Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key10-The Wheel of Fortune & The Babylonian Tarot- Key10 The Wheel: Tablet of Destiny
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key10-The Wheel of Fortune & The Babylonian Tarot- Key10 The Wheel: Tablet of Destiny

The Tarot of EliThe Qabalistic Thoth-key 10- WHEEL OF FORTUNE, is called the Path of Caph (meaning Fist)  and runs from Chesed (mercy) to Netzach (Victory) on the Tree of Life.

This Qabalistic  path is on the side of the Tree of Life called The Pillar of Mercy, and connects the Personality to the Higher Self (all Serphiroth above Tiphareth are in the Higher Self). The Path of Caph, has a mediating function and the planet Jupiter is assigned to this Path. Jupiter, is also said to govern the flow of blood, thus reinforcing the mediating function of Caph.
The letter Caph, is a "double letter', meaning that it is a union of opposites, riches and poverty, which are the natural fluctuations of Jupiter's forces on this path. Since this Path is one of the "Gateways to the Soul", the riches and poverty here are of the Psyche itself.
The meaning of Caph (Kaph) is fist, and refers to a completion of an activity, such as, the closing of a circle or grasping comprehension.

This is a cycle, albeit a closed one, the Wheel of Fortune is considered a flow of Karma, which is a state of "you get what you put out". The Wheel is an important symbol, besides that of a prayer wheel, it is also the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
This is not a roulette wheel of chance and accidents, for in Qaballah, it is known that we are solely responsible for our own destinies which the words "freedom of choice" imply. The Wheel of Fortune supplies us with what we earn, which can be pleasant or unpleasant.
The interchange of opposites is what makes the wheel Spin, in this case, we have, the Feminine-Geburah: Severity, and the masculine Chesed: Mercy, interchanging their forces and form. This interchange of opposites, is shown by the Ten Spokes on the Thoth Deck card, symbolizing the Ten Sephiroth on the Tree of Life which is a continuity of Force and Form, in equilibrium.

In his work, The Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom, Paul Foster Case calls the Path of Caph, the Intelligence of Conciliation  which would best be seen as a gyroscope, two wheels interlocking within each other, spinning in opposite directions, for this card represents the mediation of activity between rotating and/or moving opposites. The sense being that there is a cyclic and rhythmic  motion of activity, as well as, cause and effect.

What is interesting here, is that on the Thoth Deck Card, the Sphinx is seen as the stabilizing element in the midst of change and is positioned on top of the Wheel. The ancient Egyptians used the Sphinx image as  the Pharaoh, usually vanquishing his enemies, with lion like power. Later on the Greeks, modified the Sphinx by illustrating it as a women on a  male lion's body. Thus, the Sphinx came to represent the union of  mankind, with the raw power of the animal kingdom, and a balance of male (electric) and female (magnetic) in the same form. Again the union of opposites, is the birth place of all Power.

The Qabalistic concept of the Sphinx is that it is the Synthesis of all Elemental Forces, much like the Pentagram symbol of Man, where the Spirit is the Fifth element above and  added to the four elements of the animal kingdom. In fact, among the documents of the Enochian Mysteries of the Golden Dawn, the Sphinx has four forms, that of a Bull, Eagle, Man and Lion. These four faces are also describe by Ezekiel in the Bible interpretation of his vision.  The Wheel of Fortune, is the glyph of perpetual motion where the flying Eagle balances the Man; the roaring Lion counterpoises the laborious Bull. 

The dog faced monkey , on the left side of the Thoth wheel, is in reference to the Plutonian, Cynocephalus. Cynocephalus is the not only the companion of the Ibis headed Thoth (Ibis symbolizes wisdom) but also the symbol of time and eternity. Thoth, being called the Lord of Holy Words, by the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, is the inventor of writing and scribe for the Gods who records the results of the weighing of the Souls on the Path of Lamed (See the past blog on the Adjustment Card). Thoth is also said to divided time into  months , seasons and years. Thus his companion is Cynocephalus, the symbol for time and eternity.

In a nut shell, the Words of Thoth are the vibratory patterns that turn the Wheel of Fortune. Being quite esoteric here, the Wheel of Fortune means that when the Higher Self, brings the Elements under control, it bestows upon the Personality that "knows itself", faithful companions that are the "words", vibratory patterns that free the Personality from the General Wheel of Fortune and/or Karma that governs the "sleeping souls"; those who "above all things don't know themselves" but are known by words forged by man.

The Thoth Deck Wheel of Fortune card, depicts the interaction between the Sphinx,  Hermanubis and Typhon. Hermanubis is a dual god, combining Horus and Anubis and is written as Heru-em-Anpu, meaning  Horus as Anubis. Sword in hand, Heru-em-Anpu is often depicted in mythology as the slayer of Typhon, who is illustrated as a snake or Crocodile, Typhon was of Greek origin and was involved in the wars of supremacy of the Gods. But as time develops the complexity of Myths, Typhon became the dark aspect of Osiris known as Set. The combination of these symbols plays out the counter-changing influence of Light and Dark energy. In Quantum physics, Dark Energy is the Pushing Force, the "vibrations" that spins the universe and pushes it outward, This may cause one to wonder if "death" is the pushing force for Life.

THE PATH OF CAPH: Key 10-The Wheel of Fortune.
* Primary path color: Violet
*Musical note: A#
* Astrological Planet: Jupiter
*Meaning of Caph: Fist
* Hebrew letter-Double Letter: Riches-Poverty
*Esoteric Title: The Lord of the Forces of Life.
The Path of Caph, runs from Chesed (Mercy) to Netzach (Victory). Under Chokmah (Pillar of Mercy), Caph is the connecting Path between the Personality and the Higher Self.
Paul Foster Case wrote in the: THIRTY-TWO PATHS OF WISDOM:The Twenty-first Path is the Intelligence of Conciliation, and is so called because it receives the divine influence which flows into it from its benediction upon all and each existence.

The Intelligence of Conciliation, implies that this Path has a mediating function.  Jupiter, which is assigned to this Path, is said to govern the circulation of blood. The Path of Caph, is one of the "Gateways of the Soul" that is attributed the opposites of riches and poverty, which can be considered the natural fluctuation of the Jupiter forces on this Path; these are riches and poverty of the Soul itself, and not of this earth (The earth riches and poverty are governed by the Disks).

 Again, The Sphinx (shown on top of the Wheel of Fortune) is the stable element in the midst of change (as the wheel spins) and often represents the Soul . In the tale of Oedipus on the road to Thebes, the Sphinx bared the road and ask a traveler the question: "What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening?"
Failure to answer the question correctly brought on destruction. Oedipus knew that the correct answer was Man, who crawls in childhood, walks on two legs in adulthood, and uses a cane in old age or "twilight years". The Sphinx responded to Oedipus's correct answer by throwing itself into the sea, which is an action replete with meaning for a Qabalahist who knows of the Great Sea of Binah.

Recently the Sphinx represents the synthesis of the Elemental Forces (Golden Dawn: Papers on the Enochian Mysteries). This recalls the Pentagram,(symbol of Ascended Man), which is  the Spirit above the four Elements.

The Papers on the Enochian Mysteries even state that there are four forms of the Sphinx: Bull, Eagle, Man and Lion, making the Sphinx the cardinal symbol of manifestation. It is the Gate that one passes through both in birth and death and the Intelligence that controls the passage. Being the directive power of the Higher Self in Tiphareth; it is protective, and a Keeper of  the Gates  which keeps the Personality from absorbing more than its system of reality can handle.

The answer to the Sphinx's question is really an extension of the Greek axiom: Man, know thyself!  By throwing itself into the sea, the Sphinx has shown it is no longer needed when the gate is opened; the Gate Keeper was absorbed back into the individual Higher Consciousness, i.e. The Great Sea of the Divine Collective Unconsciousness. The Personality is protected by the Higher Self by the destruction of those who are unready to pass consciously beyond the restrictions of time/space which can also be considered as the real death process. Those who know the nature of the Sphinx may pass consciously from one state to the next, while others fall into a deep sleep, a "destruction" of awareness from which the soul gradually awakens into a new condition. In other words to know the answer is to remember "past lives" and to not know is to gradually awaken into a new life deplete of past knowledge. As you can see, this card is vaster than just the Sphinx in mundane concepts, and Greater research is required.

In general,  the card means that when the Higher Self brings the Four Elements (alchemy) under control, the vibratory patterns (serpentine forces), become our companion and we are no longer bound to the wheel. The Three figures on the Wheel of Fortune represent the "Three Alchemical Principles" , which are called in the Hindu system Gunas;

  • Sativa (philosophic Mercury-Superconscious)
  • Rajas ( Sulfur- activity, passion, and desire
  • Tamas ( Salt-- ignorance and inertia, subconsciousness.)

It is generally accepted that the Wheel of Fortune  represents the revolution of natural phases. In the Golden Dawn papers,  Mercury is  attributed to Kether, Salt is attributed to Chokmah and Sulfur  is attributed to Binah, i.e. "The Three Principles of Nature".
The Babylonian Tarot-Key 10- The Wheel: Tablet of Destiny,  represents the Sumerian Divine Cuneiform Clay Tablet of Destiny, impressed with seals, upon which the fates of all the gods and humans were decreed.
Owning the tablet was considered the same as ruling the Universe and the god or goddess who owned the tablet, wore it on his/her breast.
In the Sumero-Babylonian Epic, Enuma Elish, that Tablet of Destiny, first appears as property of Tiamat, the Chaos dragon/lady, although it inferred that the tablet was stolen from the sky god Anu.

The Wise god Nabu (Egyptian Thoth) was said to have engraved the future of every human being on the tablet.

In the Epic of Anzu, Ellil not Anu, is now the owner of the Tablet, who then lost it by trickery, to a giant lion-headed eagle named Anzu.  This act Threatened the whole of existence, therefore the gods got together and chose the warrior farmer Ninurta, to champion the gods and go after the tablet.
Because he owned the tablet, Anzu was able to cause Ninurta some strife, but after much struggle Ninurta got it back. With the tablet back in Ellil's hands, the universe is restored to order.

All of which is analogous to the truth of our identity/fate as being the Soul. The Soul is the soul owner of its "Clay Tablet", the human being it causes to breathe by sealed union. The "writing" on that tablet, are the many vibrations/frequencies of Psyche, used to establish a "personality" and body creation.

To have the "Tablet" or identities of personality stolen by the "lion headed eagle", which represents a cultural group soul, such as the Roman Eagle standard, or the Lion standards of many such "ruler based" cultures [ Remember, the definition of a cultural "ruler" is that of one who enforces/controls definition].
Our souls send forth a "personal" self-definition, a "self of self"  to be the personal "point in time" intelligence of a  time/space physical form, in order to learn discernment.
One who stands with the authority of the Immortal Soul (bears the Seal).

However, that authorized soul identity is "stolen" from the child like human body-run survival mind, whose identity is based on fear of rejection and of being eaten and/or fear of death. This  listening to fear based identity is encouraged, by indoctrination, peer pressure, media based emotionalism and theology . The Soul-personality, becomes lost in the chaos of everything, in the conflict of "selves"  where everyone, and every environment, owns the identity and therefore the emotions of the body. We then, no longer "know ourselves", and live in a chaos of emotional enslavement. The personality must have faith in the Soul that supplies it with energy, and seek it's true Identity, (true fate/some call this "my purpose") by becoming victorious over the false "Tower of Babel" identities, and by  going back up "the Tree of Life" and rediscovering God-Self.

When the Thoth WHEEL OF FORTUNE and The Babylonian Tarot card, Key 10-The Wheel: Tablet of Destiny,   is thrown during a reading:

  • It indicates that in the next 10 weeks or 10 months there shall be new opportunities for creating fortune in the querent's  life.
  • Life is moving and being busy here, so breakthroughs in prosperity and abundance are approaching fast.
  • Generally this is a good luck card depicting rewards and recognition for things completed.
  • The rotational cycling of human incarnation.
  • Karma- bringing past deeds into the present and on into the future until all issues are solved.
  • Unexpected turn of luck.
  • The Soul guiding the material form.
  • Good fortune and happiness.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:
  • A turn of bad luck.
  • Karmic debt being paid.
  • The material survival mind is ruling the spirit.
  • Payback

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

3 Comments to Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key10-The Wheel of Fortune & The Babylonian Tarot- Key10 The Wheel: Tablet of Destiny:

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Sigita San on Friday, June 26, 2015 4:46 AM
Dear Eli, thank you for your wonderful articles. They have been such an inspiration to me. I find your blog to be a true source of wisdom. Sending my love, Sigita
Reply to comment
Eli on Friday, June 26, 2015 7:54 AM
Dear Sigita, thank you for your loving comments. I hope that these blog segments assist others on their path of Wisdom. You have reinforced that hope with your most gracious comments. Thank you, and may you live long and prosper.

Sigita San on Friday, June 26, 2015 9:01 AM
They definitely do! I recommend your blog for my friends who are studying Tarot and they also love it :)

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