Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot 7 of Swords-Futility & The Connolly Tarot 7 of Swords
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot 7 of Swords-Futility & The Connolly Tarot 7 of Swords

The Tarot of EliOn the Hermetic Qabalistic Tree of Life, the Sevens are attributed to Netzach (victory) which is very low down on the Tree of life and part of the Astral Nature of Mind.

This is a doubling of the unbalanced nature of conscious energy as consciousness is now descended deeply into illusion while engaged in a frantic struggle with self-identity.

Netzach pertains both to Venus and Earth, and the Heavenly Beauty of Venus is now debauched by Matter. 
Therefore, the four Sevens bring no comfort as they are the denigration of each element, exposing the utmost weakness in every case.

The Thoth Qabalistic Tarot Card- Seven of Swords is called- Futility and is even a weaker card than the Seven of Wands. Its ruler is the Moon, and thus is a passive planet and passive sign.

The little mental energy that the Seven of Swords maintains is just filmy dream work and cannot sustain the labor necessary for the fruition of endeavor.

The Seven of Swords is Futile, because the perspective one is holding on to can only give the illusion of performing, especially if encased in a denial of irresponsibility.

The Thoth Deck Seven of Swords-Futility, is Netzach (the Sephira of Venus) in the Suit of Swords and means Victory. Hence this sense of Victory, places a modifying influence on The Seven of Swords that is accentuated by the zodiacal rule of  Moon in Aquarius. Therefore this means that the mental wreckage illustrated in this card, is not as much of a disaster as it is in the 5 of Swords. This Seven of Swords-Futility, has a wish to compromise; a certain vacillation is present. One may say, that a certain toleration is present, for the need for Victory is weakly being considered.

Of course,  the success of this policy for compromise determines the nature of the mental wreckage, so when compromise is unsuccessful, then a disaster is presented. 

If the surrounding cards show strong violent forces, then Great Futility is expressed and compromise won't work.

The Thoth Deck 5 of Swords, shows a Strong central sword being chipped away by six weaker swords, suggesting  that the Central Strong Character struggles in vain against the many feeble thoughts that assault it. One may notice this effect when trying to sleep, but futile sleep is present because the brain just won't shut down the continual  "shot gunning" of thoughts; blasting away, somehow hoping to find one that "sticks" to a solution.

 To go deeper into understanding The Thoth Seven of Swords-Futility:
This card represents the sabotaging mind where you know what you want symbolized by the central sword and then go about defining the reasons why you can't obtain it, as shown by the six swords surrounding the central one. The 7 of Swords represents the yes-but mind that often keeps us from making our dreams work. Astrologically the Thoth 7 of Swords is Moon and Sun in Aquarius, represented by the circle with a dot in the center, a symbol of the Sun, the Crescent is the Moon and the wavy lines at the bottom are Aquarius.

Each of the six swords of procrastination bear a planetary sign for the six ways we sabotage our selves.

  1. The yes-but aspect of Saturn is telling us there is too much red-tape or it's too complicated.
  2. Another Sword has on the handle the symbol of Mercury which is about the negative communication of " I can't... I wish I'd a ...If only..." all negative reasons why "it won't work".
  3. Another sword handle bares the planetary sign of Jupiter; the planet that symbolizes flexibility and expansion. The negative self-talk of Jupiter is  "it's too limiting and constricted" or " I am not lucky" or "I am not talented enough".
  4. Another sword sports the planetary sign of Mars. Positively Mars is a sign of dynamic energy, vitality, and assertion but the negative side of Mars is " I don't have the energy to...I am burnt out...it's dull and boring etc."
  5. Another sword handle is adorned with the sign of Venus; the planet of Love. The Venusian negatives would be," I really don't care...It doesn't mean anything to me anyway." 
  6. Then there is the final sword whose handle supports the double loops which represent the Sun and the Moon; the negatives of which are consciously and subconsciously one is sabotaging oneself out of doing what it is that one wants to do. In other words, you are caught in wanna-be-ism which is a viscous cycle of mental inferiority.

Instead of the Power of
we are caught in the self-denial of
I Ain't...

Often we run "mind loops" that constantly repeat our past as today's reason for not progressing or going forward with our life. These mind loops are the "nag within" syndrome that fear of discomfort/fear of vulnerability, often generates in our subconscious to avoid presumed pain.

"This is futile because I've tried something like this before", fails to see that today trying a "different" approach may win the day, and supply the victory we seek.

The Connolly Tarot 7 of Swords, may be beautifully illustrated in a stain glass motif, but really isn't instantly realized as futility.

It shows 5 blue handled swords stuck in the ground and two red handled swords stuck in a dark cloud.
Blue is the nature of calm water/Conscious and red is the fiery nature of Mars or warlike force, so I can only think that the meaning of the flutist and harpist, are two states of mind (fire and water are the Parents of Air/Mind). Therefore, the Subconscious and the Consciousness are both trying to play a tune of harmony but are unable to agree on all the passionate notes that must be played to fulfill the wanted "sound".
The card seems to state that things may not work out the way you planed, but keep plunking away at it, while also keeping inner harmony, and you'll find something that works.

Often to some readers, these Seven cards seem most depressing, and if the Sevens of each suit are combined in a reading, describe a most disturbing depression, of Energy, Emotions, Mind, and Body.  Luckily, I have never seen all of them fall together in a reading and usually other surrounding cards show a lightening of effect and a temporary experience.  However, that being said, the Querent should be told that depression is being experience or soon will be (depending on the position of the Card) and to prepare themselves in order to " Weather the Low period".

If we are finding it futile for a positive idea associated with these Sevens, one could say that without a doubt, an old perspective is dying so a new one of better performance can be created. Sometimes it is hard to let go "of the monster you know" rather than face an unknown so courage and strong character dictate that you must change direction here.

When the Qabalistic Thoth or Connolly Tarot card is thrown:

  •  You will have the opportunity presented to you in the next 7 weeks or 7 months to break out of your self-imposed defeatism and move towards creating what you really do want.
  • It's time to supply the rudder and "damn the torpedoes and go full steam ahead".
  •  You do know what you want, that is the truth you may be trying to avoid.
  • The falsehood is the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.
  • Remember that the 7's are associated with the Charioteer, which is the originator of motion and change. So this card is not nagging at your weakness but advising you that choosing you wants moves you forward into a satisfying life motion and that you have the inherent power to do so.
  • You have the capability to release sabotaging thought processes that where developed in a past that may go back to 7 years or when you where 7 years old.
  • Focus on what you truly want; focus your heart, creative mind and passion on it, and your programmed self-defeat won't be able to impede you , it just becomes white noise in the back wash of your powerful wake on the ocean of possibilities.
  • Vacillation, untrustworthy character, unstable effort.
  • There is a partial success here, but total success is not achieved due to discontinued effort, as if strength has just run out.
  • Very close to achieving a goal but the assault of many feeble self defeating thoughts scatter the will and the querent is unable to continue.
  • This card is about the futility of seeking to please everyone with your actions. You need to focus and proceed. This does require you to treat everyone as you wish to be treated, so that you confidently know your actions will not really harm anyone.
  • But if you are suffering from an inferiority complex-----well this card says it all. For with that identity all  action is futile until one accepts their Power.
  • There is also a tendency to love abundance, which makes an enthusiastic collector or even a miserly character, who is fascinated by display, given to compliment, affronts and insolence.
  • A tendency to detect or spy on others.
  • There is also an inclination to betray others though not always intentional.

Now there seems to be a large amount of interpretation here, but as always, the dignity of the accompanying cards will decide if the influence of the Seven of Swords is more annoying rather than destructive.

  • In a weakened state, when the cards accompanying it are positive in their nature, it can also mean that within 7 weeks, or 7 months, you will achieve successful outcome and solution to issues but you must be persistent in counteracting your constant doubts. For when we have infighting of our thoughts, we become our own enemy and in such a state success in any contest is futile as you tend to self-flagellate.

Thank you for your interest,comments and supportive donations. May you and yours live long and prosper.

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