Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Two of Cups-Love & The Babylonian Tarot Two of Cups-Love
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Two of Cups-Love & The Babylonian Tarot Two of Cups-Love

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth-Two of Cups: Love
In previous blogs, I explained the esoteric nature of all the Minor Arcana; However, in this blog I'll explain the Two of Cups in a more common tongue, at first, and then "into the depths my Djinn-children"!

Love, may seem obvious to us all. The operative word is may. Love is not only a flow of conscious energy that results from a union of opposites, but because of the physical body, is also a sense of ecstasy, a validation of feelings a state of spiritual, sensual and mental Oneness. It is also a pull of Psychic attraction (electromagnetic) on the unconscious level of emotions. Love, is therefore a form of Higher Psyche that is often called "The Higher Self". When love floods the body, there is no such thing as "sacrifice".

The symbols of  Fish and the Dolphins  are specific symbols relating to goddess Venus and the god Neptune, or the Sun God Apollo. This card astrologically is also Venus in Cancer; Cancer being a watery sign, which represents the feminine in this card. Solar male and Moon/water female in flowing union.

The Love card is also about personal romance and love of two people. It is that joyful moment when we feel the equilibrium of unchecked energy and conscious flow weaving two people together as one Force. A force which has the potential for energy-misspent or well-spent, as our consciousness is flooded with "romantic" juices (hormones or endorphins) and we have only one focus---the "chemical dream" of the other person.

It is not an old wives tale that Romantic Love is fleeting, because in reality such intensity of chemical-emotion will simmer down enough that the consciousness can think again. This process of thought may become a normal state of judgmental thinking and we begin to see "faults"  that were hidden in the Solar Glare of Romance. Faults simply being what we "don't like" in ourselves which reflect on our "dream of the other".

Of course, if we allow others to be themselves, and know that everyone we see is just another way to be "me" rather than demanding they fit our "dream" of them; love becomes place of high conscious observation that knows that the dual thinking of  "good and bad" is an illusion. Love then becomes an "I-sight" were we will enjoy each other where we agree or disagree, for disagreement is merely an individual expression rather than a threat. Often, the combination of ideas, builds new and even greater perspectives. 

 In a Electromagnetic Universe, opposites do attract, with the added benefit from the union of opposites, that often expands and liberates both parties  from preconceived thoughts and/or states of stasis. Love is what we are; an intense motion of Self-Awareness that is Will to be! Love is Spiritual Force that causes all atoms to come together in unions that make molecules who become a universe and our material world. It is the Force of Attraction, of Fertility, of Fecund creation!
Therefore, the Psyche of the Divine Creative is Love.

It is the Dual Creative that forms the Divine Creative, whose United Duality, is the rhythmic dance that pumps our heart.
To our Spirit, wherever we focus our most intense emotion, is love of, just as is done in the Divine, so if we focus most on what we don't want the Spirit thinks we love that ( you can't "don't" a thought!) and makes sure we get "what we don't want". This  the belief in a 2 dimensional universe of "right and wrong", is the potential for energy misspent. Qabalist know that "if it exists, its supposed to" and therefore, this is not a courtroom, all that is, has been Judged into being!

Spend transmitted energy of union well by focusing with "Hard Desire" on what you are grateful for---this will be seen as love-in-flowing union and the Spirit will move heaven and earth to make sure you get more; for Being More is the journey of all Identity in this Universe!

Love is how we "be"! Love is the Union of Goddess (Magnetic Force-Formative Force) and God (Electric/Fire Activating Force) and in the "honeymoon suite" of the Universal  "I AM" Hotel; we are conceived from that eternal embrace of "Love of Being" as a "Being of Love". Therefore, the children of such  passionate parents must "open their I's" and not be focused on fear, but of union. In other words we are children of the "Big Bang"!  To know thyself is to know Passionate outward expansion, which is "Will to be"; the "emotional-sensual Big Bang of Identity" and all things can be created from that point. Know thyself, for with such great power, comes great self-responsibility! Be responsible for your-self and know that thought is merely a lens that focuses your Passionate self into a material world. Our mere presence disturbs matter and reforms it to your e-motional self-image. WHAT EVER IMAGE YOU FOCUS E-MOTION ON MUST BE CREATED AS YOUR PERSONAL- EXPERIENCE IN THIS REALM! A REALM WHERE YOUR OBSERVATION INTERFERES WITH THE MOTION OF ELECTRONS!

You are a great power--you are Love---you do not seek it! To seek love is to be as a fish in the Ocean seeking water and to me, that is an image of a lost soul.
The Two, of any card suit, represents the Word and the Will. Therefore, the Thoth 2 of Cups is the first manifestation in the Suit of Water which is called Love.  To the surprise of many, love is the mechanism of mutual annihilation of the individual by the process of Union; when the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine Unite, there is no male or female present.. only the Divine Hermaphrodite (Hermes and Aphrodite) exists. 

The Two of Cups represents Venus in Cancer. Cancer is known as the most receptive of Signs, as it it the House of the Moon, and in that sign Jupiter is exalted. There is a superficial friendship among these three planets ( in astrology, the Moon is seen as a planet).
In the Thoth Deck Two of Cups, the paired Dolphins (the important symbol of the "Royal Art" of alchemy) are intertwined, with the flowing of Love coming from the Great Lotus of the Goddess, into the twin Lotus below and overflowing into the Cups resting on a calm Venus-Green Sea. This is a purity of Love, that the survival mind in the reptile brain is unable to conceive of or often understand, making such an absolute annihilation of the individual in the Overflowing Power of Unity, a mundane wonder. 

The Will and the Word, united become Form.  The Word being Logos, the source of all Vibration and The Will being the first existence of Spirit; the "I AM", the Fertilizer of all idea into the Understanding of Form. This is the Psyche of the Supernal Triangle, the trinity at the top of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Thus, we as microcosms of the Divine Macrocosm must understand that  when a person wills to love another, and speaks the words of love, there is a new Form produced! It is the Divine Androgen, that is the combination of Will to Force and Will to Form!

This language may sound deliberately obtuse, but love is an invisible Force, that human words cannot give form, as we are already formed of it! So we must unite words in such away that they allude to the mystery, rather than literate identification.
If you ever have experienced a self-annihilating love where the ego becomes lost in the Overflowing Sensation of Being One from the Union of Two; you'll understand that you just can't "wrap" your brain around it. The common statement being." I am at a loss for words...". In the endorphins of Love, there seems to be some kind of heated fluid that is drowning all reason. Then, my friend, you have experience what the Two of Cups alludes to! However, being a purity, from a cyclic united dimension of conscious and unconscious (Sun and Moon) energy, after time, as the tides of the Sea, it will pick up detritus from our culturally "shipwrecked" brain, and slowly progress to a Four of Cups, as the suit develops. Therefore the Second Law of  Thermodynamics comes into play, and "...All things proceed from order to disorder" and the  entropy of "I am not", slowly degrades the Mystery. Obviously, with words of fear-based reason, the pink clouds of "the dream" fade away. Just like Astral trips, deep in the Psyche, slowly fade from our brain upon awakening.

The Two of Cups, in the Qabalistic Tarot, is called the Lord of Love under Will. which is its true meaning where Will is Spirit and not some egoistic possession of the brain, as that animal will is a minor will indeed! 

The Two of Cups shows the harmony of the Universal Female and the Universal Male, radiating an intensity of joy and  ecstasy that washes away any and all concern; where "will to be" becomes "I AM Thee"! It is The Love, that connects us all together as One, while the massive flow of this connectivity to All, flows through the Union of Two. Such esoteric power, may explain why it seems so overpowering to individual reason. However, when one "Loves to Love", all excuses  fade away as ripples into the Powerful "flow of Two becoming One".

The Babylonian Tarot, 2 of Cups-Love, also focuses on the Divine Mystery of the Union of Opposites. Displayed on this card are two vessels called rhytons, in the Neo-Assyrian language.

Rhytons, are luxurious drinking vessels and here one is fashioned of Silver, with an antelope figure at the base and the other of Gold, displaying a Lion figure as its base. Beside each vessel is a hand, the feminine hand with the silver, and the masculine hand with the gold. This is an obvious display of the Divine Feminine ( Silver-Moon) and the Divine Masculine (Golden-Sun), in balance and harmony. The cuneiform symbol for 2, is in the center of the  Babylonian Tarot card. All that applies to the Thoth card also is implied on the Babylonian Tarot.

When the Two of Cups card is thrown for the querent, and depending on its position in the reading, as well as, the dignity of the accompanying cards, implies:
  • Love, marriage, and pleasure.
  • Some say, warm friendship, but that is a weak statement for such an overwhelming heat, so it's more like an intertwining, of harmony, mirth, subtlety, pleasure, and a sometime dash of folly that seems to bind us in mystery and sensation of a "deeply Warm" friendship that radiates from the galactic core.
  • This is an ecstasy that only the True Union of the Feminine and the Masculine can produce.
  • Romance.
If the Cards accompanying the Two of Cups are all ill defined, than this card represents, dissipation, waste and silly action.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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