THE DEVIL Key 15: Sprial Tarot and Thoth Deck Tarot card Comparisons.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

THE DEVIL Key 15: Sprial Tarot and Thoth Deck Tarot card Comparisons.

Before I go on, it is nice to have a "new eye", I can see all my errors now. Having a new ocular lens put in and a cataract removed, fills my live with earthly color and detail again! Oh joy! Enough said.

On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, The Devil-Key 15: The Path of Ayin, connects the Sephiroth of the  Solar Logos-Tiphareth with the Sephiroth- Hod which is the sphere of Mercury and intellect.. The Path of Ayin means the Path of Eye (I), and is the Twenty-sixth Path which is formative. In the terms of Self structure, it is the bridge between The Personality and individuality.

As I have stated before, the Solar Logos, is the Original Personality of the Divine Child of God, i.e. the Son/Sun. Note: this is not a sexual description of a species, rather it is an Energetic one. For the Son of God is a  Sun that sends "solar flares" (Divine Energy) outward as individual expressions of It's own Self ( Personality); from Self into selves that circumnavigate , through the experiences of self-awareness back to Self, i.e. from Tiphareth to Malkuth and back up the Tree to Tiphareth again.

The Hebrew letter Ayin (shown on both the Spiral and Thoth Tarot cards) means -Eye and is a simple letter that also means -Mirth. This double meaning  may invite confusion; However, rest assured, that this Path of Ayin is one of the most difficult for western people to understand, for interpretation flies in the face of Christian cultural definitions that have been applied to the Devil. 
In Barbra G. Walker's Book [ THE WOMAN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MYTHS AND SECRETS] which has been honored by the London Times Educational supplement as 1986 "Book of the Year", the provenance of the word devil is noted as Persian. She states." The Words "devil" and "divinity" grew from the same root, Indo-European devi (Goddess) or deva (God), which became daeva (devil) in Persian. Old English divell (devil) can be traced to the Roman derivative divus, divi: gods. Thus it seems that, from the beginning, gods and devils were often confused with one another."   She goes on to explain such enlightening scholarship that I highly recommenced this book to anyone who seeks an honest education.

There is another fact here that may hide from reason, and that is the combination of the words Devi (Goddess)and Lingam ( Male phallus), is Divya Linga ( Sanskrit word for Divine- lingam)  and has also been interpreted by propagandists of Christian past, as the word Devil,:which actually bespeaks of the "Son of God" as the Solar Phallus. Much knowledge is lost to propaganda  so there is much to study here as most of our "knowledge" is propaganda based misconstructions!

Therefore, to the Qabalist, the Devil is not viewed as an evil entity (lived spelled backward), having its own god-like existence, as it represents a special mystery (Arcana) of ourselves that must be experienced and understood before we can hope to directly know the Higher Self. Within our Physical bodies. The Devil is the intelligence that is Master of Manifested form, which we meet on the Path of Ayin, and must face and conquer. It is the natural survival mind and must be met with knowledge and willful intent. The Path of Ayin, takes the traveler into an understanding that we are entering  a transition between the intellect of consciousness (individual conscious) and true spiritual conscious. This can be a shattering experience for the ego, as it is sure it is right in all things.
This realization that our "rightness" is merely a illusion, is implied in the reaction of the woman who sees herself reflected in the mirror that is being dangled in front of her by the Serpent Green Devil on the Spiral Tarot Devil card. This mirror is also being supported by two spectral women standing in the fires of "hell". As always, there is a stylized Qabalistic Tree of Life on the Spiral Tarot Card that can be seen in the upper left.

Three Paths lead directly into Tiphareth: THE DEVIL {key 15), ART (key 14 called Temperance in the Spiral Tarot Deck), and DEATH (key 13). Now each of these paths  represents a special trial for the initiate; However, each student is not required to travel all three Paths. One way to experience Path Travel is  the Devotional Path of the Middle Pillar, where one need only experience the Path of Samekh (meaning- Prop) or the Art Card-key 14 (Temperance in other decks), leading from Yesod (Foundation ) to Tiphareth (Beauty). This is more of a gentle path of the Mystics  and demands less mental and emotional will from the Student. The Magi's way of following each and every Path, means the acquisition of control over Forces which each Path symbolizes: every Path confers a unique power ( "magical abilities"). A Magus is an active Force of Creation, rather than a Passive one. The difference here, is that the Traveler of the Middle Path does learn to balance and understand within the Self, the forces of  the twenty-two Paths, but understanding these conceptual states of conscious energy does not necessarily develop the ability to manipulate them, which is an art necessary in the development of  a "discerning Personality"; the Spiritual purpose for the human body!.

Now I know, that some students of the Occult (hidden mysteries) enter into the studies seeking a type of "Raw Power", hoping to control others and circumstances to avoid pain and "doing unto others before they can do unto them" Such misinformed students soon learn that if such Power is acquired and then misused there is a devastating price to pay. So there is no question that for the timid, the Middle Path is much safer than facing and conquering the temptations of the Magical Path.

THE DEVIL represents Raw Power (Mars-Shown as Fire), it is the Force that brings about the transmutation of THE TOWER (key 16) and is in the sign of Capricorn as shown on the Spiral Tarot (also shown as the Goat on the card), which is where Mars is exalted.  Capricorn, is a weighty, even blind sign of Earth and symbolizes the highest and lowest states of individual  personality. Yet it is considered a sign of initiation, or release from matter formed limitations. These material limitations are suggested by the astrological ruler-ship of Capricorn by Saturn, the Planet of Binah, The Great Mother that governs the limitations of form, as does Saturn.These limitations are of both the enclosure of matter or of time, the artificial system by which we meter and enclose all activities. Thus, THE DEVIL also represents the average person's misconception of "reality"; a perceptive belief  that the material-sensual condition is "Real". The Qabalist knows the physical-material world as the "1%" world, and realizes that the other invisible  "99%"  (often called "the other side of the Mirror") is the Real.

The misconception of reality is symbolized in two ways on the Thoth DEVIL  card, the smirking mouth and the Goat represents the humorous figure of the childhood nemesis the "Bogey Man" . This Card emphasizes the knowledge that our belief in the illusion of matter (Matter is only .4% visible as our bodies are 99.6% space!) is actually laughable while implying that laughter and a humorous approach to our lives is a tool which will help our consciousness to transcend the illusion of "seeing it to believe it". Mirth is the first great corrective and helps us not to take our perceptions of the material world seriously, which only means "fearfully".  It pays to noted that the Survival Mind of the animal, is our Devilish tempter that tricks us into believing we are as Moons who are at the mercy of Forces rather than the Magus (The Sun) who manipulates them.
As stated, this card is called the Path of Ayin (eye) on the Tree of Life and connects Hod (Splendor) with Tiphareth (Beauty).  It is to be noted, that the Sephiroth (Circles) are objective intelligent STATES OF ENERGY, while the Paths are subjective states of intelligent energy.
One primary statement of the Path of Ayin (meaning-Eye) is that the ignorant, superstitious person, sees the world in an "upside down" vision. Thus the upside down pentagram is associated with the Devil. The Qabalist knows that "all things were from One by the meditation of One," [from the Emerald Tablet] stating the obvious, that there is nothing in the Universe that isn't of God, including the bogey of the ignorant, the Devil. The concept of the Devil as a serpent is a Christian one, however, the Devi Lingam, is also a Serpentine Fiery Force  that has often been called, "The World Serpent".  The Greenness of this  World Serpent is well depicted on the Spiral Tarot Card. For the Ancients, the serpent shape implied the Spiral Life Force.

As stated  the Christian concept of the Devil is from the word Devi meaning goddess, and is a rather obvious attempt at the misogynistic propaganda of the Patriarch (military war based gods) religions. If one has any education at all, one knows that the womb is the place of Form, not the male semen, which is -a pollen, if you will, and is but a source. And without the womb, semen will never become form. The Qabalah is all about states of energy known as "Force and Form", what is masculine is considered Force (electric) and what is feminine is considered Form (Magnetic) which is much more viable with today's biological knowledge. 
The intelligent state of energy known as Devil has also been called the "Prince of the Powers of Air", implying that this energy state is meditating in the flow of the Astral currents. This is depicted well in the Spiral Tarot, as the swirling clouds in air, behind the Devil figure. In this context, Air is understood to be the whole of Yetsirah, the Astral Plane, which controls the ebb and flow of matter. (illustration from Robert Wang's Test book---The Qabalistic Tarot).

The ability to reverse the ebb and flow of Astral light, requires meditation, intellect and discipline, all of which are achieved by conquering the Path of Ayin. One must begin this process of discipline with the intellect of Hod, traversing into the intuition of Tiphareth...The Christ or Buddha state of intelligent energy. Even the scriptures talk of Christ's  passage through the temptations of the Devil, i.e. his own illusions brought on by matter. We must control the fear based thoughts that "bedevil" us, before we can progress to higher intelligence.
Now you may recall that THE DEVIL is Saturn in Capricorn, which brings up an interesting point.The Ancients stated that "Saturn eats its own children", meaning that for Spirit ( I AM), illusion of form (Me) is necessary to produce the material form, and that the dissolution of these forms (Me) is essential to the Path of Return. To the Alchemist dissolution means analysis, which is the precise application of separating the component forces of ourselves and our universe into twenty-two paths on the Tree of Life. The next part of the process is reintegrating these forces through the understanding of their operation. Eliphas Levi called THE DEVIL--The Path of Ayin---the"Great Magical Agent" this process of manipulation as, to dissolve, to consolidate, to quicken, to moderate.,i.e. dissolution, re-integration, activity, and grounding.  Thus we have the same qualities as described to Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Once again we understand The Devil to represent the "score of the forms and appearance of relative existence", a description supplied  in various Mystery Tests. Another ancient description is that the Devil is "Lord of the Gates of Matter and Child of the Forces of Time," which indicates a phallic energy state, Lord being husbandry, as the gateway to form is Yoni or Womb. Thus you will observe the stylized phallus and testes on the Thoth Deck Tarot Card, that is both the back drop and support of the Goat figure that represents the old god Pan. The testes are also seen as supporting human shaped white figures.
As one can see, there is represented an understanding of the intercourse of Forces and Form that attributes to the understanding that "God is sex". In truth, The Creator, who is One that is Two, knew that It needed a mirror to see itself---------the material world is that which reflects "I-dentity" from the mirror of consciousness. The I AM can only be aware of Itself, as a Me.

What the understanding of The Devil card produces in us , is the knowledge that the illusion of Form, is the same as the illusion of mirror reflections, its all reflected backwards... and not a true state of Being.  Again, the Woman in the mirror reflection depicted on the Spiral Tarot card is coming to this realization.
Turn your mind around, and know that you are a Spirit who owns a body (which is a power tool for discernment), and not a body that is seeking Spirit. The analogy that I like to use when describing the common perspective, is that of a "fish in the ocean, seeking water". Not only is this a accurate description for a body seeking spirit, it is also a mirthful one that describe the illusion of form, as the fish-form can be stated as "The Ocean experiencing itself", just as the human form can be stated as the form of Spiritual experience. We must own the animal survival mind, by willfully and lovingly absorbing it into a Higher State of Mind that we as Spirit, bring into Earth. It has value as it knows earth,  but fear based thought has no value to immortal Spirit who knows "paradise".

When the Devil card is thrown during a reading of tarot, the querent is experiencing states of:
  • Materiality, and/or material force.
  • Temptation of the flesh,sometimes obsession,  all associate with the "Trickster" god images of the past which is the principle of mirth.
  • The querent may experience humor over their material circumstances, or over what "bedevils" them.
  • The advice is to view your emotions humorously, which will free you from the illusion of their seriousness.
  • There is a warning here, that even the best of intentions, maybe wrong.
  • Accept the presence of paradox and realize your own truth.
  • Acknowledge your own chains.
Thank you for your interest, support, and comments. May you live long and prosper!

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