Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth 5 of SWords-Defeat & The Connolly Tarot 5 of Swords
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth 5 of SWords-Defeat & The Connolly Tarot 5 of Swords

The Tarot of EliThe Fives of any suit, often bring trepidation among the both readers of tarot and their clients, but in truth they represent motion coming to the aid of matter. They are storm and stress resulting in the complete upset of the statically stabilized system, simply because things in stasis don't evolve. So these fives aren't regarded as "evil" but rather as a reluctance to get up and leave comfort zones and get on with the "job".

To the Adepts of the White School of Tarot,
(Great White Brotherhood) every phenomena is a sacrament, as "what exists is supposed to exist"...by Divine decree. Divine-Creation, doesn't build what it doesn't want!

The Thoth 5 of Swords-Defeat:

To understand this "defeat" of our old personal identity patterns (Upside down Pentagram)  we must understand what happens to unattended fire (Spirit/passion); it can either go out or become a conflagration. What happens to non-moving water (consciousness)? It either turns into a mire and goes putrid or evaporates away.
To keep this from happening to the Divine Creative's Force and Form Children (us), Geburah (The Divine Feminine) has invented the Conscious Energy State of Severity-where strife and defeat supply the "jolt of movement" necessary to get the stagnant personality moving again. Therefore,  this severity is "Tough Love".

Geburah(Severity on the Tree of Life) always supply disruption. In this case, Venus rules Aquarius which implies weakness rather than excess of strength, is the cause of the disaster.

In the Five of Swords-Defeat, the intellect has been enfeeble by sentiment and has become overly passive. Treachery may also be implied.

The Thoth Five of Swords is shown in a sinister state of the inverted pentagram (human form upside down) which is a sign of matter/personality dominating the will of Spirit. In this case, even more sinister, as none of the swords have hilts that resemble any of the others, and their blades are bent or broken and give the impression of drooping, old useless thoughts.  Remember, as virtue declines (virtue is always being true to your inner self) corruption takes over until all is in disorder. There is no Rose of enlightenment/Wisdom in this card, since it is all destroyed now.
Observation shows the position of Geburah on the Tree of Life, as the Filth Sephiroth-Severity on the pillar of Severity. One may ask, why is there a need for such a nasty- Intelligent-judgmental-corrective force if we are the image/ Child of God? This Severity is easily explained as cutting away the unworthy bits, so that you are the Original you and/or the Original Psyche. But what many fail to understand, is that if all the definitions given one, by their society, belief systems and cultures, are not one's identity, THEN WE CAME IN ALREADY KNOWING OURSELVES!
Yes it is true, dear ones, truth is made manifest FOR THE DIVINE CREATIVE DOESN'T BUILD WHAT IT DOESN'T WANT! Therefore, your psyche never came seeking your truth, nor to find out who you are, the Soul/Psyche already Knows that! By the Soul/Psyche putting knowledge into form is how you became manifest! You are Defined into being, not a being who seeks definition! You are a Divine Creative/Psyche who proves definition by making it manifest!

Therefore, the severity of Geburah, helps us remember who we really are, and not what we pretend to be.

 As Stated,The Qabalistic Tarot Five of Swords, is known as Defeat, or Lord of Defeat. Being that Venus is in Aquarius here, the normal disruption of Geburah's strength, is not the cause of disaster!  This is because weakness is the cause of the Five of Swords disaster! A weakness brought on by pacifism, and enfeebling sentiment; maybe even treachery. Here Mar's power is asleep as it is bound in the illusion of weakness brought on by the treachery of sensation.

 On the Thoth Card, the hilts of the swords form the sinister image of the inverted pentagram; where the body fears has turned "upside down" the will, by the treachery of sensation, i.e fear of pain. Feeling fearful, is often more sensual than feeling willful, since the ever present doubt brought into belief by pleasure/pain indoctrination, keeps the will from collecting into force.

The fact that none of the sword hilts are the same, implies many different weak thoughts assaulting the blue Rose of Wisdom; that was at once whole in the Four, is now all cut to pieces in the Five. Wisdom is scattered to the winds of emotional defeat and blood and the poison of inferior thoughts drip from the swords of Mind.

The Five of Swords is Geburah in Yetzirah, therefore, a severe Mars influence is now in the Astral World. In Roman mythology, Mars is the consort of Venus in  (see illustration). We should understand that mythology is not a story telling a lie, but rather a storied lie relating a truth. In the above painting, Mars is depicted sleeping under the drug of sensual illusion.

The Blue Rose of Venus, which is the Rose of the Cross, can't take the buffeting of the Martian assault.  Along with the nine and ten of Swords, the Five is one of the most destructive events in the deck.
To be able to accept defeat and build from the experience a successful transformation, is the way of growth. Winter may defeat the growth of an apple tree...so it "rests and reconsiders its options", knowing the thoughts of growth, the tree awaits the Spring with renewed energy. If the apple tree just kept reliving the browning of its leaves and the decay and fall of its apple, it would waste its energy in "painful thought production" and die. Therefore, there is in matter an illusion of destruction, as if eaten or decomposition means the end, rather than eating/decomposition just transforms something into another thing ensuring evolutionary growth. As Juhaladine Rumi, the 12th century Sufi Master stated: " the grape becomes wine, so that it can become us".Therefore, the 5 of Swords implies, useless thoughts of the past, destroyed to transform into a new progressive process of thinking.

Five of Cups-defeat reminds us that we must accept our moments of severity, as a step towards healing, not a  permanent fear that imprisons us in a "grave of the past" leaving no life for the future. Inaction due to fear is a common disease and easily overcome----just begin! One step begins any journey!

The Connolly Tarot-5 of Swords, seems to concentrate on interest only in self gain. Showing a lack of sensitivity, a young child is shown selfishly grabbing a sword out of the hands of another, causing a disruption and scattering of the balanced pattern. Implying a dropping of an old thought pattern.
 Therefore the implication of this card is to change old patterns of thought, that have defeated your past performance.

The more occult meanings of Transformation are not shown in this card, as the Connolly tarot, follows the pattern of the mundane attributed to the Rider-Waite, Golden Dawn and many other medieval art decks.

When the Thoth or Connolly Tarot 5 of Swords card is thrown during a reading,
  • The querent is usually caught in the fears of the past.
  • They are experiencing a self defined prison  of negative, self defeating beliefs.
  • Here is defeat on a mental level, bringing humiliation and weakness.
  • The suggestion here is to give up fighting, swallow your pride and acknowledge your limitations, and then proceed in a new direction.
  • We are only defeated when we stop seeking another way.  So there is no 5 week or 5 month period here, since it is the querent's own mental negativity that is involved here, and they could change perspective at any time.
  • The Querent will experience or has experienced over a period of 5 wks or 5 Months: Defeat, lies, malice, spite, slander, and evil-speaking.
  • The contest is ended and has been decided against the querent.
  • There is failure, trouble, avarice, grieving after pain and holding that grief as sacred or  important rather than letting go of the pain and moving on.
  • Laborious relentless loss and vileness of nature.
  • A busy body and separator of friends, hating to see peace and love between others.
  • Cruel and cowardly, thankless and unreliable.
  • Clever and quick to thought and speech.
  • Feelings of Pity easily aroused and unendurable.  Therefore this is also the Card of the "Pity Pot", where one is so impressed by their own pain, their life is centered around it and they can't heal or move forward.
  • Often one demands that everyone get down on their knees and worship one's pain as a martyrdom of holiness. Instead of " If you wish to speak to me, Stand, for I'll not kneel to your weakness," which is a true message from Geburah-the Divine Feminine, who supports your strength.
  • This Defeated Mind requires you to grovel  to weakness as some proof of holiness.
  • A very "Self absorbed" mental state, that breeds dis-ease and discontent. In such a state of low thinking--the god's will not hear you.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

6 Comments to Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth 5 of SWords-Defeat & The Connolly Tarot 5 of Swords:

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Mario F. on Thursday, October 13, 2016 5:32 PM
Awesome explanation that gives a positive spin to this card. I have a question Eli. What does accepting your defeat implies? To stop trying in the same manner you have tried before? Should you rest and gather strength, or should you start trying right away to change the situation in a totally different way of approach? Should you hang to the feelings of pain, grieve, and learn from them, or not? Lastly, from what I understand, Geburah is associated with the planet Mars (which I understand as being masculine), but you state that it is the divine feminine. Can it be that it is the divine feminine acting "aggressively" with a masculine type of energy? Thanks for sharing all your knowledge!
Reply to comment
Eli on Friday, October 14, 2016 9:47 AM
Hi Mario. Accepting defeat and moving on, is just transforming present thought which changes its creation. It's a realization that using the same thoughts of the past to create a different outcome, is indeed a form of insanity, so one must change perspectives. How one does this is "freedom of choice", one can take a break, and research new perspectives or one can instantly change a thought as simply as saying to themselves, " Worry hasn't achieve anything, for I am no richer, so when I fear the debt, I'll just think in my head, "North, South, East and West, my wealth comes to me whichever way is best". In place of "my wealth" one can insert one's wished for income like say, $3,500 per month etc. This changes the direction of creative thought. For, remember, thought is the "first material" that we work with, so the foundation of creation, "thought" determines the outcome of the creation. Think well be well, think ill be ill. To accept the defeat of past thoughts, is to begin the process of renewal. Geburah is a receptive feminine and an expressive masculine force. The Sex of a species has nothing to do with those forms of the Divine Creative called "Sephiroth", as it is androgynous. Thank you for your interest and comments. May you live long and prosper.

Thank you for your response Eli! on Sunday, October 16, 2016 12:11 PM
Reply to comment
Eli on Saturday, October 29, 2016 9:34 AM
Your are welcome

Mario F on Sunday, October 16, 2016 12:12 PM
Thank you for your response Eli!
Reply to comment
Eli on Saturday, October 29, 2016 9:35 AM
you are welcome. Live long and prosper.

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