Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 5, THE HIEROPHANT & The Babylonian Tarot, Key 5, THE HIEROPHANT/NABU
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Queen of Cups & The Legends Tarot-Queen of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Knight of Cups & The Legends Tarot- King of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 5, THE HIEROPHANT & The Babylonian Tarot, Key 5, THE HIEROPHANT/NABU

The Tarot of EliIn the Qabalistic Tarot of Thoth, between the Macrocosm [Macroprosopus] and the Microcosm [Microprosopus] stands the Hierophant Key 5-which is the Eternal Intelligence.

The Hebrew word Vau means nail or hook, which is appropriate as the Eternal Intelligence fixes the process of absolute revelation; it is the foundation, the base of experience between the Supreme Spiritual Self and the Ego of Tiphareth, of which memory is considered as one aspect.

All that we are is forever woven to the Divine Spirit (The Spirit/Psyche of The Universal Divine Collective Unconscious) by the binding Eternal Intelligence that is the Hierophant. The Hierophant links the "As above, so below"; the Sun and the Moon.

The Golden Dawn describes the Hierophant as "The Zodiac acting through Taurus upon Jupiter", thus making this card a powerfully masculine Path upon which the Chariot, which carries the soul across the abyss, travels this celestial rode that is the Path of Vau. 

As all of you who follow my blog know, I have mentioned and examined the Thoth Deck Tarot in many ways. Not because of confusion, but because of the Multidimensional nature of the  Energy Intelligence their images represent.  The Hierophant links the Great Universe with manifestation which alone requires books of explanation.

What surprises many students is the knowledge that the Hierophant is not just a teacher but the ONLY TEACHER! He is the "Magus of the Eternal" (The "Inner Teacher"). The Thoth Deck Hierophant does great justice to this concept as it is so full of symbol students will write essays for centuries.

You will notice that in the Crowley/Harris representation of this card, there is a pentagram on the Hierophant's chest that encloses a Child.
  1. The Pentagram is the symbol of the "ascended man", it represents the union  of Air, Earth, Fire, Water and the Spirit.
  2. The Child within represents the Child Horus; the enlightened human persona of the future.
  3. The figure of the Hierophant is that of a Titan.
  4.  And below him is the feminine figure of "The Scarlet Woman"--the Red/Dark Moon.
  5. Around him are the corners of this card are the Elemental Kerubim who symbolize the primordial elements of Kether which pass down  to Chokmah as the Spheres of the Zodiac that is now grounded in manifestation.
  6. The three ringed Key in his hand represents the Aeon of Isis, Osiris and Horus.
There is so much meaning  here that great study is required. Leave it to say, that the Hierophant is the administrator of the duality which emerges with Chokmah as it is structured by Binah, and which begins as manifestation below the Abyss as Chessed and is thus related to Tiphareth (The Child Horus- The new Aeon) who is the central point of manifestation. The Hierophant is  The Great Teacher who also learns by teaching, therefore teaching is part of the study here.

The window behind his head is the passageway for manifest spirit between Macrocosm and Microcosm. If you wish to  be enlightened by the Teaching Intelligence of the Great Universal Self----meditate on this card! 

As stated, the HIEROPHANT is the administrator of the Yin Yang duality which emerges with Chokmah, is formed by Binah, and which begins as manifestation below the Abyss in Chesed.

The Babylonian Tarot, Hierophant/Nabu (Nebo in the Bible) was a Sumerian/Babylonian scribe god (shown by the Papyri scrolls beside his head) and patron of writing (like the Egyptian Thoth), a role that, due to the rise of Patriarch religion, he took over from the goddess Nisaba.  As we all know, much writing passes on knowledge, therefore, Nabu became a god of wisdom and intelligence, joining Ea and Marduk .

Nabu was said to engrave the future of every human being on the Tablet of Destiny (Akashic/Soul records), according to the decree of the gods (according to how we, the gods of our own destiny, define ourselves).  He is an all-knowing god/Hierophant who embodies the Wisdom ( linking him to Chokmah on the Qabalistic Tree of Life) of the gods, and thereby "pronounces the fate of each human being". He was also known as the "lord of divination",(of which Tarot is a method) and patron of science, learning and all knowledge. His temple is called " house of the scepter of the World". Nabu was considered a Divine Priest of the gods, who was benevolent towards human beings. Making this card most appropriate for explaining the Hierophantic Intelligence.

Crowley's Thoth Deck card is considered one of the most important in Tarot, containing many traditional elements intermingled with Crowley's own discoveries and philosophies. For instance, the image of a child in the Pentagram that is within a larger Hexagram, is explained by him as," This symbolizes the law of the new Aeon of the Child of Horus (Hawk headed god, the hawk was the Egyptian symbol for the Sun/Son), which has supplanted that Aeon of the 'Dying God' which governed the world for two thousand years". Crowley believed that the rhythm of the HIEROPHANT is such that he moves at 2,000 year intervals.

Remembering that this is a Spiral Universe, made of Multiple frequencies; thus multiple dimensions of One Energy (microwaves), and that there are rhythmic or cyclic movements in the multiple "States of Conscious Energy", of which the HEIROPHANT is a major guiding state or Scribe, makes this librarian/Priest seem plausible. It is also nice to know that within our own infinity (inner self) resides our Librarian of Universal Tomes who will not hesitate to instruct the diligent student. But until we are no longer satisfied with the ludicrous fantasy of our own cultural "Group Soul", we will never be able to achieve the mental velocity to escape our imprisonment of Time- created perspectives and consciously enter the infinite depths of  Our Spiral Energetic Self.

Each of us is a Tree of Life (in 10 dimensions!), and each of us makes his/her own Qabalah. When there is a shift in the 2,000 year Group Soul from the Patriarch-Osiris to that of, the divine Hermaphrodite-Horus, those who can't behold the more advanced perspective, will have to live in a lesser intelligent fantasy of their own making, on the Astral planes; of which many now do! Sensuality then, will be condemned to memory rather than new and therefore discriminating experiences. As we should know from our own experiences, after a bout of time, sensual memory fades to a point where only the most extreme of sensual experiences are remembered. Luckily the HEIROPHANT/Nabu that is a Higher State of Conscious Energy, within our Tree of Life (our Spiral Pattern of Force and Form) gives us back our dimensionally  "shewed" (from downsizing our Psyche into a personality) memories that are stored in the intelligence called Daath,"the invisible Sephiroth", known in English as-Knowledge and that resides just above the Abyss on the Middle Pillar (shown as the human form). 

Obviously, to get to this point of inner-journey, we have to experience the "Dark Night of the Soul", achieving "emptiness" so that we can be "refilled" or as I like to say, were we can claim our inheritance as the Divine Child of the One Collective Mind only by emptying our mental closet of cultural definition.

The HEIROPHANT awaits us all, and will fill too capacity, the thirsty student!
As a Divine Child, you are denied nothing that "ever was or will be", only you have the freedom to deny yourself!

Thus, you should know that the HEIROPHANT does not have Authority over your Spirit or personal perspectives, your freedom of choice is still intact. From Creation, your True Name is "I AM" which constructs by perspective your objective self called "ME". You are the One I  (All seeing eye) of your many Soul/Psyche constructs, but you have closed your "I's" on the other "selves" of your whole Psyche; not because you are bad, or in error, but because in order to become solid enough to form sensuality, you had to. The problem is we forgot we did this! Luckily, the Hierophant is the keeper and scribe of your Akashic records (Soul Collective-Library of "Selves"), and you need to just go "inward", where the eternal you resides, and therefore, "remember" your Divinity.

Upon examining the Thoth Key 5 card, the HEIROPHANT sits on a Bull between two elephants, holding a wand of three interlocking rings (Nabu shows interlocking hands), symbolizing the Aeons of Isis, Osiris and Horus (the Child in the Pentagram).

Beneath is the veiled "Scarlet Woman", who is shown riding the "Lion Serpent"( also shown on the Nabu card as a lion/dragon) unveiled and pure in the LUST CARD.

The nine nails above the Thoth Hierophant, symbolize Vau, the linking of the above and the below (the nine Sephiroth below the 1 that is Kether, who is Darkness/unlimited Light.) The Manifested Spirit, passes along the "Window" ( triangular ray of Light form the Scarlet woman upward) from the Microcosm to the Macrocosm.

Now all is not "sweetness and light" in the HEIROPHANT, and most authorities on tarot agree that there are some unpleasant aspects to this Key 5; five being the number of Geburah, the intelligence of Severity. I would recommend that the serious student read the book by Richard Cavendish: THE TAROT, where the implications of this State of Energy Consciousness are very cleverly related to Gnosticism. He points out that the Demiurge, the Lesser Creator (Chokmah) which rules over manifestation, was also known by the Gnostics as the "Great Deceiver", and that initiates of the Valentinian Gnostics were taught to ignore the authority of this one who is a type of "Librarian" and only has authority over its library. Truth is, there is only one authority over us, and that is our own "Will to be" and/or Freedom to Choose (Observer who changes all that is observed) and we get to experience freely, the consequences there of. Besides, Only slaves need saviors! Being the Child of the Divine Collective Unconscious and/or Divine Creative, we are each an exact copy of our Parents, Wisdom (Chokmah) and Understanding (Binah) and are called Knowledge (Daäth). Therefore, I state, "Get over yourself and get on with you! Impeccability is what we do!"

When the HEIROPHANT card of either the Thoth or Babylonian tarot is thrown during a reading, the querent is experiencing:
  • The Principle of  learning and teaching which is a desire for making things tangible.
  • The querent maybe seeking guidance from a counselor who has knowledge and authority or is wishing to.
  • Inner illumination.
  • A channel for spiritual wisdom.
  • There is a choice here, of aligning oneself to a philosophy, religion and/or set of beliefs to which one feels a sense of loyalty.
  • Being free to disentangle one's-self from any belief system, the querent  still chooses to be involved.
  • There is an espousing of moral, ethical, and spiritual values which may attribute to oppressing others, especially when espousing orthodoxy.
  • There can be an inner sense of obedience to authority, imagined or otherwise, contributing to gullibility.
  • Life is the teacher here, as the querent experiences growth through a meditative process of  Buddha like  philosophy that views every experience as a lesson-learning opportunity.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. One dollar goes along way here. May you live long and prosper!

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