The Shadow Series: Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth key 6- The Lovers & The Shadow Tarot- Key 17-Zamradiel
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

The Shadow Series: Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth key 6- The Lovers & The Shadow Tarot- Key 17-Zamradiel

The Tarot of EliThe Oracle of the Gods is the Child-Voice of Love in Thine own Soul; hear thou it.
Heed not the Siren-Voice of Sense, or the Phantom-Voice of Reason: rest in Simplicity, and listen to the Silence.

The Thoth Key 6- The Lovers- card's astrological sign is Gemini and is about the joining together of the female yin and the male yang. The magnetic and electric forces joining together to create a greater Self. 

This card represents the universal principle of the art and craft of relationship. This is about the Duality of the Divine couple---Goddess/God and everything about this card is dual. This is the journey of the twins, a universal motif found in all cultures; Hansel and Gretel, Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann, all the famous couples throughout history  reflect this archetype of the Lovers.

Here is a card is about love and relationships and reminds us that we are to be joyful and innocent in love (the two children on the Thoth Card) while exhibiting curiosity and playfulness; the adult couple facing each other remind us of loyalty and commitment.

The Hermit image in the background reminds us of the need to be alone and granting the gift of spaciousness  for the purpose of individual contemplation, introspection and inner self meditation. All parts of balanced and flowing Love.

The Iron gates in the back ground symbolize the Lovers' need not to be limited, bared or restrained in their relationship.

In the Text, THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM, Paul Foster Case called THE LOVERS, the Disposing Intelligence. The complexity of this card can barely be presented by the image on the card, and is even difficult to understand as a disposing intelligence.
THE LOVERS, the Path of Zain,  runs between Binah (understanding) and Tiphareth (Beauty) and connects the Pure Conscious, from which all forms emerged (Binah) with the central point of Manifestation (Tiphareth).

The Term Lovers, seems simple enough, yet it is a complex and profound card, as it is not just about the love of two humans, but rather the Twins or duality of the individual united in pursuit of Divine Love.
Therefore, the true meaning of Key 6, is embedded in the Astrological sign Gemini, The Twins. The Dual intelligent Forces of Male and Female, (electric and magnetic), are what THE LOVERS proposes to unite. These are equal and opposite Intelligence that must be united as a major step towards the Godhead on the Tree of Life. The surging of the Divine One Energy, across the Abyss into manifestation of formed stable dualities.
The Great Work, is a return to the primeval state (As above so below) by the communion or "marriage" of these dualities of manifestation.
As Robert Wang wrote about the Path of Zain (meaning; sword or armor) in his book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT," Thus this path may be considered the aspect of the Garden of Eden,from which mankind was expelled, but to which it may earn re-entry by conscious dealing with what has been called the inner Sun and Moon. The whole key to the Great Work is  uniting of the Sun and the Moon under Mercury (the planet ruling Gemini)."

On the Qabalistic Thoth Tarot Card, THE LOVERS, The Sun is the man, the Moon is the Woman, and the Divine Fire that is above the Abyss (The Vital Force or Serpent Force), is represented as Cupid. Case has stated that, the Sun is self-consciousness and that the Moon is subconsciousness. Paul Foster Case, considered  that these are both aspects of the One Life Breath, each working half of the body. Today we know them as the Male half and the Female half of the human brain. As Case has stated,"When the Solar and Lunar currents of the Life-Power are rightly perceived, rightly discriminated, and when their operation is kept in proper order, the personality of the man engaged in this practice becomes a free, unobstructed channel for the outpouring of the cosmic life force."   Case considered THE LOVERS card to represent  one of the dualities united by the Spiritual Self. Just as most Tantric, and Gnostic practitioner's do. To the Qabalist, The Lovers, represents the union of manifested opposites under the Divine Love of the Supernals (Upper triangle of the Tree of Life) through Binah---The Great Mother. Thus, the Crowley Thoth Deck Card depicts the theme of union as and Alchemical "Hermetic Marriage" of the component parts pf the seeker.
This is an active path,  for the self control and will attributed to Mercury, which directs the movement and integration of opposites. Mercury is not passive, in fact, it is linked with the fiery force or the Serpent Force known as the Kundalini which is masculine fiery force, united with the Feminine Watery force (flowing in waves as "serpentine:) both in equal measure and full of fiery dynamic,  and inspirational qualities. Therefore this is a red-hot marriage, complete with Honey Moon and resulting "little death" .  All French aside, there is a  type of death here, as the process of crossing the Abyss means the death of one's own Higher Self; it's a willful and  total self-destruction and immersion into the Divine.

I'll leave you with a quote form the Gnostic Text, The Gospel of Didymos Judas Thomas where it is written  that Jesus answered his disciples with: (22) " When you make the Two One, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female;and when you fashion eyes in place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then you will enter the kingdom." Jesus obviously knew of the Principles attributed to THE LOVERS  card, but then he was a Nazarene Gnostic Master which is a Qabalist...the Word Christos is Greek and refers to the  Sun!
THE LOVERS and THE ART card of the Thoth Deck Tarot are amongst the most difficult to understand. The Path of the Art Card is Samekh ( Meaning-Prop) which  requires a complete integration of the Personality in its subordination to the Ego (whole-self) in Tiphareth and the Path of THE LOVERS  is Zain (Sword of Armor) requires  a complete integration of the total self, manifest in the Microcosm; returning the soul to the aspect of the "Garden" or Macrocosm, from which it emerged. Therefore, we can say that Art is the equilibrium of the Lower Self and THE LOVERS, is the balance of the Higher Self.
In Crowley's card, we have the Royal Marriage of opposites, presided over by the hooded figure that is both the Hermit and Mercury. Eve and Lilith are shown above the couple, with cupid aiming an arrow, symbolizing will.
The Black King wears a crown of gold, bears a lance, and is attended by the Red Lion, while the Kings black child holds the lance in one hand and a club in the other.  The White Queen, crown in silver, is attended by the White Eagle and her white child, that is interchanged with the black child, holds  flowers in one hand and the bottom of the Grail (Graäl) in the other. The Product of this union, is the Orphic Egg, that is the very essence of Life itself.

The symbolism of the two children, has been noted by Crowley as Cain and Able, which may seem out of place in a card called THE LOVERS;  However, the process of The Marriage is both reciprocal and repeated over and over again as it is defined by the infinity sign of  Mercury-Magus; the Sun and the Moon unite under Mercury. First one "Brother" dies, being absorbed into the other than there is a return to a  balance of opposites  after which the second "Brother" is killed and absorbed into the first.

Theoretically, return to the Godhead requires that we incarnate repeatedly, in the twelve signs of the Zodiac, reaching perfection in each of the  types of incarnation.
THE LOVERS card also relates to the Hermetic Marriage, or "Chemical Wedding", as written in the 17th century in a text called,:The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenceutz which is one of the key documents of Hermetic-Qabalism. I've found this alchemical text very readable, much like a fairy tale, and yet one of the most profound piece of esoteric or Gnostic symbolism ever written.

The fact that the word Sword or Armor (Zain) is the word meaning of this path and that blood is spilled on this path, are all reconciled  and/ or reinforced in this text. This understanding requires some meditation on the Alchemical text.

"Here then beneath the winged Eros is youth, delighting in the one and the other. He is Asar [Osiris] between Asi [Isis] and Nephthi [Nephthys]."
 Aleister Crowley, Liber CCXXXI

"The 17th Path transmits the influence of the Lovers. Its tunnel is sentinelled by Zamradiel who is evoked by vibrating his name in the key of 'D'. The sound should be accompanied by a hoarse cachinnation ... "
          "The sigil of Zamradiel is composed of a lunar crescent pierced by an arrow shot from a bow, both ends of which terminate in the letter G. ... the vehicle by which the crossing is achieved ... the letter of the High Priestess ... "  
            "The 17th kala is thus strongly charged with the atmosphere of Daäth.."

                                  Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden
THE SHADOW TAROT KEY 17-ZAMRADIEL,(Remember you must subtract 11 from the Shadow Tarot Card to get the proper reference to the Thoth Card)
combines many myths, as Linda Falorio strains to define what only awe understands. In the abstract art of this card is depicted two spirals that represent the eyes of the Death Goddess Hinenuitepo, mark the entrance to the Vaginal shaped tunnel of Zamradiel from which No-man returns. Hung from this sigil are the lovers, priest and priestess of the Double Current, Androgyne and Gyander, who are about to undergo the Ordeal of the Abyss.
According to the myth, the priest and priestess have shed their last drop of (green) blood into the Cup, the symbolism of which means that all of themselves is released to this dark place. Then Linda switches to the description of the Sumerian Death Goddess Eresh-kigal, her existence being deep within the earth. Eresh-Kigal is the underworld counterpart to the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar; comparable to Nephthys in Egypt, Persephone in Greece, Kali-Uma in India, and Hel in northern Europe. In the Sumerian Myth, she had a male consort called Nergal, whom Christian mythographers later demonize as a demonic official of hell. So the potential to lose all meaning to this card in myth abounds. So let us just state that to enter the Tunnel of Zamradiel (Qabalistic Shadow Path of Zain) is to loose all forms of human consciousness , as it is devoured by the Divine Collective Unconsciousness that is "The Abyss".
The author states that the cup (little dark green skull)  is fashioned from an archaic skull of a human from 250,000 to 500,000 years before modern mankind; representing a time "when the stellar races first came upon the earth". I am assuming this means "Those who from the Sky came" or Ananuaki, as the people of Sumer called them.The golden sigil that this skull rests on is that of the ancient priestess of Voudoun (Voodoo), Ayizan, here invoke for protection and inspiration during the dread Sabbath, which Choronzon (bear of the way into the city of the pyramids) presides.
One has to remember that fear of death, is the Dark Side of the Mind.
 And in order to purge ourselves of this limiting conscious state, we must dive into the depths of the instinctual unconscious and meet our demons, and have a cup of tea together. 

In reality we have nothing to fear, as we are the Life and Death of our own creations, of which the human body is one.
We are of Infinite light, therefore dark light, and before it can exist in reflected light, our creations begin in the Dark Matter of the Collective Unconscious. We are of the Qabalistic I AM; the I being the "all seeing eye" and the AM being "The womb". Together we have a "womb with a view". Yet it exists, but is not alive. Infinity, can't live. So to be a  "Golden Child" (one made of reflected Star light), we must create a "Me".  Me, is life. Now we have the divine trinity of I AM ME. How spectacular! But there is a caveat here, for if you allow "others" to become your will over the body, through indoctrination, pleasure/pain training, etc., well then you aren't you.

So we must journey back through the Abyss to cleanse ourselves of all that is not worthy of the Divine Child of the Goddess/God.
The Tunnel of Zamradiel is such a path to purity.

Many of us forget we are Daemons (Greek for "God-Man", latter called demons by Christian revisionism) and are the Demon Lovers...a combination of Cain and Able, of Alien races, and mammalian peoples. On the genetic experimental Land of Mu, we became the Humans of today. Lemurian expanded into Atlantis, and human beings, six root races, were develop so that our Alien state of Multidimensional consciousness  (The Divine Collective Unconscious) could reside here on Earth.

Earth is a paradise, just look around this Solar System, no planet compares to this beautiful Womb. You and I are now the invaders, the gods (ancient astronauts/scientist) ran off, or just adopted a human form. Their experiment works!  But there is a "fart" in the music of this wedding ceremony, and that is the Instinctual Mind of the Earth is based on survival, i.e. fear of death. All is about eating and not being eaten. Very Alien to our "inner self" which is of the Alien geneticists. Propagation of life, expanding and liberating it from self-imposed limits, is our inheritance making us Technology bound creators. We call this creative action, Love. Therefore, the Lovers card and the Shadow Tarot card-17-Zamradiel are about returning to our very inner abyss, and reclaiming our multidimensional-conscious inheritance.

For not only does The Great Dark Mother, cleave away all that we think we are, she restores what we really are, and we are NO-MAN!  For we are Daemons, Nephilim, Titans, and/or the Divine Inheritors of All that is our Divine Parents.  

When THE LOVERS or Zamradiel is thrown during a reading, it is stating a principle:
  • Of  Art and Craft of Relationship.
  •  What is also suggested is the  magical image of the power of surrender in which one form is given up in order to attain another.
  • Being involve in a process of cooperation.---combining energies for a common goal.
  • Yin Yang attraction of polarities, or universal forces for one another.
  • The power of sexual surrender to the Goddess within.
  • This card can also mean a love affair with some sort of trial or choice involved... be it marriage or profane love.
  • There is the Tantric Philosophy here also, only through physical union with a female can either a man or god, achieve true reality and the power to deal with it; A Spiritual/ sexual union, is required for shamans, priests, and holy men with the female is required before they gain full possession of their powers.
  • This is also a process for Priestesses, who must be able to invoke the "Divine Phallus" through the Male before they can gain their Powers inherited from the Divine Hermetic Marriage.
  • Communion with a remote strata of consciousness, that includes trance channeling.
  • Here the Animus and Anima become One in love of Being.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

3 Comments to The Shadow Series: Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth key 6- The Lovers & The Shadow Tarot- Key 17-Zamradiel:

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Jackie on Sunday, January 11, 2015 3:27 PM
Wow Ineffable, and fun Jackie
Reply to comment
Eli on Monday, January 12, 2015 10:05 AM
Thanks! Glad you enjoy. May you live long and prosper.

Jackie on Monday, January 12, 2015 3:39 PM
Extraordinary knowledge Thankyou Eli

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