Tarot Card Comparisons; Thoth Tarot , 6 of Swords & The Babylonian Tarot, 6 of Arrows-Relief.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Queen of Cups & The Legends Tarot-Queen of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Knight of Cups & The Legends Tarot- King of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons; Thoth Tarot , 6 of Swords & The Babylonian Tarot, 6 of Arrows-Relief.

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth-SIX OF SWORDS-SCIENCE

Astrologically this card is Mercury in Aquarius. Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius and therefore it stabilizes the fleeting qualities of Mercury;
now the normal fleeting thoughts of Airy-mind are stabilized and focused.

Therefore the Six of Swords represents  strong analytical ability, logical scientific thinking that is felt internally ( unconsciously) and externally (consciously), being presented in such an objective way that it is well received and easily understood by others.

To the Qabalist, the 6 of Swords card represents Tiphareth (Beauty) in Yetzirah (the Astral World). The Astral world is of subtle matter, a form of liquid light that is directly influenced by the Unconscious mind. This liquidity of thoughts easily builds fantasy, irrational ideas and deceptive emotions, as well as, shapes and "thought forms" reality; often turning what was irrational into a new rational!
The Astral intelligence is the place of dreams and this dreaming happens in the Astral before an idea is made manifest in the Crystalline form of  bio-proton matter that is earth. Therefore, one must pretend to be the "idea" before it can become manifest! Children inherently  know this to be true, and are often "pretend-playing" an idea, such as being an adult, Wonder Woman  or cowboy-cowgirl, by playing dress up. 

For a timid adult, they can loose timidity by pretending to be confident and powerful. Therefore one must first stand in a power position, like Wonder Woman, let's say, a few minutes each day, before they begin feeling powerful and confident. The Axiom: "Practice makes perfect", really means----you must pretend to be it before you can be it or "Fair Witnessing"!  Fair Witnessing is another description of the 6 of Swords.
This is the science of "Mind over Matter" and is what the Six of Swords implies.

With the stabilizing ability of Saturn
, we now can construct a rational balance of all moral and mental facilities. But this is hardly won and difficult to hold in the ever-changing world around us; because of this difficulty, mental flexibility is also symbolized by this card. Meditation, practice and/or pretending, keep us strong in mind and body, all of which is recommended to keep ahead  of ever-changing definitions.

 It also maybe noted that "mirror magick", which is "Fair Witnessing", is begun by "dressing up" and posing in a mirror. This imprints the Unconscious and conscious with the same "dream", therefore stimulating the liquid Astral fluid intelligence to form into a crystallized and therefore manifested thought/definition of yourself. This is exactly what the Divine Collective Unconscious has done, on a large scale, as "Self Image"! What we call the "Reflected Light Spectrum", or Physical Universe, is reflected on the dark invisible energy/matter Universe. In other words, the Microcosm (small universe of form) is a direct reflection of the Macrocosm (All that is transformed from the One Energy). Therefore, as Children of the Divine Collective, it is only proper that we pretend, in self-reflection, in order to become it in life direction. In fact, this is how creation is done! All rulers and revisionists know the dynamics of a lie, being told over and over again, becomes a truth! Truth is made manifest, by first becoming a dream that is practiced over and over again! So get "jiggy with it" and pretend you are more than you believe you are. Stand in a power pose in front of a mirror for a few minutes each day, and you will become more self confident then you ever have before! "Be like the Children"... is a very intelligent statement that is supported by the Qabalistic Tarot!

The Qabalistic Tarot- Thoth Six of Swords: Science.
The complete mundane interpretation of this card is the perfect balance of all mental and moral facilities, hardly won and almost impossible to hold in an ever-changing world.

The Six of Swords is the science of the mind that is both objective and fair-witnessing; "Mind over Matter".

The Six swords, suggesting the form of the unicursal hexagram, all join in the center of the Rosy cross; a Rosicrucian Cross, which is the universal symbol of integration, synthesis and blessing.This indicates that the Six of Swords represents the integrative mind that recognizes sources of inspiration that are sometimes unexplainable.

The holistic mind is symbolized on the Thoth card, by the circle while the crystalline diamond represents the crystal clear creative mind. This mind can consider many thoughts at once ( the many pin wheels in the background) and integrating them into a whole clarity that is objectively communicate in such away as to present a new perspective otherwise unseen.

Mercury, the swift messenger, is seen at the top of the card and Aquarius at the bottom, symbolizing Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury is the winged messenger (clear communication) and Aquarius is the New Age (new perspectives; "As above, so below") symbolizing the ability to communicate new ideas in such an objective way that they are easily understood and heard.

Since our consciousness is usually focused on daily survival, and indoctrinated by "the few who wish to rule the many", dictating how we are to survive, most of us rarely know the "unconscious" purpose of our existence. 

The Un-Conscious, is a more powerful form of creative mind, than the "physical reflection" that is personal consciousness.  The Unconscious of any individual is directly related to the  Divine Universal Collective Unconscious, which directs forces with the  knowledge of I AM ( infinite existence) rather than the constantly changing definition of survival that is Me (alive). That is one reason why Tarot Card Readings and/or divination becomes necessary. Tarot is constructed of Archetypal images (code) that reside in the picture-dream world of the Unconscious, and thus directly communication with the "Greater Self".  The Greater Self is a self we hardly ever acknowledge, as we have some vague idea that it is a phenomena called  "spirit" which is somehow attached to man-made religion and are therefore ignorant of its manipulations in our life.

What many unaware people call Fate, is really actions of the Unconscious, who is the Real Mind, rather than the conscious mind which constructs reality from words of definition, rather than the "real picture".  For warned is for-armed, and in this Tarot is immensely useful!

The Babylonian Tarot, 6 of Arrows-Relief, focuses its definition on the goddess Gula (meaning, "Great One") who was often invoked to cure illness. Besides being the patron goddess of doctors, she was also considered a midwife to women.

"She who Understands disease" had a Sumerian name of Ninisina ("Lady of Isin")
and was also known as, Nintinuga, Ninkarrak, and Meme. She was considered the wife of the agricultural warrior god Ninurta, and with her association with agricultural healing deities such as, her husband and two sons, Damu and Ninazu, she was considered a knowledgeable source of herbal-healing lore.
Being that her role was that of "life giver", the merest touch of her hand was said to heal the sickest human.

Gula's sacred animal was the dog; an animal that was said to cure wounds by licking them. Often, in respect, ceramic images of dogs were left at Gula's shrines by those recovered from illness.

On the Babylonian card, we view Gula standing over an injured  arrow shot man, with a piece of that arrow in her healing hand.  In the other hand she holds a healing herb.  Gula's faithful dog stands by the sick bed. Six upright arrows are above her along with the cuneiform symbol for the number 6. 

When the Six of Swords or Six of Arrows card is thrown it indicates that:
  • In the next 6 weeks or 6 months it is important to look at things as they are rather than what you want them to be.
  • It is important to be clear in your own mind so that you can successfully communicate new ideas or decisions in such a way as to be nonthreatening and easily heard.
  • This card can also indicate that you should make an special effort to communicate clearly to the important Aquarian people in your life (January 21 to February 21).
  • The Science-mind is clear, sharp and free of confusion, uncluttered with "should have beens" and "wanna-be's". It is a rare state of mind that is important to utilize.
  •  Experimenting with schedules, lifestyle, daily routine, beliefs or communications using wit and cunning.
  • A new mental strategy where the mind  creates a plan to get what it wants. 
  • This is one of the more positive of the Swords (Swords not touching each other are negative--swords touching each other are positive; upright Arrows are positive) but deception, dullness of a stable thought process, and deceptive maneuvering to achieve goals is also an ill-definition represented by this card.
  • Again, the cards surrounding this one will show either deception or morality as the mechanism of thought.
  • However, 6 of swords usually means success is accomplished after anxiety and trouble and can be a positive aspect of a stubborn and diligent mind.
  • Success after difficulties or trouble.
  • Reprieve; the danger has passed.
  • A change for the better, as a major obstacle has been removed.
  • A spiritual passage.

For more information about a personal Thoth Deck Tarot Reading , email [info@eli-lsmerchantile.com]. Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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