The Shadow Series, Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth 4 of Disks/Power & The Shadow Tarot , 4 of Worm Holes and Radioactive Neutron Stars/ Gremory
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

The Shadow Series, Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth 4 of Disks/Power & The Shadow Tarot , 4 of Worm Holes and Radioactive Neutron Stars/ Gremory

The Tarot of EliThe THOTH FOUR OF DISKS: Power
[Pentacles in other decks]
...condition of assured material gain, and earthly power completed but nothing beyond. (Waite).

Here we have a fortress made by the grounding of Chesed (mercy) in Assiah, the Material world. Held by constant authority and vigilance, a type of Law and order holds the Four Alchemical Elements in balance.

Air (mind), Water (emotions), Fire (Spirit) and Earth, are all centered around material security and in doing so "nothing ventured, nothing gained", becomes a problem of stasis. However, in the future, stasis will be removed by the Greater Spiritual Self (A Tower Moment) to keep things moving.   But for now things look under control and sitting back and enjoying material security seems justified. Here we  also have gift, legacy and inheritance.

Astrologically we have Sun in Capricorn which assures the light and warmth of success but nothing beyond the moment.
The Thoth 4 of Disks is representative of the Rational Mind in total control of creative energy for material wealth; boundaries against change are erected and the illusion of security is enjoyed. 

Now this feeling of benevolent strength, is indeed wonderful but we must also invest in the motion of wealth and send it into prosperity, as prosperity is spreading your wealth around by spending it; as flowers do seeds, being flexible with your wealth is recommended for a fruitful future.  Therefore, this card reminds us that damming a river can secure water, but if we don't leave room for flow, we stifle the prosperity all around us for a false sense of security. This stifling of flow easily becomes Avarice and blockages of thought, empathy and in-action shall naturally follow from excessive devotion to materialistic rewards. 

However, if the drawbridge of our mind, (seen on card) is open for "outside" traffic we can make something tangible and take concrete steps towards creating security in the physical world that actually enhances that security for others as well. 

So when all is examined, the Thoth 4 of Disks card represents a positive with a caveat of caution ; a kind of  " good for you", that can only keep being good if you expand it to "good for others" as well.  Therefore the draw bridge is down and the gate open on this Lady Freda Harris illustration of the Thoth 4-of Disks, for we must allow flowing change in order to really stay Secure in our power.

Blog followers know by now that the 4th Sephira-Chesed/Mercy (the blue circle) is the  architect  of the Supernal (upper triangle on the Tree of Life) whose intelligence externalizes the combined potent forces of the upper Trinity. Chesed is the administrator of manifestation and the laws there of.
The Thoth 4 of Disks (Pentacles in Ryder-Waite decks)  is the most complete expression of the grounded Chesed forces.  As stated, this card shows the influence of Chesed in the material world, or the World of Assiah, as our material world is called in the Qabalah.
The Four of Disks -Power, is also called the Lord of Earthly Power, by A. Crowley. The Angels of the Decan are Keveqiah and Mendial. The planet is the Sun and here it is in Capricorn.

The illustration of the 4 of Disks suggests a fortress implying law and order maintained by undaunted vigilance. 
The Disks themselves, are square implying that revolving or motion, is opposite to this card. However, another form of Chesed is in the Key 13 card of the Major Arcana, and it is the Death of stability, so that revolution can continue, 1+3=4, so the number of Chesed lays hidden in gematria/numerology.  The Engineer of manifestation, has the power to reorganize it through a process we call Death.
The Four square disks each  contain one of  the symbols for the four elements and the walls are strong and seemingly immobile. Yet we have the Sun reborn in Capricorn so new powerful activity is present, and this activity is best shown as the Dancing Skeleton of key 13. What hints at underlying power in the 4 of disks Tarot Card is the orange-yellow Sun-color of the card.

Like the eye of a hurricane, The Four of Disks is the "Dead Center" of the Engineer of all manifestation. Here at the center, everything looks quite and stable, but violent activity is in the making, so soon that stability will "fly to the winds". Capricorn is the center "where the Sun turns Northward." So the turning is happening in what looks to be stable.
The Shadow Tarot, 4 of Worm Holes and Radioactive Neutron Stars/ Gremory, issubtitled, "Power, Spiritual Leadership".

Cremory is the 56th spirit as Solomon (Sun of On) has bound them. This strong Duke of Hell appears as a beautiful woman, with the duchess crown tied around her waist and riding a camel.

There is not a lot of information other than that above about this Christian demonic creation. The use of the sigil of Gremory, is supposed to summon this demon, who then gives the abilities to find treasures, and procure the love of women, both young and old.  What I find interesting about this superstitious creation of the mysogenic, is that the English word Camel, is Gimel in Qabalistic Hebrew. Gimel is the path of the Major Arcana Thoth Card, THE HIGH PRIESTESS (see past blogs), who escorts the initiate across the abyss, like a camel carries one across the desert. What is even more interesting, is that the Shadow side of Gremory is the called the demon Samigina/Gamigin:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  (Redirected from Samigina) Occult portal Gamigin is the fourth Goetic demon described in the Lesser Key of Solomon (referred to in the Crowley/Mathers edition as Samigina), and (as Gamygyn) forty-sixth in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, in both works as a marquis who initially takes the form of a small horse before transforming into a hoarse-voiced human. The Lesser Key of Solomon merely leaves his duties at teaching liberal arts and giving accounts of souls that died in sin. The Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, Thomas Rudd's variant of the Ars Goetia, and the Dictionnaire Infernal, however, go into more detail, with Gamigin forcing the souls of those who drowned into "airy bodies" to answer questions in either, with Weyer and de Plancy further claiming that Gamigan can do likewise for souls "which dwell in purgatorie (which is called Cartagra, that is, affliction of soules)". According to Rudd, Gamigin is opposed by the Shemhamphorasch angel Ieuiah.References[edit]
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The Abyss, isalso known as purgatory to some. For it is the "sea of lost souls", who have not made it across the abyss after death.  I'll let the reader decide the veracity of this fear based demonic creation. I for one, find all of this a bit silly, as the Divine Creative, has given us all the "Powers" of these so-called demons. As we are Nefillim, or "children of fallen angels"  which is what the word demon implies, then I guess all that is Daemon, Daimon, or Demon, is us. Then of course, that means that all that is Angel, is us as well.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see 
This article 
possibly contains original research
. This article 
needs additional citations for verification
. This article 
has an unclear citation style
, by 
, 1892A 
 (from Koine Greek δαιμόνιον 
daimonion), or fiend is a supernatural, often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, mythology and folklore.

The original Greek word daimon does not carry the negative connotation initially understood by implementation of the Koine δαιμόνιον (daimonion), and later ascribed to any cognate words sharing the root. In Ancient Near Eastern religions as well as in the Abrahamic traditions, including ancient and medieval Christian demonology, a demon is considered an unclean spirit, a fallen angel, or a spirit of unknown type which may cause demonic possession, calling for an exorcism. In Western occultism and Renaissance magic, which grew out of an amalgamation of Greco-Roman magic, Jewish Aggadah and Christian demonology, a demon is believed to be a spiritual entity that may be conjured and controlled.

The greatest demon/daemon
seems to be the imagination, which is female in nature as it is the producer of "Thought Form" (therefore a prime target of dissension to the Patriarch based religions and governments). If "your" imagination (It's not really yours-you are imagined!) is under the will of the animal survival mind's fear based survival thinking (Eat before being eaten) then demons/fear of the imagination shall indeed "posses" you.

However, like all great power, the Imagination under the auspices of "fearless" thinking, becomes the Greatest Good (Good is God with two 0's).  For all form, from Quark to the Galactic Universe are imagined. Besides, the "fall of mankind from grace", according to the Christians, was because of Knowledge (...ate of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge"/Tree of Life) which dispels all superstition and thus religions; another reason for "controlling it" via indoctrination, which supplies the fear based imagined identity for you. 

Imagination is "I AM", the name of the Divine Creative. "Me" is the Self-Awareness of this Imagination, that is under the "Will" (Spirit)/Psyche", that is represented by The Magus Thoth Card, Key 1 of the Major Arcana. Again it is apparent, that the Qabalistic axiom, "Above all things, know thyself", which, is Knowledge of Self, is an obvious bad "no-no" of fundamentalist religions, who wish "yourself" to belong to them.  Freedom of choice, really means, Freedom of Self. For as the Buddhist/ and the Tao are fond of saying, Self is all there is and all that you will ever know.

When the Thoth Four of Disks or The Shadow Tarot/ Gremory is thrown during a reading:.
  • The querent is owning their own personal energy, physical potency and vitality. The very act of which proceeds change.
  • There may be a feeling of holding on tightly to what one has, emotionally or physically.
  • The enfoldment of Power, Here the Ability to Do Work (Power) is unfettered and the engineer is active.
  • The querent is taking solid steps towards creating material security in the physical world.
  • Here, "nothing ventured nothing gain" is the axiom of the Four. Holding too tightly to what you have, and not taking risks of that sponsor change.
  • Blockage of creative thought due to avarice, or excessive devotion to material things.
 Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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