Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Princess of Wands & The Babylonian Tarot Princess of Wands-Sarpanitua
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Princess of Wands & The Babylonian Tarot Princess of Wands-Sarpanitua

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth-PRINCESS OF WANDS:
In some tarot decks wands are called clubs but no matter what you call them, wands are the fiery nature of Spiritual expansion and expression.

The Princess of Wands,
is also a male person in some cards and is called a Page.
 But  being both sexes actually represents a combination of Fire and Earth (fire of earth card) for Earth is Mother and Fire is Father, therefore it is truly an androgynous expression of mastery of internal blocks, obstacles and obstructions.

The Princess of Wands represents Fearless, spontaneous expression shown by having the "tiger by the tale"! She is both magnetic and electric; a free and liberated spirit that resides in all of us as a divine inheritance.  This is all fiery motion; "moving up" in new directions that fearless and energizing like her sun wand or lava in a volcano.

Wearing the Aries crown, the Princess, like a warrior of Mars, has placed her old obstructions and fears on the altar of Spring and offers them as a Spring sacrifice.

Totally exposed and seemingly defenseless she boldly expresses her new motion creating her own beauty by her essential vigor and force. She believes in the power statement of "Get over yourself and get on with you, impeccability is what we do" and believes others should do the same! She is a Solar Self that owns and runs her physical self as her own power tool and not that of the state, person, doctrine or environment.

The Princesses and the Aces:

The Thoth Deck Ace of Wands, the Essence of the Fire given form by the Princess is shown as a fiery club (flames in shape of Yods, i.e. Phallic flames). The Ace represents the essence or seed of the Alchemical Element-Fire. It is a solar-phallic outburst of flame from which lightning springs forth in multiple directions. If you were looking at the Sun, it would comparable to multiple solar flares, as this is how the Sun acts as a phallus by ejecting its "seed" into the dark womb of space-time or as an earthly example; a volcano generating both lightning and lava.
It is the Earliest stage of Primordial matter, will less and violent.

It is important to remember that, although the small cards are sympathetic to their numbered Sephiroth, they are not identical nor are they Divine Persons; they are more like sub-elements and/or parts of "Blind Forces" whose ruling intelligences are of the Realm of Yetzirah, The Formulative World (Shemhamphorasch).

What maybe astounding to note, if not confusing, is that each Major Arcana (Atu) has its own Tree of Life and hierarchy, and the Princesses, as Elemental Elohim, rule the form of their element from the North pole quadrants on earth. Obviously this requires more investigation on the student's part. As a student who teaches, I am still investigation this phenomena.
THE PRINCESS OF WANDS: represents the Earthly part of Fire. She is the expression of the irresistible action of a combustible substance and rules from the Heavens from one quadrant around the North Pole (She= Fiery Magnetic Force). It is interesting to note, that the Female Force gives Form to the Fiery-electric male force, which in its primeval stage, as the Ace of Wands, is unwilled, unformed and undirected, she grabs his "electric" force, in magnetic hands (the solar wand), manipulating its form.  But like the Magnetic Field of Earth, giving form to the Solar rays, not unlike the Aurora in the night sky, She justifies the direction of this male Force.

With flames of justice leaping from her forehead, and naked, as a sign  that she is perfectly free to combine with her partner; the Thoth Princess bears a wand crowned with the Disk of the Sun and leaping into Yod shape surging flame.

The Lords of Fire reside in the realm of Yetzirah, towards which she is leaping, thus she can be compared to the Virgin Priestess of the Lords of Fire. Further championing this fact, is the illustration of the flame topped Altar of Spring, in the left lower corner of this card.

The "seed of fire", The Ace of Wands, is now given a personal Willful expression in the Princess of Wands, as she is brilliant and daring. She has bridled passion, shown by grasping the Tiger by the Tail, and given it direction----where She goes--Passion goes.
Like Fire, it is her essential vigorous energy, that describes her beauty; beauty seen, as the force of her personality dazzles her beholder. Such beautiful force can also be expressed as love and anger, which is passionately charged into sudden forms of violence and implacability. Much like a Coral snake, stand back and enjoy its beauty, but don't try to posses it, as its anger is terminal.
In Elemental Magic, we have pegged the Princess of Wands as a ruling elemental-personality/intelligence, that harnesses the Ace of Wands to Earth ( mate to the Solar phallus) and is volatile in nature.  As a human Personality:
  1. She also consumes all within Her Sphere.
  2. She is ambitious, aspiring and full of enthusiasm and is often accused of being irrational.
  3.  Being the Earthly Part of Fire, She is likened to the Polynesian Volcano Goddess, due to her Volcanic Personality. She is the Earthly fiery womb, rather than the Earthly Watery Womb of the Princess of Cups.

If the Princess of Wands is ill dignified or thrown together with the Ace of Wands, we have magnified
 a personality, omnivorous in passion of whatever kind, entirely reckless in the means of obtaining gratification, and insatiable. It is notable, that She has given Will to the primeval violence of Male Force, "by naming Him Husband", using His fiery flow  to impregnate her every action, as does Earth, the Sun.

The name Yod Heh Vau Heh, often called the arcane Hebrew name for God, is attributed to the Court Cards, where Yod, is attributed to Knights, Heh-to Queens, Vau is attributed to Princes and the last Heh-is attributed to Princesses, the Earthly Manifestation, as the ultimate issue of the original Energy in its Completion, i.e. crystallization (yod-fire as Astral semen). However, the Princesses also represent the counter-balancing and re-absorption of the Energy, much like some yogi of Tantra who never ejaculate but reabsorb the fiery energy stimulated by sexual union. Therefore the Princesses are also the Silence into which all things return.

The Princesses have no zodiacal attribution. Thus they are likened to "elemental" people who are recognized by their lack of all sense responsibility and whose moral qualities are very flexible. Thus they are sub-divided according to planetary predominance.
The Princesses also represent the Elemental Elohim, of such elemental persona Eli Levi wrote:" The love of the Magus for such creatures is insensate, and may destroy him."  Which it will, as lovers of the Scarlett Woman ( Crowley's-Babalon) have found out. She will consume you, as fire does a wyrm (old English), only for you to rise again out of Universal consumptive passion and/or Divine Frenzy, as a phoenix out of the ashes of your personality, as a form of "Dragonish Serpent force" (mentioned by Jahaladine Rumi, a Sufi Master) .

Be very cautious young magi, both male and female, for the She-Dragon is spontaneous and unforgiving!  But if there is any of the pure Eternal Fire in you, with the Kundalini rising as a Phoenix, unfettered by chains of emotion and your Will is unshakable in unrequited Passion's extreme heat; lusting not for result, she'll give you wings and make you blaze as a Star, with many outrageous  "magic abilities"!
If your sanity doesn't return expanded from such energy harmony, then your will was used, which is flawed and not united with that of the One Will; in other words, your lust needed result, causing psychic disharmony."Thy will be done", has to be a powerful truth in your personality, for She, the Fiery Divine Feminine, will not be confined to your "belief systems". Because of our ignorance of Sex as a Spiritual technology, One may forget, that the Yod force is masculine, but when given form, it is Feminine! From Daäth, the "invisible" Sephiroth called "Knowledge" (Gnosis), is the Yod force made into "liquid fire', i.e. "the semen that heals the anointed".

For those of you who wish to dwell upon "Higher Magick", I'll give you this tasty morsel of thought: In the Beginning, We, The Personalities of the Higher Self, are born of Daäth, the Sephirotic Womb that gives us birth as the "Golden Child of God" and our Will is that of the Logos, not of a personal nature and therefore an androgynous (Both Force and Form) ejaculation into the microcosm. We are then later"divided" by our "fall", into male or female sexual form in Yesod, forming personalities and must reunite our personalities in that Foundational plane, with Splendor and Victory, as the "Ternary Elohim of the Astral"; i.e. in the harmony of Yesod- Hod and Netzach, is our true Personality. Only then can we enter Tiphareth-Beauty (Sun/Son of God) as a "Higher Personality" of the Solar Logos. The reunion of Yesodic personality, with Hodic personality and Netzach personality, makes Beauty-The Solar Logos Personality all of which are a "Sex Magic", where division, of the "lower realms", is now Communion.  This is all of the ancient Gnosis, I'll give you for now. For now you must learn to shed your ignorance by searching through the Ternary Self of emotional, mental and physical fame. For only determination, diligence and vigilant self observation, will get you near the Solar Logos.

Needless to say, this Elemental Persona of Magick is not for the timid! Don't mate energy fields with Salamandines, if you lust after sexual fulfillment, for mating with such consumptive energy may leave you mad with insatiable lust! Lucky for us all, calling up a Salamandine, is nigh impossible in this modern day, as we are sexually perverted by our indoctrinations, thus we have forgotten the "old ways", making the body a "forbidden temple" and thereby many Astral realms of liquid Fire have faded from our psychic knowledge.

 As a human birthday Tarot card- archetypical personality, the Princess of Wands represents a fiery nature in a  young-passionate, woman who is also consumptive and not prone to monogamy.

The Babylonian Tarot, Princess of Wands-Sarpanitu, carries on this Thoth tradition of "impregnation with the Solar Logos seed", in the image of the Babylonian "seed producing goddess".

In Akkadian worship she was known as Erua, the goddess of pregnancy and child birth. Erua/Sarpanitu was often invoked to protect the unborn pregnancy.
Because of her specialty, she was said to have knowledge that was concealed from men.

Sarpanitu was said to be the wife of Marduk (Roman- Mars) thereby making the Aries connection of the Thoth card. Marduk was often called Bel (lord), therefore also giving Sarpanitu the title of Belit (lady). Marduk was seen as the god responsible for the renewal of spring, therefore the divine couple received lavish praise during the New Year festival.

In the Babylonian Tarot Card, Sarpanitu is shown "heavy with child", representing her divine function of giving birth and illustrating the "hidden knowledge". Next to her enlarged face is a scepter.

When the Princess of Wands card is thrown, it implies:
  • That it is time to express one's sense of freedom, adventure, passion-to-be and initiating something new.
  • If you are male, it points to the anima within you that doesn't want to be limited or obstructed by fear.
  • This is the symbol  of the ultimate free spirit within us all that overcomes fear and accelerates creative  purpose.
  • We are all "star seeds" and have a deep inner fiery nature that will not be subdued.
  • This inner passion is best channeled in life expanding creative ways and gestures!
  • Strong enduring force.
  • A young woman who is courageous, captivating, brilliant, adventurous, creative and vigorous.
  • A person who craves new experience and is full of passionate ideas.
If Ill define:
  • Lacks commitment.
  • Is a "Drama Queen".
  • Desires power.
  • Irrational, insatiable,  dominating, cruel and unforgiving.
For more information about the Thoth Tarot, or a reading appointment, on line or in person, Email <info@eli-lsmerchantile.com>
 Thank you for your interest, comments and information supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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