THE SEVEN OF WANDS: The Spiral Tarot and the Thoth Tarot Card Comparisons.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

THE SEVEN OF WANDS: The Spiral Tarot and the Thoth Tarot Card Comparisons.

Seven Of Wands: Valor:
This Thoth card represents the unbalancing of a previous spiritual victory, by the dynamic flow of transformational energy all around us.

Things change. Just when we thought we were victorious over the emotional, spiritual and physical resistance to our vision, some issues change and we have to exercise bravery, and valor to not doubt ourselves or our vision. This departure from balance tends to direct us to loss of confidence; However, if we hold to our vision and trust our inner integrity, we shall still achieve our goal.

The Seven of Wands is Astrologically, Mars in Leo. Mars represents a dynamic vitality, an agitation of motion while Leo represents creativity and/or creative expression. The suggestion is  that you don't try to stop the new motion in your life but instead become creative in channeling it towards your vision without compromising or settling for less.

The Spiral Tarot7 of Wands, depicts a wheat farmer defending his wheat crop from adversaries that wish to claim it for themselves. As common in the Spiral Tarot, the Wand is sprouting leaves in the shape of Yods (flames of god) that denotes fertile and fecund power. This card is mundane in its implication of taking a stand when challenged.  Implying, that one should know their rights, and be able to cope well with challenge and not allow yourself to be taken advantage of.

The Thoth Card depicts a central wand that is the inner self- trust gained by experience, therefore it is primal and unrefined. 
The lotus wand  represents the unfolding of your vision if you show the valor necessary to carry on and not be deterred by conflict.
The Ibis headed wands represent the new directions that allow you to move in new regenerative ways that you value. By showing valor in the face of adversity, you will be able to see things more clearly and be able to honor your vision and creativity which is represented by the winged Eye of Horus wands (a symbol of the All Seeing Eye) .

The Sevens of the Minor Arcana (number cards) are all the property of Netzach, the Seventh Sephiroth, called VICTORY;  which is Love, as relating to the often misunderstood concept of "God is Love." This Love concept of Victory, may lead to a misunderstanding  that has to do with the very nature of the gods themselves. Gods are creators who need stimulation to continue creating.  Love, however, is the nature of this stimulation; to be challenged is necessary loving step towards building and developing the inner-conscious- strength to confront and be victorious over difficulties. For we are not only of the," One energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed and transmitted" (first law of Thermodynamics) we also have to deal with entropy as the second law of Thermodynamics states, "All things proceed from order to disorder".  Therefore to be a Creative Identity of the Divine Creative, we need to face entropic situations and defeat them. As the Spiral Tarot implies with the stalwart wheat farmer defending his created wheat field.

In the Mysteries, it is said that, "The Gods are the Creations of the Created...the Gods are the emanations of the Group Mind of Races, they are not emanations of  Eheieh, the One and the Eternal." {Quoted from the: Qabalisitc Tarot, by Robert Wang, page 100)

In essence, this statement is a reference to the Group Mind, that the Gods are of Netzach- Victory, and that we are all the "gods" or self images of that group consciousness. We , being ruled only by the law of "Freedom of Choice" can defeat entropy in our manifestation and are allowed to genetically modify ourselves, and organic being.  For example:
Graphically, the diagram of the sign of Venus superimposed over the Tree of Life, represents this concept, for it is not only love, but also a stick image of the human being. This should open your eyes to your power, as The living Suns/Sons ( Sons and Daughters) of the One Eheieh-God and/or The Divine Creative.  Being such you have inherited the power to  form potent forces into your own image; custom made to serve your needs! Because your Personality begins in the Realm of the Gods, you are a Personal Living- God in your own right! It's okay to be you!

Try to wrap your brain around this;  your human body is the Animal God of Earth, i.e. the dominant predator. Every single living creature on earth, depends on what you do, thus proving your dominion over all things! If you decide they no longer can serve you----------you destroy them. If in your ignorance, you decide that you are not responsible for your actions, your irresponsibility alone will annihilate them! Only Gods have such power in their domains!

In the Qaballah, you are composed of 10 Gods, in an orgy of cooperation. You are Adam Kadmon ("the ascended man"), the entire Tree of Life is your "holy Spirit" (All of the invisible you and visible you) . Each of us are a free-god- identity/personality on every plane of intelligent energy, by inheritance. Since we are talking of infinite possibilities, billions of identities don't make the  inherited wealth less, for in truth the wealth of personality is achieve by expanding Self-Awareness! 

To make the "Above as the Below", i.e. the Great Work,  is to realized yourself as sole owner and ruler of your own Animal god, Emotional god, Mental god and spiritual god. Thus claiming your god-like presence as  your "Sacred Place" in Time.  After all, you are  created of infinite Space, and eternal time; within your Divine Unconscious, are the dreams of  endless-Being. Life is the Lucid Dream of God! Time is the stuff you create forms from, by mixing beginning (Order and Chaos) and end (time) in a cauldron of Thoughts, (Mind) heated by the vibrations of Lust/Passion ( I AM Me), and shaped by Will-to-Be, you transform the illusion of being into a sensual reality.  "Know ye not that ye are gods"! 
By constantly transforming being, you have created Divine Form,( I am Me) by using entropy to deconstruct, you reconstruct from that newly formed chaos, new construction and expansion of the SELF Conceptual paradigm. Therefore entropy is conquered and is not an enemy but a tool for expansive being! In a more prosaic note: You, dear spirit, are Victorious over death, because you reincarnate!

This, of course, is a simplistic representation, that is why the Tree of Life is so important to Know. The Tree of Life represents the complexity of  How this Created Living Universe is done! By knowing yourself, you can then realized the original data you set aside in down sizing and know how to proceed with the Great Work of You!
WE ARE THE MANY AND THE ONE.  Everything I see, is another way to be Me!

The Seven of Wands, Valor (Lord of Valor) is attributed to Mars in Leo. The Angels of this Decan are: Mahashiah and Lelahel.  Here, we have the influence of Netzach in the World of Pure Spirit (Atziluth).
Mars in Leo not only promotes courage and strength, but also a certainty of a fiery clash. However, victory in this fray is not certain.
Thus, Crowley, using the Three Adept Wands of the Golden Dawn, crosses them with a crude fiery club, suggesting a disorganized and disordered of uncertain results. In short, the army is in disarray, a loss of confidence is implied and only individual valor will save the day!

When the Seven of Wands, is thrown during a reading, it implies that the querent is:
  • Unsure of ideas, and must summon personal bravery and courage to instigate them. 
  • More confidence is needed to ensure victory.
  • Here, responsibility must be taken up as your standard, and you must stand alone, trusting your self to handle the most difficult of situations.
  • Here your mettle is being tested, and only the inner courage of spirit has the necessary acceleration to push you through the line of resistance.
  • This card also shows how valuable you are to spirit, for if you were "weak" spirit wouldn't be testing your mettle.
  • Spirit knows your strength, and only the doubting thoughts trained into you by "others" is slowing your performance as a courageous creator.
  • Here Spirit says,"If you wish to speak to me, you must stand! For I'll not kneel to your weakness!"

  •   That in the next 7 weeks or 7 months it is important that you have the courage and valor to stay with what you value, especially with the Leo people in your life ( July 21 to August 21).
  • It is important that you stay by what you value concerning work, career and/or creative expression by not compromising or settling for less. 
  • Stick to your guns-so to speak. Trust yourself and your valued experiences.
  • For more information regarding the Tarot or for a personal Tarot reading; either on-line video through Skype or in person, call Eli @ 253-324-6037 or email him <>. Thank you for your interest, support, and comments and may you live long and prosper!

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