Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Queen of Swords & The Babylonian Tarot- Queen of Arrows-Ishtar.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Queen of Cups & The Legends Tarot-Queen of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Knight of Cups & The Legends Tarot- King of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Queen of Swords & The Babylonian Tarot- Queen of Arrows-Ishtar.

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth-QUEEN OF SWORDS:

In the zodiac, the Queen of Swords rules from 21 degrees Virgo to 20 degrees Libra. This is Water of Air, which is not only power of transmission but elastic as well.
In this card we see the Queen of Swords as a kind of Golden Kali, with Her sharp sword of wit in one hand and the severed head of a adult male in the other. Yet the innocence of a child is shown on top of her stellar-crystal clear mind, where ideas are clear and concise.The Queen of Swords represents the Liberated Mind with clear perception of idea; Water is Consciousness and Air is Mind.

Here, the Astral realm (Yetzirah, the Formative World) is trimmed of all deception by the sharp sword of concise perception and protects our identity from the fantasy and illusion .

It is the very head of mankind, the thinking center of words, definitions, and all concepts of division-ism made by mankind's identities of separation, that deceive us, removing us from What is Real. Rather than the Personality of the Soul, endowed with perspectives of Spirit, that is born as a child of The Divine Collective Unconscious, we have become a personality that perceives a "reality" born of indoctrination and mental slavery.

When this "man-made mind" is removed, so is the "Tower of Babel" that is constructed of words that blinds our sight of the Above-Personality. 

As shown on the Thoth card, removing the mask of words, the True Conscious Psyche that resides on the "other side of the Mirror", becomes our "other face" this creates the "two faced man" or Shaman; one who has a face in the Real and in reflected reality. 

For once the Mask of Culture is removed, our reflected personality is free to receive transmitted knowledge, not made by words, but transmitted via intuition and imagination directly from the collective Un-Conscious of the Divine Creative. Imagination, is the "Womb-with-a view", The feminine of the Divine Creative, she uses  Form/Image (Mandalas/pictures) as her expression of idea. Therefore, our Form is Her dream!

Words are controlled definition supplied to us by our "Rulers" who control definition by enforcement---and their only power is our reaction to them. Powerful Idea, is made manifest and is all Action and cares little for reaction. Therefore, on the Thoth Card we have the head of the innocent child, who is not concerned with reaction, but clear and concise in idea.

 In reiteration, Binah is the Third Sephira on the Tree of Life; she is called the Sanctifying Intelligence known as Understanding. For when knowledge is understood, it is given form.

The four Queens, Wands, Cups, Swords and of Discs, are another aspect of this Sanctifying Intelligence.

Seated and enthroned, the Queens represent the forces of Heh (meaning window or sight)  in the Divine Vibration of each suit.  By bringing forth a material Force (Father is Force) of each suit, like the window in a home bringing in the Sun light, the Queens, develop and realize the Force of the King.  This is a steady, unshaken and enduring form of force that is not as rapid in motion, as are the Princes.

As you can see, this Queen Card may seem a complicated card, not because of obfuscation but rather because of our inability to disconnect our identity from the "trickster" that has become our pleasure/pain indoctrinated brain. The Trickster and/or the survival mind, honestly believes that words are knowledge and condemns or praises every creation with self absorbed definitions based solely on fear of vulnerability! However, everyone or everything had to be "Defined into Definition" before we have ever seen it! Therefore, you and all things are already are Known into being, not a being who must be identified by those you meet.

This may shock you, but the earth is not a court room, where you are judged by your "peers", or where you judge them,  for that very idea states that God/The Divine Creative, creates what it doesn't want! Which is the act of slavery and insanity!

Qabalists know that the Union of Wisdom and Understanding (2nd and 3rd Sephira on the Tree of Life) built you so the Divine Feminine and Masculine, could work in and as,  the material of earth! Therefore the Qabalistic axiom, " If it exists, it is supposed to", is easily understood.

Those who believe that words create reality, fail to understand that if they yell with all their force while focusing on the floor, the word Grass, that identity of plant fails to grow on the floor; the floor and the realm of Plants fails to see any power in a word (...the unmitigated gal!).  But if one visualizes, plants the seeds, tills and fertilizes, all of which are actions of power and/or the ableness of work, grass will grow whether one gives it definition or not; for grass by any other name is still a green leafy plant, that existed long before words.
Power is described as the "ability to do work", therefore it is not a belief system but rather an Active Dynamic of Creation. Contrary to those who think a "sacred place" is outside the body, or built by humans.  In reality, the body that we call human, is a Power Tool of Spirit, that enables Our Energy Conscious/imagination to work ideas into manifestation (Transformations of the One Energy) in the Realm of Malkuth/Earth. To the Soul, personalities are known by deeds/action, not by words and therefore the human body is the Temple of the Divine Creative, i.e. A Sacred Place.  In the Real, we have been praised into manifestation as a clear concise idea of the Divine Creative's Self Image!

 To reiterate, Binah, the Third Sephiroth, is often called the  Sanctifying Intelligence and known as the Parent of Faith. The Qabalistic Word Binah itself means Understanding and all Thoth Queens radiate from Binah.
What is often not realized is that She, Binah, is also Chronos who is the oldest of ancient gods.  We may know him as "Father Time" but the highly restrictive nature of time, birth, aging and death are the ultimate result of the gift of Life bestowed by Binah; all form is from the substance of Time/Space. So once again the Sexing of the Sephira proves to be insubstantial for complete understanding.  It helps to remember that each Sephira has a expressive-male-state and a receptive-female-state of consciousness.
  Thus She is as A.Crowley stated in the Book of Thoth, "clear, conscious perception of Idea, the Liberator of Mind".
The Queen of Swords is the Queen of the Thrones of Air. Queen of  Sylphs and Sylpides, attributed to the last Decan of Virgo and the first two Decans of Libra.

The severed head in the Thoth Queen's left hand reminds me of Kali Maa, the Hindu Goddess of Life and Death, but less ferocious in depiction.

Here the Queen of swords, as does Kali Maa, has the severed head of The Patriarch  and the Sword of Geburah (the "clear cutting wit" extension of Binah)  in her right, pointing downward toward earth; indicating that she removes the masks of deceit and definition supplied by cultural thoughts as defined by Rulers, academia and theology. 
Yetzirah,(The world of Air/Mind) is the world of deception, as we perceive through a false reality/personality and only keen perception, and observation of our Personal Psyche (Soul), becomes the Sword that slices away all fantasy, delusion illusion and unreality.
So let's examine this Thoth Card again:
The Queen of Swords also has upon her crowned head, a child's head viewing upward, implying that only the innocent child is unfettered by sterile concepts and useless ideas for they haven't been programed to believe in "the Ruler's"  enforced definition.

The severed head, implies that The Queen of Swords is the Sanctifying Intelligence that removes the "head of man", and/or "cultural thinking", bring us into the understanding of the ways in which each of us are deceived by thoughts while also teaching us to transcend them.  Thoughts are the Trickster, the "devil inside", that fools or bedevils us into believing survival thinking as consciousness, when all in all, Love is the consciousness of the Sanctifying Intelligence that has given our immortal Spirit as sensual Form, that allows us, who are originally formed as a Psyche born of Daäth/Knowledge (the Womb of the Abyss, known as the Invisible Sephira-Knowledge); in other words, Knowledge is the "Child of God" which is shown as the head and throat, in the above Tree of Life illustration.

This also means that the axiom, "Above all things, Know thyself", is the purpose of our being! For, with a sensual-mortal- body, we can learn to discriminate and discern thought, which is deceptive itself and then gain Wisdom! Wisdom is the 2nd Sephira on the Qabalisitic Tree of Life and is known as Chokmah/Father God. Therefore, it is knowledge that gives us back our inheritance; not the ignorant superstitious function of indoctrination!

Because thought is so deceptive, it is recommended that you do not believe everything you think! 

With a body made of Time/Space, we now know that Wisdom comes from creating thought, seeing error in that thought by sensually experiencing it, and then correcting that error! Therefore the axiom, " Wisdom is 50% error", makes sense!

Immortals don't worry about survival. They love and created mortal being for the purpose of Self-Experience.  But because of the "short sighted" perspectives of the mortal "tough  love" is often used to guide it. Therefore, "touch love" is also symbolized by the Sword in the Thoth Queen's hand, which is the domain of Geburah, called, Severity. Another aspect of the Qabalistic Great Mother Binah/Divine Feminine.

The principles of the Queen of Swords brings us to an understanding of how we are deceived by thoughts while showing us how to transcend deception by Knowing Ourselves as we are Known to Her/the Divine Feminine.

  • When personified, this Archetype Personality is usually:
  • An older woman who has loved and lost but is undaunted.
  • She is strong willed and determined with clarity of idea.
  • A woman who can bear whatever life presents.
  • She can be critical of emotional outbursts and knows that mental discipline is a necessary part of balance emotions.
  • She is a master of equanimity and negativity.
  • She knows words are necessary for communication of ideas, but not truth nor final judgment.

Truth is in the manifestation of idea
and not a reaction to it. The Reaction of emotional "out-burst", is fear of idea which really translates to "fear of vulnerability".

The Babylonian Tarot, The Queen of Arrows- Ishtar, uses the image of the ancient goddess of Mesopotamia, Ishtar of Arbra'il  as its expression of the Divine Feminine. 
Because of her many aspects of personality, over time the ancient goddess Ishtar became a composite of many local and separate female deities.

In Assyria, Ishtar of Arbra'il (or Arbela) was often worshiped as a goddess of war, not unlike the Hindu goddess Kali Maa. However, being a strategist, Ishtar (Sumerian- Inanna)hardly engaged in the act of War itself, using forceful authority (in Qabalah-Binah uses the Force of Father Chokmah to build form.) to build command, obedience and respect.
In her warrior mode, Ishtar was often depicted as a winged goddess, armed to the teeth with arrows and double lion-headed scepter. Her commands were not to be opposed.
Just like the latter Norseman and their "shield maidens", Ishtar was believed to stand beside the Assyrian kings during battle. It was believed that the relationship between Ishtar and the king, was a conjured one; for if she loved the ruler and called him "husband" (Anglo Saxon word meaning: keeper of her property) she would bestow blessings upon him; granting him kingship, conquest, and victory in warfare. But woe is the king who is "married to Ishtar" that falls out of favor with her for he would be defeated. To be married to Ishtar, meant the King could move in the social circles of the gods and thus be granted divinity and power.

On the Babylonian Tarot card, we see Ishtar Arbra'il , stern and red eyed, wearing the horned crown of divinity, topped with the head of a lion, her sacred animal. There is a large Arrow beside her.

When the Queen of Swords or Queen of Arrows card is thrown:
  • The Querent is coming into a phase of realization.
  • Realizing that reacting emotionally to worded thought is a trick that keeps us enslaved to the visions of others.
  • Rather, she/he now understands (or soon will) that active participation in our own ideas, is why we have a body in the first place!
  • Being full of Your Idea, and clear and sharp on your destination and then----Go For It! Do or die. She would state: " I would rather die doing what I enjoy than die as a slave to someone's definition".
  • One is experiencing-Creative, enduring and resilient energy.
  • The presence of a Mature woman, who is intensely perceptive, observant, quick witted, alert, intelligent, decisive, self-reliant, and self confident. 
  • If Ill defined:
  •  One is or experiencing of, a Mature woman, of a Selfish, malicious, domineering, cruel, ruthless, spiteful and deceitful nature.

 Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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