Tarot Card Comparisons: The Hermetic Thoth Tarot-9 of Swords- Cruelty & The Connolly Tarot 9 of Swords
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Hermetic Thoth Tarot-9 of Swords- Cruelty & The Connolly Tarot 9 of Swords

The Tarot of EliThe Qabalistic Thoth 9 of Swords-Cruelty:

As stated before, the number nine brings back the energy of a Suit to the middle pillar of Mildness, in the area of Yesod-The Foundation.
Hence, the balance to the Suit of Air/Swords would seem to be restored and the previous disorder rectified; However, the Suit of Swords itself has been following the 2nd law of Thermodynamics [...All things proceed from order to disorder.] and the general idea of the suit has constantly degenerated.
Instead of Pure Intellect, the Nine of Swords represents the automatic stirring of heartless passions that belong to the Survival Mind of the ancient Lizard brain. This is the world of the unconscious primitive instincts, of the psychopath, of the fanatic and zealotry.

Mars rules Gemini celestially here, producing a crude raging hunger that has no restraint; a greed of the eternally fearful as the Warlike force of Mars aggravates the paradox of the Twins. This seems odd, since the temperament of Swords is intellectual but as A. Crowley states in his Book of Thoth...." it is the temper of the inquisitor.". 

Deeply buried in our subconscious is the Tyrant Virus program who degrades us, besmirching our Personality's actions if we dare leave the boundaries of our "Slave training" , i.e. indoctrination of identity.

This Tyrant Software Virus lies awake awaiting our very attempt at expanding our perspective with whips of "emotional" fear unfolded and ready to strike! This Inquisitor is the result of "pleasure-Pain training" which is commonly called Pavlovian conditioning that is named after a Dr. Pavlov who electrically tortured dogs into compliance. Needless to say this is not a healthy mental state for the individual, but to those in Authority (  Ruler --Means, "Those who control definition") having you whip yourself into compliance whenever you are tempted to defy your definition of  "Self"... is most economical.

The Thoth Deck 9 of Swords shows nine swords of varying lengths,  all jagged and rusty and all striking downwards with points dripping poisoned blood. Lady Freda Harris and A. Crowley wanted to convey by the very imagery of this card how we poison our-self identity with rapacious thoughts. The imagery of this card may cause one to shudder in resignation; However, there is a way of dealing with this card and most positive is the way of passive resistance. The least positive ways to resist are resignation, and martyrdom. Some may even seek implacable revenge by causing great pain to "others" as a form of internal pain transference; "Others" being the enemy's common survival mind's name. But this is self destructive as The Survival Mind Tyrant Virus must always have an enemy to keep its Authority of Fear over the Personality.

This "Survival Mind" power, is a silly delusion, because the Soul/Psyche is both Life and Death of the body and the body will never survive the Will of the Soul! To say, " I AM the Soul who is the Life and Death of this body and I Am the Creator of Free-doom [Anglo Saxon word from which freedom was derived and means" I choose my own death"] , I Am the Alpha and the Omega of my own Life Form"; is stating the original Divinely Given authority you have over the body.

This is a statement of an inner knowledge that comes from knowing Thyself as a Spiritual Intelligence that owns the body it makes "Alive".
This Knowledge of Spiritual Free-doom, lays the Pavlovian-Tyrant to rest, and reestablishes the Soul's Authority over the body. The Fear of Pain, fades away, leaving a knowing of pain and the Joy of being the Moment is firmly established as a life journey.

Astrologically this card is Mars in Gemini, the fiery Mars energy can do no good in the sign of dualities.

To a Hermetic Qabalist, this is Yesod (Foundation) in Yetzirah (Astral World). The Astral world itself is often deceptive, but with the Foundation energy of manifestation influenced by Mars and the dualities of Gemini unbalance it,  deceptions now become cruel realities.

The divination meaning of this Sword card is despair, illness, suffering and cruelty.

Again, in the Thoth Deck, the 9 of Swords is shown as eight beaten and battered rusty swords/thoughts dripping poison and blood; needless to say this card shows no boon. 
Here the realm of Dreams (Astral) is influenced by mental self-cruelty, negative thinking, and mental degradation.There is a deep depression here but surcease may become apparent in the next 9 weeks or 9 months. 

Often we are hurt by the "organized chaos" of daily life, and this card is about crying about that hurt rather than doing something about it. Often I hear people say they don't fear death, yet when someone they love dies, they say such nonsense as," God took my loved one away from me," or what kind of God would allow a baby to be shot and killed." etc. , or "why do I always fail"? The answers aren't easy nor pleasant for such devastating events but they have nothing to do with the Divine Creative's desire to "call back to its bosom" some soul. Souls are us, and the obvious Divine Desire is all about Freedom to be us as living images of the Imagination. 

Besides, the Divine Creative is all around us, in us and as us!

Therefore, there is no where to go to be "nearer to god", then by being yourself, right here, right now!  Death is merely an impersonal transformation of Psyche, of self identity, a change of microwave (spirit) frequency and is not a form of cruelty. But to a slave, who fears pain, believes that the personality ends in death, will give to the few who wish to rule, i.e. the slave-masters, the mental tools necessary to threaten with death, pain and loss of life. Death or pain are not a threat to immortal Spirit nor to the Infinite Soul who creates the "living". Since cruelty is not death, what the hell is it? I would venture to say it is "fear of death", for that allows all forms of cruelty. To deny our Infinite ability to create life, is to deny we are the Death and Life of our bodies. As Spirit, such is my Dominion. I am the Alpha an Omega of my Self Identity. 

The Divine Creative gave us the inheritance of Divinity as The Wholly Child of many faces (all peoples); for when Imagination is infinite, there are infinity possible self images. We, who are but imagined self-images/identities of the Divine Creative, i.e. Souls, have absolute command over our inherited imagination that creates reality both individually and as a group. If we create a world where value isn't our bodies or their life (living bodies are the Purpose of Souls), but artificial ideas, religions, titles, money, and things, our world will be fueled by greed, ambition, theft, murder; a cruel and devastating world of poisoned survival thinking where vulnerability is denied by preying on everyone else and where the individual is but a cog to be used in the mechanism of ambitious visions.
Truth is Life, and/or the manifested presence of a thought-form, not the thoughts, fears or emotions that we think and feel; for those are the hot bed of the Trickster ( Devil, i.e.,lived spelled backwards) that is our self absorbed fear based survival thinking. All is the Universal Divine Collective Unconscious, no divisions no separates for that is the One Mind. Therefore, Truth is thought made manifest!  So if we allow, because of fear of vulnerability, a world of hate, of destructive slave-religions, of megalomaniac politics, of ENEMY, our own brain/body becomes that enemy. 

*This is the power we wield as "Imagination's children" (Imagination is the Divine Feminine part of the One Divine Creative Unconscious), we freely become our dreams! Too believe in "good or bad", is to divide the Imagination, and divide the power to be!

 I Am neither good nor bad, I AM ME!

Imagination is all around us, in us and as us! Imagination is the "Womb with a view". Therefore, when Dreams are driven by fears, they become nightmares and then we fear the nightmares giving them the emotional power to become our energy-in-motion reality; a reality of enemy. Living a nightmare is cruel as our Unconscious becomes the enemy of our consciousness; a grand and terrifying paradox for we are the Psyche/Soul that is the Unconscious who invents consciousness as "ourselves"! Thus a "house divided", that cruelly falls.

Spirit is psycho-dynamic flow of Divine Will who is the Mind that is "over matter" and often shown in Hermetic tradition, as a Serpentine or Spiral flow! Passion or the combination of Will to Force (Masculine) and Will to Form (Feminine), is the foundation of all creation! Therefore when your passion to be is "trying not to be", being becomes what you don't want as there is no "trying" when the item is thought of.

I AM is the Universal declaration of Self and the beginning of all of us as "ME" and/or Self identity. "I Ain't", is man-made fantasy of "good and bad"; a place of denial of identity, that allows us to "not treat another self, as we wish to be treated"!  In such a mind, ignorance is the ruler rather than knowledge. 

Denial is a  fantasy, because whatever is thought and emotionally fueled, will become. Since there is no "Ain't", nor a "I am not", to think a thought places it in a Universe of Infinite Possibilities/The Imagination; Hence,  what you fervently declare you are not, is what your energy-in-motion becomes. Like attracts like, as the law of attraction implies which is also the Law of action-reaction. It's best to treat others as you wish to be treated. I call this the Hi-me principle, thus everyone I see is another way to be me.

Becoming what you fear, is also why the Fundamental Theologian, is often driven to enact "sins of the flesh", as sensual flesh is their hated enemy and the "sins" are their own imagined invention of "I AM ME"!

I ask you this, How can a mind that makes the body alive, and lives as an sensual- identity because of the body vessel, possibly hate/fear, its very own creationand have a "good life"? 

Here's a paradox: Most religions claim we have  divinely granted freedom of choice, and yetinstead of using that god given gift of Imagination freely, we are to become "enslaved thinkers of a doctrine of self rejection"...how then can we be the "image of god" as Fundamental religions claim?

This obfuscation, is a perfect example of the cruelty of Martial energy in the paradoxical twins of Gemini. Where one thing is "thought/said" and the opposite is done.

It is all about applied emotion (energy-in-motion), acting as form/Me. This is known to the Hermetic Qabalist as Force and Form. The Force is "Will-to-force" (emotion) and the Form is thought/idea/visions/ all which are identifying self.  When we are utilizing our Force and Form without Self-Knowledge, allowing the ambitious (leaders) to direct our emotional identities,  we become thoughtless to the devastation we cause to be of ourselves, as ourselves and by ourselves. We then build Enemies, to blame for our own lack of self -knowledge that inflicts great pain within our bodies who are only reaction to being rejected by the Life within them!  Hence, it's best to examine Theologies, Cultures, and any pretense of academia, which leaves us ignorant of how to operate the Psyche run Power Tool we call "our bodies".

There can be nothing crueler than a world built by the Power of the God's (imagination) when that power is utilized by the indoctrinated minds of slaves who hate and fear their vulnerability; a Vulnerability that is a great power(ability to do work)!
A great power because vulnerability is the cause of all our great character traits; empathy, generosity, caring, loving, union, compassion, love, devotion, discretion, integrity, courage, individuality, and so many more!
Immortals, the infinite, have none of these character traits, for they are invulnerable to "Beginning and End"/ no time and no space. Since we have been given Mastery over all Living Things (over Mortality), by our Divine Creative Parents Imagination, we need to "understand the living, who know both beginning and end"!

To not understand that all is One Mind, and that this Universe is a Collective of Divine Self Identity, is to not become a master of anything, let alone the living thought that you call your "self".  We are the connection of Spirit Intellect Above (higher dimensional frequency than this conscious level of One Energy) and the Earth Intellect Below (Material frequency). Masters of "Beginning and End" and "End and Beginning".  We are the Hermetic Qabalistic Axiom of ," As above so below, so below as above." For without an active, sensual mind among the Microcosm (little "g"), the Macrocosm (Big "G") can't "expand material light (Matter) and liberate it beyond its self proclaimed limits!". Even Dr. Seuss knew this Oneness in all Things!

From the Tao: "What is there is here, what is not here, is not there."

One must manifest an error, to see it, and therefore be able to correct it! This ability to "create, see error and correct it" is called Wisdom; a wisdom that only a sensual body that acts our Psyche's thought as "alive" can give the Psyche.Therefore, Wisdom comes from freely doing what one thinks, experiencing the pleasure or the pain of it, and therefore able to correct it's operation as liberating and expanding conscious body software. The Divine Creative obviously knows this, for It, the I AM became, "ME"! But the "Me" can never be it, as to be a Me requires "time/space" and self limiting images/identity.

The Power to Create anything is an amazing gift, but the power to create yourself, is magnificent! Freedom of Choice allows us to create our own self-identity; but be clear here, only gods can make themselves less than what they really are!
Dogs can never be less  than dogs, lizards are always lizards and birds will be birds but, the Children of the Divine Creative can be anything they "Believe themselves to be", including "not being"!

Fear is a belief software system, and lives only in our brain! Knowledge is useless as belief, for it is preformed as deed!
Declarations of "I AM" make our reality! "I Am Love", builds a world of loving beings/Thought forms. "I Am looking for love", builds a world of denial-forms, and self cruelty, and devaluation of the living, where babies are shot in the denial- invented name of God (i.e. "our vision of heaven") as a religious activity of the ambitious slaver.

That denied god name we all inherit is I AM! It is OUR  surname (Me-I Am)! Realities are "Me", our invention of self definition. "Me"s are made from energy-motive-definition of "Will to Force" and "Will to form" (emotional intelligence of Imagination) i.e. the Me that I AM. When mental self cruelty defines "Me"...welcome to " I Am a living hell"!

The Connolly Tarot-9 of Swords, is about releasing ones old burdens.  Anxiety and despair cause misery and a sense of hopelessness.
Swords are mind, and many swords are mental burdens or thoughts. Living in "yesterday's thoughts", makes your today a thoughtless reaction to the past. This is mental cruelty.

Here we see an overburdened man, looking at yet another sword/thought but sees no way of carrying it.  He is surrounded by winter, with wind/air (element of Swords) blowing his hair. This implies, that it would be best to dump all those old dead thoughts, and take the best one and Spring forward with it.

When the 9 of Swords, Cruelty is thrown during a divination, it implies:
  • Mental cruelty.
  • Despair.
  • Loss of a loved one.
  • Oppression, suffering, burdens.
  • Martyrdom.
  • Over whelming paralyzing fear. 
  • Suffering that may bring new found strength to weather the storm.
  • Anger, and depression turned inward.
  • Self hate, displayed as self destructive behavior.
  • A sense of inferiority.

  • It implies illness, suffering, malice.and cruelty (mostly self-cruelty brought on by self defeating thoughts).
  • There is Pain, despair and pitilessness, malice, want, lose, misery and oppressive burden.
  • Oppressive labor ( slavery), and a certain amount of subtlety and craft displayed in lying, dishonesty, etc., all according to the dignity of the accompanying cards.
  • Often, when this card is shown during a a reading, we are being reminded that we are oppressing ourselves with past fears installed by Authority to "domesticate" us.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper by claiming your own body and being your own Author!    Just by treating others as you would be treated, deprives the Cultural- Tyrant of any power over your body! Thank you for being you!

2 Comments to Tarot Card Comparisons: The Hermetic Thoth Tarot-9 of Swords- Cruelty & The Connolly Tarot 9 of Swords:

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Alexander Rolinitis on Saturday, October 24, 2015 11:33 AM
Eli I was directed to your blog about 2 years ago to truly appreciate someone with perfect intuition on spiritual things. You have absolutely helped illuminate my perspective of my own Tarot drawing, The Sun, Dominion, Ruin, Cruelty, and Princess of Disks. Seeing the 10 of swords and 9 of swords together shocked my hopeful spirit but only materialized what exactly has been storming within. This in depth dialogue presented from your spiritual analysis of Cruelty and how my $20,000 student debt, family feuds over money, my persistent struggled at 23 to find my direction after dropping out of college to travel only to realize I need some material occupation which fulfills my spirit and takes care of living necessities. My struggling mind has become over-burden with so may things lately building up with continuous failure Stock Trading and my efforts to blog my experience rekindle my hopes to become successful at. However, this blessing to read your words here connected me back to my timeless being "I AM", the affirmation "" I AM the Soul who is the Life and Death of this body and I Am the Creator of Free-doom [Anglo Saxon word from which freedom was derived and means" I choose my own death"] , I Am the Alpha and the Omega of my own Life Form"; is stating the original god Given authority you have over the body.. " resonated deeply and unveiled the self-torture I have been committing to myself. Perhaps I must reevaluate my decisions to have incredible wealth & success and instead aim to be wholly loving in my actions and if this is meant to be God will give it. I accept my power to create and the peace in which I know I AM. Thank you sincerely for your kind words and all gods love for all our children. Alexander
Reply to comment
Eli on Sunday, October 25, 2015 11:28 AM
Hi Alexander.Thank you for your comments and long standing patronage of this blog. I write this blog so other's may "above all things, know thyself"! I am glad you gathered some insight. You show a willingness to evolve that is not often encountered among the money besotted. May you live long and prosper!

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