TAROT CARD COMPARISONS: The Elemental Tarot Key 8- STRENGTH/HEALTH & The Thoth Deck Tarot Key 11-LUST.
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

TAROT CARD COMPARISONS: The Elemental Tarot Key 8- STRENGTH/HEALTH & The Thoth Deck Tarot Key 11-LUST.

In most other Tarot Decks, key 8 is called STRENGTH, for example in The Elemental Tarot key 8 is STRENGTH/HEALTH; However, in Aleister Crowley's estimation, the word Strength doesn't do this deception of intelligence justice, I also agree.

The LUST Card is Key11 in the Thoth Deck and has replaced the STRENGTH card.; However, I'll choose to place it as Key 8, Strength/Health Card, for Traditional Tarot Readers, as does Robert Wang in his book, THE QABALISTIC TAROT, because they are the comparable card in these two decks.

The THOTH Lust Card-Key 11, is the Path of Teth, the 19th Path on the Tree of Life. The Hebrew letter, Teth, means snake, which is often refereed to as Serpent Force or the Kundalini. The zodiacal sign assigned to this card is Sun Powered  sign of Leo; Leos is symbolized as a Lion, while Teth, is a Snake, the combination of these two, is the Lion-Serpent, the idea of which fostered the Dragon images of the ancients.The interchangeability of the Lion and the Serpent symbols represents an important key in understanding the great embedded profundities of this card.
The Path of Teth, connects Chesed (Mercy) and Geburah (Severity) and channels a great outpouring of Energy from the Masculine Chesed, to the Feminine Geburah. This Great Outpouring, is the Path on which Fire becomes Light, which produces manifestation.
The Supernal  Triangle is composed of Kether (Crown), Chokma (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding), and is composed of what Paul Foster Case stated in his BOOK OF TOKENS,as the "Radiant darkness of the Limitless light."

The Supernal Triangle is above the Abyss, while the Path of Teth crosses just below it (the yellow path between Chesed and Geburah). Thus the Path of Teth, Lust, is the first Path of Microprosopus (Microcosm or Lesser Countenance.) and the Primary Path of the Higher Self, linking great opposites below the Abyss.
As symbols interchange, such as the Lion and Serpent, one understands that the realities these symbols represent, can  also be interchanged.  In truth, the  1st law of Thermodynamics,"One Energy that can not be created nor destroyed, only transformed", is the One Spirit of Qabalah, and can take any form it wills and in great diversity, as the Universe has shown. 
Wisdom, is represented by the snake holding its tail in its mouth (also a 8 symbol). Many of us of the western cultures, know that the Serpent was also considered the Tempter, in the garden of Eden myth. However, since it is Fiery, the Serpent is vital Life Force, and/or the Redeemer. But then the Sun itself is both Tempter, burning the tempted-sun bather to near death on the beach and Redeemer, by providing Vital Life Force.

Transformation can be confusing but it should be known that without the flow of vital life force between opposites, there would be no "Limited Light",  of which all manifestation is constructed of. Thus, we have the Greater Countenance, the Macrosopus, of Limitless Light, that can only be known as Darkness or Dark Fire (Dark Energy), designing Two (Male- Female) Self concepts, so that limits could be produced by the interchange of Forces and Form. The Dark Light is the invisible/unseen subjective infinity of the One,(Macrosopus) and the Limited light of manifestation is the Objective, and knowable finite side of the One (Microsopus). The whole of which is often called by Gnostics as "The Mirror"---one side infinitely dark, the Abyss, and the other side reflective of the image of all who look into it. That could also be called the Unconscious and the consciousness.
To put this simply, The Lust of the One, by becoming Two who must always join in impassioned flow or mutual attraction, (electric and magnetic), is the stuff of Vital Life Force. I think you can now see why Vital Life force, is also called "sex energy".

The Lion symbol, in the context of the Qabalah, has to do with Strength and is not a representation of intellect, as it refers to the greatest strength of all, the Light of the Sun, the ruler of Leo.  The Solar Power represented in this Lust Card, can open the Higher levels of Consciousness beyond the Sun (Tiphareth) itself. The graphic representation of the Ancient god Mithra, whose body was that of a man and whose head was that of a lion, depicts this concept anthropomorphically.
The Brute force of Kundalini (Serpent Force--Vital Life Force) can be used destructively or constructively, and on the very Path of Teth, flows  the Vital Life force from Chesed (Mercy) to Geburah (Severity) which forges the Sword of Geburah, indicating the possibility of the initiate being overwhelmed by the power which one evokes. We are reminded ( Re-Minded) here, that as the Sun is a vital life force to manifestation, the Dark Sun, is vital to the flow of Higher Thought, but knowing your limits, will keep you from becoming Sun burned in the flesh, and the severity of a Mind Burn ( Emotional trauma) in the consciousness. Lust, in a Godly sense, can "burn out your lights"! So the initiate must become adept at Self Knowledge, so that they don't damage their "I sight" when joining intelligence with Higher Intellectual Forces.
Putting aside metaphor, too much Sun/Vital Force can be dangerous, so that is why the Tantrics, and Gnostics, go through long, diligent meditations, exercises of intellect, and philological devices so that this flow of Vital Life Force is unblocked, unrestricted, (not feared) and can flow through and out into another, forming a Vital Spiral of energy flow that Re-Vitalizes Life. So all of you who wish to experience the Rapture of Kundalini, note that the Rapture can become a Raptor to those whose "House is not built on a strong foundation" of Love. Love is what holds your molecules together, even under the rapid increase in atomic vibration that your body under goes when the "Kundalini rises"The Lust of God----is the Orgasm that never stops flowing; a Divine Frenzy.

 As stated, the Thoth Deck LUST card, key-11, replaces the STRENGTH, card which is Key-8, in the Golden Dawn, Ryder -Waite, and The Elemental Tarot Decks. So it may be confusing when I place it in the Path of Teth, which is normally called STRENGTH-Key  8.  As I stated, I agree with Aleister Crowley's expansion of the STRENGTH card, into the LUST card. Because the Passion-The Vital Force of Universal Construction, "the motion within the movement" of everything, is the Passionate expression of the I -AM As Two, who then Join to become One Passion that creates All, i.e.. the Active and Passive force of Kundalini, and/or  of Lion-Serpent. It can also be called "Serpent theory" instead of the Quantum Physics "String Theory", where every particle  has a serpentine string of active and passive energy with in it. In other words, there is within all atomic particles, vibratory strings of  Vital Fiery Force.  Thus, Lust , where active and passive forces come together, seems a more appropriate understanding of the underlying "motion" of Life.
It has already been proven by Quantum Physics, that solid matter is an illusion of Electric and magnetic force. Most of the body, you deem solid, is space; 99.6% space. The electron cloud of your "crystalline light" (flesh) is held together in a magnetic binding, that feels, looks and seems solid. Your image is made of serpentine  like lightning/electricity. Your body is in reality, a living force field that is manipulated by "thought".
The Kundalini, or Fiery Lion Serpent is the Vital aspect of Life Force, which in manifestation, is duality of passivity and activity. Kundalini is known as the Sacred Fire, when in its activephase, purposely unleaded by Will.
The UNIVERSE key 21, is the completion of the LUST CARD, and you'll see the Woman figure riding the Lion Serpent on the Lust card, dancing with the Serpent Force in the Thoth Universe card. Both illustrations are veils that conceal electromagnetic principles , though at different ends of manifestation. LUST is the beginning of  the Microcosm and THE UNIVERSE is the completion of it. Both of these cards are of that which is Womb, at the Highest Level, the womb-man who has tamed the Lion-Serpent and the womb-man who dances in space surrounded by the Cherubim of the  four elements are both expressions of that which is  the EMPRESS key 3.
THE ELEMENTAL TAROT  key-8 is named Strength/Health. And depicts the serpent force as a triple headed serpent of Life's ternary nature; birth, life and death, past present and future etc..
The healthy young woman has a kid around her neck, and an Egyptian symbol of protection, the sa, in her left hand. In her right hand is a goblet overflowing with ankhs, the Egyptian symbol for infinity and Life, that is feeding the ternary serpent force of Primal life.
The tail of the serpent is twisted into a figure eight, which is the symbol of eternity created by the union of the feminine and male duplicity of the Divine Creative. The radiant obelisk in the background is a symbol of the Divine Phallus, the Electric force, while the woman and goblet fulfill the Feminine aspect of Magnetic force or vessel/womb.
The authors of this card have placed Jupiter in Ascendent as its astrological attributes, implying, Positive attitude to others.

Along the borders of this striking card, is a quote from the Gnostic Text, THUNDER THE PERFECT MIND,  that was dug up from the sands of Naghammadi Egypt in the year 1945. (see this weeks past blogs.). It perfectly states the truth of this card as, " What you see outside you---you see inside you. It is visible and it is your garment." This is a perfect explanation of "what you think, you become."

Again, this is a very powerful path and those skriers of sensitive psyche, will be profoundly affected. One must appreciate the fact, that this Path of Teth, the Thoth- Lust Card, is a statement of methodology; whereby the Will controls the Vital Life Energy. We must also remember, that the word Power, means "the ability to do work" and our body, if loved, as a master Craftsman loves and adores one's favorite- tools, gives us Will -Power in "to freely be" in this dimension of  crystallized energy. A power to weave our very own Vital Life Force into masterpieces, rather than the slavery of being what others define us to be! This requires a focused willful intelligence, and not some mad hater personality, that can't even control its own thought.

Skry this card only after you are capable of holding a one- thought or image focus during an entire meditation!  Any Psyche that Touches the Lust OF The Great Father/Mother, will be profoundly charged, changed, and expanded beyond comfortable perspectives, all of which can be dangerous to our delicate egos. In other words, one must be diligently trained in channeling higher and higher vibratory levels of Vital Life Force, before they "Ride the Lion-Serpent". That is why A.Crowley calls the Traditional Strength card Lust. For even the "little lust" of the manifested (Microcosm) seems to be  beyond the cultural  ego's control, as every politicians "secret life"  will show. It is hard to imagine, what the Macrocosmic Lust would do to such a weak psyche... but then again, we have examples in Adolf Hitler, Attila the Hun etc.

Lust represents a very important initiatory formula dealing with Serpent Power. This Spiraling Power is the Force that opens or stimulates all the Chakras (energy centers) in the Human body. The Principles embedded in the Lust Card, tell us how to use this power.  This is a "Divine Frenzy" which when stated alchemically ,"the heat of the furnace  makes the Stone" or if religious,"inflame thyself with Prayer". The Heat applied, is the great passion within the confines of  Tantric exercises, or the exercise of the Middle Pillar (Aleister Crowley's book,777), all of which I recommend the interested party research.
Crowley's imagery may shock some, as he presents the Whore of Babylon, taming the Lion-Serpent but then he understood that the epitome of virginity (sign of Virgo), was the Sacred Virgins of the Temples, before Christianity, made them "evil women" or Saints, of which both perspectives were obscurely applied. The Christian word "Whore" is a bastardization of the Greek word , Hetacrate, meaning female companion. Something more for the diligent student to investigate! When investigating it helps to know that Revisionism is the action of Propaganda, and veils the true meaning of the past.

When the Lust card is thrown during a reading, it means the querent:
  • Is relying on spiritual powers to manage the situation at hand and is receiving the strength to over come.
  • Following ones own inner light, doing what their "heart of heart" and/or inner -self, says is right.
  • There can be an experiencing of a "gut level" driving force, instinctual.and compelling for protection or survival.
  • Also, possessing the courage of one's convictions.
  • The strength of Passion, in the Higher Nature, which are power, courage, energy, action and magnanimity.
  • One is experiencing the Law of Self-Domination, self-rule and self control.
Thank you for your interest, comments and donations. May you live long and prosper.

8 Comments to TAROT CARD COMPARISONS: The Elemental Tarot Key 8- STRENGTH/HEALTH & The Thoth Deck Tarot Key 11-LUST.:

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1st aid for bleeding on Saturday, December 06, 2014 10:14 AM
Now i am no longer specific where you're helping your facts, nevertheless good subject matter. an individual reveal this subject matter well whilst your model is basically unique.
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Eli on Sunday, December 07, 2014 8:55 AM
Thank you for your comments.This is a blog, so I don't apply a glossary nor bibliography. Look up facts in the books of: Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang; 777 by A.Crowley; The Book of Thoth by A. Crowley;The Woman's encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker; and so many more. Plus, over 40yrs in Gnostic, Qabalah, Theosophy, Tantra yoga, etc. etc. and you may get some of these facts. Oh, and a few past lives, in the mysteries. Keep at it, it is worth it! May you live long and prosper.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 12:01 AM
I appreciate your blog its a interesting and it attract other peoples to read this blog.
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Eli on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 10:13 AM
I appreciate your taking the time to comment. Thank you. May you live long and prosper.

Online essay on Monday, July 25, 2016 9:30 PM
I am really appreciate the blogger which provides the research details and increase my knowledge.I am also looking for such type of info which proved to be useful for me in the future.
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Eli on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 8:05 AM
Thank you, Online essay, for taking the time to let me know you appreciate my work. Such comments, spur me on to do better. May you live long and prosper.
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replica watches on Saturday, October 29, 2016 7:29 PM
Skry this card only after you are capable of holding a one thought or image focus during an entire meditation!
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replica watches on Saturday, October 29, 2016 7:29 PM
The Elemental Tarot Key 8- STRENGTH/HEALTH & The Thoth Deck Tarot Key 11-LUST.
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