Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Knight of Disks & The Babylonian Tarot-King of Disks-Ninurta
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Knight of Disks & The Babylonian Tarot-King of Disks-Ninurta

The Tarot of Eli Before I get into the Knight/King explanation, the Qabalist in me thinks it would be best to try and explain the Second Sephira, Chokma and its Archetypal-subjective, as Kings/Knights of Tarot Court cards and the minor Tarot-objective Twos.

In past blogs I stated that the Upper Supernal Triangle can be compared to the Garden of Eden From here, the male and female polarities of energy (Force and Form) balance against each other, "casting outward", evolving into increasing density as they develop towards the lowest Sephira, Malkuth, on the Tree of Life.

In Qabalistic Tarot, the number Two symbolizes the union and balance of opposites that underlies all material existence. The Knights or Kings, are the Formed Force and/or Law of existence and are called Archetypical Personality types because our personality decides our "willed existence". Which may be law, but as we all know, law can be changed; Luckily we can change the subjective personality by discernment and self-knowledge.

This equilibrium of opposites, that of force and form-and/or archetypical Psyche, begin in Chokmah, which is represented by the Thoth Tarot Knights. This second Sephira is also called the Sephira of  "Perfect Harmony".  While Kether is that which is the "Root" of impetus: Chokmah/Knights is the impetus for all manifestation. The Harmonic Union of opposites supplies that action as the coupling of Chokmah-Wisdom and Binah-Understanding. But this is not a truly female and male coupling as Binah, the Mother of Form, is also seen as Saturn, and Chokmah as the sphere or Womb of the Zodiac. Saturn, because all form is made of time, who was the Greek God Cronus that was known to the Romans as Saturn. Chokmah which is seen as a "womb of the Zodiac", is therefore also Sophia the Greek "Goddess of Wisdom", showing that both the 2nd and 3rd Sephira are inter-sex-ted. There is no sexual separation in the Supernal Triangle.

Ultimately Kether is "sexless" for the idea of a dual nature isn't formed yet, it is however the " whirling force". Therefore, Chokmah is the idea of Maleness (Electric) and Binah is the idea of Femaleness (Magnetic), and the mating of the Three (Supernal Triangle) "whirls the Electromagnetic Spectrum" into force and  form. Therefore, to aid in communication, the Thoth Knights represent the Archetypical Yod (Divine Masculine) Male Force, while the Binah-Queens, represent the Archetypical Heh- Divine Female, which together with Kether, form the Active Divine Creative of Yod-Heh-Vau .

Once again our sensual ideas of sexuality do not apply on this Higher Scale of Communion.  Here Maleness is the vital outpouring of electrical energy that is organized, limited or formalized by the magnetic qualities of Female. Thus Yod is male and Heh is female, and the resulting offspring is Vau of the Divine Name, Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh, that is attributed to the six lower Sephiroth in which Tiphareth (Beauty/synchronicity) is central.

As you may note, there are many interchangeable symbols in the Qaballah that may make it seem more complicated than it is. However, this complication is the direct result of objective words being used to describe the subjective invisible electromagnetic spectrum of the  universe. 

The essential key to understanding,  is  that the Vital outpouring Energy (Knights), which in intercourse with an organizing force (Queens), produces something else called the "Son" (Tarot-Prince)who marries the daughter (the last Heh and Tarot Princess). For an easier mundane example: Red combined with blue, by the motion of the mixer (Kether), creates purple. Therefore, opposites joined in balanced harmony, produce something greater than the parents.  This is not possible if exactly the same united with exactly the same, you would only get, exactly the same!

Therefore the Qabalistic Tree of Life originated in the opposition of Chokmah and Binah. However this is not static, any more than male female union on earth is static, there is a constant back and forth motion of growth and movement, force and form, as the "undercurrent" of the Whirling Force of Kether is all around us and in us. This "undercurrent" insures that when a change occurs in one Sephiroth, there is a natural balancing response in its opposite ( often shown as the figure eight). Therefore there is a continual exchange that could be compared to breathing, as the inhale/exhale action that powers Life.

On the Tree of Life, the Uppermost Sephira is Kether, Eheieh ("I Will Be..."), which sets the pattern for all below it. Like an electrical switch that is off, Kether is all potential, while Chokmah is the electrical switch in the On position. Thus Chokmah/Knight is function while Kether is potential, as is electricity as yet undirected.   Kether is a "no-thing" while Chokmah is a form of the whirling force that is Kether, and called Force.

Therefore, Crowley, made his Kings, into Battle Kings or Knights, as they are Switched on Archetypal Force, rather than a king sitting on  their royal bum, on a throne anchored to earth.

Chokmah is the State of Self, where we, begin as Force  and Binah is the State of Self, that organizes Force into Form, into being, from a Divine State of Meditation. The dreamed is unaware of the dreamer as we dream ourselves "inside out" (we are infinite inward and limited outward), an ultimate fact of our Earthly existence. Thus you are the Master and the Masterpiece, the Transmitter and the Transmitted. Ideally our observing identity (personality) should flow back and forth from Transmitter and Transmitted by being the "corporate manager" in charge of both the transmitting intelligence (male) and the receiving intelligence (female). Once again, you can see that your only savior, is an awakened subjective inner self saving the active-objective outer self  personality from the delusion forced on it by "cultural reflection".

From One "I" all identity becomes, so in actuality, we do not exist, we declare existence by stating "I AM" (Force and Form) becoming a Psyche/Soul by perspective and/or observation of willed motion as identity (often called,"Emotion"). Then we set about defining that invisible principle of existence as a manifestation called "Me"; a form of our subjective perspective. Thus manifestation is a simple three word definition called, "I AM Me" of which we, who are the inheritors of the Divine Creative Mind (Imagination),  hold total freedom to define. 

But Beware, for here be dragons!
Since I AM Not, is impossible, for what ever you define as not being you, simply states, that it is you as you use the Force of Psyche to imagine it as a form of "I", that you must identify in order to deny it exists. This paradox is called "denial" and it "sinks your boat before it can be launched".  Much like an Ocean that builds a fish of itself and denies it exists after it becomes apparent!  Therefore it behooves us imaginative creators, i.e. "Children of the Divine Creative", to understand that " I am happy" creates an identity called happiness, while "I am not Sad" creates only and identity of sadness.  Time to rethink your psyche power over the dream of you!

Since dimensions are descriptions of spatial terms, our life dream has specific dimensions as that is our best frame of reference. The Tree of Life is how the Qaballah describes these dimensional frames of reference as being a downward flowing evolution of Chokmah thru various levels of Self Dream called Sephiroth.

To make this simple, we are first  willfully-dreaming our own existence (Eheieh),  and that we are all collectively bubbles of  Self-Awareness, i.e.Psyche (Souls), in the metaphorical effervescent Ocean of The Divine Collective Unconscious. You could say we are what is known as God-looking into a  sparkling mirror or pool. 

This process of Macrocoscmic dreaming towards a more condensed and sensual dream self, Microcosmic image, is a state of Self-Awareness called the "fall", but it really is a "down sizing" the Ocean of  The Divine Collective Unconscious into Bubbles of individual fractal components (Souls), that causes us to "lessen" and/or give dimension to our self concepts so they become more sensual and interactive, all of which is necessary for evolutionary discernment of identity.

This "Bubbling" is a type of fragmentation of the Collective Knowledge, thus we lose sight of our own Divinity and must "reclaim" all the data we left behind on our "downward" journey into Sensual-Self-Dreaming. Thus one may say that in manifestation, Malkuth, we are to become a Lucid dreamer, rather than a "sleeping one".
The goal here is to get the inner dreamer and the dreamed to cooperate with each other and thus the  dreamed-Self than begins to get control over its life happenstances. This is a truly extraordinary experience  and is the making of a Magi where the Union of Dreamer and Dream has no veils between them. Therefore we can have anything at all, but often require very little as we no longer experience the " wanton need" of the disconnected. One Loves, without need; One creates without fear of result. One wants nothing at all because one becomes I AM Me rather than "I seek Me". Once one  discerns what does matter and what does not ("No-Thing Matters"), one goes about the Great Work of "As above, so below", a place where the bubbles are not separate; a collective of effervescence knowledge in the Ocean of the Divine Mind.

The Thoth Knight of Disks, of the Qabalistic Thoth deck, is also known as the King of Pentacles in many other tarot decks. Because the pentacle is the symbol of the ascended man. This card represents Mastery of Abundance and Prosperity.

He is the harvester, who with threshing tool in hand, is prepared to harvest all that he has cultivated. With the capacity to manifest inner world skills into the outer-world, he is determined to achieve harvest in the areas of health and finances.

In this case the heavily Armored Knight has his helmet thrown back, indicating a more placid state rather than violence.

The Knight of Disks is also the Physical Doctor, the Healer  who is focused on health care, and a concern for body health.

He is the fiery part of Earth, representing Earth as a producer of Life. Mountains, earthquakes, and gravitation are all attributed to this state of energy consciousness, as these are all Life contributors on this earth.

Qabalists know that Life must be in constant motion to be animated, yet it also must be stable (gravity) and often reconstruction of the motion of Life requires a destructive element to "de-construct" before reconstruction can be created;  However, destruction must be held to a point of healing rather than destruction for destruction's sake.

In the area of health the Knight of Disks, monitors his diet (horse eating grains) and in the area of finance, (his large coin shield) he creates and protects that which is financially necessary.

The horned helmet, suggests he is a diagnostician who determines what is necessary in order to manifest abundance. Leo the lion appears on his shield, representing the creative aspects of manifesting harvest.  He is steadfast, reliable, accomplished, the epitome of success, such as the illustration of the Celtic god Cernunos.
As Stated, The Knight of Disks rules from 21st degree of Leo to the 20th degree of Virgo and is thus concern greatly with agriculture. This puts Mercury in Virgo which implies Intelligence; a cleverness that is very Natural in the animal world. This "Salt of the Earth" personality is very complex but well knit and if their contact with the Earth is a healthy one--such as agriculture provides, or a Medical Doctor or Herbalist, this is usually a well-defined persona. However, if they are forced into a world of Technology, or imaginative stretches beyond instinct, they tend to be ill defined.
The Thoth Knight of Disks represents the physician, the healer, and the farmer. A solidly natural personality who rides through fertile land.

The Babylonian Tarot, King of Disks-Ninurta,
chooses to depict Ninurta the Sumero/Babylonian Warrior/Farmer god who was "lord of arable earth". The Hebrew authors of the bible refereed to Ninurta as Nimrod " the mighty hunter before the Lord".
The Sumerian god Ninurta, was closely associated to the agricultural god Ningirsu, often considered an older local form of Ninurta, the two became one (like Chokmah and Binah) as a seeming paradox of a warrior god (Force) of agriculture (Form). Ninurta was seen as "Lord Plough" and "Master of the Fields".

The fact that he was both warrior and farmer is empathized in many Mesopotamian stories and epics written of Ninurta's exploits. A few of these being, the story of Ninurta and Asag (where he battles Asag and creates the Tigris), The Instruction of Ninurta (the Sumerian "Farmer's Almanac"), the poem, Lugal-e (of which historians believe the Greeks created their legend of Heracles) and the Epic of Anzu, where Ninurta wields a powerful weapon called a Sharur,"Smasher of Thousands", a mace (missile?) that had it's own intelligence and had the power of Speech (sounds like a computer run guided atomic missile to me!).

Portrayed on the Babylonian King of Disks card, is a rugged looking man, adorned with his symbol the plough (plougher of worlds). Displayed at the top of the card is a disk created in the Mesopotamian style.

When the Knight or King of Disks card is thrown:
  • It's a good time to concentrate on physical and financial health.
  • Use your diagnostic abilities to manifest harvest in your life.
  • For woman this Knight of Disks, represents the dynamic assertive part of themselves, the inner animus  that wants to sustain abundance in health and fiances.
  • Disks as a suit, represent the earth sign months of Capricorn ( December 21-January 21), Virgo ( August 21-September 21), and Taurus (April 21- May 21) which may indicate particular people with those signs who may assist you in opportunities for harvest in you life.
This archetypal  personality type:
  • Tends to be heavy, dull and preoccupied with material things.
  • They are laborious and patient but show little intellectual grasp of emotional matters, even on  matters that concern themselves.
  • This Knight's success is mostly instinctual and/or in imitation of Nature.
  • Though he may lack initiative, he has the deep smoldering fire of Earth that produces growth.

In the happiest cases, This Son of Soil's earthy qualities will be directed towards:
  • Romance and material imagination but can be ill defined as over-whelming ambition, superstition, and idle dreaming.
  • Also churlishness, jealousy (dull sort of way) of the Active minds around them which often keeps them stupid in the sense of lack of foresight even in their own affairs.
  • Such an ill dignified personality will find meddling about in petty matters to be their expertise, and they will spoil whatever comes their way.

All in all, The Knight of Disks, is a slow, stalwart, dependable, person of good physical strength and health.

 Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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