Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 14- Art & The Connolly Tarot-Key 14-Temperance
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Knight of Cups & The Legends Tarot- King of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 14- Art & The Connolly Tarot-Key 14-Temperance

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot, Key 14- Art/Temperance
The universal principle of integration; synthesis; synergy.

 All  of us are both mentally and physically androgynous, therefore in order for us to balance the polarities, paradoxes, and/or opposites in our nature, we must balance force and form. Sure, there is only One Energy but One is always one, and can create nothing. To make multiples, One became Two and Two joined to make many. I call that Primordial couple, The Divine Creative and/ or the I AM. For all of us, the I joined with The Am and made Me. 

Every symbol on this Thoth key/card represents union of polarities which creates something new. Synergy is the union of two or more principles that when united, can create a greater whole. 

The Thoth card illustrates Leo the lion; a fire sign drinks from the cauldron with Scorpio, the phoenix, a water sign. Water (consciousness) and fire (spirit) combine to make steam (conscious/emotive entity called Soul) which is the necessary expansion and liberation of water to make rain, oceans and the living world. Together, Leo, fire and Scorpio, water drink from the golden cauldron of Air/Mind.

The golden cauldron displays the bird and skull, motif of life/death, a transformational experience for all the alive. Sun and Moon are portrayed, as the Male solar electric and the Female Moon magnetic from which all the Stars are created.

Sagittarius, the arrow going up the central part of the androgynous figure, reminds us that through our alive visions and dreams is how we fully express our artistry  that creates who we are as well as helps us resolve any apparent conflicts or opposition within our very nature.

The light (Psyche) and dark (Survival mind) of our nature must be in communion before we can be whole and fully express our wholeness. The light and dark arms and faces, combined in union, create the balanced and tempered Being.

 At first, many students find the symbolism of the Thoth Major Arcana  complicated; However, the principle of the Path of Samekh or Art, is to produce a consciously controlled vision that is limited by will. 

The purpose of Hermetic, Qabalistic, and Gnostic symbols is to furnish descriptions that most anyone can relate to. They are not remote or really complicated, if you focus on one at a time. In fact most of the symbolic language of the Mysteries, has been superseded by the language of Carl Jung and other psychologists. To Carl Jung, this ability to consciously control visions, would be called "lucid dreaming", which is known to help the individual correct personality disorders.

Robert Wang goes on to explain, in his test book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT," It should be added that the Metals described in Alchemical literature are the same as the Seven Chakras of the Hindus, the Seven Planets and the Serphiroth of the Microprosopus [lower seven on the Tree of Life.]. These words have been used as codes over the centuries, meaning seven distinct levels of objective consciousness. Thus when one speaks of a Planet ruling a sign of the Zodiac, what is meant in the relationship of a Sign to a given center of energy both in the Greater Universe and in the Human body." (the brackets are my own explanation).

The Art of awakening these Psycho-dynamic energy Paths in the Human Body, is the Qabalistic initiates goal. "To Know Thyself", is to know the "As above and so below" nature of our Whole Self.

The Art Card, is the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter, meaning the Sephiroth- Chesed (Wisdom). Here, we should remember that Chesed is the architect of all manifestation, working with the "will to form"and/or "potential to form" of Binah (Understanding).

As explained before, Art-Key 14- The Path of Samekh, is an actual physical process, and a arcana for centuries of  Gnostic, Mystics, Tantric yogis, Alchemists, and Qabalists, and is a willed process of directing the communion or interchange of opposite energies that awaken our genetic inheritance from the "ancient aliens" whose DNA resides, sleeping, inside us all.
The beginning of this process is begun by the Higher Self/Son of The Divine Creative. Thus we have a demiurge or "little god"-god and a One (Logos) big God. The "little god", being the aliens who "fell to earth" and genetically manipulate slave workers from the early bipeds, to do their manual labor and bidding. You'll find this "little god" in the bible, who is always punishing and ordering mankind to do its bidding and "smiting" those that don't. The small god of the ancient past, "owns" the life of the slaves, by terror and intimidation. Justice is designed as Obedience or disobedience.  The "Big God" of the present, is the Divine Creative that gives you "freedom of choice" (Anglo Saxon words "Free Doom" meaning "I choose my own death"); therefore free to create your own self identity. Thus, one owns their own life and death.
  In order to stay healthy and long lived, one must now "do unto another as you would have done unto yourself", for your own thoughts and deeds must become you, which is as just as it can get.

In each of us is a human genome, of which we use only 3% of the genes. Therefore  97% of that genome  is "asleep" and is called garbage by geneticists who have no idea why it is there.  To awaken this inheritance of Higher Consciousness from our Galactic family, requires a process which is instituted  in the Sephiroth Chesed, the most refined, point of  Microprosopus, to which the Higher Self is central.

Chesed the 4th Sephira-Mercy, is the enacting force (phallus) of the Great Mother Binah's, the third Sephira-Understanding, process of  "will to form"(womb) that all exist in the Divine Creative. 

Until the initiate accomplices this psycho-physical process of the Path of Samekh, the Higher Self (androgynous figure on the card) cannot be known to the personality.

Thus the Art of "Spiritual Alchemy" illustrated on this Card, shows the whole process as a preparation of the Personality, and its physical vehicle, to deal with the Solar Forces (influx of higher Light/microwave frequencies of intellect that carry the inherent data of our ancient geneticists from the stars) which would devastate a "normal" animal system. On the Thoth card this combining and tempering of psycho-dynamic forces is shown as "water and Lightning" being combined in the Golden Caldron, which is the human body.

This is an ongoing process of tempering, measuring and testing, instigated by the Higher Self, to see how much the physical body can bear. When properly tempered, and the body can handle the stress of such energy, the arrow is released (Kundalini rises).

Once contacted on the Path of Samekh, the Higher Self will regulate the flow, so the individual isn't harmed, A great jolt of energy, will tell the individual to "back off', and relax.  Because this is a Passion so overwhelming, it is often described as Divine Anger, which is apt if we realize that anger is for self-motivation; to get off of one's butt and do something. It could be said that Divine Anger is the motivation for Sagittarius to launch his arrow.

All in all, the Art Card key 14, is the consummation of the Divine Marriage, depicted on the Lovers card, Key 6, here the Orgasm of Spirit has been reached.  There is a perfect interchange of forces, as the Red Lion has become white, and the White lion has become Red.The Art card shows Water being poured on Fire, and Fire is merged with Water, all within the purified physical vehicle, shown as the Golden Cauldron, i.e. the Master's body. Get and read the Text Book, The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang and the Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley for further explanation of this coded process.
I would also recommend  reading up on the "Ancient Gods" for instance the book by Michael Tellinger:Slave Species of the gods: The Secret history of the Anunnaki and their mission on Earth.
The Connolly Tarot-Key 14-Temperance, follows the traditional name for this key.
Again showing the union of the male and female principles as sun and water which is symbolic of Spirit and Matter.
The spiral energy surrounding her head, has opened her third eye of Higher Consciousness.  The force of this transformation causing the perfect balance of humanity and spirit, causing the red cloak of individuality to fall away. Thus symbolizing the Personal consciousness, expanding into the Higher Consciousness, or the new cloak of vision (blue one) which is supplied by Love (red rose), and brings the gifts of patience and the ability to see things as they are. Therefore the card suggests that Temperance is the key to joy and harmony.
The key words here would be; Patience and Moderation.

When the Art or Temperance card is thrown during a reading, the querent is experiencing or will soon experience:
  •   A combination of forces effecting realization and action.
  • A blending of all circumstances in order to achieve balance.
  • Trials and tribulations that lead to the "middle path", arriving at a profound realization.
  • That one is blending all circumstances to create balance.
  • Balancing the opposite and different conditions of life. 
  • One is either seeking or has at one's disposal the knowledge to blend different  life aspects, thereby creating harmony.
  • One has a lot of knowledge to inherit from the Divine and must have actively balance to receive it!
  • This is the Law of Creativity.
  • The Angel that we are must unite with the Animal that we have enlivened in order to be the Divine expression of now!
  Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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