Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth Tarot 2 of Discs-Change & The Babylonian Tarot- 2 of Disks-Change.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth Tarot 2 of Discs-Change & The Babylonian Tarot- 2 of Disks-Change.

The Tarot of EliIn the Qabalistic Thoth deck The Two's represent the "first manifestation". On the Qabalistic Tree of Life  (shown below) we know Kether to be the 1st Sephira, and many have thought that this is the first manifestation of conscious energy. Yet Kether is the "limitless light", and has no end or beginning, which allows no viewing. Therefore Kether is known as the "Dark Sun" as it can't be seen, and is the least understood concept of the Tree of Life sigil. Kether is shown as "white light" because Pure White Light is known to physics as the perfect balance of all color weights; something which isn't possible in this reflected light universe.
Therefore the First manifestation falls to the Twos, which represent Chokma (Wisdom).

The Four Alchemical Elements may be ideas in Kether, but only upon reaching the Deuces are they in appearance.
Therefore, the Twos represent the Elements uncontaminated by influence, hence they appear in their original harmonious condition.

For instance, the Two of Wands is called Dominion and/or Lord of Dominion, because the word Lord implies Husbandry or Care taker of his domain,  in its original Feudal meaning. This is the Fire Element in its purest form and is the "movement within all motion".

The two of cups, often called The Lord of Love and is the Purest Form of Water (fluid-like energy flow) of emotion and consciousness---the Two Lovers born in a innocent body.

The Two of Swords has been called the Lord of Peace or Peace. We know that swords represent "mind" but since there is no conflict to make peaceful at this stage of manifestation, it implies the peace of wisdom uncontested. It is a State of I without the Am Me paradox of imaging self, within one self. This can be a real brain teaser simply because it is the Negative form of a Positive idea!

Like I said, a lot of thinking is necessary here, as the general proposition states that the sum of the One energy is zero, so that the Positive manifestation "isn't" real, it is reality while the Real is infinite zero. Thus the phrase, "The other side of the Mirror" denotes the Real side, rather than the reflected side known to the viewer. Here we can say, that the image in the reflected side of the mirror is subject to the self conceptional presentation from the invisible side of the mirror. Therefore, Self-Reflection requires at least 2 states of energy conscious, i.e. Unconscious (dark side) and consciousness (light side).

The Two of Disks is representative of Change, and/or Lord of Harmonious Change, which is what Union produces.

Union, shown as the Chinese Yin Yang, produces harmonious change simply because energy seeks its own level and when two come together as one, they balance each other.  This  harmony works for two states of energy/ dark and light, and two states of mind, conscious and unconscious, as well. Also, Earth is the Throne of Spirit, as the Princesses are related to Earth (see yesterday's blog) and since the well known axiom of Gnosis is "As above so below", we see that once having gotten to the bottom one comes out again at the top; a type of "up the down stair case" scenario.  That is why the 2 of Discs has the serpentine figure-eight symbol of the occult mysteries, for infinity; "One who is Two", clamping down on its own tail becoming "One" harmony". The figure eight laying on its side, is the mystery symbol for infinity and also for the Mobius loop of multidimensional physics and the Serpent Sata (Serpentine Force of Life) of the ancient Egyptian mysteries.

The twos may be considered the A-sexual "fetuses" of the Seed-Aces, but this concept doesn't seem to make understanding these "Higher States" of conscious energy any easier.

All the Tarot twos suggest that when the Negative (subjective) sees itself as a positive (objective), and then unites with that positive, we get a "Self Image". This may help you with the Mythological concepts of the Goddess who in Virgin birth, has a son (male is considered Positive Electron and female is considered Negative Electron) and then mates with that son to produce the Universe. If you get this all tangled up with your indoctrinated-emotional concepts of sexuality-----you'll never understand the The Energy Conscious concepts of the Twos.

However, I love to tease the indoctrinated brain, so here is another concept of the Twos: "From Herself, she created Him, and then mated with Him so she could become...", a paraphrase of the description of the Goddess Hera and an idea quoted from the Gnostic text, Thunder The Perfect Mind (The Nag Hammadi Library).
To us moderns who are familiar with quantum physics, this would be the Dark Matter/ Dark Energy union that produces the electromagnetic spectrum.  Or to a student of mind science, the union of the Unconscious with the self reflection of Consciousness, producing a "Personality".
The Qabalistic Sephira-Chokmah-Wisdom is the governing factor of the four Twos and the Four Kings of Tarot.
Chokmah is:
  • The Active Supernal Father, as Kether is the God the Observer who is inactive .
  • The Will to Force , combined with Binah the Will to Form, making the Divine Marriage of Will to Be..
  • Dynamic outpouring Energy (Vital Force) that is as yet unorganized, will soon be organized in the Third Sephira-Chesed-Mercy,
  • The Great Stimulator, i.e. The First Positive.

Chokmah's symbols are:

The Line, the Yod and the Phallus. Chokmah is also called the Sphere of the Zodiac and the color is a blueish-grey made of a swirling of all colors that have not yet been organized. Here the Mystery of Sex, is apply termed and begun. The Mystery of Positive and Negative polarities, of Electric and Magnetic Force. The Universal union of opposites that makes motion possible, that is why Chokmah is the Great Stimulator.


 Known also as the Two of Pentacles, this card is the Lord of Harmonious Change.. Astrologically, The Two of Disks is Jupiter in Capricorn  The Angels of the Decan are Lekabel and Yeshiriah.

Here, Chokmah is influencing the Material World known as Assiah to Qabalists.
Traditionally, Jupiter is known as a benevolent planet but is not well placed in Capricorn where it's only positive influence can be exercised in organization.  Thus the harmonies of dual interactions which are inherent in Chokmah are assured in earthly application.

As One Energy in Atziluth (Supernal Triangle) , the Duality that creates Manifested Energy (He-She) is now completely expressed in duality and/or polarity making a circle into a Figure Eight; a symbol that also represents infinity.

This figure eight is shown as A Large Serpent on the card, the Uroboros. As  a student of Gnosis, you know Serpentine Force, (The Egyptian Serpent Sata) is represented as waves or frequencies of the One Energy.  Uroboros is also a very ancient symbol for Wisdom, the English translation of the Hebrew word- Chokmah. Thus the Two of Disks also suggests the underlying patterns of alternation in all matter and the profoundly powerful relationship between opposites as shown in the use of the yin yang symbol on this card. However, in divination, it competent enough to say this card represents theharmony of change.

The Babylonian Tarot-2 of Disks-Change, depicts change as the union of two decorative Mesopotamia disks.
At the bottom of the card are two "eye idols", in a very primitive design. The "eye idols", where found in many Temples of Mesopotamia and are believed to simple representations of the worshiper. Thereby they were daily reverent surrogates for the absent worshiper and kept their "eyes" on the god; the eye was considered a potent magic symbol in ancient Mesopotamia.

These clay surrogates, were simple flat bodied figurines, with very large eyes. Therefore, anyone could make one and didn't need to be a Michael Angelo to gain the gods attention. The two green figures displayed on the card, are symbols for hoped for change in circumstances brought on by the blessings of a feminine or masculine deity. The cuneiform symbol for the number 2 is on the bottom of the card.


  • A transition or transformation in the physical.
  • A juggling of affairs in order to balance material life.
  • Cause and effect.
  • Recognizing the infinite process of yin yang.
  • Handling inner growth and outer achievement at the same time.
  • Keeping several propositions going at once.
  • The flow of movement made by skillful manipulation, achieves success.
  • Time to reflect on the situation and balance both sides most often with unconsidered action.
  • This is a card of Change, the most important corrective in the Universe, as it keeps transformation going.
  •  Plus the combining of opposites makes diversity possible, For example if you combine blue with blue, you only get blue, But Blue with Red makes Purple, and color is now diversified. Energy alone, is just everywhere and no-where at the same moment but Energy combined with Magnetism is Form and thus time/space.

When ill defined:
  • Pretending everything is fine, when inside you are screaming in fear.
  • Warning signs, supplied by the Unconscious are ignored by the consciousness.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!


2 Comments to Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth Tarot 2 of Discs-Change & The Babylonian Tarot- 2 of Disks-Change.:

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I AM MEAN on Wednesday, July 01, 2015 1:10 AM

I can't tell if from what I understand from the story of a Goddess mating with her son, if that's incest or just my indoctrinated brain's translation. I hope it's a misunderstanding.

My reactions to the "Man with Two Women" picture:

1) Interesting picture

2) I find that guy in the picture pretty impressive. I'm curious enough to want to see someone be able to do that. Only see, and for a short time. Enough time to give kudos earned.

3) How does this picture fit? I count three people in this picture. This is the Disks of "Two", not Three. You used it too early. Tsk Tsk.

4) Sometimes I wonder where you find these pictures.

Reply to comment
Eli on Wednesday, July 01, 2015 9:00 AM
Thank you for your comments and interest. The Two of Disks shows Three (The Serpent-which represents the Sexual force of the Supernal Triangle). The Picture of the impressive guy, is a copy of an old Greek Herm (Hermes) statues that were often found at cross roads. Just a large Stone Phallus, was often the statue. Here he is with "Mother and daughter", which forms the "Divine Circle", you'll note the Circle the women make--- which goes along with the "incest" you were worried about. Like I warned everyone who reads my blogs, this is about "The One Energy", and by making it dual, it has to "mate" with itself, to produce "three". Your indoctrination makes you see it in personal sexual terms, but that is not how the Universe is made. Nothing personal. Therefore, "Rain falls on the just and unjust alike ". I think you need to re-read some of my blogs to get this idea. May you live long and prosper.

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