The Shadow Series, Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-5 of Wands/Strife & The Shadow Tarot 5 of Primordial Fire/ Sallos
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

The Shadow Series, Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-5 of Wands/Strife & The Shadow Tarot 5 of Primordial Fire/ Sallos

THE TAROT OF ELIThe Thoth Five of Wands: Strife
The stability of the fours is being shaken by a powerful active force called Strife.  The word Strife tends to carry clouds of discomfort to our thought processes; However, this isn't as bad as it sounds. For energy to stay an active force, it must keep moving. When we get complacent and satisfied in our stability, energy must transform to continue moving. So the Authority in your life (The Divine in you) starts moving things around in your life to get you moving! The Thoth 5 of Wands declares,the bell is rung, its now time to change things!

The accompanying states of confusion, frustration and anxiety  are all states of abundant energy that is being held back by complacency and unwillingness to move forward. This causes Strife to "come to Grand Mother's house" as a wolf in disguise to stimulate you to act.

Astrologically this card is Saturn in Leo, Saturn is the planet of discipline, of knowing your limits and boundaries. Saturn reminds us to do things step-by-step---but do them you must!

Leo is dynamic creative power that wants limitless expression and will not be held back. By this Saturn/Leo union one can see that this is a paradigm for confusion, anxiety and angst.  Therefore the Thoth Strife card reminds one not to resist taking those necessary steps for motion in you life. Baby steps, work but only if you take them!
Strife tells us this is not a time to live in your dreams----you now must act!

The yellow background of this card is active solar energy.
The grey lotus represent creative thought unable to bloom ( The Alchemical leaded consciousness) because of anxiety and confusion.
The Phoenix headed wand represents the triumph of rising from your own angst to greater heights of creation.
The winged Eye of Horus is the all seeing eye (I) of creation.
The snakes beneath the eye of Horus represent regenerative force which is what happens when we release anxiety to the motion of creative self.  Therefore Strife is a corrective and it seems this card states that the Divine thinks you're good enough for the job of expanding and liberating life and wants you back in motion. Repose is over. Time to get back on your feet and move forward. 

To the Elements, the fives bring serious problems of unbalance.

  1. The Five of Wands-Strife, brings quarrel and strife in the Vital energy:
  2. The Five of Cups,  brings disappointment to relationships;
  3. The Five of Swords, brings defeat to health and mind;
  4. The 5 of Disks, brings strangulation to income and business.

All seemingly very gloomy; However, the other cards in the divination will show how long the difficulty as well as,  how serious the fives are to be taken. Really, these nasty old 5's just announce that a difficulty exists and often the solution to the problem at hand is in the rest of the Tarot reading.
This Lord of Strife astrologically is Saturn in Leo, which is the influence of Geburah in the World of  Pure Spirit; Atziluth of the Four Worlds.
Here the powerful heavy effects of Saturn, united with a Fire sign like Leo, brings quarreling and Strife in energy.

The Angels of the Decan are Vahaviah and Yelayel, necessary knowledge for those who wish to call on them.

Wands are a continual outpouring of force, with Saturn influence, this flow of force is agitated and disturbed, not unlike water flow is disturbed by rocks, causing rapids. Or more likely, as volcanic magma is disturbed by the tons of rock its pushing through.  Thus in the Five of Wands, there is contest unresolved.
Crowley's Thoth Deck Card, shows the nature of the energy rather than its disturbed nature displayed by the Golden Dawn or Ryder-Waite Tarot Decks, 
 In the Thoth Five of Wands, are shown the Lotus wand of the Golden Dawn Adeptus Minor of Tiphareth, the Phoenix Wand of the Adeptus  and the Major of Geburah, all crossing  the central wand of the Major Adept.  The fact that the Major Adept Wand is central is because it's position implies this severity is directed by Geburah rather than happenstance. The Phoenix wand implies resurrection  from the purgation of Fire, while the Lotus Wand is of the Mother.
 Many people find Geburah a difficult Intelligence to understand because She is a volcanic as Pelé ( Hawaiian Volcano Goddess), all irrational disturbance, yet  these disasters are derived from the benign and gentle influence of the Feminine  that is Great Mother Binah. To me, this just shows Spirits "tough love" for its incarnations. Spirit knows you are the best built God Image yet, a union of animal and Angel (Daemon), and have the internal strength necessary to  handle anything this Universe can throw at you. Yet, because we often believe the definitions of those who rule definition, we see ourselves as a weakness, trying to become strong or evil trying to become good.  All because we are taught to believe that mortality is a weakness, and flesh is evil, rather than the only way to sensually experience the courageousness of our Souls. Immortals don't have need of courage, they don't die; they also don't have a sensual reality.  Sensuality requires a "beginning and an end", to exist in being, is to be sensual.  The very fact that Soul of you is seeking sensuality by building an incarnate persona, requires severity just to make it so and a fearlessness to make it Yours!  For example, a certain amount of friction is required to form energy into creations. Without the severity of friction, form could not become form! Just so, with out the friction of severity in ones life, accomplishment, progress and evolution would not happen! We Souls knowingly build an incarnation, knowing it can be a "crap shoot" and certain severity will be applied! 
THE SHADOW TAROT CARD-the 5 of primordial fire/ Sallos also stresses, strife, emotional stress and danger.
Sallos, is the 19th spirit as Solomon has bound them, and is a "Great and Mighty Duke of Hell. Sallos is often seen as a gallant soldier riding upon a crocodile and wearing a ducal crown on his head. 

Now to the discerning student, there may seem to be a lot of Dukes of Hell, all Mighty and Great. But you have to remember that Christian Demonology was written by frightened,(especially of the invading Norse), not too sane, dark age monks who change the Norse Goddess Hel, the Norse Goddess of Life and Death, and named her a Place of infernal punishment.  Woman were obviously the subject of many of the Monks nightmares.
(Hel also became Helen of the Greek Iliad and Odyssey, of Homer's fame.)
The Truth was that Hel's Norse image was displayed as a Strong Woman-Warrior, such as the one by Johannes Gerts (seen in black and white) did in 1899.  After the Christian revisionism of all religions of conquered people, Hel became Hell, and She is now a "place" where eternal Severity is dealt out to all "heathens" and sinners etc.
So now, Hel is being brought back into the attention of the cultural Psyche, via Qaballah, as a Hel-Ain, Which is Hebrew Heh (Window or Door) El or L, which is God, and Ain which is the No-Thing of Dark Energy or the Dark Energy Universal Unconscious!  Hel-Ain then means,"The Window/door to the God, No-Thing" or a keeper of the Wormhole to another Dimension of invisible Energy. This could also mean that Hel-Ain could be a race of Space Travelers who guard a dimensional entry!

Often artistically, in the modern world, Hel is shown as a Light and Dark Female figure, because life is light and death is dark, or so it would seem to those who "know not death".
What the Hebrew words of Hel-Ain indicate is that She is an Entity who weaves the Dark Energy of one dimension and the light of this dimension together to make life. Also being a "window or Door" into another parallel universe. All of which inspires curiosity, rather than fear.

So I conclude that if the Christian Demonized Hel is the namesake of the domain of these Dukes of Hell, then they are all under the command of the Goddess herself. She being Lady, and they being Lords. Remember in Anglo-Saxon, Lady means "doler of Bread" and Lord means "guardian of Bread", which makes these demonized gods of the old world, somewhat less offensive and maybe good bakers of bread! I know I am, good baker of bread that is, for I use a thirty year old Sourdough as a starter!

What is clearly paradoxical, Sallos is called upon to make people fall in love. (Again, to an enforced celibate Monk that must be awful, all that "falling", loving and sexual sticky stuff!) The minds of these monks must have been hell-lacious torment, after all they continually dreamnt of lascivious wanton-woman coming to them into the night and sucking out their "life fluids"  (oh horrors, spiraling out as snakes!) thus coining the name succubus who is often accompanied by serpents. Serpents were often the images of devils; the word devil has come from the Hindu Devi (Goddess) and Lingam (Phallus). Therefore contributing to the succubus image that is often shown as a Hermaphrodite, with a large phallus.

Oh yeah to further prove Hel is nasty, "wet dreams", the occurrence of dream ejaculations, that often wet the sheets of young males in  puberty, was something the entombed "flesh-o-phobe" monks never got to grow out of and became nightmares as ejaculating their precious seed over dream sex with woman; which was also held as proof of woman's evil.  All of which is beyond silly, as God is Sex! And one can only blame ones self for their ejaculations!

As the Tantra's have taught me, sexuality is part of the Divine Creative's Magick, and the resulting diversity of the mating of opposites, is the foundation all life is built on, beginning with positive-male and negative-female atomic particles!

So, to me the being Sallos, is a beautiful Lady Geburah; a deva who knows that loving is Being, and will help you fulfill your hearts desire, as long as it doesn't interfere with another persons free will or karma. Strife is also wielded by her, as it is a corrective, if you are straying too far from your path in this life-journey, as a tough loving Mother of Being, she'll not hesitate to "kick" you to get your attention.
Because of all the nonsense of Christian demonology and Lovecraft science fiction, I find that The Shadow Tarot are best used to investigate by skrying, the "other side of the Mirror", i.e.The Divine Collective Unconscious, rather than using them as Divining Tarot Cards for mundane readings. On the Dark Side, one confronts and conquers their fears, phobias, and issues.  However, if it pleases you to use them, The Shadow Tarot 5 of primordial fire is comparable to the Thoth 5 of Wands/Strife.

When thrown in a Divination The Thoth 5 of Wands or The Shadow Tarot-5 of Primordial fire/ Sallos, implies that:
  • In the next 5 weeks or 5 months, the opportunity for releasing anxiety or frustration to creative self is to be utilized.
  • Any frustration with either Leo people or in the month of Leo or with your own creativity should be solved within this time.
  • Creative thought and action are required!
  • Many of us have inherited anxiety, or patterns of angst from our parents and or family life----now is the time to break these patterns in your self.
  • Just remember, blame will not help you here, nor is it a viable motion, so forget blame and correct the error you see in your patterns of motion.
  • Evolution demands we correct the errant emotional patterns of our past to move forward as a successful "I AM ME" in the eternal NOW!
  • The querent is involve in a spiritual conflict. This frustrating conflict can ensue for 5 weeks or 5 months because of this confusion of ideas.  The solution of which depends on the diligence of the querent.
  • Here, the querent is adjusting the identity, struggling with self-doubt while striving to move forward.
  •  There maybe a struggle or strenuous warfare- like competition for riches and success, a kind of battle in life. 
  • The querent might also feel like they are in a impasse, powerless in a time of trial and difficulty. 
Thank you for your interest, comments, and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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