TAROT CARD COMPARISONS: Key 16- The Tower; The Elemental Tarot and Thoth Tarot Card comparison.
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

TAROT CARD COMPARISONS: Key 16- The Tower; The Elemental Tarot and Thoth Tarot Card comparison.

 "Enlightenment has its origin in the hidden sources of power which terrify the minds of the ignorant''[From the Path of Peh-Qabalistic Tarot-by Robert Wang]
To look at this card, The Tower-key 16, is to look at war. When the eye of Shiva, the Destroyer opens, the universe disappears, as does the dream of the awakened dreamer.

Occult (hidden) knowledge states that all is but God Dreaming----when It awakes, the dream is over. In Hindu belief, this dreaming and awake cycle has happened three times before and now is the 4 manifestation of the I AM-Dream.

It is not too difficult to understand that an unlimited conscious energy, when realizing itself, is creating limited concepts of itself, i.e. dreaming. As in the human brain, dreaming is often solving problems, which can be then enacted in the awake state of consciousness and/or creation. This assimilation of and reordering of data is an annihilation of the dream, and is called awakening.  That is one meaning of this card....there are layers of understanding as yet to be examined.
The Tower is attributed to the letter Peh, meaning mouth (shown on the bottom of both the Thoth card as the flame belching Mouth of Dis- the Roman God of the dead or a Sea Serpent on The Elemental Tarot card).

Those who practice Magick, have often heard that a God Name spoken with Martian power, can be felt in the body and has a define effect on the human physical vehicle as well as an effect on the vehicles of psyche. The Tower suggests that words of Power, spoken with Passion (Mars force), assist us in bringing about the destruction of our personal Towers of Babel; false concepts and institutions which we believe to be reality. The vibration of OM Mani Padmae Hum, is an example of a Yoga word of power or the western magick Abrahadabra (said in three syllables) . For that is what words are, vibrations that can be formed into reality by intent.
Reality is  constructed as a dream of our self- consciousness, using the dedicated energy of our Life Frequencies or vibrations; many of us know these vibrations as Emotions.  Thoughts are vessels, and emotion, is the dedicated energy of "Will-To-Be", that gives the thought a vibrational frequency we call "reality". You may have noticed, that everybody's reality is  a "personal" belief system. These Realities, are the Dreams, the Real (Spirit), is on the other side of that Dream, i.e. the other side of the Mirror of Self Reflection".

When much of our life force is dedicated to supporting our fantasies, we become less "Real" and The Soul, steps in with the Severity necessary to topple our Towering fantasies. This doesn't kill us, as that is not the purpose (although it can be a "near death" experience). The purpose of this severe measure is for the purpose of remembering our Real Identity, which is the Divine Child of God, by stripping away "what is not you" ; you are more than a towering man made personal edifice of denial, mental enslavement, and pursuit of happiness. To seek (pursue), is to deny you have it. To pursue happiness is to deny you are happy being you. If you are not happily being you----its because you aren't being you----you are pursuing you instead! This works for the vision of consumerism, but not for your mental, emotional, and physical health!

 I Am, is how you command your reality into being.  I AM Me, is how you exist as the idea! Me is and always will be a construct from the I Am . In Qabalah "I" is He  the idea and "Am" is She--the womb of understanding and the "Me" is the child born of understood idea.
Some of our "Me's" become towering error of dysfunctional identity and since your functionality is in the "expansion and liberation of the Alive" ( As above, so Below), your self-awareness must support the living; if not, a "hidden (occult) source of power" will step in and topple your tower of delusional Me-ness. This is not for reasons of your permanent annihilation, but for the purpose of reconstructing definition by purifying the dysfunctional dedicated energy, that is no longer moving in progressive states of evolution.

Somewhere, probably  from Christianity, we got the idea that spiritual development (bringing the Above mind to the Below mind) is all sweetness and light; this is false!  Enlightenment is a process of creation, destruction and recreation.  Life after life, a phoenix rising from its own ashes kind of sets a romantic picture to some; however, ashes require a burning...sometimes a fierce fire of destruction! That is why on the Tree of Life (refer to past blogs) you will see Severity (Geburah #5) and Mercy (Chesed-#4) connected by the Path of Teth (Strength)...because Tempering of a soft-unrefined- mind requires, hot fires of Passion, and Hard  Hammering of Knowledge (experience), and enough mercy not to destroy the entire creation, in order to forge the Proper strength in a Divine Creative-God- Personality; tempering to forge ahead through the new territory of Self Awareness requires heated passion and the cooling  waters of mercy!

In other words, empathy comes from experiencing and recognizing error as pain or severity; empathy is something experiencing life as a "limited sensual form" can only give you. Remember, As a dreaming Spirit----any fantasy will do; However earth Life is ordered  by cause and effect. Creation is the effect of ideas generated by the God-mind, i.e. Imagination. Spirit is Pure Will and has no empathy, just like a Sociopath Scientist who experiences no empathy for his/her test subjects. Spiritual/willful creativity must be linked to Sensual being, in order to know what thoughts enhance the Living and what thoughts don't. Love is created by this Union Of Invisible and sensual identity! Love is only understood by sensually experiencing  what is "not love"!

Therefore this  world is not about the Visions of the Ambitious being the Greater Good (Greater God) but rather The expansion and liberation of idea as The Living Presence. (I AM ME...is the Universal Mind's Vision.).

Sacrificing the alive for your fanatical visions, Mr. or Ms Theologian/Politician, is dysfunctional. In the Living World of the Divine, visions are to support  the living  individuals...human sacrifice to ideas, is no longer nor ever has been, functional. Ideas, visions, are now to "enlighten" personal-life by raising it up out of the ashes of dysfunctional thought/definition. In our world, we often find that Rebellious War is how we do this.  Thus, you will see, that the Path of Peh, is connecting Hod (Splendor) and Netzach (Victory). For example, it was the allowing the vision of Splendor that masked the bigotry of  Aryan purity, a peacocks vision of self importance, that had to be destroyed by the individuals who together threw down the Towering Nazi horror in the second world war. Death and Destruction was deemed a necessary severity for the victorious abolishment of that false vision of bigotry. For only after a battle, strife, and severity, are we to be Victors. That is another one of the messages of the Tower card; personal courage is required to become enlightened. For when the Towers of Falsehood, topple after all your hard work to make them stand, you must first identity the error, correct it and then you must gather the rubble and rebuild. This is Experience, and this is how Knowledge is built into Wisdom. Knowledge is built out of the rubble of failure; Wisdom is built out of reconstructing the knowledge into functional manifestation. The Mercy of God allows you to survive personality destruction, so that you can see error and correct it...personally. We are Spirits----personalities are the Towers we build!
Physical personalities are an Artificial Intelligence, that stand in for mundane operation of the Spiritual body called human form. If they are dysfunctional, it is the Spirit's job to reconstruct them. This mechanism of Spirit is represented in the Tower Card, key16 of the Major Arcana.
In this blog of The Tower, I mentioned that this card is about the destruction of the old order.
In the Thoth Deck Tower card, the all seeing eye (I) observes and directs the destruction of the Tower, representing the old order, while Dis, the Roman god of  the dead, belches flames against the tower base. The path of the Tower, is often considered to be an affirmation of the Primal Will  (Magus card) that it alone is the True Crown that brings into balance the pure positive or male Chokma and the pure negative or female Binah. Neither of which are man-made definitions.

On one side of the Thoth card is the dove, representing one of the two forms of desire,"The will to die".  On the other side of the card, is the Sacred Serpent, which represents the other form of desire, "The Will to Live". These are ancient symbols of Life and death, as the serpent sheds its skin, as a kind of resurrection and the dove flies towards the heavens as a "Holy Spirit". The Dove is also considered to be a  Feminine symbol and the Serpent a Masculine one, as She is balanced peace of magnetism and he is the serpentine-lightning-electric force that is the "motion in all movement".
There are obvious sexual connotations to this card, in the past, these were broadly suggested so that "polite society" would not be offended. However, "God is Sex", the Tower itself is a phallic symbol, the Mouth, is the opening of the male reproductive male organ from which the Yod (seed of life), ejaculates. In Crowley's 1923 diary, he states that,"...the Blasted Tower which is really a Phallus shooting forth lightnings of seed".

The forced transmutation of energy from one form to another is done by Fire's destructive nature. This initial activation of transformation ultimately leads to fruition as energy is released to be restructured into another form.  As a practicing Tantric and Qabalist, I know the Physical Male body is a type of capacitor of Positive electric force (Shiva) and the Physical Female body is a crucible (womb) of Negative Magnetic Energy (female Shakti), that captures the electric discharge of the Solar Logos (Male-Shiva),eventually producing active form. As in Tantra, Qabalah understands that the Tree of All Life, is a balancing of opposites; a balancing of Force and Form.

In the Tower card, the Mars force is presented as the sexual energy of the Microcosm ( Microprosopus), and  the image of the Tower is in some ways the phallus. all of which points to the all important understanding that, it is the Higher Sexual Energy ( that at first flows from Chokma to Binah, in the Upper Trinity of Kether, Chokma, Binah that is called the Supernal Triangle.) that destroys the perception Personality has about the nature of sexual function. There is a kind of destruction of the male sex organ itself in orgasm which relates to the destruction of the Singularity in the "Big Bang" (no pun intended)!

There is also an interpretation here, that the fall from the Tower, enables  the sacrifice of one's perception of the sexual function that is continually required by human kind, in order to maintain the given Path by which one may return to the Source of All. However, the Path is initiatory as it prepares us for the Knowledge and Conversion of the Solar Logos of Tiphareth (Christ/Buddha consciousness). What should be noted here, is that when you "ejaculate" electric energy into the  magnetic crucible, you get electromagnetic energy; a place where the,"... male is no longer male and the female is no longer female; they become one and the same..." ...a paraphrased quote from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas:
 Here's the whole quote, when asked by the disciples when they shall enter the Kingdom of God (The Supernal Triangle), : (22) "Jesus said to them,' When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then you will enter the Kingdom." This completely explains the Qabalistic Tree of Life and will require in depth study, skying of the Tower card, coupled with Self Knowledge to understand. However, I'll give you some clues, "eyes into an eye" refers to changing perspective of the reality of sight, from the separatism of eyes (individual identities), to the All seeing eye (I)......the turning of a hand into a hand refers to the Hebrew word Yod--meaning Hand and also called the Seed of Spirit. The male female transformation has already been explained, in this blog.  It should be noted that the Higher Mysteries are sexual, but in perspectives far beyond the libido of  hormone besotted  bodies.

The Path of Peh, The Tower, may be symbolically phallic, but this does not make it a "male only Path" as this Path exists prior to the differentiation of the sexes necessary  for multiple and diverse incarnation. This Tower path is an amalgamation of both male electric and female magnetic force. However, on the path of Peh,one must focus on the male electric force, sexual force, that resides in all of us, as on other paths one must deal with female components.  Only in working in groups  are the different polarities of the physical male and female bodies considered as they both experience the Path differently, according to their polarities.
The Elemental Tarot Tower, delves less into the mysteries and produces an attractive, if not prosaic, divination card. Illustrated is a crimson and black sky, implying the destructive side of Mars.  The golden tower is crumpling under the  Divine's destructive force, making a obvious picture of the cultural authority breakdown and dissolution, i.e. the ultimate destruction of the "Group Soul" of the Patriarch.  There is a figure holding on to the tower, refusing to let go of the old and will soon be falling into the gaping mouth of the Sea Serpent below (symbol of Typhon, the crocadilian Egyptian god of Soul eater fame.).  A blue figure, representing one who is willing to let go of the Old regime, is falling through the dark clouds of "emotional turmoil" and sees a bright and new day; as illustrated by the white sky and blooming plants.

The Astrological assignation to this card is Uranus in mid-heaven, implying "Sudden change of circumstance."
 The border lining quote from the Gnostic Text: The Thunder The Perfect Mind, (Nag Hammadi Library) states the Arcane knowledge of key 16 very well.
" Hear me-learn from my word-you who know me, I AM the union and the dissolution." The Spirit is the Life and Death of the body, it pays to know the Spirit, and for the Spirit to Know the body. Therefore, the ancient axiom of the Qabalah:  "Above all things, Know thyself!"

To the querent, the Tower Card means:
  • Ambition, fighting, war and courage.
  • Unexpected events that require us to let go. 
  • The necessary toppling of existing forms to make way for new life and new ways.
  • The down fall of the Old personality to make way for the New enlightened one.
If ill dignified by the cards accompanying it, the Tower can mean destruction, danger, fall and ruin.
Thank you for your interest, comments and generous donations. May you live long and prosper!

2 Comments to TAROT CARD COMPARISONS: Key 16- The Tower; The Elemental Tarot and Thoth Tarot Card comparison.:

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reflexology on Saturday, October 31, 2015 11:01 AM
Retain sharing in addition to submitting posts just like most of these. This post provides made it easier for me personally lots. Retain submitting this stuff.
Reply to comment
Eli on Sunday, November 01, 2015 7:38 AM
Hello reflexology. I am grateful for your comments and interest in Self-knowledge. May you live long and prosper!

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