Tarot Card Comparisons: The Babylonia Tarot-key1/The Magician-EA & The Thoth Tarot key-1-Magus
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Babylonia Tarot-key1/The Magician-EA & The Thoth Tarot key-1-Magus

The Tarot of EliIn the Whole of the Tarot itself, has been called since the time of Levi,  the Book of Thoth.

In the Thoth Deck, The first Key, The Magician, is called the Magus. In most decks the magician sports the wand of Mercury, the Caduceus, which encompasses the whole of the Sephiroth, except Kether, on the Tree of Life. The Magician is the Qabalistic Path of Beth, on the Tree.  Beth, meaning "house, and the Magician represents the original house/dwelling place of the Supreme One Spirit Identity, which is represented by the O-Fool card. The Magus is the Fool descending towards dense manifestation.
The first matter of the Alchemists was called the Philosophic Mercury, the first in creation, the beginning of the beginning. The Thoth and Babylonian Magician card also represents the opposites of life and death, because to create the beginning, an end must also be created. So without the energy of the Magician/Magus, there would be no life or death, beginning or end. The Figure eight (lemniscus; Greek for "ribbon") of the Serpent crowning the Thoth Magus head, represents this unbroken cycle of form and energy in this universe.

Uses the illustrations sacred to the ancient Sumerians. The Sumerian, Enki was the Babylonian EA and was "Lord of the Earth". Being both King of the Underworld and Lord of the Waters, he was as the Thoth Magus, both Life and Death. His ram headed Wand, shows his "Ram-like" power and the planetary symbol of Mercury is shown on the lower right of the card.

Being the son of the sky god Anu (Kether- on the Tree of Life)
and the primal sea goddess Nammu (Binah-on the Tree of Life), EA's domain was called Apsu; the freshwater abyss that was thought to surround the earth and supply all the waters of springs and rivers. Being that he was the main divinity of all the waters, and that water was the source of all fertility, great abundances and most treasured, EA was known also as a great friend to humanity, giver of wisdom (made man out of clay etc.) and protector of man kind who shielded the human races from those gods who wished them harm.  In the story of Atrahasis, EA helped mankind escape the Great Flood (long before the Noah legend).
EA had many titles:
  1. He was called Nudimmud, "One who creates".
  2. Also, nissiku, "far sighted".
  3. "Lord of Wisdom"
  4. "Maker of fire".
  5. "Sage of the gods".
  6. "Lord of incantation", which links The Magician Card to Words, and Hermes, just as in the Thoth Magus.
In the Sumerian story of "Enki and the World Order", the god of wisdom organizes every aspect of the civilized world by delegating responsibilities for irrigation, fishing, agriculture, weaving, and most other occupations to the various other gods.

The Life energy of the Universe is directed by the Magician/Magus  as step 1 in the evolution of Matter. He is called the Transparent Intelligence which is both the Transmitter and the Transmitted, i.e. The Mirror of which He is both sides; the Message and the Messenger.

The Magus tells us that when the One Energy is transmitted it became primal matter, which is the interaction of Kether, Chokma, Binah transmitted through Daath (invisible Sephiroth,i.e. Transparent Intelligence) who is not the Creator itself but the bearer of the Creators Will. This primal matter is also shown in The Babylonian Tarot illustration as water (Transparent Intelligence) and fish that are springing from EA's shoulders. Fish, in the Gnosis, Alchemy and the Qaballah, is the symbol for the "first matter" and/or Thought.

Therefor both The Babylonian and Thoth Deck Magus are  representatives of Hermes (Greek), Mercury (Roman) and Thoth (Egyptian), and EA (Babylonian) who all are the same deity. This Deity was associated with words, because a messenger ( Babylonian "sage of the gods") must clearly state the cause of the one who sent him. However, these Words are vibrational sound and not necessarily any spoken language. Therefore, The Magician/Magus transmits the Idea of Self Creation from the One from above, the Words of the magician/Magus are how the Intelligence of the Sephirotic will is transmitted (In Babylonian Tarot the Will of Anu is transmitted through EA).

A word is an intelligence-laden vibration and the idea of the Magician/Magus is the first vibration through which the One Spirit begins manifestation. This vibration encloses the Spirit and the All of Creation (or is the "waters encircling the earth"). As shown by the two different symbols on the illustration of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, The Caduceus, encompassing the Four Worlds of Qaballah and the Sephiroth on the Planetary symbol.

All created wills are but reflections of the Will that is the Magician/Magus.

A true Qabalistic Magus must allow the Primal will to operate through him or her, utilizing all senses. By doing so the control of the senses by the survival mind of good/and bad is overcome with the greater will of the One.
In the Thoth Deck Card, the Magic Wand of the Magician shown in other cards, is the Magus himself. Giving us insight into a unseen Truth. The wand has no power, it just focuses the Will-Power of the One who wields it! The Transmitter and the Transmitted.

 Since the Qabalistic Path of Beth (The Magus) is between Kether (Crown) and Binah (Understanding) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, this "middle ground" makes it the transition (Phallus) path of the One undefined Energy, and the Great Organizer, Binah. Thus, the relationship that establishes the  meaning of House, that is the "dwelling place' (Womb) where Spirit resides before "falling" into manifestation.

It is therefore appropriate to call the Magus "that which builds the House",(or in the Babylonian EA's Case, "that which builds the Waters") in other words, the Magus directs and encloses the  One Spirit (Spiral energy-Vital Life Force) which is symbolized by THE FOOL tarot card.
The Supernal Triangle (Kether, Chokmah and Binah), is represented by Tarot Cards whose activities are only separated by a degree or less. Thus, the Aspects of the Magus/Magician and the Fool are closely linked. For those who wish a glaring example of this "degree of Separation" it is about as much as the Testes and Phallus are separated in a human male, albeit the One Great Being (Note* to a Qabalist a "Being" is an Immortal Intelligent Energy" or a god such as EA to Babylonians).

Scholars of the first five books of the Bible (the Pentateuch), point out that the letter Beth is the First letter, as the book of Genesis begins with "Bereshith", commonly translated as "in the beginning". Interestingly, Fabre d'Olivet translated Bereshith as meaning "At First, in principle", knowing that Beth symbolizes the "Beginning of the Beginning"; The Will of the One. Thus, it is the First Matter of the Alchemist, the Philosophic Mercury and or "First Principle", also represented on The Magician of the Babylonian Tarot as Fish.  Because to create a beginning one must create an end, the Magus also represents the key polarities of creation, Life and Death. As stated this process is indicated by the figure eight that is lying on its side (lemniscus) and/ or Uroboros, the serpent that eats its own tale; as both represent the closed circle of One Energy, begun by the number One -Beth, acting on the Zero-Aleph, THE FOOL. The Lemniscus symbolizes the Act of Turning upon oneself as a Twisting or Spiraling-Thus creating Male and Female infinite circles of Force in the ONE Energy. Because there is no Action in the Crown, until "Will" disturbs it! Thus the Magus chant of ," I am the will . I am the way. I am the wealth, I own the Day" is most apropos to this Magician/Magus card.
[For an entertaining story of the first relationship between the letters Aleph and Beth,  i would suggest one reads the  Zohar, a Qabalistic text.]

However, even though the  Magician/Magus is associated with Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, it is not all active. In fact, it is both active and passive (just as Water), as it is both that which Transmits and that which is Transmitted ( A phallus, represented by the Magicians wand). The Magician/ Magus represents both the One Life Energy which when transmitted becomes the Prima Materia (First Matter).

Here an understanding of the fact that the Magus (Mercury) is the "message bearer" of the Gods, meaning he is not Himself the Creator, only the bearer of The Divine Creative's Will. The ejaculatory, if you will. (The whole Supernal Triangle is the action of the Divine Phallus and Womb or Chokmah And Binah or the Babylonian Anu and Nammu). The Wand in The Magician's hand (Babylonian Deck) symbolizes this "phallic action", showing that the Magick is merely the Transmitted will of the Greater Being that is the Supernal Triangle or Trinity. ( Transmitted Will is shown as a bird in the Sumerian Clay Tablet image).

 The Babylonian EA, Roman  Mercury, are also the Greek Hermes and the Egyptian- Thoth, all represent the same deity, the amalgamation of their qualities having become inseparable in modern esoteric literature.

The Greek-Hermes, as was the Babylonian EA, was always associated with words, this makes sense as a messenger must simply state the cause of the one who has sent him. Then there is the Ibis headed Egyptian-Thoth, who reportedly created the Hieroglyphs, developing the necessary means by which a message could be transmitted and recorded. The companion of Thoth, was shown as a dog-headed Ape (Cynocephalus), representing words themselves and their potential for deception and misunderstanding. Thus, we have Cynocephalus, included in the Thoth Deck card, laying at the feet of the Magus.

Not only do words affect the Will, as cause and effect, but they also transmit ideas from person to person in the same way that the Magus/Magician  transmits the idea of Self-Creation of the One -Kether. The Transmitted idea, from The Magus/Magician, Fertilizes the ONE Womb,(Understanding) Great Mother Binah or Great Ocean Mother.  Just as words fertilize Consciousness! Thus the power of Words, is about stimulating the birthing of unconscious ideas into conscious images of understanding, by the Power of Expression, but not necessarily the Truth of Creation, for that Must Be Made Manifest (THE HIGH PRIESTESS)!

When the Thoth Tarot -Magus or The Babylonian Tarot-Magician/EA cards are thrown during a divination, they imply:

  • The act of experience.
  • Invocation.
  • Willful direction of organized thought.
  • Ideas/thought becoming manifest.
  • Willful strength
  • Mastery, skill, wisdom, intelligence, adaption, dexterity, self determination.
  • Autonomy.
  • The ability to control one's environment.
If ill defined,
  • Diplomacy and Trickery.
  • Lack of scruples
  • Abuse of power.
  • Controlled by outside forces.
  • Weak willed, indecisive, timid.

For a private Thoth Deck Tarot card reading, email me [info@eli-lsmerchantile.com]. Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and

2 Comments to Tarot Card Comparisons: The Babylonia Tarot-key1/The Magician-EA & The Thoth Tarot key-1-Magus:

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Adrian Campbell on Wednesday, March 02, 2016 3:05 PM
Hello - I've read, experienced, meditated, contemplated, researched, and learned a lot through my life regarding all things generally categorized into meta-physical or mystical/ism categories. and wanted to tell you I appreciate just how well put together your page is. - it's almost refreshing to find something like it on the web.
Reply to comment
Eli on Thursday, March 03, 2016 10:51 AM
Thank you, your comments are greatly appreciated. I hope to continue to refresh, for the Knowledge of the Divine Collective belongs to us all. May you live long and prosper.

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