Tarot Card Comparison: The Hermetic Thoth Tarot-Ace of Cups & The Connolly Tarot-Ace of Cups
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparison: The Hermetic Thoth Tarot-Ace of Cups & The Connolly Tarot-Ace of Cups

The Tarot of EliThe Qabalistic Thoth- ACE OF CUPS, represents the emotional world of feeling; the time of Summer and the Space of East. This is the symbol of receptivity, psychism, instincts, fears, memories, desires, dreams, fantasy, and all the other aspects of the subconscious. This is the essence of imagination, what I call "the womb-with-a -view".

The colors of the Hermetic Qabalah Thoth Cups, are those of water, lakes, ponds, oceans, rivers, rain and the blood (If you remember your biology, blood is blue until it is oxidized .You may have notice your blue veins). This is the Holy Grail sitting within the emotional nature (would be a fitting symbol for the Emotional Body of our Aura) which is represented by the blue cup.  The Ace of Cups represents the conscious state of emotional integrity, as seen as the double rainbow. The inside and outside are without dichotomy. Therefore, As above so below can also be seen here.

The Ace of cups also symbolizes the ability to nurture one's-self with the same capacity as one gives out to others.

The blue Grail, is Wisdom and the Cup symbol is Love/Womb, making it apparent that Love and Wisdom are in union as a flow of nurturing, healing, supporting emotional force (as seen by the radiance entering the cup). Love and Wisdom in equal balance.

The serpent handles of the cup symbolize the regenerative nature of this balance that resides in the Spiral Energy of Spirit.

The lotus base represents the trusting heart who never over-extends itself emotionally but unfolds itself naturally without resistance or holding itself back.

Point of fact, this Love-Wisdom union is the woven fabric of Life itself, as symbolized by the web of Spider Woman (Native American Grand Mother of the Universe) that is seen behind the

Thoth Tarot of the Hermetic Qabalah; The Four Aces.

In the Gnosis of Qabalistic Tarot, the four aces represent the "essence' of the Force or Form, not the Forces or Forms themselves. This makes them more esoteric than most other tarot cards, as they are not a concept of vision. Therefore they're quite above and distinct from the other cards in the deck.

The Four Aces form a link between the "Small cards" and/or the Minor Arcana and the Princesses who rule Heavens around the quadrants of the North Pole. This seems reasonable, since Female force is Magnetic (forms a vessel), and Male Force is Electric (forces movement). As an objective example, in the sky above the North Pole, one will often see the visual aspect of the Magnetic feminine, turning the solar-male electric into a form of colored light curtains in the night sky; the Aurora Boralis of the northern hemisphere.

Using the Great Pyramid as a meridian, the Princesses (Elements) Rule outward in an Eastward flow, in the order of Tetragrammaton (The Whole God...you may want to look this word up.), Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. This roughly places the Aces-Princesses Wands over Asia, Cups over the Pacific Ocean,Swords the Americas, Disks Europe and Africa. To carry this concept a little deeper one may use the symbol of the Pentagram which represents Spirit ruling over the four Elements and is the symbol for the Ascended and/or Triumphant Man.

Now I know the idea of Spirit as an element is very difficult to grasp and is often shown as "White Light" (which can't be achieved in our physical world). The Hebrew letter Shin has to do double duty as both the letter of Fire and of Spirit as well. Spirit is not as clear and concise in explanation like the other Elements because it is the circular Movement within the Motion of everything else (Ace of Wands moves within the Waters of the Cups).

What may cause some confusion to the scholar of Gnosticism, is that In the Enochian system, the Tablet of Spirit, is the key to all mischief and in the Hindu system it is Akasha-the Egg of Darkness (eggs are often represented as cups in western Qabalah). It helps one to remember that Limitless light is Darkness because it has no limits to view and that being without limits means no ability to discern, therefore spirit can cause mischief, as a type of chaos in a material world of limits and rules.

The point here, is that the Aces are the seeds of the Elements and not the Elements themselves. So when an ace shows up in a reading, "it is the seed" not the event itself! The reader must also remember that an Ace represents a One Year period for that event seed to become a "Tree".

As you continue your Hermetic Qabalah studies, the Seed of Gnosis is planted, and in time the Tree of Life and Death Grows As YOU, not from you. We belong to Knowledge, hence it is not an "ego trip" possession as the phrase, "My knowledge" would suggest but rather, "The Knowledge that owns me". I would recommend that the Student of Gnosis use the second phrase when expressing knowledge.

Remember that, Knowledge is the Invisible Sephiroth, called DAÄTH, that resides on the Middle Path, just below Chokma and Binah (forming an equal armed cross and/or Tau cross) and it is The Womb of the True YOU, i.e. your Gaäl. Being of Dark Energy, which happens to be invisible, the True You is all about Potential-Action-subjective (The Divine Collective Unconscious) and not the reactive-objective- conscious-you that needs to own things to feel valuable. That is why it is called "The Gnosis" (The Knowledge) rather than "My Knowledge" which are two very different perspectives from different sides of The Mirror.

When I look from above to the below, I am Knowledge who actively builds its person. When I look at my reflection in a mirror, I call it Mine and react to it as if it was "me". Like I said, difficult to grasp....but that just makes it more fun to discover!

Kether is the "Dark energy (force) that becomes-Dark Matter (Form)-Dark Matter being the Holy Grail" that really isn't understood by us. Kether, the Crowning Source of All, is not known to us objectively, but it's presence is subjectively understood as a movement within all that moves; an invisible thermodynamic energy so it is shown as "White light", which is the perfect balanced weight of all the color spectrum.

Hence the Aces are attributed to Kether, the 1st Sephiroth, and they represent the most pure forms of energy and form. Each Sephiroth is a specific type, combination of and density of Energy and Form that we call the Pythagorean or Alchemical Elements.

Is Kether in Briah, depicting the influence of Kether on the Mental Level. The Ace of Cups is the Root Powers of Water, an element used to symbolize the Consciousness and emotions (in combination with Fire/Kether) .

The Thoth Deck Version of this Card shows the wave action characteristic of physical water implying the activity that encloses and directs pure consciousness. As the Universe of Energy is woven out of waves of consciousness, ideas that are understood and therefore emoted. Thus the Web in the background.

The Cup, is the Psyche Womb of Form, and emerges from the Lotus (Crown) implying the idea of Womb; the seed of the concept of conception. Therefore, the Ace of Wands is the idea of Phallus and the Ace of Cups is the Idea of Womb.  The Ace of Cups is derived from-Yoni Moon, as the Ace of Wands is from Phallus- Sun. The Thoth Ace of Cups represents the "Holy Grail"(Graäl).
 Seen here, the dark Sea of Binah supports the Two in One Lotuses that fill the cup with Life Fluid, be it symbolized, by water, wine or blood/semen. Two in One, is the realization of the Womb and Phallus which is the Divine Creative.
According to Crowley, the White Light descending is depiction of the Holy Ghost and/or Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit represents the All of  Spiral-Energy; each spiral a circle, each circle a dimension of Self-Understanding.

The Connolly Tarot-Ace of Cups, Depicts the dove of "Holy Spirit", the cherub of love, and the rose pink colors attributed to all that is love. The golden cup is supported by the blue waters of the Great Ocean of Binah, from which all consciousness flows.  Very pretty card, that uses the western rose as representative form of the Lotus.
All the good things in life begin here.


It implies:
  • A new attitude brings rewards.
  • in a period of One Year, the querent will develop a new relationship, or new awareness about existing relationship.
  • Is experiencing a new bust of empathy, emotion, sentiment or enthusiasm. 
  • This is a time for staying open and vulnerable in order to reap rewards.
  • The opening of spiritual, psychic, intuitive channels
  • Heart opening to the gift of Love.

  • That  in the period of one year you will experience  emotional integrity, equal balance in self-nurturing and the nurturing of others.
  • The Ace of Cups also implies the implementation of trust that can be experienced in relationships with water sign people in your life; Pisces, (February 21- March 21), Scorpios, (October 21 to November 21) and Cancer (June 21-July 21).
  • The Ace of Cups is a quality of the Magus (key 1 of the Trump) who is the archetype of communication.
  • The Ace of Cups is the aspect of being able to communicate feelings from a place of emotional integrity and trust rather than from a place of fear based control.
  • This card represents the Ecstasy that comes with the Love of life in its entirety. As the Tao has stated,"..where there is ecstasy, there is creation. Where there is no ecstasy there is no creation." Maybe Ecstasy built us so it could be us!

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations.
May you live long and prosper!

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