The Shadow Series, Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Knight of Swords & The Shadow Tarot, Priest of the Dark Energy at the Event Horizon
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Queen of Cups & The Legends Tarot-Queen of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Knight of Cups & The Legends Tarot- King of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

The Shadow Series, Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Knight of Swords & The Shadow Tarot, Priest of the Dark Energy at the Event Horizon

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Knight of Swords: Represents, Mastery of Passionate Thinking and Intentionality.

By now many of my readers know that the
Court Cards represent personality Archetypes. In the book: TAROT-Dictionary and Compendium, Jana Riley describes Archetypes: "The original Archetype was a thought in the Mind of God-male and female. The Supreme Mind became enamored with this thought and created life in Its image by the friction of Its Word-or by the motion of Its sound. This caused the Universe to divide into ordered strata, and because creation is within the Mind of God, everything is a model or a copy of the original pattern, which is God."
But it goes even more individual than that, for as the "Children of the Divine Creative", we are the inheritors of all that is our Divine Parents. Therefore the phenomena that is I AM, (existence), is a copy for most things, but for us, is merely a foundation from which we can we please ourselves to be! Thus, the I AM, creates the phenom Me, out of freedom to choose identity. This is most often a combination of Archetypes, that produces something so totally unique, that we can call it an individual. However, these combined "fragments" of archetypes, can come "unglued" or un-assembled by doubting our Self value.

So I stand "upon the apple box" and give oratory to the Mass, "Stop doubting, and look deep within, you are good enough for the Divine Creative to give you it's Mind and all the Archetypes to build from; you are after all, it's Image! Experiment, for only you can be freely you! Follow your own inner star and wield the sword of mind, and the dagger of Imagination, with determined intent! Yell,'I AM ME and then go about creating your own definition, for that is the only one the Divine will hold you to!"

The court cards are pictures of 16 different personality types. Eight proven by Carl Jung, and later 8 more by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers who devised the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI) which is the most accurate tool used by counseling centers around the world. Proving once again the Ancient Wisdom of the Tarot.

The Knight of Swords is seen to be flying over water. In alchemy, elemental air is associated with the Mind and elemental Water is emotionality/imagination. This combination of air and water represents  passionate thinking.Three swallows represent the union of mind and heart with all action proceeding in united direction. This serves to remind us that focus, will, and intention must be aligned to achieve any goal.

The dagger in the left hand and the sword in the right hand, represent yin/yang, (feminine/masculine) forces of  One energy. Female is magnetic force and male is electric force, both must be combined to create a balanced unity called life.

Four wings, are four directions, north, south, east and west; each represent four levels of conscious: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

The six pointed star at the center of the wings, symbolizes illumined clarity and spiritual guidance.  Golden armor represents powerful fluid thinking.
To reiterate, Chokmah is the beginning state of conscious energy that is masculine in action. Chokmah is the "idea of male" and it's mate, Binah, is the "idea of Female".  Now we have the concepts of Father-Mother God.
Chokmah being the 2nd Sephira, called---Wisdom, is also the Force behind the four twos and the four Knights .
The twos symbolize the Forces of the King, who are Knights, and the four Queens uniting and initializing the Forces. The Knight-Kings are the Fathers of and initiators of Material Forces.

THE Qabalistic Thoth KNIGHT OF SWORDS:
is also known  as Lord of Winds and Breezes. King of the Elemental Spirits of the Air; the Sylphs and Sylphides.

The Knight represents a very Strong masculine mental force whose zodiacal attributes are the last Decan of Taurus and the first two Decans of Gemini. Here we have Specific Fire in Primal Air that is the personification of a Force behind the World of Astral Images and ideas (images and ideas belong to the Feminine). 
This mental Power is violent, aggressive, and a cutting edged force that is much like an overheated wind. He is storm and violent emotion applied to an apparently manageable mind.

The symbols of this Mad Movement, is depicted in the art of the Knight of Swords, as his maddened steed is charging down from the heavens, with tempest about, and armed with both sword and poniard (which is also the "twins of Gemini"), he is the very personification of the idea of attack. The Bull like power of Taurus is represented in his steed and the Twins of Gemini are shown in his armament of sword and poniard. The Astrological sign of Gemini is often accused of being the combination of "good twin and bad twin".

The crest on his Helm is a revolving wing, showing violent motion in air, much like a helicopter beats the air into submission.
Such a character, if personal, would be that of a person who is clever, skillful, active and subtle. Being that he is fierce, delicate, and courageous, much like a Helicopter or Dragon Fly, does not keep him from being prey to his ideas which come as inspiration without consideration.

All of this changes when this card is ill dignified. If such occurs, he is incapable of decisions or purpose,  and any action he takes is so weakened by his mental indecision that it is easily brushed aside by opposition. Often we find, that inadequate violent action is merely futile effort at best.

However we choose to dignify this Knight, he is the "Extended Flame of mind" as Zoroaster calls it. Here the True Will To Force, as Chokmah, the 2 Sephira-Wisdom, is exploding the Mind.  The Taurian influence, makes it steadfast and the first Decanate of Gemini makes it inspirational; therefore an Idea tends to absorb the entire life of the individual in the blinding light of concentrated  aspiration. Thus is shown the danger to this state of mind, for the first Decan is also known as "shortened force" and  that shortened force is symbolized by the poniard. Shortened force often comes off as defensive and stubborn behavior which is a direct result of yin/yang imbalance.
The Shadow Tarot choose to use Stars or Constellations to describe the Personality Archetypes.  The comparable Shadow card to the Day side Thoth Knight of Swords is therefore Pleiades.
Often called the "Seven Sisters".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
This article is about the star cluster. For other uses of Pleiades or Pléiades, see Pleiades (disambiguation).‹ The template Infobox open cluster is being considered for merging. ›A color-composite image of the Pleiades from the Digitized Sky Survey
Credit: NASA/ESA/AURA/CaltechTaurus3 47 24+24° 7′444 ly on average (136.2±1.2 pc)1.6110' (arcmin.)M45, Seven Sisters,Melotte 22See also: Open clusterList of open clustersIn astronomy, the Pleiades (/ˈpl.ədz/ or /ˈpl.ədz/), or Seven Sisters (Messier 45 or M45), is an open star cluster containing middle-aged hot B-type stars located in the constellation of Taurus. It is among the nearest star clusters to Earth and is the cluster most obvious to the naked eye in the night sky. The celestial entity has several meanings in different cultures and traditions.The cluster is dominated by hot blue and extremely luminous stars that have formed within the last 100 million years. Dust that forms a faint reflection nebulosity around the brightest stars was thought at first to be left over from the formation of the cluster (hence the alternative name Maia Nebula after the star Maia), but is now known to be an unrelated dust cloud in the interstellar medium, through which the stars are currently passing. Computer simulations have shown that the Pleiades was probably formed from a compact configuration that resembled the Orion Nebula. Astronomers estimate that the cluster will survive for about another 250 million years, after which it will disperse due to gravitational interactions with its galactic neighborhood.

According to Linda Falorio, the author of The Shadow Tarot,  the Pleiades card represents the "Demons of dark Energy at the Event Horizon". "The rites of Pleiades/Atlantis ruled by Demons of the South-West & North-East, Denizens of Dark Energy at the Event Horizon."  She explains that this is where the entities of Dark Matter come through the spaces between the stars to penetrate the human life-wave via Dark Energy, and the Event Horizon to manifest the Atlantean red rites, Lemurian rites (land of Mu), the Necronomicon and Lovecraftian Magick, "giving rise to the White Goddess of Indian cults".

Wow!  She is obviously trying to show the Awe of entering the Divine Collective Unconscious of this Universe. But sadly, we are the Demonic entities/children of the Dark Energy/Dark Matter, Divine Creative and any entities we meet, are family of the dark. We've entered this Universe through the "Gateway" that is  represented as Daath, the Qabalisitic design of the "Supreme Being", The Tree of Life. Daath is called "Knowledge" and is called the "invisible Serphiroth", because it is an "Event Horizon" or Dark Hole, that resides in the Abyss, into another parallel Universe.
We are the Daemons (Greek for God-Men) that came into this sensual Universe ("angels that married the women of men..."), to learn what we couldn't on the "other side of the Mirror" and/or Dark Side.  We need to witness mortality, and the mortal concerns.

As the Psyche Inheritors of this Universe, we best know what we are doing. We are born of the Divine Creative's Knowledge that it lacked discrimination of thought and that this lack of discrimination destroyed the Universe of Light, at least 3 times (according to Hindu knowledge). So the Divine sent its "Sons and Daughters", into the "Light".

The "Horns of Mercury" connect  Daath/Gnosis (Gnosis is Greek for Knowledge), with the Divine Creative-Feminine and Masculine because the Swift Energy of Communication, Knowledge, began through the Androgynous Womb of Daath. The Horns are the Crescent representation of the Divine Feminine, "Will to Form". You may recall from past blogs, that the sign of Mercury covers the entire Qabalistic Tree of Life, except for the First Sephira, Kether/Crown or the Point, a Qabalisitc representation of the "Singularity" that began from "no-thing". In other words before the "Multi-Verse" was born.

In pure Mind any thought will do, in the realm of "living-Mortal-Being", many thoughts are destructive. Only through the "Witness" of sensual living form, can we know what is detrimental to life, and what thoughts expand and liberate it.  I AM Knowledge made manifest, I AM ME. The phenomena of being, is now ours to consider. We now no longer exist, we now live.

  Freedom to choose Self identity is either Blessing or curse, depending how you use your belief system seeks to either support or flagellate your "human" (Hu-god in Chinese, Man-mind in Hindu), or God-Mind form that is the Representative of your psyche in this world of sensual material being. Discrimination and diversity is why you have freedom of choice; to choose to be whatever you imagine yourself to be can only work if there are millions of ways to do this . Through us, a chaos of possibilities, does the Divine Creative seek to find the end of the entropic destruction of the Universal Self. You have great purpose. To define thoughts that promote "To be or not to be...".
So get over yourself and get on with You, for impeccability is what we do!
But I digress, so to continue on with the explanation of Pleiades.
The Ancient Egyptians knew the Pleiades as "The Divine Mother and Lady of Heaven", the Goddess Nuit.  Many of the Native American nations knew the Pleiades as the "Ancestor of Women", believing that all North American native tribes came from the Pleiades. Other names for the Pleiades are  "The Sparkling suns" or "Home of the black Gods". We are the "Nephilim" or the "Black Gods".

Born of alien "supernatural" and earth natural DNA manipulation, we are the most "Beautiful Monsters" in the Universe.  We are the Knights of Swords/Kings of Mind.
One skries The Shadow Tarot -Pleiades, to open their mind to this Archetype.
The magical devices for the Altar of Skrying, are:

  1. A magical image of a virgin or lamp.
  2. The Sylphs, spirits of air, are the magical influence.
  3. Crystals, frankincense, fennel and quick silver (mercury) are the magical tokens.

The querent is or may be experiencing:

  •  The Will to transcend.
  • An analytical period, where the power of idea and motion come into play.
  • Letting go of old beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve the motion of the individual..
  • Is a person of tough- minded common sense that is usually based on preconception and prejudice.
  • The arrogance of a powerful mind turn on itself in its own desire for control.
  • tends to judge harshly but with scrupulous fairness.
  • a lawyer, senator or doctor.
  • Mastery of creativity and confusion, as he sees new points of view,while brainstorming new thoughts that vent the mind.
  • Intellectual,and mental prowess whose only emotion is to control.
  • A strong personality of fiery emotion and powerful thought.   
  • A passionate thinker and/or stubborn and defensive.
  • A mature male who is in possession of a cutting- edge mind promotes creative control and will.
  • Often involves matters of justice, discipline, civic and personal order. Or that the querent is involved with such a male.
  • As always, there is greater depth to this card than can be explained in a short text so for further information and/or a personal appointment, call Eli @ 253-324-6037 or email <>
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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