Thoth Deck Tarot: Key 4-THE EMPEROR
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Thoth Deck Tarot: Key 4-THE EMPEROR

The Emperor is both Mars and the letter- Tzaddi. The Hebrew letter, Tzaddi, refers to the sign of Aries in the Zodiac and the ruler of Aries which is Mars and the resulting combination exalts the Sun. All of which implies that Aries and Mars  is a combination of energy in its most material form with the idea of Authority.
The Thoth Deck Emperor is illustrated as an imperial figure bedecked with crown and imperial vestments. His throne shows capitals that are representative of  Himalayan Ram heads which also represent Aries the Ram.  The conchant lamb and upright flag at his feet represent his domesticated attribution on the lower planes. As is noticed in both government (the flag) and Rams, if untamed they both are  wild and courageous, lonely in lonely places, whereas when tame they both are made to lie down in green pastures becoming docile and cowardly.
The Emperor also represents the alchemical element, Sulfur, as shown by his posed head and arms forming a triangle, below crossed legs form the cross, making a complete sigil of the alchemical sulfur. In the Gnosis of Alchemy, Sulfur is the male fiery energy of the Universe and corresponds to the Qabalistic Fiery- swift creative energy, the initiative of all Being. The Bee and Fleur-de-lys, both support the Imperial image as ancient signs of imperial power.  The quality of this power is prone to sudden,violent but impermanent activity, so this fiery power must not persist for too long or it  burns and destroys.
The Rams head septure is a  obvious continuance of authority and Aries. The Orb with the Maltese cross  and the Aries septure  imply that his authority and power are now established governance. The shield at his feet, represents the two headed eagle crowned with a crimson disk which  is symbolic of the Alchemist's red tincture, of the nature of gold. The golden eagle, the Sun, is consort to the white eagle, the moon, silver, of the Empress.
In the final observation of this card, the white light descending upon his head is Chokma and symbolizes Chokmah's authority of creative wisdom, the Logos, and is exerted upon Tiphareth (Beauty), the organized man. This makes sense, if you understand that Beauty is a perfect organization of opposites... a Jungian syncronisity.
When this card is thrown during a reading, it implies , war, strife, conquest, victory and ambition; all the martial arts.  But these traits aren't always so destructive as the Emperor also implies, personal power and leadership; power from insight, possessing a global sense of issues and serving those around you. The character of the Emperor is Patriarchal, which could also implies that the querent is up against an angry patriarchal structure of some kind, which includes rigidity and maybe even nastiness. A confrontation with authority or even with some  part of ones self which is feeling rigid and afraid.  Interpretations of which depend on the dignity of the accompanying cards.
For the student of Higher Magicks, the septure in the Emperor's right hand also represents
 the Lightning- Phallus of Shiva, giving rise to the Tarot Wand. This was originally the Trident (ternary Phallic symbol of Father, Son and Holy Ghost) born by the Western gods, Neptune, Jupiter, Hades, Poseidon, Pluto and Lucifer. Also the Trident was associated with Osiris and later on, to the Guardian of the Holy Grail. The study of these mythological gods, will give great metaphorical sexual insight to the diligent student about the necessary combinations of Male electric and Female Magnetic  Force for the practice of Magick manifestations.
Thank you for your interest and comments, May you live long and prosper!.

4 Comments to Thoth Deck Tarot: Key 4-THE EMPEROR:

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Nev on Monday, August 24, 2015 1:38 PM
Hi Eli! I have got to admit that Crowley's version of the Emperor is by far one of the most beautiful to reflect upon because of the complexity hidden in its simplicity. I suspect that there is a hidden dual nature in this version because of the presence of Sulphur and Aurum (Gold) as its elements. The Sulphur persona is one of philosophy, a teacher or wise man, someone who has the ability to create a thesis or a system of philosophy seemingly out of nowhere. Such people are often geniuses and invent things that have the ability to redefine the way we live or look at our world. They can be so intelligent that they are driven to madness! They are kings or philosophers dressed in rags. The Gold persona is one of an authoritarian. Someone who is naturally regal and kingly in his demeanour by virtue of his stainless character. He can also be studious, religious, reliable and dutiful to an extreme. In essence, both of these elements are kingly in different ways! However, when combined as a salt, the Sulphur of Gold (Aurum sulphuricum) personality is one of being duty-bound to maintaining love. Here the Emperor is concerned in ruling his homestead such that the love within the household is always maintained. Harmony is important, and it becomes imperative that the Emperor of the Aurum sulphuricum persona maintains it otherwise a sense of suicidal despair and failing in ones duties erupts suddenly. Such individuals may continue serving as to maintain love, harmony and stability for others in the environment...but can also give up their own lives in the process. I think it is here that the dual nature of the card comes up. We can have the analogy of the Emperor who is held as a scapegoat (Ram symbols behind the Emperor) and then sacrificed if the land has not been bountiful (as certain ancient cultures did)...and then we have the Emperor who willingly allows his sacrifice to occur for the greater good of others. This latter aspect in found in the Christian ideology of Jesus in the form of the Agnus Dei (which sits at the feet of the Emperor in this card). The former Emperor goes unwillingly to be sacrificed, the latter goes willingly knowing that he will rise again. This aspect of resurrection is seen on the heraldic shield with the double-headed phoenix bird...perhaps one bird is Sulphur and the other Gold? One bird, two heads, maybe indicating that "two heads are better than one"...a powerful combination of Sulphur and Aurum would make one a mighty Emperor indeed! In this sense he would symbolize the masculine potential very well which his evidenced by his phallic rod and robust posture. On the other hand, we see that he is an exalted man because of his propensity to stabilize his "world" and the greater community out of a sense of duty and responsibility. He is a noble authoritarian figure who exemplies justice and fairness in his judgments...all of which is signified by the humble honey bees, as well as the globe he carries in his hands. The only two colours used here, red and gold, are also indicative of Sulphur and Aurum respectively...but I cannot shake the fact that red is also a colour of life, virility and vitality; and gold the colour of the exalted spirit. I am sorry I wrote so much here Eli, I couldn't help but share what I see in this card. Have a blessed evening.
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Eli on Monday, August 24, 2015 8:07 PM
Hi Nev! Whew---you've got research down in spades! The Qabalistic Hermetic Alchemy of the Emperor, is not often seen by most tarot readers, if they know it at all. Good work! You seem to be reading all my "old blogs" when I first began putting them out, still kind of "feeling around" to see what people would read. I've found out they like the occult stuff so my newer blogs all delve deeper into the cards, so I hope you do read them all, even the comparisons. What you have written in this comment, shows perspicacity and diligence. Hell, you could write this blog! Red and Gold, do a Christos make! May you live long and prosper.

Bobby Jassos on Saturday, October 10, 2015 8:15 PM
Martial arts are an ancient method of training your mind, body and spirit to act as one. Martial arts practitioners strive for harmony, but also learn effective and often devastating self-defense techniques. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Connecticut
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Eli on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 8:25 AM
So true! With the Spirit, Mind and Body balanced as one complete organism, you have the "Warrior". The Ascended Man, known in Qabalah as Adam Khadmon and often symbolized by the pentagram. Mental arts, are part of marshal arts. The Art of Above all things, know thyself, is definitely a foundation of Warrior development, this was known to the Spartans of old Greece and the modern SEAL Team member of today. Weapons may change, but Warriors don't!Thank you for your comments and may you live long and prosper!

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