The Shadow Series: The Thoth Deck Knight of Cups & The Shadow Tarot-Priest of Quantum Space/Time/Abyss
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Queen of Cups & The Legends Tarot-Queen of Cups
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

The Shadow Series: The Thoth Deck Knight of Cups & The Shadow Tarot-Priest of Quantum Space/Time/Abyss

THE TAROT OF ELI THE THOTH KNIGHT OF CUPS (King of cups in other decks)

The Knight of Cups rules the zodiac from 21 degrees Aquarius to 20 degrees Pisces making him the Specific Fire in the World of Primal water.Water is the substance used to represent the unconscious mental world, fire represents the Sex Force or Fecund force of Spirit and the Knight of Cups is a personification of  the psycho-dynamic motivational force that activates the currents of the unconscious.

The Crab rising from the Cup carried by the Knight symbolizes the sign of Cancer (Cardinal Water) which ruled by the Moon, directs the flow of the tides. There is a dual meaning presented by the crab as it is also a ancient symbol for the Goddess Isis, Stella Maris, the Star of the Sea.

The peacock is often attributed to Chokma, the symbol of Wisdom on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.
If you have been following this blog, by now you know Chokmah, the second Sephira, to be the Idea of Maleness. In Chokmah, the Idea of the Law of Attraction has been determine, as Binah, therefore the opposite of Chokmah is the Idea of the Feminine.  The Qabalistic mystery of the Two's is the interaction of opposites that composes the Universe. The Kings are Chokmah interacting in various elements.


Often called the Lord of the Waves and of the Waters, King of the Hosts of the Sea. King of the Undines and Nymphs and even the Fisher King-Bran: No matter what accolade one uses, his zodiacal attributes are the last Decan of Aquarius and the first two Decans of Pisces.

Since he is a representation of Chokmah, he is Specific Fire in the World of Primal Water. (In The Shadow Tarot Water, would be called the Abyss.  Quantum Space/Time is of light, therefore it would be the Primal fire.).

If we remember that Water represents the unconscious and its offspring, consciousness, it is easily seen that the Knight of Cups is a personification of the Force which motivates the currents of the unconscious in a manner similar to the Sun's motivational force over the currents of the Ocean.

The Knight's Cup has a crab issuing forth, which is a symbol of the sign of Cancer. Cancer is cardinal water that is ruled by the Moon that we know to direct the tides. The Crab also relates to Stella Maris, the Star of the Sea known as Isis and later Mari The Great Mother or Binah in the Qaballah. (as shown in this illustration) 

The Phoenix or stylized Peacock (bottom of Thoth card, in the swelling wave) is a ancient symbol for Wisdom, which on the Tree of Life is Chokmah. The legend of the Phoenix is that of a bird that died in flames every five hundred years, and then rose from its own ashes. The Peacock also represents the Brilliance that is found in Water.

The Thoth Knight is a personification of Bran the blessed that became the Christianized  Fisher King, the ancient lord of the Abyss and/or the Rich Fisher Bron.  Bron was accorded the title of companion of Joseph of Arimathea, a city of Judea, and also keeper of the Christianized Graäl, which is a symbol of the Yoni, often shown as a pointed oval (Vesica Piscis) and latter as a fish. The Graäl has also been called a symbol of a sacred DNA blood line of Jesus the Christ and Mari Madelene.

Bran or Bron was called the "fisher king" because the Yoni, of the Great Mari-Mother of Oceans, (latter the Christianized "Virgin Mary") is often depicted in ancient symbols as a Fish (after the Great Fish Mother of the Egyptian-Mehit). The Hindus also used the fish symbol for the Yonic Goddess, as they said the female genitalia smelled as "fish". The Great Chinese Goddess, Kwan-yin ("Yoni of yonis") often appeared as a Fish.

As a swallower of Shiva's phallus, Kali became Minaski "the fish-eyed one", just as in Egypt, Isis the swallower of Osiris's penis became Abtu, The Great Fish of the Abyss. Therefore the Celts Called Bron, Bran, "the fisher king", a Celtic god who was the "keeper of the Caldron of Regeneration" (Yoni) and therefore the patron of "healing and regeneration". Implying ancient power and strength that is reliably protective of the needy. Therefore there is implied, the calm surface hides a deep and irresistible force, as does the unconscious hide deep emotions, as does space/time hide the Abyss.
{Get the book: THE WOMAN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MYTHS AND SECRETS, by Barbara G. Walker, for more info.}

In The Shadow Tarot, Linda Falorio uses a "sea shell" that is definitely "Yoni" shaped instead of a cup. Here the Thoth Dayside cups are depictions of Nightside, demons of quantum space/time and the Abyss. The Abyss, refers to the Dark Deep Sea of the Great Mother Mari and/or Binah. The Great Dark Deep Sea of the Goddess, is the Divine Collective Unconscious, where all "things are born of Divine Dreams".
In the Shadow Tarot, Sirius is called the Priest of Quantum space/time and the Abyss, instead of Bran the Blessed.

The Star Sirius, is seen by the ancients as the "Guardian of the visible horizon and of the solstices"; translating easily into "Guardian of the Graäl".  If you look at the constellation  Canis Major, "The Great Dog", you'll view the brightest star in the heavens, Sirius.
From this area of the sky, the Nommo, of the Dogon legends, and the bringers of the alien "angel" DNA that once mated to the ovum of the "women of men" (biblical), created the modern "homo-sapiens". So again, we refer to a "Space Yoni" and/or "Super-Natural Yoni" (the Abyss), as the Nommo (Sumerian-Annunaki) were from "other than earth natural" manifestation and from the Abyss.

Since no male of our species impregnated this "Super-Natural Yoni", (laboratory impregnation in test tubes). The Goddess of the Supernatural Yoni, was always seen as a Virgin Goddess. I find all of this a fascinating study of ancient imagery, but it all could be boring to the uninterested, so I shall forge on with Sirius.

The worship of Sirius began in Egypt at about 3285 BCE, when the star's rising began in the month of Thoth, the summer solstice, marking the new year.
In the temple city of Denderah, of Egyptian zodiacal fame,
Sirius, was honored as the resting place of the soul of the goddess, Isis-Sothis (The Nile Star or Serpent' tooth).
Now I could go on and on about the ancient Yoni symbols of the long past, but suffice to say, the ancients believed we are of a mating of aliens from the Abyss of Sirius space and mammalian earth.                                           

The Celestial Dog, Sirius, heralded the heat of summer, that in desert countries, often brought on madness which was blamed on the heat of the Dog Star during its "unhealthy season". Conversely, Sirius in opposition to the Sun, was seen to produce the cold of winter. This sign of "The Heavenly Wolf" was also seen negativity as a potent of attacks from thieves.
In The Shadow Tarot, Sirius is called upon as Anpu (Egyptian) or Anubis (Greek), "Guardian of the Visible Horizon and of the Solstices", as Cerebus, "Guardian of Hell" (Hel-a Norse Goddess of Winter), as Sekhmet," The Flaming Eye", "Lady of Slaughter" and/or as the thrice-great Trismegistos, "The Three-Lobed Burning Eye".  All of which refer to Sirius. One can summon the "electromagetic intelligence" of Sirius by using:
  1. The magical image: of a snake, a raven or a dark man.
  2. Magical Tokens: Black stones, onyx, jet, and the herbs, henbane, comfery and tongue of frog.
  3. The magical influence: is the ability to find what is hidden.

In a reading or divination, the card Sirius, depicts a personality of a mature male, who is faithful, honorable, devote, passionate, a custodian and curator, a guardian, a person of great wealth, honor and renown.

When the Knight of Cups or The Shadow Tarot, Sirius is Thrown during a reading, it implies:
  • Issues of loyalty to family and relationships
  • A time of giving totally and openly to others.
  • Listening to impulses and intuition, often being guided by instincts.
  • The querent is a counselor or caregiver. Psychologist of Priests who is creative and imaginative.
  • The discipline to suppress his dreams in order to achieve success, believing responsibility comes before self-expression.
  • A mastery of emotions that allows one to change their moods at will.
  • Good-natured, compassionate, merciful and jovial mature male who doesn't let his feelings control him.
  • Skillful negotiator of the emotional roller coaster of life showing mastery of fear, and passion.
  • Ignoring fleeting desires for the more fulfilling higher goals of group and/or spiritual work.
  • This card often represents  a fair man of business,law, or divinity who is responsible and disposed to oblige the Querent. 
  • A person of good nature, often mature, and is compassionate, merciful but doesn't let his kindly feelings control him or carry him away on some jaunt of emotional excess.
  •  Currents run deep in this person, who has considerable inner strength but works this strength through gentleness rather than overt acts of will.
  • The Knight of Cups represents a quality of irresistible force underlying a calm surf
  • In a more esoteric meaning; the Querent is listening to their own conscience and trusting to their  impulses while being guided by their instincts and intuition.
  • This is the Spirit of Water, that establishes emotions of love and relationships in a gentle and sensitive way. 
  • The Knight of Cups often represents the Querent who is a counselor, priest, or a psychologist. A creative and imaginative spiritual counselor.
 When ill defined, there is a tendency to not be enduring when the person acts in swift passionate attacks, likened to springs and rains which are the power of solution.
  • There is a certain passive amiability that lacks material depth in his character---quick to respond to attraction that results in a type of shallowness.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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