TAROT CARD COMPARISONS: The Elemental Tarot key 18 & The Thoth Tarot key 18- THE MOON
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

TAROT CARD COMPARISONS: The Elemental Tarot key 18 & The Thoth Tarot key 18- THE MOON

In Qabalistic Tarot The Moon, which is the 18th Key of the Major Arcana or Trump, is called the Path of Qoph--meaning, back of head or ear. Connecting Netzach (Victory) with Malkuth (Kingdom) , the Path of Qoph is described as the "Victory of the Material World" and/or the "deceptive  effect of the apparent power of the Material World". 

The path of Qoph-THE MOON, is also known as the "Threshold to life", a spiritual birth that may be considered on two levels.
  1. On one level, it is the course of incarnation where the soul organizes the physical body of which it will inhabit.  It is a kind of sleep (physical consciousness not yet formed), a kind of pre-consciousness, that differentiates into mater from the collective unconscious of Netzach.
  2. On another level, where the student is advancing spiritual awareness up the Tree of Life, it is a path of  conquest of the phantoms of their "man-made" personality which are creations of the created.

The path is a probationary path, where the student must face the emotional phantoms hid in the dark recesses of their own mind, as well as those of the race. The Path of the Moon is where the bright one must embrace the shadow. Therefore, this path can be disturbing to those of weak will and moral fiber, and can pose real dangers to one's emotional stability.  On the other hand, those strong enough to tread this Path and slay or lay with the monsters "within" our sleep-consciousness and understand their mechanisms, gain the capacity to manipulate  those qualities in ourselves and those of others, become Magi.

Mastery of Illusion is a product of this path.
The meaning of Qoph is the back of the head, behind the head itself is the Sun-Resh.
The Moon symbolizes the anterior to the bright intellect of the Sun.  The Moon, the Path of Qoph, only reflects the light of the Sun. Thus the Thoth card has a central path of the card  that goes from the  dark side of the Moon towards the light side that reflects direct Sun-light. This rising act of direct Sun-light is show as the Egyptian Scarab symbol  of the God Kephera (kheprera), pushing the Sun towards the Moon. Basically, the Moon -Key-18, symbolizes the rebirth of light out of hideous darkness; bright intellect overcoming the dark denizens of our sub-conscious, i.e. the illusions of emotional fears brought on by animal survival thinking.[The illustration of the Tree of Life is from The educational text--THE QABALISTIC TAROT- by Robert Wang.]

In Thoth Deck Tarot, THE HIGH PRIESTESS, is a source of pure, crystal clear waters (consciousness) emerging from the God Head-The Father, to God the Son. The Same waters of consciousness are seen here on The Moon card, but they are polluted with the dark subconscious fears of mortality; fears of death that the subconsciousness of physical manifestation bestows on consciousness. However, as I have stated before, the traveling up the Path of Qoph, towards the "Son Consciousness", notably changes the body physiology, as the Bright Beautiful Light Intellect of the Son (Tiphareth) descends into it.

When traveling up the inner Path of Qoph, the Personality becomes increasing aware of the Higher Self and less control by the dark fears of the body are felt.
Paul Foster Case called The Moon, the "Corporeal Intelligence" which means the "body consciousness" (subconscious). Also in Hebrew the word "corporeal" means "to rain upon", which is why we see the symbols of Yods raining down from the central orb of the Thoth card. Since this is a Watery Card, some of a more poetic bent, say that these Yod symbols are "tears of the Moon- Goddess" raining down and filling the Nile.  Waxing poetic or not, what the Qabalistic scholars all agree on is that something descends from the Moon to the Earth on the Path of Qoph, which is represented as raining Yods.
The path of Qoph is that of primitive instincts, of nature red in "both tooth and claw" which emerges uncontrolled by moral or ethical reasoning. The traveler of this Path will face aspects of themselves, those our culture forces them to repress, but are indeed integral and undeniable parts of our predatory spirit/ human form. As bright Able, we must face our dark Cain and walk hand in hand with it (see THE LOVERS CARD KEY-6)  This is the Survival Mind, where the "law of the jungle" resides in the dark pools of violence and conquest. Therefore Qoph can be a very cruel path to endure, until the student is able to fear not these internal demons which removes the veils of darkness, allowing in  the Bright Intellect of the Son who applies beautiful reason to our consciousness.

The Bright beautiful Sun marries the Dark Kinky Mysterious Lady, and together, I Am Me, a lover's bed of kinky delight and wonderful surprises!
How foolish, the bright intelligence that does not dance with its shadow; for then it can only run, forever trying to lose the dark mimic, fleeing in fear based motion, to never yet live.

The simple Hebrew letter of Qoph, translates into the English word, sleep. Thus we have a conscious relationship with the Moon, The bright Sun reflecting side, our waking consciousness and the dark sunless side of the "sleeping" subconsciousness. As the Moon has cycles, so does our consciousness, as during the cyclic phase of conscious withdrawal from the physical (Sleep) many of us still act upon the fantasies and information closely related to the bodies survival based experiences. Their dreaming is filled with phantoms produced by the bodies fear of pain and/or death which once consciously transcended, is the successful completion of the Path of The Moon.

The initiate, finds that birth, death, and resurrection are pivotal concepts on the Path of the Moon. These biological processes occur in the light and dark of our sensual perceptions.
The Thoth Card depicts two figures of Anubis, the jackal -headed gate keepers, symbolize this cyclic process (Spiral energy) as the god Anubis was the Egyptian god of  light and darkness, death and resurrection. The "As above, so below" is shown as a pattern on this card also reinforces this meaning.
The Moon, symbolizes the process that consciousness goes through, when energy proceeds from order to disorder (2nd law of Thermodynamics); from organized flesh to death.

To understand the Path of Qoph--The Moon, is to understand the partnership of our  personality-consciousness  to the physical vehicle, which the Soul Personality builds for each manifestation. Since most people perceive themselves as  having existence only through their bodies, this is often a most difficult  undertaking. 
The Moon was often seen as a Goddess of Life (White Goddess of Light) and a Goddess of Death ( Dark Goddess); at once praised and then feared. It is the physical vehicles fear of dying that hounds our consciousness in many subtle ways, producing phantoms who manifest as phobias, obsessions, and mental - emotional disorders. Our consciousness comes from the immortal Soul, and is unused to such thoughts of fear filled ending. In death we recycle, our consciousness, which is a "reflection" of the Soul Conscious-Personality; in this phase of transformation our reflected consciousnesses forget that they are a recycled part of the Soul, just as the physical body forgets that it is from the collective of Whole Organic Organism, that we know as "Organic matter" and must return.
Like I have often said to my own brain," You came from cranberries and to cranberries you shall return..." which is a slightly dark humor, that I use to give the brain pause from its attempts at wrestling control of the bodies actions by the fear based survival thinking.  We are not a physical brain. We are Spirit, who is supposed to program the brain with its own soft-ware, for the purpose of experiencing the discernment of being a "living thing" whose potential is in the Imagination (Womb with a view). Thoughts can no longer be indiscriminate mental ramblings of a frightened imagination. They now must support life, and expand and liberate the "living" from fear of death- based thoughts bringing the alive into a new bright mind of creation, i.e. Love!
We The Immortals (Spirit) are here to redesign the "survival mind" of the animal body. We are the Predator Sun's of Living Creative Conscious Energy, who must reflect upon a world of self-eating matter which for generations was symbolized by the Moon. For as we all know, this is the realm of "Reflected light" which is less than one percent of our total electromagnetic spectrum which is also the medium of our " personality-consciousness". One could say, that on the Path of the Moon, the Souls learns to impeccably run the physical vehicle by expanding the brain's perspectives beyond that of  life and death, into the knowledge of personality-resurrection. In such a reality, the soul dances in the "Lighted Dark".  We often forget that The light of reason and love is the invader of the Dark Unconscious of Energy. Love is a self-reflection brought on by self-awareness. Love comes from Union of the two states of conscious, Dark and Light.
If the Spirit/Will rejects the Shadow/subconscious, the body lives in a hell of zealotry and fantasia, where pain becomes the Slave master and reasoned construction is traded for the illusions of belief. Love of pain, replaces love of  being/pleasure. We become the nightmare of Hair shirts, self flagellation, body hate and mental disease.  Pure mind, needs both pain and pleasure, so that it can define error and correct it and learn discrimination. Pleasure and pain, both rely on each other, to balance the being. In other words, reject your Cain and you become Un-Able!

Here is a "hell of a" thought; The great predatory light, needs the abyss so it can reflect. For it is not the Darkness that preys, light preys on the dark! I am the Shadow Will who wears the veils of light! We are the Dark Energy Mind (the Divine Collective Unconscious) dressing up in the wonderful Splendor of I AM ME! We are the "law breakers" of this universe, for by our very observation of a thing, we change it! Outlaw angels, who by the declaration of "I AM", can become anything! However, this law breaking ability, is sanctioned by the Divine Creative, who calls us Children, for only those who can "step outside the box", can stop the encroachment of entropy! Imagination preys on stasis!
THE ELEMENTAL TAROT KEY 18-THE MOON/ILLUSION: illustrates a bright full moon disk behind the dark mask of illusion. The moon is only full when positioned exactly opposite from the sun.
Here the moon represents feminine feelings and the unconscious.
Reminiscent of stone age temples, three ancient ritualized runes covered slabs of stone emerge from a cool green lake. The "Lady of the Lake" (Elaine the Moon Goddess) holds up the dark mask of illusion, deception, concealment  and transformation; representing the illusion of the reflected light world of physical matter.  Dark shadows are also being reflected on the lake. The moon represents the Occult or hidden states of mind; the Arcane.
Naturally, the zodiacal attribute assigned to this card is the Moon in mid-heaven. 
Quoted on the boarders of this mysterious card is a line from the Gnostic Text, THE THUNDER THE PERFECT MIND which states: " I Am the one whose image is great and I Am one who has no image." Which explains us well!
Remember, our name is that of the Divine Creative; I AM! Being the "image of God", means you are also the inheritor of the Invisible Darkness of the Collective Unconscious----"the womb with a view", that is unseen behind the great phallic display of light. You are mostly Shadow and only .04% light! Once again, we are the nightmare, and the dream of love, i.e "Beautiful Monsters" who go where Angels fear to tread! We are Outstanding Daemons, children of the Dark Mind that have Married the Light of Creative Reason. The I AM----is our inheritance and our inherited name, the "ME" of this trinity, is our "bouncing baby" and only we can make it sleep in trust of the Spirit that makes it live. The I Am begins all creation! I Am a delirious Me or I AM Lovely Me, is up to the Will that makes the body live,i.e. Spirit.  Your choice, no one can make you anything, that is the delusion of "others", for in truth, only you can make the body think; thinking anything you as I AM so emote! Be not fooled by the reason of the dark animal fears, for they are your servants, not your doom.  "Free-Doom" (freedom), yells the charging Anglo-Saxon, as he ran to his death at the swords and spears of the Roman Hordes.  The great Roman general Hadrian got the "toga" scared off of him by this naked, screaming Beautiful Monsters of Anglo-Saxon bent and decided to build a wall. Free-doom translates into "I Choose my own death", declaring they weren't anyone's slaves who could be made subservient by fear of death.
If you do as Hadrian, and build a wall around your shadow self, you will also regret it, for you won't see it coming! Walk with your "black Panther", hand on head, side by side, the beautiful predator and the beautiful spirit, are now I AM ME!  My Shadow, is my constant companion, and I know that the brighter one shines, the longer the shadow they cast.  To be enlightened, is to have a long and dark shadow, that walks with you; oh mischievousness friend, I adore your cleverness, your earthly knowledge and your amazing ruthlessness as you stalk your prey, but I the Adorer, hold the quiver of arrows, and the bow of reason and use them to strike goals of loving quest!

When the Moon card is thrown during a reading the querent is experiencing:
  • Dissatisfaction and voluntary change is on the horizon.
  • The querent is experiencing choice and authenticity over old illusions and delusions. A call to enter into the darkness of the unconscious and to come to grips with one's fantasy made demons.
  •  Within 18 weeks or 18 months the querent must take control of the survival mind and expand it beyond its fear based perspectives. 
  • They must remember, that they are a Spirit who owns a body, not a body who owns a spirit; an Immortal Conscious that owns a mortal consciousness.
  • The Moon's dark-side is about the Illusion of death, so there will be moments of lying, falsity, deception, if the card is ill dignified.
  • Deception or being deceptive.
  • The unconscious fears are blinding you to the reality of your own doing.
  • The Dark Goddess, is walking beside you, take her hand.

Thank you for your interest, comments and generous donations. May you live long and prosper!

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