Tarot Card Comparisons; The Thoth 9 of Swords & The Elemental Tarot- 9 of Air/Thunder.
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons; The Thoth 9 of Swords & The Elemental Tarot- 9 of Air/Thunder.

THE TAROT OF ELIThoth -9 of Swords: Cruelty
Mental self-cruelty. Although the title of this card is ominous, this card isn't  only about experiencing cruel actions from others, even thought that has happened in the past or present; rather it is about self-abusive thought.

Negative thinking, feeling sorry for yourself and crying about life rather than being a dynamic action in it. This is where the personality/ego is a victim of its own fears and the spirit is shedding tears of empathy (white tears in the back-ground) simply because the ego isn't listening to the "master within" as it is totally focused on its own nightmare (tears of blood from the swords). The personality has become a lost child whose own crying drowns out the wise directions whispered by the spirit within. There is a sense of anger that leads to seclusion.

As you may have deduced by now, swords are generally about ways of thinking. They represent the many states of mind, from the Super-conscious (The Greater Self) to the personal self absorbed conscious that we have errantly called the ego.
Yesod, the ninth Sephiroth, Qabalistically known as-Foundation, is the foundation of cycling forces that are underlying Matter.

Known also as Astral Light, it is a plastic like fluid-light storehouse of images; the play ground of emotional imagination.

It's Qabalistic symbols are The Perfume and Sandals, its planet is the Moon and its color is Violet. In the case of Yesod, Violet is the Force, an not a reflected color.
What we know to be "Magick"[the preferred spelling of Practitioners of the Mysteries--different than stage magic], is a meditative manipulation of the Astral light and/or Akashic Fluid of Yesod. Every culture has a name for this fluid, from Odic Force , Pranic Force, or even Chi, but whatever it is called, it is a Force of energy that everyone can experience within themselves and profoundly develop. 

Everyone feels this Astral Light although it is often dismissed as a  generalized neurological stimulation, a tingle, a buzzing pervasive warmth, in the head or overall sensations which are often attributed to some vague physical cause. More often the astral light is  noticeably felt during prayer, meditation and/or sexual stimulation.

There are those of us who are more magick than tragic and therefore know that this fluidic light, can be intensified, and the energy be made to move about the body at will.

Opening Chakras, filling up the body with "Life Force", as some call it, either by prayer, particular meditations, as in Yoga or sexual practices, such as Tantra. It is a Spiritual- Sexual/Spiral Force and it is seen that in Microprosopus (The Microcosm). In fact the Sephiroth Yesod covers the generative organs, as the Swadhisthana Chakra.

If you examine the Ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, Adam Kadmon ,"The Grand Old Man of the Zohar", is all Ten Sephiroth that is a great organic unity; a spiritual body in which each of us might be considered a single cell carrying all the attributes of the whole....His generative organs are Yesod. The flow of Yesodic/ Astral Fluid into Malkuth is a ejaculation of "the semen that heals or fructifies.", as bespoke by the Ancient Greeks and Hebrews and named Joshua/ Jesus (from the book: The Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom by Rufus C. Camphausen}. For those of body phobias, the Yesodic astral fluid, is but a Flow of fluid light, that can be stimulated by particular practices, which enhances, heals and expands the body, and Mind.

The historical records of ecstatic union, such as those of St. Theresa, are highly erotic, making the statement that "God is sex" completely understandable. Therefore, the Qabalistic exercise of the Middle Pillar, consciously directs the sexual force/Astral light of Yesod, and if done properly, can be extremely overwhelming and ecstatic; it is Kundalini  ( coiled in the Astral body in Yesod) at full Rush; recovering back to mundane proportions is not possible. That is why you'll have to do research...this is not for everybody, particularly if your "sexuality" belongs to animal genitalia and not the Spiritual flow of Life.
The effect of this "electrical" current, as one "Brings down the Light", is a highly charged, conscious expanding, physiological transformation; a communion of Physical and Astral Forces, that "expands" the abilities to function consciously on both the Material and Astral planes, without a feeling of mental distortion. This energy is a thick fluid (like semen or gluten or ectoplasm), is highly plastic, as in, mentally mailable. Not only can it be circulate through the body, it can be projected during certain spiritual operations (Magick) but it is also the raw material from which visual images are built on the Astral Plane. 

All of us have an Astral body and/or an Etheric Body formed of Astral Light, that can leave the physical body naturally in sleep (always connected by a "silver cord"of Astral Fluid), or is consciously projected by the Adept/Magi while still being able to realize both planes simultaneously and with out confusion. Thus, Yesod is the Foundation of all the Four Alchemical Elements of Malkuth, repeating a pattern as seen on the entire Tree of Life beginning at Kether: four elements (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) which are rooted in the Fifth---Spirit.
The undulations of Serpent motion, is that of the Astral Fluid/light. Thus, it's often named "the Serpent Force", the Kundalini, the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, or the Serpent of Wisdom that holds its own tail in its mouth. These representations of the Astral Light are seen through out esoteric studies.

The phases of Yesod are as the Moon, light and dark cycles, a continuous motion of change and discharge comparable to being awake or sleeping.. An undulation of consciousness which influences the 9's of Tarot.
Thus the Moon, in its waxing and waning, and its control of the tides, is attributed to Yesod. The Moon can be Bright Diana, or Dark Hecate. The effects of the Full Moon on some is documented and termed "lunacy" or the affected person is called a "Lunatic".  However, the Moon is also conceptualized as for Lovers, as it reflects the light of passion.

At one insane, at another Beautiful, Psychologists often find common ground in lunacy and love.
Qabalists, concentrate on the Bright Diana-full moon, for an increase in the moon is an increase in Astral light, that can be channeled for practical use and is underlying our plane of crystalline light.

Binah (3rd Sephira) is the Great Sea (Universal Unconscious) and is Isis, from Her flow the Waters of consciousness. Yesod is actual Air, which moves the Waters. Thus, Binah is the Will To Form, and Yesod is the storehouse of formal images directly behind our conscious experiences. 
At the lowest part of Yesod, reside the images cast off by humankind, both bright and dark.  Yesod contains the Akashic Records that encompass both the history of a race, and that of an individual mental act of a human. Yesod, can be a place of fantastic beauty or terrifying nightmare, for it is shaped of the dreams and fears of humanity. Yet, these Yesodic forms are illusive, not yet made "solid"or real, as the term is applied to Tiphareth (The Christ Light Consciousness) and therefore, all Astral light will transform before strong will.

When traveling the Yesodic Astral, we must recall that the Moon has no light of its own, it reflects the Solar source, thus Yesod only reflects the Solar Logos, Tiphareth, as must be, since one cannot stare directly at the Sun but must look into a pool of Water or at the Moon reflected image to learn about the  Solar Force.

The lower Astral or planes of Yesod are called illusion or Maya (Hindu) and the powers of the Astral plane are pleased to let us amuse ourselves with images of our beliefs. Here, one can be supplied with the most absurd visions of our inane notions, inflating our egos beyond rationality; a very great danger and common result of work at this level. This maze of illusion can only be properly traversed by those whose unfaltering sights are set on Tiphareth-The Christ/Buddha Solar Consciousness and whose fear of the unknown has been erased by known Love; known love is very different from "imagined love"; for to "know" is to intercourse with it. Those whose sight is tightly locked in their man-made personality will find that their view of the "machinery of the Form Universe", Yesod, will have to be hard won, as fear becomes demons and beasts of a survivalists nightmare.

It's obvious that by understanding Astral Light,and its use, confirms power (the ability to do work--The Great Work) and some theologies claim that enlightenment (the Ability to Direct Astral Light) comes from moral standards and heavy prayer that  will give one such ability.

Sorry, Virtue has nothing to do with the ability to manipulate Astral light; only meditative discipline operates this Machinery. There are many charlatans walking this earth who claim virtue and that they have a real understanding of this Universe: often, very unpleasant-overweight people, who delude themselves and make believe that certain foods, or crystals, or unguents will make you able to manipulate Astral Forces or prevent Astral Bugaboos from molesting your astral body. Yet their body suffers rejection under their tutelage, proving their lack of knowledge. 

Sorry, it ain't that easy. This belief in idols, be they crystals, food or talismans is for those who fear effort, making them suckers to the "easy way"...you know, the one that never really works but profits the uncanny. You must above all things, know thyself!
Don't get me wrong, talismans, as a form of mantra, work very well. Your body is a form of Talisman! [ Talisman:  an object engrave with figures supposed to posses occult powers worn as a charm--Random House Webster's Dictionary]. Your body is worn by your psyche, and posses occult (hidden) powers. You are the I AM, who is existence, but the living part of you is the "ME" and the "Me" gives you the ability to do work, i.e. Power. The Collective of the I AM (The Universal Unconscious) is full of Code, to know this code is to access the "software" and therefore operate the "wetware"/body, impeccably. The Qabalistic Tarot is Code, that has been worked on by the greatest minds throughout the centuries who refined and perfected its paths into greater, less dense states of Mind; and it works!
Therefore you must meditate, concentrate and empower these images of code with your own passionate imagination.  Great Mental Discipline is required, if you don't want to experience Lunacy but rather Know the Light of the Christ, i.e. enlightenment, you must practice a meditative discipline, and be passion's well. It's like the Christ was wont to say, "...For what goes into your mouth will not defile you, but that which issues from you mouth- it is that which will defile you." ( Gospel of Thomas-14). Take that to heart and enjoy the great banquet that is Malkuth, by seasoning it With Yesodic Astral abilities, stimulated by passionate mental discipline, which seems to taste like- Love! 

The Elemental Tarot-9 of Air/Thunder, concentrates on the fiery creative intelligence brought on by kundalini raising. Presented is a sunny face, surrounded in a brilliant rainbow with the fire triangle imprinted on its forehead; signifying, creative intelligence and the resulting expanded Auric field.

Standing above the jagged peaks, is a utopian golden city. Below the city of gold, are four figures reaching up in praise. Again, utopia, a place without pain, discomfort or effort, is the fiction of a slaves "imagination". It is a form of metal cruelty, where one rejects the body's purpose of sensuality (fears pain) and there by neglects the body and hoping this act of mental cruelty will somehow appease a Slave Master God who rules Utopian Heaven. 
Twisted in agony on the ground, is the red sacrifice of a deer. Implying the brutal sacrifice of our organic being for imagined spirituality.
In the upper left of the card are the glyphs for the planets Uranus and Pluto; the authors saying  that the aspects of the two, once combined, equal Transformational thinking. Let's see:
In the astrologer's art, Planets are relegated to Signs/Houses. However, the individual aspects of Uranus and Pluto are interesting to compare.
Conscious perception-----Unconscious urge.
Highest Heights-----------Deepest depths.

So by being very flexible in your rational demands, this combination of aspects could be a transformational mental dance. 

Remember, Thunder, is a loud sound after the lightning strike. Therefore the real power already left the scene, and one is left with a "loud noise", or the Shadow of reality.  Thunder's only threat is imagined by fearful reaction to a loud noise/the unknown. Therefore, imagined threat, is also meaning of this card.

The god name, Jumala, is the Finnish god of Thunder.

The Egyptian glyphs for this card are shown in the lower left corner. 
The number 9 and its symbol are shown  in the right upper corner of this colorful card.
Its Elemental Tarot blue circle, indicates the Alchemical Element of Air.

When the Thoth 9 of Swords  or The Elemental Tarot-9 of Air/Thunder card is thrown, it indicates that;
  • The psyche is focused mainly on fear of pain, and unable to move on.
  • Insomnia can be another negative result of this focus.
  • The astrological aspect of the Thoth card is Mars in Gemini. Mars being the planet of energy, assertion and vitality while Gemini in this instance, is the sign of reworking things back and forth in a particularly self critical manner.
  • In the next 9 weeks or 9 months, you are  determined to release negative- self- degrading  thinking and go beyond the self-critic in your mind.
  • It also may indicate that you are determined to get out of the abuse-victim trap from your past and stop victimizing yourself and others with over-critical thought, and learn to tolerate mistakes rather than lash out in fear of error.
  • Nines are the number of completion, and are also the number of the Trump-Hermit major arcana card. The Hermit is all about introspection, completion, self-reflection and is the "master Within" that is a major source of energy that will help us past the self-critical  belittlement  in our egoistic- mind.
  • When we are immersed in this self-critical trap, it is a good card to meditate on to pull us out of our "malicious self-morass" and set us on the path of dynamic motion where we see error and correct it rather than fear it.
  • After all, wisdom is developed by seeing our own error and correcting it which points out to us that 50% of wisdom is error and the other half is correction. Fear of error or pain is the doom of motion!
  • Free-doom, is the Anglo Saxon term for "I choose my own death." which means we fearlessly go about our life fulfilling our dreams rather than fearing their demise. It is also the root word for our word "freedom" which can only come from the fearless "Hermit-eternal" that is the Master within, i.e. our Spirit.
When this 9 card is thrown, I'd recommend that the Hermit Trump be meditated on as one would a Mandala, as this will invoke the Master Within who will come to our aid. What we forget, is that the Spirit within honors freedom of choice and will not interfere with the ego-conscious thought processes until asked to do so by that consciousness. Prayer is often another way of asking. So when you are in a conscious loop of fearful thinking and cannot see a way out---call upon the Inner Master, who knows what to do that is both life expanding and liberating. Both meditation and prayer break the loop long enough to be heard by Spirit.

For a private reading, either on-line through Skype or in person or even a Tarot Party, call Eli @ 253-324-6037 or Email <info@eli-lsmerchantile.com>. Please be patient and leave a message (I recommend the email.) if I am unable to answer the phone----I turn it off during readings. Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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