Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-Key 1, The Magus & The Jungian Tarot- The Magician.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-Key 1, The Magus & The Jungian Tarot- The Magician.

The Tarot of EliThe Qabalistic Thoth-Magus-Key 1, is attributed to the Hebrew letter-Beth (Bet), meaning House, and connects Kether (Dark Energy) to Binah, the Great Organizer. This connection is known as the Path of Beth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Binah, known as the third-Sephira- Understanding, is the Potential for Womb, becoming the House or "dwelling place" for Spirit (spiral energy) descending towards the density of manifestation.
The Magus represents "that which builds the house", i.e. Will.  Will or the Magus, directs and encloses the One Spirit/Energy which is represented as THE FOOL-0. Since the action of  directing is Phallic and the action of enclosing is that of the Womb, I call the Sephira Binah, "The Womb with a View" and/or Imagination. The word Imagination, besides describing the Womb of Psyche, is also
 I- Magi-Nation. Such word games not only titillate our brain, it may also shed some light on understanding the Will, that becomes will to force and will to form.
One may note, that the higher one works up the Tree of Life, the differences between the cards is much more subtle and fluid than the lover levels. This subtlety is even more pronounce in The Fool and The Magus (Magician) that are only separated by a slight degree, as is electric and magnetic force, a fact that is not seen in the anthropomorphized symbolism of the cards or of the Spirit as human male and female forms!

Suffice it to say, Beth is the First in Principle, the first in creation, the beginning of the beginning, i.e. the Will-To-Form! To the Alchemist, Beth, is the Philosophic Mercury or First Matter (Dark Matter). Polarities are beginning as the Alpha, which is never without Omega! To create beginning is to create end, thus the opposites of life and death which are the key polarities to creation ("The dancing Twins"), are attributed to the letter Beth.  Specifically, without the energies of the Magus, life and death would not exist, nor would beginning and end; all would be formless.

The infinity symbol (lemniscus), seen as a figure 8 laying on its side, initiates and represents this cyclic process of life and death, as well as, the symbol of the Serpent that eats its own tail, Oroboros. Both represent the closed circle of energy in the Universe, begun by number one Beth, acting upon the zero, Aleph. What may also aid in the thought of Male-eclectic/Will-to-Force and Female-magnetic/Will to Form,both being separated by a slight degree, is that infinity symbol is merely a circle twisting to  looking upon itself, an action that creates a female circle of form and male circle of force where One equals Two. The same can be said for the electromagnetic spectrum of light. Electric-Male and Female magnetic, combine to form One Electromagnetic spectrum of great diversity!

In the Zohar, the relationship of Aleph-The Fool and Beth- The Magus as pertaining to creation, are discussed in a most charming matter, which is unusual for esoteric literature. I would recommend that the discerning student of the Tarot read this Qabalistic text book.  The relationship between The Fool and The Magus (magician) is so subtle that our best hope of even approaching an understanding, resides in meditation on spiritual text, like the Zohar, combine with the images of the Tarot cards.

To speak directly of the Invisible, is impossible, so a circle of ideas must be formed, each giving a suggestion about the nature of the inner Truth. Each Sephiroth on the Tree of Life is in itself, a Circle of ideas, and each Form is an understanding of these circles while each Force is a potential to Form. I may have lost you with that one, so let me say, that The Magus is a channel through which the Energy of The Fool is organized and passes downward.

The Magus is both active and passive, as the Magus is both the transmitter and the transmitted, i.e. the Life Force which becomes the primal material in the act of transmission. Hence The Magus, is the first step in evolutionary Universal energy towards matter. Thus, in the Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom, by Paul Foster Case, the Magus is called the Transparent Intelligence,  as light passes through a window from above, so does the Magus pass The Primal Will to the many levels.

 The Whole of the Tarot itself, has been called since the time of Levi,  the Book of Thoth.
In the Qabalistic Thoth Deck, The first Key, The Magician, is called the Magus. In many decks, including the Jungian Tarot of Robert Wang, the magician sports the wand of Mercury/ the Caduceus, which encompasses the whole of the Sephiroth, except Kether, on the Tree of Life. The Magician is the Qabalistic Path of Beth, on the Hermetic Qabalah's Tree of Life. Again, the Hebrew letter  Beth, meaning "house, and the Magician represents the original house/dwelling place of the Supreme One Spirit Identity, which is represented by the O-Fool card. The Magus is the Fool descending towards dense manifestation.

The first matter of the Alchemists was called the Philosophic Mercury, the first in creation, the beginning of the beginning. To a physicist, this would be the "Dark Matter" condensation of "Dark Energy". This card also represents the opposites of life and death, because to create the beginning, an end must also be created.  Again and never to be over stated, without the energy of the Magician, there would be no life or death/ beginning or end. The Figure eight (lemniscus; Greek for "ribbon") of the Serpent crowning the Thoth Magus's head, represents this unbroken cycle of form and energy in this universe.

The Life energy of the Universe is directed by the Magician  as step 1 in the evolution of Matter. He is called the Transparent Intelligence which is both the Transmitter and the Transmitted, i.e. The Mirror of which He is both sides; the Message and the Messenger.

The Magus tells us that when the One Energy is transmitted it became primal matter, which is the interaction of Kether, Chokma, Binah transmitted through Daath (invisible Sephiroth,i.e. Transparent Intelligence) who is not the Creator itself but the bearer of the Creators Will.

The Thoth Deck Magus is a representative of Hermes (Greek), Mercury (Roman) and Thoth (Egyptian) who all are the same deity. This Deity was associated with words, because a messenger must clearly state the cause of the one who sent him. However, these Words are vibration/ sound and not necessarily any spoken language. Therefore, the Magician/Magus transmits the Idea of Self Creation from the One from above, the Words of the magician/Magus are how the Intelligence of the Sephirotic will is transmitted. A word is an intelligence-laden vibration and the idea of the magician is the first vibration through which the One Spirit begins manifestation. This vibration encloses the Spirit and the All of Creation. As shown by the two different symbols on the black and white illustration, The Caduceus, encompassing the Four Worlds of Qaballah and the Sephiroth on the Planetary symbol.

All created wills are but reflections of the Will that is the Magician.

A true Qabalistic Magus must discerningly allow the Primal will to operate through him or her, utilizing all senses. By doing so the control of the senses by the survival mind of good/and bad is overcome with the greater will of the One; However, This Will, is without discernment and must be completely under the control of the discerning character (Virtue) of the magician or "what is intended" may become "what is not intended". Discernment has not yet been invented as a data base in the burgeoning Psyche.

In the Thoth Deck Card, the Magic Wand of the Magician---is the Magician himself. Giving us insight into a unseen Truth. The wand (human body) has no power, it just focuses the Will-Power of the One who wields it! The Transmitter and the Transmitted.
As Crowley stated in Liber Magi vv, 7-10 : "With the Wand createth He, With the Cup preserveth He, With the Dagger destroyeth He, With the Coin redeemeth He."
The Thoth Deck Magus is design on the Graeco-Egyptian Gnostic tradition. When these philosophies modified each other, they advance the idea further than any other traditions.

The Egyptian Mercury was called Tahuti or Thoth and in that tradition he was Ibis headed. To the Egyptians, the Ibis was the symbol of concentration (meditation) because the bird stands  motionless on one leg. In the Crowley form of Thoth, he is seen bearing the phoenix wand that symbolizes resurrection through the generative process.

Shown in the depiction of the Thoth Magus, his left hand holds an Ankh which not only represents a sandal strap [the means to travel through worlds] which is a distinguishing mark of the god-head, but also the Ankh (crux ansata) represents the Rosy-Cross; symbolizing the Phallus-Yoni union that is the God-head and/or The Divine Creative.

However, this is a deeper mystery of Anima ( Latin:Spirit) and Animus (Latin: Soul) than most fear based thought is prepared to go so only the determined will need apply their brain to such studies that will lead them to the central mysteries of the Aeon of Osiris whose great secret so diligently guarded from the profane, was that intervention of the Male is necessary for the production of children. In other words: The "I " ( will to force) intervened with "Am" (Will to Form) to produce the offspring of Force and Form, called a "Me" (Will to be). The well studied student of the mind knows that words, the instruments of Thoth and communication, are illusions, fantasy, mere theories and even trickery  and the symbol of this card can be studied and seen as : Manifestation implies illusion.

The Jungian Tarot, The Magician,
is shown as the ultimate director of Self.  Hand raised, he is the author of the Sun and the Moon, and represents the celestial alchemist. Not only is he the representation of the potential of all opposites, he is also their reconciliation.
The Animus (Latin for Soul) is the archetype depicted here. This term was chosen by Jung to mean the female contra sexual component. According to the philosophy of Jung, inside each female is the Animus (the ideal male) and inside each male is the Anima (Latin for Spirit), the ideal female. As stated by Robert Wang in his book Tarot Psychology: "These are real personalities that inhabit the unconscious and with which we interact especially in dreams. Anima and Animus are our inner antagonists: they are guides into the caverns of our minds."
 This card is also heavily symbolized with the tools of the Hermetic  Magician and even a few of alchemy.

When the Magus or Magician card is thrown it implies the querent has:
  • A tendency to reflect the traditional male role; he is argumentative, and demands respect.
  • Loves to expound on things being very wordy.
  • Does not like to admit he is wrong.
  • Can quickly change his mind.
  • Will to manifest new ways of thinking.
  •  Forming a new identity
  • Occult wisdom, skill, and is adaptive.
  • There is craft and cunning as well. All depending on the dignity of the accompanying cards.
  • To a woman, the magus or magician is a very important card (For a man it would be the High Priestess) for a woman's whole quest for self-discovery is encapsulated in her relationship with the Animus.
  • A Magi knows that thought is what we manipulate by will, into forms and since thought is a tool we the Willful Spirit, are not thought but the creator of thought!
  • One cannot identify one's self by words, only our actions will sound out our name! 
  • Again, above all things know thyself! Upon so doing, you'll easily see that everyone you meet is another way of being you. Another Way, is the operative term here. So let them alone! Let them be "another way"....that's why The Greater Self built and builds so many of us. God loves "another way", because then the journey of Self-Awareness has infinite possibilities!
  • Each of us is "The Will and the Way": the Spirit is Will and the Body is the Way of Spirit. We are also the wealth of idea and the imagination to produce it. Because our bodies are magically made out of time-space formed by Wisdom and Understanding; we are the "Will and the Way, the wealth of creation and We own the Day". For only bodies gives Spirits, who are Endless Will, a Day. Day's are built of time space. To study Thoth-----is to know the deepest secrets of Self!
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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