Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-2 of Disks: Change & The Jungian Tarot- 2 of Pentacles: Reorganization
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-2 of Disks: Change & The Jungian Tarot- 2 of Pentacles: Reorganization

The Tarot of EliTHE THOTH- TWO OF DISKS: Change. [In some tarot cards Disks are called Pentacles.]
This stunning card represents the Harmony of Change. Now this may seem irrational to the survival mind, who thinks that security is constant control of situations, in order to insure that they don't change. But that is again the illusion of survival- thought; we all know that your body must die, so that it can change back into Nature; a Nature you as an Immortal Spirit Being are alien to.

We are told, by those who "rule identity" by enforcement, to think that carbon in a crystalline stasis is the most valuable or one of the most valuable forms to be. We know this valuable state of carbon as a diamond, a supposedly "indestructible" form (that burns into carbon gas). Funny thing about diamonds...They don't live! As evolutionary forms of life, diamonds fail to live and yet carbon atoms are the foundation of all living things on earth! Therefore what is most valuable to Life (Spirit) is living carbon atoms that are malleable enough to change by the mechanism of the union of opposites (Unconscious/ Consciousness, he/she/negative/positive etc) ... a mechanism that requires motion/change : one of these movements of change is death; for even when opposites unite, both individuals are annihilated, forming into a Oneness that is more than the sum of its parts!

To make the motion of life changeless is impossible, for in the state of static control, life will always be the exception to the rule of Stasis and break out of the box of rules. This is easily seen by understanding entropy and/or the second law of thermodynamics which states "... All things proceed from order to disorder" (and from disorder back to order). Chaos, is the universal mechanism of change!

The Serpent in the form of a figure eight, is the Ancient sign of infinity (Uroboros--the serpent that eats its own tale) because of the knowledge that "Life eats itself to stay alive". Order is eaten by Chaos which causes a reordering of energy... this is a flowing transformation that in the world of atoms, keeps some carbon atoms from forming into diamonds. That is why Uroboros wears a crown on the Thoth card, for the first Movement in "space" was the Kether/Crown known as the "word of God"; Vibration.  It is the crowning motion of all energy!

As a Spiritual Being of Energy conscious, I find this constant change very useful in developing intelligence (Create--see entropy and correct it) as well as the foundation of evolutionary being, i.e., adaptability! Most of us know the Yin Yang symbol of Taoist origin, and it is shown in both loops of the figure eight. The yellow color is the masculine Force  (electric) and the darker colors are the feminine form which is magnetic force. In the Qaballah the union of Force and Form is the foundation of all being.

Now astrologically, Jupiter in Capricorn is assigned to the 2 of Disks. The benevolent Planet Jupiter is not well placed in Capricorn meaning that Jupiter's good influence can only be exerted as an organizer of form which is Female; the Ocean of Magnetic Force (Binah) and Male  currents of electric force (Chokma) are being organized into living forms on/in the Material of Malkuth, which is the Qabalistic Kingdom of Earth.

Upon viewing the Qabalistic Tree of Life, one can see that Chokma  (Wisdom) is the #2 Sephiroth. 
Chokma is attributed to Male force, even though "he" has the potential to radiate the "pure  female", as it is an unbroken flow to Binah (understanding) who has the potential of the creation of all life-forms.  To understand there is no more a division of male-female than there is in time-space, will greatly heed your understanding of your self!
From the ordinary point of view, Chokma is really #1 rather than #2, because he is the first manifestation; Kether (Crown) is completely sealed, unseen; because limitless light, is unseen. Nobody knows anything about it at all, even the Quantum Physicists that call Kether, Dark Energy, know nothing about dark energy.  It's kind of like the foot print in the Jello that tells you there is an unseen "elephant in the fridge"..(Old joke:-----" How do you tell if an elephant is in your refrigerator?" Answer: "By the Foot Prints in the Jello!").
In reality, only upon reaching the 2, does an element appear as itself. Since, Chokma is completely uncontaminated by influence; the elements appear here in their original harmonious condition.
 The Two of Disks, Change of the Hermetic Qabalah is also called:
 The Lord of Change, or as he was anciently known as the "Lord of Harmonious Change", yet the simple meaning of Change has become its name of modern choice.
The Suit of Disks, being associated with the realm of Earth, connects the Two of Disks to the Princesses who rule the Earth from the Throne of Mother, and therefore the final Heh of Tetragrammaton.

 Spirit's Soul throne is Earth, and having gotten to the bottom, one immediately comes out at the top! (As above, so below) This is shown by the card as Oroboros, the Serpent that eats its own tail and early symbol for a Mobius Loop. The Circle Twisted into Two loops (Male and Female are the same essence, but different in polarity), who are really one circle thus the magick equation of 2=0. Now making Change, the Universal Constant. Too move is to change location: one of the mysteries of the Hermetic Qabalah is now seen, as Female is Male, by a change of location!  To perceive is to look outward (he), to understand perception is to look inward (she). Hence, the often used symbol of Yin Yang, is not Yin and Yang; Therefore  Female and male, in its proper form, is female/ male. Hence, we are all androgyny.  There never was or will be a divisionism of the "battle of the Sexes" , that is only seen from a perspective of Fear brought on by the "divide and conquer" doctrine of our Patriarch run society.

Therefore,  Love and True Will, is properly spoken as  Love is True Will. The Silent Orgasm/vibration, that never stops. Yet it is Silent only to those who "seek knowledge", rather than those who Know ; for knowing is of the "heart" and has the ears to hear the Passionate Rhythm of Creation.  Change is the First Motion of that which we call Transformation.

As you may have understood by now, the metaphysics (Gnosis) being the Two's requires some study, meditation/skrying and silence.

 To condense:The Qabalistic-Thoth Tarot- 2 of Disks represents a very important understanding of the motion of Conscious Energy in building and maintaining life and the second law of thermodynamics. Change is the constant that the keeps energy moving. Here, Chokma (wisdom) rules in the suit pertaining to Earth. This is the type of energy appropriate to the Two in its most fixed form; the Two Divine Twins (unconscious and conscious), or Goddess/God or the Divine Androgyny or even the concept of the Divine Hermaphrodite (Hermes and Aphrodite ).

To a modern Hermetic Qabalist/meta-physicist, it is understood that the Two of Disks is about how Union of Electric (Male/conscious) and Magnetic energy (Female/Unconscious), combine to make a living world and it is also understood that the Organic Living Organism that eats itself to stay alive (organic matter), here seen as the "serpent that eats its own tail", and Chokmah; The Great Spirit Identity (Serpent Force), are in mutual combination.

As in most of these Thoth Deck Cards, diligent and deep investigative study is recommended as layers of Knowledge go into the weaving of the image.The fact that Chokmah, ruling intelligence of the two's, is a Hebrew feminine noun that is used to describe a masculine "Will to Force", throws most people off the tracks. However, it is understood in the Qabalistic philosophy that "male is just another way to be female". The action of birth is feminine and the act of motion is described as masculine. Therefore, this makes the action of "giving birth" to the first vibration/Kether, a feminine act of Dark Energy; of the No-Thing who is Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Ur which is the Dark Womb Trinity of Limitlessness. Yet Kether, is called male because Kether is Motion/"Will to Force".

The Hermetic doctrine- that change is the support of stability, is shown here in its most fixed form. The State of Conscious energy behind all this Change/Stability is Jupiter united with Capricorn. These symbols are inharmonious and the good fortune of Jupiter is somewhat paled and both Capricorn and Jupiter seem to have little influence on this card. But if you study Crowley's [ Atu x] Jupiter is shown as Himself: the Wheel (spinning motion), that emphasizes the idea of this card.

In the Thoth Two of Disks-Change, two Pentacles or Disks, one above the other, are shown spinning in clock wise and counter clock wise motion. Both are symbols of Yin Yang as shown in the Hsiang.  Combined, they represent the harmonious interplay of the Four Alchemical Elements.The dynamic energy of the entire Universe is represented here and as you may see, these cards are much more than pretty pictures.They are Mandala's, showing a  "higher" knowledge than is commonly rejected by lazy brains that fear effort as discomfort. The knowledge of the Two who became many will reveal why the material world is so important to Spirit.

The Jungian Tarot 2 of Pentacles: Reorganization, represents change as a highly organized restructuring: Administration of thoughtful and intelligent change.
Here it is shown as an inward process of an inner ambitious  change (beneath the soil) administered by the individual genus.
The fire above and below, signify that this change is likely to happen very swiftly.
The energy is very favorable to someone in public occupations, and positions of authority. For here a dynamic  and inventive individual will bring about fundamental and positive change  and will receive considerable credit. Being a 2, this is a very strong card  which describes change without values applied. Therefore, not necessarily a change for the better, but definitely a reorganization and different from what it replaced.

If the 2 of Disks/Pentacles card is thrown during a reading it represents:
  • Pleasant change, the harmony of change, alternating gain and loss, weakness and strength, wandering,  and discontented with any fixed condition of things.
  • It is the Union of opposites and is shown by being now elated, now melancholy, industrious, yet unreliable, fortunate in prudent management, yet sometimes unaccountably foolish.
  •  Alternately talkative and suspicious.
  • Kind, yet wavering and inconstant.
  • The list is a long one for the Union of Opposites, is what powers the Spinning of the Universal  Wheel. A perfect balance is never sought in the Material Universe, as it would become a great solid Diamond...That would be solid without the movement of time/space-electric -magnetic etc. Life cannot make diamonds live. The Alive must be flexible---a state of imbalance that continually moves forward---much like a child who learns to walk by placing one foot before the other, to avoid falling.
  • Cause and Effect, demand imbalance to exist.
  • The Two of Disks reminds us that we are not seeking perfection---Perfection has realized Itself as an end and therefore built us a little less than perfect, so that we can be flexible in our motion,i.e. Evolutionary in our motion, without reaching a state of Perfection that would freeze all Motion.
  • Life depends on imbalance--constant change to even exist. It's OK to be you...impeccably.
  •  A transformation in the physical world is upon them in two weeks or two months time.
  • This is Cause and Effect and/ or the Law of Attraction, where what we think of the most is formed in the atoms around us as a living observation and/or life style.
  • In Physics, it is known that observation changes the observed and most of us know that by observing a thought through the Emotions (energy-in-motion)  of love or fear will change that thought's action from benevolent on one hand or malevolent on the other.
  •  Perspective is everything to a Conscious Energy Being---which we all know as Spirit. Life is but a perspective of Self-Awareness!
  • The two of Disks is also about the ability to juggle or balance more than one project at a time and or two or more situations at once time.
  • It is Adaptability, Mobility, Change, Travel and Play.
  • When the mental aspects attributed to  Female (unconscious) and the Male (consciousness), in all of us are balanced, we know Life as Playful Creativity and enjoy the challenges of creativity. Where as if they are at odds, life becomes a serious struggle where chaos eventually wins.
  • The message here may be that it is better to observe chaos than react to it and then reorder it in a new way to be, knowing full well that you have always done so as Spirit.
  • Again--- Know Thyself! You are originally Spirit---a powerful Observer who is a combination of "Will to Force" and "Will to Form", made manifest as Will-to-Be! From Non-being, you have always created being! This is your inheritance, from Chokma and Binah. "To Be" which is never stasis and always re-observing and evolving itself! This state of self-reevaluation  is Transformation. 

 Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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