul rather than a personality of  mortal form, the body is your masterpiece! In other words the Karmic repetition of error is avoided by you  because of remembered experience and the soul knowingly progresses into more expansive conscious Force and Form Dynamics!

Remember the first law of Thermodynamics: There is only one energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. Well, bodies are Transformations of the Spirit. Physical bodies are power tools devised by Creative Conscious Energy and after observation, there seems a shortage of good power tool operators on this earth plane. Those personalities who can master the complexity of multidimensional force and form continue the process indefinitely through multiple hardware.  I know this as a personal experience and I also know that all of you are eminently  qualified because you are made manifest. But again, free choice can trick us all. To choose to believe that you are less, be it less than desired, less than others, less in intelligence, or less in value of any kind, is to not believe in your Divinity which obviously the Divine does! The Divine Creative Manipulate both force and form to build you as Its Self Awareness on Earth!
 What many of us fail to realize is that to believe is not To Know. To know is a dynamic active flow of thought, word and deed, i.e. discrimination brought on by experience. To believe is  often a lack of skill, and a lack of discrimination, since you don't have to do anything to believe except fear not believing! Which means that most belief is fear based due to threat from others and not experience based!

The Qaballah and the Tarot are about the Creative Skill of Conscious Dynamic Energy Transformation; about Fearless Willful Being. and about communicating with the Divinity Inside of each of us who makes us live and breathe.  I would say, it is the Skilled Spirit of Creativity, Making Manifest ideas through force and form manipulation; what is called a Magus in  both the Tarot and Qaballah. To Know Thyself is the Art of the Magi.
For further information on your Archetype Personality, call Eli @ 253-324-6037 for a personal Thoth Deck Tarot card reading, or email[]. Thank you for your interest and comments. May you and yours live long and prosper.

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ricky on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 9:57 PM
I like the blog Its has nice information Its really effective and very nice, i hope this information will help everyone.
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Eli on Thursday, March 20, 2014 11:05 AM
Thank you for your nice comments. I put the info out there for those who will use it. May you live long and prosper!

US immigration lawyer Vancouve on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 10:02 PM
The Court cards represent the Personality of the Elemental Powers of the Divine Creative in the Four Worlds.This really amazing information I really like it.
Reply to comment
Eli on Thursday, March 20, 2014 11:10 AM
Thank you for your comments. Glad you like the information locked up in the images of tarot. May you live long and prosper!

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