Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Key 7, The Chariot & The Babylonian Tarot, Key 7, The Chariot/Adad
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Knight of Cups & The Legends Tarot- King of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Key 7, The Chariot & The Babylonian Tarot, Key 7, The Chariot/Adad

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Chariot and Babylonian Chariot/Adad-key 7- are representative of the Path between Binah, (understanding) the third Sephiroth on the Tree of Life and Geburah (severity) the 5th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. It is the vehicle that encompasses the Soul on its journey into manifestation, shown by the four Sphinx with different animal faces, each  element having four sub-elements (cubed).

The Chariot itself is Kether, the Throne of the Soul, that protects the Soul through its journey through dimensions of universal manifestation. The Chariot itself is thus unmoving and stable while the Red Wheels of Geburah power it through the Universal manifestation. Presented on the Thoth Card, the Soul is a golden-solar-warrior, who is protected from the Abyss by the Limitless Light of Kether, a form of energy that the Soul rests on. This limitless light, (energy) is shown all around the image of Adad, the god image of the Babylonian Chariot.
The Chariot is ruled by the sign of Cancer, a Water sign (the crab on the Thoth Charioteer's helmet) and it is the Water of the High Priestess that is the Fence or Enclosure  ( the meaning of the Hebrew word Cheth) shown as the vehicular chariot,that protects the Soul in its journey from the Higher to the Lower planes of manifestation. The Soul is the Self of ourselves, it is our emanation of the Supreme Spirit Identity from Kether. The Soul being the "Solar Warrior" as shown by the Golden Starred Armor, is lead by the Moon. As our Sun seems to follow the Moon across the sky. The Babylonian chariot sports the winged lion dragon of the Sun who was known as a "roaring weather beast".

The wheels of Geburah (an energy intelligence of Binah the Great Mother) drive the Thoth Charioteer-Soul into Form. Knowing that Binah is the Mother of Form, and is the Feminine Magnetic (womb) force of the Universe, we can see that the Chariot is the combination ( the Marriage of Kether-Chokmah- Binah that is the Supernal Triangle of the Above) of Electromagnetic force and the Spirit form that is Soul. So with this in mind we may conclude that the Flowing nature of magnetic mother, protects our Soul from dispersion back into the Limitless light (Dark Father) which is Darkness and non-identity to us. 
The companion to Adad, was the goddess Sala, who is not depicted on the Babylonian card, but as in the Thoth Card, She is "behind the scenes", hidden by the "clouds of form".

She/Binah/Sala is the Vessel, Womb, Grail (that is in the hands of the Golden Knight on the Thoth Chariot) that moves our now stable soul-self through the Universe, allowing us a conquest on all planes of energy; giving us dominion! That would make us the inheriting Child of The Divine Creative, depict as in motion and/or "Alive"!

The Thoth card symbolizes the vision of Ezekiel, wherein the prophet described  the appearance of "four living creatures" and that each had four faces, A man, a lion, an ox, and that of an eagle which are the symbols for the elemental forces of the manifested universe. 

The Babylonian Tarot Chariot/Adad, represents the Sumero/Babylonian Epic of Creation, where Adad/Marduk was the Storm God that fought the sea dragon Tiamat in the epic battle of order and chaos. Adad, as most Babylonian gods, was later made into another "Talent" of Marduk, the Supreme God. However, he was the son of either Anu or Ellil and twin brother of Ea. Adad, as a "Storm god", had powers both constructive and destructive, fitting the description of a "Solar Warrior".

What many of us should now understand is that the Very Severity of the Qabalistic Binah, the Great Mother, defends us from dissolution into "Nothingness" as we are her most important "Masters of Form"; we are both Master and Masterpiece and as far as She is concerned we are her "Most Beautiful Children"  and have been given her Property, i.e.The Worlds of Manifestation, as Trusted Keepers!

We are Souls (not bodies that have a soul), a collective Psyche of personalities developed over timed manifestation; Souls who create and operate Self-Image in the Name of Abracadabra (As seen woven into the canopy above the Golden Knight-Soul)-The Vibratory word of the Aeon, The Great Work of electromagnetic frequency. The Holy Grail, is the cup (imagination) which we "look" into directly, giving form to our thoughts......which become the Self-Awareness of the ternary I AM ME.

Now I know all this can be confusing, there are so many ways used to describe these Qabalistic Tarot cards because they use very old images of invisible forces that are fascinating but almost incomprehensible to our reasoning brain; a bio-computer that is limited to " modern cultural" reasoning; about 7 to 10% of our brain's capacity. Therefore we must by-pass our indoctrinated software and practice raising the Serpent Force  (Spiral Energy) within to awaken the normally unused 90% of our brain. The Kundalini is the "original Word of God" (Lion Serpent) and must flow over and through our brain as the Waters of the High Priestess, before we manifest the comprehension of the Greater Self. 

Don't fret the brain heat that this generates, understanding will come to the diligent, for no matter the seeming obfuscation of meanings attributed to them, the Tarot Keys represent truly universal archetypes, Forces and Forms that remain immutable despite the limitations of the worded attempts to describe them.

You, each and everyone, are comprised of all of the 78 images in the Tarot Deck. The Tarot is YOU, not the man-made you who is but a reaction to your ruler- defined environment, but the Powerful You that is the action that changes environment. You came To Expand and Liberate the survival mind from its animal existence into the Higher Existence of the Immortal Soul.  This body is giving the gift of mortality to the "personality", allowing ever-changing self awareness and expansion driven by "up close and personal" experience. The Soul loves this!

In the Brain sits the Chariot-resting, while Powered by the Great Mother's Work and sitting quietly on the thrown of Kether, totally protected by the Magnetic Field of the Grail, awaiting the time when the Brain can hear ABRACADABRA (Abrahadabra)--the cypher of the Great Work. With the "Ears to Hear", that are developed by Knowing thyself, we can then manifest the Soul as the personality who operates a Power tool in Mothers Great Garden, rather than a animal looking for its soul; something it will never find, since the finite are definitions from the infinite and are unable to define the infinite in their time-limited thoughts. The Thoth and Babylonian Chariot cards represent the Solar Warrior Soul who defines being---but is not defined by being. As you can see, there is much to study here, so get off your suffering butt and investigate! Use your Tarot Cards!

THE CHARIOT Key 7, is the Path of Cheth on the Tree of Life, the word Cheth means enclosure, or fence (womb).

In the THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM , Paul Foster Case stated:  The Eighteenth Path is called the House of Influence (by greatness of whose abundance the influx of good things upon created beings is increased) and from the midst of  the investigation the arcana and hidden senses are drawn forth, which dwell in its shade and which cling to it, form the cause of all causes.

This description is also supported by the Babylonian Tarot/Adad, as he had a positive side of control over fertile  rains and streams. He was the divine overseer of celestial and terrestrial sources of water (Water is the symbol of Consciousness; Therefore he was overseer of Soul and Personality consciousness.).  Some of his other titles, were, "lord of the clouds" (depicted on Babylonian Tarot Card), "lord of the rain", "lord of abundance, the controller of the flood gates of heaven".  All of which support the Qabalistic Thoth Tarot card as well.

Between #5- Geburah (Severity) and #3- Binah (Understanding)  the Great Mother on the Tree of Life, runs the Path of Cheth/The Chariot. This is the highest and most profound Path on the Pillar of Severity and introduces the Personality to the Supreme Spiritual Self, that wraps our Soul in the Golden Armor of Protection so that the Psyche can be carried through the unmanifested Universe, and/or Dark Matter and Dark Energy/ Abyss; often called the "Great Sea of Binah". The Chariot is the enclosure that holds the Soul in a state of peace, as it moves through all planes, as a Psychonaut.

In his BOOK OF TOKENS, Paul Foster Cases stated this about the Chariot:   

I am the hedge of protection
                                       Enclosing the field of existence
In this field thou dwellest.
                                  And I am thy defense,
Against the darkness which is without.
Yet is this fence, alas a wall of limitation,
                                           And the darkness against which it defendeth thee is the radiant Darkness of the Limitless Light,
                                               Too brilliant for thine eyes.

The Darkness that Case refers to is that of the Limitless Light of Kether, the very pinnacle of the Supreme Spiritual Self, an unseen state of energy. Pictured in the Chariot, the experience of the Spiritual Self, is known in Alchemy as  the "Exhalation", where the Alchemist becomes the Philosopher's Stone.

The Thoth Deck Chariot, shows the influences of  both the Hindu Tattvas
and the biblical text of Ezekiel with its "living creatures" being represented as 4 Sphinxes pulling the Chariot. These Four Kerubiim (angelic beings) represent not only the four Tarot Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, but also each has four sub-elements, as do the Tattvas, and are represented as the four faces of the creatures.
Geburah, is often symbolized with a Pentagram, or five pointed star, that has the Four Elements crowned by the Spirit. Thus, making 5 the number of Geburah on the Tree of Life.  Geburah is a "Red" Force, and is symbolized on the Thoth card as Red Wheels, meaning that the force of Geburah (Severity) is the  motive force of the Chariot.
Geburah is complimented by Chesed (Mercy) on the Tree of Life, and this compliment is seen in the constant usage of the number 4, Chesed's number. On the Thoth Card we have Four Sphinx, and four columns  (Four Universal Elements) holding up the starry canopy or heavens  of Binah (The Great Mother- Empress Card key 3). Theses four elemental columns are called the " four columns of the Tree of Life in a Solid Sphere", adding a little more of the arcane to this card.  I suggest the curious student gets the book, THE QABALISTIC TAROT  by Robert Wang, as it is a fine text for understanding the Arcana of the Qabalistic Tarot.

Above the Golden Armored figure on the Thoth Card, is a crab, symbolizing the sign of Caner. Woven into the canopy is the  word "ABRACADABRA", which Robert Wang thinks is an apparent pun on "ABRAHADABRA", a word that Crowley called,"one of the most important key numbers of the Liber Al...the word of the Aeon....the cypher of the Great Work which when using Qabalistic Gemtria (numerology), (Book 777 of Crowley) adds up to 418 which equals 4+1+8=13; the Key 13 Death card which is "Spiritual Transformation".
Crowley understood that something martial is going on in the Psyche of the Seeker themselves. Much like the Bhagavad Gita, or the Babylonian Epic of Creation,  where the pursuit of enlivenment is symbolized by warring factions. In Babylonian Tarot it was Adad/Marduk and Tiamat.

On this highest Path of Severity, the Soul Warrior of Geburah has reached a pinnacle, as shown by the Tens stars on his golden chest that represent Assiah or Matter. Seated in meditation, with the Holy Grail in his hands: the Cup (Womb/
Soul) that we look directly into. 

The  movement of the Chariot conceals a mystery (arcana) of great significance. The Chariot Card is also reminiscent of the Greek Chariot of the Sun, Helios, as the four horses of the Sun pulled the Chariot of the Sun across the sky. This is significant as a representation, since the Chariot moves between the Light, centered in Tiphareth (Beauty) and the Supreme  Darkness of the Limitless Light at the hidden side of Kether (Crown).

Yet, there is even a more complex meaning suggested here, as the Egyptian Theology, the source of the Thoth tarot believed the Sun is guided by the Moon! And in Egyptian, Greek Mythology and the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the sun is subordinate to the moon.  Since the Chariot is of the  sign of Cancer, that is ruled by the Moon (and in which Jupiter is exalted), the Charioteer follows this philosophy of subordination to the Great Mother nicely. As does Consciousness to Unconsciousness, as consciousness (rational mind) is born of the Divine Collective Unconscious (imagination).  The cardinal Path of the Moon, leads from Tiphareth (Beauty-Solar Logos) to  Kether (Crown) and is the Path of the High Priestess.  Water (Pure Consciousness) takes precedence here, in the Formative, and is represented by the Moon.

This is a Higher Path card, and requires much sckrying, meditation, and arcane study, so this author recommends that you devote more time to this card than a brief blog. At least, get the books I have recommended in this blog and read them liberally! What is also noted here, is that the Male-Female relationship, is represented backwards here in our reflected world. The Male Force of the Universe is Subservient to the Female Force in order for Force to become Form. Idea is subservient to Understanding, for Life to progress. There is much to consider here, if one wishes to "Know thyself!"
When the Thoth or Babylonian Chariot card is thrown during a reading, the querent:
  • Is reminded to devote themselves to the combination of activity and quietude so that they may have the drive to attain goals.
  • It is a time of clearing out the past, moving beyond and beginning with new energy while taking responsibility for one's present condition.
  • There is a need for victory here, by combining the images or content of the unconscious with the consciousness for the purpose of achievement.
  • The Chariot also signifies that the querent has begun controlling a situation by the force of their personality....a focus of Will. 
  • The goal will need fighting for, but you have been granted the energy to win it!
  • Triumph, victory, and conquest over enemies.
  • Mastery of opposing forces.
Thank you for your interest,comments and supportive donations. May you live long and Prosper.


2 Comments to Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Key 7, The Chariot & The Babylonian Tarot, Key 7, The Chariot/Adad:

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s on Wednesday, November 09, 2016 2:15 PM
The information you provide is extremely helpful for me. Thank you somuch! Can you explain though, 1. how to reconcile the esoteric teachings that teach that we are "souls" in physical matter bodies? I would really appreciate that. 2. a book that explains the court cards, vs the trumps, vs the minor arcana cards (succinctly, not too difficult to comprehend)? 3. a good book that does a thorough job connecting the tarot with the Egyptian sources. I know Crowley did that and I have the Book of Thoth, but is there anything more comprehensive (yet succinct and not too difficult to comprehend)? I know you don'tknow what would be "too difficult" for any one person, but I would appreciate whatever you might offer. Many thanks.
Reply to comment
Eli on Thursday, November 10, 2016 11:42 AM
Hi S. We are not "souls" in a material body, we are soul's who reflect the simulation of self, our bodies, in ourselves. Rather, the Soul is around the body, as an auric field, and enters the body through chakras. It is "upside down" thinking that makes us think the soul lives within. For it is as the Ocean, the body is but a "fish" in that nebulous ocean of evolved Psyche and Light that you call "your soul", and by flowing through the fish, the Ocean can be "alive". Life is the Soul, Alive is the body, as a projection of self within the Energy that is the Real Persona-The Demiurge that is called your soul. The books I can recommend for a beginner, are The Chicken Qabalah-of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford, by: Lon Milo DuQuette, The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune. The Tarot Hand Book-practical applications of ancient visual symbols: By Angeles Arrien. These will get you started. What one must remember, Energy is Light,and that Light has been evolving for over 14.7 billion years. Your Soul is a collective of Light's experience, and as energy who cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed, the human being is the latest transformation of I AM ME and/or the latest self-simulation of The Light-Creative we call the God or the Divine Creative. Imagination is your proof of this. For imagination is the Only Image-making-Mind in the Universe and is often called "the Goddess" or the Divine Feminine. Consciousness, belongs to Action, which is the Active Motive power of Light called the Divine Masculine. You are therefore, a Divine Androgyny that is the Simulation of the Divine Creative, in all it's glory. Bodies live within Psyches/Souls and not visa versa. Thank you for your comments and interest. May you live long and prosper.

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