Hel-Aine, The Queen of Wands and the Shadow side.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Hel-Aine, The Queen of Wands and the Shadow side.

The Tarot Of EliYesterday's blog was about the Thoth Queen of Wands and The Shadow Tarot, Wega/Pythoness. Wega, is the proper spelling of the Star Vega, which is one of the openings of access to this world for a "Race" of inter-dimensional genetic manipulating  time traveler's ,"Dragondane",who where called upon by the Ancient Oracles of Delphi. The Delphi were also called Pythoness or Pythonia, and with a mind altering drug, could see beyond time into the future. It also maybe that the Dragondane can be contacted by skrying the Wega Shadow Tarot Card. Yesterday's blog explained Python, the one who the Pythonia contacted, as the "World Dragon", so you can see where the name "Dragondane" came from. The Star Wega, is a living womb, as are all stars. Some are maids, some are Mothers and some are Crones. None are what we think they are.

By skrying the Day-Side Thoth Tarot-Queen of Wands, one may contact the Entity known as "The Scarlet Women" or Babylon. For calling on Babylon, the mind altering drug is usually endorphin , heightened by sexual magick. Here's the rub: All you young testosterone flooded males out there: DON'T , unless you succeed and become Totally obliterated! 

Babylon is a Scarlet or Red Star and all this is often confusing since Stars are seen as dead thermonuclear furnaces rather than the doorways or windows of the Dark Womb-Divine Creatrix; Openings much like vaginal openings of 
wombs.  Interestingly, there are in the Orion system, two red Suns, Arcturus and Betelgeuse, both Red/Scarlet Women. Another interesting fact to delight of those who  masticate thought, is that the majority of stars in our universe are "red dwarfs".

I know that Aleister Crowley, whose name delights the rebellious, was infatuated with the Babylon, and spent his entire life in drug induced sexual magick acts, trying to contact her. For purposes of his own personal power, or for some other reason, which does not mater. She is Destructive to your  Self-Psyche and he died in poverty and of lymphatic cancer!

Let me explain: One of the Babylon's names is in the Old English, Helen, or Hebrew Hel-Aine. This Hebrew word is very descriptive of her "Power" as Heh (h) means "Window", El, is the name of God and Ain (e) is the "No-Thing". Therefore, translated, Hel-Aine means "The Window to the God of No-Thing". The Three states of "No-Thing" are Limitless Space, Limitless Time, Limitless light.
To see Her is to view the Dark Light, the Dark Energy of limitlessness, or No thing, i.e. an all consuming "Black Hole" which is made by a collapsed star!
In other words, the Scarlet Woman is a door way/Window or Star into oblivion. Through this state of the Divine Feminine, all form is Understood into being as it enters from idea into form. She, the Babylon seems to be an intelligent entity. 

She is the "Blood Moon", or the "Menstrual Blood" of the Divine Feminine, therefore a Red Star, which may sound odd but in truth, this force of Mother, preforms the purification rite, by blood/or Dark Fire, that "Purifies" the very poisonous nature of Light itself! The electromagnetic light spectrum is mostly cosmic radiation, x-rays, Gama Rays, Ultra-violet radiation, etc, All of which are deadly to life forms. Through her "Womb of Understanding", ideas become transformed into fertile and fecund life forms from "Blood light", of which the Orphic Egg of the Cosmos is made! Let me explain: according to string theory of Quantum Physics, in all particles of mater, are multidimensional "strings" (serpents), one point of which is a particle (a quark, neutrino etc.). The Orphic egg, is the oval form of the cosmos, wrapped in serpent;  representing a string of energy and its particle./point in our Universe.

Now this Scarlet Womb may sound innocent enough, and maybe even an understood function of woman's sexuality, BUT YOU AREN'T AN UNDERSTOOD IDEA OF HER'S ANYMORE!
What was the "you" that She created. Through the "Dragondane", a race that entered this universe through a "Worm Hole" , in the area of the sky near Wega ("near is a relative term as that are of the night sky is many thousands of light years across). These multi-dimensional Dragondane purportedly designed the modern Human in the genetic labs of Lemuria (MU) and Atlantis. You are therefore supposed to be of a "Galactic Nature". However, given the "freedom" of imagination, and culturally indoctrinated identity, you have become "perverted" into a "Man-Made" person. A person, whose very definition is the propaganda of many ambitious ruling tyrants, be they governments or theologians (The few who wish to rule the many). These  tyrants  of the Patriarch always make the cultural God in their own image, and since the Christian Europeans built their empires, God is often portrayed as a White full bearded Male. When in-fact the Creative of this Universe is Dark Energy and Dark Matter; a Dark Womb who conceives the purified light of crystalline matter (bio-protons or "blood protons"), via a "menstrual cycle" of which our world is made! Remember, before the Man made image of God, people all worshiped the Sun which tends to makes sense, as you are a Star yourself! Just check out your aura and chakras!
Astrophysicist's know that not from White (yellow) Suns are we made, but from the Scarlet Frequency of Red Stars are Carbon Atoms made in the processes of Red Suns! This is the "Blood Mother" of all carbon based life!
Therefore, to "Know Babylon" one is "Casting" their psyche into the unseen multidimensional frequencies of a Red Sun via a black hole in the Universal Collective Psyche! 

 To the ancients, who more spirit than body in consciousness, Stars are considered Intelligent Energy and to cast oneself into a star is to obliterate self. With Babylon, and only if the Scarlet one allows, one may, after obliteration of all that is known self, reincarnate as a purified  male psyche or"Husband"; a Prometheus, or a purified Female Priestess of the Star (One of her many sensual "Faces"), A Pythonia, and therefore an Oracle of the Star. 

Past blog readers know that husband is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning,"keeper of her property", therefore, the Husband is a guardian of her/all life forms! From then on the reincarnated she/ he knows the nature of the Divine Creative Feminine, and has given all "freedom of choice" to Her. 

So if you don't mind, not being what you or anyone "thinks" you are, just jump into the inferno of Divine Sexuality, which is what a Star is! A Star is a "honeymoon suite" of the Divine She and Divine He; a place where Force and Form mate to become material. Who knows, you may become the much sought "Philosophers stone" of Alchemy! You might even survive as the intense heated frenzy melts away all that She didn't create. Then again, you may not become anything but smoke. 
What will happen, is that Babylon "of the blood robes" decides what you are by her "understanding" of what your psyche and therefore the form it operates, was originally decided to be. This union with the Scarlet Woman, requires absolute fearless focus and complete lack of "lust for result".  If you lust for result, your little star of lust will melt away, forever lost in her Great Divine Frenzy. 
Now I know I have made a lot of logic jumps, but this is a short blog....so look it up!
As you can see, "Above all things Know thyself", can become quite complicated; for the Self we know, is not The Self at All! Plus, all Magick must be deeply considered before attempting the Abrahadabra!

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

2 Comments to Hel-Aine, The Queen of Wands and the Shadow side.:

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Dbr on Tuesday, February 03, 2015 7:39 AM
The Dragondane are all Hel-ains. It is their race of people. They appear as black holes because they are windows into another dimension. I am the love of you
Reply to comment
Eli on Tuesday, February 03, 2015 10:22 AM
Thank you for your insightful comment. Indeed, windows are Black Holes or even Worm holes in space/time. You bring up a very interesting point and intellectual discussion. May you live long and Prosper! I am the love of you.

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