Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-Key 21- THE UNIVERSE & The Jungian Tarot- The World: The daughter who conceals herself.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-Key 21- THE UNIVERSE & The Jungian Tarot- The World: The daughter who conceals herself.

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Key 21- The Universe.

The universe resounds with the joyful cry I AM.

The Thoth card- THE UNIVERSE, represents the principle of individuality, totality, and wholeness.To those of Eastern culture, this is the image of Shiva; to the Christian, this is the image of the virgin Mary with her foot on the head of the serpent. Regardless of cultural interpretation this card symbolizes the Divine Androgen that is both dynamic and magnetic in a perfectly balanced dance (life motion) of I Am.

The Thoth Universe card represents the great inner work of unifying polarities, oppositions, and paradoxes within oneself. With sickle in hand this figure cuts away limitations and restrictions while weaving them into a web to dance on.

The regenerative diamond back serpent is representative of the need to transform before we can expand and liberate ourselves from the past self- imposed limits.

The spiral hair-do symbolizes growth and evolution.

The diamond halo is the symbol for expanded awareness, such as psychic abilities etc.

The Greek pantheon at the bottom represents the home of all the goddesses and gods; when our body becomes the temple of our divinity, such a pantheon are we.

The four animals symbolize, earth (Taurus the bull), fire (Leo, the lion), water (Scorpio, the bird): and air (Aquarius, the human face). This symbology shows us that it is important to express ourselves, physically,(Taurus), spiritually (Leo). emotionally (Scorpio), and mentally (Aquarius).

The Thoth, Key 21, The Universe: represents the motion of our Conscious energy crystallized into form, and therefore it is "downward" on the Tree of Life, so it is obvious that the first path upward is the Last Key of the Major Arcana:

This Qabalistic Tarot Card of the Hermetic Qabalah, is the Path of Tau, meaning equal armed cross and/or the Tau cross (T-cross). Tau is a  Hebrew Double-letter (Soul letter), a combination of opposites and is called power-servitude.
The meaning of the word Power, is the ability to do work...and the ability to weave esoteric work into physical material is why souls-have a physical body! We now must work from a material perspective (the "Below") to the Realms of Pure Spirit (the "Above") doing the Serious Work of the Divine [THE GREAT WORK], as long as our Divine Consciousness is functioning through a physical body. Think of the magic we are, for we are from Solar Conscious (Solar Logos), born of Suns, who as an Spiral intelligence (Spirit), have learned to not fear the death of stars, but instead, take the dead star material (physical matter) and make it Live again; Alive, but in a more empathetic, sensual, and personal way and therefore extending the life of Stars as persons!  Persons/personalities are a form of artificial unconscious, we call consciousness, just as bodies are an artificial sun!

The Tau Path of the Key 21, joins Earth (Malkuth) with the Foundation (Yesod) and is the first path out of the material condition for the self- personality; leading towards an understanding of the Greater Personality forged by the Higher Self of Tiphareth.

The Universe Card is the mandala for the "Administrative Intelligence", as Paul Foster Case described it in his text "The Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom". The Path of Tau is the "Thirty Second Path". and Paul Foster Case says," it directs and associates in all their operations the seven planets."

In our discussions of the Universe, we are discussing the Material Universe which is a "Self-Reflection" of the Divine Creative and yet not separate from it. 

I have often heard people refer to themselves as "mind and body" and when they meditate or dream, they consider that the images that come to them are somehow separate from the body-physical as if the Divine marriage of Spirit and Matter is really a Divine Divorce; as if somehow the body is not of Mind.

The Gnostic Mysteries have for generations state that ALL IS MIND. The Above- Macrocosm and the Below-Microcosm, are Cosmic Self Awareness---MIND! Therefore the distinction between mind and body is perspective, not of actuality. Once again the perspective of "Divide and Conquer" cultures does us mental harm as it divides the Soul from the sensual body by the process of fear. For by fearing the sensuality of the body (fear of pain/discomfort), we act as a idiot driver of a car, who fears the sensors that give information of the cars health as gauges. This stress driven- driver, would ignore the "engine warning light", because he fears it would mean discomfort, such as bills, or time in repair (hospital time) and if he "ignores it", it must go away. Finally, when broken down on the highway, the ignorant person will inevitably blame the car, and floods the "Disease System" (often called Health Care) with his hard won earnings.   The same thing happens with the "nervous breakdowns" of those who insist the stress they are sensing, is because of "everything else", rather than their own errant perspectives. The body is a psycho-sensing device, as well as a physical one. Anyone who impeccably "drives" a vehicle, especially a "Power Tool" of such vast ability as the human body, needs Sensors and the fearless knowledge of how to read them!

When we close our eyes and see pictures, we are seeing the foundation of Matter, the most refined form of matter-Thoughts- which are the energy forms closest to the physical condition. The Physical is a Crystallization of these subtle forms brought about by the Power and mutual Servitude of  I AM ME----Force (I) and Form (AM) whom both produce the Child ( I AM-Me), and who all Serve each other as a Psyche and creative power tool. We are the Figure Eight/Mobius loop (infinity-symbol) of Force and Form. A twisting of Serpentine Force and Form flow throughout the multidimensional Universe. Perspectives, base on how we identify ourselves, creates the dimension of "Me".
As have stated before, we are 99.6% invisible, which means that most of our identity and the Physical World is Unseen and is in the Universal Collective Unconscious!

As you can see by looking at the illustration of the Four Worlds, the world of Assiah is Malkuth, alone, and it is described as our sphere of sensation. Yet Malkuth is symbolized by the Seven Pointed Star which is representative of the Seven Palaces of Assiah (planets) By experiencing the Path of Tau--The Universe, we are taken to the Gateway of these Seven Palaces, where we will consciously receive our talents, gifts, and purpose.

On the Path of Tau, the Universal Plan (The Great Work) becomes apparent without necessarily being understood. You can enter the "Holy of Holies" and encounter them in such away that you are "in them but not of them", a product of the Divine perspective--which is not where most "new age'rs" are at, as they become "of them" acting as slaves rather than Divine Creative Identity. One must progress further up the Tree of Life to become "not of them", for we are building the As above, So below, not to leave it, but to expand its light spectrum/electromagnetic flow to focus our Psychic Power into this crystallized-light dimension (Bio-protons). We came as a fractal (personality) of a subtle Soul-collective of data, to crystallize and experience that data!

What is important here is that all the "Force and Form" of the One Energy is present and self-balanced on this Path. The Above has Condensed as the Below! This self-balance is also stated in the  Oriental Tao, as "What is here is there, and what is there is here. If it is not here, it is not there and if it is not there, it is not here." In Qabalah, it is stated as, "All the power that ever was or will be is here now." Therefore, there is no seeking here on Malkuth, only Being: "Above all things, know thyself"!

Therefore, this is the Path of Gnostic Initiation, where the personality is encountering itself and becoming aware of the fact that what we encounter on this Path is of our own making. This is where the physical personality, realizes it is not really "in charge of the Macrocosmic Universe" (Qabalistic-Macroprosopos) of I AM  but rather of all that is inside our heads which is a Microcosmic universe (Microprosopos) of "Me" which is decided by how we Declare ourselves as "I AM".

However, we also encounter symbols and ideas which are of a greater consciousness than our own, and begin to see how our being relates to a Universal picture. It is easy to know when one is "on this path and becomes of it", we become dreamy, and the ego loves the fantasy of denial-- but not the work.  In other words, "just lay back and the dreams will deliver you"--kind of thinking that doesn't understand or denies the " Psycho dynamic Power that drives our Body/ Power tools" and if someone suggests that this is not enough for you must "do the Deed" as well, the ego sees an enemy to its blissful denial and will use "name calling" to disabuse them while expounding on the belief system of fantasy. Utopia is such a belief for it is based on fear of pain rather than the perfected balance of opposites.

Therefore, our own Survival thinking (animal mind), must be observed on this Path in order to continue on into the Higher Self which is a Psyche-Oneness and not of the divisionism and "comfort dreams" of the survival animal mind which loves "belief systems" (superstitions)  but abhors "deed-systems", i.e. the diligent gathering of Knowledge.  The initiate knows that to travel the Path upward to Tiphareth (Christ light) is a "deed system". This is a Path that can only be successfully traveled by those who bring their Personalities into a balance of self-understanding and action, where we no longer look for blame as we experience the phantoms-of-emotional pain that we are experiencing, or by entertaining ourselves with an extended comfortable denial fantasy where all is "Sunny", which many deluded people believe is this Path.

Spirit is not a kind of Opiate that keeps us from seeing the self-surgery that must be done!

The True Personality, must keep in mind that the Universe is a Path of entry into the Astral (Yesod) and that the Astral "seeks to deceive", this is the fantasy place, were the many see or channel "ascended masters" from. We came to make "As above, so below"; The Great Work, which simply states we came to "descend"  Mental Mastery into physical function! Really this mastery of Force and Form, doesn't take a lot of thought, because the Divine Creative obviously has devoted a lot of time (14+ billion years) to creating a Physical Universe! Will to Form-the Divine Feminine and Will to Force, the Divine Masculine, have combined to build Us as "It's" Image, because The Divine Wishes "To Be!"...It was always "ascended" into a more condensed form! As are we, for we came down the Tree of Life, a  subtle Psyche of Self seeking more "self-awareness" and must reclaim our knowledge "left behind" in the more subtle planes of the Divine Creative Collective; because of psyche "down sizing" to objective self.

However, we, the Spiritual Adventures, finally have the form we need, for the Hu (god in Mandarin)-Man (from Hindu Manas-Mind), has a brain that can store this information. Right now we are using only 7 to 10% of it at a time, in cycles! Yet according to neurologists, the possibilities of data storage and usage are Infinite: making it the perfect artificial unconscious collective!

In the Thoth Deck Universe Card, we see the Four Alchemical Elements as different images of heads surrounding the Oval-Womb (Will to Form) of the Great Mother which is both the entry point of Life and the exit of  Death. Her  fullest expression as Binah (Understanding) is represented as the female form within and is all principles that we perceive as matter and is shown in gematria (Qabalistic numerology) as 2+1+3, the number of the Sephira-Binah.

Time requires a beginning and an end to an event, otherwise form is not conceived; the end of a thing must be the foundation it is built on; i.e. in this case, Time is the foundation. So the event of Tiphareth Force down-pouring and uprising must have a beginning (thought) a middle (intent) and an end (Foundation). Therefore, Life processes run in waves, or spirals which come back upon themselves and this process is the nature of the Akashic Fluid of Yesod. This spiral force is directed by the passive and active energy flow, each of which is dual poled (male and female) and is shown on this card as the serpent Kundalini which represent the Primary sexual forces of Nature that will be experienced on the Path of Tau.

The blue background of this card represents the Great Sea of The Divine Collective Un-Consciousness (Binah-Understanding & Chokma-Sophia-Wisdom) in its most dense and difficult expression.There are many currents here, and some lead to the Light and others to the darkness of self-delusion. We must really carry the perspective of, "Everyone I see is another way of being Me" on this path so that we don't form this Akashic Fluid into phantom "enemies" that sink our "life" boat personality.  This is the path of Self- Perspective-formed-images of Me.
I have explained that the Universe-key 21, is called the Path of Tau. The symbol of Tau is the equal armed cross which symbolizes the important fact that, the Universe, as opposed to other Path-cards, represents all Forces present in their full expression.  Tau is also the central point of the Aleph, Mem and Shin Paths which makes the equal armed cross. All these Paths will be methodically explain in future blogs, as they have been in past blogs.

Before I go on with further explanation of the Universe- Key-21, it would be appropriate here to tell you how to mentally "Walk" the Path of Tau. This mental walk, is called Skrying. Skrying, is simple really, all one has to do is focus on a card and imagine themselves entering it. This is somewhat like lucid dreaming, where you enter the dream and control the events. Here, one is projecting themselves into an inner vision by the use of a "day dream", projecting oneself into the Vision of the Card.
Some may breathe deep and easy, relaxed in body, and close their eyes and mentally project themselves into the Key Vision, others, as do I, leave eyes open, and like traveling into a tunnel, imagine themselves entering the Visions, as the card grows ever bigger until entry. At first, maybe boredom takes over, but that is just a dimensional fence between conscious and unconscious, but soon the diligent student discovers that what they experience in this lucid skrying, is not of their own making. They often are astonished at the vitality, energy and spontaneous images that these "mandalas" invoke.

In the Forces of Tau, is the Knowledge, the data, of all the accumulated ideas that when into the making of our world. There is much to experience and remember here so discrimination is recommended, as we journey back into our Divine inheritance, we must educate our "I's" in order to  to perceive our "I AM". The Path of Tau begins the process of knowing ourselves as we have been known into existence; an existence so dutifully produced by our Divine Parent's Lucid Dream. In fact, if the student of Tarot/Qabalah, doesn't skry these cards, they may as well be a deck of playing cards or be a charlatan that preys on superstitious minds for monetary gain.

From the standpoint of Gnosis (knowledge), the Universe Key 21, maybe the most important card in the deck, as it is the beginning of our journey back to Spiritual Awareness: the inner journey so important to "enlightenment" (less objective thinking). On this Path of Tau, we experience our own personality consciousness, which is of our own making, a reality that can be both frightening and gratifying. Yes, we make our own reality by "belief" and the Universe card helps us to travel beyond the self-absorbed reality of our personalities, into the Higher Self reality that created our consciousness in the Beginning. Also, we learn how Freedom of Choice  defines our "End" by the composite pattern of our personalities.

Between the Hebrew letters of Aleph and Tau, is the entire Universe, the Alpha and the Omega and we must journey upwards from our Spirit's "ending" manifestation, into the Beginning..."for they who know their end, know their beginning"! Thus, the Path of Tau-The Universe, is a Path that can only be successfully traveled by those who begin the process of bringing their Personalities into a self-understanding balance. Of Personalities, we have many, each represented by the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life and for the sake of Knowing Thyself, they must be viewed at first, independently, and latter as a wholeness. Each Personality, less condensed than the last. This may also astound the student, but it is on the path of Tau, that one discovers the extent to which the process of inner exploration is assisted by the guidance of the "Angels", particularity archangels  which are the Primary Personality of their Psychic dimension. The Family of Spirit is vast and many, and of that family, we are the Children of the Divine Couple; The Inheritors.

It may surprise you, especially since the Pavlovian indoctrination of your personality, that to the whole of the Universe, you are most precious! The purpose of this blog is to help you see, as you are seen by your Creator and wonder of wonders, you are not condemned but Loved without condition!

One of the most important lessons of the Universe card, is that of Discrimination or discernment, a process that can only be learned in the earthly realm of Malkuth. This gateway to the Astral , is the Path of Tau, and the Astral is the place of  "Fluid thoughts", ideas, dreams, before they crystallize into manifestation. It is as if Light were liquid, as if the mirror of your mind is not yet solidified, to reflect you in crystalline light. There is deception in the Astral, fantasies, that may never make it into manifestation,and some you never want to, so be discriminating; but only through divination can we enter the "Administrative Intelligence" balance, a discrimination that is shown by the Dancing Womb-man draped with the Caph-shaped scarf while being surrounded by the animal symbols of the Four Elements of Alchemy. 

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you now know that the Universe Card is a multidimensional understanding of the Cosmic Mind.  After much study, one may grasp the principle that the entire Tree of Life, which is taught through the Path of Tau-The Universe, is the most profound concept of "As above, so below". To a sensual body, this means "up and down", to the Infinite, this just means "higher-less condensed- vibration" and "lower-more condensed- vibration", a normal occurrence as energy condenses to greater and greater crystallization. Of course, energy frequency, ideas and Mind are inseparable, just as electricity and data in your computer are inseparable. Thus another axiom is attributed to the Tree, "The Know is in the Flow". That is why, when we mentally journey a Path, we gather knowledge at the same time we encounter higher mental frequency. Therefore,  diligent skrying is more than just a moment of silent contemplation, it is also a gathering of information. 

I have discussed the "Will-To-Form" of the Great Mother Binah (3 Sephiroth on the Tree of Life)  repeatedly, she is who that is the Life Conscious and which is also Saturn in the exalted Supernal Realm. She, the Divine Feminine, is completely expressed on the Path of Tau, key 21-The Universe. The female figure of the " Cosmic Dancer" of the Universe, is the fullest expression of this Life Conscious and has been called Isis, the Aima Elohim, as well as, Saturn who gives life and destroys it and Great Mother Binah.

The oval ring of Stars that surrounds the central Thoth female figure represents the Womb of the human female, as well as, the Cosmic Womb into which the soul passes after body death. We arise from our death surrounded in a ring of stars; as a star on our way to the Great Mother; for we have begun as Stars.
Life, with its beginning, middle, and end spiral processes in waves or spirals (Spirit is a Spiral flow of  Will-to-be Energy) which come back upon themselves. This circling back upon itself is often shown as a Great Serpent.  This is also the natural course of the Akashic Fluid (Astral Fluid) of Yesod where the Serpent Kundalini is coiled in its passive state, and uncoiled in its active state.

The Universe Card is also surrounded in the Great Dark Sea, a reference to the Great Mother Binah, who is the Sea of all consciousness which on the path of Tau, is consciousness in the most dense and difficult expression. Again, discrimination must be used when traveling the Akasha of Yesod, many who entered this Path, entertain themselves with extended fantasy and find themselves tormented by phantoms of there own making. The discerning traveler will supply every test of reason, and feeling and after a time of discernment, one will begin experiencing a process of learning, which is not of their own making. Verifying the images, by elaborate research definitely aids in this process.More than any other card, The Universe depends on the accompanying cards, as it usually denotes the subject of the question.
The Jungian Tarot-THE WORLD-the daughter who conceals herself, shows the Universal Anima (Divine Feminine) wearing a Persona: Greek for-Mask.

The Mask of Spirit is Matter. The Oroboros (infinity), the serpent that eats its own tale, is know as "in the beginning of all things, is the end of the thing". In  material terms we know this as "life and death": eternal recycling.

The Anima, is the Unconscious, who masks herself with a Mask of Vibrations (consciousness), shown as a ocean of waves.

Since this is a universe composed of the balanced union of opposites, the Anima has a consort called the Animus (Divine masculine). Therefore, if the persona is presented as a male mask, his Identity Polarity on the "other-side" of the mask is female, and visa verse.  However, the Anima, is the one who creates form, and therefore the Persona belongs to her; making the persona the outer self and the Anima the inner. One is opposite of the other.  Hence, one who is aloof and rational on the outside, is affectionate and more imaginative inside.

On his card, Robert Wang, as does Crowley in his, includes the four elements in their animal persona's. He calls his card The World, because it represents all the elements of the material condition.

He also keeps the Thoth Dancing figure and scarf for both are Archetypal figures of the Divine Feminine as an active force that creates Material-the Fabric of the Universe.

When The Universe or World Card is thrown during a reading:
  • It means synthesis, the matter itself, world and Kingdom. 
  • It is The Matter Itself, Synthesis, World, and Kingdom. 
  • The querent is casting the circle which means they are mastering in some way the three planes of mind, body and emotions.
  • End of a phase.
  • Completion of some work and expanding toward another.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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