Thoth Deck Tarot: Key 16-THE TOWER (War)
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Thoth Deck Tarot: Key 16-THE TOWER (War)

 "Enlightenment has its origin in the hidden sources of power which terrify the minds of the ignorant''[From the Path of Peh-Qabalistic Tarot-by Robert Wang]
To look at this card, The Tower-key 16, is to look at war. When the eye of Shiva , the Destroyer opens, the universe disappears, as does the dream of the awakened dreamer. Occult (hidden) knowledge states that all is but God Dreaming----when It awakes, the dream is over, In Hindu belief, this dreaming and awake cycle has happened three times before and now is the 4 manifestation of the Dream.
It is not too difficult to understand that an unlimited conscious energy, when realizing itself, is creating limited concepts of itself, i.e. dreaming. As in the human brain, dreaming is often solving problems, which can be then enacted in the awake state of consciousness and/or creation. This assimilation of and reordering of data is an annihilation of the dream, called awakening.  That is one meaning of this card....there are layers of understanding as yet to be examined.
The Tower is attributed to the letter Peh, meaning mouth (shown as the flame belching Mouth of Dis- the Roman God of the dead on the bottom of the card). We have often heard that a God Name spoken with Martian power, can be felt in the body and has a define effect on the human physical vehicle as well as an effect on the vehicles of psyche. The Tower suggests that words of Power, spoken with Passion (Mars force), assist us in bringing about the destruction of our personal Towers of Babel, false concepts and institutions which we believe to be reality. The vibration of OM Mani Padmae Hum, is an example of a Yoga word of power. For that is what words are, vibrations....not reality.
 Reality is  constructed as a dream of our self- consciousness, using the dedicated energy of our Life Frequencies or vibrations; many of us know these vibrations as Emotions.  Thoughts are vessels, and emotion, is the dedicated energy of "Will-To-Be", that gives the thought a vibrational frequency we call "reality". You may have noticed, that everybody's reality is  a "personal" belief system. These Realities, are the Dreams, the Real (Spirit), is on the other side of that Dream, i.e. the other side of the Mirror of Self Reflection". When much of our life force is dedicated to supporting our fantasies, we become less "Real" and The Soul, steps in with the Severity necessary to topple our Towering fantasies. This doesn't kill us, as that is not the purpose (although it can be a "near death" experience). The purpose of this severe measure is for the purpose of remembering our Real Identity, which is the Divine Child of God, rather than a towering man made personal edifice of denial, mental enslavement, and pursuit of happiness. To seek (pursue), is to deny you have it. To pursue happiness is to deny you are happy being you. If you are not happily being you----its because you aren't being you----you are pursuing you instead! This works for the vision of consumerism, but not for your mental, emotional, and physical health.
 I Am, is how you command your reality into being.  I AM Me, is how you exist as the idea! Me is and always will be a construct from the I Am . In Qabalah "I" is He  the idea and "Am" is She--the womb of understanding and the "Me" is the child born of understood idea.
Some of our "Me's" become towering error of dysfunctional identity and since your functionality is in the "expansion and liberation of the Alive" ( As above, so Below), your self-awareness must support the living; if not, a "hidden (occult) source of power" will step in and topple your tower of Me. This is not for reasons of your permanent annihilation, but for the purpose of reconstructing definition by purifying the dysfunctional dedicated energy, that is no longer moving in progressive states of evolution.
Somewhere, probably  from Christianity, we got the idea that spiritual development (bringing the Above mind to the Below mind) is all sweetness and light; this is false,  Enlightenment is a process of creation, destruction and recreation. A phoenix rising from its own ashes may set a romantic picture to some, however, ashes require a burning...sometimes a fierce fire of destruction! That is why on the Tree of Life (refer to past blogs) you will see Severity (Geburah #5) and Mercy (Chesed-#4) connected by the Path of Teth (Strength)...because Tempering of a soft-unrefined- mind requires, hot fires of Passion, and Hard  Hammering of Knowledge (experience), and enough mercy not to destroy the creation, in order to forge the Proper strength in a Divine Creative-God- Personality;tempering to forge ahead through the new territory of Self Awareness requires heated passion and the cooling  waters of mercy! In other words, empathy comes from experiencing and recognizing error as pain; empathy is something experiencing life as a "limited sensual form" can only give you. Remember, As a dreaming Spirit----any fantasy will do but Life is ordered  by cause and effect. Creation is the effect of ideas generated by the God-mind, i.e. Imagination. Spirit is Pure Will and has no empathy, just like a Sociopath Scientist who experiences no empathy for his/her test subjects. Spiritual/willful creativity must be linked to Sensual being, in order to know what thoughts enhance the Living and what thoughts don't. Love is created by this Union Of Invisible and sensual identity! Love is only understood by sensually experiencing  what is "not love"!

Therefore this  world is not about the Visions of the Ambitious being the Greater Good (Greater God) but rather The expansion and liberation of idea as The Living Presence. (I AM the Universal Mind,s Vision.). Sacrificing the alive for your visions, is dysfunctional. In the Living World, visions are to support  the living  individuals...human sacrifice to ideas, is no longer functional. Ideas, visions, are now to "enlighten" personal-life by raising it up out of the ashes of dysfunctional thought/definition. In our world, we often find that War is how we do this.  Thus, you will see, that the Path of Peh, is connecting Hod (Splendor) and Netzach (Victory). For example, it was the allowing the vision of Splendor that masked the bigotry of  Aryan purity, a peacocks vision of self importance, that had to be destroyed by the individuals who together threw down the Towering Nazi horror in the second world war. Death and Destruction was deemed a necessary severity for the victorious abolishment of that false vision of bigotry. For only after a battle, strife, and severity, are we to be Victors. That is another one of the messages of the Tower card; personal courage is required to become enlightened. When the Towers of Falsehood, topple after all your hard work to make them stand, you must first identity the error, correct it and then you must gather the rubble and rebuild. This is Experience, and this is how Knowledge is built. Knowledge is built out of the rubble of failure. The Mercy of God allows you to survive personality destruction, so that you can see error and correct it...personally. We are Spirits----personalities are the Towers we build!
There are more layers to this Tower Card and I'll try to explain them in The Tower Part 2. Thank you for your interest,support and may you live long and prosper!

4 Comments to Thoth Deck Tarot: Key 16-THE TOWER (War):

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Colin S. Hamm on Sunday, June 22, 2014 10:27 AM
This is what I have been searching in many websites and I finally found it here. Amazing article. I am so impressed. Could never think of such a thing is possible with it...I think you have a great knowledge especially while dealings with such subjects.///
Reply to comment
Eli on Sunday, June 22, 2014 8:55 PM
Thank you for your supportive comments. I write this blog for such as you. May you live long and prosper.

ray ban clubmaster on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 1:04 PM
Thank you for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do some research on this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more clear from this post. I am very glad to see such wonderful info being shared freely out there.
Reply to comment
Eli on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 3:34 PM
Thank you for your informed comment.There is a lot of info in these blogs and archives as well. Hope you and your neighbors enjoy them all. May you live long and prosper.

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