The Shadow Series; Thoth Tarot Key-9- THE HERMIT & The Shadow Tarot Key-20, YAMATU
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

The Shadow Series; Thoth Tarot Key-9- THE HERMIT & The Shadow Tarot Key-20, YAMATU

THE TAROT OF ELIKey 9- The Hermit:

The finest thing in the world is knowing how to belong to oneself.
-Michel de Montaigne, Of Solitude

The Thoth Major Arcana Key 9 card represents the
Universal Principle of completion, contemplation, and introspection.

The Hermit symbolizes the wise guide who lights the way of wisdom in the experiences of life and is an invaluable inner resource for assisting us and others in our daily lives.

The three headed dog, who is the Greek Cerberus, guardian of the underworld, signifies the part of our nature that things are complete (one head looking behind) before we move our attention forward. Cerberus, represents the dark inner and unknown parts of ourselves that we should explore and incorporate before wholeness of self can be experienced. The Shadow side of the Day side Hermit card.
The burgundy cloak is the Egyptian symbol of blood, that represents the inherent honesty and integrity (virtue) within all of us. It pays to remember that we inherit the great Wisdom, Integrity, and Virtue of the Divine and through introspection and contemplation we can "Remember our Divinity".

Astrologically, the Hermit is Virgo ( the wheat in the back ground)
, the sign that represents attention to details, organization, and beauty.

The egg wrapped in the serpent, is called the
Orphic egg
and symbolizes the ability to give birth to new spiritual and physical forms.

THE HERMIT-key 9 of Qabalistic Tarot, is known as the Path of Yod on the Tree of Life. and connects Tiphareth (Sephiroth called: Beauty) and Chesed (Sephiroth called:  Mercy). In other words, the Path of Yod connects the Christ-Buddha intelligence to the Architect of Manifestation, that is Chesed. Therefore the Yod is the self sustaining point of  primal beginnings in the Universe. It is the coming of the Light of manifestation through the Microcosm; the manifested Universe in direct contact with the Source of All.

The Path of Yod, is from the Demiurge out of darkness and is known as the Intelligence of Will. The Hebrew letter Yod, means Hand and according to the text Sepher Yetzirah, Yod is a simple letter that is attributed to sexual love. 
The letter Yod is phallic in shape and is considered the Male-Fire which rushes out toward the Female-Water. These meanings seem curious at first, since the sign of Virgo (the Virgin) is attributed to this Path, giving us the understanding that the Hermit is to be ever-virgin, pure and totally innocent.

The very word itself, Hermit, comes from a Greek word meaning desert, the place where extreme ascetic monks lived in walled up rooms with one window. Which seems to add to the very mystery and solitariness of the Hermit figure standing alone, holding its own source of light. Reminds me of the Christ as the "Light of the World".
This image of the desert is a compelling one, as it is conceptually a vast expanse of earth, seemingly as vast as the Ocean.

Binah, the Great Mother is often called the Great Ocean Mother Mari, and is seen in the image of the dark, deep, endless waters of the Universal Unconsciousness. Thus, we can envision the desert as a conceptualization of crystallized precipitation out of the Vast Ocean of Binah....which is called 'The Light". It should be noted, that the Higher the card is on the Tree of Life, the more important it is that we let the card suggest such images as they will. So once again I heartily suggest skrying the cards as an aid for deeper understanding.

The same intelligent energy suggested by the FOOL card, also expressed the HERMIT, as  the wise old age of the Child (Daath- which means Knowledge) and the virgin beginning of a new sequence...From Macrocosm to Microcosm. Here the Microcosm is seen as the purity and innocence of the Fool that is transformed by its "passing through" the Ocean of Binah. In other words, the purity of idea, transformed into form by the Understanding of Binah, the Mother of Consciousness.

When we look at the HERMIT card, we see an Old Man, and nothing of the Child,yet they are one and the same. This concept maybe best understood by meditating on the image of the Serpent that eats it's own tail.

THE HERMIT  also represents communication between the Higher Self of Tiphareth, and the Spiritual Self of Kether, i.e. The Rauch and the Yechidah as they are know to Qabalists. The Hermit is called the first of the three great initiatory cards, LUST,  and THE CHARIOT being the other two; However, the experiences of  all three of these initiatory Paths may be gained on the Path of the High Priestess (middle pillar), the one that goes straight up from Tiphareth to Kether, crossing the Abyss and its devastating isolation while the innitiate experiences  Divine reconciliation through isolation .

Of the Hermit, the descriptions are many and arcane, but it must be remembered that this Key-9 Card is primarily about union, representing the first point of awareness of the Higher Self of the Supreme Spiritual Self; a union that is often explained in the most erotic of imagery as it is a copulation of Intelligence; an action from which the Microcosm is born.

On the Tree of Life, Tiphareth is the Objective Solar Logos, the center of objective energy produced by the Sephiroth- Chesed (Demiurge) as a direct link of the lower to the higher. Since Paths are subjective, the Path of Yod, the subjective  link of understanding, is on the Hermit. Simply, if we are to understand the Transitional Energy from Demiurge to Logos,  we must Travel the Path of the Hermit, rising above Tiphareth toward Chesed, in order to subjectively view the Logos center!

In both Hebrew and Greek Metaphysics, Logos means 'Word", depicting vibrational Power. The Greek scholar, Heraclitus , described the Logos as a "spermatic; a Divine Fire which stimulated and maintained order." A Dark Fire or Dark Energy transitioning into Light.
 I hope I clearly established the fact that The Path of Yod (Hand) which is THE HERMIT card, is the Path of Spiritual Fire into the Microcosm (Microprosopus) .  The Yod is the All Father, Chokma and the PATH OF YOD, is the manifestation before the Abyss which is related to the Logos (Word), that is objectified as Tiphareth on the Tree of Life. To some the Word, is confusing:However, the Word is that  vibratory will/ force which continually stimulates manifestation.
This stimulation also energizes the principles of form (Binah) which it has produced. Thus Kether, the Crown, the origin of Fiery Spirit, is seen as the One that from itself produced Two which refers to the Electric (Male) and Magnetic (Female) forces of the One Energy. There is a lot to wrap your brain around here, but that is mostly true of all the symbolism of the Major Arcana. But too make this One/Two symbol easier, just view a 0 and then twist it into an 8, now One -0- has become Two-8-. Therefore, male and female became at the moment of the "Twisting".  As Einstein stated, this is a spiral universe.

Often, the Hermit is related to the Christ figure, but he is better related to the Hebrew pathfinder Moses, who led his people across the Egyptian desert (and was a go between the masses and the Annunaki/Nephilim). In fact, an early Gnostic sect, The Simonion Gnostics, that had taken its name from Simon Magus, first described in the Acts of the Apostles, that the Logos was objectified as Moses. These second century Gnostics taught that the Book of Exodus was an allegory of the soul being led by the Logos (Moses) through the desert of human life into the spiritual promised land. Many of us of the Western culture, know the story of Moses as a Thaumaturge (Arch-magician), whose staff is a wand of enormous power that can strike water from rock and turn into a serpent upon his bidding. The allegory of the  "Magi's wand", turning into a serpent force, refers to the use of Kundalini (Yod) force by the Adept Magician. This serpentine force is a Sacred Fire that is the essence of the Logos transmitted by the phallic wand. To a Tantric, this wand would be called the Divya Linga, Divine Lingam.

Other references to Moses and the Sacred Fire, is the told as God interacting with Moses through a burning bush. Making Moses an intermediary or tool of the Supreme Father. Therefore, Moses is the Hand of God, which emphasizes the meaning of Yod as hand. In Fact, the hand of the Hermit is open, as opposed to the closed fist  meaning of the Wheel of Fortune (see past blog), and means ultimate  Power while also depicting innocence, as an open hand can give or take with out the impediments of thoughts or moral restrictions.

The Thoth Deck Hermit card, shows the lone figure cloaked in the Red of Binah, showing that he is rooted in the Great Mother, depicting the motion and activity that is essential to the Yod which is the Intercourse of Chokma and Binah. He flows to She who then conceptualizes energy into form and/or Wisdom (Chokma) is objectified by Understanding (Binah).

The concept of the Cosmos encircled by the Fiery Spirit  (Yod), is shown by the Orphic egg, wrapped in a serpentine image of the spiral energy.  Cerberus, the Greek three headed dog who guards the gates of Hell, is tamed by the Hermit and is a willing companion. There is an interesting connection here to the Goddess Hel-Aine, and Her Three Yonis (Vagina s- Maid-Mother and Crone), but I'll leave further explanation up to the investigative student of magic, as I don't wish to offend the the flesh-o-phobes of our dogmatic culture. However, The Shadow Tarot attempts to conceptualize the Consumptive Yoni (s) of the Dark Goddess.

 On the Thoth Card, the image of the spermatozoon represents the Yod energies in the world, while the staff which transmits sexual force (Kundalini) is totally hidden. Which is not the case of the Japanese ink scroll depiction  of Bodhidharma (470-543 CE.) , the first patriarch of Chinese and Japaneses Buddhism who himself was as a Moses. The Spiritual Fire  and wand, of a Magus is depicted in this illustration,....before the flesh-o-phobia of Division- ism became popular.
  I wonder, has it ever occurred to common man, that if you divide the Sex energy of spirit (Will) from the sacred- human-body, that it only leads to enslavement and sexual perversion? (Illustration from the Book: THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EROTIC WISDOM by Rufus C. Camphausen.)
As Crowley states in his BOOK OF THOTH, "In this Trump is shown the entire mystery of Life in its most secret workings. Yod=Phallus= Spermatozoon=Hand=Logos=Virgin.
Finding out why the Divine Couple of the Universe worked for over 14.7 billion years to build below, in the Malkuth World of Physical Mater, a Divine Image called Hu (Chinese for God ) Man (Hindu word-Manas: meaning mind) i.e. YOU, will help establish Spirit body Union and the axiom "Above all things know thyself!". A lot of Divine work went into the making of You----and a lot of man-made history has been devoted to  the Pavlovian process of demeaning yourself and your sexual unions so that you could be ruled by those who can't rule themselves. Something to ponder, as your self value flounders around in debt-slavery, and dark pornography, while trying to make "ends meet".
The Shadow Tarot key 20-Yamatu, is the Shadow side of the Thoth Hermit key 9 card. The Dark side of the Hermit/Osiris is the God Set, therefore, in this cross sectioned card, the Standing Stones rest on the sigil of the Egyptian dark god Set; serving as a threshold into the netherworld of the Psyche. This visual reminds us of the Callanish Stones of Outer Hebrides which formed a gateway for the Great Old Ones (Eld) to come and enter the consciousness of humankind.  As the legends go, the stones are astral machines that condense Astral Light and/or electromagnetic energy, that when properly looped and aligned, generate a "Worm hole" into a parallel universe, often called Universe B, our dark birth place and home to our Elders. It is said, that in proper alignment the Stones of Yamatu can raise storms or quell them.
The seething, flaming serpent-haired  Great Dark Mother, (Hel, Typhon, Medusa) whose penetrating  and petrifying gaze turns the fear of death into a paralysis of the psyche. Those who are unable to face the lonely dark stared chaotic night that resides in the heart of matter can go no further and are blown about in the spiral dark turbulence. We know the big bang was a screaming hell of energy that blew dark matter into the Void. The First great Phallus of God. And yes we are capable to reach the depths in our psyche, that began there.
When we skry this card and begin channeling the Power of Yamatu we gain certain psychodynamic abilities:
"Also the Priest veiled himself, lest his glory be profaned, lest his word be lost in the multitude."Aleister Crowley, Liber CCXXXI"
The 20th Tunnel is under the aegis of Yamatu whose name should be intoned in the key of 'F', in lower register and with sighing or murmuring undertones . . .
"The sigil of Yamatu is a secret cypher of Set. It exhibits the inverted cross which signifies the downward passage or crossing into Amenta . . . "
Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden
The Amenta, (rather than being the New Guinea myth of creation where this word originated.) is the Pleroma or Astrals. The powers that are attributed to Yamatu, are:
  1. Awareness of Earth magics and the ability to commune with this Great Lady Earth consciousness.
  2. Understanding of meridians, ley lines, Water witching and even the principles of feng shui.
  3. Abilities to activate ancient power sites.
  4. To cleanse black water lines (Dark Energy).
  5. To cleanse the psychic atmospheres or what some call "cleansing negative energy".
  6. Working with crystals, the planet Chiron, crystals in general but especially fluorite.
  7. The power of wholeness, self-healing, through meditations. etc.

When the Hermit or Yamatu card is thrown during a reading, it implies:
  • That knowledge is needed, meditation and prayer are to be used to hear the inner self.
  • A deep desire to follow that which is meaningful  and/or heartfelt to you. 
  • Time to gather enough data and information in order to sort things out.
  •  Introspection which may require you to withdraw from others or the usual environment in order to gain the perspectives needed.
  •  A stage in life where Wisdom is sought. This is a great card for skrying, as it is of the Inner Wisdom that we so much need to KNOW OURSELVES! So I suggest skrying side by side, the Thoth Hermit and The Shadow Tarot-Yamatu cards.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

2 Comments to The Shadow Series; Thoth Tarot Key-9- THE HERMIT & The Shadow Tarot Key-20, YAMATU:

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Jackie on Thursday, January 15, 2015 3:40 PM
Thankyou so much, very inspiring.
Reply to comment
Eli on Friday, January 16, 2015 9:05 AM
Thank you for your input. I hope I can continue to inspire! May you live long and prosper!

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