Thoth Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot Key 17-The Star & The Connolly Tarot Key 17- The Star
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Thoth Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot Key 17-The Star & The Connolly Tarot Key 17- The Star

The Tarot of EliIn the Thoth Deck, Key 17 THE STAR is the path of Tzaddi. The word Tzaddi means fishhook and the Path is the Path of Meditation. Meditation is the fishhook on this path that properly attaches us to The Divine Collective Unconscious, using our imagination. I-magi-nation is than being the proper approach to this Divine Intelligent Energy.

As we can see on the Star Card, there are two streams of the One Divine or Cosmic Energy:

  1. one from the Golden Cup (Solar womb) and:
  2. one from the Silver Cup (Moon womb) that flow through the Divine Mother to us by the integration of Chokma- Will to Force- (intuition/feelings) and Binah-Will To Form (intellect/consciousness).
Many of us forget that the Imagination is a
Womb-with-a view---and is the Consciousness of the Divine Mother of all Forms. This forgetfulness, is because we have been taught by our Patriarchal society that imagination is a world-wind creator of fantasy and to be considered beneath our rational-worded-linear thought. We have somehow forgotten the meaning of Image-maker-conscious. "It's Just your imagination," is a common  "put down"theme and uses denial to ignore the fact that:
It's Just The Divine Creative's Imagination that created all that you can see, hear, feel , smell and touch including YOU!

Other than a self-reflection, what else do you think a Self-Image is?

 Water is a symbol for the ebb and flow of consciousness , and Binah, is the Vast Sea of the Un-Conscious (meaning "not of consciousness"), which by meditation, we cast our consciousness into and thereby find a understanding of the process of life and death.

In the Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom, by Paul Foster Case, The Path of Tzaddi  is described as the Path of the Natural Intelligence. To the Student of the Gnosis, this suggests that the primal forces of nature attributed to Netzach (Victory), the Elohim are synonymous with nature itself. You'll need to study the Word Elohim to understand this in greater detail, but they are called the Gods of Netzach....which means ruling forces. Which is whom we are, as physics has proven, by our observation alone, we change the observed (Physics Electron particle/wave experiment) !

In the Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom, the Qabalistic Magus Paul Foster Case stated that: "The twenty eight path [Path of Tzaddi] is called the Natural Intelligence, and it is so called because through it is consummated  and perfected the Nature of every existing thing under the Sun." [the brackets are my own insertion].

Qabalists know the Star Card represents the proper use of imagination, through the energy of meditation.
 Even though meditation feels like a personal activity, successful meditation shows us that it is not we that are meditating but rather, we are meditated!

Truth be known, The Higher Self brings the Personality into meditation. In the context of meditation, the Personality uses the Path of Tzaddi, The Fish Hook, in searching for reality in the context of meditation; However, meditation is also The Higher Self angling to pull the Personality up from the depths of self-enclosure which is a reality imposed on us by the physical senses.

The Star Card figure, represents the most pure manifestation of the Great Mother Binah at the level of Soul-Personality, preceding enclosure in matter, She is the Same  figure found in The Empress, in her royal regalia; The High Priestess and in The Universe cards, The Scarlet Woman in the Lust card; However, here She is unveiled, unclothed,  further representing Her purity. 

The Star is associated with the love and inspiration sign of  Aquarius. In the ancient world, Saturn was said to govern Aquarius, referring us to Binah/Time and The Universe key 21. 
Because the Star card represents the universe resolved into its ultimate elements, it relates to many more Paths than any other card in the deck. Thus, I recommend getting the text book by Robert Wang---The Qabalistic Tarot ( A text book of Mystical Philosophy) and studying the many path Charts on the Tree of Life , that he presents in the book.
To the Magi, the Star card represents the "Lower Eden", from which the Personality originates and the Emperor, represents "Upper Eden" where the Fiery Solar Higher Self originates...The Solar Logos. Here to, we see a relationship of  The Star Path (Tzaddi) relating to another Path, that of the Emperor (Heh).

The Star card also relates to the Planet Venus, which to the ancients was seen as the "Morning and Evening Star", also referred to as Lucifer, the " Most beautiful of all Archangels" (Tiphareth means Beauty), referring to the Sephiroth Tiphareth-Beauty, which is the Solar Logos.  Lucifer is not seen as a underworld figure, but rather the Higher Self, but with proper enforcement of propaganda, you can be made to believe that "The Higher Self" is a "Savior" who is separate from you, who are but a slave to your cultural rulers. This keeps you searching for a savior rather than doing anything about your situation. 

After the " War Lord" religions took over cultural programing, the meaning of Beauty (Synchronicity) became a Underworld Angel  of beauty who was so narcissistic that he challenged God. We all must study history to see how the Jews, Muslims and Christians demonized the names of gods and goddesses of other religions and cultures, which only contributed to ignorance and lost self-awareness. The truth is that the Latin word Lucifer (Morning Star) is similar to the Greek Christos  (Sun, also Zeus Christos or Sun of God) ----both relating to the fiery Sun of God....The Solar Logos and/or our Higher Self/Psyche.
To aid further understanding, the Number 17 (1+7=8) reduces to 8 in numerology, which is the Lust Card-Key 8 in the Thoth Deck, which represents the conscious control of the Kundalini, that is both solar and sexual force. I call the Lust Card the image of"Riding the Dragon" ----being in conscious union and thus Soul control of the Divine Frenzy as your life expression rather than the lust filled frenzy being controlled by the personality. In other-words, the Impersonal Power of I AM becoming a conscious manifestation of Me...a personal expression of Soul- Power: For within all of us is the "Lion's Roar" ; The rolling sound of the "Big Bang", the Word of The Divine Creative.

This trinity of I- AM- ME, is all part of the Greater Mysteries of Tiphareth, the Solar Logos which is the central Star of our Existence (our Solar Core). Only by controlling the pulse of Sexual energy in ourselves, through meditation---the Kundalini [Lion-Serpent] can we travel the path to Tiphareth. However, this fact has been perverted by believing that Sexual energy, must be oppressed (made celebrate) to approach our Christos----but the Star card and history suggests otherwise! Nothing is more destructive than when sexual energy is oppressed, for it feeds the phantoms of the fanatic.

We must combine, through communion of He and She the flowing serpentine force with willful union of intuition, feelings, and intellect in order to flow to our Solar Core.

This Union, is the mystery of Tantric, Gnostic and Qabalistic practices and what some may call "Sex-Magic"----or "Sex-Magi". Which is really the Divine's technological break through of Sex where 1 becomes 2 and joins to become 1, which is 3! (Such as, color becomes red, then blue, then joins to become one color called purple). 1 is always one, but 2 and 1 is Three. Three is a plane, from which Self can reflect!

Our ignorance of the Sexual Communion is not only showing us how the great Mother/The Divine Feminine is disabused by fear based pleasure/pain training of Patriarchal rule, but that all sexual perversion diverts us from the path of Tzaddi. Diverted, we are unable to control the lust filled passions of the Divine Frenzy within us, and become mental, emotional and physical deviates of a chaotic separation that starves our Psyche. Energy needs polarity to flow. Electricity needs a "ground" to flow. All of us are of Electromagnetic Energy. The Electric masculine must flow to the Magnetic Feminine!

Great enlightenment comes to the student who studies this Path, here the Son rises and as many before, we realize that by not understanding the Divine Frenzy within----we become murders, rapist, gluttons and violence becomes our sexual activity. Such power of the Sun/Son of The Divine Creative, when unable to "rise from the Dead" within us, will become the expression of Death rather than the Life of the Spirit within.
The Process of approaching the Solar Center, is a yoga (yoga means--communion), involving the enervation of centers of energy (Chakras--means "spinning wheels") which open up our Energy Centers through the process of meditation and sexual/electromagnetic communion.

As Paul Foster Case stated, about the Path of Tzaddi, "Through it is consummated and perfected the Nature of  every existing thing beneath the Sun".

When meditation is successful, we find that we don't meditate, but rather we are meditated into image! We may understand better if we think of Tiphareth, The Higher  Self/Solar Logos, as a kind of fisherman, who by angling with the Fishhook of meditation, pulls our personality up into the Solar Self.  From that Higher Perspective our personality can see that the self-image of form is meditated into existence.

The formation of the individual consciousness from the Divine Collective- Universal Unconscious begins from the point of Netzach (victory), which is the highest level of "personality" while Tiphareth is the highest level to be reached by intellect.The object is to hold a "Holy Mass" where the Personality and the Intellect are joined in Communion, within the honeymoon suite of the human body. Thereby nullifying all conflict.
The Solar Logos shines in the form of Sacred union that is often called the Union of the Sun and the Moon, which is the ancient way of seeing the flow of Electromagnetic energy.

The Connolly Tarot, Key 17-The Star, shows a young man, gazing at the Star in the deep blue sky of the Goddess. Here the union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine as the Higher Self is also suggested, in his wearing of the seven pointed star of the goddess. The reference to Lucifer, the beautiful Morning star is obvious in the star dressed beautiful young man.

The young man has reached the sight of his goals and is confident in his higher state of consciousness; now a star he will always see .
The Tree of Life, reaches out to him, acknowledging the growth force of Higher Consciousness, becoming lush and fruitful. Binah/Understanding, is shown as a beautiful rainbow bird, bringing in the light of understanding.
Lust life surrounds the youth, as he has released the sword of severity, that he has firmly planted in the wall surrounding his new home of beauty.
The key words to this card are: Health, Hope and Aspiration.

When the Star Card-Key 17, is thrown during a reading the querent shall be or will be experiencing:
  • Hope, faith and unexpected help for 17 weeks or 17 months.
  • Self esteem and confidence contributing to self-efficiency and talent. 
  • The querent, upon meditating, shall hear their own song (sound frequency), becoming harmony and then emoting  love, calm and peaceful agility.
  • A expanded and liberated personality change is in the works, Hope, faith and expected spiritual help combine.
  •  a dreaminess, and reality disconnect can be in the works, and one should be cautioned about being too ethereal and forgetting the physical which is an important Chalice in our Christ hood.
  • This feeling of fantasy is rare, so basically the querent is or will be, experiencing freedom from all masks, illusions and restrictions while being replenished by the pure waters of the Divine Collective Universal Unconscious.
 If ill defined by the accompanying cards:
  • There can be the experiencing of  dreaminess, and deceived hope.

  Obviously, like most Major Arcana (Trump) much meditation upon this card is recommended.  Thank you for your interest comments, and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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