Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 19: THE SUN & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-key 19: THE SUN.
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 19: THE SUN & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-key 19: THE SUN.

The Tarot of EliThoth, Key19-The Sun: The Hermetic Qabalah- Path of Resh.
* Color:Orange
*Musical Note: D- Natural
*Planet: Sun
*Meaning: Head
* Double letter (Hebrew) Fertility-Barrenness
* Qabalistic esoteric title: The Lord of the Fire of the World.

From the Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom by Dr. Paul Foster Case: "The Thirtieth Path is the Collecting Intelligence and is so-called because Astrologers deduce from it the judgment of the Stars, and of the celestial signs, and the perfections of their science, according to the rules of their resolutions".
(The Path of Resh is the path from the circle #8-Hod at a down angle to circle #9-Yesod)

The Path of Resh/Sun Key 19, connects Splendor (Hod) with Foundation (Yesod) and is the first of the Paths of the Personality triad to be encountered in upward motion on the Tree.

As the active Path of the  intellectual formative side, it is the activating force of the Personality which is an "image of the High Self" since it is composed of both Male-electric-dynamic ("masculine-intuitive-dynamic, Yod) and female-formative-magnetic  (intellectual-formative, Heh) and a harmony of energy frequencies from the union of the two opposites which is known as the equilibrating, Vau.

The Sun in the Qabalistic Thoth Tarot deck is the "Collecting Intelligence", meaning that it exercises control over many different components which is seen as the:
  1. 12 signs of the Zodiac, in this case symbolized by the 12 rays of light emanating from the Sun.
  2. The Masculine and Feminine polarities are represented as the flying angelic forms.
  3. The Zodiacal signs are considered to be the 12 guide posts of Personality and receptacles of Planetary influences, one of which governs the birth and life course of each incarnation.
  4. The Sun is not only central to today's incarnation but also acts as a link between the Personalities which have been experienced in other incarnations.
  5. The collecting of the Sun also encompasses all the component parts of the Personality, discovered on these lower Paths, that are here infused with the dual action of the Sun (light and warmth).
  6. To initiates, light and warmth are considered to be intellectual qualities. The Path of The Sun is intellectual and is the highest level of the human intellect ( The Star is the highest level of emotions).
  7. The Sun is also The Son who carries on the work of the Father. The Sun is the introduction to the inner sun which is the light of the Personality, just as the physical sun is the light of the material world.
  8. What must be noted here, is that definite physical-chemical changes happen to those who successfully work on the Paths.
  9.  In his study course, TheThirty Two Paths of Wisdom, Paul Foster Case states that:"...marked inner differences from the average person are due to psychological contrasts to the mental states of ordinary human beings, but they are also the outer signs of organic changes inside the skin of the new creature. He is chemically and structurally unlike genus homo.  There are different constituents in his (her) blood stream. Through the nervous system and in the brain, and glands related to them, function differently in the body of an adept from the way they do in the bodies of the greater number of his (her)contemporaries."

In order to update the language I placed the word her in parentheses but it is also important to note that these "marked inner differences" also cause the "magic abilities" of the psychic and/or the "healing semen of the anointed" in Tantric practice. 

When we travel The Path of Resh upwards, we return to this point of new innocence. It is quite literally "a growing younger" process of birth backwards until we reach a stage where there is some recollection of the Source from which we emerge.

It's also important to note that the Personality we came as Spirit to build, is an expansion and liberation of the Animal consciousness to a state of Angelic conscious. We came to elevate matter and its survival mind to that of Universal Thought. This Sun card is the symbol of the genus homo-sapient-sapiens.

Resh is the first active path on the formulation- intellectual  side and is the activating force of the Personality. The Supreme Spirit Self, the Higher Self and the Personality are all composed of an intertwining of the Feminine side and a Masculine side (the twin serpents on the Caduceus) and forces resulting from the interaction of opposites. 

As stated, The Sun-Resh is also known as the "Collective Intelligence" meaning that it exercise control over the Zodiac as shown by the 12 rays on the Thoth Deck Tarot Card-The Sun-Key 19. Astrologers know these zodiacal signs as  the twelve guideposts of Personality and as receptacles (feminine) of Planetary Influence. The Sun is not only a link to the present incarnation but also a link to the past personality incarnations. Being collective, the Sun is also infuses all the components parts of the Personality on the lower paths with the actions of the Sun, light and warmth which are considered intellectual qualities.The Great Watery Mother, is the Divine Collective Unconscious while the The Great Fiery Father is the Divine Collective Conscious.

You may notice the "Dancing Twins" as show on this card; before they were called the "Sons of Seth" or the "Daughters of Seth"  we may have known them as --the Twin aspects of the Goddess or God. The Fiery Spirit or Spiral Energy of Masculine/Chokmah and the Magnetic -Formative Binah (Goddess of Form) feminine side. Their arms cross to represent the Union of these Divine States of Intellect and Energy (in Tantric Image they would be in "Sexual Union") that must be established to "Collect" all the necessary Forces in order to establish a Intellectual and living Being.

Therefore, this Path is intellectual, and THE SUN represents the highest form of human intellect which is both  a balance of Masculine and Feminine conscious energy. So in a physical representation, when both the Left and Right side of the brain are in equilibrium with the Solar Forces (Kundalini) within the body, we are at our most advanced state of Personality. This is a profound union of the Personality with the Inner Sun (Psyche) where there is a deep physical inner feeling of Warmth and Light not unlike the external feeling of warmth and light a sun bather may experience. Also, like the physical sun, you cannot look directly into the "inner sun" with out suffering "damage", for it will burn away the dross. Reminding us of the opposites of the Sun, that it is both the harbinger of fertility and barrenness which is the Double Letter meaning of the word Resh.

As a symbol of Resh, the human head is represented, which is our Collective Intelligence. The Path of Resh is an initiation of the Personality to the Great Source of Inner Light which takes place in the material body that affects the dual components of the Lower Self (Chemical and Intellectual). The Adept knows that the component parts of the Personality (Lower Paths on the Tree of Life) function through the body as an  experience-collecting vehicle for the Spirit. The human body is an important Crucible for the Alchemical union of Higher and Lower Self communion. Therefore, the Physical body is a Sacred Place; our temple of Magick, and our alchemical forge, where ideas are forged into artistic-intimate-sensual-presence and where Male and Female are "one and the same" and not divided into a purely errant "Battle of the Sexes" as proposed by the "Divide and Conquer" indoctrination of divisionism!

Remember "God creates what God wants!" This is a Hermaphroditic path, where we return to the innocence of a child  and as we travel upwards this Path of Resh, our Personality grows younger, innocent and sees with Wonder rather than the critical eyes of the good and bad Pavlovian domesticated and divided-personality of the "man-made" Adult. We begin seeing What God Sees when it created us!

Tiphareth is the Central Sun (Son) of the physical microcosm and connects us to the Dark Sun (limitless light-Father) of the Macrocosm and the Path of Resh begins us on the Journey to Central Sun-of God, within. There is much to study about this card, Cain an Able ( bareness and fertility), the Dragon-faced-Men, Sons of Seth, Daughters of Seth and the Christ who Didymos Judas Thomas in the Gnostic Gospels quoted as saying"....I am the honeymoon suite." and much more!

RESH- Key 19-The Sun

The Hebrew Letter-Resh-Rivka (Rebecca):
And when the time came for [Rebecca] to give birth, behold! There were twins in her womb. The first one emerged red, entirely like a hairy mantle, so they named him Esau. After that his brother emerged with his hand grasping on to the heel of
Esau; so he called his name Jacob...The lads grew up and Esau became one who knows hunting, a man of the field but Jacob was a wholesome man, abiding in tents. Isaac loved Esau for he ate of his venison, but Rebecca loved Jacob.
                Genesis 25:24-28

The Great Matriarch Rebecca and her twin sons, is a story of contrasting elements in all of us for we are Spirit (Issac) and we are of Genetically Modified Animal forms (Esau). There is a clash among these two, these twins, Mothered by "The Womb-With-A-View" (Great Mother Binah); in the Form of Mother Earth---Esau (animal Personality) and the Mother of Intellectual form (Solar Form) Spirit-Collective Personality (spirit-Is Intellect of Father). Esau is in essence, the "Survival Mind" of the animal and Issac is the "inner-Sun"--enlightenment of Spirit. This may look like a form of competition, each one competing for His First Born rights, but it is a 'communion', where each one is joined at birth to "expand and liberate" both body and Soul.

If you read on in the book of Genesis, you will see that Isaac (the father of the twins) loved Esau and was to give him the first born blessing while Rebecca loved Jacob and set up an elaborate scheme to get the first born blessing for Jacob.
Their favoritism being a metaphor for "the battle" between the animal-unconscious and our solar-conscious, is well known in us all. Where the animal instinctively sees threats (enemies) the Solar mind sees "another as myself" and acts with compassion. We all feel that struggle in our "heads" and " hearts" believing that somehow they are separates and in conflict. The Body is Loved into Being, and the Spirit is Love of  Being, hence, Love is the joining factor here!  Knowing that the Qaballah is about "the motion and form" of Supreme Being and how the Union of seemingly opposites, "will to force" (masculine) and "will to form" (feminine) makes the "flow" from motion into form possible.

The Hebrew Story Letter Resh shows us a deeper understanding of ourselves. Spirit is the lover; Physical Body is the beloved. Therefore, the greatest mistake of many fundamentalists is to believe that the body is somehow bad and of less value than the Spirit! 

The Sun Card -Resh- is the "Collective Intelligence", meaning that It has control over a number of components. In this case, the 12 (12-Rays) signs of the Zodiac. These signs are the 12 guideposts  of Personality and the "Wombs"(receptacles) of  Planetary Influences, one of which governs the birth and life motion of each incarnation. Spirit-Personality and Body Personality! The Sun is the central link (Tiphareth) to the incarnation at hand and to all the Personalities that have been experienced in  past incarnations.

The Collective Intelligence of the Sun also unites all the component parts of the Personality, discovered on the lower paths of the Tree of Life, and infuses them with the dual action of the Sun, i.e. light and warmth, which are considered intellectual qualities! The path of the Sun is the highest level of human intellect (light and warmth=enlightenment).

Resh means head  which is consistent with this thought of high human intellect. This  high intellect is a combination of animal intellect and Soul intellect; not as some would have you believe--a divorcing of the two! The Sun basically is the Intellect acting on the dualities of the human condition, consciousness and its human vehicle (power tool). This is the point of connection of the human intellect with the higher intellect of solar conscious [The Greater Life]. The Sun is also the Son who carries on the work of the Father (Chokmah) which is "will to force" and the Body is Form of the Mother (Binah) who is "will to form.

As adepts of the Qaballah, we know we are Hermes-Aphrodite (hermaphrodites) who give birth to Solar-Body unions .... of course you'll have to do more studying to see this easily. These two Children of the Divine Androgyny, motion (solar) and form  (matter) are both loved and their Greatest Value is in their Union of Equilibrium (Beauty). These children are represented as the dancing twins who move hand in hand throughout creation (motion and form). Be as the Children---is enlightenment. Let your Spirit supply the motion of your Form---Love must Power the Body-power tool!

The lesson of Resh requires the knowledge of Love and the Love of Being---to be the active twins of expanding and liberating life! Knowledge is not "thought". Hence, this Love must come from the "Heart"--known but not thought of, while the intellect of the body--the Head--must move as love (thought action), rather than as animal reaction! In other words thoughts of Union Rather Than the Survival thoughts of division! The Sun Radiates all Life Motion and  knows that "All that I see is another way to be me". This is the Knowledge of the heart, ask any child who hasn't been indoctrinated in "good-bad" (enemy creation), they are in union with all around them and eyes of Wonder look at all things; eyes ("I's") that aren't veiled by fear which is indeed the foundation of  "thoughts that be-devil us"!  Trusting the Spirit that made you. Knowing that you have no enemies for even death exists for the sustainability of organic matter. A sustainability, that as a Spirit Personality Collective---you can always have another way to be a discerning self conscious  sensual experience.
Survival-Thought is the Devil that deceives us---knowledge is our Divine Inheritance and is known as "intuition" which is the thoughtlessness of knowing. Creator has joined with creation in order to be a sensual God---i.e. intimate with creation and therefore discerning of thought. A tough idea to get, but once gotten-never forgotten! 

The B.O.T.A. Tarot-Key 19: THE SUN,
represents the Life Power, and the fact that it is the very first symbol behind the Fool card, clues us into this Solar Image as the easiest way to describe "Life Force".

In the B.0.T.A. Fool card, the sun is white, which symbolizes the Spiritual Life Center of the Universe, while in the Key 19, The Sun is yellow-gold, representing our life giving star.

The rays of the Sun represent radiation (straight lines of Masculine) and vibration (wavy lines of the Feminine). By giving the Sun human features, the B.O.T.A.  card is symbolizing a living animated conscious intelligence. Stars are not inanimate objects, but rather collectives of power impulses that give planets light and life.

The Five Kingdoms of mineral, vegetable, animal, and human, are represented by the five sun flowers. Representing the conscious experience beyond our present state, is the unopened sun flower. The stage of unfoldment represented by this is Regeneration. Hence the two children represent regenerated humanity.

The senses can only give a partial truth and this partiality is represented by the stone wall. Therefore expressing the fact that the comprehension of truth, revealed by sensory evidence is limited.

When this card is thrown during a reading:
  • It generally means Gain, Glory and riches all of the Fertility side.
  • The meeting of Soul mates.
  • The self-conscious is united in harmony with the Soul Collective Conscious.
  • However, if surrounded by very ill cards, it can mean the bareness/desert side which would be Arrogance, Vanity, and Display.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations.  May you live long and prosper!

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