Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Ten of Wands & The Babylonian Ten of Wands-Oppression.
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Ten of Wands & The Babylonian Ten of Wands-Oppression.

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Ten of Wands- Oppression:
This card is often a hard one to interpret, since it is a card of perfidy. It can mean self-oppressive thoughts that keep oneself from preforming or a tremendous amount of male electric dynamic force, caged for the process of manifestation.

Shown on the Thoth Card is the orange caged energy being guarded by the sacred Tibetan Dorjes (symbols of lightning) whose head is crown by the Kha-dro-ma ( said in three syllables); Tibetan Angels known as the "highest state of female". So we have a paradox here as female magnetic- womb is caging rapid male electric-phallus for the purpose of slow form manifestation.

The Astrological aspect of this card is Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn, being the planet of discipline and Sagittarius is the sign of limit setting and a tendency to limit one's boundaries. So in this context, the 10 of Wands card is about limiting one's performance, in emotional, spiritual issues, due to self oppression.

Oppression of emotion (energy-in-motion) can be a negative or a positive; negative, since dynamic energy will be expressed and if oppressed it will come out in our weak spots; this is demonstrable, as pressure builds it will find the cracks in our Armour and flash out as anger, rage and emotional dysfunction. Yet, if held just long enough to empower and give substance to our "magic images", it enlivens and becomes a tremendous opportunity to create with the Primal Force (Kundalini) of Creation Itself! Therefore, like the bow being drawn by the Sagittarius Centaur and held in tension thereby oppressing the flight energy of the arrow; when target is sighted, one must let fly, to relieve the tension on the bow.

Therefore, as in all power, we can destroy or expand and liberate ourselves to greater horizons of creativity. When this card is thrown pay attention! Their maybe a tendency to limit oneself or one's vision by oppressing the urge of creative expansion due to fear of other peoples reactions. This is not recommended, for if curbed, this creative expansion will expand one's fears, as it has objectified in the body and has no where else to go.  No matter which way it goes, it will expand our imagination, from fear to psychosis or from dreaming to actual dynamic manifestation! This "oppressed energy" is the Vitriol of the Magus; the Dragon force. Heady stuff! 

On the Tree of Life, the number 10 refers to Malkuth---the Earth, and it is the most crystallized form of the alchemical-element of Fire (Yod Force). This is Fire in its most primitive form, so it is without a guiding intelligence, thus it is in its most destructive form when unenclosed by the consciousness. It is up to the personality to give this powerful force guidance, as it is the groundwork of all Passions that have been known to "run-a-muck". 

When in Malkuth, this force is from the other nine Sephiroth, but is not directly in contact with them, making it more influenced by the Astral fantasies of #9-Yesod-Kingdom.  In this state of influence, the subjective Spiritual Fire has become a blind objective force without any modifying influences.
Since this Form of Force, is the underlying cause of all Motion in the Universe, blind motion suggests chaos or dice casting.

Yet there is  even more to be concerned about with this card as Saturn in  Sagittarius; Saturn is heavy slow, obstinate, obscure, and material, while Sagittarius, is Spiritual, light, swift and elusive. Naturally this causes the greatest of antipathy as Saturn/Time is known to "eat it's own children", as depicted in the Ruben's painting.

The Thoth Card represents "Will" in its lowest form and it will devour all for its primal "Lust for Result" that causes such a conflagration, it even consumes itself. Now don't get me wrong, a certain amount of oppression of the Fiery Motion of the Universal Energy ( "sex/emotional" Force) must be oppressed to build form, but this is a delicate technological process of sexual communion (creation is sex-1+1=2. 2+1=3) that can go negative if unrelenting force is applied to the physical vessel.  Like a pressure cooker, if the right amount of water (emotion), pressure (will) and fire (life force or sex energy) are applied, the creation will be well and good; if too much pressure is applied to unmovable conditions, you'll blow up the kitchen!

This card represents the "moment of tension" before the explosion!

The Thoth Deck 10 of Wands, has eight wands still crossed showing the great power of the completed forces of Fire, but they are missing their noble patents, i.e. the symbols of the Three Adepts. Thus, they lack their authority and intelligence that has been shown in the earlier cards. The Two Dorjes (Tibetan Thunderbolts) of the Two of Wands are still present, but instead of the Khadroma (Tibetan Angels whose heads adorn the Dorjes) being in balance with the person (like lightning serving the persona), they are more like fiery bars of Shiva (Zeus), destructive and dangerous Thunderbolts.

The Babylonian Tarot Card, 10 of Wands-Oppression also depicts the wands as a kind of cage or fence, but it is encompassing a demonic presence known to that ancient culture as Pazuzu, king of the evil wind demons.He is depicted as a winged, canine faced creature, with bulging eyes, scaly body and a serpent headed penis (dangerous sex energy), while also having the feet of an eagle.

Asexplainedin past blogs (5 of Wands-Tarot comparison of Thoth and Babylonian tarot), the peoples of ancient Mesopotamia believed in a world fully populated by demons and deities. Therefore there were many magical incantations and banishments, all intended to cure the evils visited upon mankind. Some demons were enemies of other demons, and therefore invoked to fight their enemy.
Pazuzu, the son of the god Hanbi, was often invoked to
provide protection from foul and harmful winds, particularly the West wind. Since his arch enemy was the goddess Lamastu (see Devil blog), who was the killer of the unborn and new born children (Saturn), many statues of Pazuzu were placed around the houses of pregnant women, who also often wore the head of Pazuzu as amulets around their neck.

The 10 of Wands card mundanely suggests oppression and repression in its entirety.  It is a stupid, and obstinate  cruelty from which there is no escape. Think " the Will of T-Rex", and you'll get the idea of Primal will under the control of the lizard brain whose main emotion is to "eat but not eaten".

So when the 10 of Wands card is thrown:
  • It looks really bad for the querent, but that is not always so, for it will blow outward, and not last long.
  • Sure, for the moment it is "Oppressed Sex Energy", which often means that our creative Passion is "in jail" to the wants and wills of peers, but as we know, that won't last long as the Personality, which is a dynamic motion, explodes into action!
  • Now this effect can be deviant and become cruelty or malice towards others; so it is a warning to the querent that they must stop their self-repression, and create a new motion ; or if it shows in the reading that someone or something, is responsible for the oppression, they must leave, and change !
  • There is an overbearing strength being placed on the personality that will make it fight for its survival, precipitating revenge and injustice in the process. Usually, this is will applied to selfish and material ends. 
  • Over extension; Taking on too many responsibilities.
  • Having to choose between the lesser of two evils.
  • That in the next 10 weeks or 10 months, there will be a tendency to hold yourself back or restrict yourself  so pay attention and not allow this to happen.
  • Challenge your oppressive fears and "get over yourself and get on with you, for impeccability is what we do"!
  • Express who you are, and this caged power will accelerate you to greater heights of creativity, while expanding your life motion in more dynamic directions and joyous presence!
  • The tendency to hold back your power must be avoided in this 10 week or 10 month period as there is a build up of emotion that must be released as energy-in-motion so pursue your creative dreams! 
  • Great Emotion is Greater Motion, so be prepared to spread your dragon wings and ride the Higher States of Creation with the Khadroma or don't and become a self pitying wreck.
  • So if the Ten of Wands is ill dignified, it suggests, ill will, lying, malice,slander, envy, obstinacy, swiftness in evil and even violence as a form of sexuality.
However, if well dignified, it  also suggests generosity, self-sacrifice and often disinterest. But caution must be applied once again, as often self-sacrifice becomes Altruism, which is another form of superiority, bigotry and martyrdom, which become oppression in their own rite. (See past blog 8-05-2013 ). "It is better to teach a man to fish than give him one!"

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations, that keep this blog running. May you live long and prosper.

2 Comments to Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Ten of Wands & The Babylonian Ten of Wands-Oppression.:

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Dbr on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 8:53 AM
wow, you look hot! Want to meet for coffee?
Reply to comment
Eli on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 9:30 AM
Sure, as long as it is a "Frap" or some such iced coffee, to cool me down! Thanks for your comment, "us hot old folks" can use the encouragement.

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