The Shadow series Tarot Card Comparison: Thoth Tarot Key 8 - Adjustment & The Shadow Tarot Key 22-Lafcursiax
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

The Shadow series Tarot Card Comparison: Thoth Tarot Key 8 - Adjustment & The Shadow Tarot Key 22-Lafcursiax

THE TAROT OF ELIThe Thoth Key 8: Adjustment/Justice; The Universal Principle of balance: Justice/ Realignment.

The mediator, adjuster,and the arbitrator.  What you put out, you get back! Every thought, every action is returned to you----this law is active for you as long as you exist. There can be no greater justice nor greater balance achieved in this world of action and reaction.
This card points out that thinking ill we become ill and by thinking well we become well. That it is smart to do unto others what you would have done unto you-----because it will be!

The Thoth card uses the symbol of Libra, the scales and within the scales are the Greek letters, Alpha, representing beginnings, and Omega, representing endings or completions. Adjustment is also known as Karma in Eastern teachings; therefore we must finish what we begin or we will be doomed to repeat it! The diamond image around the being symbolizes the piercing of illusion and delusion and represents truth and negotiation.

The Egyptian figure represents Maat,  the Goddess of Law, Truth, and Justice. The circles represent formulate thoughts or ideas. Therefore the Thoth card also represents  the integrating, balancing and synthesizing mind which is often expressed in writing , research, engineering and design.

The Ace of Swords is also on the Thoth card, pointing downwards indicating  the application of creative ideas in tangible ways. 
As stated, Adjustment, is at work continuously in the above, The Greater Universe, and the below, our individual soul/personality.

In many other Tarot decks this is Key 11 Justice. Whether it it is numbered, 8 or 11, this powerful, natural, equilibrating function occurs in our bodies as they balance nutrition continuously to maintain proper operation as power tools for Spirit.

Adjustment is also an equilibrating function that occurs in our personalities, making sure there are no constant extremes of behavior that keep us from operating effectively in our environments. In the Personality Adjustment is done by natural force and reason.
Upon death or during initiation, the Soul is measured when it "stands"in the Divine Light of the Solar Logos, that is Tiphareth, the sixth Sephiroth on the Tree of Life; often called the "Christ Light". Only in this Light (bright and warm intelligence) does the dual-edged Sword of Geburah, do its work; pruning away the perspectives which are not worthy of Her Divine Child.  The image of Maat as presented on the Thoth card,  is a suggestion of the Maat legend as the "Daughter of Ra", relating her to the Sun God (Tiphareth-Solar Logos). Her Qabalistic name is "Daughter of the Lords of Truth" while the Egyptians also called her the "Queen of Heaven".. all of these names pointing to the fact that this Severe Faithful Intelligence is the regulator of the Path of the Sun; as the Egyptian texts suggested,through Maat the Sun subsists, for Ra is said to "rest upon Maat" and/or to"live by Maat".
In Qabalistic terms, "to live by Maat" means that the principles of  the Path of Adjustment maintain Tiphareth---The Bright and Warm intelligence  of the Solar Logos. Since Ra is known to the Egyptians, as the source of all Light, the Qabalists know Ra as the Fool or the Path of Aleph, who is the Source of All Light .  This makes it possible to say, that the 11th Path on the Tree of Life- Aleph (Path of the Fool) rests upon the 22nd Path- Lamed (Path of the Adjustment card) and that Lamed (meaning-Ox Goad) is the regulator of the Path of  the Divine Life Force. That is also why I teach that "The Solar Husband is invoked by the Great Womb'".

The fact that the Womb invokes the male may startle some men who objectify women as an object of sexual desire for it is well known to both Tantrics and practicing Qabalists that the Life Force, and/or "Sex Energy" is invoked by the Great Magnetic Female, to regulate and establish her Forms.  The Form of Him came from the Womb of Her, i.e. "Ra is said to live by Maat."
It is also a known fact that the atom of negative electron polarity (Female is negative Polarity) attracts positive polarity electrons (Male) and because of this principle the painting technique of Powder Coating works.

The Lord of Lightning servers the Great Magnetic-Ocean Mother.  To put this simply, The Great One (Kether) became Two, by the process of Adjusting Knowledge (Chokma)  and  Understanding (Binah), thereby, realizing He/She....and thereby established the equilibrium that produces and maintains all things.

The downward pointing Phallus and testes headdress on the female figure of this card....attests to this understanding. Those who Skry this card will not be unhappy that they did so, even if Geburah wields her sword in quick bright strokes.the discomfort  of emotional burdens, the burdens of perspectives, just fall away and the skry-er feels all "Warm and bright".
 You may note that there are a large compliment of Planets involved in this card.
  1. First is Venus,which rules Libra.
  2. Mars is related because of the purging forces of Geburah.
  3. The Sun, as stated above, is involved not only  because the Path of Lamed runs from the Sun to Mars, but also because  Adjustment (Justice) must take place in the clear bright light of Truth.
  4. Saturn is exalted in Libra and finally;
  5.  Jupiter which is the planet of Chesed (Mercy). By acknowledging that Libra is ruled by Venus, is also to acknowledge  that behind Adjustment stands the Empress, the primary path of Venus, which is the perfect equilibrium between the forces of Chokma and Binah. It is interesting to note that the planet Venus refers to all of the Sephiroth and encompasses  every single Sephira on the Tree of Life. The implications being that Love is the Ultimate  Power of the Universe. 
The imagery on the Thoth card is all about  "law and limitation", as symbolized by the throne of spheres and pyramids in groups of four, behind the Female figure. She is best described in Crowley's book: 777, as "The woman justified. By equilibrium and Self-Sacrifice is the Gate." He goes on to state; "She is the ultimate illusion which is manifestation:  she is the dance, many-colored, many-willed, of Life Itself.  Constantly whirling, all possibilities are enjoyed, under the phantom show of Space and Time; all things are real, the soul is the surface, precisely because they are instantly compensated by this Adjustment. All things are harmony and beauty; all things are truth because they cancel out."

Crowley understood, that the Soul, is the Mirror that our image is reflected in and it is by the Adjustment of perspectives, that our healing comes from. This may be why when the medical journals state, "83% of all healing, is by  placebo".... Something to ponder!

The Shadow Tarot Card Corresponding to the 22nd Path of Lamed, is #22-Lafcursiax. Therefore, Lafcursiax is the Shadow side of the Adjustment card.

"Also the lady Maat with her feather and her sword abode to judge the righteous. For Fate was already established."
Aleister Crowley, Liber CCXXXI

"The 22nd Ray appears behind the Tree in the tunnel guarded by Lafcursiax . . . She responds to a prolonged vibration of her name in 'F' sharp (upper register)."
". . . the sigil . . . a glyph of Unbalance . . . shows a pair of scales upset by a crooked demon with an inane countenance. The demon's left hand is in the form of a yod enclosed in a circle from which falls obliquely a sword . . . The scales symbolize the constellation Libra which rules Path 22 . . ."
Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden

Once again, many goddesses of myth are quoted in Linda Falorio's Text, The Shadow Tarot, Dancing with Demons.
At first we have the Dark Goddess Maat, shown as a Vulture, feeding a pet spider, strips of flesh torn from living souls. Here is a suggestion that Maat and Spider Woman of the Native Americans, is one and the same.

By placing a skull of Australopithecus africanus, a three million year old "missing link" skull, she has place this cards art in the years of the Nephilim who came from Nibiru, a planet of balance/imbalance and said to be the ruler of Libra. It is said that Nibiru bears down on our world in a 36000-orbit of the Sun, bombarding earth with destabilizing electromagnetic radiations, causing great floods, earthquakes, volcanism and various other disasters as earth's magnetic field goes into chaos. 

The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object (either a collision or a near-miss) which certain groups believe will take place in the early 21st century. The picture of V838 Monocerotis, is supposedly proof of Nibiru.

V838 Monocerotis and its light echo as imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope on December 17, 2002. Credit: NASA/ESA
Monoceros07 04 04.85−03° 50′ 50.1″15.74Distance6,100 pcM6.3IRadius380 RLuminosity15,000 LTemperature3,270 K
Nova Monocerotis 2002, GSC 04822-00039
The clay tablet image from Sumer, shows the Annunaki  from Nibiru, who were the Star people or "Those who from the sky came" and created, enslaved, and saved mankind.
Therefore  the Sumerian goddess Inanna/Ishtar is also associated with this card.
The Spider Woman is hanging upside down spinning her web to show 256 windows into other dimensions. She goes on comparing other goddesses from Africa etc. 

The gist of all this abstract art is not only to convey the awe felt in the Tunnel of Lafcursiax, but also that the powers of Lafcursiax are operating on the razor edge of control and non-control or balance and imbalance. That upon returning, one is unafraid of and thus able to redress imbalances, as well as the ability to use powerful anger fearlessly to correct imbalances. Here, she states, is powerful passionate love and joy of life balancing on the dangerous edge of oblivion and bliss.  In other words, to fearlessly accept the Dark Mother's adjustment of your soul/psyche for the purpose of creating and expanding life. The ability to balance the tremendous force of the Kundalini, without emotional vertigo!
For me it was simply, I didn't care if I was obliterated or not. I trusted Her to know what to do with this journeyers soul/psyche and in that trust was my bliss.  The swirling chaos of the Spiral Universe, our birth place, is not to be feared.

When the Thoth or Shadow Tarot card is thrown during a reading, the querent is experiencing or will experience:
  • The making of a final decision. Judgment and sentencing by a determination of an issue without appeal on this plane.
  •  The querent is experiencing "What you put out, you get back". The Law of action- reaction, where the natural forces of nature reach a balance within the individual, setting things right.
  • The balancing of opposites.
  • It often means we are experiencing karmic adjustments in life from past thoughts and actions which have led to the present circumstances of our life. We are not bodies! We are a form of multiple conscious energy that uses bodies to work out thought equations to see if they expand and liberate life or if they stall and subvert life. We must know in order to expand our self -awareness and that of the Universal Self, from which we all are formed! This is the Law of Action and Reaction, that all mind is subject to!
The Negatives of this card are:
  • Inability to redress imbalances.
  • Fearing anger.
  • adhering to abstract, linear notions of Patriarchal law. Such as,  belief without justice, or Divine Right in hierarchies, or of placing woman in her "rightful place". 
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

4 Comments to The Shadow series Tarot Card Comparison: Thoth Tarot Key 8 - Adjustment & The Shadow Tarot Key 22-Lafcursiax:

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Jackie on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 3:36 PM
Thankyou Thought provoking and humbling.
Reply to comment
Eli on Thursday, January 15, 2015 12:08 PM
Thank you Jackie for your constant interest and comments. I am glad I could provoke thought! May you live long and prosper.

Parker safety razors blades on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 10:52 AM
A mind blowing article. And it is written with great skill and the words directly explain the thought of author and it is nice to know the information provided around the Earth and really it is great article.
Reply to comment
Eli on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 7:57 AM
Thank you for your exuberant comments! May you live long and prosper!

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