The Shadow Series: Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth key 5-The Hierophant and The Shadow Tarot key 16-Uriens
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

The Shadow Series: Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth key 5-The Hierophant and The Shadow Tarot key 16-Uriens

THE TAROT OF ELIKey-5 of the Thoth Tarot- Trump is the Hierophant, which is the universal principle of learning and teaching. This principle was well explained in the  publication of the-Course in Miracles-"As you teach so will you learn." If that is true, and it is true indeed, do not forget that what you teach is teaching you."
Therefore to teach requires us to have  faith in ourselves;"above all things know thyself" is often forgotten in family situations and in the mundane world of survival. 

The family situations are represented in the Thoth card by the images of Isis and Osiris and Horus (The dark lady Isis, Osiris is The Hierophant image, and Horus is the child within the star/pentagram). By presenting the Hierophant bright and large, and Isis dark, small and very nearly unseen, Lady Freda Harris illustrates the fact that the Brightly lit Day-side Universe is but a dazzling reflection of the Dark Fiery Shadow-side. For a more mundane illustration;  the male Phallus is easily seen, all proud and erect while the Womb, it's mother, is Dark, unseen and mysterious.

In pre-Christan times,
  1. Isis was the image of Intuition.
  2. Osiris, the image of  wisdom; this union can also be seen as the scepter of wisdom and the staff of moon which also known as representing instinct.
  3. Horus represented Perception and Vision, as a child born of Intuition and Wisdom and in the new-age, represents us.  Therefore, we are the children of Intuition and Wisdom who are to be the purveyors of perception and vision.  We must have faith in following our childlike abilities of innocence and curiosity (the child in the star) We are to walk the mystical path with  the practical feet of the Magus.
The Hierophant is that inner part of ourselves that knows how to express our divinity into the outer world.

THE HIEROPHANT- Key 5, is the Qabalistic Tree of Life Path of Vau (Nail or Hook). It is the 16th path,  on the Tree of Life. leading from Chesed (mercy) to Chokmah (wisdom) and is known as the  Eternal Intelligence.

The Path of Vau is the uppermost path on the Pillar of Mercy (Right hand Path). In the Golden Dawn texts, this path is described as, " The Zodiac acting through Taurus upon Jupiter".  Here, Chokma/Mercy is Jupiter, and his action is the spermatic potential of the Manifested Universe Chesed, the Yod of Microcosm (Microprosopus), who is the The Father in Manifestation while Chokmah (the Yod of the Macrocosm (Macroprosopus) is the Supernal Father.
Therefore, the Path of the Hierophant is a powerfully masculine one (Electric Force), to which  the Bull-Taurus is applied and image definitively applied to this card, Being "Fixed Earth", this is a stable foundation; a stabilizing extreme.  Therefore the Shadow side of this card must be equally powerfully Feminine. A concept that Linda Falorio shows nicely in her card key16-Uriens.
Here lies the  absolute foundation of the process of revelation....where the inherited Knowing of the Creator; where THE Great Father is expressing It's experience through the Supreme Spiritual Self to the Personality or Ego of Tiphareth (The Sun/son of Beauty). Thus memory is involved and the solid foundation of "Above all things, Know thyself" is established as an Universal Inheritance for the Divine Child.
The meaning of the Hebrew word Vau, is nail or hook, implying a nailing together, or binding, and links the Macrocosm (The Great Universe) and  Microcosm (Manifestation), and/or The Greater Self to the lesser Self of matter, forever linking us to the Divine Spirit. 

THE HIEROPHANT is related to teaching, which relates Higher ideas into Lower organisms that is often called, "As above so below". The Hierophant is a state of conscious energy that is the Only source for our understanding of the inner Spirit/Spiral energy conscious. Therefore this "Magus of the Eternal" is stated by Paul Foster Case in his text," THE THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM:, as being the," ....Pontifex, the 'bridge maker'  who provides a connecting link between outer experience and interior illumination."

Thus, the Hierophant gets the discriminating experience of the Body-operating-Personality, while teaching that very same Personality it's inherited Divinity. (You may experience this when you correct yourself about a thought.)  Thus,The Hierophant can be said to "Learn by Teaching". Therefore, the Eternal Intelligence  can be called "Life" and the Reasoning behind manifestation and implies that a teacher who learns from his students, is a great teacher.

Crowley's main concept was the "grounding" of the Fifth- Key-, using the corner symbols of the Four Kerubiim (Guiding intelligences of the Four Elements) as the tentative expressions of the primordial Elements of Kether (Crown) that are passed down to Chokmah as the Sphere of the Zodiac. Interestingly, we think of the Zodiac as 12 signs, but it is really four ternaries, where each element is broken down to three signs. To the Qabalist, thus relates  to Yod (hand) Heh (Window) and Vau (Nail).

The Administrator to the emerging duality that is Chokmah (Phallus -Womb, male-female, electric-magnetic) is the Hierophant and it given form or structure by Binah (Great Mother)  which begins as manifestation below the Abyss (Dark Energy and Dark Matter) in Chesed (Mercy). Thus relating to Tiphareth (Beauty-Synchronicity), the central point of manifestation. This relationship is shown in two ways, first as the letter Vau, which is related to "The Son" (Child of God), and  Tetragrammaton and the second is the number six itself is related to Tiphareth. Crowley shows this by the Pentagram on the chest of the Hierophant as the four elements are combined under the fifth element-Spirit, thus forming the 5 pointed star. The Pentagram image, confirms the Great Work known as "As above, so Below", a process in which the symbolic Moon always  is a key part. For the Moon is both above and below the Sun on the Tree of Life, as it is both implied as  Yesod (Foundation) and is the Path of the High Priestess and is exalted in Taurus.
 Let us not forget that Taurus is also ruled by Venus, referring us to the Empress, the Path of Daleth, between Chokmah and Binah. THE EMPRESS is Mother Nature, and/or the fertilized Universal Consciousness that is the foundation of the HIEROPHANT'S teaching.
THE HIEROPHANT'S teaching is intuitive, as it is on the "feeling" side of the Tree of Life  ( Venus-Netzach side), applying intuition to concepts collected by reason and built up by memory. I would recommend you meditated on  this card.
The Shadow, or "other-side of the Heirophant card is interpreted by Linda Falorio as key 16 (subtract 11 from 16=5) Uriens. Here there is a Powerful Feminine Yoni/gate to the Dark Collective Unconscious.

Referring once again to the African Goddess of the Ocean, Iyemorja, the Great Mother of fish, the inverted pyramid design imitates her vulva pointing into the Womb of the Abyss.
Okay, this may sound overly dramatic, however, the Source of all Psyche, is in the Dark Womb of the Universal Collective Unconscious; a kind of Sea that produces consciousness/fish. Iyemorja, Isis, or even the Lion headed goddess Sekmet, can faithfully represent this side of the Hierophant.

The serpents writhing around the abysmal point of the vulva triangle on the Uriens card, represent the Gorgon's serpent/arms ready to grasp the  light-consciousness and pull it into the Dark Psyche.
Therefore, I would not be remiss in stating that this Shadow Side of the Hierophant is indeed a powerful Female presence to his powerful male presence. For the Dark Inner Psyche is the Womb of all outer worlds, ideas, and consciousness. Our consciousness, as are mortal babies, was born from a dark, wet, and solar (male)warmed Womb.  Our Soul "sweats" consciousness from the inner heat of The Sun and the Moon union. Here in the Gate of Uriens,"... is the deep, mesmerizing power of the Yoni to exalt the Phallus" (Linda Falorio, From her book: The Shadow Tarot, Dancing with Demons).
The swirling designs in the northwest corner of this card represent remnants of the sacred Labyrinth, as the senseless, confused,  and convoluted paths of those who sought but failed to find the Hierophant; easily done if one seeks to rule by such knowledge. These false prophets belong to the reptilian instinctual brain, whose fears, become perverted by the Solar Consciousness of Tiphareth or Son of God. From such mad mouths, comes fundamentalists, zealots, and fanatics who think that they have the right to rule the actions and thoughts of others. Coming from this unclear state of Psyche is a terrible, devouring state of ego-mind that believes everything it thinks and sees threat in everyone that really does think.

In the Southwest corner of this card, is the jackal headed throne of Samael or Set, covered in the sacred designs of the African kingdom of Mali, the home of the Dogon peoples, who are proclaimed to be the keepers of the secrets of the extraterrestrial Nephilim from the Sirius star system; our "fallen angels" of biblical fame. Upon this throne sits the Elder Lilith, (our dark Mother of the Nephilim who can also be a Wife if she calls you "husband") wearing goggles, helmet and baring the strange devices of Dogon-priests. Lilith is often shown as the illustration above, sometimes with a raven (the bottom of the Uriens card) or an owl, but always with a serpent.
Dare I say it? This is an awe filled way of describing the Powerful Feminine and Masculine presence of this state of Psyche. Here Instinctual consciousness was born and ejaculated into the Day-side Universe. From Dark Energy (Father) and Dark Matter (Mother) was born our Dark Fiery Spiritual I (he) AM (she) presence in this "Reflection of Me" or the Day-side of Shadow and/or the unconscious side of dreams.

The illustrations on the Uriens card, go on to show a Shaman,wearing the mask of Samael (Satan) beseeching her for strength and power and protection for initiation into mysteries of Horus-Maät.  He is dangerously imitating her husband and She may return him, but she will consume him, this is a very Oral-Yoni- Gateway! Upon consumption she may discover the pretense, if so, this Shaman will never return. For to be Her Husband, She is all that exists for you!

This is a dangerous initiation of imitation into the Divine Feminine that is the Dark Psyche of the Collective Unconscious, since "There is no god where I AM" or as the ancients Gnostic's stated, "There was no father god, till she named him father." (Gnostic text, Thunder the Perfect Mind); therefore, no ejaculation necessary to send you back into the light. The decision is hers, birth-er of your consciousness, whether to absorb you or call you lover; re-gestate you and send you back... forever, hers to bed.

The powers or magic abilities achieved by successful meditation on this card are:
  1. The ability to ground oneself in self-validation (she reinstated you!)
  2. Here is found the courage and inner strength necessary to live by one's convictions even against the promptings of cultural indoctrination, "common sense" (which I find most uncommon) and "better judgment" of your peers.
  3. The ability to face the sorrow, naked-horror of being alive bestows on you, even though being stripped of the childish notions of divine protection. Able to shoulder the suffering of life and dance innocently, in full trust, of the righteousness of our individual path, because you are full filling your purpose by being You!
  4. Humbling our reception to divine inspiration.

When drawn in divination the Thoth Hierophant and The Shadow Tarot-Uriens, card indicates:

  • The desire for self-teaching and learning.
  • The need to make things tangible and practical.
  • The search for meaning, revelation, the search for truth.
  • Belief, trust, and illumination.
  • Intolerance.
  • Presumption
  • Esoteric arrogance
  • When experiencing the negatives, our inner Hierophant is perverted and one needs to enter the realms of Uriens, by meditation and skrying either on the Thoth Hierophant card or the Shadow Tarot-Uriens -Card, it's all about personal preference; When doing so, you are daring to be cleansed of all that is not "worthy of her divine child" and never certain of returning to the Day-side Universe .
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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