Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth, 5 of cups and the Babylonian Tarot, 5 of cups-Loss
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth, 5 of cups and the Babylonian Tarot, 5 of cups-Loss

The Tarot of Eli

The Thoth-FIVE OF CUPS: Disappointment.
This card represents emotional disappointment caused by a loss of that which is loved (symbolized by the once full cups that are now empty).

Astrologically this is Mars in Scorpio which produces an extremely emotional effect. The Water sign Scorpio is totally disconsolate with the fiery nature of Mars, causing a loss of pleasure. In other words, the placid nature of pleasure is disturbed by the super abundant energy of Mars.

To a Qabalalist, the 5 of cups is  the influence of Geburah (Severity) in Briah (Mental world) where sever energy is needed to establish a growth movement that the placid nature of pleasure has interfered with. Life being  about force and form, and the fact that if energy stays in form to long, it becomes stagnant (stasis), severe measures are often needed to get energy moving again.
  1. The 4 of Cups card is about loss of love and like all Tarot cards, is subjective to the intuition of a open reader. There are some cases where this card can even mean the loss of a loved one through the process of death. But this depends on the surrounding cards supporting this observation. For instance if this 5 of cups card is placed next to the 10 of Swords-Ruin.
  2. This card may say "sorrow" but it also shows acceptance which begins the process of recovery (the Growing Leaves of the Lotus above the cups) . So this may be a card of loss, but it is also about inheritance, patrimony, transmission, but not corresponding to expectations. 
The truth be told, most of our emotional loss is from assumptions and expectations not being met by others. For we see only a "dream" of another, and not what they see themselves as. That is why relationships are best enjoyed on a daily basis rather than founded on future expectations. Being that we are the creators of moments, and call them Life Motions, it only makes good sense to give each moment of a relationship a joyous presence without waiting for a goal to be fulfilled.  We are Life, who "make alive"; alive is but a movement of moments and the future is always trans-formative. Therefore for a full expression of "being alive", Love with all your heart ---now! You will then find that you are always present rather then "just getting by".

We will often find that loving relationships are also moments of movement and that loss is a constant mechanism of change.  That being said, this card is not as negative as it sounds for it does promise a return to pleasure in a future moment--5weeks or 5 months, where love will be expressed freely again. To love being yourself and enjoying moments as expressions of that love, will greatly reduce the influence of severity in your life!
GEBURAH, Severity, is the fifth Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and rules the fives. Across from Geburah is Chesed, the 4Th Sephiroth on the Tree, the ruler of the fours. He is Her perfect balanced mate, He builds up and completes and She tears down, then Tipareth the 6th Serphiroth-Beauty, resurrects the new purity.
As Chesed is loving and merciful, She is terrible in her demanding of due; for, She is also Mars, the Warrior King. Thus this red Intelligent Energy, is female in receptive behavior and/or Form and masculine in expressive behavior and/or Force. Geburah is the Destroyer, The Warrior King, The Power of Judgment, the Clarifier and the Eliminator of the Useless, and Cronus, who is Saturn, the roman god who "eats its own children". Those familiar with the Hindu mysteries, would also call her Kali Ma. To the Wiccan, she is the crone, of maid, mother and crone.
Geburah's symbols are: The Pentagon, the Five Pedaled Rose of the Tudors. The Sword and the Spear, the Scourge and chain. Her planet is Mars and the color is red.

Geburah may be the most difficult Sephiroth ( State of Intelligent Energy) to approach because of her difficult and often overwhelming lessons. Yet, Geburah, is a necessary corrective in our lives, as she tears away all that is useless, outdated or undesirable.

There is a tendency among the short sighted, to think of Geburah/Mars/Saturn as evil, as do some of Kali Ma; However, her Severe lessons are such that they are akin to burning down a diseased forest, so that new health trees may emerge. Sure, the balances that She instigates, are painful, even devastating, but again, necessary to keep balance in the Universe of, the Spirit, the Mind, the Emotions (energy in motion) and the Body. 

The Four Fives in the Tarot, are all in someway, connected to Severity and Strife, the degree of this severity depends on the suit the Card is in.  Yet, no matter how squeamish we are, many of us realize that it is the truly difficult situations that teach us the most. I for one, have not failed to learn from such and have the scars to prove it.

So here , in the presence of the 5 we can say that Geburah supports our strength, for when we weaken and succumb to "comfort zones" (fear of vulnerability), she tears them away, exposing them for the fraudulent behavior they are (I think some, call this "Tough Love"). The strict discipline of this aspect of the Divine Feminine- Geburah, is a corrective process that is  both necessary and positive: Conveying the ability to judge clearly and the willingness to be judged, as described in the Qabalistic Hermetic axiom," Watch the Watcher, Examine the Examiner, Judge the Judge."

Chesed, the 4th Sephiroth, is called-Mercy, his qualities of mercy must be controlled by the Sentinel qualities of Geburah, or they will overflow into an evil imbalance of force. Sometimes Mercy must be checked, such as one must learn from their own mistakes, rather than have someone always correcting their mistakes for them as a form of pain avoidance. In freedom of choice, everyone has the right to learn from their disease! Discernment demands it, and the Tree of  Wisdom sprouts from correcting our own error, which pollinates the identity, the I Am, which then produces new seeds of "Me". 

It is the continual flowing cycles, because of  the constant interaction of Geburah and Chesed, that keeps the rhythm of life moving forward; Inhale-exhale.

The adept must be first initiated in Geburah, before Chesed. For one must have perfect control of their identity before being immersed in the abundance of Chesed, the Architect. Thus, the attribute of Great Power, is derived from Geburah. The Power is Great, because Geburah is related to both Kether and Binah and that Unity, is the source of this outward flowing power. Binah gives form birth-potential and Geburah gives it death-potential so that beginnings have ends. One can say that Geburah is the Force of Time, i.e Cronus/Saturn.

In sacred texts, Geburah is shown as a Masculine bearded Warrior in his chariot, relating to Mars, therefore both Martial and Saturnine force are her attributes. Yet the primary qualities of Geburah are feminine, These feminine qualities are suggested by the rose of Venus, the five pedaled rose of the Tudors. Venus is  also the Planet closely related to Mars, as the forces of one are transmitted from Geburah, through Tiphareth ( Beauty) and into Netzach (Victory) of which Venus is assigned. 

Five sided symbols are related to Geburah, such as the invoking and banishing pentagram and the pentagon.  The five elemental points of the pentagram are only brought into balanced power in the individual who is relentless in their self-discipline. As any Power-line electrician knows, intense focus, and unwavering handling of immense power, is essential for job and life longevity.  Therefore the true forces of the individual must be under the control of the Spirit (symbolized by the highest point on the Pentagram) for the individual to truly experience the mutable nature of the personality in the Higher Self of Tiphareth. The resulting immersion into the Fires of Truth, burn away all that is unworthy of Higher Self in the personality. The Burning is felt, in a brutal silence of self assessment.
The other symbols of Geburah, such as the Spear represents a swift and complete destruction while the Scourge and the Chain symbolize a continual application of Force. The Sword  of Geburah, represents the sharp edged power of the individual under impeccable self control. The strength of severity is the individuals greatest weapon for cleaving away the delusion of man-made definitions and/or all that is unworthy of them.
THE FOUR FIVES, of each suit will be explained in their own blog; However, they represent opposition, strife, war and struggle. They are obstacles to the thing in hand causing ultimate failure or success as attributed by the surrounding cards in the reading.

As I have previously stated, Geburah, the Fifth Sephiroth, may be sever but brings a necessary corrective in our lives, by tearing away all that is useless thought, emotion, that is outdated and unproductive.
In this Universe most of us understand that there is only one energy that we can't create, nor can we destroy it. We can however, transmit it and transform it by using our Imagination, which is a "Womb" of form.  Transformation is a process of deconstructing and then reconstructing that which is envisioned. Transmitting is done sexually or in some from of intimacy and/or communication, where we are in communion with someone or something. Such as the intimacy of healers or shamanistic rites etc.

The flow of thisvital force is often called love, as such we could say that the intimacy of the negative pole as it joins with a positive pole of a magnet proves  love. But being Spiritual beings, we know Love is more that energy flow, it is a communion of multiple attributes as the divine Duality unites force and forms .   Therefore, Intimacy is not just physical touching, tasting, smelling, hearing or seeing, even though those are usually involved. Intimacy is where one Auric Field blends with another; energy weaving into a new pattern for both parties. A multiplication of 7 dimensions weaving with another 7 dimensions, becoming 49. These 49 are really a numeric 4+ 9= 13 and Key 13 is the Death Card, which means a "Spiritual Transformation".
However wonderful energy in motion is, it also has and end. That would be the second law of Thermodynamics where"...all things proceed from order to disorder.", So a Master weaver of Self, would see the disorder in Self -patterns, and deconstruct them and reconstruct a new order of Self.  Here's where Geburah steps in to assist us, she makes us view the disorder, and as a corrective, we can now remove the old and build the new. 
 Is also known as Lord of loss in pleasure. Here the planet Mars is in Scorpio. The angels of the Decan are: Livoyah and Pehilyah. As the 5 of cups, Geburah is influencing the Mental World, Geburah in Briah. 
 By now you may know that the Alchemical Element-Water is consciousness, and a sever situation is sensually presented in the 5 of Cups.  Mars is violent energy and in the water sign Scorpio, this produces an extremely emotional effect. 
The once full cups are empty, implying loss of that which is loved, Geburah is fiery of nature, and still water is  totally at odds with this active force, thus causing a disturbance and  loss of pleasure,  This card, if supported by he accompanying cards, can even mean death of a loved one. The inverted pentagram represents the triumph of matter over spirit and where disturbance arises in the middle of ease.

The Babylonian Tarot, 5 of cups-loss, also promotes this case of love lost by illustrating a scene from the epic of Gilgamesh. The gods decided that Enkidu, Gilgamesh's dear friend, must die as Enkidu killed Humbaba and the bull of heaven.

Therefore, with immense grief and weeping, Gilgamesh begins his journey in search of immortal life.
Five fluted cups are shown in disarray, with a scorpion in their mists. The Cuneiform symbol of 5 is in the upper right.
When the 5 of cups is thrown during a reading, the querent has been or will be experiencing:
  • Emotional disappointment for 5 weeks or 5 months.
  • Usually implication of relying too much on others for love, rather than loving themselves.  
  • Here, there is a certain crying over past events, a experience of grieving over what has been lost. 
  • Emotional discord as one begins to adapt. 
  • This is a card of regret, loss and separation.
  • The corrective of Geburah is being applied here, and it is the beginning of recovery.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!


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