Thoth Deck Tarot: THE DEVIL-Key 15- Part 2
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Thoth Deck Tarot: THE DEVIL-Key 15- Part 2

As stated in THE DEVIL part one, this card is called the Path of Ayin (eye) on the Tree of Life and connects Hod (Splendor) with Tiphareth (Beauty).  It is to be noted, that the Sephiroth (Circles) are objective intelligent STATES OF ENERGY, while the Paths are subjective states of intelligent energy.
One primary statement of the Path of Ayin (meaning-Eye) is that the ignorant, superstitious person, sees the world in an "upside down" vision. Thus the upside down pentagram is associated with the Devil. The Qabalist knows that "all things were from One by the meditation of One," [from the Emerald Tablet] stating the obvious, that there is nothing in the Universe that isn't of God, including the bogey of the ignorant, the Devil.
As stated in yesterday's blog, the Christian concept of the Devil is from the word Devi meaning goddess, and is a rather obvious attempt at the misogynistic propaganda of the Patriarch (military war based gods) religions. If one has any education at all, one knows that the womb is the place of Form, not the male semen, which is -a pollen, if you will, and is but a source. And without the womb, semen will never become form. . The Qabalah is all about states of energy known as "Force and Form", what is masculine is considered Force (electric) and what is feminine is considered Form (Magnetic) which is much more viable with today's biological knowledge. 
The intelligent state of energy known as Devil has also been called the "Prince of the Powers of Air", implying that this energy state is meditating in the flow of the Astral currents. In this context, Air is understood to be the whole of Yetsirah, the Astral Plane, which controls the ebb and flow of matter. (illustration from Robert Wang's Test book---The Qabalistic Tarot).
The ability to reverse the ebb and flow of Astral light, requires meditation, intellect and discipline, all of which are achieved by conquering the Path of Ayin. One must begin this process of discipline with the intellect of Hod, traversing into the intuition of Tiphareth...The Christ or Buddha state of intelligent energy. Even the scriptures talk of Christ's  passage through the temptations of the Devil, i.e. his own illusions brought on by matter.
If you read my blog. The Devil part one, you may recall that THE DEVIL is Saturn in Capricorn, which brings up an interesting point.The Ancients stated that "Saturn eats its own children", meaning that for Spirit ( I AM), illusion of form (Me) is necessary to produce the material form, and that the dissolution of these forms (Me) is essential to the Path of Return. To the Alchemist dissolution means analysis, which is the precise application of separating the component forces of ourselves and our universe into twenty-two paths on the Tree of Life. The next part of the process is reintegrating these forces through the understanding of their operation. Eliphas Levi called THE DEVIL--The Path of Ayin---the"Great Magical Agent" this process of manipulation as, to dissolve, to consolidate, to quicken, to moderate.,i.e. dissolution, re-integration, activity, and grounding,  Thus we have the same qualities as described to Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
Once again we understand The Devil to represent the "score of the forms and appearance of relative existence.", a description supplied  in various Mystery Tests. Another ancient description is that the Devil is "Lord of the Gates of Matter and Child of the Forces of Time," which indicates a phallic energy state, Lord being husbandry, as the gateway to form is Yoni or Womb. Thus you will observe the stylized phallus and testes on the Thoth Deck Tarot Card, that is both the back drop and support of the Goat figure that represents the old god Pan. The testes are also seen as supporting human shaped white figures.
As one can see, there is represented an understanding of the intercourse of Forces and Form, attributes to the understanding that "God is sex". In truth, The Creator, who is One that is Two, knew that It needed a mirror to see itself---------the material world is that which reflects from the mirror of consciousness. The I AM can only be aware of Itself, as a Me.
What the understanding of The Devil card produces in us , is the knowledge that the illusion of Form, is the same as the illusion of mirror reflections, its all reflected backwards... an not a true state of Being. Turn your mind around, and know that you are a Spirit who owns a body (which is a power tool for discernment), and not a body that is seeking Spirit. The analogy that I like to use when describing the common perspective, is that of a "fish in the ocean, seeking water". Not only is this a accurate description for a body seeking spirit, it is also a mirthful one that describe the illusion of form, as the fish-form can be stated as "The Ocean experiencing itself".
When the Devil card is thrown during a reading of tarot, the querent is experiencing states of materiality, and/or material force. Temptation of the flesh,sometimes obsession,  all associate with the "Trickster" god images of the past which is the principle of mirth. The querent may experience humor over their material circumstances, or over what "bedevils" them. The advice is to view your emotions humorously, which will free you from the illusion of their seriousness. There is a warning here, that even the best of intentions, maybe wrong. Accept the presence of paradox and realize your own truth.
Thank you for your interest and comments. May you live long and prosper!

6 Comments to Thoth Deck Tarot: THE DEVIL-Key 15- Part 2:

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zlewy sklep on Friday, January 17, 2014 7:51 AM
so any sort of benefit is certainly always?
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Eli on Friday, January 17, 2014 10:07 AM
The Benefits of this card are Mirth, seeing through the illusions of matter and of the survival mind. By traveling the Path of Ayin, installing the True Will that is spirit, in place of the false will of survival. The Brain is our trickster, as it thinks it's in charge, when really, it is a form of artificial intelligence and the Spirit is the Ruler of the Body. WE are here to learn discernment, and the Conscious force of the Devil card helps us do that! Thank you for you comment and interest. May you live long and prosper. on Friday, January 17, 2014 1:14 PM
interesting things?
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Eli on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 10:47 AM
Yes indeed, the world is full of interesting things, all from the Meditation of the Invisible. Enjoy them, but remember to laugh,letting them go, for they are not serious. May you live long and prosper.

Jaimie on Saturday, July 16, 2016 2:11 PM
Frater/Soror, I am wondering if you could explain the concept of Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel as it relates to the Path of Ayin and this fascinating sphere. By the little I'm able to grok, it seems this might be a stupid question. Would you be able to use words to point me in a general direction anyway? I feel confused and am experiencing states of being that indicate understanding this might be helpful. Of course, it is also completely possible that I'm just sleep-deprived and somewhat batshit right now. (Who knows? I feel like I'm entering ecstatic states, which I have experienced before ... watching Patti Smith perform lately feels supremely comforting. I feel unsure how to navigate myself. My former teacher will not help me here. (She is a piece of work, let me tell you.) And if this is batshit territory, that's OK, because Jung seems to have used "batshit" state to delve into his unconscious material, as detailed in The Red Book. Any help you might offer is most appreciated! I am going to plop myself on a cushion right now for the purposes of meditation. Been doing quite a bit of it lately, if that helps you understand me right now. Much discipline. Much stress. Coping with it the best I can. (How's that for a comment?) Thank you, Frater/Soror.
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Eli on Sunday, July 17, 2016 10:15 AM
Hi Jaimie. You've been training under the Umbrella of the Golden Dawn. I, like Crowley, rejected that a while back. The Path of "I" is the path of Ayin. The All seeing "I" of the Real Person, which is your Soul-Tiphareth. To enter the realm of the Real, is to stop being tempted by reality. There is the Brain, who thinks it is the whole person. It is but a PC that has accomplished "artificial Intelligence". The Reality you is not Real. Therefore, the only way to realize the Real Self, is to overcome the Temptations of the false ego, the Brain, the Devil within your social- programing. This is all explained in the above article. You must go into the "Wasteland" of your emotional body, and overcome the temptations of the "survival Mind", the Devil, to become the Whole Spirit/Psyche/Soul. You must face your temptations to judge, to criticize, and to find conditions for not loving. You must overcome the "good and bad" philosophy of your "man made self". To do this is to meet the Holy Guardian Angel, which is your Real Person/persona. We are Whole only when the personality, realizes it serves the Wholly Self not the fractured programing of a brain. You must Stand Taller than the person you think you are, and know the Persona of the Higher Self, that knows you. To do this you must baptize yourself in the Lady of the Lake. The Divine Feminine, will bring you back to the Self She gave birth to. It is not the phallus that we serve, it is the Creator of Form, The Holy She. So to know your Soul, which is Psyche, you must drop all masculine pretense, and be the Male=Lover that She Created. So, begin by seeing the Divine Feminine of your Holy Guardian Angel, as your image of the Goddess She. Focus on her, skry her, and let her embrace you, She'll remove all that is unworthy of you. But to do this you must trust without conditions. You must reject the you you think you are. And let her remember the you that you are. Stress is fear, and fear is the base thought of the bedevilment within. It's time for you to know that your Soul, becomes Female, when you, the persona, manifests as male, this is because of the polarity that is necessary for energy flow. Hope this helps. I really don't have the time to give free courses online. If you wish to get real personal instruction from me, sign up for the once a week person on person, online Tarot class that is listed on my website. Love the comments and the interest, and hope that you are ready from the heart, to know the Mind. May you live long and prosper.
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