Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 17: THE STAR & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 17: THE STAR
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 17: THE STAR & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 17: THE STAR

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-Key 17:THE STAR.
This key represents the Universal Principle of  Self-Esteem and Confidence.

In many religions the Star is a guiding light, the Star of Bethlehem and the Star of David are good examples. In Astrology the Star is Aquarius, the water- bearer. This card represents Self-Trust; as in "follow your own inner star".

On the bottom of the Thoth Card, the multiple crystals intimates that with self trust we see things more clearly. The two  seven pointed stars (one in left hand corner and one in the golden cup) spinning their way towards earth represent the radiating confidence of the Spiritual light that actualizes ideas through our very natures. Reminding us that we are a psychic opening in time/space through which the Absolute can manifest self identity. Self Confidence gives us the freedom to be spontaneous in our self-expression. 

When we have the courage to be ourselves, like running water, we are dynamic and life changing. If you have seen the human aura, you would know that each of us is an individual star of dynamic and passive creative energy intelligence peering and imagining ourselves into the realms of planets!
As in all things, powerful content needs strong containers, and as Chalices of Spirit the human body is as strong as the energetic identity it contains! Self-trust, allows us to flow from above and flow out to the below (earth) as a dynamic divine creative force.

In the Thoth Deck, Key 17 THE STAR is the path of Tzaddi, and connects #9 Yesod (attributed to Air) to # 7-Netzach (attributed to Fire) . The idea for a perfectly balanced Personality is to create an equilibrium between the mysterious elements that represent aspects of the Personality. Fire, represents the Creative Father (Conscious); Water, the Creative Mother (Imagination/unconscious); Air (self-conscious mind) the Child of the Father and Mother; Earth, the Material of manifestation.

The Hebrew letter Tzaddi means fishhookand the Path is the Path of Meditation; meditation is the fishhook on this path that properly attaches us to The Divine Collective Unconscious, using our divine gift of imagination. I-magi-nation is than being the proper approach to this Divine Intelligent Energy that is the "Fiery Father".

As we can see on the Star Card, there are two streams of  Divine Energy:
  1. one from the Golden Cup (Solar womb) and;
  2. one from the Silver Cup (Moon womb).
The Divine Energy flows through the Divine Mother to us by the integration of Chokma- Will to Force- (intuition/feelings) and Binah-Will to Form(intellect/consciousness).

Many of us forget that the Imagination is a
"Womb-with-a view"---and is the Consciousness of the Divine Mother of all Forms. This forgetfulness, is because we have been taught by our Patriarchal society that imagination is a "world-wind" creator of fantasy and to be considered beneath our rational-worded-linear thought. We have somehow forgotten the meaning of Image-maker-conscious (imagination). "It's Just your imagination," is a common  "put down" theme and uses denial to ignore the fact that:
It's "just" The Divine Creative's Imagination that created all that you can see, hear, feel , smell and touch including YOU!  Other than a self-reflection, what else do you think a Self-Image is?

 Water is a symbol for the ebb and flow of consciousness , and Binah, is the Vast Sea of the Un-Conscious (meaning "not of consciousness"), which by meditation, we cast our consciousness into and thereby find a understanding of the process of life and death.

In the Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom, by Paul Foster Case, The Path of Tzaddi  is described as the Path of the Natural Intelligence. To the Student of the Gnosis, this suggests that the primal forces of nature attributed to Netzach (Victory), the Elohim, are synonymous with nature itself. You'll need to study the  Hebrew word Elohim to understand this in greater detail, but they are called the Gods of Netzach....which means ruling forces. Which is whom we are, as physics has proven; by our observation alone, we change the observed! Therefor, we rule these forces, that are laws for those created by these "rules".

To aid further understanding, the Number 17 reduces to 8, which is the Lust Card-Key 8 in the Thoth Deck,which represents the conscious control of the Kundalini, that is both solar and sexual force. I call the Lust Card the image of "Riding the Dragon", therefore implying that one is in conscious union with all elements and the kundalini/serpent force and thereby be a personality consciousness of the Divine Frenzy, as your life expression. In other-words, the Impersonal Power of I AM becoming a conscious manifestation of Me...a personal expression of Power.

This trinity of I AM ME, is all part of the Greater Mysteries of Tiphareth, the Solar Logos which is the central Star of our Existence (our Solar Core). Only by controlling the Sexual energy in ourselves---the Kundalini [Lion-Serpent] can we travel the path to Tiphareth. However, this fact has been perverted by believing that Sexual energy, must be oppressed (made celebrate) to approach our Christos----but the Star card suggests otherwise.

We must combine, through communion of He (intellect) and She (intuition) the flowing serpentine force with willful union of intuition, feelings, and intellect in order to flow to our Solar Core.

This Union, is the mystery of Tantric, Gnostic and Qabalistic practices and what some may call "Sex-Magic"----or "Sex-Magi". Which is really the Divine's technological break through of Sex where 1 becomes 2 and joins to become 1! (Such as, color becomes red, then blue, then joins to become one color called purple). 1 is always one, but 2 and 1 is Three. Three is a plane, from which Self can reflect!

Our ignorance of the Sexual Communion is not only showing us how the great Mother is disabused by fear based Patriarchal rule, but that all sexual perversion diverts us from the Path of Tzaddi, and we are unable to control the lust filled passions of the Divine Frenzy within us, and therefore become mental, emotional and physical deviates of a  mental-chaos of separation.

Great enlightenment comes to the student who studies this Path and as many before, we realize that by not understanding the Divine Frenzy within----we become murders, rapist, and violence becomes our sexual activity.
The Process of approaching the Solar Center, is a yoga (yoga means--communion), involving the enervation of centers of energy (Chakras--means "spinning wheels") which open up our Energy Centers through the process of meditation and sexual communion.

As Paul Foster Case stated, about the Path of Tzaddi, "Through it is consummated and perfected the Nature of  every existing thing beneath the Sun".

When meditation is successful, we find that we don't meditate, but rather we are meditated into image! We may understand better if we think of Tiphareth, The Sun-Soul-Solar Logos, as a kind of fisherman, who by angling with the Fishhook of meditation, pulls our personality up into the Solar Self.  From that Higher Perspective our personality can see that the self-image of form is meditated into existence.

The formation of the individual consciousness, from the Divine collective unconscious, begins from the point of Netzach, which is the highest level of "personality" while Tiphareth is the highest level to be reached by intellect.The object is to hold a "Holy Mass" where the Personality and the Divine Intellect are joined in Communion, within the honeymoon suite that is the human body.

The B.O.T.A.-Key 17: THE STAR, also is attributed to the letter Tzaddi (bottom right of card), meaning fish hook, which is also a reference to angling through meditation.  What is symbolized by the fishhook, is angling as a means of investigating the invisible depths of the inner consciousness symbolized as water; angling being a metaphor for "fishing for knowledge" and/or meditation.

The symbol for Life Power on the Builders of the Adytum Star card (Tiphareth on the Tree of Life) is the Great Golden central star.
The seven smaller stars refer to the seven major Chakric centers (or interior stars) of life power in the human body. They can also allude to the seven planets of astrology.

The brain and nervous system are represented as a Tree with a Ibis in the branches; the Ibis sacred to Hermes (Hermetic Qabalah).
Isis, or Nature, is represented as the kneeling woman. Her left leg supports her weight and is resting upon the earth (physical plane) and her right foot rest upon the waves on the surface of the pool. Hence, indicating balance attained by control of vibration (microwaves).

We have five streams of water breaking off of the main flow of water from her right hand vase, representing the five senses of the physical body.
According to Dr. Paul Foster Case, Revelation is the stage of unfoldment attributed to Key 17.

When the Star card is thrown during a divination:
  •   An expanded and liberated personality change is in the works.
  •  Hope, faith and expected spiritual help combine.
  •  We have or are developing within the next 17 weeks or months, the courage to increase and maintain our own self-esteem.
  • In so doing, our presence alone will assist others in developing their own.
  • This is spiritual regeneration, and hope in a vision of the future.
  • Follow your inner star!
  • If ill defined: a dreaminess, and reality disconnect can be in the works, and one should be cautioned about being to ethereal and forgetting the physical which is an important Chalice in our Christ hood. Obviously, like most Major Arcana (Trump) much meditation upon this card is recommended. 
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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