Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth 9 of Wands & The Babylonian Tarot, 9 of Wands-Power
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth 9 of Wands & The Babylonian Tarot, 9 of Wands-Power

Astrologically this card is Moon in Sagittarius; the Lunar powers of reflection and illusion acquire  great strength in Sagittarius which is a double sided coin.
This double meaning implies that successes are accompanied by strife and apprehension, requiring a strong union of Will to accomplish them.

Qabalistically, the 9 of Wands card represents  Yesod (Foundation) in Atziluth (The World of Pure Spirit) . Now the world of Pure Spirit is Pure Energy Conscious, a Purity of Mind that isn't known to harbor empathy, doubt, indecision or anything but the purity of thought. It is the Great Strength of Will which can drive a body mercilessly.
Great Passions at the expense of the physical can happen in this state of Mind but recovery from any illness rendered is assured.
The Divination meaning of this card is great strength, power, recovery from sickness.

This card represents a union that is Spiritual Power (Spiraling Energy) , potency, force and internal strength----A  powerful flow of Serpentine Force and/or Kundalini (Sex force) that drives the Great Lust of Will To Be of the Universal Collective Unconscious.

This is the Same Strong force felt by a student when learning from a Master Teacher who Channels directly from Kether (Solar Crown on the Middle Energy pillar), connected to the Moon (Binah who is Goddess Mother) depicted on this card.  Often the Student will become excited molecularity, causing internal heat, as well as mentally, causing strong focus on thought patterns and may have to "ground" their energetic excitement before they can either eat or sleep.

This force of Spiritual Strength, overcomes any physical resistance to motion and thus if ill directed can have negative results.  Either way, what is implied is that the querent will be arriving at peak experience in 9 days, 9 weeks or 9 months depending on the Strength being channeled, which is determined by the surrounding cards in the reading. Anyway you look at it, delays are over and swift progress is being made.

This card is about Great Strength in Union, When the God and Goddess, The Divine Creative, dance in your Soul (Inner Self) and "All things great and small are created". But if you lean too far towards imbalance, where the electric (Force-Male) and the Magnetic (Magnetic Force-Female) are not dancing in the same rhythm, all emotional (energy -in -motion) goes to what you concentrate on most. Since for the mundane, what they fear is what they focus on most, all  hell could be  breaking loose! Therefore this card also advises us to stop----take a few deep breaths----and focus on I AM-health-wealth and well being, honoring the God and Goddess in each other,  before releasing the Power of Spiritual Will (Will to force and will to form)!

Spiritual Will is the Spiral Dance of the Communion of Goddess/God; Electric and Magnetic  forces intertwined. It is a weaving of Power that roars in the passion of "It Will Be Done!" . I , along with a Dakini have often Channeled this Dance of Power in Tantra Magic Ritual, and I know from personal experience, that such Great Strength, as in any powerful flow of energy, leaves behind a residue of heat, and if you are a wide open channel---a lot of  bright heat on the emotional, mental, and physical planes! Your many dimensions of Self become purified in a Divine Alchemy of Union. Therefore a tempering of the physiology is required and it is best to practice pranic breathing exercises (Prana is a Hindu name for "Life Force") before ever attempting to invoke the Shakti-Shiva Dance of Creation in Ritualized Tantra! But for the untrained individual this is a Strength of Will, that isn't optimized, but is unusual and is exciting.

 Again, the 9 of Wands, is Yesod in Aziluth; it is The Lord of Great Strength. It's Planet is the Moon and the sign is Sagittarius. Placing the Power of the Electric Father, in perfect Harmony with the Power of the Magnetic Mother, forming the Foundation of all Living Creation!
Angels of the Decan are: Yirthiel, and Sahiah.

The Thoth 9 of Wands-Strength, as stated, is the influence of Yesod in the World of pure spirit, here Pure Spirit is willing to create all that is Passion/Lust---including the Passions devoted to fear based thought! The Lunar powers do acquire great strength in Sagittarius, but being the Moon, there are two sides to this "coin", as in bright side/dark side. Meaning, that successes are usually acquired by strife, apprehension and moments of insecurity. This is because great motion, involves great friction caused by the duality of motion and entropy and/or "movement and repose", of which all forms are made.

The good health and strength implied in this card are certain, but it harbors doubt about the later course they may take. It is best to know the aphorism: "Change is Stability", when viewing this card.

The Nines may be considered the best that can be obtained from the type of forces involved, when regarded from a practical-material standpoint. Here the forces involved are "Will to force" and "will to form", implying that by force of will and will to form, it will be formed...whatever it is. "Will to form", is the birth mother giving form to the imagined. Will to force, is the E-Motion, that forces it along to the magnetic vessel of imagination to be formed! Therefore, the old Axiom, "Watch what you wish for," is a applicable!

The Thoth Deck 9 of Wands, shows 8 background Wands as Arrows (Sagittarius influence) and one Master Arrow in the forefront, sporting a Sun at one end as a driving force, and a Moon at the other end as it's point of form. This implies that Sagittarius joins the Sun and the Moon, and that the Greatest Strength is the Balance of this coupling flow. The flow of Electric Male and Magnetic Female receptivity. Together, all that is Living Form, is from this flow and reception. When we, as Magi, master both the Male Force and the Female force within, it is called a "Oneness", but a oneness formed by a cooperation of dual wills; will to force and will to form. This dual union of wills, reveals all the 4 Worlds in a communion of the Sun (Father-Will to Force) and the Moon (Mother-Will to Form) that never ceases. The Tenfold flames of the card, imply that the Energy of the Solar Logos, is directed down ward into the "reflection of being". Therefore, what you apply the most emotion to, will become YOU! The upside is that you become indefatigable in this state of Spirit body union and will overcome all obstacles!
The Babylonian Tarot, 9 of Wands/Power, depicts the image of the indefatigable Gilgamesh, as described in the tablet V of the Sumerian epic.
The hero Gilgamesh, is shown holding the head of Humbaba, a powerful monster guardian of the Cedar forest, appointed as guardian by the god Ellil.
However, Gilgamesh, did not do this deed alone, for it was a conspiracy of the friends Enkidu and Gilgamesh and the Sun god Shamash that did the murderous deed. While Shamash assaulted the Monster with ferocious winds, Humbaba pleads for his life, but Enkidu argues that the monster must die, so Gilgamesh kills him and cuts off his head for a trophy. All this mayhem was done to procure the cedar trees, with one specifically for door planks, to serve as lumber to Ellil's temple in the city of Uruk.

To aid us in the understanding, that only after severe effort, will one succeed, Gilgamesh is shown triumphantly displaying the head of Humbaba, while also sporting the wounds of battle on his legs and arms.

Nine wands are shown above him, six upright and in balance, and three crossed in power and victory.  The cuneiform symbol for the number nine is on the lower right.

When this card is thrown during a reading, it implies:
  • Internal strength, recovery from illness, potency and spiritual force.
  • Yet, it is Moon in Yesod, so one may have to defend their ideas, but because of Sagittarius, will not lack the strength to do so.
  • The 9 of Wands also implies that energy is brought back into balance, thus health restored.
  • Creatively, this card implies a peek experience in ability were one sees clearly and accurately, leading to solid creations that will have the strength to endure over time.
  • Here the Energy of the Spirit is rapid , interchanging both electric and magnetic energy, taking whatever action is necessary to restore balance and thus enable the Creative Mind (Moon is ruler of the Sub-conscious).
  • Unassailable in strength and energy.
  • Self discipline.
  • Battle-tested.
  • Seeking justice and fairness.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:
  • Defensiveness.
  • Battle scarred.
  • Adversity, obstacles and delay.

 Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

4 Comments to Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth 9 of Wands & The Babylonian Tarot, 9 of Wands-Power:

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I AM MEAN on Saturday, May 16, 2015 6:15 PM

Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that doing Kundalini meditation before bed is not a good idea. I couldn't sleep for at least 2.5 hours when I was done. I felt too awake, perhaps from "energetic excitement". Though how does one "ground" their energy? This would be of great help.

So is a Dakini a female daimon specific to the Tantra practice? Could you have sexual relations/experiences with these invoked spirits? Or any related to Tantra and the like? Sorry but I had to ask. May you live long and prosper.

Reply to comment
Eli on Sunday, May 17, 2015 9:37 AM
As you now know,best do the Kundalini meditations in the morning, for they empower your day. Any woman who practices tantra, is a Dakini, the idea being that she is in contact with the "Dakini" or Khadroma,of the Highest State of Female planes of the "upper Astrals".The technology of sexual communion has built every atom, star, planet, and living being. This Tech of Two, is the Divine Dual that makes up the Divine Creative. The Goddess is always honored in any woman and in tantra practices, she is in charge of all penetration, if any, this is because she designed the Tech of Sex. Sorry, but I had to answer. May you live long and prosper.

emergency first aid at work on Monday, February 01, 2016 3:21 AM
Nicely I will be which include that FEED to help our e-mail and may look out for far more within your important articles. Just remember to change that all over again soon..
Reply to comment
Eli on Tuesday, February 02, 2016 8:56 AM
Thank you for your interest and comment. However, something was lost in the translation. I will continue to write until the Spirit drops me. May you live long and prosper.

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