The Shadow series, Tarot Card Comparisons; The Thoth Key 21-The Universe & The Shadow Tarot Path- 32-Thantifaxath
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Knight of Cups & The Legends Tarot- King of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

The Shadow series, Tarot Card Comparisons; The Thoth Key 21-The Universe & The Shadow Tarot Path- 32-Thantifaxath

The Tarot of Eli
The Qabalistic Thoth -Key 21- The Universe.

The universe resounds with the joyful cry I AM.

The proper study of the Paths (Major Arcana cards) is the ascending of Understanding up the Tree of Life, as we are "below" and need to remember the realms of Pure Spirit "above". The experiences on Earth, assist us in our goals of a more refined understanding of Universal patterns. Such as a microscope helps the biologist in a more refined understanding of cell- structure and bacteria, earth manifestation, with its crystalline lenses of light,(the "I sight" of our senses), helps us see deeply into the microcosm, so that we better understand the macrocosm.
As long as our Divine Consciousness is functioning though a physical vehicle. this is where our serious esoteric work begins and ends.

The 32nd Path of Tau-Key 21-The Universe and its Shadow side-Path 32 Thantifaxath, joins the crystallized world of earth, Malkuth, meaning Kingdom, with the Sephira Yesod, meaning Foundation  It is the first journey out of the material condition, that leads us to a greater understanding of the Personality that was designed by the Higher Self  (Tiphareth) for each incarnation; before our man-made personality blinded us to our divinity.

Paul Foster Case, who wrote the book,The Thirty Two Paths to Wisdom (the number Thirty Two is the sum of the Paths and the Sephiroth) calls the  Path of Tau (The Universe card) the " Administrative Intelligence" because it "directs and associates in all seven planets." The "seven planets" he is referring to are the Microprosopus-Hexagram pattern of the seven planets on the Tree of Life.

The Qabalistic understanding of the Path of Tau (meaning cross), from Malkuth to Yesod, is rooted on the fact that all is Mind. I know that as we are all body oriented, we think that the Mind's realm of ideas, dreams, or thoughts, are somehow divorced from the physical. We have a dysfunctional dual concept of ourselves as a body and mind. The Qabalah teaches that all is Mind, yes the body is "crystallized mind": but Mind just the same! Taking this a step further, All is Spirit and the body is "Crystallized Spirit".
In the Mysteries, the distinction of Mind and Body is one of  perception (brought on by senses), not an actuality. The pictures we see when we close our eyes, are a more refined form of  matter, the images and energy forms which are closest to the physical condition.
The concept of Yesod (Foundation) is based on the understanding that most of the Universe is unseen, in fact, our bodies are composed of the electromagnetic spectrum and seem solid, yet they are 99.6 % invisible. That means, that most of us are judging the Kingdom of God (the Earth/Universe) with less than .4% of our minds, via sensuality! Malkuth is the only sensual kingdom, therefore, we must travel the Path of Tau to experience the "Seven Palaces of Assiah"(Seven planets); as represented by the seven pointed star on this card.
If you have been keeping up with my blog, you now know that the Universe Card is a multidimensional understanding of the Cosmic Mind, i.e. The Universal Collective Unconscious. 

After some study, one may grasp the principle that the entire Tree of Life, which is taught through the Path of Tau-The Universe, is the most profound concept of "As above, so below". To a sensual body, this means "up and down", to the Infinite, this just means "higher vibration"/less crystalline and "lower vibration" or more crystalline, a normal occurrence as energy condenses to greater and greater crystallization. Of course,  energy frequency, ideas and Mind are inseparable, just as electricity and data in your computer are inseparable. Thus another axiom is attributed to the Tree, "The Know is in the Flow". That is why, when we mentally journey a Path, we gather knowledge at the same time we encounter higher mental frequency. Diligently skrying is more than just a moment of silent contemplation, it is also a gathering of information. 
I have discussed the "Will-To-
Form"  that is the Great Mother Binah (3 Sephiroth on the Tree of Life) who is the Life Conscious and which is Saturn in the exalted Supernal Realm. She is completely expressed on the Path of Tau, key 21-The Universe.

The female figure of the " Cosmic Dancer" of the Universe, is the fullest expression of this Life Conscious and has been called  Isis, the Aima Elohim, as well as, Saturn who gives life and destroys it and Great Mother Binah.

The oval ring of Stars that surrounds the central  female figure represents the Womb of the  human female, as well as, the Cosmic Womb into which the soul passes after body death. We arise from our death surrounded in a ring of stars, on our way to the Great Mother.
Life , with its beginning, middle, and end, processes in waves or spirals (Spirit is a Spiral flow of  Will-to-form Energy) which come back upon themselves. This circling back upon itself is often shown as a Great Serpent.  This is also the natural course of the Akashic Fluid (Astral Fluid) of Yesod where the Serpent Kundalini is coiled in its passive state, and uncoiled in its active state.

The Universe Card is also surrounded in the Great Dark Sea, a reference to the Great Mother Binah, who is the Sea of all consciousness which on the path of Tau is consciousness in the most dense and difficult expression.

Again, discrimination must be used when traveling the Akasha of Yesod. Many who entered this Path, entertain themselves with extended fantasy and find themselves tormented by phantoms of there own making. The discerning traveler will supply every test of reason, and feeling. After a time of discernment, one will begin experiencing a process of learning, which is not of their own making. Verifying the images by elaborate research definitely aids in this process.
Again, the Thoth card is representing the principle of individuality, totality, and wholeness.To those of Eastern culture, this is the image of Shiva; to the Christian, this is the image of the virgin Mary with her foot on the head of the serpent. Regardless of cultural interpretation this card symbolizes the Divine Androgen that is both dynamic and magnetic in a perfectly balanced dance (life motion) of I Am.The Thoth card represents the great inner work of unifying polarities, oppositions, and paradoxes within oneself.
  1. Sickle in hand the Thoth figure cuts away limitations and restrictions while weaving them into a web to dance on. 
  2. The regenerative diamond-back serpent is representative of the need to transform before we can expand and liberate ourselves from the past self- imposed limits.
  3. The spiral hair-do symbolizes growth and evolution.
  4. The diamond halo is the symbol for expanded awareness, such as psychic abilities etc.
  5. The Greek pantheon at the bottom represents the home of all the goddesses and gods.When our body becomes the temple of our divinity, such a pantheon are we.
  6. The four animals symbolize, earth (Taurus the bull), fire (Leo, the lion), water (Scorpio, the bird): and air (Aquarius, the human face). This shows us that it is important to express ourselves,physically,(Taurus), spiritually (Leo), emotionally (Scorpio), and mentally (Aquarius).
The Shadow Tarot path 32-Thantifaxath;
Normally, I try to explain in an mundane way, the workings of Linda Falorio, but you must see for yourself, just how much Myth and awe she devotes to the production of her cards.

One may note that all this reasoning was presented in the Day-side Tarot of Thoth, but in a less "nightmare-ish" way. The reasoning behind this is that by the time one is able to walk the 32nd path, they have gone far beyond the fear of death, life, or even the "never-never". They know that I AM is always and those whose personality was sacrificed on the altar of the Greater Self, have only absolute trust in being "Me". However, a great effort must be made to have a personality bound in "rationale" reach some understanding of what is not "explainable to the brain" and she has done a fine job in making the student investigate each Myth bound entity, so that a depth of realization may be reached. That being said:
© Linda Falorio, 1995
From the Great One of the Night of Time came the Trees of Darkness: language, ordering, time; thus the Stellar Current earths, flowering into thousand-petaled Sahasrara.
The Shadow Tarot
"And in the heart of the Sphinx dances the Lord Adonai, in his garlands of roses and pearls making glad the concourse of things, yea making glad the concourse of things."
Aleister Crowley, Liber CCXXXI

"The 32nd tunnel is under the aegis of Thantifaxath . . . whose name should be reverberated in the key of 'B' sharp as if in the hollows of chthonian deeps . . ."
"The sigil includes the geomantic figure of Acquisitio which is attributed to the number nine, and which in this instance is informed by the fiery Sagittarius—hence the electrical nature of Thantifaxath and its earthing in the hidden chthonian cells . . ."
Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden
excerpted from . . .The Shadow Tarot © Linda Falorio, 1995
Rising swamp-gas, distorting heat-mirages signify the tunnel's entrance which exists in the wavering interface between the worlds of inner tellurian space and stellar consciousness. Here all has been arranged for performance of the ancient Elder Rites. Trees of Darkness, cypress swamp, bayous filled with ghouls and larvae of the pit celebrate with choreiform dancing dread Odun, the African Sabbath, Saint John's Eve, while corpse candles' phosphorescent glare illumines the gate/mouth/sipapu through which Zangbeto, "people of the night," Lovecraftian transhuman horrors—the Old Ones—invade our dimension from the Other Side.
From the triple Goddess—New/Full/Dying Moon—the Great One of the Night of Time whose Saturn sickle speaks of Death came the Trees of Darkness: Tree Alphabet, language, ordering, thus begetting time, history, and genealogy, thus crystallizing ego, and ending the blissful period of timeless wavering myth.The Moon is thus the progenitor of Time, the 37-year cycle of Her Nodes generating the Great Polar Cycle of 25,900 Earth years, creating the Precession of the Equinoxes as the North Pole points to each of seven stars, here reflected in the pool of space round which the crocodile Sebek/Set, expectantly curls, ready to devour ego into uroboric bliss. Thus the Cosmic Serpent, spiraling tail in mouth, never returning to the same point in celestial space, traces the 7-fold Star of Isis-Babalon in athetoid progression around the pole of the ecliptic. This Great Year corresponds to 5 Mayan Great Cycles, and marks Nibiru's inevitable returning.Thus the stellar current earths in chthonian dream cells through Thantifaxath—the ego boundary, arachnoid membrane, the linking point of inner/outer, of microcosm/macrocosm, Bifrost, rainbow bridge between terrestrial and stellar currents. Crystallized in matter, the current turns upon itself, shoots up Sushumna in the spinal column, flowering into thousand-petalled Sahasrara, in the tellurian halo of Northern Lights transmitting earth rays to the stars, and bringing the New Age upon Earth: "Raise Chthulhu to the Stars!"The sigil appears upon a diamond used to imprison souls in space, creating living zombies. Here is crystallization that is living death, dying from the inside-out, body armoring, ego-encrustation, crystallization at a too-early stage impeding further growth. For whom are zombies, but those who identifying ego with Self have forsaken childhood dreams, who have forever lost the key to Never-Never Land, that charmed inner Paradise.MEDITATION:The need to work with the energies of Thantifaxath may be signaled by experiencing feelings of restriction, feeling tied down, time bound, old, depressed, blind, dead. Here too, is fear: fear of voudoun, of being mounted by the Loa; fear of magickal attacks; separation anxiety. Here is fear of death, which results in leeching present moments of life and power by dwelling in a nonexistent past and projecting toward an illusionary future. In the Microcosm there is psychological de-compensation, loss of ego, while macrocosmically we find deterioration of Polar ozone that protects fragile Terra from blasting stellar rays.
Powers we may find here are the ability to cross dimensions, to bridge boundaries, to link inner and outer, to communicate with denizens of parallel worlds: fairies, yetis, elves. Here is power to understand and to use the raw energy of time inherent in its cycles, and here is the Time Lord's power to transcend its limitations, to relate to eternal NOW—no "lusting for result."Here is self-regeneration, as well as regeneration of the energy envelope of Earth, and re-greening of the planet through time-binding stellar winds into the bionic life web.

When the Thoth-Universe or The Shadow Tarot-Thantifaxath card is thrown, the querent is:
  • Casting the circle,which means they are mastering in some way the three planes of mind, body and emotions.
  • End of a phase;completion of some work and expanding toward another. 
  • The power to cross boundaries between dimensions, becoming a bridge between the "Above and Below"
  • The power to transcend the limitations of time and relate to the eternal Now. Lusting for no result, as you are the Result!
  • Experiencing self-regeneration, becoming the Wholeness of the Psyche, without boundaries between Unconscious, and Consciousness.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper, as your entire Self!

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